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ALEGI Aquarium Tree Stump Hole for Betta Fish Toys,Rock Cave Cichlid Stone Betta Fish Accessories 10, 20 Gallon Fish Tank Decorations, Aquarium Rocks Decor .au Pet Supplies

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The product is ceramic material, not easy to fade, no harm to fish, climbing pet, no pollution, you can rest assured to use. Imitate the shape of the tree trunk, improve the appearance of the aquatic environment of the aquarium, add a natural atmosphere. Multiple hole design, easy to observe, for pet fighting fish or other small fish to hide, rest, play, breeding. Easy to clean, clean with water 2-3 times, no fade. Dimension: 5.3” X 4.5” X 3.3”(L*H*W), Suitable for fish&reptile tank.

Package Dimensions

‎13.89 x 13.21 x 9.7 cm; 358 Grams

Item Weight

‎358 g



Date First Available

‎11 May 2021

Best Sellers Rank

30,786 in Pet Supplies (See Top 100 in Pet Supplies) 411 in Aquarium Décor Thematic Ornaments

59 reviews for ALEGI Aquarium Tree Stump Hole for Betta Fish Toys,Rock Cave Cichlid Stone Betta Fish Accessories 10, 20 Gallon Fish Tank Decorations, Aquarium Rocks Decor .au Pet Supplies

  1. Danielle Morris (Lockwood)

    Not for Betta!

    I ordered this product for my Betta but it scratched up his fins! Obviously too late to return. I honestly don’t think it should be used in an aquarium it’s ceramic. Definitely don’t order this and save your fish some trouble!

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  2. Brooke BissettBrooke Bissett

    Very nice

    I bought this to go with the cave I also bought for my betta. He likes to swim and hide in both. Love it!

  3. Bart S.Bart S.

    Very sturdy!

    I thought that this would feel like fake wood, but it feels like ceramic. Durable and good heavy feeling!

  4. Anne Pennwood

    Wasn’t right for me

    I didn’t like that one of the holes wasn’t quite big enough and was afraid my betta would get stuck in it. Also didn’t really care for the look of it in person but that is just me, you may love it for a smaller fish.

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  5. Sandra B

    Paint Comes off and stains…

    I’ve had this for a few months now. My guppies did really like it and it is the perfect size for guppies. In the description it says clean 2 – 3 times…. I use a soft brush toothbrush to clean my ornaments. It has lost most of its paint and it is stained with algea, it was always the first thing to develop algea in the tank. It has been replaced.

  6. Laria Martinez-DeLeonLaria Martinez-DeLeon

    Perfect for Bettas

    I love this for my Betta it feels smooth and is a strong ceramic. like any tank toy or plant use some gravel to weigh it down and it’s ready to go. So far it looks like there isn’t any cheap paint, I’ve had it a while now. It’s good overall because it’s hard to find this combination for your Betta. My Betta likes to go inside and hide or play around it. Use hot water to clean it on the inside and a small brush or your finger.

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  7. D. DarnellD. Darnell

    Fish hidaway

    The little guys get to hid from the angels!

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  8. wanderingstar

    love it!

    cute! realistic looking, mostly smooth surface, could pass as wood or stone depending on the rest of the tank theme…it is ceramic, so a bit heavier/more breakable than plastic, but a keeper for sure.

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  9. HarrisonHarrison

    Good look, smooth edges

    I was terrified of putting his in and having sharp edges on it, so I rubbed everywhere and made sure there was not any remotely sharp edges. My fish very much enjoy it and love swimming through the holes. The holes are wide enough for my betta to go through with no problems. I also love the look of it. It feels very sturdy and well made.

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  10. Karissa

    Betta loves this

    I got this for my betta and he loves hiding inside or swimming through. There are no sharp edges and the quality is great so far.

  11. CelDCelD

    My Betta loves it!

    I ordered this for my Betta tank at work, and Jerry (the fish) loves it! His own personal hidey hole!

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  12. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for snail and betta tank

    As described and perfect hideout for my snail and betta. Fair price and no sharp edges. I’d buy again if needed

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  13. Zane

    Large and small one

    Got large and small one. Both have solid construction. What you would expect in a ceramic porous ornament. Nice touch though

  14. Knks64

    Its extremely small

    This decor is geared towards a 5 or maybe 10 gallon tank, as its very small.

    One person found this helpful

  15. Alexandra

    Fish love it

    Nice log fish love it

  16. Kamila


    I’m pretty sure I got the large one but it’s tiny I thought my goldfish could hide or swim through it but it’s too small they poke their head in but that’s it I do like that it’s not plastic the material is nice and it’s got some weight to it

  17. Mel

    Sand down sharpness!

    Was worried the holes weren’t big enough for my fish but it is perfect for him! I just had to sand down some sharp points on the inside specifically one near the top hole. If you get this just make sure you feel inside for sharp bits and file them down so your fish doesn’t get hurt.

  18. Philip Chao

    Smaller than I expected.

    Nice decoration. Smaller than images lead you to believe. Fair price when on sale.

  19. Jessica

    Has sharp edges

    I was hoping this would be smooth but there are sharp edges inside of it. Otherwise a pretty addition to provide hiding spots in my community fish tank.

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  20. Peter R Cleary

    It’s reaosnable but has some sharper edging…

    As others noted some sharper edges from molding. Nothing that a minute with a dremel stone can’t fix but could have been done after de-molding vs. me having to do so. After that it’s a good place for my pale cat to hide out in.

  21. Vasiliy KhudoleyevVasiliy Khudoleyev

    Great Ornament, simple and easy

    Most ornaments from retail stores like PetSmart and Petco and extremely overpriced and usually don’t have a lot of good options. Before this, i bought a not so good looking piece of fake driftwood for $29 and i didn’t like it at all and didn’t really fit in the tank. And most ornaments online aren’t accurate to what the look like in real life. I’m happy to report that when i ordered this ornament, it looks good, it fits perfectly, and very fairly priced at $11. Most people complain that the edges are sharp or chipped, but i got lucky with mine. Came in perfect shape besides a very tiny chip at the bottom (but it didn’t matter because its under gravel anyways) 100% recommend

  22. Dawn StroudDawn Stroud

    Very nice product for betta fish

    These are really nice. No sharp edges, made well and look really nice in the fish tank. I bought two and I’m going to buy one more. I have three bettas in three separate tanks. So far both of my bettas love this. I’ve had to throw several things away because of sharp edges and these are perfectly smooth. Really good product for the money.

  23. Amazon Customer

    Después de tiempo empeoró

    Al principio estaba extremadamente satisfecha con esta compra, el tamaño era perfecto para mi pecera de 5 galones y se veía fantástico. Sin embargo, después de 2 o 3 meses, se está despintando. ☹️ Estoy decepcionada

  24. Felipe de Jesús HerreraFelipe de Jesús Herrera

    Llego roto!!!

    El material y el color se ven muy padre pero el mío llego roto. Lastima por que la pieza se ve genial pero así rota no me sirve

    One person found this helpful

  25. Eva Hildebrand

    Great Fish Ornament

    I have a large fish bowl for my Betta fish and this, along with one plant, looks and works great. He loves going in and out of the different openings. I think fish need a bit of entertainment in their lives too.

  26. TamraTamra

    Even Nicer Than Advertised

    This Aquarium Tree Stump looks great in my 30-gallon aquarium, and is even nicer than advertised. It is well constructed, has smooth edges, and all holes are big enough for my fish. Sometimes three or four fish are in it at the same time. (In the pic, it’s the dwelling furthest to the right.)

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  27. Amazon Customer

    Fish love it!

    Not only does this add a nice visual to my aqaurium but my clown loaches love to hide out in there and play in it. It has a very natural look to it and so far the paint has been holding up great.

    One person found this helpful

  28. Mimi42

    Pretty realistic looking!

    I think this will look great in my betta aquarium. It’s just the right size for a 5 gallon tank. It’s ceramic, not plastic so it should hold up well. There are some rough edges so I might coat them with a little silicone so my betta doesn’t tear her fins. She likes her hidey holes, I think she’ll enjoy this.

    One person found this helpful

  29. TheAdamsInMTLTheAdamsInMTL

    Large? But good.

    I got the “large” version. This is it inside my 10 gal tank (see pic). I wouldn’t say it’s large, but it works. I just expected larger. Maybe that’s my fault for not reading the size measurements. My axolotl is still a baby but eventually I will need to find something else larger. It looks good tho & im still very happy with the purchase.

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  30. Cynthia S.Cynthia S.

    file edges first if you use in an aquarium with fish

    looks great in this small aquariums. the fish swim in and out, hide in it. Edges are sharp in places so I filed a few places with an Emory board before putting in the aquarium which is the reason for 4 stars. Excuse the algae, got a snail on the job now.

    14 people found this helpful

  31. Matthew Richard

    SHARP ridges on the inside rim of each hole.

    I tried sanding them with sandpaper as best I could and thought it would be okay, but months later my betta had scrapes on her sides and I realized she was scratching herself on these edges. Took it out of my aquarium and she started to heal.

    One person found this helpful

  32. J. Rix

    Looks Good

    My betta goes in and out of the holes all the time. Sometimes he will just sit inside for awhile. I’m glad I bought it.

  33. Naomi

    Good enough

    It is a little small, but it is pretty good. Looks nice and is fairly easy to clean!

  34. SolangeSolange

    Great product

    Just as advertised

  35. DanyDany

    Arrived cracked but okay otherwise

  36. Leslie MN

    It’s a log. It works

    This nice hollow Ceramic log lies on the bottom of my Aquarium Performing its job exactly as intended.

    One person found this helpful

  37. Sandra Y.

    Sharp edges

    Had to use a dremel to smooth out the openings. Other than that it’s pretty nice.

    3 people found this helpful

  38. Nicole L

    Joli bûche pour un artificiel

    Très joli. Les ouvertures sont lisses. Mais pour un Betta XLarge il n’y en a qu’une qui peut être utilisé

    One person found this helpful

  39. Tessa Toneguzzi

    Love the ceramic!

    I thought this was originally going to be resin but I found out it’s ceramic! Looks great in my smaller tank especially when algae grows on it.

    One person found this helpful

  40. Karen Beard

    The holes have sharp edges

    I like it and the fish are in and out of it all the time. The edges were sharp on the edges, but took a file and made the smooth. I would still buy it again.

    One person found this helpful

  41. X.Y.Z.

    Top holes are pretty small. Sharp edges to sand down

    This is cute. But the top holes are too small for the betta to swim through. The tetras can get through them though. Most of the edges were sharp around the openings so I had to spend time on it with the dremel to smooth them out. One thing to note is it needs to be presoaked, scrubbed, and rinsed well or it will change the water color. It is going to be hard to clean inside, but is cute,

  42. Krissy

    All of my fish love this

    I have bettas., loaches, axolotls, and chiclids. They all love it

  43. Kenne Nguyen

    Good product. Even my pleco and loaches approve 😆

    The media could not be loaded.

    Good design. Very stable. Seem odd because my fish doesn’t like to go inside but rather stay on top and chill. 😆

  44. Sarah

    My betta loves it!

    I’ve thought I’ve lost him 10x now, but now realized he’s just hanging out in his hideout spot. He even hangs on the side stump holes and just lays out!

  45. Jamar PalmerJamar Palmer

    My Beta loves his new home!

    The quality is very good had good weight to it. At first it took my beta about a week to even go inside but now he sleeps in there every night and is always going in and out of it.

    4 people found this helpful

  46. A.Z

    Perfect for my betta

    I got this for my baby betta fish and he loves to go in there and hide. I also looks so nice in his tank!

    One person found this helpful

  47. Annie

    My Betta Loves this.

    This is my betta’s favorite piece of furniture. It is made with no rough or sharp edges. He uses this the most,it has a few openings; and he uses them all.

  48. E. G.

    Neat looking

    Smaller than I thought. It does look good in my aquaponic aquarium. Well made.

  49. Duane Casteel

    Nice product

    Bit on the small side for price but nice product. Stuffed some java fern in top hole and looks good.

  50. B. Sands

    Loving ceramic deco, this one not quite as pictured

    I ordered three different ceramic pieces for my 10 gallon as a sort of hail mary to how much I hated all pet store options on the resin/plastic side. I thought maybe I’d only like one or two, but I’m keeping all three.I wanted safe edges and something of a natural looking tank. All 3 delivered wonderfully. Ceramic pieces have great weight, and though I thought they were a little rough at first tough, they softened when I rinsed them so I knew they would be perfect.This one was the only one I was the tiniest bit worried about because there’s a bit more of a lip on each ends entrance, but again when wet, everything is still so much smoother than any other decoration piece I’ve felt. 3/4 fish checked it out almost immediately, and they’ve found an added benefit of hiding behind it in the curve with how I have it placed, not just going inside.EDIT: I bought a second of this style and just realized neither one is exactly as pictured. I still recommend it, because it’s great, but: it looks like it should have four holes (one on each end, then two in the middle), but it only has three (one on each end, and one large-ish hole in the middle). Still works in combination with all of my other ones, but more escape routes is always better and inaccurate representation can ruin expectations.

    One person found this helpful

  51. donnadonna

    Nice quality, will last a long time.

    Most aquarium decor has a thick, junky coating that flakes off in the water over time. This ceramic log has just enough glass to give it some color and make it look nice but the surface is still very organic feeling and is great for promoting a natural and balanced aquarium setup.

  52. Mauricio

    I like this decoration so much i’m getting the whole line up.

    I like this decoration so much i’m getting the whole line up.

    One person found this helpful

  53. Crystal DixonCrystal Dixon

    My fish loves it

    Very happy with my purchase and my betta fish is too!

  54. *Tessa**Tessa*

    I really like this!

    I think I may like this more than my fish… lol it’s good quality ceramic, has weight to it, nice and smooth and looks awesome either laying flat, propped or standing up. All around happy with this purchase.

    2 people found this helpful

  55. Debra T

    Quality product

    The media could not be loaded.

    The size was perfect for my aquarium. Quality workmanship in my beta fish enjoys it.

  56. Khrystyna M

    Already in use by the fish

    Already in use by the fish. I see that he is using it as a hiding spot and as a place to sleep. I am satisfied that it is in use, not just a decoration in the tank

    One person found this helpful

  57. Ildi

    Betta loves it

    Had to file some sharp edges bur really wasn’t bad. My betta loves this thing, swims in and out all the time.

  58. Angela

    Good for Betta

    Bought for a Betta tank. Edges and inside are smooth. One hole will need to be blocked as is quite small. But overall very happy. Nice color and feel. Looks just like the photo.

  59. Kathy Padley


    Shrimp use it as a hide out

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