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Hikari USA Inc AHK25210 Marine S Pellets – 50g Buy Online at Best Price in KSA – Souq is now Pet Supplies

(59 customer reviews)

About this item Brand: Hikari Type: pet food Packed with a host of goodness Hygienic packaging

Product Dimensions

‎8.89 x 2.54 x 12.7 cm; 50 g

Item model number


Pet Life Stage

‎All Life Stages



Item form


Number of Items




batteries required


Batteries Included


Item weight

50 Grams



Customer Reviews

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4.6 out of 5 stars


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4.6 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#3,179 in Pet Supplies (See Top 100 in Pet Supplies) #4 in Aquarium Fish Food

Date First Available

7 August 2012





Diet type


Age range (description)

All Life Stages

Unit count

50 gram

Package information




59 reviews for Hikari USA Inc AHK25210 Marine S Pellets – 50g Buy Online at Best Price in KSA – Souq is now Pet Supplies

  1. Client d’Amazon

    Nano recifal

    Je possède un couple de poisson clown et il raffole de ces mini granulé.


    Ottimo alimenti per i pesci del marino.

    Molto bene prodotto di qualità premium! Sono arrivato a lui dal passaparola e lo consiglio sempre a tutti quelli che hanno un marino con pesci piccoli.Censisco questo prodotto dopo diversi mesi dall’acquisto e posso dire che…Usato per 5 pesci pagliaccio dalla dimensione iniziale di 1,5 cm. Subito è stato preso dai pesci che non lo hanno mai rifiutato. I pesci hanno sempre un ottimo colore e non hanno mai avuto problemi con questa alimentazione.La confezione ha la chiusura salva freschezza che ne consente la conservazione anche se nel mobile è presente la sump.Il pellet si presenta di forma sferica dalla misura di circa 2 millimetri, non si sgretola e non fa polvere (l’ho verificato svuotando il sacchetto) mai visto prima risultati del genere.

  3. Amy

    My fish love it

    This salt water fish food is awesome I can feed my top, middle and bottom feeders simultaneously!

    One person found this helpful

  4. Ole Ole

    Nemo loves it

    And asking for more

  5. Pavan singari

    Value for money

    Quality food

  6. Defontaine


    Les poissons aiment. Hikari le matin et décongelé le soir : ils ont bien grossi

  7. Eric b.


    My fish love it

  8. Steve Bison

    Fish and inverts go crazy for these pellets.

    Everything in the tank goes crazy for these pellets. Perfect size for small fish. They sink after a few seconds and swell up a little bit, but don’t break up or turn the water cloudy. Shrimp love them too as do nasarius snails and even my algae blenny! Out of all the foods that I use this one is the most avidly sought after! Any uneaten food will sit on the sand without breaking up until consumed by the clean up crew. Any pellets that happen to fall on coral polyps will also be sucked down by the polyp. Excellent! The hermit crabs scurry around as soon as the pellets go in the water. It is the best marine food I’ve used.

    One person found this helpful

  9. walt146

    Good product

    Sinks very slowly and hovers mid level in my 40 gal reef tank allows fish time to eat it all before it hits the sand. Grane size is a little small i will get the larger size next time.

    2 people found this helpful

  10. Jef

    cleaner shrimp and hermit crab love it! They dont get it time to dissolve

    my salt water marine Nemo Clown fish , cleaner shrimp and hermit crab love it ! They dont get it time to dissolve. Dont overfeed as it does create yucky mess at bottom of the tank

    One person found this helpful

  11. Andrea Fers

    Acquario marino

    Cibo pesci

  12. HD

    Petit poissons clows et demoiselle en raffolent

    Très bien pour les petits poissons ,à mettre dans distributeur automatique.

  13. Barbara Mohr

    Don’t sink too fast.

    My fish love these. But they are picky now and will only eat them. Hard to get variety into them now.

  14. Ryan S

    My fish seem to love it

    This food works well for my smaller reef fishes. They all seem to love it and go right after it as soon as I put some in the water.

    One person found this helpful

  15. Dbee

    Clownfish damsels firegobi tangs

    clownfish and firegobies love it, damsels maybe a little. my tangs and angel gulp it downusing for years never wasted any

  16. Mr M Joss

    Perfect for small marine fish

    Got these for my new 2 clownfish .. but I found one of my Clowns started swimming weird after a few days.. I watched when he ate and was gulping air too .. so probably upset his swim bladder.. sorted with a frozen pea each day for a few days .. started soaking the pellets before feeding and no trouble since ..

  17. j j

    Tres bien

    Mes demoiselles et clooow adorent.

  18. stuart

    Rocket fuel for fish!

    Ive been using hikari marine s for about 12 years, and with over 30 years experience with marine fish I have never found a dry food to rival it!First of all this food is designed for small fish, that is fish under 3 inches. Young clownfish, small grammas, dottybacks, wrasses etc. If your fish are larger get the hikari marine A.This product contains garlic which does stimulate feeding so you should find most fish will readily accept it after a day or two.Be careful when feeding, as theses pellets are tiny and it is easy to put way too much food in the tank with just one pinch. I generally just carefully dispense about one pellet per fish, watch them eat it then repeat until they have had their fill. This ensures all the food is eaten and none is left over to contaminate the tank.Fish colour does improve slightly while using this food, but be aware it is very high in protein and will make fish grow very fast! For very young fish this is a good thing up to a point, but do not overdo it, supplement their diet with other foods that are not so potent! Or you may run into all sorts of problems!This is probably the best marine food on the market bar none, if used sensibly.It is rocket fuel for fish!

    6 people found this helpful

  19. Valentin


    Trop petit pour des axolotl

  20. Luis Pineiro


    My fish are so happy when I feed them this. They love it.

  21. Helloyellow

    Good quality

    Small pellets. Perfect for small fish. My fish loves it.

  22. courault didier

    Très bon produit

    Aquariophilie marine

  23. Gavin Jenkins

    Fish love it

    Great food in a small size and all my fish eat it all up

  24. Casco

    Great fish food!

    High quality fish food from a trusted brand! All my fish go crazy for this food, pellets sink slowly so everyone can get a bite to eat.Everyone is fat, happy and healthy with eating this food!

    One person found this helpful

  25. JJ

    Very good

    Very good the fishes like them

  26. Patricia


    Ideal para mis peces marinos, llego muy rapido

  27. Chris O

    Stinky treats for fish & clean up crew

    These tiny pellets float for a while and some sink quite quickly, ideal for all types of feeders. Fish love then & hermit crabs and snails seem to relish them too.Will but again.

  28. jose l.



  29. Twilia

    Came on time

    I got it for my nemo fish he loves it good price the bag lasts lasting a while…

  30. barun

    It is expensive, but does good job.

    I just setup a Marine aquarium, and last week I added 2 small clownfish. Now they are tamed enough, probably for my taming skills but foods helped a lot, now they love it.

    2 people found this helpful

  31. mike kameka

    Fish love it

    Fish go crazy for it

  32. A. P

    Great food for marine fish

    Best quality of food for marine fishes and it get srink very slowly so fishes finished it before it reaches buttom

  33. Praveen R

    Great food for small marine fishes.

    I’ve been into marine hobby for a long time and always loved Hikari products. They are nutritious, probably tasty and don’t leave any excessive amount of waste in the tank.

  34. Phil

    Great value

    Great value!

  35. Amz Shopper

    I bought it for my saltwater angel fish

    Yes. My regal angel fish loves it . Very hard to feed but great success with this product!!!!

    3 people found this helpful

  36. Gary Parker

    Hikari is the best aquarium food, and this Marine S version is perfect for my clownfish

    Hikari is the best aquarium food by far. Ask any expert. The price seems high, but actually it lasts a long time, so it works out fine. The quality is sky high. The fish seem to like it better than any other brand. It works better than any other brand I know – for example, it floats longer and sinks slower, so fish eat it before it gets abandoned on the bottom, which means a cleaner tank. This particular version (Marine S) is perfect for my clownfish.

  37. Luc Tremblay

    Bonne nouriture

    Les poissons l’adorent

  38. Kezza

    Good value for money

    My fish and inverts loves these.They sink and easy for your live stock to eat.

  39. Amit Choudhary

    One Star

    my fishes do not touch it at all

  40. Bing

    My Clownfish LOVE IT SO MUCH

    I’ve been feeding this for a week now. Never seen my clownfish and watchman gobie fight for the food this much lol. They definitely love it!

    One person found this helpful

  41. S.W.

    Fish Love This!

    My big old marine fish love this stuff! I just wish it was faster sinking! Will buy again.

  42. Ida Know

    Good value

    Good value

  43. Client d’Amazon

    Clowns loves

    Fishes loves

  44. nice27


    Good growth and color from fish and they like it and not a lot of phosphate released

  45. jb

    Fish love this

    Our clown fish love this they are spitting out all the other food we try now

  46. Amazon Customer


    Have been using it for the past 3 yrs. It’s okay. I do a mix n match. Never rely on a single type/brand of food. I taste myself first. Tastewise not much difference than other food/brands.

    One person found this helpful

  47. ROHAN

    Great food for small marine fishes

    Hikari marine S is great food for small marine fish. Even new fish readily accept the food granuale. The packing n granuale are exact.

  48. Christopher C.

    Clownfish didn’t like it.

    My clownfish didn’t like it but my cleanup crew seems to. When my clownfish tried it, it spit it back out. Seemed to fall apart quickly. Will try when I get more fish. Was told that this fish food is one of the best. I guess mine is picky!

    One person found this helpful

  49. Caitlin

    My clownfish love them

    It smells strong like fish, my clownfish love them! They are very small and don’t sink as fast as I’d like but good quality!

  50. JJ

    Smells like fish

    Sinks better than some of the other sinking pellets I’ve tried. This stuff actually smells like fish so seems better for my critters than just normal dried pellets.

  51. Paulson Varghese

    Crown fishes liked this feed very much

    Crown fishes liked this feed very much

  52. Amazon Customer

    Very high ash content

    After using these pellets I have decided I don’t like Hikari as a brand all together.These pellets are chalked full of ash and dirty your tank very quickly.Their frozen mysis are damn near microscopic and my fish won’t eat themThe ONLY thing I will ever buy from Hikari again is frozen blood worms.If you are looking for a GOOD saltwater pellet that your fish will go bananas for??You HAVE to try PE mysis brand pellets. They will not disappoint you and that’s a promise!!!

  53. Curtis L. Brown

    Very small

    They are so small and go immediately to the bottom of the aquarium.

  54. Felix Vazquez

    My fishes really love the food

    You can really tell the difference with the fish when you change to the food

  55. Andruxa

    Good product

    For small reef fish

  56. Muhammad Fawad Shoaib

    Excellent Product

    Excellent product for the price you paid for.

  57. Amelia Hobden

    Showed up open.

    Bag showed up open. Not cool

  58. Mauro

    As described

    As described

  59. ranch_land

    Great pellet food for marine fish

    My marine fish love, love this food, and I also spot feed my acans with this food! They love it too!

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