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CottCare 10 Pack Muslin Burp Cloths for Unisex Baby 100% Cotton Large 20”X10” Thicken Super Soft and Absorbent (White) Baby

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About this item 100% Muslin Cotton. Pre-washing makes our muslin burp cloth not only soft and fluffy, which greatly reduces the shrinkage after washing, but also increases the speed of absorption of liquid by wrinkling, which is more than twice as fast as ordinary cloth. Pure natural cotton is the best choice for the baby.It makes the burp cloths extremely soft and skin-friendly,just like touching the clouds. Advanced manufacturing technology enables our muslin burp to be denser,thicker,and more absorbent than normal.It can instantly absorb liquid without soaking mom’ cloth or shoulder. As a muslin face towel, it can be used not only as a burp cloth for babies, but also as a bath towel, diaper, saliva towel for babies, or a mother’s dry hair towel, face wipe, etc. The white color makes it cleaner and easier to wash.








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Super Absorbent, Super Soft



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Sept. 27 2023



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4.5 out of 5 stars



Item Weight

‎339 g

Special Features

‎Super Absorbent, Super Soft



Product Dimensions

‎50.8 x 25.4 x 0.51 cm; 339.91 Grams

Unit count

10.0 count

33 reviews for CottCare 10 Pack Muslin Burp Cloths for Unisex Baby 100% Cotton Large 20”X10” Thicken Super Soft and Absorbent (White) Baby

  1. kathryn lam

    Perfect for a bunch of stuff more than just burping.

    Great value for these which are great for burping as well as for just covering things we lay her head on. Then once she is older we will save them for when she has a doll and wants to use stuff like this for blanket I know I would steal these for my dolls when I was little.

  2. Andres Vaamonde

    Perfect for future baby

    Future clean up of baby liquids. Lol

  3. Brian

    Very absorbent

    I love these muslin burp cloths! they are super absorbent and super easy to clean. The size of these are perfect to cover my shoulder. Great price and great quality.

  4. Des

    Excellent, simple burp cloths

    These are awesome burp cloths! My favorite thing about them (other than the large size) is that they’re white and able to be bleached if absolutely necessary. I haven’t had to do that yet but it’s always possible I’ll need to at some point! They also help clean up more spills than just spit up for when your baby gets out of that stage. But having a large set like this is awesome for taking care of babies!

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  5. M. Hunt

    Purchased the grey

    These are the exact same brand burp wrags I purchased 2 years ago and I can say that the grey ones are no where near as thick as the white ones previously purchased. Stick to the white ones.

  6. Adrian

    Work well for their use

    I got these because my daughter is a pukey baby and she goes through so many. She loves the feel of these towels. She will always hold onto them and use them to wipe her face or put in her mouth. As for absorbency – they do a decent job. My child throws up a lot of formula and breast milk mixed with formula – not to mention the meds. These do a pretty decent job of catching the puke before it gets on anything. It isn’t perfect and sometimes her puke is heavy and it will seep through the towel, but for the most part it keeps her dry. Also, as an extra bonus – I love the loop on the end of the towel as I can clip it on places so that it does not fall, or she doesn’t drop it and loose it – especially when using her stroller. Would recommend for pukey babies!

  7. ChadChad

    Great value and quality Muslin Burp Cloths!

    We’ve been using them for burping and they are super soft and easy to clean in the washer. Definitely the perfect size and shape for that purpose. With 10 in the pack we have plenty to use between normal laundry. Very happy with them for our little one and I would highly recommend for the price and quality that you get.

    2 people found this helpful

  8. Desi Musgrove

    Great Cloths

    These are great. They are big enough for a burp cloth size but also small enough that you can use them for wash cloth and other things. I love how soft they are and how nice the lining around them are. They are pure white so easy to stain but easy to clean up too. These can have a lot of different applications and I love that they are cotton.

  9. Cy Entist

    Soft and absorbant.

    These burp clothes are maybe a little smaller than I’d like, but they are soft and absorbent. They don’t have the barrier in them like some do, so they will soak through if you have a big mess or you give it time. However, that also makes these much more reusable as rags when you don’t need burp clothes anymore. I’m not somebody who likes things that are only useful for one very specific function and I can’t use them for something else later, so that was a big positive to me.

  10. Aly K.

    Long, lightweight, absorbent, but a little thinner than expected.

    These burp cloth are nice and long for over the shoulder use. They are not super plush, but soft enough to use for a burp cloth, and they will get softer with repeated use and washes. Regarding thickness, I felt these were a little thinner than some other burp cloths I own. For muslin they may be considered on the thicker side. You could stitch two of these together for a nice, heavy burp cloth. That said, these are absorbent enough to use. If you have a baby that tends to spit up a little after every feed, this pack is a great value as you can use multiple daily and they will wash easily in the laundry.

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  11. Fred


    All good, soft and absorb as expected. They wash and dry well and are better than using face cloths or pieces of towels,

  12. Zahra Lively


    I had high hopes for this burp cloths , but unfortunately, the material feels very cheaply made, and very very thin. I would not recommend.

  13. Olivia Williams

    Not super thick or plush

    These are pretty low quality and thin. They are not the usual soft burp clothes that are super thick. They will work for the job but wish they were thicker and softer.Super easy to clean just by throwing them in the wash

  14. JaneOPks

    Beautiful burg cloths

    I ordered these for a friend who just had her little one. These burp cloths are just the right size and are so super soft! They are beautifully white with a little cloth hook on one corner. These are perfect for every day use and I love that they are simple and come ten to a pack. A great price too for such a useful, every day baby item.

  15. Dottie

    Soft muslin burp clothes for baby.

    Pre-washing makes these muslin burp cloths not only soft and fluffy, which greatly reduces the shrinkage after washing, but also increases the speed of absorption of liquid by wrinkling, which is more than twice as fast as ordinary cloth.It can be used not only as a burp cloth for babies, but also as a bath towel, diaper, saliva towel for babies

  16. Amy

    Thicker than other muslin burp cloths

    I like these burp cloths because they are a bit thicker than some other packs of muslin burp cloths I have ordered in the past. Muslin products can usually be a bit thin and not so absorbent, but these absorb nicely. They are a nice large size which is very much needed with a baby. When I first opened the pack, I thought that the burp cloths were a bit rough feeling and not too soft. However, after washing them all before using them, they became much softer. They also did not shrink when being washed in cold water and dried with a low temp. I plan on getting another pack of these to use for bathing my baby!

  17. M. ReillyM. Reilly

    Need those Burb Cloths

    Absorbent as you would want them to be. They are a perfect size to put on my shoulder and soft enough so for baby’s delicate skin. I was surprised by the little hoop on the corner that allows you to put it on a hook where you can place it where you can grab it when needed. Machine wash and dry and enough of them to allow you to rotate.

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  18. EGR

    Soft Burp Cloths

    These burp cloths are great. They are made with a soft, durable, muslin fabric that is very absorbent. They are also the perfect size so you won’t risk getting anything on your clothing while burping the baby. I also feel confident that the baby’s skin won’t be compromised because the material of the cloth is smooth and soft. I definitely recommend these burp cloths.

  19. My2k1rS

    LOVE these

    My wife and I are home on maternity leave with our first baby, and I have to say that these are the best burp cloths that we have. I love how soft they are, and they are big enough that they can actually cover some of our clothes in case of a spit up. I definitely plan on buying more of these!

  20. Jamie Dudek

    Great burp clothes

    Not too small and not too big. They are absorbent and durable. I would recommend. Also, make a great gift.

  21. Chris K

    Love these

    Actually got these since they were 100% cotton, for cleaning glass stove and they work wonderful!

  22. J C

    Wish they were more absorbent

    These burp cloths are the perfect size. They fit great over your shoulder. Only downside is they are thin and not as absorbent as some of the others I’ve used. They are not as fluffy and soft as the crinkly muslin ones.

  23. Ruth

    CottCare 10 Pack Muslin Burp Cloths

    These are fantastic! Much nicer quality than I expected. They’re the perfect size and really soft. They come out of the laundry even nicer than when they first arrived.

  24. PaulPaul

    Soft and absorbent

    These are pretty large. About the length of a queen sized pillow.Material is soft and sacrificed one to absorb some spilled liquid, which it did well.

  25. John H.

    Small but mighty

    These muslin burp cloths are quit small but long which serves the purpose of a burp cloth for sure. I bought them for household use so would have liked them a little bigger around. Really nice quality thick muslin. Don’t hesitate to purchase these.

  26. Michael B

    Muslin works so much better than some of the other cuter burp cloths

    I love the patterns of some of the non-muslin burp cloths, but the muslin ones are much more absorbent. These are simple but they get a workout at our house. They wash up well and after several washes, they are still holding up just fine with no wear to stitching or any defects that I can find. I also love that this is a big pack, it allows me to have a baby station upstairs in my house and downstairs. We have learned that babies are tiring, so having stashes of these throughout the house is a must for our energy and sanity.

  27. Trish

    soft and absorbent

    These Muslin Burp Cloths have been such a valuable addition to my baby care arsenal when I watch my nephew. They are incredibly soft and absorbent, making those post-feeding cleanups less messy. They seem durable, and since I don’t use them daily, they should hold up longer than he needs. Highly recommended for any new parent (or, in my case, aunts)– they’re a must-have for keeping things clean and comfy!

  28. Brenda Groover

    Very absorbent

    I used these to wipe minor milk leakage while feeding the baby. Also use for burp cloth. They are so soft and absorb liquids quickly. If wanted, I can also be use as a temporary cloth diaper.

  29. Bethany Oliver

    Nice quality

    These wash up well and get softer with each wash and dry. Absorption is good too

  30. Traci

    So Very Soft and Perfect Size

    These cloths are so soft against my skin and the absolute perfect size to throw over my shoulder when burping the babies. They are really absorbent as well.These cloths do not scratch the babies’ sensitive skin and I feel go that these are safe for them to move around on and no stray fibers will get into their mouths.Ten is a perfect number to have so that some can be ready in the baby bag and others available on the table for use in the house.These are well made, soft and I really appreciate the using this quality item with the babies! We do recommend.

  31. shay2279

    Shay’s review

    These muslin cotton burp clothes work great. They’re not huge but I find that sometimes burp clothes are TOO big and just the extra gets in the way. Washed these first and they were pretty soft and fluffy. Didn’t have any issues with shrinkage that I noticed. Used it also in the bath and works great.

  32. Kimberly Clark


    Yesss most definitely a necessity awaiting a newborn. They are clean and white and super soft. Perfect for receiving infants

  33. JennyGJennyG

    Soft, easy care, absorbent, but not the thickest.

    Being 100% cotton, they did shrink a little bit. It was a loss of about 1.25″ in length and 3/4″ in width. They also seem a little fluffier after laundering. They wash easily in warm water and a low temp tumble dry. Stains come out easily with a soaking in an oxygen type powder or hydrogen peroxide sprayed on the spot before washing. Fabric softener isn’t needed and will only reduce absorbency.They are absolutely very soft, and absorb well for their weight. However, I use two at a time, since the muslin fabric just isn’t as thick as other materials.

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