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Bird Toys Bird Rope Perch with Bell Colorful Bird Chewing Shredding Foraging Toys Parakeet Toy Parrot Swing Climbing Standing Hanging Toys Bird Cage Accessories for Conure Cockatiel Budgies Lovebird .au Pet Supplies

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About this item COLORFUL AND ENGAGING DESIGN: The set includes five vibrant and colorful chewing toys that are visually appealing to small and medium parrots, cockatiels, parakeets, conures, macaws, lovebirds,budgies,finch,parrotlets and so on.You can also hide their treats into the toys to capture their attention and encouraging play. FORAGING AND SHREDDING STIMULATION: Coming a hanging hand-woven basket and rattan balls of confetti,brightly colored popsicle sticks,interesting plastics beads,the bird toys are designed to promote natural foraging and shredding instincts in birds, helps keep their beaks healthy and provides mental stimulation and prevent boredom. DURABLE AND SAFE MATERIALS: Made from bird-safe materials,like rattan ,wooden blocks,bamboo,bird-safe shredded paper,plastics,these toys are durable and withstand the vigorous chewing habits of parrots, ensuring they can be enjoyed for an extended period of time. EASY INSTALLATION: The bird toys come with hanging hooks, allowing for easy attachment to bird cages or play areas, ensuring quick and convenient setup. COMFY BIRD ROPE PERCH: The set also includes a comfy cotton rope perch for birds to chew on,climb,rest and relax on. This adds variety to their environment and provides a comfortable spot for them to perch and play.

Product dimensions

‎7.62 x 10.16 x 7.62 cm; 280 Grams

Item Weight

‎280 g



Date First Available

‎25 July 2023

Best Sellers Rank

10,318 in Pet Supplies (See Top 100 in Pet Supplies) 81 in Toys for Birds

60 reviews for Bird Toys Bird Rope Perch with Bell Colorful Bird Chewing Shredding Foraging Toys Parakeet Toy Parrot Swing Climbing Standing Hanging Toys Bird Cage Accessories for Conure Cockatiel Budgies Lovebird .au Pet Supplies

  1. anon

    pretty good for the money

    The rope spiral seems much bigger in the picture than in person but it’s fine, the toys are fine, i won’t be using the fully rope toy however

  2. Cynthia Gahan

    Amazon parrot

    I have an extremely old Amazon and because of his age I thought that’s why he didn’t play with his older toys . Well after buying these you’d think he was a very young bird !! He Loves them and Thank you 😊 definitely a great buy for a low price !

    3 people found this helpful

  3. Sandy

    Ok for the price

    Most of these toys are best suited for a smaller to medium size bird. The rope perch could be used for a larger bird. Toys were a bit smaller than expected but ok for the price for 5 toys.

  4. Donna Symons

    My Goffins love these

    Great toys

  5. Cisca Gilbert

    If it’s fun for my birds

    Pets enjoyed the toys

  6. Amazon Customer


    my wifes bird enjoys it

  7. Kindle Customer

    Better for cockatiels

    The media could not be loaded.

    I have only used this 1 toy. I will admit I was expecting bigger toys but for the price I am happy with the selection.I was able to stuff a couple of unsalted pistachios and almonds in their shells inside.I rated 5 ⭐ because with the size of bird they are meant for it will take much longer to dominate.She destroyed it in about 2-3 minutes. But she accomplished what she was supposed to. Bird toys are meant to be destroyed.I plan on tying it up a bit with more treats tomorrow.The rest I will use with the cockatiels.

    3 people found this helpful

  8. BettyBetty


    She loves this set of toys she has two cages so she’s never bored . Love watching her

    2 people found this helpful

  9. Karen

    A lot of the money

    Parrot loved his toys

  10. enrique’s girlenrique’s girl

    Toys look safe and bird friendly

    This is a Christmas present for my cockatiel but I did give him and give him one of the toys since he likes to rip papers and cardboard.

  11. Marjorie

    My quakers Loved it

    They are great, I have bought them twice already I like how it keeps my quakers occupied and they seem to love it. They spend most of the time trying to tear it apart, which to me is great that was the reason I bought them.Must have

    One person found this helpful

  12. mopsos

    A variety of easily shredable toys for your little feathered friend

    our parrota love these very affordable way to keep them entertained

  13. Jaybird

    Brilliant and entertaining for my birds!

    Love all these toys – so colourful and fun – very happy with my purchase.

  14. Carol

    Fun Toys for Curious Birds

    I have a green cheek conure who is very smart and curious. These toys keep her occupied for hours at a time when she has to be in her cage.

    One person found this helpful

  15. Warren


    Gave my little guy a variety of toys. He loves them

  16. Jessyca

    Great product

    Thanks for the coupon this time, great price for 6 Items my birds love it, order a second one but there was one Item missing!

  17. john shofe

    Great toys birds love them

    Bird toys

  18. Donna Pauley

    Order received

    All products were exactly what I ordered. I wish shipping and delivery times were faster.

  19. Brent_liza_2013

    Nice assortment

    My bird likes the toys. The rope he is scared of but getting more used to it.

  20. Brenda MilnerBrenda Milner

    Bird toys

    Love these items, my conure will love them also.

    One person found this helpful

  21. Lacharda Norris


    My bird likes them

  22. sue jones

    bird is crazy for them

    all good

  23. Imelda Hickson

    My lovebirds like them

    They love playing with them.

  24. Tolga U.Tolga U.

    Contains dangerous chemicals on the dye

    If you look at my lovebird on the right has its beak all blue due to the dye on the chewing sticks. These chemicals might be deadly for your bird. Stay away of this product.

  25. Leah

    Not bird safe

    The metal skew is not bird safe at all and arrived rusted. Metal toxicity in birds is life threatening in most cases and thousands in emergency vet bills with no guarantees. Please consider other toys. Some deals aren’t worth your feather babies safety. That toy should be removed immediately. And the paper falls right out. Air tight bag so they also arrived completely crushed and flat

  26. Christine

    Missing piece

    Arrive broken and missing piece

  27. Kathy Carrington

    Nice size, good assortment

    These are a nice size for our little GCC. He loves chewing on them and pulling them apart. Keep an eye on the loose rope as it can pose a hazard for birds.

  28. Michael

    Bird toys!

    Lightfoot loves these toys. It has been a long-awaited task getting these in my parakeets cage but now that he has his big cage the same as everybody else and his guys new toys he loves them he’s plays with the activities all day and keeps him entertained. Overall they seem very well made and for something that’s going to get chewed up and torn apart that is actually saying a lot. I tried making some DIY toys out of cheap materials from the dollar store and is definitely not as easy as it looks. These are well worth the money and I highly recommend grabbing a bunch of packs to have laying around to change out toys to keep any variety of birds entertained.

  29. Dana

    For small or medium birds

    Nice set of bird toys. These were a perfect size for my medium Cockatoo. She was able to make quick work of them, but they were entertaining to her nonetheless. I like that you get multiple toys in the set, which allows you to swap them out easily. Depending on what type of bird you have, don’t expect these to last really long but they are still worth it.

    One person found this helpful

  30. Zak

    Mostly Safe

    Let me start out by saying my conure won’t touch these toys, but it isn’t the manufacturer’s fault. There is a good variety of toys for a small bird, and all of these seem parrot safe. If your bird is a big toy chewer, they might last long but that means they work! I’m not a fan of the clips used to hang the toys because they can cause beak injuries, but other than that they seem great.

    One person found this helpful

  31. Gail Lewis

    Great better than I expected

    Good product for a happy bird

  32. Lina Laperuta


    my birds love these!

  33. Braxie’s Boutique


    These are not for an African gray though. I used to have a gray and there’s no way these would’ve held up to him, but my Conyer has played with them for weeks. Sometimes he grows through them quickly and sometimes not but I will continue to buy.

  34. Marieno

    jouet pour petit perroquet

    Parfait pour mes deux conuresPas durer longtemps mais il ont adoré

  35. Rebecca

    My parrot loves it!

    I put it in my parrots cage and he couldn’t stop moving around the cage the the first couple days 5 ⭐

  36. Lillian J

    Good Quality

    I would definitely buy this again, I received it today and it’s fantastic quality. It came in perfect condition, very bright and colorful really makes my parrots cage have a more bright environment. It’s also a lot bigger than expected!!

  37. Lynne Hiscoe


    These will be used for parrotlets and quakers.

  38. Clover

    One of my parrot Clovers favorite.

    One of my parrot Clovers favorite.


    Happy 🐦

    My parakeets are very active and love playing with all the different toys.

  40. MotownPeach

    My Budgies Loved!

    Like most budgies, when you add a new toy, they seem to ignore, play with when you’re not looking, then finally will openly enjoy. Those sticks that you fan out were an INSTANT hit! Their Pet Dad has a camera in the room. He got a motion alert because they were going crazy! They were shaking and biting it. It was gone within a week but well worth it!Their second favorite was the bendable rope. First I mounted it on the side of their large cage. I twisted it so the tassels would dangle near a popular perching spot. I saw some fraying but not a lot. I also noticed no matter how I manipulated it, it would always roll to the side. I got the idea to connect it to another toy so the tassels dangle but they can also sit on it. Now I smile! They like to perch on it, scratch at the colors, and play with the tassels.TO BUYERS – Good purchase!TO THE SELLERS – I suggest creating a package of the “stick stars” in multiples. They will be very profitable and you won’t be able to keep them in stock. I’ll buy the first few sets!

  41. Maria


    Arrivati. Belli. Grazie

    One person found this helpful

  42. VerofgVerofg

    Juguetes jaula

    Bonitos juguetes para jaula de ave. A mis pájaros les han gustado mucho. Se vuelven locos con las campanitas y arrancando los papeles de colores (la verdad es que no se si es porque les gusta o porque no… Jajaja)Muy recomendables por su precio

  43. Amazon Customer

    Good items for the price

    My bird loves anything he can pick at.

  44. Neidt


    Ich habe einiges Spielzeug davon bei meinen beiden Nymphensittiche im Käfig drin sie spielen gerne damit haben keine Langeweile . Das mit viel Gestrüpp dran hab ich nicht rein gemacht weil ich Angst habe das sie daran irgendwie ersticken da sie auch gerne rum knappern .

  45. Paul W.

    Mango had fun

    Lots of assorted toys to keep our bird entertained on our vacation. Good value fast delivery

  46. Client d’Amazon

    Jouet perroquet

    Trop petit pour perroquet

  47. Krissy

    Bird toys

    My birds love these toys.

  48. ada h.

    Parrot toys

    These toys are made very cheap and won’t last my parrot 5 minutes very disappointed

  49. Sonia

    Die Wellensittiche lieben es

    Super, buntes Spielzeug und sie sind gut beschäftigt

  50. Nancy

    fantastic toys!

    I was very impressed with the quality of these toys. There are five toys, and each is very sturdy, and very good quality. They are varied as well, giving our pet bird a lot of enrichment. I’m very pleased – I purchased one for our home as well as one set for a gift, and the gift recipient is equally happy with the bird toys.

  51. Hermione

    Bought for my 4 months old cockatiel

    My cockatiel loves them. She wouldn’t play with the other toys i bought her but these are a game changer. No pun intended.

    One person found this helpful

  52. Fabio

    Molto belli ma durati poco

    Ho un pappagallino particolarmente attivo, ma ogni gioco è durato al massimo una giornata, poi l’ho trovato completamente distrutto. Tanto dipende sicuramente dal carattere dell’uccellino.I giochi sono però molto carini, colorati e ben realizzati.

    One person found this helpful

  53. Noelia

    No es lo esperado

    Me lo imaginaba más grande pero bueno lo importante es que les guste

  54. Richard Wilson

    Incredible Bargain

    Great parakeet toys, and you would easily pay this price for one of these toys in a store.

  55. Mimi’s Mum

    Bells and more bells . . . .

    Why do these companies continue to put these dangerous, toxic and useless bells on these toys? Please STOP!!

    One person found this helpful

  56. Die Fröhliche

    viel Spaßß für die Wellis

    Meine Wellis haben viel Spass daran, die Sachen lassen sich auch gut reinigen

  57. Buli


    Hračky jako pro myši a ne pro papoušky, hrůza 😡

  58. Diana

    Love the rope 💫

    The media could not be loaded.

    Great parakeet toys and price

  59. Amazon Customer


    Nice variety for the price and overall good quality.

  60. Tammy

    Worth the price

    Good toys parrot loves them

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