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Handcraft Castor Oil with Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth, Eyelashes, Eyebrows – Hair Styling Oil – 100% Pure and Natural Carrier Oil Hair, Body Oil – Moisturizing Massage Oil for Aromatherapy – 8 fl. Oz Beauty

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About this item 100% PURE & NATURAL CASTOR OIL – Our castor carrier oil is used for essential oils mixing, hair care skin care, aromatherapy massage and has endless uses. HAIR GROWTH OIL AND HAIR STYLING OIL – Castor Oil helps moisturize and strengthen hair follicles locking in moisture in hair shaft for healthier looking hair. A moisturizing hair oil for women and men, is good for all hair types. CASTOR OIL FOR EYELASHES AND EYEBROWS – Castor oil is full of nutrients that promote natural lash growth and hair growth. Known to help strengthen eye lashes and eyebrows to create a naturally full lash line. ROSEMARY CASTOR OIL FOR HAIR GROWTH CAN USE FOR HAIR STYLING – Rosemary essential oil is a natural hair growth oil for healthy hair growth and dry scalp treatment. Rosemary oil is soothing on the scalp and a perfect hair oil for dry damaged hair. NATURAL SKIN MOISTURIZER – Adding castor oil to your skincare routine can help nourish and hydrate the skin. It contains many awesome fatty acids that deeply penetrate the skin and retain moisture.


‎Handcraft Blends

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‎7.3 x 0.33 x 15.8 cm; 290 g



Date First Available

24 August 2022

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4.6 out of 5 stars


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4.6 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

59 in Beauty (See Top 100 in Beauty) 1 in Hair Styling Oils 1 in Carrier Oils

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8 Fluid Ounces

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Handcraft Blends

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236.59 millilitre

Item volume

8 Fluid Ounces

60 reviews for Handcraft Castor Oil with Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth, Eyelashes, Eyebrows – Hair Styling Oil – 100% Pure and Natural Carrier Oil Hair, Body Oil – Moisturizing Massage Oil for Aromatherapy – 8 fl. Oz Beauty

  1. Canadian Gal

    Product meets expectations

    Used this for dark circles and puffiness under my eyes, seems to be working, will order again

  2. Stephanie

    Great for dry skin

    I have terrible dry skin all year round. This has no scent which is great. It is very moisturizing. I used it all over my body including my face. I let it soak in for a few minutes before applying makeup and I do not look greasy but feel smooth. I will keep purchasing this.

  3. Sallee

    Ideal for soap

    This product is an ideal oil for soap making at home. The price is good, and you will get nice smooth soap out of it.

    One person found this helpful

  4. B

    Great for men’s hair

    I bought this originally for my own hair. I was hoping to use it for hair growth and just overall scalp health, but it’s wayyy too heavy for my hair. It just leaves it oily and hard to comb through. My husband tried it and loves it. He uses it for styling. His texture is thicker and it almost works like a pomade for him. A little goes a long way. His last bottle lasted a couple of years, actually. I haven’t used it for anything else, but it seems good quality. I’ve seen different brands that feel like there are different additives. This feels like virgin castor oil.

  5. Juan Antonio Chavez

    Muy espeso no se si sea normal o sea más bueno q normal solo acia conprado el austituto

    No es como tan agradable su olor no se pero me imajino q los aceites extra o orgánicos así son yo e holvido el de oliva y de cierta manera se párese no se si es de su agrado llega sin errores

  6. Gayani Apsara Ranasinghe

    Perfect for my three oil combo

    I tried three oils recently to keep my hair smoother and healthier, rosemary, pumpkin, and castor oil. I purchased this product as a part of that project. So far, the results is pretty good.

    One person found this helpful


    Wrong package.

    I would prefer if the castor oil is presented in glass bottle.

  8. Laura

    Excelente producto 👌

    Excelente producto para el crecimiento de pestañas y para la piel también 👌

    One person found this helpful

  9. Barbara L. Justice

    This is very nice product

    Having been advised to apply castor oil to my abdomen every night before bed, I was reluctant at first because the oil was runny and thin and got all over everything. I ordered this larger bottle so I could continue using it as advised to see if it worked. This oil is much much thicker than other castor oils I have used, therefore, when I put it in my hand to rub onto my abdomen, it doesn’t leak or spill out right away. It is rich and luxurious, so thick that it is slow to run out of my hand. Also the viscosity is a plus when rubbing it into my skin. Haven’t had any of this castor oil spill out of my hand onto my clothes or bedsheets. I will buy it again.

    3 people found this helpful

  10. Kandice EasonKandice Eason

    Great quality

    Its is everything that you wouls like a good castor oil to be. It is very thick. It definitely has a smell but the black castor oil is known for that distinct burnt, smokey, roasted smell. I love it and use it daily. Great value for the price!

    18 people found this helpful

  11. Jovy Lamoste

    5.0 out of 5 stars



  12. kimme

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great buy

    Good price for such a big bottle 👍🏼

  13. Puvanes

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    No regrets so amazed with this castor oil .love it

    I like everything about this oil. I use it for my eczema on my face. My skin feel so much better n brighter too .The rashes is slowly going off and I have trust on castor oil .

  14. Wng

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    very oily and hard to apply

    Too oily and sticky – probably due to castor oil.

  15. dsh


    Bien satisfait.

  16. christina l

    Nourishing My Hair and Skin: A Review of Castor Oil with Rosemary Oil

    I’ve always been intrigued by natural remedies for hair and skin care, so I decided to try out a blend of Castor Oil with Rosemary Oil. Known for their nourishing properties, these oils promised to be a potent combination for both hair and skin health. Here’s what I discovered:Product Overview:This oil blend combines the richness of castor oil, renowned for its hydrating and hair-strengthening qualities, with rosemary oil, known for stimulating hair growth and improving skin complexion.Texture and Scent:The oil is fairly thick, which is typical for castor oil, but it spreads easily. The rosemary scent is prominent but not overwhelming, adding a refreshing herbal note.Application and Absorption:I used it primarily for my hair, applying it to the scalp and lengths. Despite its thickness, it absorbed relatively well. I also used a small amount on my skin, particularly on dry areas, and found it surprisingly nourishing without being greasy.Hair Benefits:Over several weeks, I noticed my hair feeling stronger and looking shinier. The combination seems to deeply moisturize the scalp and hair. Also, the rosemary oil’s potential for boosting hair growth seems to hold true, as I noticed some improvement in hair thickness.Skin Benefits:For skin, this oil provided deep hydration. I particularly liked using it on my elbows and knees, areas prone to dryness. It helped in smoothing and softening the skin.Packaging and Ease of Use:The oil comes in a practical bottle, often with a dropper, making it easy to use without mess. The packaging is simple and functional.Value for Money:Considering the multifaceted benefits of this oil blend for both hair and skin, I found it to be an excellent investment. It’s a natural, versatile product that goes a long way.Final Thoughts:The Castor Oil with Rosemary Oil blend is a delightful discovery for anyone looking for natural hair and skin solutions. Its nourishing properties are evident, and regular use definitely shows positive results. I would recommend it to those seeking a natural, effective option for hair growth and skin hydration.

    59 people found this helpful

  17. Cherith A. Keeton

    Excellent Handcraft Blends Organic Castor Oil

    Handcraft Blends Organic Castor Oil is nothing short of a miracle elixir for those seeking to enhance their hair growth and beauty routine naturally. Here’s why I swear by this pure and organic product:Premium Quality: Handcraft Blends takes pride in sourcing only the finest organic ingredients, and their castor oil is no exception. Extracted from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant, this oil is cold-pressed to preserve its natural nutrients and purity. As a result, every drop is packed with nourishing properties that promote healthy hair and skin.Hair Growth and Thickness: I’ve personally experienced remarkable improvements in my hair’s thickness and growth since incorporating this castor oil into my routine. Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins, it nourishes the scalp, strengthens hair follicles, and stimulates growth from the roots. Regular use has helped me achieve thicker, fuller hair that’s visibly healthier and more vibrant.Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancement: For those looking to enhance their eyelashes and eyebrows, this castor oil works wonders. Its natural conditioning properties nourish and moisturize the delicate hairs, promoting growth and thickness over time. I’ve noticed significant improvement in both length and volume, giving my lashes and brows a fuller, more defined appearance.Multipurpose Benefits: Beyond hair growth, this organic castor oil offers a myriad of benefits for overall skin and beauty care. Its deeply moisturizing properties hydrate dry skin, soothe irritation, and promote a clear, radiant complexion. I often use it as a natural moisturizer, massage oil, or makeup remover, and the results are consistently impressive.Pure and Organic: One of the key reasons I trust Handcraft Blends is their commitment to purity and quality. Their castor oil is 100% pure and organic, free from additives, chemicals, or artificial fragrances. This ensures that I’m using a safe and natural product that delivers real results without compromising on integrity.Easy Application: The convenient dropper bottle makes it easy to dispense the perfect amount of oil without wastage. Whether applying directly to the scalp, lashes, or brows, or mixing it into DIY hair masks and serums, the precise dropper ensures mess-free application and maximum efficiency.Sustainable and Ethical: Handcraft Blends prioritizes sustainability and ethical sourcing practices, ensuring that their products are eco-friendly and cruelty-free. Knowing that I’m supporting a brand that values both the planet and its inhabitants adds an extra layer of satisfaction to my purchase.In conclusion, Handcraft Blends Organic Castor Oil is a true gem in the realm of natural beauty products. With its premium quality, transformative benefits for hair growth and beauty, pure and organic formulation, easy application, and commitment to sustainability, it’s a must-have for anyone seeking to enhance their natural beauty regimen.

    6 people found this helpful

  18. Fati m


    This oil is perfect for moisturizing all over body, lips and hair. No fragrance. Light oil. So light that I am using it as a hand cream. My nails have improved dramatically. I havn’t chipped a nail since I started using it on my hands and nails. It’s non-greasy so I m not leaving oil marks on clothes or all around the house. When I go out I use it as base on my hands and then use hand cream on top of it and it’s perfect. I use it with Guasha stone for my face. My skin is ultra sensitive but I have had no problem using it on my face. No breakouts anywhere. I am using it quite liberally and it’s lasted me over 3 months.

    3 people found this helpful

  19. Fast delivery

    Worth it

    Fast delivery, great size & price

  20. Angel

    Aceite de castor

    Lo usamos para la piel y el cabelloMuy bueno lo recomiendo al 100%

  21. Marilyn Schultz

    Provides the claimed benefits…what more can you ask for!

    Regular, topical use of castor oil has many benefits, as claimed – it softens skin, promotes health hair and nails, and is a good regulator for the body. I use this brand for castor-oil packs that I wear nightly on my waist/stomach/back and my neck. It’s a good value based on size vs. price and I have zero complaints. I have repurchased several times – it does last a while.

  22. Zuri Carluq


    El mejor producto en relación a precio y cantidad. Venía completamente sellado y con buen embalaje

  23. Amazon Customer

    Plastic particles

    It comes in a plastic bottle instead of glass I will never order this again

  24. Milad

    Looks good

    It seems to be a good product thanks

    One person found this helpful

  25. Deb07

    Good stuff, soft skin… I needed this

    Started researching castor oil and its benefits, so I purchased this one due to reviews. I blend it with my nightly Trader Joe’s brand lotion, cover my face, eyelids, and neck. I can feel such a huge difference in the softness of my skin! I have been using for a month now, and hoping it will reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I have also used this with castor oil pads on my liver, as well as in and around my belly button at bedtime. When I use it in my belly button, I sleep SO heavy and restful! I do tend to have very intense dreams, but maybe that is because it helps me go into a deeper sleep.

    9 people found this helpful

  26. dsa_21

    Good quality

    The concentration of oil is thicker than the ones i used before. Good quality

    One person found this helpful

  27. Tina Sarabia

    too sticky

    too sticky

  28. Instagram @i000

    Nice & Thick

    I love this stuff so much I bought another one, but different scent. It’s thick like JLO back in the day; So you know it’s good! If you use it on your skin it’s best to lather up when damp, because it’s so thick of a oil.

  29. Sharon

    Use this for everything

    Honestly amazing. I use this as a hair mask, face mask, I mix it with my daily lotion for moisturizing, ect. Since I have been using it as a hair mask (soak hair and let it sit for about 30 minutes), my hair has never been healthier. I have long thick bleach blonde hair.

  30. Susan Jean Robins

    Great for hair growth, body pain, and making skin appear tighter

    Love this product, and I have found many uses for it! The quality for price is AMAZING. The texture of the oil is thick and wonderful. Easy to spread without being slippery. The smell is soft and herbal. I originally bought this for hair growth, which it does seem to be promoting hair growth on my head. I have also been using it on my breasts, to tighten loose skin from breastfeeding. And on my stomach to tighten skin there as well from pregnancy. I do see a difference in my skin, it does seem tighter in those areas. ALSO I even started using this for my hip and lower back pain. I just rub it on right when I get in the shower, then let the water rinse it off as I wash myself. I have also applied it after the shower for pain. I do think it works, and I keep doing it. Have bought two bottles now.

    43 people found this helpful

  31. Jason

    Simple review for a great simple product

    It gets the job done and literally comes in a bigger container than I can purchase in stores so it’s perfect. Great as a moisturizer and actually helps me deal with my eczema when I have flair ups miraculously. I didn’t find any crazy ingredients in it, they kept it plain and simple and we’ll be purchasing this again when we’re close to running out.As far as scent and presentation are concerned I don’t know what to say there. It’s castor oil. Smells like it, looks like it, and I’m glad we made the purchase.Also, they give you two tops! Ones a top that allows you to tilt the bottle and squeeze to get it and the other is like the soap dispenser tops that you press on to get the substance so it’s nice having those options! That is all, thank you for a good product!

    One person found this helpful

  32. M Balfour

    How thick the oil is

    I use castor oil before going to bed on my legs, arms neck and face. The oil is thick but easy to apply

  33. Manon Martin


    Parmi beaucoup d’essai de différentes huiles, c’est la meilleure que j’ai utilisé. Elle hydrate bien, soigne drastiquement et rends mes cheveux magnifiques et soyeux en plus de sentir très bonne.

    3 people found this helpful

  34. Mrs. Rudkin

    Wow. just wow

    Used this after at home cavitation and let me tell you the rosemary and castor oil helped to get everything flowing and bring down swelling. So much so I was super tired. Put this in my hair and on my nails. Noticed a difference in nails first day. This was my first day adding this to routine and it showed me it was working. Update: does great for fast and awesome pain relief after workout when you get lactic acid and reduces pimples. Using everyday on face and eyebrows overnight. Very thick for hair so I would recommend going easy. I put to much in hair it was so hard to wash out but I’m loving it for everything else.

    10 people found this helpful

  35. Perdue Home


    This product is amazing. I add it to my hair color and it made my hair soft and shiney and helped to make it grow. It is so versitle, I can’t wait see what all it can do. The smell is great also.

    5 people found this helpful

  36. EL

    Its so think but it doesnt smell

    I wasnt expecting this to be so thick, but it is. I use it on my skin, mainly legs and it keeps them nice and glossy during the summer months.

  37. Patsy


    Very thick and gloopy. Does not absorb well and feels very uncomfortable on the skin. Perhaps it needs to be diluted with some other liquid?

  38. D McKenzie

    Great body oil

    Love this stuff, My skin is so dry living in the desert, I was using Coconut Oil instead of lotion. This is much easier to use and the skin absorbs it quickly, love the way it makes my skin feel and how it makes my face look so moist.

  39. ETB


    Love this Castor Oil ! Been using it for almost a year. Works wonderful on my skin, I sometimes mix it with my body lotion or alone a little goes along way. Use it on my face, hair, body, feet at night and under eyes, around eyes and eye brows n lashes, it’s helping them grow longer. Remember a little goes along way. Smells good takes a while to absorb. It helps with my neuropathy in my hands n feet I mix it with aspercream gel works great, helps to relieve relax my muscle pain after a hot shower n workout. I also put some in my bottles of shampoo and rinse, leave in conditioners, about 3-5 pumps depending on size of bottles, shake up.An old fashion remedy brought back with new lifelines. Hope it works well for you too, give it time.

    9 people found this helpful

  40. ismarei


    Me encantó, es lo que yo esperaba

  41. Ryma

    Magnifique 😍

    Très bon produit et à bon prix.

    One person found this helpful

  42. Dannie

    This is the best whole body oil.

    This is the best Castor oil for the whole body I have ever used. I have eczema amd it is very hard to find a moisturizer that does well for my skin. But this has surpassed all that I have ever experienced. Thank you handcraft!Hopefully one day I will be selling this product on my market’s shelves.

  43. xi chen

    It is good product

    I trying it,and it is good product.

  44. Amazon Customer

    Great product & skin improvement

    This is great oil. I put it on my skin & hair. I love that there isn’t any fragrance. For those of you assuming it should smell like apricots…it is made from the KERNEL which is in the middle of the pit in the fruit. Seeds never smell like the fruit. This is a great product that I highly recommend.

    One person found this helpful

  45. Erik W. Hopper

    Thick, but get used to it and like it.

    After getting used to it and learned to mix it with another royal oils shampoo.. then I really got to liking this. Helps my scalp issues.

    2 people found this helpful

  46. Let


    When I got my delivery the container already broken and leaking already half of it I got

  47. Gerald

    Not oily feeling

    Great for massage no smell not a heavy oily feeling.

    6 people found this helpful

  48. Pamela McDaniel

    Makes a great lip balm

    I got this to use on my hair but I’ve started using it on my lips too. It’s really moisturizing and makes them shiny like a lip gloss. I put some in a little bottle to keep in my bag.

  49. Julet walker

    It is very good. I will buy it again.

    Love it works well

  50. TxMars


    Purchased to see if it makes any difference on hair and skin. It Does! My thinning hair that falls out in quantities from “ old age” and possibly my medical issues— has subsided some since applying the castor oil as instructed. Love checking YouTube videos on uses of castor oil.

  51. Sonia Aguirre

    Me esta saliendo más cabello.

    Excelente.. Me puse en mi cuero cabelludo y me esta saliendo donde se estába perdiendo…. Muy contenta con los resultados.

    2 people found this helpful

  52. Cece

    “Versatile and Nourishing: A Must-Have Oil!”

    I’ve been absolutely loving this oil lately! It’s become a staple in my homemade products because of its versatility and moisturizing properties. The flip-top makes it super easy to dispense, and it mixes seamlessly with my DIY creations. Whether I’m crafting skincare goodies or other homemade treats, this oil has become an essential ingredient in my arsenal.

    4 people found this helpful

  53. Jen T

    Strong smell

    The rosemary is so strong, it knocks me over. It seems to be a nice quality, just eye watering strong.

  54. Amazon Customer

    Great product

    Low scent. Brings a new shine to hair and I see new growth. Hoping that continues. I use it two or three times per week and leave it on several hours.

  55. Donna Warner

    It’s healthy, my sister loves it

    No dislike

  56. QueenQueen

    Damaged Item

    The media could not be loaded.

    Item was delivered damaged with half of the oil spilled. Made a report on item with no response received atm. Remaining oil is quite good n organic, wish I will get the rest of the oil back n if they can change the bottle or package thigher for future damages. I love castor oil and have been using it but this is my first time purchasing here and i dont want to regret it since Item was received on time. So my request once again is, Seller can u pls return the half of my oil which probably was left in the delivery van n the box 📦. Thanks

    8 people found this helpful

  57. Marla


    Buen producto

    One person found this helpful

  58. Kimberly Korie

    Great for making soap

    I’ve made soap with olive and coconut oil but I thought I’d give this castor oil a try. Honestly this is my best batch yet. It’s nice and bubbly and doesn’t dry out my skin.

  59. ElTiggy

    Nice, thick and soothing. Slight scent. Not sticky.

    I read that Castor oil is good for hair so I use it with other oils to remove my mascara.Perhaps my eyelashes will grow in a little thicker.It has a faint nutty smell..a bit peanutty. Big bottle, will last a long time for me.

    4 people found this helpful

  60. Pamela

    Tastes Okay

    For My Health Uses.

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