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About this item Ivory Original 10 Count Bath Size Bars 4 Oz, 38.8 Ounce 4 Ounces

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Procter and Gamble

Item form


Item weight

1.18 Kilograms

Item package quantity


Unit count

1100 gram

Number of Items


Age range (description)


Material type free

Dye Free


Procter & Gamble

Customer Reviews:

3,748 ratings

Place of Business ‏ : ‎

Cincinnati, OH 45202, US

Date First Available ‏ : ‎

Aug. 8 2012

Is discontinued by manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Batteries ‏ : ‎

55 AAA batteries required.

Best Sellers Rank:

#154 in Hand Soaps

ASIN ‏ : ‎


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

5.1 x 15.5 x 19.4 cm; 1.18 Kilograms

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Item dimensions L x W x H

5.1 x 15.5 x 19.4 Centimetres

60 reviews for IVORY SOAP BATH BAR SMPLY IVRY 10X4 OZ Beauty & Personal Care

  1. Nathan Miller

    Good price for good soap

    I prefer Ivory, and basically always have, because it doesn’t contain fragrances and oils that fill most soaps. It’s just soap. I’ve tried most other commercial soaps that are easily available in the US and find that they don’t satisfy me. Some dry out my skin after use (regardless of how much moisture they seem to impart at the time), some have odors that seem pleasant in the shower or at the sink but later simply do not, and some are seemingly made of so little substance that 4 ounces can disappear in twice as much time as Ivory.I figure by the time you’ve made the leap to buying soap on Amazon, you’re likely already familiar with your own soap preferences, so the bottom line on this particular item is this: it’s the best price per ounce. There’s cheaper packages with smaller bar sizes, but this works out to 40 ounces of soap, which should last two people about 4-6 months.The only thing holding me from a higher rating is that there used to be a cheaper package still, with MANY more bars of soap. It seems to have disappeared some time ago.

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  2. NBS

    Just as expected.

    Soap arrived on time and in perfect condition.

  3. Perry E. Meltzer

    It does its job!

    It gets you clean without the perfume smell of most other soaps.

  4. Anne Pearl

    IVORY is the soap that has saved many, from the minute born to the day one dies.

    Since day 1 it is the only BAR SOAP my parents used.That is 100 years ago.All the bets made that I would live to be 100 years old, Jeff Bezos, if you did not bet you lost the bet.BUT, of course, all bets made by men….whether they win or lose.How many would want these bets to happen with very close family….their children, their wives, their husbands, for what.Just to destroy a family, friends? For money?I’ve only just begun….maybe….OR NOT….maybe….Jeffrey is just a ‘scapegoat’ for so many that used him.So, do you think that the WORLD is totally corrupt and dangerous.Jeff is dead.How many men are laughing….many.

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  5. Bran18

    So FUN

    Ok so I can’t really comment on how “soapy’ this stuff is , as we use it to put in the microwave ! Yes you read that right , when you put it in the microwave it makes a fluffy cloud substance that you can play , with and create with . FUN FACT , after having in your microwave for just a mere 30 seconds , your house will smell fresh and amazing , AS IF you’ve actually been cleaning ALL day instead of playing with the kids ! For this price , you buy a ton and have many days of boredom busters ! Have Fun !

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  6. 12 Paw Ranch

    Good basic soap

    It floats, it floats…Ivory soap. That was the punch line to some joke I heard at summer camp as a kid, but I can’t remember the joke. Anyway, it was the first thing I thought about when I ordered this 10-count package of Ivory soap. To be honest, I do not use Ivory soap as my daily soap – it is a little to drying for my skin and I do like some of the fresh scents that are available in soaps like Lever. BUT, what I really wanted this for is emergency preparedness. In an emergency setting, it can be used for so much more than body soap: washing hair, clothes, dishes. The results would not be perfect, but for emergencies you want something versatile. It is a great size/price for that use, and it is easy to store. I do use it as a body soap too, especially when I want to feel really clean – but daily use would be drying on my skin, especially in winter.

  7. randy pritts


    Good the best

  8. Alacer

    Great soap that floats and comes in flat bars

    This soap cleans well and leaves little residue compared to others. It floats in Baltimore city tap water. However it does have a pile of ingredients including fragrance, essential oils and moisturizer. It contains tallow, an animal product, or palm oil. It floats because air is pumped into it during manufacture, not only because of purity.I like that it comes in flat bars, not curved like many other soaps, making it easier to retain in a holder.It’s expensive on AMZN – more than 2x the price at my local grocery store GiantFood), although I had to request it on threat of purchase from AMZN.

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  9. Sherrie L. Colbourn

    A clean clean that is so good for you too!

    My doctor recommended Ivory Soap when I began to have more serious skin problems as reached 70. My skin looks and feels wonderful again!

  10. Lillian G.

    shrinked size

    Package was torn open and each bar shrinkedn in size.

  11. ps

    Same as the North Ameriacan soap

    Cannot buy Ivory in the UK for some reason, but this is the same as you can buy in North America

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  12. Tim

    Pure soap

    Great stuff. Been using it for many years. Pure soap. Don’t need anything else.

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  13. 桃山



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  14. Heather Krause

    Simply clean!

    I don’t like using soaps with additives… deodorant, moisturizers, etc. All I want from my soap is CLEAN, which this provides. If I want other skin care, I’ll add it separately where needed after my skin is clean. You have to love the ads talking about how “soap” is harsh and dries your skin when a primary use of Ivory is for babies. This is gentle but efficient and doesn’t leave “gunk” behind that can cause adverse reactions.

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  15. Kentish lass

    It’s soap!

    It’s a bar of soap. You wash yourself with it and it makes you smell nice. Also, it floats.

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  16. Fargo Rob

    Good solid soap bar, gives exactly what it’s name implies.

    Ivory as a pure soap has no perfumes, no dies, and no fillers. All of which leave traces on your shower or bath. Ivory soap cuts down on the cleaning and scrubbing needed to maintain your bathroom.Also great for allergy sufferers as there is little to nothing here to irritate. I don’t get dry skin from using this soap, and it can be used for almost any kind of household cleaning, such as spot stain removal. Soap’s properties are such that the soap attaches to grease. Oil. Bacteria, blood and other stains so that they lift off of whatever surface they are on. Ivory’s purity leads itsextraordinarily well to this task, leaving no residue or dye stain on light colored cloth. Exceptional for secondary usage.Soap can also be easily carved into shapes for craft work. Versatile product in its natural form.

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  17. Smokie

    Fast dispatch!!

    This soap is amazing, foams very easy so not much needed and it is soft and creamy, plus it does float!! Would highly recommend it for all skin types as there is no harmful additives!!

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  18. Bahbie

    My favorite soap

    I had trouble finding Ivory Bath Size in stores. That size is more economical and, of course, lasts longer. Ivory rinses off completely and quickly and doesn’t leave me feeling slimy or dry my skin which is why I buy it. I recommend

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  19. dattesun


    1970年来我が家のお風呂石鹸でこれまで米国旅行の度に仕入れていましたが難無くアマゾンでしかも在宅で手に入るので安堵しています。子供がアトピー症で米国の友人から薦められて始まったMy Favorite Soupです。

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  20. Tyler Carpenter

    Rock tumbling final process

    We use this for the final cleaning process in rock tumbling. Let the bar dry out and cut thin slices for adding to the rocks and warm water and let tumble for a few hours to remove all polish and debris.Works great for really bringing the shine out of a polished rock

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  21. Amazon Customer

    Nice soap

    I have used the soap for a science experiment and the children loved it! Plus it smells amazing!

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  22. Amazon カスタマー



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  23. colleen

    Ivory soap, fine in the bath

    Works well

  24. Aaron

    Ivory Soap is great for many reasons

    I have been buying Ivory liquid hand soap for as long as I can remember because it was one of the last remaining soaps that didn’t have the anti-bacterial properties and added chemicals.Years ago they stopped selling liquid Ivory hand soap in stores and I could not find it anywhere online. So now I use the Ivory soap bars coupled with a moisturizing soap to make my own liquid hand soap and then pour it into dispensers for our sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms. Each batch makes a gallon and only uses 2 bars of Ivory and 1 bar of moisturizing soap. Goodbye dry hands.If you are looking for a high quality more natural soap these Ivory bars are the way to go. Whether you are making hand soap or just simply using them in the shower!

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  25. Amazon Customer

    As described. Has random scent that is hard to place

    As described. Has random scent that is hard to place though, not bad but not super pleasant either. Maybe like a very mild lemon or citrus cleaning product. This is just my opinion, the product itself is ok but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy this again.

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  26. Always Looking for the Truth

    Great tooth brushing soap! No coated tongue in the morning, and doesn’t taste bad at all!

    I once read about a 94 year old man, whose mouth was in pristine condition. He was in World War II, and when the soldiers couldn’t get toothpaste, they used Ivory soap to brush their teeth. His gums were pink and tight, and he did not have any dental decay. If he was between 17 and 20 when in the war, that means he used Ivory soap to brush his teeth for about 65 years!Am using it, and will update as time goes on.

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  27. CAPE


    I have super sensitive skin. I alternate this soap with a moisturizing soap because it has a tendency to dry my skin. I don’t have any bad reactions to it like I do other soaps so I would say it does not bother my sensitive skin. It has a mild, clean fragrance which is nice, not over powering. One of the dings was packaging. The outer package opened in shipping which means it was not very strong to begin with. The wrapper on the individual soaps got wet and dried. The wrappers now come off in bits and sticks to the soap. I have to run it under water to remove the wrapper and then I have a gooey mess. If not for the two wrappers i would have given more stars but wrappers are important when buying bulk.

  28. eva

    female must buy for sensitive skin

    Very hard to find and not for sure why.This is the only female gentle soap that does not irritate..I have used this soap for years.There was a time when I could not find the Ivory until I found on Amazon.A+ on sensitive skin and an overall body soap

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  29. Amazon Customer

    Soap cured in the wrapping?

    I took 5mins to unwrap a bar. This has been getting worse with Ivory. It’s almost as if they are packaging the product before it is fully cured and dried. That or they are warehousing it in a very damp location.Other than that, I love product and have been using it most of my life.

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  30. Neal

    Why Can’t We Just Buy These In The Supermarket or Drugstore? They’re Great!

    It’s about time that those who make decisions with regard to where products are placed should be replaced. Maybe they’re being paid off, but it’s been a while since I’ve been able to find Ivory soap bars. Nowadays everybody is selling body jell and stuff like that. Forget it! Ivory is the best soap there is, is available at a very reasonable cost, but for some reason isn’t at eye surface on retailer’s counters. That’s gotta end, folks.

  31. Hans Tanzer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    If you want clean an no sent this is your product!

    Works great and no after smell. Also floats!

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  32. Greg Griesbach

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good product.

    It is soap!!!

  33. Cindy

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Supposed to be 4 oz bars

    I needed the larger 4 oz bars and received 3 oz bars instead. Still good soap but not what I needed. Seller responded quickly when contacted and apologized.

  34. PNL

    1.0 out of 5 stars


    After doing research, the BATHSIZE ivory soap is (4) ounces whereas the normal size is between 3 and 3.5 ounces. This soap measured on a postal scale came at 3.4 ounces. There was a sticker attached to the package claiming it was 4 ounces and Bathsize. Do not buy from this seller.

  35. Don Evancio

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good size

    I bought this because you can’t find it in stores anymore & I liked buying this size of soap bars.

  36. cherissa

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    Crazy price

    $26 for 10 bars when you can buy in the store for $5 is ridiculous. Stealing at its best

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  37. Kevin Elliott

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    I don’t like mushrooms

    It’s an odd thing but I don’t like how the bar breaks down. You loose the middle before the ends and end up loosing about an ounce of the bar when you throw it away

  38. 4uido

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Its soap.

    The only reason I bought it is that is almost 100% natural. Seamed a bit pricey but hard to find.

  39. David L Fisher

    Clean , fresh , pure soap

    Leaves your skin clean and fresh smelling. An old brand revisited!

  40. 使いはじめて40年


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  41. kat

    Toller Seifengeruch

    Bin mit dieser Seife aufgewachsen, das ist der natürlichste Duft und ein sanfte Pflege.

  42. John Power

    Soap that floats!

    Nice scent and smooth texture. Great as a bath soap, as it floats and doesn’t sink.

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  43. Toffy C.

    Lo que muestra es

    Muy Satisfecho

  44. Karl W.

    Very nice

    This soap smells so good I love it

  45. SK



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  46. Schneider

    Toller Duft

    Toller einzigartiger Duft !!!

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  47. philip brett


    This is the best soap you can buy, its so pure it floats.

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  48. ACS MN


    Exactly what I ordered–promptly and at a fair price.

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  49. バレー部



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  50. まかろん



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  51. Yvonne H Ruiz

    The right size.

    Love Ivory soap. Sudsy, clean scent.

  52. Catherine

    It’s the BEST!

    I Love this bar soap, and I have eczema and dry skin. There are very few ingredients (which is a great thing), and I can barely smell any fragrance, very subtle!

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  53. Braylan

    It’s good!

    It’s ivory soap, ya know. It does lather well and rinse off cleanly. And I was using it to take care of my tattoos because there’s no scent. You get a lot for a good price!

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  54. Myles

    More affordable option for my own soap allergies

    Sometime during my adulthood, I slowly started having “contact allergies” with various soaps. Bath soaps, laundry soaps… I don’t even use fabric softener anymore.Previously, I was using Cetaphil bar soap (for about 5 years), which worked well for me, but I thought I would try Ivory soap for a while and ease my budget a bit. It had been years since I used Ivory soap, but I don’t recall not liking it… I think I just moved on to more perfumed soaps… until the allergies started.I made the switch about 6 months ago, and so far, I am very pleased with Ivory soap. I have had no allergy-like symptoms. It is a bit more “drying” to my skin, but I tend to have more “oily” skin, so that hasn’t been a problem so far. I used it during the Winter and Spring… and now Summer is arriving, so I believe I will stay with Ivory for a while. It’s a good, basic soap and suits my needs well.

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  55. Robert C Faiella

    A Great old sent that I remember as a kid.

    Memories is what this product brings

  56. Lorraine Baughman

    All Over Good

    Ivory soap has been used on me and by me for 88 years. Great stuff. Use it on your baby, self, home, clothes, on and on., It’s integrity has been kept which is why it is still used today. Can’t beat it. If I had to choose one all around soap it would Ivory.

  57. melissa sircher

    That it works good and it does.

    Nothing it’s what my dad likes and we have trouble finding and he loves it that we can’t find it on Amazon! Great!

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  58. Amazon Customer

    Affordable basic bar soap

    An American staple, a quality, long-lasting soap bar still at a very reasonable price: recommended!

  59. Amazon Customer

    Quality and price

    The price was more than twice that I can get them from retail stores, what a rip off!!!

  60. Wendy Deaton

    Old Fashioned girl

    Ivory soap has been my go-to soap since birth! I used it exclusively growing up but as an adult experimented with other brands to see if there was something superior to my favorite.. Eighty years in, I always go back to can count on it in every way..

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