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Revlon One Step Volumizer PLUS 2.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush | Dry and Style (Black) Beauty & Personal Care

(60 customer reviews)


About this item VOTED “BEST BLOW-DRY BRUSH”: Simplify your getting-ready routine with this fan favorite. TWO-IN-ONE TOOL: Dry and style in up to half the time* and get that just-left-the-salon feeling without leaving home. VERSATILE 2.4” BRUSH: Styles all hair types and lengths, sized perfectly for lobs and bobs. SALON-STYLE BLOWOUTS: Get volume, shine and a smooth finish, plus create curls and waves. FOUR HEAT SETTINGS: Choose from cool, low, medium and high to dry and style with 50% less heat exposure for less damage.

From the manufacturer

Revlon RVDR5298 2.0 Volumizer Plus "Award-Winning Blow-Dry Brush"

Revlon RVDR5298 2.0 Volumizer Plus "What Makes It PLUS"

Revlon RVDR5298 2.0 Volumizer Plus "Dries & Styles in up to Half the Time"

Revlon RVDR5298 2.0 Volumizer Plus "Compare"

Revlon RVDR5298 2.0 Volumizer Plus "All Your Styling Needs in One Step"

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4 x 1.6 x 6 inches; 1.63 Pounds

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July 16, 2021

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Helen of Troy

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#1 in Hot-Air Hair Brushes

Customer Reviews:

486,890 ratings

60 reviews for Revlon One Step Volumizer PLUS 2.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush | Dry and Style (Black) Beauty & Personal Care

  1. Natalia Cantuña Cacuango

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Me encanta

    Es un estilizador super bueno no me quema el cabello, el largo de mi cabello es un poco mas bajo de los hombros y en unos 5 a 10 minutos maximo ya esta seco y con estilo, me gusta mucho el acabado del cepíllo, es facil de usar me gusta mas este que el primer modeelo que saco revlon de esta linea

  2. Passionate

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Dryer I’ve owned so far!

    I was going to get a $400 dryer because I wanted less heat damage but this dryer so far seems PERFECT. It detangles and glides through our curly hair and the revised heat settings are nice. It dries our hair pretty quickly (about 20 min and we have a LOT of hair) and only gets my opposite hand a bit hot when touching the hair when it’s on high, but with a heat glove on it’s fine. The other brush dryer I had by Revlon was literally FRYING our hair AND my hand was still SCORCHING even with a heat glove on smh. Best Revlon dryer so far.

  3. Chris

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best for traveling and frizz

    If you struggle with blowdrying your hair like I did, this is the best tool! I used to hate blowdrying AND holding a brush, especially with long hair, it gets tiring! I love this tool since it’s 2 in 1 and it also straightens my hair and my hair looks like I got a salon blow-out! It is a bit hefty but it’s worth the trouble!

  4. KrystynaleeKrystynalee

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best one yet!!

    I purchased this mainly for my daughter but when it came I started to use it as well. I have always used a flat iron to straighten my hair but as I have gotten older the texture of my hair has changed. I tried it out one day and I have used it every day since. My husband even uses it at times when his beard is unruly…. LOL Yes, I said beard.

  5. Amy Donahue

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Life changing

    Best money I ever spent. Im upset I spent $$$$ on a new dryer not to long ago, only to get an itch to try this volumizing blow drying brush.It is a life changing.Background: I have fine, naturally straight hair. It is oily. I currently have virgin hair. It is however thick. My hair is very dense.It would take 30 plus minutes to blow dry my hair with a traditional blow dryer.With the revlon blow drying brush it takes roughly 5 minutes on high to dry my hair. It’s currently a short length, not sure how much longer it would take if it were longer. 10 minutes on low/medium. I have used the brush for a consecutive 7 days on a cruise and my hair was fine with heat protectant.The best part is my lifestyle of constantly working out, I no longer dread washing my hair bc I can instantly dry it with this brush. It is fool proof and I’m left handed. I prefer to have a mirror when styling but have styled it without. It is lightweight. I keep the box it came in to travel with. It is my essential.Only possible con is if your hair is bleached or prone to breakage that could be an issue. YMMV.I can’t speak on durability but have traveled with it and seems fine, no issues and I’ve used it everyday for an 2-3 weeks now.

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  6. Anne

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Not perfect

    It’s okay for me but not like I was expecting. My hair gets curly hours after using , I was hoping to save time but will need to redo same day or next day to keep my hair straight. I have wavy thick hair and need a good blow dryer to polish my hair once I dry it . For drying fast it does the job but I prefer my blow dryer since it dries and polishes at the same time and don’t have to redo later . I guess for thinner hair should work better . Gets really hot too .

  7. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Super fast and easy to use

    Love this- I have thinner hair and wait until it’s a little over half way dry before using. It only takes a few minutes to completely dry my hair with significantly less frizz than a regular blow dryer. I don’t even need to run a straightener over my hair after. It does get pretty hot though on high, so one thing to be conscious of

  8. April M.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great one step solution

    When used with a proper thermal protection product this is the quick and easy blow out you need. Great heat controls, ergonomic barrel, and unique oval shaped brush allow for a 5 minute styling. Make sure your hair is at least towel dried and enjoy! Best hair tool I have invested in under 50 bucks.

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  9. annie b.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    revlon styling brush dryer

    Absolutely the best hair dryer styler that I’ve ever had and at 71 y/o i’ve had a few!! just bought this one for my daughter as she was trying to sneak mine in her suitcase on a recent visit! so easy to use and style with!

  10. Felicity C.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works on frizzy course hair

    This product works good on taming my frizzy and somewhat course hair. It also gives my hair a little bit of curl.My only concern is how long it will last. I got one as a gift for Christmas, used it twice, and then it got a short or something. The company replaced the brush, so we will see how long the second one works.

  11. FierySprite

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Figuring it out

    I am not well-versed in hair styling. Like at all. But I have a friend who is about on the same level and she had the Dyson version of this and her hair looked great. I didn’t want to drop the money on that, so I got this. And it does the same thing!Pros: Can make my hair look styled without having to do much. It takes a little getting used to if you’ve no practice with hair styling at all, but it’s doable. Haven’t gotten my hair tangled at all, and I have fine hair that tangles easily.Cons: It’s heavier than the fancier, more expensive models for sure. Like everyone says, the temperature control isn’t great. Having fine hair I can do most everything on the low setting and have it work, though. I definitely work up a sweat sometimes in sectioning off the hair and doing it all separately. It’s work. And mostly still have to figure out how best to do the hair at my crown and in front so it doesn’t end up frizzy or crimped weirdly, since it’s right up against the scalp. I’m sure I’ll figure it out. So overall, it’s 4/5 for me. I am keeping it.

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  12. Ali

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Favorite hair tool!

    This thing is awesome! I was skeptical because I’m notorious for getting round brushes stuck in my hair but I am obsessed with this. You can do some larger curls or just a nice smooth blowout with it. I’m able to dry my hair in less than 10 mins and my hair is so smooth and has a ton of volume afterwards. It’s great to use as a quick refresh on dry hair too. I just flip my head over and brush through my hair a few times and it looks perfectly styled again. Also I will get “cowlicks” on the top of my head when I sleep. This takes them away lol. I’ve recommended this to so many of my friends and I swear it’s the perfect hair tool!

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  13. Hutch4kids

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    This would be perfect if the brush was round instead of oval…

    I have curly hair and to straighten it requires a lot of effort with a blow dryer and round brush so I was excited to try this. It actually works best if your hair is a little dry (don’t just approach totally wet hair with this). The only thing I can’t understand is the reason for the oval (not round) design of the brush. I think for longer hair it might work better. Mine is shoulder length and the oval design of the brush just leaves a weird looking curl in my hair. It does straighten it, just doesn’t work as well as I hoped. I might look for another hot air brush in a round design.

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  14. Anurag P

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    The Ultimate Hair Styling Game-Changer!

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     The REVLON One-Step Volumizer Enhanced 1.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush has revolutionized my hair care routine, and I can’t sing its praises enough. This innovative tool combines the power of a hair dryer and a hot air brush, delivering professional salon results right at home.The improved motor is a game-changer. Not only does it dry my hair faster, but it also provides a consistent and powerful airflow, resulting in a smooth and efficient styling experience. I’ve noticed a significant reduction in drying time, which is a huge plus for those busy mornings.The design of the brush is genius. The oval shape with tufted bristles allows for easy detangling and styling, while the rounded edges add volume and create beautiful curls or waves. It’s incredibly versatile, making it suitable for various hair lengths and textures. The enhanced motor ensures that the brush maintains a consistent temperature, preventing damage to my hair.The ergonomic handle and lightweight design make it comfortable to use for extended periods without causing hand fatigue. The 360-degree swivel cord is a thoughtful addition, providing flexibility and ease of movement during styling.I have fine, limp hair, and this tool has become my go-to for adding volume and bounce. The results are salon-quality, and I’ve received numerous compliments on my styled hair since using the REVLON One-Step Volumizer.The multiple heat and speed settings cater to different styling needs, allowing for customization based on hair type and desired results. The cool shot feature is a great way to set the style and ensure it lasts throughout the day.Cleanup is a breeze with the detachable brush head, and the overall construction feels durable and well-made. The value for money is exceptional considering the time and effort it saves in achieving a polished look.In conclusion, the REVLON One-Step Volumizer Enhanced 1.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush is a must-have for anyone looking to simplify their hair care routine and achieve professional results at home. It’s a true game-changer, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking efficiency, versatility, and salon-worthy styling in one fantastic tool!

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  15. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I love this tool more than any other that I have tried. I have used so many. This dries and straightens at the same time so I have no reason to use a flat iron now. I used it with long hair and have continued using it with my new shorter cut and am continuing to love the results! This is so affordable as well!!!! If you are considering this then you should stop considering it and make the purchase. You won’t regret it.

  16. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I don’t even know…

    I am 60 years old, I have never in my entire life been able to do anything with my straight on top curly on the bottom thining hair, it was so thick when I was younger I was scared of it lol. Well after buying every tool and styling gadget on the market, I gave this dryer brush a try. It’s a miracle, my first try and I have a salon style from my own bathroom!!! It’s so full and healthy looking and pretty and I feel so amazing personally! It’s not at all heavy, it is noisy, but it is a just an amazing thing for me! HIGHLY reccomend!!!!!!!!!♥️

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  17. LB

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love the Plus!

    I tried the original when visiting family and loved the results, so bought one. Unfortunately, the low setting on the unit I received was (as many others have reported) way too hot. It smelled like something was burning. That unit went back. Recently I was motivated to try again and noticed the Plus models. I bought the black with pink trim version and it’s just right. I love the way it tames/smooths out my thick, wavy, medium length hair… just as the original model does, but it feels better to use in three significant ways: Size, Temperature, and Volume. The difference between the 2.8 and 2.4 is minor, but enough to make the handle more comfortable to hold – that’s the main advantage. I also prefer this 2.4 size brush for my shoulder length, somewhat layered, hair – easier to manage. As for the temperature and volume: I’m using the low setting, and although it’s still fairly hot, it functions at half the intensity and half the volume as the medium and high speeds, so the overall experience is greatly improved! Btw, I don’t use it to dry my hair – just to style it. I prefer to let it air dry. Instead, I use it when my hair is dry, or a little wet from washing up in the morning. In less than 5 minutes my hair looks like I just walked out of the best salon. I love this styling brush! Highly recommend the Plus!

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  18. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy and quick to dry

    Love this tool! My hair dresser actually recommended this and said she uses it on her own hair instead of a brush and hair dryer. She had the more expensive brand and said this one is the superior product. I trusted her and she is right. Love this. Makes my hair soft and straight. If I put some big Velcro rollers in my hair right after I use this and my hair is still warm to the touch, it looks perfect!

  19. L. Grande

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Overall — A Few Cons

    I want to give this blow dryer 5 stars based on the results of my blow out alone, but there are a few things I don’t like about it, which I’ll note below. I’d buy it again, but I’m taking off 1 star for the areas where it falls short.Good info for you to know about my hair: I have a lot of fine, fly away, dry hair prone to frizz and poofing out. My usual Dyson blow dryer is in the shop right now, and I was looking for a cheap backup. I’ve always wondered if these styling dryers would work for me and decided to try this. I’m using a few new anti-frizz products in my hair right now, so I can’t say this dryer is completely responsible for my smooth results, but I can say it at least didn’t create any frizz in my hair.Another good thing is that I never spend the time to style my hair. While this dryer took just a *little* longer than usual to dry my hair, it did give my hair a nice bend on the end and it looked better than usual when I was done, so you do get something for the extra time. One reason I don’t style my hair with a round brush and a normal hair dryer is because of the coordination it takes to move the blow dryer cord around while twirling my hair with the brush and reaching over my head in weird positions. What a pain — and this dryer eliminates all those problems.Here are a few things I don’t like.1. The description said this: “3 Heat/Speed Settings with Cool option.” I took that to mean that there were 3 heat settings and 3 speed settings, so I could run Hot, Warm or Cool at High, Medium, or Low. That’s not the case. There are 3 total settings: Cool, Low, High.The Cool setting is High/Fast/Loud.The High setting is VERY Hot/Fast/Loud.The Low setting is also VERY hot, but the speed is Slower/Quieter.2. The Cool and High settings are very, very loud. I will be wearing ear plugs if I ever use those settings (not kidding!). My husband texted me from across the house when I was running it on Cool and asked if I was using his leaf blower, haha. He was joking, but it really is that loud.3. I said this already, but the Hot and Warm settings are hotter than hot. The cool setting isn’t warm enough to dry your hair effectively. I keep my finger on the settings and switch to Cool for a few seconds when I can’t take the heat. The heat is my number one complaint about this dryer.4. It’s larger and heavier than most blow dryers I’ve used.5. The barrel is very thick. It works for me, but because of the thickness, I don’t think it would work well for hair that is shoulder length or shorter.6. This last thing could be user error since I just got it and I’ll probably learn some tricks as I go. Because of the barrel thickness, it was hard to get the air close to my roots. When I was done drying, my strands were all dry and smooth, but my roots were still damp. When I get my Dyson back I’ll probably just go over my scalp for a few minutes after using this for the drying/styling. [EDIT: A few weeks after writing this I found out I’m not getting my Dyson back. It couldn’t be repaired, but that’s okay. I figured out how to dry the roots. Section off your hair while it’s wet, and then start at the root of each section. I was starting at the ends. Hold the dryer near the scalp to help it dry, and then slowly move it down that section of hair. Doing it this way dries my roots pretty well and I can quickly go back over any areas that are still damp when I’m done. It actually works great.]So that’s it. My complaints are just meant to help someone else understand the product, but overall I like it, recommend it, and love the results.

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  20. Jennifer

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    This was the perfect addition to my routine!!!! I LOVE it! I had rotator cuff surgery 8 weeks ago and needed something to be able to do my hair with actively using both arms. This is the winner! My hair isn’t super thick, not super thin. After the shower, my hair has the perfect blowout, with one tool, in 12 minutes!!!! What the what!!?!?! Don’t wait and read a thousand reviews! I’m helping you out here! 😉

  21. Katherine Gonzalez

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Salon-Worthy Hair Styling at Home

    The REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer, Enhanced 1.0 Version in Black is a game-changer for my hair styling routine. This innovative tool combines the functionality of a hair dryer and a round brush, allowing me to achieve salon-worthy results at home.The enhanced 1.0 version features an improved motor, which delivers powerful airflow for faster drying and styling. I’ve noticed that my hair dries much quicker with this tool compared to traditional hair dryers, saving me time and effort in the mornings.The hot air brush design is ergonomic and easy to use, with a comfortable grip that allows for precise styling. The bristles are gentle on my hair, reducing the risk of damage while adding volume and shine. The black color gives it a sleek and professional look, which I appreciate.I’ve also found that this tool is versatile and can be used to create various hairstyles, from sleek and straight to voluminous curls. The added volume and lift it provides make my hair look fuller and more voluminous, giving it a healthy and stylish appearance.

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  22. Rebecca Dwenger

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Game-Changer for Hair Styling

    I recently purchased the Revlon One Step Volumizer PLUS 2.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush, and it has been an absolute game-changer in my hair styling routine. One of the most significant benefits I’ve noticed is the elimination of the need for a flat iron. This tool not only dries my hair efficiently but also leaves it smooth, sleek, and with just the right amount of volume – all in one step.What’s more, I was so impressed with its performance that I bought another one for my daughter. It’s user-friendly and versatile, making it perfect for our different hair types and styles. This tool has simplified our hair care routine, cutting down on styling time without compromising on the results.For anyone looking to streamline their hair styling process without sacrificing quality, I highly recommend the Revlon One Step Volumizer PLUS 2.0. It’s a valuable addition to any hair care arsenal.”

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  23. KimmylikinsKimmylikins

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    One Use: LOVE IT! (Pic After Sleeping On It)

    I’ve only used the product once so far, but am so excited to continue using it going forward! I let my hair air dry almost completely and used the Round Brush Blower on mildly damp hair. It worked beautifully and dried and straightened my hair within less than ten minutes. (I didn’t time it to precision but I know it was under ten.)I wasn’t going for extreme styling. I just wanted non-frizzy hair with some semblance of neatness. I used to have wavy hair with the occasional banana curl. It was bouncy and full. With hormone issues, it began slightly thinning over the years but still maintained its volume and bounce. Unfortunately, round IV of COVID left me with COVID Hair Loss. My hair thinned noticeably and lost its “life.” While it has begun to come back to life again, it’s still thinner than it used to be and has barely any wave and bounce now. (I still hope that may reverse with more time, but who knows.)I decided to straighten my hair in the healthiest manner possible, just to give it at least a minimal style and nicer look. I was in love with my Maxi Glide flat iron in college and a bit beyond, but the steam function broke years ago. I’m not very coordinated and using a hair dryer with a separate round brush works but is super annoying to use for me.After reading a billion reviews, I settled on the Revlon Salon One Step Dryer and Volumizer (Original Model) and I am glad that I did this far!It was so easy to use and worked like a charm. (Side Bar: I have small hands and was intimidated by the size of the handle when I opened the box. Don’t be! It was really comfortable to hold and manipulate!) With Garnier Sleek and Shine Anti-Frizz oil only on my ends, the Brush Blower left my hair soooo smooth and soft, frizz free and styled with a slight flip at the ends. And, again using on only damp hair, it was fast! When I showed my Husband in the other room he loved it and even commented that it was straight but still had body and that the product did not leave my hair too flat. Later that night I received multiple compliments from my family when we stopped by for a get-together, specifically on my hair.As I have said, it has only been one use and so I cannot speak to durability, but I really do love it and am so excited to keep using it. I purchased a case for it separately to protect the bristles from bending and damage. (I have no where to hang it for storage, so it will be shoved in a drawer and I want it to last.)Overall, I am super happy and recommend this product! 😁ADDENDUM: Many people are noting that it gets super hot and is VERY Loud. Yes and Yes, BUT. So, the heat on High is very hot – haven’t tried Low yet). BUT, I shut off the blower and put it down to section out the next piece of hair I wanted to work on each time, and I also only went over each strip twice only , once on top and once on bottom and did not hold still on any spots. So, my hair did not overheat or even smell burnedish, like it used to with my hair blower. This manner of use may not be very good for the motor, with off and on back and forth, and I didn’t think of it at first. So, next time, I think I’ll switch it to cool when I put it down instead. It was so quick to use that I didn’t find the heat a problem at all. In fact, years ago I returned a newer hair blower because it didn’t get nearly as hot as my old one did and wound up sticking with old faithful instead. As to Noise! Yes, it is loud, but no louder than my 1992 hair blower is that I still use. The problem is the PITCH! It has a very high pitch and tinny note to it. My old hair blower is much lower in pitch and therein lies the difference! The Revlon Brush Blower basically sounds like a cheap stick vacuum that I used to have and got rid of specifically because of the noise, as I get migraines. Hubby gave me some of his foam in-the ear plugs to pop in when I am using the Brush Blower and it was fabulous. I would have suffered through because it works so great, but he is right. Over time the pitch of this thing would be no good for hearing health. So, I highly recommend grabbing some earplugs for yourself and to use them while drying and styling, just for hearing’s sake! 😉** NOTE: The attached picture is the next morning, after a night out with family and then sleeping on it. So, some of the volume is gone and the ends have lost their “flip,” but it’s still sleek and soft and frizz-free! YAY!! 🥳

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  24. ZoeZoe

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    beautiful blowout

    Love this!! Just used it for the first time and my hair looks so smooth, shiny, and it feels so soft. There is a bit of frizz on my roots, but for the price it’s great. I’ve always had a hard time styling my hair, but this made it so quick and easy. The barrel is big so it’s great for volume and you can use bigger sections of hair. I will definitely be recommending this to everyone I know.

  25. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I feel like Jennifer Aniston after using this

    The lady who cuts my hair recommended that I purchase something like this when I complained about all the heat styling I was having to do after I got a new job that required me to “look nice.” (I went from a super casual setting with kids to an office.) She said that this would reduce the amount of heat I was using, since I’d been blow-drying and then curling/straightening my hair. Obviously this thing uses heat, but it’s only one step.After reading a Buzzfeed listicle about cheap Amazon products that are “worth the hype,” I purchased this. That was in fall of 2020. I’m back here in 2023, almost 2024 to order a new one.I used this thing multiple times a week for 3 years straight, and the only reason I’m buying a new one is because the bristles are so bent over from continued use/abuse, which honestly seems pretty reasonable, especially considering I often didn’t really section my hair into small sections and just raked this bad boy through, like, 3 inches of wet hair when I was running late. I also was lazy about cleaning out the accumulated hair in the bristles, which contributed to the flattened bristles. Make sure you clean it out regularly!Not only is this super easy to use, but I’ve used this from when my hair was just below my shoulders to the length it is now, where it reaches the top of high-waisted jeans, and it’s never taken more than 8 minutes to go from towel-dried hair to a beautiful, almost Jennifer Aniston-caliber blowout.The smaller you section your hair while you use it, the more sleek, voluminous, and Jennifer Aniston-y it looks, plus it will most likely make the bristles last longer. Like I said, sometimes when I’m running late, I’ll just use it on thick clumps of hair, which is what I’m sure caused the bristles to eventually get flattened.I just use a scrunchie to section the top of my hair and start from the back, doing one side and then the other, clipping each finished section into one claw clip, and then move up in small sections to the top of my head until it’s done.For reference, my hair is the kind of fuzzy, wavy hair that you see on TikTok videos where they say “Is my hair actually curly?” and then the person does, like, a 17 step curly girl process and then they end up with gorgeous curls or waves. So, I think that I probably have wavy/curly hair, but I would never, ever take the time or energy to do all that. So instead, I just heat-style the crap out of it. Using a regular blow-dryer would give me crazy fly-aways and I would look like I’d rubbed a balloon on the top of my head. With this product, even the tiny hairs where my hair is parted lay down.The BEST part about this product is that it totally refreshes day old (and longer) hair.I actually only wash my hair about every 4-ish days or so, and all you have to do is mist your hair with a tiny bit of water, or, if you’re lazy like me, just run your hand under the faucet, and then rake your wet hand through the section you’re about to dry. You hair will look just as good as it did when it was freshly washed! It somehow eliminates the greasiness – who knows, maybe it’s just evaporating it and destroying my hair, but either way, it is a lifesaver for someone like me who needs to have presentable Office Hair but hates washing their hair every day.I’m actually really sad I have to order a new one, because the motor is just fine and it feels wasteful to discard it. But 3 years is more than good enough considering its cheap price and how much I love it.Anyway, you should definitely get this. I seriously spend all day just touching my hair all day, feeling like Rachel Green. I flip it over my shoulder all day long like Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch Movie.

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  26. PJ

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    3rd one I have purchased ! Love the color !

    Had one of these for years and then saw that they made a smaller brush so I purchased it- left it somewhere so needed another. This one was about $20 cheaper than others I looked at in stores. Love this color too so I am very happy with this. BUy this thing, you will not regret it. It makes your hair like you have had a salon blowout. Great product. I cannot use a curling iron on my fine hair. This is so much easier to use. Great to dry hair and also great to use to touch up too

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  27. SandyGee

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    It works beautifully

    I did not expect this as to work the way it does. All my life I’ve had frizzy thick hair, totally unmanageable. And I don’t enjoy going to the hair salon, the blow dryers used there burn and hurt my scalp! My usual method is wash and wear,, with no or minimal products in the hair. But I like the smoothness after each salon visit. I don’t like straight hair, mine is on the curly/wavy side, which I definitely love, but it’s also crazy frizzy. The one-step voluminous plus is easy to use, fast, does not burn at all, and works like a charm. The smoothed out style stays put, until the next wash! For the nonpros, just watch some how-to videos on YouTube, easy to get the hang of, even for a lazy person like me! The head is detachable but unfortunately Revlon doesn’t seem to offer the various attachments separately which makes no sense. Regardless the brush it comes with is great. Very happy with this purchase!

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  28. Melinda

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Quick and Easy product!!

    This product dries, straightens and gives great volume to my very thick Hispanic hair within 5-7 minutes!!! I definitely recommend using this tool with damp hair and not saturated wet hair. Love the different heat settings on this as well, and it does get very hot!! Be sure to use heat protectant before using this as well!!

  29. Chris

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Like, wow

    I have a lot of hair. A LOT. Like, wow, who is that Wookiee over there LOTS. I have looked into having a third arm surgically implanted (Is this a thing? Who would do it? Vascular surgery? Orthopedic surgery?These are the questions that keep me up at night🤔) because my shoulders are so tired holding up a dryer and a round brush for eternity. I briefly considered making a workout video (“Toned Arms: the Hairdryer Workout”), but was informed by fitness people that there isn’t a market for a 75-minute focus on the anterior deltoids. I almost have to wake up BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP in order to have enough time to dry my hair before work.This thing took me 8 minutes. I naturally assumed, upon finishing, that I had entered some sort of Amazon-created beauty time warp. I checked with my husband, in the next room, and in fact I did not go through a blowout wormhole. The silkier-than-silk style was accomplished by this miracle of a brush in 8 minutes (several more minutes were lost to running my hands through my hair and flicking it over my shoulder while smiling coquettishly in the mirror).If you struggle with an over abundance of hair like I do, seriously consider giving this amazing contraption a try.

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  30. BHZBHZ

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    This will change my life, and I am not being extra

    I have full, somewhat course and curly/wavy hair. For a decade and a half I have been letting my hair air dry or (very) crudely blow drying it out with a paddle brush, and then finishing it with the Chi flatiron – usually curling it, so it has loose curls. Which worked fine, but was a process since I’d usually have to wait for it to air dry, since I just could not ever seem to master the art of doing my own blowout.I used this brush dryer for the first time this morning, and I am stunned. It was a little cumbersome at first until I got the handle of how to maneuver it. But that took like two passes and I was good to go.I have never been able to blow dry my hair to look like this in my three decades of life. And I did it in probably about 20 minutes, including the times that I was interrupted by toddlers.My hair is smooth, silky, has volume on the top, where I want it… I am so upset that it took me so long to find this product.Don’t hesitate, just purchase it, and try it out. For $40, it’s worth trying.The single negative I have about it is that there is a poorly placed plastic seam right below where the brush attachment attaches to the dryer, near where the lock switch is, where a strand of my hair got caught on one of the first couple passes I made, but after I figured out how to keep my hair in the brush this didn’t happen the rest of the time.Get it.

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  31. Christina L.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Why did it take me so long to buy this?! It’s great!!

    I have spiral curly hair and have always done the round brush + hair dryer routine when I wanted to straighten it. It always took a long time, my arms got tired. I didn’t often style this way because it was a lot of effort that would get ruined with just a tiny bit of moisture or sweat.I got this on sale and all I have to say is WOW. Some highlights:1) I got the smaller barrel so I could get closer to the roots for body. It delivers tremendously in that regard.2) The grip of the bristles is better than any round brush I’ve ever used. That makes it easy to keep tension on the hair to help create volume at the roots.3) Heat settings are great. I found a use for each of them, so I like the flexibility.4) it’s very comfortable to use and doesn’t tire out my arms.For the price point, you really cannot go wrong with this product. I would 100% buy this before any pricier option (I have them) because this works as well/better.

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  32. Tanner

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    This brush is a game changer. Dries hair fast and really straightens the waves, makes the use of a flat iron not needed at all. There is a bit of a learning curve, that kinda goes with all new hair tools. I find it works best if my hair is about half dry when I start to use it. If I have one complaint is that it makes hair almost too straight.

  33. Helen L.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good alternative to brush & blow dryer

    I have straight Asian hair and a chin-length bob. It is always a struggle to manage hair brush and blow dryer at the same time which is somewhat hard to manage. I usually end up blow drying my hair upside down and then use my fingers to scrunch my ends to curl inward. This product solves the problem by merging the brush with the blow dryer into one for easier handling. It definitely was easier to blow dry and create more volume with this product. The end result is slightly more volume as compared to blow drying with a regular blow dryer and my fingers. For those with shorter hair, it may be better to buy one with a smaller diameter brush.

  34. Wandrwoman

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Best For Long Thick Hair, but…

    PROS: Creates glossy, silky. smooth hair styles best for long, thick hair. Removes unwanted waves and curls. Dries and styles very quickly.CONS: Really too big for shoulder length or shorter, and layered styles. Straightens hair, removes body.I have layered, slightly longer than shoulder length hair that is fine textured but thick. As hair classifications go, it is “2A” or as I used to call it, “wavy-straight.” I color it and it tends to be dry, especially at the ends. I usually style it by blowing it dry with a 2″ round brush, which creates waves and lots of long lasting body.This Revlon One Step dryer-brush has gotten lots of hype and I was curious to see how it would work for my hair.I searched it out in retail beauty stores. I’ve held it in my hand and was concerned that the brush head, which is 4.25″, would be too large a surface for my layered, mid length hair. It’s a big and fairly heavy device and felt clunky. I was also concerned about the heat burning my hair.When Amazon Prime Day came, I fell for the super duper price and bought the One Step.The brush head is a flattened oval with bristles. The hair is supported well by the bristles which keeps the hair close to the openings in the brush. There is no knotting or catching of the hair which is able to run smoothly through and around the bristles as it dries.There are three heat settings: “Hot,” “Warm,” and “Cool.” The controls are at the end of the brush handle, and while well marked, are nearly impossible to change while using the device. I’m used to a hand held pistol-shaped dryer that allows one to switch temperatures, air strength, or from hot to cool on the go…with one hand. I have yet to be able to do this with the One Step.You divide your hair into manageable sections and run the brush repeatedly through the hair from roots to ends until it is dry and styled. If you place the shorter end of the oval close to the scalp, you will get some lift. If you place the wider sides of the oval close to the scalp, you will straighten and flatten your hair. If it is long enough, you can wrap your hair around the brush as it dries. If you place the short end of the oval at your ends and hold the brush for a few seconds, you’ll get a small wave or flip.I found that the One Step dried my thick hair very quickly, faster than with a round bristled brush. My hair was very smooth, glossy, and close to my head. I would have preferred more “root-lift” especially at the crown, but I have had professional blow outs that looked similar to what I got with the One Step. All in all, the results were surprisingly good…even for such a large brush head.Instructions warn that if you have fine or dry hair to only use the “Warm” and not the “Hot” setting. This is very good advice and it should be followed. Only use the “Hot” setting if you have very thick, wavy, curly coarse hair.NOTE:If you check out the product page, you will notice that Revlon has a comparison picture of this “One Step 4.25″ Head” brush and a smaller headed brush device which it recommends for shorter or layered or wavier hair styles. This smaller device is called “The Titanium Max, 2.4” head.”Before I purchased this “One Step 4.25 head,” I went in search of the 2.4″ version. A large box store that starts with a “C” and ends with an “O” has an exclusive on this item, and of course, it was completely sold out. This smaller headed item was not on the Revlon web site. I contacted Helen of Troy (who makes these items for Revlon) Customer Service. The CS rep seemed to know nothing about the “Titanium Max” but told me, incorrectly that the “One Step” on Amazon had a 2.4″ head. She also told me that a 1.5″ headed brush dryer might be released by around the end of December. So, Revlon knows a good thing when it sees one and is expanding the line, but has yet to update it’s Customer Service department with any correct or meaningful information.NOTE: I revisited the C****O web site and was able to purchase a single “Revlon One Step Titanium Max 2.4″ Head” dryer brush. It should arrive in about five days. I’ll review it on the bottom of this review after I play around with it a bit.NOTE 11/5/2020: C****O cancelled my order for the Titanium Max 2.4 Head. Sigh.After a bit of research I discovered that the Hot Tools brand is also owned by Helen of Troy and has a One-Step brush drier in the smaller 2.4″ size virtually identical to the one described (but unavailable) from Revlon.I settled on the Hot Tools Professional Black Gold One-Step 2.4″ which I purchased from Amazon for twice the price of the Revlon One Step. I selected the Black Gold because it had a ceramic coating that is supposedly best for fine, easily damaged hair. The head is also removable and can be exchanged with a 4.2″ head, should I wish to purchase one separately. I like having that option. I’m going to try out the new Hot Tools for several weeks and will review it then.

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  35. Andrea Romero

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Nunca había utilizado uno similar, tampoco sé utilizar un secador. Este cepillo es sencillamente espectacular. Logré arreglar mi cabello en poco tiempo (menos que con la plancha) y quedó suave y manejable (y es mi primera vez) imagino que al ir aprendiendo lo haré cada vez en menos tiempo y con mejores resultados. Eso si, como calienta mucho hay que saberlo agarrar para evitar quemarse, pero es excelente.

  36. PAL

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    A little smaller than its big sister

    I bought this for travel since it was smaller than my Revlon 1.0. I like it’s new feel and more settings. However, as a travel item (it comes apart) there is no travel bag, as with the larger version. Revlon should have a bag for this one too. I’m using my bag from the older one and having to double it up.

  37. :-)

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    It usually takes me 15 minutes to dry my hair, plus another 10 or so to curl or straighten. This wonderful thing does it ALL in 15 minutes. If I wanted it more curly I would need to go back over it with a curling iron, but it turns out great with just this too!! My think curly hair is no problem for this thing!!

  38. Cait Lubelczyk

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I’ll never use another product

    If you’re someone who hates how long it takes to do your hair, you need to get this blow dryer. This is my second version of this product and I will never go back to a traditional blow dryer. I have naturally curly/wavy hair and with this blow dryer my hair comes out amazing and I don’t have to use the straightener afterwards. 10/10

  39. Gab

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy hair styling

    Christmas gift for my daughter. At the beginning I was not a fan, I tried it a few times but it was not what I expected. It’s just that it takes a little getting used to. Now I just separate the hair in sections and start drying the back. I recommend Revlon One step Dryer and volumizer, it leaves hair smooth and shiny

  40. Natalia

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Excelente producto

    Este cepillo secador tiene un agarre muy facil, lo que hace que usarlo no sea tan desgastante para tus dos brazos, pues integra el cepillo y el secador en un solo objeto. Usarlo es muy facil, en la parte inferior tiene el control de encendido y temperatura y el cepillo realmente toma el cabello y lo seca de acuerdo a como se ubique, logra dar la forma deseada y elimina, en mi caso, las ondas naturales disparejas.Además, en lo personal no me gusta usar temperaturas muy calientes y el resultado ha sido muy bueno auqnue se use en la temperatura más baja.Como punto de mejora, podría ser más liviano.

  41. E. Marie

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    So much bounce!

    After seeing the advertisement for a similar, higher-priced product, Amazon search results brought me to this Revlon dry and style all-in-one for a quarter of what the higher-priced product cost; this is a steal in comparison to the competitor.The DeliveryThe product showed up at my door in its original box and they slapped a mailing label on it. This gave me pause because since there was no protective packaging, I thought for sure the dryer would have been damaged in transit. Thankfully, the product was undamaged when I took it out of the box. On further inspection, it was not scratched or dinged up and it worked as soon as I plugged it in.The DryerThe product itself is quite large and larger than what I had expected. The oval shape of the brush head seemed concerning to me as I’ve only ever used a round brush with my NuMe Ionic Hair Dryer. The settings are cool, low, and high and are located on a dial at the bottom end of the dryer. To use the product was self-explanatory, all there is to do is plug it in, select the heat setting, and off you go to a great blow out.The ExperienceBefore blowing out my hair, I use whatever hair product I have on hand at the time. Right now, I am using a coconut oil hair moisturizing serum which helps to temper flyaways, leaves the hair with a smoother finish, and moisturizes. For my hair length, a nickel-size amount is just enough for my just-past-the-shoulders hair length and then comb through. Then I section off my hair to make drying more manageable.Starting with the back sections, I started with the low setting and brushed in a downward direction and letting the brush feature volumize on its own. The back sections are the most difficult for me because they are, for some strange reason, wavy, unruly, and difficult to keep straight. This brush dryer brought the back parts out and under for a nice bouncy finish. It was nearly a perfect ‘C’ formation that I couldn’t believe. I then moved to the side sections and the crown and was surprised with the volume the brush gives. While I’m drying the side sections, I’m leaving hair rolled up in the brush and allowing it to remain there for a few seconds before I gently pull the brush through the length of my hair. Unbelievable. It was almost like having big Texas hair.Finishing up with the rest of my hair, I noticed that the grip on the dryer is much more comfortable than my other hairdryer and round brush. The thickness of the pommel makes for a very comfortable grip, and I didn’t realize what a difference size made. The other thing I noticed is at the upper end of the dryer, there is room to grab the end with your other hand and work the brush into a rolling motion (if you like to use two hands, which I do).During the first use, I timed it as it normally takes me about 7 or 10 minutes to dry my hair. With the Revlon, it cut that time in half. My hair came out dry, volumized, shiny, sleek, and the finish was as though I had taken a straight iron to my hair before applying a curling iron. There was so much bounce to my hair that it felt like I just got a hair cut. When I pulled my hair into a pony at the end of the day, the pony was bouncy.The Next DayWhat I noticed when waking up the next day is that my hair was still bouncy and still sleek. With my normal hairdryer, I still had problems with frizz and my hair just did not keep through the rest of the day. Consequently, for second-day hair, I had to use a dry shampoo to give it a little life. With the Revlon, second-day hair felt just like it did the day before, which was nearly a shock. I called my girlfriend who had been looking at this product with me, and I told her that everything they said about it was true – and I didn’t have to do my hair the second day because it kept through the night. Say what?!The PredecessorThe old hairdryer and round brush went back into my mom’s bottom drawer in her bathroom, for when she comes to visit. Although I have a sneaky suspicion that when she tries my Revlon, she’s going to toss those in the can.The Negative ReviewsYes, I have read all the negative reviews about how this thing craps out after a few uses, or two months, whichever occurs first. I hope that it does not happen here, and if it does, I will update this review to let you know how long it took for it to die on me.As for the other reviews about how the hair turns out following use . . . (1) don’t leave the dryer in one place while you use, or it will burn your hair, doing anything with the application of heat has a tendency to burn if you leave it too long, that’s just physics, (2) I did not have any hair loss while using this product, but I do comb out my wet hair first to work out any knots and tangles and comb through any product I am using before drying, and (3) if you do not have bounce or sleekness, um, go watch some YouTube videos and learn how to comb your hair.Great product, unbelievable. Totally thought it was a gimmick, and pleasantly surprised at how well this works – and for the price – you can’t go wrong!

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  42. CoronaDoug

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Salon Blowouts in My Bathroom

    Let me start by saying this: the Revlon One-Step Volumizer Enhanced is a game-changer! I used to dread blow-drying my hair – it was a tangled mess of frizz and frustration. But this little magic wand has transformed my mornings.Seriously, salon-quality blowouts at home are now a reality. My hair is smooth, voluminous, and shiny, like I just stepped out of a professional salon. The unique oval brush design is genius – it detangles, dries, and styles all in one step. No more juggling a separate brush and dryer, my arms are thanking me!Here’s what I love most:Faster styling: This thing cuts my drying time in half! No more standing in the bathroom forever with a hot dryer blasting my face.Reduced breakage: The bristles are gentle and the ionic technology helps prevent frizz, so my hair is healthier and less prone to breakage.Gorgeous volume: Forget limp, flat hair! This brush gives my hair amazing lift and body, even at the roots.Multiple heat settings: I can find the perfect temperature for my hair type, from fine to thick, without worrying about damage.Easy to use: It’s lightweight and comfortable to hold, even for my butterfingers. Plus, the cool shot button is a lifesaver for setting my style.If you’re looking for a hair tool that will save you time, reduce damage, and give you salon-worthy results, look no further than the Revlon One-Step Volumizer Enhanced. It’s worth every penny, and I promise you won’t regret it

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  43. Mercer Wells

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    No More Frizz!

    This is the greatest hair dryer I have ever used. I have very wavy hair that is prone to frizzing. No matter how carefully I would dry my hair with a conventional blow dryer and brush and no matter what kind of product I used on my hair I could never seem to get frizz-free results. This hair dryer has changed all that. The first time I used it I thought it was magic! I checked the back of my head in the mirror and my hair was just as smooth as if I had come straight from the salon. I just put a little bit of coconut oil on the ends of my hair to keep them moisturized before I use the hair dryer and the results are consistently magnificent. Another thing I like is that my arms no longer get fatigued by holding a heavy hairdryer in one hand and a brush in the other. I highly recommend this hair dryer.

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  44. JJJJ

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I’ll start by saying that I have the head of hair from hell (try saying that three times really fast! :-)). It’s very fine with wave to it, but unfortunately for me, the wave isn’t pretty. Each hair does it’s own thing…which causes FRIZZ. I’ve tried just about every hair product out there…some, very pricey salon products. I’ve never found a single one that made even a wee bit of difference. So was I discouraged? Um…yes.To top things off, I had major eye surgery in July and had to use steroid drops for quite awhile afterwards. So that took my already unmanageable hair and dried it right out. Steroids are horrible on hair! You know when you have static build up in your hair in the summer time when it’s humid, that your hair has gone completely wonky and is terribly dry. Every day had become a “bad hair day”.What possessed me to buy this brush-dryer I don’t even know. This is not something my hair salon has ever used on my hair. I just decided to take a chance. I’m glad I did!I got onto YouTube and watched some videos of self proclaimed “influencers” using this product. Honestly I didn’t learn much until I found a video of an older gal (who was just as pretty as the younger ones) who talked about the importance of keeping your hair protected from heat when you use something like this. In essence, these dryer brushes get VERY hot (I’ve only used the low speed and it’s still hot). These things are a bit like flat irons with bristles. So I don’t plan to use it more than once or twice a week. And I did get some new heat protectant products to use with it.The results? This is the best my hair has looked in a long time. It’s soft and smooth and has some lift to it. I have to note here that I didn’t use my brush dryer until my hair was about 80% dry to reduce the time my hair was under this heat, and I didn’t bother to use hair pins to work in layers. Simply put, I don’t have time for that. I just used my fingers to separate sections and did the whole thing very quickly. I did it in about five minutes. Like I said above, I did it on the lowest setting. I plan to use the cool setting next time to see if it makes any difference. Trying to keep heat damage under control is a must.

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  45. LF

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    So far I like it…..

    Item: REVLON One-Step Volumizer Enhanced 1.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air BrushColor: Black/PinkHair Type: wavy/curly, thick, and a bit coarseHair Length: down to my butt and basically one lengthI ordered this hairdryer on a whim on Prime Day. I thought “what have I got to loose if it does not work for me”. So blow me over when I used it and it is good. I have a stable of high end hair styling appliances that I barely ever use. For years now I barely ever blow my hair dry or try to make it straight, as it is a several step process, takes over an hour, ends with sore shoulders and my hair is still never “stick” straight. So for years after washing my hair I just add some sealing product and then put on some styling gel which helps it to curl instead of get all frizzy. But every once in a while, especially during the winter, I like to blow it dry. The first time I tried this dryer it worked like a charm, and I did not have to add a ton of straightening product to my hair. It was super easy to use once I got myself acquainted on just how large the barrel is. I liked it because it did not tangle up my hair, which is usually what happens when I use brushes and my regular dryer. I ended up drying all my hair in about 15 minutes, using the highest temp as the warm was too cool and I would have been there all day. The end result was better than I expected and with a once over with a straightener it would be where I wanted it to be for a night out.

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  46. Sara Moss

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Wow! My hair’s savior!

    I never leave reviews, but I HAD to with this. I have never had ANY luck with blow drying my hair without it turning into a frizzy, poofy mess. It never dries with even texture or looks shiny and clean. BUT THIS WAS A GAME CHANGER. Left me with a salon blowout and my hair has never been softer or shinier. My hair is also extremely evenly textured and even somewhat straightened the way I would normally straighten it with a flat iron. NEVER THOUGHT THIS COULD HAPPEN. I am so impressed, will never have to rely on my straightener or additional hair products to get even somewhat decent looking hair again. Just this ONE hair dryer does the job, AND FAST. It usually takes around 40 minutes to normally blow dry, this thing took less than 30 minutes. Seriously, amazed. This is salon quality stuff. Highly recommend!

  47. Tiffany McGloneTiffany McGlone

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best product I have found so far!

    Just purchase this!This makes my hair so soft and give me perfect blow out and you can add such nice curls to your hair.If you heard of people saying don’t it damages your hair there wrong just like any hair tool you need to use heat protectant and make sure you hair is 80 percent dry before using to get the best results but you can do it with fully wet hair but to get body to your hair have it 80 percent dry and to also use texture spray I recommend Amika they have great products and I love that I can I use this and go a week without washing my hair and if I need to touch it up just add little dry shampoo and texture spray go over and look just like first day hair.

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  48. Regina

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Wow! Game changer

    My sister-in-law told me about this after I complimented her hair. I ignored it because we have different textures, but then figures what the heck. Wow!! I’m in my 50’s and have NEVER been able to blow out my hair with frizz. For a few years I’ve been going to the hairdresser at the beginning of the week for a blow out and then touch it up (at the edges) during the week. This is a game changer!! I’ll be saving money on visits to the hairdresser, and it looks great. (I love my sister-in-law even more now!!)

  49. AmazonVPAmazonVP

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I’ve Tried All 3, Here are my thoughts…

    I tried the One Step, the Round Brush, and the Plus – all from Revlon – here are my thoughts. — these photos are all of my hair at different times using the different revlon tools and a before photo so you can see the damage I had – I ended up doing a big chop before trying the Plus because of the damage on the ends —- BOTTOM LINE: I am keeping this The Revlon PLUS out of all 3 options — HERE’S WHY: The Revlon Plus is the BEST out of the 3 IMO. The Plus is an upgrade from the one step in 3 major ways – The brush head is smaller, The brush head detaches so in the future if they ever made a similar brush head in a round brush, that would be a game changer: even tho this new brush head is great, and third – they added a medium heat setting – which I love because I can blow dry my hair without risking as much damage. – The revlon round brush was great, but it got WAY too hot on its base, so I am keeping the PLUS— but if Revlon ever makes a ROUND version with this type of brush head that has the extra bristles I would be so excited and they also need to start selling the ATTACHMENTS separately.I watched some videos with girls similar to my hair type using the Dyson and their roots were still crimped – I NEVER have this issue with any of the Revlons. I know you’re risking heat damage but if you use this, use the lowest heat setting that still smoothes your hair and STOP as soon as your hair starts to feel hot or preferably BEFORE it feels hot, and you’ll be fine. 10/10 I would recommend this product and if you’re using the Revlon One Step I think it is worth upgrading to this – I won’t be using my One Step anymore.

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  50. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Better than my Dyson!

    MIRACLE WORKER. At first, I was wary about this product because it’s not a high-end brand and the price point was so low. Last year I got a Dyson blow dryer but my flyaways and my ends still don’t look great. I used this Revlon once and was sold! I bought a second one for my travel bag in the middle of using it the first time because I loved it so much. I have wavy-curly hair that’s thick and prone to frizz. This Revlon dried my hair in ~20 mins and my hair is silky smooth all the way through the ends. I’m shocked. Was not expecting such a fantastic blow out! I’m obsessed now.

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  51. Chrissy WeaverChrissy Weaver

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    One of the best inventions!

    I never had the patience for the blow dryer for my long thick curly hair and I could never afford a blowout and honestly I’m a mother first but I haven’t had my hair done and over 4 years at this point and I would love to get it done but then I bought this lovely creation here and it was a game changer. Now I do believe I still deserve to get my hair done at a salon because it does need to be cut I need my lighters back and it needs to be dyed because I am getting older and I have grays, but nobody’s treating me special to that so this was amazing and I’m glad I purchased it it was worth every penny and it was worth getting the asurion warranty because these instruments are very faulty especially with very thick curly hair and I have not found a better one than Revlon but then again I also can’t afford to get my haircut so I love this product I recommend it and it’s a pretty looking one and it is different from the one that’s cheaper I guess it’s lower level than the one I’m talking about here in the photo that I purchased but it’s the pink one and that one’s great too and that’s what put me on to this pretty shiny one and that metal makes a difference in your hair and makes it softer and I don’t look like a lion in the morning when I blow dry my hair at night and it takes minutes when it used to take me almost an hour or more to dry my hair out. Hey Revlon, if you read my review take a look at my picture and I would totally do a commercial for you guys! I’ll do it just like those old sexy Pantene pro-v commercials and how they used to be! Hahaha we could do slow motion I’ll swing my hair back and forth It’s about 34 in Long. Now you have to dye my hair first though and I’ll do it for free after that just let me get my hair done the whole works. Lol jk. Thank you Amazon for letting me write a humorous review but it was honest and I hope other potential buyers read my review and make the right decision to purchase this item because it is worth it especially to spend the extra couple bucks to get the asurion warranty because we know as females are hair dryers and hair equipment type stuff can easily be faulted and this protects you for 3 years and I can’t even get minento last a year before it falls out on me and that’s not by human error but because of the use of it and my hair thickness and you know I don’t have to explain to you guys it’s probably a bunch of females that already have this product or if not trust me and get it by the way guys follow me on Instagram @poshwithbiddy for all the cute hair pics. I’m just kidding I’m not posting cute hair pics I’m just posting funny stuff and I just learned how to do reels and I’m trying to get views so help me out guys plus get this freaking product because you need this in your life I use it twice a day! And it’s also perfect for when you just need to straighten up and add volume to your hair real quick before you walk out the door I’m telling you if you don’t buy this product it’s probably cuz you’re broke but if you’re not broke this is it. Lol I hope I made someone laugh today because this review I made just made my day and it made me laugh so I hope you guys have a lovely evening as I’m writing this review at night because I’m bored.bRevlon give me a job I need one!

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  52. Nikki Pell

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Ssoooo easy to use

    I can style my hair like a pro.No more trying to roll a brush and hold a dryer!!!!I have RA and this dryer saved me the pain and cramping in my hands.Don’t be afraid of the big brush, you can make your hair as full or as smooth as you want.Got the hang of it first try.Buy it!!!

  53. Bonnie

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    The best drying brush!

    I just had to buy this one. I have the other dryer brush (One Step) I’m on my second one!I love this one just as much. I’m so happy with it because my hair has gotten thinner. Brush gives nice volume. Thanks Revlon for making a great product!

    One person found this helpful

  54. Brenda

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I needed this so bad!

    My hairdresser recommended this item for me. I have arthritis in one hand, and its difficult to hold a hairdryer, and use a round brush to achieve the style I want. Use it on damp, not soaking wet hair, and it finishes the job with perfect results. I also uae it for retouching up bedhead. Just use on dry hair and poof you are ready for the day!

  55. Lynn

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Brush and dryer

    When it came the brush diameter was larger than I expected so I should have paid attention to that but it still works ok. My hair is just about shoulder length and it’s fine-I just had to get used to the size. For shorter hair I’d recommend a smaller barrel as I think it would be too big to use.

  56. DPDP

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    LOVE IT!

    I absolutely love this brush dryer!! The first 2 pictures Show my hair air drying… which is very curly/wavy/frizzy. The more it dries, the frizier, it gets. The second two pictures show my hair smooth smooth and soft and straight. I dry my hair in sections on low and then once over in cool. My hair tangles easily not with this awesome brush! This is only the second time I’ve used it. I’m sure with more patience and practice, I’ll get my hair even smoother. It is definitely a game changer for me.

    5 people found this helpful

  57. Htlee

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Worth every penny

    Been using this product every time I style my hair now. Works fantastic for smoothing out your hair. Very good for long, thick hair. Drying time is basically cut in half with this tool. I do use a smaller sized brush for my bangs though. When I used this on my bangs they came out really crazy. Should work for longer bangs. I’m really happy I bought this. One of the best buys this year.

  58. Lori M Hutfles

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Decided to buy this on the recommendation of a friend… had been saving for the Dyson version of this… and she said to save the money.So glad I bought this brush/dryer!!! It’s cut my morning prep time in half and given me a much more consistent blowout !

  59. Omar Ascencio

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect for novice users.

    It is so easy to use!!! I’ve never bought a product like this for my hair. I’ve always just had a regular blow dryer. Honestly I just didn’t know how to use a tool like this. It’s is so easy to use and my hair looks great. I love it.

  60. Claudia Helmke

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Gives greta results + easy to use!

    I have straight, medium length, and somewhat thick hair, and I love this tool! After I apple leave-in conditioner and heat protectant, I go in with this on low heat. It usually only takes me about 20 minutes, and my hair always looks voluminous, sleek, and shiny. Would definitely recommend!

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