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Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine 20lbs Washer Spain Spinner Portable Washing Machine, Blue+ White Appliances

(60 customer reviews)


About this item 【Easy to Operate】: This is our portable mini compact twin tub washing machine which is easy for you to operate. Saving so much time that you don’t have to go to the laundromat or wash things by hand in the tub. 【20LBS Large Capacity】: Washing tub: place clothing in the wash tub section, rated washing capacity: 12 lbs. Run the rinse cycle for the desired minutes, Rated spinner dryer capacity: 8lbs (half of the washing capacity, you may spin twice). 【Semi-Automatic Design Relieves You from Hand Washing】: Using this washing machine, you can set washer timer to15 min and spin timer to 5 minutes per load. You could choose the suitable time when washing based on clothes types. Different from common standard washing machines, you have much more freedom and options to make preprogrammed settings. 【300W Wash Power &110W Spin Power】: Ideal for small loads. Delicate and light weight makes the washer easily moveable as you need. The wash motor is also powerful. 300w washing power & 110w spinner power will help you save much effort on washing. 【Compact Twin Tub Washing Design 】: Convenient for home use. The filter net on the side of the washing barrel can quickly filter when washing, and you could easily pull it off when cleaning the tub. The cover plate needs to be put above the clothes inside when you use the spin tub to avoid high speed shaking and spinning. Easy assembly is required with all accessories packed in the package.
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Product Description

<style type=”text/css”> .aplus-tech-spec-hide-loading { visibility: visible !important; } </style> washing machine<img alt=”washing machine” src=”,0,1464,600_PT0_SX1464_V1___.jpg”/>

Twin Tubs Wash & Spin Dry Fast & Clean.

washing machine<img alt=”washing machine” src=”,0,650,350_PT0_SX650_V1___.jpg”/>

Easy to Operate with 3 Knobs

Washer timer is 15 min, and spin timer is 5 min per load at most, so you can freely choose the most suitable time and set the normal or soft model based on your clothes fabric type.

washing machine<img alt=”washing machine” src=”,0,650,350_PT0_SX650_V1___.jpg”/>

20lbs=12lbs Washing + 8lbs Spinning

Washing capacity is 12lbs, and spin drying is 8lbs, both of which can also work together. The compact washer and dryer combo runs with 120v power in 1350RPM.

portable washing machine<img alt=”portable washing machine” src=”,0,1464,600_PT0_SX1464_V1___.jpg”/>

Detail Features of Washing Machine

water inlet<img alt=”water inlet” src=”,0,300,225_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpg”/>

Two Holes for Water Inlet

It has 2 inlet holes on right & left side. You can freely install the hose based on your faucet location.

safe lid cover<img alt=”safe lid cover” src=”,0,300,225_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpg”/>

Top Lid for Safe Spin Drying

Spinner can only make 80%-90% drying which means clothes still need sunshine.

filter net<img alt=”filter net” src=”,0,300,225_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpg”/>

Removable Filter Net

Detachable design make it convenient for you to clean it.

drain hose<img alt=”drain hose” src=”,0,300,225_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpg”/>

Drain Hose Hung Up

Drain hose can be hung up to the side after use.

Tips: The washer can easily drain water but please note it is mainly supported by Gravity Drain.

Portable Washing Machine Is A Good Choice for Your Laundry!

washing machine<img alt=”washing machine” src=”,0,1464,600_PT0_SX1464_V1___.jpg”/>

Specification of Washing Machine

Washing Power 300W Spinning Dry Power 110W Maximum water temperature 54℃ Rated Washing Capacity 12 lbs Rated Spinner Dryer Capacity 8 lbs Spinner RPM 1350 Overall size 24.8″x14″x28.5″(LxWxH)

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Brand Name



120 Volts

Controls Type


Cycle Options

Spin, Drain, Rinse

Special Feature

Portable,Light Weight,Compact



Date First Available

January 14, 2016

Best Sellers Rank

#58 in Appliances (See Top 100 in Appliances) #5 in Portable Clothes Washing Machines

Customer Reviews

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4.2 out of 5 stars



Batteries Required?


Batteries Included?


Material Type

‎ABS, Polypropylene

Access Location

Top Load

Model Info


Standard Cycles


Control Console



White & Blue

Special Features

‎Portable,Light Weight,Compact

Part Number


Max Spin Speed

‎1350 RPM


20 Pounds



Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Item model number


Product Dimensions

15"D x 24.8"W x 28.5"H

Item Weight

‎28 pounds

Maximum Rotational Speed

1350 RPM

60 reviews for Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine 20lbs Washer Spain Spinner Portable Washing Machine, Blue+ White Appliances

  1. Remo Carbetta

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Compact But Powerful Washer – A Little Quirky!

    First off, I would actually give this a 4 1/2 – it really is surprising how well it works.The tub is a good size and it agitates the load to a surprising degree, almost shocking! It doesn’t use a center agitator like a full-sized washer, but it agitates just as well! It moves the load around a lot and has a built in lint filter.You set all of the timers manually.The Spinner is sized to hold about half of the main tub, but does an incredible job of semi-drying the clothes. Seriously, it spins so fast it sounds like a jet engine taking off!I really like this washer! 5 Stars!!But now, for the quirky stuff (-1 star):After a couple of weeks the Spinner started not working correctly due to water not draining properly out of the inner tub it drains into.I contacted the company and they immediately sent some photos of the inner-workings. They were open to any questions I might have. This seemed good, but I did feel that I was left to my own devices, literally.There’s really not much you CAN do because the unit is mostly molded together. The timers and switches are in the upper panel.In the lower part the attached motors were quite substantial and seemed to be fine.The drainage tube is where I focused. I had switched the tube from the left to the right side of the unit and when I checked it, by bringing it to the center, the water drained out.I believe i may have kinked it when I moved it initially.However, a couple weeks later it did it again. The main tub worked fine, but the high-speed spinner had 2 to3 inches of standing water on it, preventing it from reaching it’s required speed.Problem Fixed #1: What I finally found (by pulling the spinner tub off a little toward the right/front) was some sort of flap in the draining area under the tub, that acted as a valve. It was blocking the water as it came out of the Spinner. I took a wire and pushed on it slightly and the ‘stuck’ water drained out.Fixed #2: the instructions say that the unit needs at least a 4″ clear below the tub. I found that’s is not enough.So i went to the local Dollar store and bought 2 Step-stools (the stackable type) and I placed the washer on those with a rubber mat under the side closest to the drain.(I place the washer in my shower/tub for obvious reasons, but it has a draining sloop). That gives about 10 inches of clearance for the drain tube. Now it works perfect, it cleans clothes better than the washers in my buildings laundry.The Spinner dries the clothes about 90%, so I use the drier in the laundry room and can overload the drier and the clothes come out perfect.Conclusion: Even with figuring out my own fixes, this unit is surprisingly good. It cleans the clothes well and I’m saving $2 with every load!That’s hard to beat!

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  2. Anonymous

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    EXCELLENT apartment washer for the price!

    The media could not be loaded.

     UPDATE 5/5/17: I’ve had this washing machine for 10 months now. It’s still going strong. The bolts did fall out of the bottom a few times and we had to put those back. My biggest complaint at this point is that it’s REALLY LOUD. I mean really really loud. Much louder than before. I can’t sleep in my bedroom if it’s on in the bathroom. I’m about to move into a duplex and I don’t feel comfortable running it there because my neighbor will hear. It still works though and well worth the price.Okay so I will be posting up a video about this later on but I wanted to go ahead and get this review up because I’ve been using this little washing machine for two months now and it has far exceeded my expectations. I thought surely it would break, being as cheap as it is, but it has not (knock on wood!)I know a lot of people are a little bit confused about this thing but I now know everything you need to know about it so I am going to share that with you (and again, the video will be more helpful than this text when I post it.)It has three knobs. One is the timer for the wash, one is the drain and was choice, and one is for the spin chamber.Inside the washing machine on the right top corner, there are lines that show you how full to fill it for small, medium and large loads. I personally always put extra water because it makes it easier for the machine to agitate the clothing. Also on that side is a filter screen that must be popped out and cleaned once in a while. Do not fill it too full or it could spill out!Once the clothes are done washing, you drop the drain hose (I have mine beside the bathtub and elevated, but we’ll get to that) and click the knob to drain. This removes all of the water from the washing bin. You then take your clothes out one by one and put them into the spin bucket. You use the little plastic strainer looking thing to push down on the clothes once they’re all in there. Sometimes I push them down, add more and push down again. I actually overload it quite a lot and it’s never given me trouble. If it’s too bad, the spin will go off kilter and I just take one piece out and try again. The wash tub is similar; if it’s too heavy it won’t spin counter clockwise. I take an article of clothing or two out and try again. I mean, I punish this thing and it keeps going!!Okay, so this is where people get hung up mostly. The hose. I will tell you exactly what you do right now. You take the FILL HOSE (not the drain hose) that it comes with, and you walk over to your trash can and throw it away. It’s okay! Just throw it away. Yes, it will be fine, I promise. Here is where you get options – you can hook up a complex system with knobs and such, or you can just get two hoses from the hardware store in whatever length you want. Use hose clamps and place one on each side – one for the wash bin, one for the spin bin. Now, I have a detachable shower head. My husband bought a little piece that screws into the shower head hose (I remove the shower head when washing) that you then take either hose you want to use from the washing machine and push it onto the piece that’s screwed into the shower head hose. Now, all you have to do is turn on the shower and it fills or rinses at your leisure! You can even walk away from it.YOU MUST ADD WATER TO THE SPIN CYCLE. I cannot stress this enough. This is how you get soap out of your clothing!! I let the water run for about 45 seconds or a minute, then turn it off and let the cycle get all of the water out.YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR LIDS OPEN AFTER YOU USE YOUR MACHINE! Do not let it mold up inside or smell musty! Leave those lids open and let it dry completely before closing them.THIS MACHINE IS VERY LOUD. I live on a top floor apartment and I still worry that it’s bothering my neighbor downstairs. I have a setup with cinderblocks, memory foam, cinderblocks, wood and more memory foam (and a nice covering) before I put the machine on top of that. I also have it bungeed to a towel rack for extra security. That doesn’t cut the vibration nearly as much as I’d like, but the loudest part is when you’re adding water to the spin cycle. Luckily that only lasts a few seconds. For this reason, I can only wash clothes during the day so as not to disturb neighbors. So far, so good.THE MACHINE MUST BE ELEVATED ABOVE WHAT YOU ARE DRAINING IT INTO. Mine is elevated above my bathtub as this is where I drain it. Some people actually put it INTO the bathtub to use it but as I live in an apartment this is a noise disaster and doesn’t work for me.Some key points:- This is not a set it and forget it machine. You control the fill, you control the drain and the rinse. The only things that are automatic are that the wash and spin will go as long as you set them for (15 min max for wash and 5 min max for spin.)- Clothes come out as ringed as they can possibly get – barely damp, so that is a plus!- You will NEED to purchase some hoses, adapters and hose clamps bare minimum. The fill hose it comes with is useless trash. Just accept this as reality and understand it’s only a few more dollars and go to the hardware store and just do it. Do not break your back or waste your time trying to fill this by hand unless you absolutely have to. I do not recommend it. The wash tub is huge and that’s impossible then to get your clothes rinsed during spin.- It’s large! Bigger than I expected. I have it in a one bedroom apartment’s bathroom and it takes up a lot of space. Keep that in mind. However, when empty it is very light and can be moved without too much headache.I would absolutely buy this again. I had settled on this one because I couldn’t afford the one I wanted at the time but I am so pleased I got this I don’t even think about the other one anymore. I’m very happy with this product!

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  3. Agnes

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Worth it!

    I read a lot of reviews before I purchased it. I found out about it from my friend and I couldn’t believe that a washing machine lime this existed, so small. But I love it! It’s easy to move and very easy to use. I can’t connect the water pipe so I need to add water with a bucket but it’s still super easy. It’s definitely not as big as a regular washing machine so you can’t fit a lot of clothes but it is so easy to use that I don’t even mind doing more than one wash 🙂 the reviews told me not to use a lot of detergent and that was very helpful. I definitely recommend it if you want something at home and you don’t want to buy regular size washing machine or you don’t have the hook ups for it.

  4. Maxwell

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Exceeded expectations!

    I did not expect much from this little washing machine, but it absolutely has blown my mind! It is so easy to use, cleans extremely well (and fast!), uses less water and soap, and takes up so little space! It’s easy to pick up on my own (I am 5’1 and 100 lbs, not strong at all), though it is heavier when there is water inside of it. Which leads to the one and only inconvenience I have with this machine; draining the water. It’s a gravity powered drain, so the drain tube is at the bottom of the machine and you need to drain it into something that is on the ground or lower. I see other reviewers have little tables they keep beside their bathtub that they put the machine on, but I’ve yet to find one that fits in my bathroom. So I have to pick up the machine and rest it on the edge of my bath tub each time I need to drain it. Not a big deal, but I’d rather not have to, obviously. The dryer is more of a wringer. It doesn’t produce heat, just spins the water out of the clothes. But it does such an amazing job that on some items you can barely even tell they were soaked in water five minutes ago.This little machine packs so much power. It’s my most favourite thing I’ve purchased all year. It’s so adorable and fun to use. So incredibly useful and much more affordable and cleaner than a laundromat. It will save you so much time and money!! I only wish I had bought it sooner 🙂

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  5. Crow

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Saves me from the laundromat

    Pros: It’s small, easy to move from room to room, and is fairly consistent. I adore the dryer. You do still need to hang up the damp clothes, but I was doing my laundry by hand and this has saved me So many cramps.Neutrals: The draining and filling portion is the worst aspect for my situation, as I have to use a bucket to fill and I drain it into said bucket to make it light enough so I can lift it into the bathtub. If you don’t have to wrangle it to fill or empty then this point is moot, I just don’t have outlets in my bathroom. I also got it when it was on sale for around $80 earlier in 2023.Cons: It does have a tendency to drip out the sides with larger wash loads, it is a bit loud and prone to poor balance on the drying cycle, and the dryer thing they sent me had a sharp point on it. Luckily, it’s not 100% necessary. The laundry filter is a bit small and not very good, I still fish pet hair out of the bottom.

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  6. Nicole

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    A few things to note (and suggestions)

    I love this washer, and it’s still going strong a year later! (Although the washer I got is definitely by Costway, so not sure why it is sold as Giantex?) You definitely won’t be wanting to wash anything heavy duty like big blankets in here, as you won’t be able to fit it into the spin dryer to wring the water out. The spin dryer WILL smell a little funky after about 3 spin drying cycles (almost fishy?), but it’s really just that it needs some time to “rest” and cool off. It is not malfunctioning, it is just the way it is. I try not to do more than 5-6 spin drying cycles in a row, although if it takes 3 to do a small load of clothes (and none of these loads should ever be big) then by the time I wash the next load, the dryer will have had some time to rest before I do another 3 cycles. I don’t usually wash more than 2 loads in a row though, so that comes out to 5-6 spin drying cycles close together. It’s a learning curve.We put this in the shower and stand it on top of a set of bed risers to help the water drain down through the plastic tube (which is kind of gross looking inside after a year, but I don’t know if there’s anything I can realistically do about that). We have a removable shower head, so we just prop it in there to fill when we need to.Most people have already said what needs to be said about this washer, so I’ll only add a few things.Two small negative things I want to note are that the spin dryer plastic lid insert…thing…(you see it in the photos), a) doesn’t serve a purpose as far as I can tell, b) if not inserted at the top correctly, it makes a really loud noise clacking around in there, and c) finally got sucked into the spin dryer bin at one point and got itself chewed up in the process being spun around at such a rapid speed. But, like I said anyway, it didn’t seem to provide a real benefit, so I wasn’t too torn up about it.The other small negative, was that at one point, we did not insert our lint catcher into its slot securely, and it got whacked around the washer during the cycle and the plastic of the catcher cracked. So it no longer fits into the slot. Now, this is entirely our fault, but I tried emailing the company asking if I could at least pay to purchase a replacement for the lint catcher. They wrote back saying that my washer was past its 6 month warranty, and the best they could do was provide $20 compensation for me to get my washer repaired locally. But who is going to repair a plastic lint catcher insert? (For the record, I did try super glue.) I wrote back explaining that I didn’t need a refund, and it was not the washer that needed to be repaired, I just needed a new lint catcher and would be happy to pay for it. Their response to that second email was, and I quote, “Thanks for your reply. Have a nice day!“ So I wasn’t really impressed with their customer service team.My solution ended up being buying a pack of those foam flower lint catchers (those cheap ones that have really bad reviews? Yes!) because they actually worked pretty well for catching lint and fur in these types of washers! I think they’re usually rated so badly because people try to put them in commercial washers, not these Asian portable ones. I usually just throw one in on top and it has more than made up for the broken lint catcher I can no longer use. Those flower lint catchers may catch even more than the one the washer originally had.I would also recommend (if you’re draining this down the tub or something) to purchase a set of lint snares/traps so that you don’t clog anything up. I don’t think I can directly link to other products in reviews, but the exact item name of what I purchased is “ Lot of 50 Washing Machine Lint Trap Snare Fabric mesh with ties,” which are plastic mesh catchers that I put over the end of the tube with some finagling with a zip tie. I would suggest inserting one trap into another just to ensure the mesh is fine enough, and with the amount of pet hair and lint we have, I wind up throwing the inner trap out every 2-3 weeks (when the water starts having to squirt out of the trap instead of simply draining). Not very eco-friendly, and I feel guilty about it every time I do it, but you can’t really scrape the lint out of long skinny tubes like that.So anyway! The washer itself is great, just be aware of potential minor issues (and how to deal with them). That’s all I got.

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  7. Ben

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect for a small space

    We use this guy as our temporary washer and dryer when we didn’t have a great solution to wash and dryer towels. This guy honestly works really well. Do you wanna make sure you have a place that you can drain the water and then also water access somewhere. Once you have all those then it cycle through things really nicely. We never had any issues with it breaking down on us. I’d say that it is not the easiest on materials when it goes through the drying process because it’s just a spin but it’s not bad at all. You’ll probably want to have something to hang onto to finish the drying process, also I’d recommend opening and closing the lids slowly to prevent them from breaking because they are not the nicest material and I’ve seen images of people using them that they have broken and so just be careful

  8. Peter T.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good for single-person household

    I’m just one person, and I do about three loads a week, because it doesn’t hold a lot of clothes. But I’m guessing that an average-sized family would find that they’d be doing laundry almost every day with this relatively small washer. I’m not sure about the long-term reliability yet, as I’ve had it for only a few months. But I have some tips for those who are considering buying this item or who have already bought it.First, as others have said, the intake hose that comes with it is inadequate. I went to Home Depot and bought a 10-foot length of clear, braided, 5/8-inch inside diameter tubing, as well as some fittings to allow me to connect it to my sink faucet. If you want to do this, first unscrew the faucet aerator and take it w/you to the store so they can match the thread. Don’t get plain clear tubing; make sure you get the braided tubing that has reinforcing thread spiraling around the tubing. Regular unbraided tubing will soften too much when using hot water, and will tend to kink. The braiding keeps it from kinking and cutting off the water supply.I also leave the washer lid open, fully upright, when filling w/the hose connected to the nipple that sticks up behind the tank. This takes stress off the nipple and keeps it from cracking/breaking by having the hose come straight down, supported by the open lid, instead of having sideways tension on the filling nipple.Secondly, if you put this next to the bathtub on a raised platform/bench so that it can drain into the tub via gravity, make sure the supporting item is really solid and won’t flex (i.e., do NOT use plastic milk crates, etc., as they are too flexible and will allow the machine to sway from side to side. I think a really solid wood or metal bench would work fine as long as it is high enough for the gravity drain to work (there’s no electric pump to lift water up). But I finally just put the washer up on my granite countertop in the kitchen, so it drains into the kitchen sink. I put a cheap rubber door mat under the washer’s feet. This gives it a solid footing, and keeps noise/vibration to a minimum, and also protects the granite counter top.Also, be aware that most clothing will tangle horribly and get all knotted up during a typical 15-minute wash cycle, especially items such as long-sleeved shirts/long sleeved t-shirts, long pants, etc., and this will cause the items not to get as clean as possible. To avoid this problem you can get some medium-sized mesh washer bags. These are about 12″ x “16” and several will fit properly in the washer tank. Larger ones will probably get jammed up in there, I think. But after trying mesh washer bags, I have opted to just untangle the clothing between wash and rinse cycles. Washing smaller items together in one load, such as socks, short-sleeved t-shirts and underpants, results in little or no tangling.Really large items such as a full-bed blanket, etc., can be washed, but should be washed alone because they are so big. They will be too large to put into the spin dryer, so you can just use a portable drying rack. I stick my drying rack in the bathtub and drip-dry such large items; then I am able to dry them in my portable clothes dryer, once they are just damp but no longer dripping.A few people here have noted that they are concerned about mold/mildew building up in the washer’s plumbing, but I haven’t detected any problem after several months. I leave the washer and spinner lids open and the drain valve open for about 24 hours after using, so it dries out well. If you’re still worried, you can always put a half cup of white vinegar in a half-full washer and swish it around for a few seconds, then drain the unit. The vinegar solution will kill anything that might otherwise grow there between loads, and will leave a mildew-resistant film on the parts. I have now been using this machine for many months, and it seems very reliable. NOTE: be careful not to fill the spin dryer too full. Leave a few inches between the top of the clothes and the ring around the top of the spin cylinder. If you do get it too full, the force will knock off the ring that sits at the top of the spinner cylinder, and it creates a terrible noise. It’s not broken, but you can’t use the spinner again until you put the ring back on top and seat it down properly again. To do this, lay the ring on the top and put a long, solid object (e.g., a metal ruler, flathead screwdriver using the flat side) on top across it. Then go around the top ring gently tapping the long object near the ring as you go. It may take two trips around to get the entire ring seated snugly again. Tapping will bring it down about a half inch, where it should sit solidly again. Just make sure it is seated completely all the way around.

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  9. Fredrick Black II

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Sure better than washing by hand.

    So I have been washing my clothes by hand for 4 1/2 months. I used a washing board. This machine is awesome. It cleans clothes very well. I must say that some may find it a bit tedious, but if you’re tired of washing by hand then treat yourself.I wish they made a dryer! I line dry my clothes. But while I save up for a full washer dryer, this is saving my body from a ton of back breaking pain.

  10. A. Boerum

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Solution for Apartments!

    I am writing this as someone who finds themselves in a place for the first time without a washer and dryer, someone who is short and doesn’t have a lot of strength, and…as someone who was very nervous to make this purchase, but glad she did!I’ve had this for about 2 weeks now. I was very worried to purchase this, because I thought it wouldn’t work. After reading reviews on here and watching a ton of youtube videos (while at the laundromat!), I decided to buy it and I was NOT disappointed! I have ran this maybe about 8 times already.I have a few comments that were not covered in review videos:-If you are a single person, such as myself, do your laundry once a week. Do NOT let your laundry pile up, or you could very well be doing laundry for HOURS.-The above may seem like a no-brainer, but what they don’t tell you is that because the wash time and spin time are so short, be prepared to basically babysit this thing. 15 minutes can go by very quickly, then you’re off to start loading the spin cycle..-Which brings me to my next comment, and why this did not get a full 5 stars from me – the spin cycle capacity drum is very tiny! Why they didn’t make it the same size is beyond me! This has been the most annoying/frustrating part, and why I say you have to babysit your machine.Normally 1 washing load takes me 3 loads to put in the spin cycle, and the spin cycle only lasts 5 minutes. And maybe 5 minutes isn’t enough sometimes (although that 5 minutes is as powerful as most people say, and I’m amazed every time how mostly dry they are). It is NOT that I am overloading – but for example, you’re not going to want to put a towel and 2 pairs of pants in the spin cycle – the towel will probably be enough to go in on its own.-Prepared to get wet.As you see, most people fill it up first before putting clothes in, which means you have to plunge your laundry down. Before they go into the spin cycle, obviously they are sopping wet, which you’re not used to with a normal washer.Tips-If you are not going to put this in your bathtub or shower, make sure it is elevated for draining. I’ve seen people use a small table or crates. Unless you are using this outside, you cannot just have it flat on the floor and try to drain it in a bucket without it being elevated – it will not drain, it uses gravity.-I found a brilliant hack for using the water tube from a video on youtube – get a rubber glove, snip off the tip of a finger, and put the hose through it. Secure with rubber band. Put glove over the shower head and secure with another rubber band. Easy peasy!-I have not done this yet, but it was suggested to get a lint catcher ball, and I’ve seen people use those spiky dryer balls in there for more agitation.-If your clothes are very soiled, it’s best to pre-wash them by hand to work on any stains.-Detergent pods DO work and disintegrate in this!-Even if you normally don’t, use fabric softener. It helps.Final thoughts:This washer has already paid for itself for the hassle it saves me from loading up my laundry and going to the laundromat (which is worse when you have stairs!) I wouldn’t say it saves me time, but it gives me the freedom of being comfortable in my home instead of a laundromat. But realistically, this is not the end-all be-all. As long as you don’t expect that, you are going to be very happy. I knew buying this that I’m still going to have to go to the laundromat for my comforter and big items, and I’m fine with that.The spin cycle truly is amazing and wrings out your clothes 90%. But this is not a heated dryer. For some reason, portable dryers are twice this cost, but they do exist!For myself being short and not having much strength, I am able to lift this into the bathtub. I suggest surveying your apartment for where you are going to store this first before buying – luckily my small dining room has enough space to store this while not in use.I am lucky that I don’t pay water at my complex, which is why I felt I definitely needed to try this, but I have read in reviews that people’s water bills do go up with this, so be forewarned.Hope this helps!

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  11. CherylCheryl

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Won’t sell extra or replacement parts (Lint traps) – unless defective

    I think the weak point of this washer is the lint trap/removal. It will not last forever and you can not purchase another. (unless under warranty and it is defective. Most products at least offer the option to purchase new screens (lint trap). If you don’t empty the trap every time the next load is covered with lint. That may happen only after loads like towels. I have not monitored that.The washer itself is awesome. It washes and cleans well. The spinner is the BEST. Almost dries the clothes with the spin.I am just disappointed in the ability to purchase spare parts. If the lint trap gets torn or the plastic tabs break.. it appears that I can no longer use the washer as the lint will plug it up.

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  12. AntonioM

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Gets the job done

    It will get the job done well if you use it right. I highly recommend getting some gorilla waterproof tape and going over the edges of the washer part. That will help keep it from leaking at all if you like doing large loads. It’s really easy to fill up using a shower with a hose. Make sure it’s elevated above the tub at least, so all the water will drain out properly. Can’t really complain it definitely saves time and can wash almost anything.

  13. Erin D.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Still wonderful but better!

    I wanted a bigger washer so my neighbors got the smaller one that’s 3 years old and still going strong. This is super light and quiet better security for spin cycle and a new removeable filter. Only thing I don’t understand direction book says don’t get knobs wet or store in bathroom. I am disabled and left the other machine in the tub everyday and showered next to it. You do what you gotta do right. Overall just a super machine that really gives me what I need. I fill with a bucket still. Oh and it says elevate 4 inches but I never could. The result was a smell but that never transferred to the clothes. Don’t overload of course and you can spin and wash simultaneously but I worry about burning out the motor so I do that rarely. Just remembered the spinner stops when you open the door but the washer doesn’t stop unless you turn it off of or set the drain on to drain. The spinner will drain even when washer is washing. Hope that makes sense. Neither door is lockable so watch your kids if you don’t want something unexpected in washer.

  14. Sarah Collison

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I am so happy I got this for myself. I had spent a lot of money on Christmas gifts this month and I thought this wasn’t going to work or something bad would happen but I think this is the best thing I ever bought. I live in an apartment with no washing machine so I go to the laundry mat which I HATE because of the homeless people, the time, the money, sharing a washer with others, and the overall nuisance it is. I urge anyone who can’t afford to get their laundry done for them to get this ASAP. You will not regret this it cleans your clothes I did two washes because the water was so dirty the first time and I can see during the second load the water wasn’t as dirty. Get this, don’t even think twice about it. I just watched youtube videos on how to do it because I cant be bothered to read directions and it is so easy, fairly light, and works! I have it set up in my bathroom, with the drain going into the shower and the water input coming from the sink because that is just what worked for me.

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  15. Bert McGirt

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    My friends recommended this to me and I have to say it’s great. You can’t put heavy things in it and you can’t fill it too full (you want the clothes to move around in the water) but it beats going to the laundromat. I live in Oakland and every time I go to the laundromat somebody tries to fight me or yell at me because I’m white so I try to go there as seldom as possible. The spinner does a good job of drying the clothes out. I’d say they’re about 90% dry after a spin. It’s particularly great for underwear and socks.

  16. A

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Honest review!

    This is just my honest opinion. I’m only leaving a review because I rely on reviews before buying items on Amazon. So, I’m just trying to help out the next person who can relate.This item came in pretty dirty on the inside, which I thought was weird but soap and water fixed that. I live in apartments and it’s pretty loud, so I try not to use it too early or too late in the day. This is my second time using it – I had a regular size hamper full of clothes along with three full bed sized sheets I needed to wash. I started around 8am and ended around 2ish pm. (I was washing dishes, cleaning my apartment and working on hw in between). Very portable, and not heavy. I was able to lift it onto my kitchen counter (for the elevation) and I just stand on my kitchen chair while I’m using it. To get the water in, I just used buckets for now. The hose it came with is too small for my sink. I’m waiting for my detachable shower head to come in so I can just input the water from there and drain the water in my tub.Washing:For my clothes, if it’s heavy like work pants or jackets, I put only about 3-5 items and it worked well. For regular items like socks and underwear or light shorts and shirts, I was able to fit it about 8-10 items. Really depends on your clothes. But just know the spinner side will only fit half of what you washed. Example: I put 4 work pants to wash, but when I put them in the spin side, one two fit.For my bed sheets, two were super thin and I was able to wash both together but had to spin them separately. I washed a bedsheet that was thicker and had to wash and spin it on its own.Spinner: it’s true what they say. It won’t dry your clothes completely but it depends on the material. Some of my clothing came out dry and some didn’t. Whatever didn’t, I just hung up and opened the windows and by the end of the night – everything was dry.Overall, I love how this machine washed everything. On the first drain, the water was gross but after the second drain, the water came out nice and clean. The spinner does it’s job and spins most of the water out of your soaking wet clothes to 85% dry.Steps I used:I wash my clothes on “normal” with detergent first (left side) for about 12 min, drain the water, then throw my clothes in the spinner (right side) for about 2 min, then throw clothes back to (left side), put the cycle to “normal” to wash with fabric softener for about 12 min, drain water, then back to the spin side for about 5 minutes to finish off.Tips:1. Use only a little bit of detergent and fabric softener.2. Don’t over do it. It’s a small machine so it’s obvious that only a certain amount of items will fit.3. Clean out your filter after you are done using the washer side (left side)4. Wipe the inside of your machine down (on the spinner side there will be hair, lint from clothing and whatnot), and keep the lids up and open so it can dry out.One thing I didn’t like at all – there’s a weird smell that comes from the machine while you use it, it made me a bit dizzy and nauseous. I’ll update this review after I’ve done a couple more washes to see if the problem continues.I hope this review is helpful!

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  17. I Own My Life

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    You can fill it with only 6-Gallons of Water

    I really like several things about this mini washing machine. I have it sitting on two 12-inch tall plant stands that are square that I picked up at the Family Dollar Store this summer. It fits on it perfect. I also bought an extension cord so that I don’t have to pick the washer up and move it around. It is tall enough now in this set up to place a 5-gallon bucket beside it and it drains perfect at that height. Even though I have to sort the wash into smaller loads, I can still get the laundry done in no time flat. You’ll be surprised at this little workhorse, especially how much laundry you can get in one load. It looks small inside, but it will hold more than you think it will.Hint #1 –> If you are using this in a camp, a cabin or are off the grid, do yourself a favor and buy a transfer pump. I bought one by a company called Deway (here on Amazon). It takes 2 D-batteries and works great with 5 and 6 gallon water jugs. At the time of my purchase (August 2023), mine was $35.99 and well worth it. Most people use these pumps for transferring fuel from a gas can to fill their lawn mowers, tractors, etc., but they also work well for transferring water from water jugs into your washer.Hint #2 —> You CAN spin the spin dryer while still using the washer and agitating another load – just don’t put the middle button on “drain”. The water will still come out from the spinner, and the wash water will stay put in the washer, until you switch the knob to the drain setting.Pro’s…(1) You can fill it with only 6 gallons of water. (2) You don’t have to worry about a water pump going bad since it is gravity drain. (3) It cleans clothes good. (4) It cleans fast. (5) If you want to re-use the wash water if it’s fairly clean (save the planet’s resources), just catch it in a 5-gallon bucket and pour it back in the wash side. This is how our grandmother’s did it with the old ringer washing machines. They re-used the wash water for a few loads until it got dirty, then started with new water. Depends on how many loads you wash.Con…The lint filter is kind of cheaply made. It is a little hard to get latched after you clean it due to the notches not being large enough (in my opinion) to latch the filter screen back onto the front part that faces the water. If they would redesign this filter so that it latches closed easier, this machine would be perfect.

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  18. Kei

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Portable Is Wonderful!

    Pros:-Amount of clothing to wash at once is a decent amount due to having to wait for clothes to hang dry if no portable dryer is available.-Noise level is kept low and reduced while the spinner is on.Cons:-Drainage takes very little effort and could use an upgrade with a simple button, but, overall, the clothes get cleaned!Would say it takes less time to dry & less effort while using this contraption. Great way to spend money on things you need to get done yourself! Relaying on residential property management is a waste of my time!

  19. Finny124Finny124

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I am 99.99% convinced I was washing my clothes in sewage water at my apartment complex “laundromat”. The water was SO DIRTY. I even tested it on my clean clothes and the water looked the same. Not to mention the accumulation of nasty lint. This little machine caught it all. Super easy to use and I like that you can control the water temperature to exactly how you want it. The spin dryer is very powerful. My clothes don’t take as long to hang dry after using it.My only complaint was the filter knobs didn’t seem to snap in correctly but I messaged the seller and am hoping they can help me fix it without having to send the entire machine back.

  20. SweetCakes

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I LOVE THIS MACHINE! This thing really works!

    First off let me start by saying I love my little washing machine. My husband who is 6’4” and myself who is 6’2”, are able to wash a good amount of clothes in this washer with spinner. We both wear 4X-6X tee shirts, shirts, blouses, and I wear 24-26 in jeans, shorts, dresses, and skirts and my husband wears (I think a 52 in bottoms). So our clothes are big, which made me hesitant to purchase this item. We both have different techniques for how we wash, rinse, and spin when we wash clothes, so find a technique that works for you. I waited a good while after purchasing this product to do a review because I wanted to give a true tried and trustworthy review the reflects months of usage. The only complaint I have about this product is how useless the connection hose is for it and being it was so useless we fill the machine up by hand with a storage bin and we empty it the same way. IT DOES NOT TAKE A LOT OF DETERGENT TO CLEAN YOUR CLOTHES! Let me repeat this again it doesn’t take even a half of cap full of detergent to clean your clothes. We use Percil liquid detergent, OxyClean powder, Clorox bleach when needed, and quaternary disinfectant in each load. We’ve been using the same bottle of Percil and tub of OxyClean for about 6 months I think but anyways. It doesn’t take much detergent and the reason for this is because the washer unit is very strong inside the washing tub. If you have lightly soil clothes it does not take a full 15 minutes to wash them. Put the timer on 3 or 6 minutes and you have fresh clean clothing. The longest I put my clothes to spin is 3-6 minutes max. Why? Because this baby doesn’t need more time then that to spin the water out of garments. If items are heavily soil soak them first. Just fill the tub with dirty clothes and fill to water line or at least don’t fill over filter line add detergent, turn timer to 3 minutes and then let the clothes soak for about 30 minutes to an hour. Do not soak clothes in chlorine bleach for over 10 minutes. If you do, you run the chance of destroying your clothes. When I do a load of jeans I usually only put 2 pair max, 3 pairs of leggings, and maybe 3-4 pairs of workout shorts in a load and I turn the timer to 9 minutes with jeans. When it comes to shirts I can put at least 5-7 in one load; and for sheets I can do both flat and fitted but I do just one sheet at a time because they get cleaned better that way. After the first initial wash cycle completes I empty the tub. Then I refill it with clean water and do a short 3 minute cycle. Then I remove the clothes from the wash tub and put half in the spinner for 3 minutes. As the water is flowing from the hose to my storage bin I look to see how clean or dirty it is and that let’s me know if and how much longer I need to rinse the clothes. So I take the first half of the load out the spinner and put them in the bath tub and run warm water over them and rinse them as the second half of the load spins. Take the first load out the tub and put back in the spinner and then hang them to dry. Yes, it seems a little much but I love to wash clothes by hand so it doesn’t bother me. But if you can find a hose long enough to fit on the washing machine and a floor drain then you can eliminate a lot of the steps I go through on wash day. This baby is powerful and will rock if you have it placed off the floor. I took the styrofoam insert that came with it and tape cardboard around it and placed our washer on top of that. It was a very good set up until the cardboard got wet. I should have wrapped it in a trash bag after putting the cardboard on it, lol. Well hindsight is 50/50 and because it rocks I try not leave it while it is washing, because honestly who wants to clean up all that water? Not me! If you have any question just reach and I will try my very best to respond in a timely manner, toddles!

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  21. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Some workarounds for a good product!Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub 11lb Washing Machine Washer Spin Dryer

    I’ve been using my Giantex portable washing machine for two weeks and I have a couple of thoughts for people who are considering purchase of this machine.1) I gave this product 4 stars for the following reasons: * The input hose could not be attached to my bathroom faucet (as others have noted). * Water leaked out of the top seam of the washer tub when using the normal setting with a large load.2) Draining the machine.I did not buy a machine with a built in pump because I thought that would be one more thing that could break. However, if a siphon will not work for you, it is worth the money to buy a slightly more expensive machine that has a built in pump that will allow you to drain into a sink.Some people solved the drainage problem by putting the machine on a platform or in a shower/tub. I had concerns about that because when the spinner is not balanced, it moves the machine around (which could cause the machine to fall off a platform) and because I felt nervous about having an electrical connection where water may puddle. I decided to place my washing machine on the floor of my bathroom. It is about 3 feet from one bathroom sink and about 3 feet from my tub.I looked into buying an electric powered pump to drain the water (as another customer had noted). However, since that customer did not name the pump he bought, I spent time time researching pumps before deciding that most of them were either too expensive or didn’t fit the configuration of pulling water from inside the washing machine’s drainage hose as I wanted to do.Because the drainage hose is about 2 inches about the floor, I thought that a siphon might work for me. For a test, I bought some cheap aquarium tubing and the siphon action worked. So, I bought a Plumber’s Siphon Pro (on Amazon) for $13.49, and it works great. With the drain hose hooked vertically on the machine, I drop the weighted end of the siphon down to the bottom of the drain hose, pump the siphon bulb until the hose if full, and drop the end of the siphon hose into the tub drain, and the water starts draining.3) Water input.I considered replacing my shower head with a three way shower diverter, but decided against it because I do not need a hand held shower head. I also had some doubts about having to modify a shower head to allow a stronger water flow.My solution was to connect a garden hose to one of my bathroom faucets. This is what I bought: * Home Depot – “15/16 in.-27M / 5/64 in.-27F x 3/4 in. GHTM or 55/64 in.-27M Chrome Multi Thread Garden Hose Aerator Adapter” ($5.02 – shipped to store for pickup) * Amazon – “American Specialty UT-10 10′ Multi-Purpose Utility Hose” ($12.12).I connect the utility hose to my sink faucet when I want to wash. It takes a few minutes to fill the wash tub. I put the end of the hose in my tub between wash and rinse cycles, and disconnect it when I am done washing. Also, don’t leave the room when the wash tub is filling as the hose may fall out of the wash tub, and then yikes!!! what a mess.4) Solution for water leaks on the top seam – Set the setting to “Soft” and fill no higher than the medium setting.5) Solution for clothes tangling – Use laundry mesh bags to separate shirts and dainties in the wash tub (but take the clothes out of the bags when spin drying).6) Solutions for out of balance spinner – Fold shirts, pants before putting them in the spinner tub. Don’t overload the spinner tub.Overall, I am very happy with this portable washing machine. I don’t have to spend $10-$15 each week at the laundry mat. It’s just me and my husband, so I can do small loads whenever I want. And my clothes get just as clean as at the laundry mat.07-05-2016 Someone asked for pictures of my siphon setup. The first picture shows how far down the weighted end of the siphon hose will go inside the drainage hose (down to where the water exits the machine). The second picture shows the weighted end of the siphon hose inside the drainage hose. The third picture shows the water draining into the tub’s drain. (Note the small strainer I bought at Walmart to catch any lint.) The fourth picture shows how the siphon hose snakes up the side of the tub and over into the tub. Once the water starts flowing, the suction is strong enough to pull water until there is no more water at the weighted siphon end. (Note the black siphon pump should be removed from the hose after the hose is filled with water.)

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  22. Veronica

    4.0 out of 5 stars


    Thanks to corona virus I am scared to go do laundry and decided to order this machine. I’m very happy with this purchase because it gets the job of washing clothes done. Don’t think that this machine is going to have the same result of doing laundry with a regular washer and dryer, you have to accept the machine for what it is. I will be doing a video of my laundry day routine to show exactly how the machine works and with specific details but let me try to sum it up for now. The wash compartment is big enough to hold most of my clothes (I do laundry every week) as long as I don’t wear a bunch of jeans and sweaters. The thicker/heavier the material, the less clothes you should put in. It is important to put only a little bit of soap because if not, you’re gnna have to do a bunch of rinse cycles to get all of the soap out. The little lint catcher that is in the wash compartment does a good job of catching lint but it doesn’t catch all of it. I remove the lint from the catcher after every cycle. I do three wash cycles… detergent cycle, softener cycle, and a rinse cycle and even after the spin cycle there is still lint leftover on my clothes when they dry on the rack so I use a lint roller. Not that big of a deal for me. The spin compartment is extremely small compared to the wash compartment. I have to get my sheets sent out to wash because they don’t fit in the spin cycle. When I wash jeans or really heavy sweats/sweaters I have to spin one at a time. I don’t understand why they made the spin compartment so small because I absolutely love the way it dries my clothes but whatever I accepted it and just take my time. When you initially turn the spin cycle on, it shakes like crazy and so it makes a lot of noise from rocking back and forth but after a few seconds the clothes balance out and it just makes a low noise and then as it’s slowing down to get ready to stop it makes noise again till it stops completely. I usually grab the machine and tilt it against my legs till it balances out because I don’t want it to bang on the floor but because of this, I have to dedicate a day for laundry because I have to be ready to grab the machine after the spin cycle is done before it starts going crazy again. The size of the machine is way smaller than a regular washing machine but still takes up a decent amount of space if you have a tiny apartment like me. I put the machine in my shower and use my shower head to fill it half way Because the tube that comes with the machine is good for nothing. I put the drain tube straight into my shower drain to get all the water out. I spray my machine with cleaner after every wash and rinse with hot water then leave the compartment doors open to allow the inside to dry to avoid mold. I also take out the lint catcher and allow it to dry to avoid it from smelling bad (it’s wet cloth). It might seem like a lot but so far I’m not complaining because it’s saving me money and I don’t have to go out and risk exposing myself to others. As long as I dedicate a day out of the week to properly wash and hang my clothes, it’s very convenient to have. I consider it more of a laundry assistant than a washing machine.

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  23. Michael Slade

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Happy over all

    For price point and not having a heater to dry I’m happy with it just wish the spin dry could be set for a longer time feel like it runs a little fast five minutes feels like three same with the washer wish it was 30 over 15 minutes

  24. daenasdaenas

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    The media could not be loaded.

     Feb 10, 2022 editStill a great washer. It’s still going strong and I just got done doing several loads in the washer and it still brings a smile to my face when I do laundry. I have since discovered that the “Normal” wash is normal cycle but “Soft” would be considered the “gentle” cycle. This washer doesn’t agitate like normal washers with the quick back and forth agitation but rather a long spin in one direction and then a long one in the other. The gentle “Soft” cycle does the same it just limits the time in the agitation motion to short spin one way and then a short spin in the other. The reason why I mention this is because several of my polyblend shirts will stretch out in the water and get tangled up and I end up with a ball of clothes in my washer. So I wash those separately with other clothes but it’s not perfect. I wash, drain, rinse, spin, rinse with softner and then spin again. It takes just a small amount of detergent but I ran out and started using my leftover detergent gel packs. They work just fine and once they are gone then I’ll go back to liquid. Overall, still the best darn thing I’ve purchased next to my countertop dishwasher.**************************************************I am a live-in caregiver to my elderly mother in a senior citizen apartment complex. We live in a one bedroom apartment in which we have no washer/dryer hookups, but we do have a laundry room on the first floor all the way in the front of the complex opposite of us. Because of covid I have stopped using the laundry room (or laundromat) especially since a lot of seniors here don’t wear masks and we have indoor hallways.I was washing our clothes by hand in big muck buckets with a laundry plunger but that was an ALL DAY JOB just for a few things and it took forever for our clothes to dry on the rack because I couldn’t wring all the water out of the clothes. I decided I had enough and when we got our stimulus money I bought this washer. OMG this thing is a complete game changer!I cannot stress how much easier this machine is making my life as we have clean clothes all the time and I can do several loads a day with ease. The spinner, some call it a spin dryer but it’s actually there to wring or spin all the water from the clothes just like a regular washer, spins the clothes so well that there are actually dry spots on the clothes when it’s done. I’m not saying it’s completely dry because it isn’t, but what I am saying is the 9 hours it took me to dry our clothes before when I was handwashing them now only take about 30 minutes.I set the washer in my bathtub, I use a rubber mat under it to ease the vibrations and slippage if any as well as I have to use a sponge on one corner of the machine to make it more stable, then I set my dryer rack in the living room where I have ceiling and regular fans to circulate air around the clothes.Oh there’s a lint trap built in that by golly does a great job of catching lint, hair, pet fur and whatnot. I clean it out each time I wash. I love this machine…I’m so happy I got it.

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  25. Kie

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    True Companion to the College Experience

    I’m a college student taking fifteen science credits and working part-time as a tutor. My days generally go from 8am to 8pm. My weekends have become homework/studying marathons. I often sit down at the start of each week and schedule my showers. Livin’ the dream. So as a result, I hadn’t done laundry in nearly three months. The clothes were piling up. So many clothes. So many. I’ve only had this guy for 48 hours, but he’s changed my life. The clothes are clean and hanging in my closet where they belong. He’s probably an angel. I have named him Wally.Things to consider (but not things major enough to detract from my appreciation for Wally):- As other reviewers have noted, the inlet tube nozzle does not attach well to very many water sources. Buckets are your friends.- This boy needs gravity to drain, so the draining tube has to rest at a point that’s lower than or equal to where the unit is sitting. The tube is also quite short, measuring out to be just under two feet.- You’d might as well throw out the instructions as soon as you open the box.It’s super simple, but since the instructions are rubbish and, hey, new machines can be intimidating, here’s how to use this boy:1. Ensure the dial is set to “soft” or “normal.” There are only three options; as long as it’s not on “drain”!2. Slap yer detergent in!3. Slap some clothes in–my best advice is to just use your best judgment. If it’s a helpful reference, I just ran a load of four pairs of jeans, three T-shirts, and some miscellaneous socks and whatnot and still kicked myself for not throwing in a few more shirts.4. Dump that water in, friend!5. Set the timer to fifteen minutes. Or less, I won’t tell you how to live your life.6. Is he done? Good! Set the dial to “drain” and, leaving your clean and vaguely soapy clothing inside, refill the tub; this is going to be our makeshift rinse cycle. Set the timer to your desired quantity of minutes, wait patiently, and pat yourself on the back for getting your laundry done on time.7. Is he done again? Even better! Now you have clean and not-soapy clothing. Excellent! Shove as much as you can sensibly fit into the spin chamber, ensuring the dial is still set to “drain.” You may need to separate the load, as his drying capacity isn’t quite as great as his washing capacity. (I love him anyway.)8. Close both spin lids–it’s very important that the first one is closed all the way!–set the time, and let him rip! He will only spin for up to five minutes, but this is often more than enough.9. He’s done! Remove your things, hang them somewhere to dry, and thank him for a job well done.Disclaimer: There is a rubbery plate with holes in it that comes with the unit. You are probably supposed to use it. I have no idea where to put this or what it does, but Wally runs perfectly in spite its absence.Additional tips:- Instead of fiddling with the inlet hose, good old-fashioned buckets are always an option! For me personally, the size of the unit and set-up of my apartment wouldn’t allow me to attach it to a water source AND keep it within range a drain, so a 10-quart bucket has suited me fine. It’s not as inconvenient as it sounds, promise!- Kie, how much water goes in?! The instructions say to use 30-45 liters of water (depending on the size of the load), but I find that anything over about 38 liters (40 quarts) is too much once clothes are added.- Kie, how much detergent do I use?! I find that filling my detergent cap to the lowest line (usually marked with “1” or similar) is suitable for medium- to heavy-sized loads.- Kie, my boy keeps starting and stopping during the wash cycle! Is he okay? Yes! Starting and stopping every few seconds is normal; he’s just changing directions and is still more than happy to clean your things.- Kie, my boy is making scary sounds while he spins! Is he okay? Kind of! He’s okay, but your things are very heavy and he may be asking you to take some out. He will also scream if things are sticking too far out of the chamber and getting close to the lid, so you may need to stop the spin cycle and gently readjust if this occurs. For me, this happened one time, and only because I was careless when loading things in–Wally is blameless.So in short, this guy is great. He may or may not require a little finagling in the set-up department, but if you are kind to him, he will wash your things with no complaints. He probably saved my life. He’s perfect.

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  26. Brandi Ensminger

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Almost speechless. PERFECT for a primary OR secondary washing machine, dorm rooms and cloth diapering.

    I am SUPER greedy with my 5 star reviews but I’d give this one a 10 star if I could. I bought this to use while my full size washer was being repaired. It came in and I ALMOST returned it because my full sized was fixed. THEN there was an issue with the drain pipe from my full sized washer. SO, I opened this one. I was reallyyyy skeptical because its so light and small..I mean, my first thoughts were, “Can this REALLY possibly wash clothes and get them CLEAN?!” Uhh YES.Setting up:I have a second bathroom so I just placed the whole set up by the tub. (This can EASILY be set in and out of the tub if you wanted to do it that way) The plug in cord, water line and drain hose are all relatively short. The diameter of the water line is about nickle sized, the drain hose is about golf ball sized. (my awful measurement descriptions, sorry, lol) Its pretty cut and dry. Don’t expect that water line to fit pretty much any standard faucet or water outlet. Be prepared to manually fill it with a bucket until you figure out what to connect the line to. I actually went to a hardware store and got a rubber hose and tension clamp.First use:I plug it in and put 4 full sized towels, 3 tshirts and a handful of socks in, a teeny amt of laundry soap and washed for 12 minutes. The guide says to wash fora bout 6 minutes. I went longer because i thought it wasn’t going to work for just 6. Wrong again, for that load, i could have easily went for 6 minutes…10 minutes if I wanted to drag it out. To drain the water, you turn the dial from Normal to Drain. Its a gravity drain but works well. After draining the water, I rinsed them and eyeballed the spin dryer.Rinsing:There are really two ways to do this. (1) is to hook the water line to the right side of the machine and as it spins, turn the water on for about 5 seconds and then turn it off and let it spin another 15 seconds. (2) is to drain the wash, add clean water and let it run another 3 minutes then drain and spin. (IF you want to use fabric softener: drain, fill, add softener, 3min cycle, drain and rinse)The spin dryer: I dropped a towel in (soaking wet) closed the lid and turned the dial. WHOA. 15 seconds of spin and i cut it off. Opened it up and pulled a “damp” towel out. By damp, I mean, if you shower, get out and dry your hair and body off with a towel kind of damp. I was super impressed. When you spin dry, only put in 3-4 things and make sure to drop them straight into the middle so it can balance it as it starts to spin.It only takes 15-20 seconds to spin the hell out of anything you put in there. Why this timer goes up so high is beyond me. You should NEVER need to spin anything that long in this machine…unless you’re using it to churn a gallon of butter.ONE LOAD: 1 min to fill, 6 min to wash, 3 min to rinse with spinner (4-5 to rinse with washer tub) TEN- TWELVE minutes for ONE load of laundry. You can NOT beat that.Overall:I am shocked. Highly impressed and I am SO glad I kept this. I have 3 daughters (ages 10-15) who LOVE changing clothes 11 times a day. This is now THEIR washing machine. 9pm and you realize you don’t have your favorite skirt clean? Go wash it in YOUR machine. For my teenager, one load will hold 3 pair of uniform pants, three tops, 2 skirts, a tshirt or two and underclothes. This could be a serious game changer for dorm rooms, extended vacations and guest houses. I can’t tell you how underestimated this thing is. This machine makes it ok to just wash a shirt and a pair of pants. You control the amount of water, time and soap so you aren’t wasting anything. If you’re on the fence about it, rest assured that this little sucker will surprise you.As a side note, those who use cloth diapers, reusable menstrual underwear or cloth feminine products, this is the PERFECT laundry machine. Its almost like it was made for it. We cloth diaper and I can easily soak, wash and strip a days worth of diapers in no time. AND it spins out the water so well that it takes MINIMAL drying time.

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  27. Michael McClure

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    This product came fast and it washes so good and dries the clothes almost all the way

  28. ava clemons

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love love it great product

    This product is amazing, don’t think about it get it, this has changed my life. No more laundry mat no more clothes piling up at all . This machine cleans clothes so well and the spin cycle is almost dry!!! I LOVE IT LOVE LOVE IT. It is tiny and fits in my bathroom perfectly. I don’t bother with all the adding tubing for the water to go in automatically, I fill up a DIY bucket and it is ready to go!!! BEST SMALL INVESTMENT I HAVE EVERY MADE!!!!! BUY BUY BUY!!!!

  29. Imani

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    It works!

    I really thought that I was gonna lose money on buying this. Never had a portable washer and didn’t know what to expect. I was both skeptical of the good and bad reviews. Like others have mentioned with the first 1-2 uses there’s a burning sort of smell. But I haven’t experienced that with the subsequent uses.While you can’t wash a full load at once there is still a considerable amount that you can fit into the washer without overloading it. The spinner is much smaller for whatever reason but it still works. You don’t even need to spin dry for long. I spin dry for no longer than 3 minutes. Clothes comes out almost dry.I thought it was bs with reviews saying that clothes come out very clean. Even cleaner than the apartments commercial washers. But they didn’t lie. My clothes were indeed cleaner and smelled clean too. No lingering odors that needed to be covered up by fabric softener.I haven’t experienced any left over lint or hair after spin drying. Maybe I’m just lucky here. Idk.Granted its time consuming to wash. 2 loads in this portable washer equals 1 small load. But I tend to wash the equivalent of 1 small load daily and it cuts my hampers of dirty clothes down. All I have to do is take my clothes down to the laundry room to dry which of course saves me money.I’d definitely say make sure it sits on something off the ground. I just used a plastic storage bin. This both cuts down on the noise it makes when agitating/vibrating and allows the water to properly drain into either your bucket or tub. I use a bucket…The electric cord is short but luckily I can easily move it to the outlet. The washer is not heavy btw. Also the tube that they provide to fill up the washer does not fit anything. Which is fine because I just use a pitcher to fill the tub directly.And you only need a little detergent.This washer is great. The commercial washers in my apartments laundry room are questionable. Not regularly cleaned and sometimes smell. And half of them are out of service. I don’t have this problem here. Glad I bought it.

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  30. K

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I live in a house with roommates but there is no laundry machine 🙁 I HATE public laundromats and it’s ultimately the biggest hassle because I have to stay there until it’s done since I don’t feel comfortable leaving and coming back. After debating and researching for a couple months, I finally decided to purchase this. I’M SO HAPPY I DID!!! Having my very own mini laundry machine (Washer & Spinner) in the comfort of my own home/room is amazing! I watched many video reviews and read all the amazon reviews prior to purchasing it, and again when I received it before testing it out. The manual is a joke and hard to understand so don’t even bother. Although, it does mention to keep away from water. Many users seem to keep it in their bathroom/shower, but I want to avoid any/all risks so it’s actually in my room!.The main complaints with this appliance are that the drains/tubes are short/small/useless. Because it is drained by gravity (the appliance must be elevated so that the tube can be facing down to drain all the water. I have a mini tv stand and just placed the machine on top of it. I also have a huge bucket which I placed under/next to it so that it can drain all the water. I don’t use the thinner tube that you’re supposed to use to fill the machine with clean water. I simply use another huge bucket and pour the water into the washer tub directly. That way, I don’t have the struggle/problem of the tube being too short or small (seriously, it’s useless.) My bedroom is right next to the front door so I have easy access to pour in/out water from the garden hose in the front yard too.You can wash up to 15 minutes each load and can choose “Normal” or “Soft” setting. I washed my delicates and socks together for my first load (roughly 20 undies and 15 pairs of socks) they are all very thin and light so it actually all fit without any worry/paranoia that it was too big of a load. I poured buckets of water so that all the clothes were soaked and until an inch or two of water was above the load. NEVER FILL TO THE TOP! It needs space to swish/wash! I set it on “Soft” and for the full 15 minutes. You only need two or three tablespoons of detergent since the load is much smaller than your average laundry machine. Once it started, it would spin for around 5 seconds and stop for a few seconds. And it repeated the same spin/stop process for the entire 15-minute cycle. A word of advice, make sure there aren’t any long strands of hair or strings/loose ends because my lacey undies got kind of tangled. But I purchased a mesh bag for future washes of delicates which solves that problem.After the wash cycle ended, I placed the drain tube into my empty bucket and then changed the setting to “Drain.” (It will drain as soon as you change the setting so you better make sure there’s something at the end of that tube because the dirty water will begin draining immediately!) Once the draining is finished, keep the setting at “Drain.” Then place HALF your load (I just separated undies and socks) into the Spin/Dry tub on the right. Place the rubber/plastic lid (provided) directly on top of the load and lay it flat. Close the tub and set your spin time. I set it for 3 minutes. The spin is very powerful! After the first 3-minute cycle, I touched the load and the top portion of the load was 75% dry and the bottom portion was 50% dry (AFTER ONLY 3 MINUTES!!!) I put the bottom of the load on top to get a more even dry and spun again for another 3 minutes. After that, my entire load was 80% dry and ready to hang on my drying rack! It was very clean and I was so impressed!!! Then I proceeded to the second half of the load to spin/dry. Keep in mind it’s still on the Drain setting. So you can’t wash and dry at the same time. But it’s so quick anyway so it doesn’t even matter! During the whole process, I’m free to do whatever I want since I’m not at some public laundromat. The convenience is worth the whole bucket thing in my opinion if I compare it to public laundromat visits.The volume level is average. Definitely not silent but it isn’t obnoxiously loud like many laundry machines tend to be. For some reason, I imagined the machine to be smaller but it is a very good size for a mini machine. I am still amazed that this sells for under $100.00 honestly even if it was a little over, I think I would still buy it and it would be worth every penny.Always remember to drain after every wash and empty out the little filter inside the washer tub. Remember to unplug the machine after you’re done using it. Keep away from direct sunlight or water to prevent any damage. Make sure if you do elevate the machine, it is on top of something flat and sturdy!This is literally my favorite purchase of the year!

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  31. CJMulcahy

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works better than I anticipated!

    I’d give it five stars if the water hose fit my faucet, but filling the wash tub a bucket at a time was no big deal to me. This washer is very easy to use! The spin dry feature is great! Be aware that this washer isn’t for heavy items like coats and blankets. It’s good for small loads at a time.

  32. Anita Nielsen

    4.0 out of 5 stars


    Great and simple right out of the box. However, hoses are an issue as others have mentioned.Easiest way to fill the washer section is with a bucket or the shower hose. If you wash your clothes from delicates to whites you should only need to drain the washer 2 times. However, if your washing very dirty clothes drain after each wash. As far as the draining goes be careful! Unless you raise the washer higher then the hose you will always have some water in the hose and if you drop it like I did you’ll have water all over the floor.We are using our washer for our RV and it workes great!

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  33. ed

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    works as advertised

    The spin was much faster than I had exspected cloths come out almost dry. Unit is well made and very portable, fits in my rv tub and drains without any problems. Looks so small like a kids toy but this isn’t a toy and gets the job done.

  34. Jordan

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works great, worth the money.

    I live in a small apartment with no washer and dryer hookup, this saves me a lot of grueling trips to the laundry matt. It’s not perfect, the drain tube on it cracked pretty easily, but I’ve wrapped it with duct tape and Saran Wrap and made it work. The sink adapter also doesn’t work with my sink, so i usually fill it up with my shower head and drain it into the shower while it sits on my toilet. Even with all these things noted, it works well and overall saves me time and money. Oh, and don’t overfill the dryer. I’ve made that mistake a few times, and it the top popped open and made a sound comparable to a gunshot. That’s my fault though lol.

  35. Sierra B.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    I’ve had for a year…and here are my thoughts/tips

    Very detailed write up after having this machine for a year:I live in a big city that doesn’t have washing machines in most apartments, so I bought this to try and hack the system. This is probably the best purchase I made for my apartment, but let me tell you some mistakes I made/how I fixed it/flaws overall.It came very well packed and was ready to rock and roll. I experimented on how to best place it and found putting it just straight in my bathtub was the winner. It will be a bit loud but my neighbors have said they’ve never heard it (I’m in an apartment building). At the time, I didn’t have a shower head with a hose, so I was putting it on its side under the bathtub spout — don’t do that. The amount of times it fell over and actually snapped off the top of the washer side (not spin side) was a lot. I’d suggest buying a shower head with a hose — game changer.As for how much it can wash at a time, I can do a queen bottom and top sheet with 4 pillow cases. However, even though it can’t fit maybe all your dirty clothes at once, the actual wash time is so short it doesn’t bother me. I do 9 minutes in wash, 3 min in spin, 9 minutes in rinse, 3 more minutes in spin.I also use scent beads, laundry detergent AND tide pods (gotta find the best mix if you don’t have a dryer haha) and there has never been any issues of the pods or beads not dissolving.Since it’s a water machine, there will be mold in some places, but no where your clothes actually touch (ya win some, ya lose some). For example, the hose where all the water drains may collect some mold.Also, just be aware that if you’re putting your clothes in the spin side after the initial wash (with soap) and you don’t switch to “drain,” it will fill up with bubbles and slow the spin.Also pt 2, make sure you press the spin white grate down (the little circle thing you use on top of your clothes in the spin side) or it may not spin properly.Though there are flaws, this is still a great purchase. Would definitely recommend!

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  36. Sharron K.Sharron K.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Damn good money spent. Would definitely buy again.

    This machine is really freeking good for the price. This washer/spin dry combo kicks my expensive home washer into the dirt! I bought this machine at first for my camper, for when my husband and I are out on the road for work. Some places are just really dirty for a place meant to get clothes clean. So we started looking into some small washer that could save us some money and exposure to whatever is in those machines at the poorly mantained public laundromats. We we’re looking at stackables when we stumbled onto this one. I admit, I didn’t expect much. Boy was I glad to be wrong! I use it all the time now. It cleans so well I have taken it over to my in-laws to show them! They RV too, and didn’t expect this machine to take “clean” clothes that had gone through their expensive, brand name washer, and clean even more soil out of them! Nice! I have been using the machine since April, and it’s now December. Still running strong, and still my primary washing machine. It has gotten a bit loud, so I am not sure of the longevity of the motor. It’s the only reason I am not giving this unit five stars. It’s gotten quite loud. I tried to open it up to see if it just needed a bit of oil/grease. (I have a background in electronics repair, honestly don’t even attempt it.) It’s a sealed bearing unit, so no go. This doesn’t really put me off too much. I have saved money using this machine. When the motor says enough, I will definitely be purchasing another unit. The drier is a belt driven centrifuge in a separate compartment. So you can start another load in the washer while “drying”. I really like this. I also got a laugh out of the instructions. The print is tiny! So, so small! The translation is far from helpful, you end up with more questions than answers. I also noticed a lot of people trying way too hard to come up with plumbing for this very simple process. Don’t waste your money on hoses and cuplers. Here is my solution:*Place the unit into your tub/shower stall. (I used a plastic stress mat to elevate the machine from the water draning into the stall/tub. It really helps with the noise from the motor as well)*Take down the drain hose from the machine, point that toward the drain of your tub/shower stall.*Use your existing shower hose and head to fill the washer. (Just drop the thing right into the washer compartment and fill. No need for special plumbing or any extra cost to you. I feel like everyone is trying to over engineer this problem. I love some of the solutions people have some up with, but this hack is really simple and free.)So the water gravity drains. When you are finished with your wash/spin dry, you will want to pick up the unit and tip it toward the hose to get the rest of the water out of the machine. The centrifuge drier does a pretty good job at wringing the excess water out of the clothing. Hang dry overnight will work for even thick jeans or a Carhartt jacket. The clothing will be a bit stiff, but they will be clean and dry. If you hate the stiffness, you can use the washer and go to the laundrymat to dry and still save money. I find the lint catcher does a good enough job that adding a second one that floats in with the wash to be unnecessary. I have already saved enough money from not going to the laundrymat to have bought this washer several times over. I would absolutely recommend it, and if this one gives up the ghost, I’m buying another. Totally worth it.

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  37. Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Washer!

    Great washer for use in apartments with shared laundry units. Easiest to run inside your tub or shower. Works very well!

  38. Amazongirl 20

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Once we figured out how much water to put in it things worked alright…

    We went from living on a third-floor apartment with laundry in the basement and across the building to a small duplex with free laundry. Unfortunately for us, the machines look like they are from the 1970s and have rust on all the lint wires, etc. So we ended up getting this machine for some smaller loads. To be honest, I don’t know how long it will last, but when it works, it works great!Our first load was a disaster, the directions are awful and we actually appear to have put more water in than needed because water was leaking out the top sides of the bin. We contacted customer service who wanted us to mail it back! Right, because anyone is really going to pay a crap load of money out of their own pocket to return something this size! No way. We decided to give it another try or two. The second time I put less water in and thank goodness the leaking stopped. It’s a fine balance with this machine, finding the right amount of clothing/water to put in. It does work better than I imagined it would, and we’ve been able to do good size loads. If it lasts, it will be well worth the 100.00 we paid. If it mucks up in the next few weeks then we’re better off at the laundry mat… This is a manual drain machine so it isn’t easy. You may be dumping buckets of water down the tub drain like I am but for us it’s worth it knowing we are washing our clothing in a machine that isn’t 50 years old and only has our stuff in it!Okay, since the directions are awful, I’ll give you a quick rundown of what they say to do here:1) Make sure spin dial is on soft or normal2) put in detergent3) Fill tub with water4) add clothes5) Close lid and turn time dial on for however long you want to wash them for6) When load is done, turn dial to drain and drain water out of washer7) Place clothing in spin dry machine and spin dry them for however long you’d like8) Turn dial back to soft/normal9) Fill tub in washer again with water (NO detergent)10) Place clothing from spin dryer back in washing tub w/fresh water11) Close lid and turn dial on for however long you want to rinse-wash your clothes12) When done, drain13) Place clothing in spin dryer and spin dryThis is how I do it:1) Make sure spin dial is on soft or normal2) put in detergent3) Fill tub with water4) add clothes5) Close lid and turn time dial on for however long you want to wash them for6) When load is done, turn dial to drain and drain water out of washer7) Fill tub in washer again with water (NO detergent, but keep your wet clothing in)8) Close lid and turn dial on for however long you want to rinse-wash your clothes9) When done, drain12) Place clothing in spin dryer and spin dry

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  39. Blazing

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very impressed! I love it!

    The tubes for water inlet could be bigger but other than that works like a charm. It does have a lint trap you have to clean out every wash

  40. AM Lovejoy

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Small but Mighty

    Used this for about two months now and am loving it in my tiny apartment with no W/D hookups (or room for a w/d anyway, ha). It’s been absolutely excellent for the price. I wish I could tell everyone at the laundromat about it. That being said, it is a small washer and you can’t expect it to be capable of the same things as a full size machine. Treat it right, and it should last.What are the steps?The basic order is either wash in the washer -> drain -> rinse in the washer -> drain -> spin dry in the dryer – OR – wash in the washer -> transfer clothes to the dryer and fill for a rinse (conserving your washer water for another load) -> drain dryer and dry. You can either rinse in the washer or the spin bucket, so you are able to re-use your washer water if doing multiple loads.Pros> Gets your clothes clean. I feel like my clothes are cleaner with this than a laundromat washer, ha.> Runs relatively quietly (There is the sound of water, and a light humming while it spins).> Slim size fits in/on top of many places> Lightweight. I’m a 130 lbs marshmallow and have no problem lifting it (without water in it, ofc)> Fast…wash cycles run ~12 minutes, rinse ~9, and dry ~9.> SO much more convenient than leaving the house to do laundry> Eventually pays for itself if you don’t otherwise have access to a free washer/dryer.Cons(?) More like, things to be aware of and how to work around them:> I can’t stress enough, this is not a full-sized machine. You can’t work it like a traditional large, sturdy, metal washer. It makes a light burning plastic smell with larger loads, & I’ve never filled it higher than about halfway between the Med and High fill lines out of fear of over-stressing the motor. Not made to do all your weekly laundry in one day (unless it’s a single person’s maybe), but more like 2, 3 loads max a day…meaning multiple laundry days a week may be needed. This is in order to preserve the life of your machine becaaauuusseee…> The only -actual- con: this company seems unresponsive with inquiries about replacements/repairs, as other reviewers have noted.> Must elevate to drain properly. If the drain hose makes the water travel against gravity at any point (i.e. UP), it won’t drain all the way. I’ve remedied this by putting it on a storage tub to drain ~90% and then lifting it a couple inches to completely drain the rest.> No heated dryer. Spin dryer does get clothes about 90~95% dry though, much dryer than just-out-of-the-wash. I was in disbelief when I first used it, ha. To prevent stiff clothes, add a bit of white vinegar to your washer run. It’s a little stiffer than your usual heated dryer, but not like you paid for starch at the dry cleaners. It hasn’t bothered me at all.> How…do I…fill it? It does come with a hose but that probably won’t fit your sink. I use the shower-head from my bath tub and fill it directly. Others fill buckets and then pour in the water from there. Others have bought adapters for -make- the hose fit their sink. Others utilize the dustpan sink funnel technique> It’s super noisy/wobbly/chaotic! = It’s probably overloaded. Aside from the first and last ~7 seconds of the spin dryer, it shouldn’t be moving much at all. Neither tub should be filled to the top; your clothes need room to move!

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  41. ZarahZarah

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great machine

    I am very happy with my purchase. I haven’t gone to the laundromat for my clothes since. The agitation is okay but the wringer is AMAZING. My washing suggestions are:1. Use a small washboard with a fels-naptha bar for stains prior to washing. This machine will NOT get stains out on its own.2. Purchase the Rinse-a-roo if your washing from a shower faucet. It’s the most simplistic device and the price is questionable but it will make your life a MILLION times easier.3. Soap. Other people will tell you to use less but it’s really dependent on the type of detergent you use. I have sensitive skin so I have to use baby detergents. Dont skimp, it’s not worth it because you may have to wash twice and that’s annoying and a waste. You’ll end up paying for it in other ways.4. I don’t suggest putting it in a tub because of the hassle. I used an old wooden mechanical box to set it on. I added wheels and took down one side for storage. It’s not pretty but it works great. Companies sometimes try to get rid of these because it’s costly to compact. You may also be able to use two craft boxes screwed together.5. Temu sells small cheap heat fans. I hang everything in the shower with hangers, clips, etc and have the heater blowing on it with the window open (summer). If you close your door, it’s like one big dryer with the convenience of your washer in the same space.6. Make sure you get every spec of lint out of the trap, it will smell of mildew if you do not. The floating lint traps- also on temu and probably the dollar store work really well too. They look cheap- because they are lol- but they catch so much mor than the built in one especially if you have pets.7. Clean your washer and spinner with vinegar or bleach every now and then to prevent mildew. I run it as I would with clothes. It helps to get into all the nooks and crannies.I’m giving 4 stars because the hoses suck. I think to complete the product, it should be usable upon delivery. I think this could be easily remedied with a rubber hose to help accommodate all their customers. Otherwise, it’s a great product and I hope the motors last me for a bit.

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  42. AZEnergizer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Giantex (Costway) Portable Washing Machine 17.6 lbs.

    Washes and spin dries clothes very well.Pros:1. Separate belt drive motor for the washer and direct drive motor for the spin dryer2. The ‘drain’ function is only for the washer. This means you can use the spin dryer without draining the washer. You can reuse the wash water several times if you’re off grid and water is limited3. Very light weight compared to full sized washers4. Washer and spin dryer is a big enough for most items except comforters and large bulky, heavy items.5. Virtually no mess moving clothes from the washer to the dryer and there’s no need to squeeze the water out before putting clothes into the spin dryer6. More energy efficient and effective at spin drying than full sized washers.7. About 90% of the water is removed if you spin dry until no more water comes out (3 – 5 minutes)8. In my electric dryer, clothes are dry in 1/4 of the time9. Two wash settings. (I always use ‘soft’ because it’s easier on the machine and the clothes.)10. Uses very little water and soap. (I use a teaspoon of liquid soup for 3 gallons of water and do several loads with the same water if clothes are lightly soiled. Pretreat heavily soiled areas with spot remover first.)11. You can rinse your clothes during the spin dry cycle without opening the door. (I spin dry the wash water out. Then I add rinse water to the dryer inlet with a funnel while the spin dryer is still spinning. )Cons:1. Cheap, thin plastic case, hoses, and controls. Functional and solid enough but requires you to be gentle2. Quiet mechanically but even minor vibrations can cause the case to rattle and make noise3. Washing and spin drying takes more time and is more labor intensive than a fully automatic machine mostly because of the machine’s relatively small capacity4. Light duty but plenty strong enough if you clean a few items at a time and don’t overload the machine5. If you don’t use enough water, some clothes will curl up in a ball and not wash well. (You need a bare minimum of 2 gallons but the water can be used several times if you wash lightly soiled clothes first and heavily soiled clothes last. Jeans and heavy bath towels will need a minimum of 3 gallons each and more would be better.)6. Ideally the machine should be elevated a couple feet so you can see when the water is done coming out of the hose during the spin cycle. However I have used it on the shower floor.7. To drain all the water out you really need to tilt the machine several times from one side to the other. If you don’t do that and don’t use the machine for several days, I would expect mold and mildew to grow.I have a full sized automatic washer and dryer. I bought this for off grid, boon docking, and camping. For the past two weeks I’ve done all my clothes, bedding, and towels in this little machine. I know it does a better job because it agitates better and removes much more water which means more dirt and soap is removed and drying time is incredibly fast. A full laundry basket typically dries in 10 to 15 minutes (in my dryer) compared to 40 minutes to an hour. I only wash a few items at a time and wash every 2 – 3 days so it takes longer. Also I use buckets to fill and empty the machine. Not bad though. I use 3 gallons of wash water and 1 gallon of rinse to do 3 days worth of laundry. It takes time but I do other things while the machine is working. Next month I’ll be using it off grid with a generator.I would recommend this machine for apartments, individuals and couples without full sized machines, RV’s, off grid, and people who want to save money on energy. That being said, everything except the metal electric motors look very cheap. Not sure how long the machine will last but if you’re mechanically inclined it looks like it would be easy to get the machine working again. If you remove the back cover, you’ll see how simple the machine is. I like the design. The simple mechanical controls are connected to strings that operate switches and valves. No printed circuit boards to burn up that I could see.

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  43. Baddab1970

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent washer

    This was purchased to wash my daughter’s clothes and to save money using pay machines. It really cleans well and wings clothes out better than a full sized washer. Was easy to assemble and use. This is small enough to use in my tiny bathroom and easy enough to move out when not in use. This is a great product that is affordable and will help you save so much money.

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  44. WildndRuthless

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Reliable and Easy to Use

    Small but compatible it gets the job done. It’s fast and easy and it beats going to the laundromat. I like it and will be using it long term. It’s easy to move around for light weight I picked it up straight out the box with no complaints. I would definitely recommend

  45. MagnoliaSouth

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for Camper/RV life folks!

    I bought this in February of 2017. It is the BEST investment I made. It is labor intensive but not as much as taking clothes down to the river and beating them against the rocks. We bought a 24-ft camper for us to live in. The problem there is that small campers don’t generally have washers and dryers. I was against spending hard earned money on change for a big washer so I bought this.There were a few things I noticed though, so I’ll offer a few tips that I managed to work out, in no particular order.* We don’t need to hook up hoses or anything, the way we do it, except the drain hose, which I just let loose into the tub. We just lower the hose and put it in our tub. I just use the detachable shower head to fill it up and run it.* Because it’s so small, be prepared to have to wash them twice at times. However, see note on soaking next.* I found that soaking clothes for about 20 minutes before washing really helped to remove a lot of dirt. We live in a sandy, windy, dusty dirt area so our clothes, for whatever reason, really absorbs dirt. lol! It’s that or with my regular washer in my house (my kids keep the house), I never saw the dirt so had no idea how dirty they really were.* If you use it in the tub/shower the way I do, then be sure to rinse the spinner after spinning with soap in the clothing, else you add soap back to the clothes after the rinse. That is wash clothes > spin > rinse spinner > rinse clothes in washer > spin again.* I would NOT put King sheets in this. In order to wash our Queen-sized sheets well enough to be clean, I can only wash one sheet at a time.* I use fabric softener and I use about a quarter, or slightly less, of what is recommend for regular laundry. Be careful though because certain colors may turn the color of the softener. Test it first on something white that you don’t care about, if possible.* I’ve used bleach in this too, though a lot of RV folks are anti-bleach. I use about 1/4 c. but start with much less for yourselves. I rinse it twice, when using bleach. You may want to try a third rinse too.* As for laundry detergent, if it has levels for a small load, use a little less than that, otherwise, I’d just about 1/4 to 1/8 of what a normal load would be. It really all depends how difficult it is to get the soap out. If you notice that the rinse water still feels soapy, then you need to reduce how much you use. It’s easy though to fix, simply rinse until it’s not bubbly anymore.* This is good for about two adults. I saw a review for a woman who has a child but there was no way I could do with only this washer when my kids were small. I don’t recommend it but if you’re pushed and determined, you could get away with it.* For RV users, 

    I use this

     to dry clothes both indoors and outdoors, depending on the weather. I hook it to a kitchen cabinet handle and the bathroom door handle and it works great. It doesn’t provide to much heaviness to damage either handle. The con is that it runs right down the center of the camper and is seriously in the way. I got to where I began washing clothes, linens, etc., daily and hang them at night, just before bed. They’re dry by morning. You can buy more clothes pins but I overlap everything to maximize clip usage. You can even just throw it over the thing. Oh, one more con is that it does sink. I learned that I put the heaviest stuff near where the hooks are at the ends, then the light stuff in the middle. We have 

    this too

     but I hate it. It looks like it has a newer model now though, which may help. The other never balanced correctly and the clips fall off and so on. It was more annoying than anything.Phew! Anyway, as you can see I’ve used it for a long time and I am aware of issues and problems. I’ve now shared that with all of you so you can have a good experience. Hopefully this helps. I highly recommend this! It truly is a life and money saver.

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  46. matthew parker

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    My bestie for 3 years!!! I LOVEEE MY MACHINE! Sheets clothes on almost everyday use and I’ve been so happy. Definitely get you one. Customer service is also amazing.

  47. Becca Cahalan

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Better than expected

    I am surprised at how good it cleans my clothes. Better than the full size washer I had! I feel like my clothes come out cleaner and they keep the smell of fresh laundry. You can also rinse out the washer when you are finished using it. Awesome find, I won’t go back to a full size washer.

  48. S. Thompson

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Professional Pumpers

    Its too soon for Me to give My final review I may up date laterUp date September 06 2019 I bought a 3 gallon Shop Vac wet/dry vacuum cleaner do Not buy It, It has a major design flaw You heard the saying IF ITS NOT BROKE DON’T FIX IT! and boy did Shop Vac fixed It, It No more has a place to connect to the hose to the exhaust and on top of that It sprays liquid out the back all over the electrical switch.The good news I thought I clogged the drain up and with the problem with the Shop Vac I decided to take this washing machine apart drill some holes take a big hammer to It and all that stuff, but It was easy to repair I remove the back cover with a Phillips screw driver No security screws and there Is a plastic strap It looks like that goes on big cardboard boxes, the strap has a hook on It that connects to the drainage valve and the strap was Not connected and once I connected It, It now drains just fine. also I washed a Polyester light twin size blanket In that was laying on the ground for years had grass growing on It, It was very dirty the washing side did Not get It very clean I think would have to take It to a car wash and use a pressure washer or use a old fashion washboard to get It very clean but this washing machine had No problem with It at all It Is powerful but unfortunately the blanket was too big for the spin cycle side, It has the power to spin It just will Not thing Is for sure just as on many other products Whoever designed the drainage was Influenced by professional plumbers that always use too small of drain lines so some (*&^*%*%$ can harass Us for clogging up the drain, because the drain got clogged up and I could Not get It unclogged. so a ordered a 40 dollar wet/dry vacuum cleaner.I had a fulls size washing machine but I could Not stop the mice from getting Into the tub and decaying there, these manufactures can build computerised washing machines that know more about clothes than I want to know but they can Not make them pest proof.I Am using a bucket and a thing that looks like a toilet plunger to wash My clothes but Its Inside of a Thermal Ice Shelter and when turning on the hot Water Its gets hotter than Oklahoma/Arizona and If add some beach there Is the ASPCA for cruelty to Animals but what about cruelty to Humans?This washing machine would be good for warmer climates but Not for cold climates washing heavy coats and blankets which I was hoping for some miracle that It would.I had 2 Polyester sheets laying outside for a few years hoping some day to be able to afford a washing machine and the sheets were very dirty covered with mud so I scraped them off the best I could and put them In the washing machine and by mistake I filled It up all the way with hot Water It seems seems to have plenty of power swishing the the sheets back and forth but only gets the outer of the sheets clean, You would have to set the sheets In another way to get It all clean,Therefore this washing machine even though It Is plenty powerful enough to wash heavier loads but It still does better with smaller clothing Items.I wanted to get a washing machine that Is a little bit larger but all the ones that I seen all are digital models to Me If appliances did Not have It In the 1960’s then It does Not need It now to Me simpler Is better I did Not want that digital circuitry getting wet and quit working.The spin cycle Is perfect though I wish It was larger, It makes a little bit of noise starting up but then Is very quiet and smooth and fast.

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  49. Sandra Clopton

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Apt size

    This little machine does great washing and spinning your clothes. It gets them really clean. I’d recommend this item to anyone who hates laundry mats. We have gone to laundry mats for 8+ years this washer makes it so we no longer have to go there for our clothes!!

  50. Phoenix Creations, LLCPhoenix Creations, LLC

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Just out of box, 3 loads done in about 1.5 hours

    I just got this yesterday and set it up this morning with first three loads completed. It took me about 1.5 hours, but expect it will go quicker once I get the correct hose hook ups. As pretty much every other review has said, the inlet hose that comes with this doesn’t work out of the box. Since I did my research, I wasn’t surprised or disappointed with this. Totally expected it. Before I used it this morning, I did watch quite a few of the video reviews – Kayley had a great one (but she used a whole tide pod which I think is too much soap). Pleasantly surprised that you can rinse your close in the spin side! I was able to wash quite a lot of clothes in each load, including adding a pair of jeans in with a few t-shirts and heavy socks AND a mid weight sweater. The amount of clothes I washed in the three loads this morning is about the same as I would have put in one of the jumbo washers at the laundromat. I did elevate the machine, but didn’t have anything to put it on so the machine was completely above the side of the tub for full draining, so after all draining was completed, I put the hose in a bucket that was on the floor for the last bits.I was astonished at the amount of dirt / stuff that came out of the clothes – even with the very small amount of soap I used.Things that would have made this machine better: (1) longer inlet hose (2) slightly longer power cord (3)information as to what adapter I could purchase at the same time – even if it didn’t come with it, at least I could link to it and purchase it also.To me, the pros far outweigh any of the cons for this machine. I’m hoping I will get many years work out of this.Update: Since getting this machine, I have washed everything in it except very large items. Heavy jeans, thick bath size towels, sweaters – even shaggy fur fabric. Surprising how much I could put in each load. For example: heavy winter jeans, thick knit sweater, 2-3 long sleeve t-shirts, few under things all in one load. As reviews and description states – 1/2 wash load fits in spinner at a time. Even the heavy items spun out well – better than any commercial washing machine has done lately. For rinsing, I used about 1 Tablespoon white distilled vinegar in a gallon of water poured into the spin side…AFTER spinning all wash water out of it. Give the clothes a really good shake to remove wrinkles an hang to dry what little moisture is left in them.UPDATE: I have now been using this machine 1-2 times a week and I am just as happy with it as when I bought it 6 months ago. I wash jeans, jackets, sweaters as well as lighter material with no problems. I do have to say, I have had to remove an item or two because I put too much in occasionally but that is not the machine’s issue. If you are looking for a good way to hook the hose up to the sink/shower, I highly recommend the Rinseroo system. (It is sold on Amazon also.)

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  51. Elizabeth

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Saves Time And Money!!!

    It looks like a big toy. I initially checked it out by simply looking it over and examining the tubing. I looked at the book and got out a magnifying glass to try to read it. In the end, I just tossed the book aside (but did save it for future reference) and relied on previous reviews for set up and use. It came in perfect condition and did not appear damaged, dented or otherwise used/misused during manufacture, assembly, packaging or shipping. It seemed really light-weight and it is!My husband put it in the guest bathroom bathtub on a plastic platform. It wobbled, so we just sat it in the tub and away we went. I haven’t had a problem doing it this way, but use your own judgement for your own situation. It was plugged into to a thick orange extension cord. While not pretty, it is functional and suits my situation. Again, use your judgement for your situation. I put in what I estimated to be a load of clothes, added soap (1 TB powder) and oxygen bleach (1 TB off brand oxyclean.) I’m strictly guessing on what I needed and figured I could adjust it on later loads. I then added the water, set the timer and let it run. It ran just fine. The spinner is amazing. I put about half of the load in it and set it on 2 minutes. It ran just fine.On the advice of a previous reviewer, I didn’t bother with the water inlet tube. I threw it out, which was good advice in my situation. I have a shower head that can be used as a hand-held, so I used that to add the water. If I didn’t have one, I would have either purchased one or bought adapters. The shower head that can be used as a hand-held seems like the easiest way to go. Previous reviewers’ instructions worked like a charm.I have a full size HE washer and full size dryer, so why in the world would anyone buy something like this? Simply put, the HE washing machine doesn’t clean clothes and it takes an extremely long time to complete a load of clothes. Quick washes take over an hour. Yes, I know how to use it and it is functioning as it was designed to function. This was a purchase made out of sheer desperation and I’m glad I did it. The only thing I have not put in this washing machine so far are bath towels, jeans and sheets. We have enough that I can wash them twice a month in the large washer. I still save time.I no longer have to wait for over an hour to do a load of clothes. Just as important, the clothes come out clean! When the big washer dies, I do not want to replace it other than with another machine just like this. If I did more than 1 load a day in this machine, I’d still save time and still have a better outcome than a full-size HE machine with no reason to swear like a drunken sailor on payday in Norfolk. I cannot stress how simple and efficient this machine is for me. It’s relatively cheap as well. I’ve done 5 loads of clothes and had this running within 30 minutes of it being out of the box. HE machine makers need to ashamed. This “toy” outshines them all. It takes very little storage room as well.One last note is to remember to turn the dial back to “Normal” or “Soft” when refilling the machine after using “Drain.” I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t refill the first time. My brain just was not engaging, but you’ll probably only do that once! I highly recommend this little machine. It’s not a set it and forget it machine, but it works better than my 2-year-old Maytag.

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  52. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I hate laundry; but it’s my Best Purchase in Years.

    So I try to spend a minimal amount money. I tend to be a bit frugal; but it’s by choice and I’m lucky for that. So I saw the price tag and I was “wishy washy” (ha, get it?!) about getting this machine.We have a laundry mat down the street but it’s SUCH A HASSEL! dragging it in and out and waiting for machines; it takes so long. And it’s a ton of stupid quarters and public people. It’s annoying and a pest to do constantly. But the idea of making a big chore into a mini chore was appealing. I wash in my work form home breaks which I’m done switching and start washing within 3-4 minutes.So I was skeptical of this machine to be honest. If it’s from Amazon how nice is it really? I saw good reviews and praised; and I took a risk. And I’m SO GLAD I DID!pros. This machine is lightweight; compact but still pretty nice sized. I was shocked when it came in how big it is. It’s just me and my fiancé and two cats; we have a queen sized bed and don’t do much. So this machine is PERFECT! It can wash towels, sheets, slippers, all work clothes (including his khakis and my thick sweaters)! Big comforters might be able to fit but an occasional blanket washing trip is better than every week!Pull out of the box and unwrap, and plug in. The easiest setup of my life. I was worried getting a machine online I thought it would be more complicated. But nope. Easy peasy 🙂 Now you do have to be a little careful loading it; if it’s not fully whirlpooling it won’t clean it right. Also; SOAP. One tide pod was too much so we unfortunately did have to switch to tide liquid. But it just needs a small “bloop” of soap. It can get over soapy easy so just use maybe 1-2 tablespoons. That’s the sweet spot.The spinner (not dryer) is very fast. It’s actually fun hah! It actually gets clothes like 70-80% dry. At first I was wary: I knew this might be an annoyance. But drying clothes takes maybe 3-4 hours? It’s not long to let it hang and air dry it’s honestly been nice to have our house smell good!This is the first time I ever have enjoyed doing laundry. Ever. That’s massive for me! It used to be so annoying and my least favorite thing ever but now it’s nice to see my clothes CLEAN! And fresh. :)We don’t have any hookups (but they are built in on the washer!) so tbh I got 4 cinderblocks and a 5 gallon pail (it’s a gravity drain) to hoist it up; and the 5 gallon pail is ok with my bad shoulder even when full. She isn’t stunningly gorgeous on her cement throne but hey, it works well and it’s sturdy. And it cost under $6.Cons: this is a spinner so you do have clothes around the house. Be mindful of that. I wish it was a dryer but it’s a super good spinner honestly; doesn’t need to air dry long. Not a con for me but for others maybe.If you don’t have hookups you will need a shower or bucket for water. I don’t mind this at all (featuring cottagecore lil old me) but I know that can be upsetting to some.This machine is a little loud when spinning. Even if you balance it right it just whirrs. Now it’s not extremely distracting or bad. But it’s something that’s there.No full lines on the wash tub. It takes some experimenting but it is a lot better once you figure it out.And weird instructions. Don’t even read those just chuck em. It barely made sense.TDLR: best money ever spent. Made me fall in love with doing laundry which I normally hate. Best purchase in a very long time and holds up well. Caught up on all laundry; pros and cons above.

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  53. MichaelMichael

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Overall, pretty happy with the machine. Easy to use if you know what you’re doing.

    Update: I have had this for a couple weeks now and figured out some “hacks” and tips.I place this in my tub and found no issue with that. I use our bathroom sponge to balance the machine and ease vibrations. I also went to my hardware store and bought a showerhead diverter, a 30-in 1/2″ faucet supply hose, and a brass “barbed” adaptor. *Ensure these all connect in the store before purchase!* Sadly, 8 forgot the hose that came with the package, but I zip-tied it a couple times to get a decent seal. I always leave a little slack so any stray leaks don’t get on the machine. Makes life easier just turning on the shower and filling/rinsing the machine this way. Cost of this was $30 but worth it! I am a 6’5″ guy and I threw my back out filling the machine over and over. Plus, you can do a rinse and spin to get the suds out.With this machine, you must always think “less is more” and if it looks like enough, it’s already too much. A decent load, to measure, is whatever can fit in the spin basket plus a one extra, light thing. When the wash cycle is going, you want to see a vortex… a whirlpool effect. If your clothes are floating and spinning at the top struggling to be washed, you’ve overloaded. Pull out items one by one until you get that whirlpool.You can spin and wash at the same time. The spinner drains regardless of the middle knob is set to drain, and if you overfill the wash tub it will drain whatever overflows. Plan this accordingly.Noise is compareble to an AC unit, and there are vibrations depending on where you place it and how level it is. I use a sponge balance and absorb some vibrations. Not fancy, but works.I reuse my hot water, topping off the wash tub each time. The water may look gross but it’s fine as there’s soap already in it. Dry cleaners reuse their chemical wash hundreds of times over and your clothes come out fine, plus you’ll rinse it all. My whites come out whiter than the commercial washers too, so you’re saving money and resources.I’m still very happy!***Where do I start? Well, I have spent a good portion of the few weeks looking at portable washing solutions as my apartment does not have a washer set-up, and I got tired of using the public washers in my apartment community. All the coins needed, going back and forth, waiting for machines to open, ensuring I had enough quarters at the time, and the entire day had to be devoted to laundry more often than not.So, I shopped around, reading reviews and watching videos of different machines. This one stuck out as it’s reasonably affordable and does a great job, according to reviews. I live in the Bay Area and this ships for Los Angeles, so I got it within a couple days (excluding a holiday and weekend). The box was in good shape and unclipped the ties. A whiff of “new plastic” and staring in awe, there it was, just as in the pictures. Unboxing was easy, unclip the ties and lift the top part off. A brand-new washer!I grabbed the instruction manual and flipped through it. As other have joked on here, it’s in Engrish with such gems as “choke the dial” and “put staff not under.” I tossed it aside because it’s useless, most reviews give you the rundown. Here’s mine, if you need it:Step 1: Place a splash of soap, no more than a heaping tablespoon’s worth or the soap will take forever to rinse out. You don’t need to measure, but just guess and be cautious.Step 2: Place clothing in machine, one item at a time. Sort your items keeping towels in one load, basics in another, denim in another, and so on. Fill the machine just over half full with basics. Towels and denim should be washed in smaller loads as they’re heavier fabrics.Step 3: Ensure middle dial is set to “Normal” or “Soft” and fill with water. The “inlet hose” is useless out of the box as you need an adaptor that the manufacturer assumed you had. One end has a rubber gasket and the other end does not. The gasket end is the part that would go to an adaptor, the gasket-less end goes to the machine. Why? Because if you hook the gasket to the machine, it’s harder than heck to get it off without nearly destroying the hose. During the inaugural load, I did not have an adaptor, so I filled the wash basin with a bucket. Fill just slightly over half-full, any more will splash out during the agitation cycle.Step 4: Check to see of the machine is plugged in. I forgot to do this and sat there confused. Turn the “Wash” dial to 15 minutes and the machine will hum to life. Let the machine do its thing and come back when it is done. It doesn’t make any alarm when it’s done, just so you know.Step 5: You may come back to, what I would describe as a burning smell. I was alarmed at first but nothing was wrong, it’s “new motor smell.” Turn the middle dial to drain and the water will come pouring out of the drain hose. There is no pump, so try to have the machine elevated or set in your bathtub.Step 6: Open the spinner basin and place a few items in, ensuring that it evenly loaded (about half of the wash load). Place the plastic insert in the bin on top of the laundry, close the lids. Is the middle dial still set to drain? Good. Leave it. Turn the “Spin” dial to 5. If you have the “inlet hose” hooked to an adaptor, this is where you can do a spin and rinse. If not, you can spin the suds out and wash again in clean water real fast, then repeat the spin. The machine will vibrate during the spin, and if it vibrates to a point where you think it is too much, stop the spin cycle and rearrange your items. Everything comes out damp, not wet. Like others have said: “About 90% dry.”When putting away the machine, tilt it slightly toward the direction of the drainage hose to get the rest of the water out. I set the machine aside with the lids open as to prevent a musty smell in the future. I will say this: Don’t overwhelm the machine. Do a couple washes and allow the machine to cool and rest for a couple hours, say, while your laundry is drying on a rack. If you overexert the machine, it will break. EEK! It’s more for daily loads (every day or every other day) than for a single day of wash (“laundry day”).It’s a great compact machine that gets your laundry as clean as most large washing machines. It takes a bit more effort on your part to tend to each load, but it’s easier than running up and down flights of stairs, digging in the sofa for coins, and fighting over the next machine. I plan on finding a cart to place this on so I can store it easier, and find an adaptor that will fit the inlet hose.I will update this as time goes on. It’s a really simple machine, gets the clothes clean, and I am saving some money from the get go compared to the few bucks it takes each wash in the laundromat.

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  54. Humble Scholar

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    The breakdown of time, water consumption, and efficiency…

    I’m impressed. This little machine packs a lot of power. I am happy to list both pros and con’s of this machine. I’ve owned another brand (Panda) and model of this same type of machine. I bought it roughly a year ago to date and love it. It also gets clothes exceedingly clean and fresh, no spot or stain goes untouched. Even hard to get out grease spots from cars, etc. Both the Panda brand comparable machine and this Conway machine accomplish the objectives. With that being said, here are the Pros to owning this machine verses other similar compact twin tub washing machines. And verses regular sized standard machines1. If used properly it does in fact save water. I’ve done a comparison to the amount of water used in my standard full size washing machine and this particular model of twin tub compact washer. Again, IF used properly, and you do not over load the machine,(which means a small load -roughly 1 pair heavy denim jeans, 2 cotton knit shirts some socks, 3-4 pair of boxer or panties, a couple of hand towels/ OR a lightweight sheet set & pillow cases/ OR 2 large bath towels, 2 hand towels & 2 wash cloths) you use roughly 6-7 gallons on each cycle. Compared to 15 gallons per cycle for similar sized small load in a regular full sized washer. By cycle I mean each stage of washing. The main wash cycle, then a refill after spinning (rinse/softener added), spin again, then the final rinse & spin. You have the option to rinse while spinning each spin cycle however I find you can opt that aspect out and the clothes are still rinsed properly. It saves on wear & tear on the spin motor. (they tend to burn out easily on these machines if over loaded or weighed down)*Total wash time can be narrowed down to 19-20 minutes if your cloths aren’t heavily soiled. Breakdown on that time table is as follows:5 minutes for wash cycles (drain while adding clothes to the spinner to save time, clothes will spin out fine even when drippy wet)2 minutes on initial drain2 minutes on spin cycle (heavy clothes will need maybe 3 minutes)3 minutes on rinse refill – fabric softener added during this stage (when small load and with 6-7 gallons of water used)2 minutes on second spin cycle3 minutes on final rinse refill and cycle2 minutes on final spin/ Then goes straight to clothes line or dryer depending on weather.19-20 minutes total time.**Heavier loads, larger loads or loads that require soaking, or longer washing & spin cycles will of course, take longer.2. Compared to other machines of comparable size/function others take longer to drain with the pump drain feature. This is a gravity drain which requires it to be elevated off the floor /surface & near a drain outlet to work properly. This can be accomplished by placing in a large full sized shower stall or tub in a bathroom, OR on a counter in the kitchen/laundry room then drain fed into a basin/sink. OR placed on a physical lift/sturdy flat wide object then placed near floor drainage in basement, etc. Simply switch to drain option and it does the work rather quickly. The Panda brand machine uses a motorized pump drain & can take quite awhile to actually pump out the water. Usually 10 minutes compared to the 3 minutes this Conway machine takes using gravity with no motor pump to break down or wear out (which happened to my panda machine which thankfully was under warranty)3. You can do larger loads even though the wash basin & spin tub are smaller. This is due to the power of both the washer & spin motors. I’ve washed 4 bath towels, 4 hand towels 4 wash cloths at once, they all got clean. I’ve washed a full king sized heavy jersey knit sheet set, it came out fine, highest water level used (10 gallons). Still a water saver compared to a standard regular sized machine. Times for each cycle & spin were slightly longer (roughly 2 mins added to each timer) with a normal full sized small load of clothes (5 knit tops, 4 pair of socks, a pair of lightweight pants, 3-4 pair underwear.) water was filled to just bellow the lint filter top and run on the lowest setting for 15 mins. Everything came out clean & fine.I’ve read in comments that people have difficulty with some clothes coming out torn. I’ve never had this happen on either machines of this kind. don’t over load your clothing or add delicate fabrics like thin knits and silks or light weight fabrics to the machine on a heavy load and not enough water, and set your delicate fabrics to soft cycles and you should be fine. I’ve washed my satin nightgowns, lace panties, or dress slacks for my boy & husband several times and it’s all in tact. Read your labels on your clothing & use common sense and you will be fine.Ok so the cons:1. If you aren’t able to stay focused on just doing the laundry at each interval it can be longer to do a single load given each phase of the load requires manual exchange from washer tub to spin tub & back again.2. You have to e mindful of the water filling the basin. It is manual. You can choose to hook up the hose to a water source and fill it OR opt to use buckets, gallons, ect to fill it by hand but that’s a bit more time consuming and lots heavy lifting. I opted to hook it up to my bathroom shower outlet by unscrewing the shower head and using a small o-ring to tighten the hose to the pipe itself. A simple flat head screw driver (or butter knife if you’re lacking a flat head screwdriver) then tighten it so there are no leaks. I used the rubber bulb (top) of a turkey baster with a cross slit cut into the rounded top side and attached it to the faucet with the panda machine hose. However the hose on this machine is slightly more narrow/smaller and wont fit the same.. It’s a bit DIY depending on your water outlet/faucet/ pipes, hose, etc. but nothing complex. I recommend using a timer set on your mobile phone or a dial timer to set each fill basin so you don’t have an overflow problem. (I found this out the hard way when I didn’t realize this machine would not automatically shut off the water fill like my regular machine) So a timer helps..ALOT.3. If you’re looking for a quiet machine that makes little to no noise or expect that there will be no water touching your skin, ever OR if you’re looking for large capacity or little effort in doing laundry, this is probably NOT the machine for you. If you’re into saving water, your time is valuable , and you just like really clean clothes that can be done in a simple efficient machine that may make a little normal racket from time to time on a spin cycle winding down, or you need a decent good machine for a small space then this is your dream come true.TIPS:I use HC friendly laundry pods (specifically Gain Pods). One pod for each load gets everything really clean & fresh without too many suds. I use Oxi Powder (3 tablespoons for 6-7 gallons of water, 1/3 cup for anything over 7 gallons water) This helps to deodorize, sanitize and is a color safe “bleach” without using harsh chlorine that also wears down the thin plastic hoses quicker. I also place my washer on heavy grade plastic cube crates tied together with zipties to keep them stable and together to elevate it for the gravity fed drain then place it in the tub in the bathroom. The water doesnt splash on the floor & the drain water goes right into the tub & down the drain, no fuss no mess. Any leaking it may or may not have ( I personally have not experienced any leaking with mine but some customers have said this can be an issue for them) is not a worry since everything is contained in the tub/stall. The electrical plug obviously goes outside the tub & up away from the water source. A small watt appropriate extension cord can be helpful in keeping everything dry & helps if you need more length in the cord to reach an outlet. Be mindful of the wattage that your outlet cranks out so you don’t blow a circuit running the machine in the bathroom on a circuit not meant for that kind of motor/ampwattage(this has not been an issue for me, just wanted to include it)All in all this is a great machine. Very efficient. Since I now own 2 of these types of machines for the price of one standard full sized machine my clothes have never been cleaner.and is a huge time saver for me to be able to do 2 separate loads of 2 different kinds at the same time. It’s also space savvy for anyone in a tiny home, apartment, RV, Boathouse, or just a really space conscious person. It’s light weight & can be reasonably lifted to store away. This is a lighter machine than the other brands of comparable capacity, function & size. significantly lighter in weight than my Panda machine of comparable size. I also recommend getting the warranty on it. For the price, it’s a good safety measure to have in the event any mechanical issues or parts are faulty. The customer service is friendly and helpful if you are also friendly and polite.

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  55. Sarah ElizabethSarah Elizabeth

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor Quality Control?

    Final Update on 5/2/23: The drain hose is being ripped by the part that holds it in place. The spinner motor started making a very loud grinding noise while starting up as well which is the primary reason for updating my review. The weight was WELL below the 6.6 ibs when this first started. It is presenting too many safety issues to continue using and I had hoped we’d get at LEAST 6 months out of it having paid as much as we did. Invest in something higher quality!!!!! This machine was not worth the price whatsoever and has way too many safety issues in my opinion.Update only one day after my initial review: We noticed a light flashing on the washer side every few switches in direction. I’m assuming it’s coming from the back as there is a gap where the door connects that leads to the back of the washer and that is the only place I think this light could be coming from … Nothing the seller has posted explains this but based on other reviews this isn’t an isolated incident. I’m definitely concerned at this point about safety since there has been no answer from the actual seller on this and it appears to be sparking when it switches. Definitely disappointed. It’s sad because the washer and spinner work exceptionally well, however with it coming marked up/dirty and being on the flimsier side.. now this potential safety hazard? I recommend investing in something higher quality, reputable, and with great customer service if possible. In hindsight that is what we would have done.I’m leaving this review after 2 days of use and testing and will update if anything changes!Overall: The washer was shipped one day after ordering. We did notice some smudges, scratches, etc. on and inside of the washer which I’m hoping was just manufacturing related… Based on my own experience and others I suspect poor quality control. Everything was tested and functioned as normal. I do worry about the longevity of the machine as it has very strong motors in a plastic body. I did several loads of shirts, pants, jackets, towels, sheets, etc. and overall the machine does a great job at agitating the fabric of various items. Just as others have mentioned, the inlet tube didn’t fit our sinks and just to test the functionality of both sides we rigged it with a funnel. Everything worked fine. However, after a few times we opted for the ole’ bucket filling method as it went quicker.I would also like to note that when running the washer it had a bizarre odor that you could smell inside and behind the machine. After investigating and not finding anything obvious or concerning, I will assume the motors created this smell. It was very off putting but seems to have decreased with every use.Washer: While the washer is running/filled you can see and feel the plastic moving. It is thick/sturdy enough to hold everything though, just not the strongest body. I don’t know that I would ever use it at the High line again as the water tends to splash big time and seems to stress the washer spinner with bigger loads. The part of the machine where the top connects to the body appears to leak when it splashes up to the top as well (included in pictures). Medium and halfway to High seem to have the best functionality and is the most productive with this washer in my experience so far. There were times where the machine handled the amount of items well and would suddenly catch when it would move the clothes in the opposite direction. I would pull something up and back in, and it would be fine again. I suppose to play it safe, less is better and definitely keep an eye on it while it is running. It does switch the movement of washing the clothes very frequently which again makes me question the longevity of the motor. To drain the water you will switch the center setting to drain and it will empty through the drain tube. We had the washer on a raised shelf and drained into a bucket (gravity drain). It worked well enough and haven’t noticed any issues at this time. You have the option to set the timer to 15 and honestly for each cycle I have found 6 works well and we added onto it as needed.Spin Dryer: The spinner is very strong and definitely does it’s job effectively! You can usually fit around half of your washer load into the spinner depending on what you’re washing/spinning. Overloading it will give it a hard time and won’t sound good at all. It’s loud initially while the clothes “catch” onto the sides, and once they have caught, it is actually not bad- sort of like a hum. The trick is to make sure there’s not too little and not too much. Balancing the clothes so they aren’t clumping to one side helps as well. It comes with a disk to put on top which I’m assuming is to prevent them from popping up and getting stuck in the sides of the part that holds the spinner. Also to keep everything level. While testing the water inlet on this side, I noticed for whatever reason the water leaks just the slightest bit and pools around the inlet while running water through. It gets louder when the water is running into the spinner and quiets down as it drains again. Also, the spinner always drains regardless of the setting- this may have been obvious but just in case I figured it was worth mentioning because I didn’t catch that right away. You have an option to run it up to 5. I have found we have never needed more than 1 for normal clothes and 2-3 max for heavier materials like jeans.As for how much the washer/spin dryer can hold… it’s not so much how many of each item of clothing as it is the sizes, materials etc. The spin dryer will hold about half of what you wash depending on the material. Even if there is more space available, that does not necessarily mean the machine will handle more very well. If the washer looks like the clothes are catching/stuck with each turn, it’s probably too much clothing or not enough water. If the spin dryer is shaking and very loud for more than a few seconds, there may be too much clothing in it or it is not balanced enough. It catches fairly quickly, sometimes immediately if the amount is smaller and you can tell by the gentle “hum” it changes to. I recommend testing it out and going from there!Final Thoughts: While the price for the washer and what you get is decent, I was disappointed to see scratches and black specks on the washer lid, smudges on the inside and outside of the washer/dryer and what looked like some kind of yellowish residue in the drain tube. I was also not thrilled with the leaking from the top of the washer with bigger loads. Whether or not we would buy again when needed will depend on how long this washer lasts of which I will definitely update!

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  56. StinkerBell

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Neat little washer

    After a few months of researching this and other portable/automatic machines, and being fed up with going to the laundromat, I broke down and bought this. I am fully aware this machine will require a bit more “work” as opposed to an automatic, but I’m ok with that. I don’t have much laundry anyway, but I plan on just doing more frequent smaller loads throughout the week, and still have to go to laundromat for comforters, but that’ll only be every other week. I figured I could suck up losing 100. on this vs. 300. on an automatic portable one if this ended up being a dud. I do have regular laundry hook ups, but my old style washer broke down, and I’m trying to baby my septic system. I have my eye on a full size HE washer in the next few months, and a plumber to re-route my washer grey line.I’ve used this a few times now, and initially I was disappointed at how small the washer tub seemed, the videos made it appear larger. I thought they sent wrong one, but nope, it was right. Just to give an idea, the tub part to wash is about 19 inches deep-from my elbow to middle finger tip. And, there’s no high water mark that I can see, I just go by the lint filter, and fill to about the middle of that; which is about 5-6 inches from the top. I think if you go much higher than that, it’ll start splashing out of the lid.First, I want to note, as others say just a bit of laundry detergent is needed. When filled up, this is about 10 gallons of water. I cringed at some of the videos where all you saw were suds. That doesn’t equate to cleaner clothes. It can actually attract dirt and grease if not rinsed out good, and make the clothes stiff. I just did two loads of sheets. First was twin fitted, flat, 3 standard pillow cases. I realized after I should’ve used a bit more water. The sheets kind of bunched at the top rather than doing the whirlpool thing. Washed for 15 mins, then drained the water, refilled the tub part and added fabric softener. Did about 6 min rinse in the tub part and drained. Moved the 3 pillow cases to spin for about 3 mins. I noticed the polyester materials spun out almost dry, and the cotton one was fairly dry. So, next round I decreased to 2 mins and they came out the same.Next load was queen fitted, flat, and 2 standard pillow cases. They fit and washed fine, just made sure water level was high enough. Some may say ewww, but I reused some of the rinse water from previous load to wash this load. My clothes aren’t soiled badly, and the water was clear. I used a 5 gallon bucket. I have a small cheap walmart end table that’s just higher than the bucket, sit it next to my bath tub, and use my shower head to fill it. I also picked up a 10 foot outdoor extension cord at walmart. It’s a light duty I believe, rated for 13 amps. I think the back of the washer says it uses just over 13 amps(?). I’ve checked the cord plug, it’s not running hot/warm, have had no issues. I drape it over the shower pole and up the top of the bathroom door.Washer is easy to use. Oh, the directions….Even with my reading glasses, I can’t read them. Print is itty, bitty, tiny, small. And was written by someone with English not as their first language, but what you can read of it was kind of amusing. Fortunately I’d done enough research and a bit of common sense, I had a very good idea of what to do/not do.-Most important, research this washer. It’s not an automatic or a typical washer. Lots of videos here and on youtube. They’ll show you exactly what’s needed to be done to use this. Some people can’t or don’t want to do the extra work. Some of us don’t mind it.-Yes, you can use the wash/spin at the same time. Make sure drain is closed/set to normal. There will be some water come out from the drain hose from the spin though.-Use soap sparingly. Lots of suds is not a good thing, it does not equate to clean.-Do not overload washer or spin part.-Overall it’s quiet, but depending on the load, and what it’s sitting on, there may be some vibrational noises-just an FYI for those in upstairs apartments. Saw someone mention using a rubber mat to help absorb the vibration/sound.-Be mindful, especially those with RV’s or septic systems, each wash fill up that’s full will be using about 10 gallons of water, and depending how you rinse(in the washer part or the spin part-another 10 gallons in the washer part. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to reduce the amount of water being used. Need to figure out how to rig something up to use the spin part for rinsing since hose won’t fit from my shower to the intake part. For now, I’ll just reuse the rinse water where I can, maybe even use some for mop water.-It weighs about 25-30 lbs. I don’t find it heavy, but I’m used to lifting heavier items. It does scoot easily on floors too. Look into a furniture dolly, about 13. at Home Depot if you have trouble lifting/moving.

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  57. Mine not Yours

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic! Read for step by step recommendations

    I have had this for three years! I definitely recommend either to reduce trips to the laundromat, or in addition to one’s regular washer to wash cloth diapers, cleaning rags, sandy beach clothes, stinky stuff, cuddle toys, or delicates. Bought one for my mom at the same time, which recently died. Ours still works. Uses a lot of water, but uses very little detergent. Spinner works better than any full size washer’s spinner cycle that I’ve used, helping clothes dry quickly when hung up. The washer only drains when the dial is placed on drain, but the spinner drains continually so items can be spun while washing or while draining the washer. Use liquid fabric softener so clothes dry soft, without air-dry stiffness. Using a rubber band, attach a sock or pantyhose to the drain hose to catch lint.Load capacity: Works best with two pairs of teen or adult sized jeans along with a handful of other clothes, or a couple of sheets, or two to three bath towels, or a small blanket, or a single pillow; basically, if you can fit it in the spinner or in a standard grocery bag, it’ll wash well in this tub. Though it can wash twice as much, dividing the load in half to spin, I find that the clothes agitate easily and thus they clean best if washing just what fits in the spinner.Detergent, fabric softener, and deodorizers/laundry boosters: Just put in a little! A tablespoon full or two (or a little medicine cup full, or just a quick dash) of detergent works great, along with that much fabric softener. I use Gain and Downey, and put them in simultaneously instead of doing separate loads. For heavily soiled items, stinky stuff, wet stuff that sat awhile, peed on stuff, etc, just rinse in the spinner until the water is clear, then wash a couple of times with a deodorizer or laundry booster. I like to use Odoban for the bad stuff, or a bit of Washing Soda and a bit of Oxy Clean along with a dash of Gain. Note: Use fabric softener! Jeans, towels, socks, etc will air dry without stiffness, and all clothes will air dry and feel good to the touch if using softener.Washing and drying process: I just wash, and rinse while spinning in the spinner, then let it spin for a couple more minutes. For more heavily soiled clothes or stinky clothes, I’d repeat the cycle. I used to wash, spin, then put it back in the washing tub for a couple of clean-water rinse cycles, but now I prefer just using a bucket of water at a time as it spins, or attaching a hose, to rinse until clear and not bubbly. Here is step by step for various types of loads:Very lightly soiled loads, delicates, cuddle toys: Wash once in washer, then rinse while spinning in spinner. 1) I wash once, with three buckets of water (2 or 2 and a half gallon typical size bucket), a little detergent and a little softener for nine minutes or so. I have also used a hose from the shower or sink, filling anywhere between the lint catcher and the max fill line. 2) I spin the load for two minutes, then remove the clothes. 3) I place one pair of jeans or another heavy item that absorbs lots of water easily back into the spinner one at a time, or half a spinner full of regular stuff. If only half full or less, I do not bother with the cap that stops clothes from jumping up and over the edge while spinning. I pour in a bucket of water and let it spin while refilling the bucket, then pour in another bucket and let it spin, then pour in another bucket and let it spin. It usually takes three buckets per pair of jeans plus three buckets per half load, with the final spin time of about three minutes, but it might take another bucket of water. Alternatively, attach a hose to the connector above the spinner, and let water continually run in while on spin; this requires about three to four minutes of water flow (the connector is small) plus three minutes of spin time once the water is off. Basically, rinse until the water is clear, then spin for a couple of minutes. 4) Place everything on hangers, using clothes pins or clips for smaller items, and hang a few inches apart in doorways or, even better, on a line running across the room. For cuddle toys or pillows, place in front of a fan for a few hours, then flip for a few more hours. If the air isn’t humid and if the window is open or the fan is on, everything should dry in a couple of hours. If it has been raining or it is otherwise humid, just have a fan on and leave it for several hours, while at work, or over night and everything will dry well.Moderately soiled or stinky loads: Wash once with detergent and laundry booster, spin or rinse and spin, wash with detergent and softener, then rinse while spinning: 1) Decide whether or not you want to rinse until water runs clear before your first wash. If so, fill the spinner no more than half full, and do not bother with the cap unless you fear socks will jump out. Then, pour in a bucket of water and let it spin while refilling the bucket, then repeat, continuing until the water is pretty clear; usually, two or three buckets is enough, followed by two minutes or so spin time. Alternatively, attach a hose to the hose connector and similarly allow water to flow in until it runs clear, letting it spin for two minutes or so after turning off the water 2) First of two washes: With three buckets of water (2 or 2 and a half gallon typical size bucket), a little detergent and a little softener for nine to fifteen minutes. I have also used a hose from the shower or sink, filling anywhere between the lint catcher and the max fill line. If you want, add a cup of Odoban or a couple tablespoons or so each of Washing Soda and OxyClean. 3) I spin the load for two minutes, then return the clothes to the washer. If I used Washing Soda + OxyClean, I let it spin for a two minutes, pour in one bucket of water, then let it spin for two minutes again. You may want a second bucket if the water is especially dark, because these cause clothes to bleed though they clean very well. 4) Second of two washes: With three buckets of water (2 or 2 and a half gallon typical size bucket), a little detergent and a little softener for nine minutes or so. I have also used a hose from the shower or sink, filling anywhere between the lint catcher and the max fill line. 5) I spin the load for two minutes, then remove the clothes. 6) I place one pair of jeans or another heavy item that absorbs lots of water easily back into the spinner one at a time, or half a spinner full of regular stuff. If only half full or less, I do not bother with the cap that stops clothes from jumping up and over the edge while spinning. I pour in a bucket of water and let it spin while refilling the bucket, then pour in another bucket and let it spin, then pour in another bucket and let it spin. It usually takes three buckets per pair of jeans plus three buckets per half load, with the final spin time of about three minutes, but it might take another bucket of water. Alternatively, attach a hose to the connector above the spinner, and let water continually run in while on spin; this requires about three to four minutes of water flow (the connector is small) plus three minutes of spin time once the water is off. Basically, rinse until the water is clear, then spin for a couple of minutes. 7) Place everything on hangers, using clothes pins or clips for smaller items, and hang a few inches apart in doorways or, even better, on a line running across the room. If the air isn’t humid and if the window is open or the fan is on, everything should dry in a couple of hours. If it has been raining or it is otherwise humid, just have a fan on and leave it for several hours, while at work, or over night and everything will dry well.For heavily soiled, peed on, or truly stinky loads: Rinse, wash lightly with detergent and laundry booster just to loosen yuckies, rinse while spinning, wash or wash and soak with detergent and laundry booster, rinse while spinning, wash with detergent and softener, then rinse while spinning. 1) Rinse in the spinner until water runs clear; works easiest if spinner is no more than half full. Pour in a bucket of water and let it spin while refilling the bucket, then pour in another bucket and let it spin, then pour in another bucket and let it spin. It usually takes three to six buckets per half load, with the final spin time of about two minutes. Alternatively, attach a hose to the connector above the spinner, and let water continually run in while on spin; this requires probably five minutes of water flow as it spins (the connector is small) plus two minutes of spin time once the water is off. Basically, rinse until the water is clear, then spin for a couple of minutes. 2) First of three washes: With three buckets of water (2 or 2 and a half gallon typical size bucket), a little detergent, and a cup of Odoban or a little Washing Soda + OxyClean for five minutes, to loosen up the dirt and yuckies. I have also used a hose from the shower or sink, filling anywhere between the lint catcher and the max fill line. Drain, but do not spin the clothes if they’re especially yucky and you do not want to touch them unnecessarily. 3) First of three rinses: Decide whether or not to spin and rinse, or simply rinse in the washing side before washing a second time. If spinning and rinsing, use about three buckets of water per half spinner full, by pouring in a bucket and letting it spin while refilling the bucket, then doing so again until the water runs clear. I have also used a hose from the shower or sink, until the water runs clear, then allowing two minutes of spin time. If you do not want to touch truly yucky clothes more than necessary, leave them in the washer, and pour a bucket of water directly into the washer while allowing it to drain right out. Once drained, pour in another bucket, or simply saturate with water for a minute from a hose. Then fill the washer, let it wash (without adding detergents or anything) for a couple of minutes to loosen yuckies, and drain again. 4) Second of three washes: With three buckets of water (2 or 2 and a half gallon typical size bucket) or filling with a hose anywhere between the lint catcher and the max fill line, add a little detergent, and a cup of Odoban or a little Washing Soda + OxyClean for fifteen minutes. Decide whether or not to leave it soaking for a few hours or overnight; if so, be sure to wash for a couple of minutes before draining. 5) Second of three rinses; I spin the load for two minutes, then pour in a bucket of water and let it spin while refilling the bucket, doing so for about three to six buckets until the water runs clear; alternatively, I use a hose to continually rinse the clothes until the water runs clear, then continue to spin for two minutes. 6) Third of three washes: With three buckets of water (2 or 2 and a half gallon typical size bucket) or filling with a hose, add a little detergent and a little softener for nine minutes or so. 7) Third of three rinses: I spin the load for two minutes, then remove the clothes. 8) I place one pair of jeans or another heavy item that absorbs lots of water easily back into the spinner one at a time, or half a spinner full of regular stuff. If only half full or less, I do not bother with the cap that stops clothes from jumping up and over the edge while spinning. I pour in a bucket of water and let it spin while refilling the bucket, then pour in another bucket and let it spin, then pour in another bucket and let it spin. It usually takes three buckets per pair of jeans plus three buckets per half load, with the final spin time of about three minutes, but it might take another bucket of water. Alternatively, attach a hose to the connector above the spinner, and let water continually run in while on spin; this requires about three to four minutes of water flow (the connector is small) plus three minutes of spin time once the water is off. Basically, rinse until the water is clear, then spin for a couple of minutes. 9) Place everything on hangers, using clothes pins or clips for smaller items, and hang a few inches apart in doorways or, even better, on a line running across the room. If the air isn’t humid and if the window is open or the fan is on, everything should dry in a couple of hours. If it has been raining or it is otherwise humid, just have a fan on and leave it for several hours, while at work, or over night and everything will dry well. 10) After drying, does it still stink once it dries? Wash with Odoban or a bit of Washing Soda and OxyClean, then let it soak all day or overnight. Do the typical wash with detergent and booster additives-rinse and spin-wash with just detergent and softener-rinse and spin. If it dries and still stinks, toss it in the trash.

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  58. Jonell Restivo

    3.0 out of 5 stars


    Ok, where do I begin. I purchased this machine on 7/20/2016 for $88.99 after I looked at all same type washers on the entire internet. I always use Amazons customer reviews to make a decision, Amazon is my shopping bible.]I received delivery today and was excited to do my first load of laundry. After reading about all the issues people had I THOUGHT I was ready to have a successful experience.Last night I went on this page for dimensions and saw that the price went up to $92.99, interesting.I give China an “A” for putting this machine together in a way that Americans are actually purchasing it despite its many flaws.Everyone needed to tweak the instructions that seem to be written in a language that can’t be defined, understood or made any sense as to how to use this machine.First let me say that after I completed my first wash, I felt as if I just did laundry at the edge of a stream pounding the clothes with a rock to get them clean. Not only was I exhausted, but there was so much water all over the kitchen floor and counter tops and wet bath towels that I used to stop the water from running into another room.Forget about even trying to use the hoses they would never work with the water pressure that my kitchen faucet produces, the plastic hose is useless. So I decided that its a waste of time to even figure out how to make an adaptor for it to work.It takes about four huge buckets of water to fill the washer side, and I am ok with that because my last counter top machine was filled the same way.This machine is NOT a set and walk away washer. The agitator turns right, then stops and goes left which many people like, I found that all this did was twist and tangle the wet clothes sometimes preventing them from turning at all.So I spent time standing on a stool reaching in to try to separate them, I had to turn off the machine at one point they were so knotted at the bottom that it would eventually break that part of the washer.The cycle was finally over but the water didn’t drain out. I know the machine needs to be higher than the hose and it was, I knew ahead of time how this machine worked, so I thought.The instruction booklet again was useless as I tossed it on the wet floor.The hose was in the sink so I stood on the stool and looked at the center knob that drains the water. You have three options it says soft, normal and drain over a black band, the knob was factory set to normal.I decided to turn the knob to drain and at that point the water ran through the hose with a force that it jumped out of the sink on to the already wet floor, this drain hose is very short and the plastic is very thin.So now I know how to drain the tub and I know how to fill the tub, I also know that I need to stand guard because the clothes tangle during the wash cycle.My entire floor is wet, I am wet and water is dripping from the cabinet doors and I am now concerned about the electrical cord that is so short it is crossing over the sink which is not a good thing.I pulled the plug again to reposition the machine. The design is really bad with the hose on one side and the short electric cord on the other side, both very short and not safe at all.I lifted the machine and released the plastic hose from three plastic pieces that held it in place, and by releasing the hose it gave me an extra four inches that I needed and redirected the hose under the machine in the back, not on the side.The plastic is so thin that it was already dented and worn where the plastic pieces held the hose in place, not a good sign. I was able to move the entire table I had the machine on down closer to the outlet so the electric cord was almost on the same side of the hose. If you have this machine you know exactly what I am talking about.Now since I am not using the hose to run water into the machine I decided to wash the clothes with soap for fifteen minuets, drain and refill the machine with clean water for the rinse.The spinner side if hooked to the faucet drips water into the cycle that is suppose to rinse and spin the clothes at the same time.I used the spin side and it did remove a lot of water making the clothes almost dry in some cases. You can’t put too many wet clothes in that small space. I separated the washed clothes into three piles and thats just about as much that spin side will take.In the end I have an immaculate clean kitchen floor and spotless counter tops from soaking up all the water from the machine. It still beats going to the laundry matte but is certainly not a walk in the park either.

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  59. RhenishRhenish

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    Will NEVER own a traditional washer and dryer again.

    5/21 Update, down from 4 stars. Sigh, the Assurant warranty plan won’t ‘kick’ in as it’s still under manufacturer’s warranty. Guess who will not respond.5/10 Still love the machine BUT guess what the motor has died (and after I just left an update barely a month ago. TSK TSK TSK). I turn it on and can hear the timer ticking away but it will not spin. Reached out to Assurant, as it is clearly beyond the 30-day window. The price has gone up since I purchased, but still within the insurance plan range. I fully expect them to let me simply order a replacement, but we shall see. If they don’t I shall order another one and throw down with the insurance company. Like I said still love the machine, still think it’s worth the money and deserves four stars, just go ahead and spend the extra $16 for the 3-year insurance plan.4/7 Update:OMG, okay since I spent the first 8 months using with a garden hose I never realized what the purpose of the two intake areas was for. I naively thought you attached the hose to whichever side was closest to your faucet. Nope. The one on the washer side is to fill the tub, the one on the spinner side shoots water into there. This means that you can spin rinse. Thus cutting down on the number of times I have to spin thus decreasing the amount of time I spend doing laundry. It’s ridiculous how excited this makes me.Original Review BelowOkay, first my dryer died. No biggie, I’m a country girl you know I had two old fashioned accordion clothes hangers so we kept right on trucking. Then my washing machine died. SIGH! I’m not dedicated enough to wash in sink/tub. As significant other and I telecommute I guess we could go au natural, BUT my 6-year-old not really gonna be happy about that. The washer died at the end of July 2018, I ordered this on August 2nd and had it within a week. To be honest the shipping box was a hot mess. Dang thing was so busted and torn we couldn’t even get it into the house in the box, but the washer itself was fine.Today is April 3, 2019, so we have been using this for 8 months. The directions are completely useless, not to mention so tiny who can read what is said, but set up is not complicated. Well, it wouldn’t be IF the stupid intake hose had an adapter for the sink. That is VERY important for you to realize before you order this item. I had read enough reviews and seen some clever ideas on how to work around this that I was prepared. Not to mention this was not going inside our apartment but outside on the patio, where I used with a garden hose. We bought a weatherproof tarp and covered when not in use. We were living in CO at the time. This bad girl survived the winter in the snow, rain, etc. We have since moved to N.C. and putting her outside no longer an option; fortunately the new apartment has two full baths so we can use in the front bathroom tub no problem.This, of course, meant I needed to use the intake hose or a bucket to fill her up. Yeah, I did about 5 loads using the bucket method, and while it was nice to be able to use hot water as opposed to only cold with the garden hose, my back was not amused.So here is what I did. I purchased (all items off of Amazon) a shower converter, Blue Monster Pipe Sealant tape, a plastic flex hose connector, and oh yeah I already had duct tape. I removed the shower head, slid on the converter (I wrapped some monster tape to help with any leaking, but as the shower is never used in this bathroom, the 6-year-old- takes a bath, I don’t mind if a bit of water drips when in use) connected the flex hose to the converter, used a pair of scissors to cut off the metal nut/bolt (I’m not a handy person I have no idea what it’s really called) on the other end and then simply slid the connector hose about 6 inches into the intake hose. Wrapped some more monster tape (sorry forgot to take a photo of that) then covered that tape with the duct tape. Voila, I can now use the shower to fill up the washing machine.Please note that while in the photos the machine is NOT in the tub, I do put it into the tub when in use. Mainly because otherwise gravity will not drain it into the tub, the exit/drainage hose rises at too high of an angle, thus requiring that I drain into a bucket. Well hello, I’m trying to avoid buckets. I can pretty easily lift the empty washer in and out of the tub for usage.THAT being said, let’s talk about this baby. Significant other and I are not tiny people. He’s 6 foot and about 230 lbs, I’m 5’7 and about 295 lbs. I say this so that you can get an idea of how big our clothes are and how much this will do in a load. The Typhoon, aka 6-year-old normal skinny kid. If I’m doing his clothes I can wash a week of colours in one load. He typically wears a shirt, pants and two pair of boxers (one to sleep a fresh pair to start the day) a day. The machine can handle that in one load easy peasy.If I’m doing S.O. and my laundry, well that is a bit different. Typically I can do about 5 of our shirts (think t-shirt) 2 pairs of either his or my shorts per load. If long pants are involved it depends. I mainly wear leggings so I can usually do 3 shirts and 3 leggings at a time. His pants are more like track pants and I can usually do 3 shirts and 2 pants. If jeans are involved I only do 1 pair of his jeans with 3 shirts.One thing I really like is this has a soft (in my head gentle) setting. I use that for all my underwire bras and knickers. Again I’m a big gal so the unmentionables tend to be washed as their own load. My bras are a 44/46 DD with underwire. I can usually do 3 or 4 with 5 to 6 knickers in a load. I do put them in mesh bags, but I’d do that in a traditional washer. If I’m not washing bras I can throw in S.O. boxer briefs from the week with all my knickers in one load.All of these I use the large load water line setting (FYI it’s on the inside of the washer to back right. There is an S line, M line, and L line).I have washed two bath sheets and three wash clothes as a load; 1 bath towel with about 7 dish towels as a load; and I typically take everyone’s socks for the week and wash them as their own load. I have also washed as a load a twin fitted sheet and a twin thin fleece blanket as a load. Our bed is a queen and I can wash the fitted sheet with two pillowcases and the flat sheet with the other two pillowcases as a load.I don’t really measure the amount of liquid detergent I use, I’d guess maybe a quarter of the laundry cap. Fabric softener depending on items anywhere from a quarter to 1/2 a cap. I personally put the laundry detergent and fabric softener in first, start the water running to activate them and then put the clothes. I make sure all the clothes are wet before starting the machine. I just think it doesn’t make the machine work as hard to get the cycle going if everything is already wet. If you do NOT see a whirlpool suction in the middle when it is churning, you have overloaded and you need to remove some items.I typically wash for 15 minutes. Drain. Spin. You will need to do at least two spin dry cycles (sometimes three depending on the size of clothing). I then toss everything back into the washer and fill it up again with water to rinse. Why do I spin in between cycles you may ask. I personally found if I didn’t then the detergent and fabric softener weren’t rinsing out as well as I liked, by spinning them before the rinse it sort helps jump-start that process. I typically spin for about 90 seconds or until I no longer see water draining. Please note that you can fill up the washer machine as you are spinning clothes, this helps speed up the process.For the rinse, I typically do for 9 minutes. If I am busy doing something else I’ll do for 15 minutes just for the heck of it but I find 9 works well for me. I thin spin them dry again, the same process about 90 seconds per batch, until no more water is being wrung from them. Then hang them up on my handy dandy accordion clothes dryer. In CO I would just leave outside to dry until I had time to fold and put away so never really noticed how long it took to dry. Here in N.C. since they are inside I turn my fan on them as they are drying and typically I’d say anywhere from 30 – 90 minutes (again depending on what was washed) they are dry. Plus since the fan is blowing on them, the fresh smell from the fabric softener is dispersed throughout my house, you’d swear I had been cleaning as well as doing laundry.We love the money we save on electricity by not using a traditional washer and dryer. To be fair both S.O. and I have white collared jobs so it’s not like the washer is being asked to do serious cleaning for someone who does hard manual labor. But the Typhoon has rolled around in some serious mud puddles and this thing has cleaned his clothes INCLUDING his tennis shoes with no issue. I am very pleased when I see the dirty water drain out, I know that the clothes are getting clean.OH!!! Please note you will need a lint brush. You never realize how much lint a traditional dryer removes from your clothes until you no longer have one. I have two cats so all my clothes tend to be covered in cat hair to boot. I’ve tried some of the gadgets I’ve seen for portable washers to eliminate the lint, but have yet to find anything satisfactory.For quilts and heavier blankets we just take those to the complex’s laundry room and wash there. That’s about the only real drawback, but not enough to make me regret the purchase.The machine itself is simple enough to use, even Typhoon has done some of his own laundry. I liked it so much that in January I bought one for my mother, who had failed to tell me that she had been doing her laundry by hand for months or paying to have someone do at her local laundry mat.I had a video of both Typhoon and me doing laundry but I couldn’t get the video off the phone to upload on the website. Shoot.Now since I love it so much you may wonder why not 5 stars. I docked a star for the HORRIBLE intake hose that will not fit any US sink that I have ever encounter. It would have been nice in the description for them to mention that if you wanted to use a faucet you would need to make some additional purchases. That just annoyed me, but now hopefully, if you have read all of this then you know what else you will need.In total with all the additional parts I paid less than $130 price a traditional washer and dryer and that price right there is golden. I am a Prime Member so I did not pay to ship on anything I ordered. I was a bit nervous about it breaking so to be safe I did purchase the 3-year appliance protection plan, haven’t had to use it and hopefully won’t need to, but I didn’t want something to go kerplunk after the 30-day return window closed. Nor did I want the seller to disappear. This way my mind was at ease. It’s been 8 months and I’m happy as can be.

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  60. Girl who hates the laundry matGirl who hates the laundry mat

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Apartment dwellers read my review to avoid trial and error.

    I have wanted one ever since I got my first apartment without a washing machine, now my life is complete and I no longer have to hang with the weirdos at the laundry mat while handling my undies in public. It’s perfect!It took some maneuvering to find the easiest way to make it work in the apartment but I eventually found some things that I think the average user living in an apartment would find helpful.1 – In an apartment; set it up right next to the bathtub. Hauling water is no fun. At first I thought a 5 gallon bucket would be sufficient but as a 5’1″ 100lb girl, it was not. To do this you are going to need to find something to set it on that makes it higher than the bathtub to allow the gravity drain to work properly. I got lucky and found one next to my dumpster (seems like every time I pray to the dumpster god he provides) but my original plan was to go to the Habitat for Humanity Restore (if you have one in your area) or look on Craigslist, you can get an old kitchen wall cabinet that’s almost the same height as the bathtub. The cabinet adds more useable space under the machine for storing items like the detergent and toilet paper. PRO TIP: save the foam from the packaging to place under the washer to keep it from bouncing around. Don’t forget the drain hose can be moved from one side to the other as well, just look on the back of the machine you’ll see.2 – If you are following my advice, you have it right next to the bathtub so don’t bother with the plumbing. Like everyone here says, the included hose is short and it won’t fit anything American and chances are whatever water source you hook it up to, you will also need it for something else. If you plan on still being able to wash your hands or take showers and you have a washing machine hose in the way you will constantly have to hook up and unhook it. It’s a pain and there is a much easier way to do it. If you have an extendable shower head, use that instead. If not, it’s an easy upgrade and you can get one for less than 10 bucks. But why not go ahead and spoil yourself and get one with multiple settings for your personal showers. Kill two birds with one stone and get a massage in the process! You need a hose that will reach it, so 5′ minimum if yours is set on the opposite side of the tub from the showerhead. (Mine was) This is probable because the plumbing is usually all in the same wall so therefore your toilet will also be on the same wall. 5’ is standard for most shower heads, but be weary, I came across a few online that were shorter (non-American) so pay attention when you are shopping. I got mine for $19.99 with 5 settings. It was as easy as unscrewing the old one, adding some plumbers tape and screwing the new one in. My roommate thought I was a home construction wizard… ;)3 – ONLY FILL 3/4 FULL WITH CLOTHING! The washer works great if you don’t overload it. The ratio should be about 3/4 clothes – 1 water. If you have something heavier like jeans in there keep an eye on it and make sure it’s able to spin. I have had to pull heavier items out a few times, or go in and separate things that have knotted together and become too heavy. Examp: my bra can get tied to a sweater and it becomes a ball of sopping wet heavy clothing that’s hard to separate. After a while you’ll get a feel for what not to mix and how heavy is too heavy to spin.4 – USE LESS DETERGENT! In a regular washer you wouldn’t see the amount of soap that gets left in your clothing but now you will. 1. The washer is smaller so you need less, 2. You probably already needed less than you were using. I barely add any now. If you have soap residue left in your clothing your clothes will be stiff because you’re not going to tumble dry these in a dryer to soften them up. See number 7.5 – USE VINEGAR. I know it seems like it would be smelly, but it’s not it washes right out if you don’t use too much. If you don’t have a dryer, lint is harder to get out of clothing. Vinegar separates the lint, hair, etc. from the clothing. You’ll notice more lint in the trap after using vinegar in your load. And don’t forget to keep that trap clean!6 – Winter use drying – It would be lovely to be able to place this outside to dry, but either you don’t have an outside or the weather prevents it. So set up a space with full circulation to get the fastest dry. Hang pants from the bottom (see pic). It dry’s much faster, also spin that extra minute. I’ve noticed if I spin about a minute more than what’s necessary to get most of the water out dry time is decreased by about a full day. Usually you can remove some of the lighter items from your dry rack in about 6 hours to give the heavier items more air space. With this method I am able to get clothes fully dry within 24 hours.7 – This one is counterintuitive because I’m going to tell you the opposite of what everyone else is going to tell you. Wash cold/rinse hot or warm. I usually do it like this: 1st wash cold with detergent, 2nd wash is a rinse with vinegar to remove cat hair and lint and break down the rest of the detergent, 3rd wash hot with a small amount of fabric softener and some essential oils for the smell good just washed feeling. Here is why. The last wash leaves the clothes warm/hot and they dry faster and warm water softens the material and it doesn’t leave them stiff. You can do all hot washes but your electric bill will go up. This took some trial and error and my clothes were very stiff the first month of using this. Finishing it in hot water and using vinegar made all the difference! After the clothes are dry just whip them out to get the last of the stiffness out, like snapping a towel at a bare butt, you know what I mean… It’s how I compensate for not having a dryer to tumble them in. I thought I was going to have to live without fluffy towels from here on out but using this method got my towels fluffy again!I’ve included a pic of how much dirty water is coming out of clothes to prove how clean my laundry is getting.Hope this helps!

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