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Dog Fest Duck Meat Bones Natural Dog Treat 55 g Buy Online at Best Price in KSA – Souq is now Pet Supplies

(28 customer reviews)

About this item A deliciously healthy treat that your pet will truly adore Chewy munchy sticks with duck meat on both sides Let your dog enjoy the great taste of oven-backed duck while brushing its teeth at the same time

Product Dimensions

‎22 x 14 x 4 cm; 55 g

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Breed recommendation

Small Breeds

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Storage Information

‎Keep Dry

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batteries required


Item weight

0.06 Kilograms



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4.5 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#42 in Pet Supplies (See Top 100 in Pet Supplies) #1 in Dog Treat Cookies, Biscuits & Snacks

Date First Available

2 February 2022


Dog Fest



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Unit count

55 gram

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28 reviews for Dog Fest Duck Meat Bones Natural Dog Treat 55 g Buy Online at Best Price in KSA – Souq is now Pet Supplies

  1. Yakabud.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    It’s good treats to dog

    My fur baby like it so much..

  2. Orliz P.

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    My dog loved it

  3. Cyruz Ganancial

    Great Product!

    I LOVE THIS TREATS for my yorkies…

  4. Jujubes

    Delicious for my puppy – price isn’t

    Delicious treats! Price point is a bit high!

  5. Farren

    My dog loves them

    Bought before as my dog loves them

  6. Cynthia Mercier

    They’re a little pricey. But the dogs love them.

    I can’t speak to the flavor, obviously, but my neighbors dog won’t walk by my place without stopping for a treat

  7. tz

    Dog Loves These

    These are great treats for small to medium dogs. My dog loves them. These are soft instead of crunchy.For the price, you get three small bags. There isn’t a lot of product in each bag so they are a little on the higher priced side for dog treats. We give these sparingly but the dog gets excited as soon as we pull out the bag. He knows exactly what they are and is willing to do all of his tricks for one.

  8. AC

    My dog loves these

    This is the perfect reward treat. Baxter loves the taste.

  9. Linda S

    Dog Enjoys Them

    My picky old lady so far is enjoying these! She only likes treats that are all meat, and has no time or patience for anything else. Jerky treats are what she lives for, but she gobbles them down so quickly that I am always looking for something jerky-like but a little longer lasting.These are actually a pretty good blend of duck jerky and rawhide. The jerky gives it a nice chew and keeps the meat flavor forward, and the rawhide finishes the treat off with a pleasant crunch. At least I think so LOL. That is how it looks and sounds when she is munching!When she is happy, we are happy, and we are all happy with these.

    One person found this helpful

  10. Amy Balot

    Cute small bones with duck jerky

    These are nice little bones when you need a small treat, or for a small breed of dog. Mine are more medium sized but that’s okay also. They have duck meat on the ends and then a crunchy bone portion in the middle. The dogs seemed to enjoy the flavor a lot and wanted more of them.

    One person found this helpful

  11. Kaley Ariel

    My little girl approves it!

    My 12 weeks old puppy approves it! She is toy size breed. These dog treats are right size for small dogs.She can eat this dog chew treat in 20 minutes without any problem. The inner part is hard so it takes more time to chew.I’m satisfied because my puppy enjoys it.

  12. iamsaralou

    A small dog dream treat

    Perfect size for a small dog. Once you open the treats you can smell the duck flavor. My fur baby took this treat and ran to eat it. He loved the flavor.

  13. Lyndsay

    Really great value

    Keeps my puppy entertained. She has a sensitive stomach and has had no issues with these!

    One person found this helpful

  14. Oh No

    Little dog treats

    These are the perfect little dog treats. The jerky has a nice smell, my dogs ate these up.

  15. Monica

    Buster approved 🐶🥰

    My 16 year old shih tzu/poodle mixed pupper loves these! They’re a great size for a small dog. Buster is an incredibly picky eater. He doesn’t like just any treat. He absolutely gets excited when I take out the little bag. He eats about 3-4 at one sitting. So far, no negative side affects or upset stomach. He has gone through one bag so far. There’s 3 packs included. ❤️

  16. Andrea8430

    Dog loves

    Yorkie has lost her mind over this! They look,weird but she’s very pleased.

  17. R. Florez

    Great treats!

    My maltipoo loved these treats they are soft and chewy not too hard for his teeth.

  18. Maria

    Contains Rawhide

    I feel like I looked at the description and pictures up and down to see if this had rawhide. I must’ve missed it, because this definitely has rawhide! Rawhide can break your dogs teeth, become lodged in their throat and cause digestion issues. I would not recommend this product.

    One person found this helpful

  19. Ashton

    Smaller treats than expected

    These dog treats are smaller than we expected them to be but our dogs loved them all the same

  20. L. Leuschner

    Dog approved

    Our dog likes … eats rather quickly but a healthy treat.

  21. Freds Mom

    Excellent product, human quality duck treats that are 33% protein.EDIT: Made my dog sick.

    I thought this was an excellent product made with top quality ingredients, nothing bad, no preservatives. I always read the ingredients.UPDATE/EDIT: My dog has been throwing up and having diarrhea for the past 2-1/2 days. She has obviously felt awful. She hadn’t been eating anything unusual, so I couldn’t figure this one out until this morning.My dog takes five pills a day for her arthritis, really two anti-inflammatory pills cut in half and prednisone. I’m always looking for something new to hide her medicine in. Obviously these treats aren’t good for hiding medicine, but three or four days ago I found these treats in a drawer and decided to add one or two of these to her plate of “treats” that she gets twice a day.She threw up for 2-1/2 days until I figured out what the problem was. The last time I cleaned up where she’d vomited, on the hard flooring, it felt like rocks. Then it hit me – she was throwing up the rawhide from these treats!I don’t normally give my dogs rawhide, because it’s a choking hazard and it’s not good for them anyway, but I thought a little treat or two of this size would be okay as long as I supervised her eating it. Well, it was anything but okay. Once I figured this out, I quit giving her the treats, and she immediately got better. No more vomiting or diarrhea since I stopped these DogFest treats.The treats aren’t out of date or anything, but the rawhide is obviously of low quality, not that any rawhide is of good quality or is safe. I don’t know why in this world I thought these little treats would be okay. The package doesn’t even tell me where the rawhide was sourced from, but I’m guessing China. Lots of rawhide products (not this one though) will have MADE IN THE USA on the front of their packages and “with ingredients sourced from China” in tiny print on the back.So I was wrong about these treats, and I’m so sorry. I really don’t know why I thought anything with rawhide in it would be good for her. I guess she convinced me to order these because she loves anything with duck in it. But I will never, ever feed my dogs rawhide again. I’m leaving the last part of my initial review here at the last, but I hope no one else ever gives their dogs rawhide again either. It’s very dangerous, and I totally missed this one. I apologize.These duck treats are evidently very, very tasty. They’re a great size for small dogs like mine, and they’d be very good for bigger dogs, but I would watch my dog while he or she ate them, especially if you have a large dog, because you don’t want your dog to swallow it whole.This was my dog’s second time to eat human grade duck, and she loved it. She has allergies, so these treats are great for her.I also love that they come in ziplok bags so I don’t have to hunt one up to store them. I think the dog has already put us on regular orders of these.

    One person found this helpful

  22. TNB


    These do not have any weird smell. They are easy to eat and digest. My Rottweiler is picky but she loves these. But these are so small. Her toenail is bigger than these so beware.

  23. Rebecca Bloomwood

    Ok snacks

    These are a bit hard. They have good ingredients and you get a good quantity. Most of my dogs chew them fine- but one of them really struggled and almost couldn’t eat the treat.

  24. Old Barn Woodshop

    Great as a small treat when dog deserves a reward.

    Both dogs loved them. Small but makes a great treat when they deserve a reward.

  25. Mom2Dom

    My Dogs Approved!

    These come as a three pack with quite a bit of them in each bag. They were much smaller than I expected but they must hold a good chew because it takes some time for my dogs to go through one. They look like little dumbells with duck jerky on each end and a little rawhide like stick in it middle. My picky eaters approved!

    2 people found this helpful

  26. Daniel

    Watch out she bites!

    So she likes these a little to much, haha she snarled at me when I got close to take a picture with her eating it 😅 so I guess that answers whether or not they taste good, I would recommend, just watch your fingers!

    One person found this helpful

  27. Blu_Justice

    Shih Tzu Approved

    My little shih tzu likes them my shephard not so much.

  28. Lacey P.

    Good for teething puppies but has rawhide.

    These are teeny and cute and the duck meat wrapped on the ends is apparently very tasty to the doggies. I was bummed to see it has rawhide. These were perfect to hold for our teething puppies while they went to town on them. We have small breed dogs, all 10lbs or under, and the adults ones could chew through these in less than 5 mins! Or they’d eat the duck meat and let someone else finish the rest. You get quite a few for the price. Unfortunately I won’t buy again because there are just so many treats out there and I’d rather get one without any rawhide and something that lasts longer for our aggressive chewers.

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