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ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 4070 Super OC Edition Graphics Card (PCIe 4.0, 12GB GDDR6X, DLSS 3, HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 1.4a, 2.56-Slot Design, Axial-tech Fan Design, Auto-Extreme Technology, and More) Buy Online at Best Price in KSA – Souq is now Electronics

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About this item Powered by NVIDIA DLSS3, ultra-efficient Ada Lovelace arch, and full ray tracing 4th Generation Tensor Cores: Up to 4x performance with DLSS 3 vs. brute-force rendering 3rd Generation RT Cores: Up to 2x ray tracing performance OC edition: Boost Clock 2550 MHz (OC Mode)/ 2520 MHz (Default Mode) Axial-tech fan design features a smaller fan hub that facilitates longer blades and a barrier ring that increases downward air pressure A 2.56-slot design maximizes compatibility and cooling efficiency for superior performance in small chassis 0dB technology lets you enjoy light gaming in relative silence
Dual ball fan bearings can last up to twice as long as sleeve bearing designs Auto-Extreme precision automated manufacturing for higher reliability Show more

Batteries ‏ : ‎

1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

26.7 x 13.39 x 0.1 cm; 952.54 g

Date First Available ‏ : ‎

17 January 2024

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#1 in Graphics Cards

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Graphics co-processor




Graphics RAM size

12 GB

GPU clock speed

2550 MHz

Video output interface


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37 reviews for ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 4070 Super OC Edition Graphics Card (PCIe 4.0, 12GB GDDR6X, DLSS 3, HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 1.4a, 2.56-Slot Design, Axial-tech Fan Design, Auto-Extreme Technology, and More) Buy Online at Best Price in KSA – Souq is now Electronics

  1. Sam

    Using in Linux + Cuda + Cudnn + TensorFlow

    Not using for Gaming, using for machine learning. Absolute beast for the money and low power usage, just 220W to deliver almost the same performance of a 3080 (350W).Installed with no issue in Kubunto 22.04 and worked like a charm in the very first try. Just make sure you know which version of the driver/cuda/cudnn and tensorflow you will be using.

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  2. mag

    pretty strong gpu

    plays cyberpunk at raytracing ultra settings perfectlyrating it 4 stars based on the fact that its like 2x the price other pretty good cards

  3. Toejam

    Fits in Fractal Terra Case

    It fits in the Fractal Terra case and still have a little room.This card seems to be a perfect fit for my AMD’s 5800x3D CPU in the living room.This card and CPU combo should last me for about 3-4 years comfortably.I’m happy with this decision.

  4. Kat Irhi

    ARK Survival Ascended

    Beautiful card, well packaged.Bought this specifically to play Ark Survival Ascended since my old 3060 was starting to struggle, and it’s doing an absolutely bang up job.Looking forward to trying it out in cyberpunk soon.

  5. Savanah

    Great GPU

    Thing is a beast. Great for 1440p gaming. Packaging was a little weird, almost looked like it was previously opened and repackaged. But works fine, stays cool and quiet. Great card for the price!

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  6. Igor Grinberg


    Great product, long time waiting to arrive.

  7. exNOOBguy

    Worth the money

    Last GPU I had is the gtx 970… I love this one

  8. Amazon Customer

    Strong GPU

    it fits well and doesn’t sag in my case.

  9. Lennet

    Exactamente lo que ofrecen

    Perfecto en todo sentido excelente rendimiento, lo único malo fue la demora en la entrega .

  10. Ian Griffin

    A Quantum Leap in Performance

    Coming from an RTX 3060 Ti to an RTX 4070 Super is night and day in terms of performance. It’s a smaller card, but beefier in terms of performance, and somehow cool and quiet. According to Passmark video card benchmarks, it achieves a slightly higher score than the much more expensive RTX 3090 Ti, considering the RTX 4070 Super comes at a fraction of the cost, its price-to-performance ratio is nothing short of outstanding. Straightforward install. Seamless plug-and-play. A quantum leap in performance, and the price makes it all the more worth it. Looking forward to many years of making the most out of this incredible piece of technology!

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  11. G_Badger

    Good card if you want all the new NVIDIA bells and whistles

    If you want to use Ray Tracking and Frame gen, this is probably the card for it. It’s fairly “affordable.” It’s a bit more powerful than a 3080. I run everything at 3440×1440, and this is able to sustain around 100fps in almost every game at ultra settings. Sure, in Cyberpunk if you want Ray tracing and ultra, you’re going to need to turn on DLSS and Frame gen. But it works and still looks really nice.

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  12. DumisoSIW

    Very fast and much bigger than the stock images suggest

    Coming from a 6700 10GB, the performance uplift was massive. Getting more than double the frames in just about any game I have tried so far. DLSS also looks significantly better than FSR at 1440p. Set to quality mode, you’d be hard pressed to notice the difference against native resolution. Given that I mostly play single player games with a controller, DLSS Frame Gen is also nice feature to have.The only gripe I have is that Nvidia decided to keep the VRAM at 12GB which is bizarre tbh. However, DLSS should help with longevity of this GPU given that the render resolution is much lower than native, and VRAM usage is also lower.Overall, I am pleased I went with the RTX 4070 Super over the RX 7800XT. Yes, it does cost $100 more than the latter, but you’re getting DLSS, better ray tracing performance and lower power draw.Also, Amazon delivered the GPU to me within 4 days! That’s ridiculously fast considering that I am in Zambia.

  13. Duvan

    Funciona muy bien en mi pc de 12.8L ( KXRORS G200)

    Va de sobra para jugar todo en Ultra y con Raytracing a 1440p (Utilizando DLSS)Antes tenia una Msi 3060ti ventus 2x y me permitía colocar 2 ventiladores de 12015 en la parte inferior y 1 pequeño ventilador de 9025 instalado de forma improvisada en el frontal para mejorar el flujo de aire.Pero con el tamaño de esta grafica tuve que retirarlos, por lo que se calienta un poco mas el procesador pero nada de que preocuparse.La grafica de stock llega a picos de 75 grados con uso al 100%. (consumo de 200w a 220w). La temperatura ambiente es de 26 grados.hice undervolt con valores en la curva de 965mV y 2760 mhz, no he probado aumentar frecuencia de memorias.En Cyberpunk 2077 se mantiene con esta configuración a 65 Grados (consumo máximo de 175w aprox)con una media aprox de 90 fps con todo en ultra, a 1440p , RT overdrive, DLSS 2 automático y DLSS 3 activo.En Metro Exodus por alguna razón consume hasta 205w y se calienta hasta máximo 72 grados. todo al maximo con RT y obteniendo unos 130 fps aprox.una mejora sustancial con respecto a mi gráfica anterior. muy buena compra y con precio de lanzamiento.

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  14. Toa Zahrok

    The ultimate 1440p GPU

    I’ll keep this simple: The RTX 4070 Super is the ultimate 1440p gaming GPU. If 1440p gaming is what you’re looking to do, then you will never need any other GPU. Even with ray-tracing and path-tracing, it consistently scores high frame rates and produces great results.This specific Asus Dual fan model runs nice and quiet, and has yet to top 65 degrees, even under heavy loads. It isn’t utterly massive, and should easily fit in most cases. I upgraded from a GTX 1060 to this, and truly, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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  15. Bernardo Teisceira

    Great Card!!!

    I bought it and waited for a cousin to bring it to me (im from south america). Luckiliy its working great.I’m running it with a cv 650w which uses a 6+2 daisy chain cable, so far no problems. I even undervolted it just in case. Temps and fps are awesome. Great upgrade from 3060ti.

  16. CW

    4070 Super OC

    Decided to give my pc a mid-life graphics upgrade from a 2070 super to this 4070 super oc, paired with a 9700k OCed at 5.1GHzInstall was a bit of a pain. There is in included adapter cable which is short and ugly. I bought a Corsair cable for my power supply goes from 12VHPWR to dual PCIe on my psu, it’s much nicer to look at. Either way you have to get to the power supply, I have a lot of RGB and it’s a rats nest back there.I have no complaints with how it games. It’s a good step up from the old card. Did some testing in Hogwarts Legacy, ultra settings, all ray tracing and dlss goodies turned on, averaging 80-90 fps at 3440×1440 21:9. Cyberpunk 2.0 all max settings, ray tracing overdrive and path tracing with dlss quality was averaging a playable 56 fps. My old card choked with these settings.

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  17. Michael ortega

    5/5 purchase

    I bought this to replace my Gigabyte RTX 2060, it was starting to show its limitations and the fans were getting loud. The Asus RTX 4070 Super Dual was a perfect upgrade to pair with a 5800x3d. Averaging 180 fps on Helldivers 2 with settings maxed, and it runs whisper quiet.

  18. Pat

    Great at 1440p and is quiet/energy efficient. Showed up early even.

    It is a large card. Above is an image of both the 4070(bottom) and my EVGA 3060 12gb. (Top). However it still fit in the same exact spot in my case no issue(full ATX). It runs significantly cooler and pulls just about the same amount of power. I have a 600w psu and It’s been running great.

  19. militia23

    Great GPU

    I waited to write this til I had some time with card. I went from a 3080 to this. Power levels are so much better. As far as gaming not a huge improvement over 3080. With the 40 series dlss changes everything. I highly recommend this card. No support needed it’s ideal for smaller system.

  20. Trusty Rombone

    it rips, but for this money it should have some kinda light on it

    no decorative lighting or logos or anything on the 4070 super. with the tempered glass side on my case it looks like there’s no gpu in there at all. bummed but oh well

  21. Eduardo



  22. Michi_cut

    How To REALLY 4070 SUPER!

    Best upgrade from 3060ti I was very excited to see them in stock and reasonably priced at retail also finally was able to custom water cool my gpu

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  23. Reese Grimsley

    Faulty from day one, unusable within a month

    From day one, it worked but would sometimes stop whenever a game started. This left the PC in an unusable state, and I had to hard reset the whole thing (which I hate doing for many reasons).Over the course of the month, this behavior became more common, and eventually none of the ports on the GPU worked, and Windows didn’t recognize that a GPU was installed. I couldn’t change GPU drivers, and removing them entirely didn’t make a difference (it should have at least done basic display even without drivers, like it would on a totally new computer. I swapped back in the old GPU (again, no drivers yet) and it worked as it had before.Seems like I got faulty hardware. Honestly, I couldn’t tell much difference in performance from 1660 Super -> 4070 super, so maybe it was underperforming as well. I am returning this and buying a similar GPU from a different vendor. A replacement might have been okay, but that isn’t an option for whatever reason.

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  24. Ryan

    Excessive amount of coil whine

    This rtx 4070 super is fast and a huge upgrade over my rtx 3060ti. In cyberpunk2077, my rtx 3060ti would struggle with rt turned on. With the 4070 super, the game ran ~140fps with everything turned to the max (except path tracing). Unfortunately, I had to return this card due to the unbearably loud coil whine. This Asus dual 4070 super makes a loud screeching buzzing noise when gaming. I’ve owned numerous gpus before and never heard coil whine as loud as this Asus dual card. Browsing the web, I found out a lot of people have the same complain about this particular Asus gpu. I now have the founders edition 4070 super, which runs much quieter than the Asus dual and no more loud buzzing noise when gaming.

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  25. Billy


    Was hoping to upgrade my gpu and some other components for my pc and when my gpu arrived it didn’t work. I plugged in the display port for my monitor into the gpu and no response on the monitor but the pc would turn on. I plugged my old gpu in to see if I could get a response on my monitor and it worked. Us much as I was hoping this wasn’t the problem I am able to return the product and get a refund

  26. Samantha


    Recently purchased this item for my PC and when I turn on my monitor I keep getting NO DISPLAY on my screen. I have checked all cables and connections to my GPU and everything is connected properly, all cables are brand new. When I try to run my PC I have also noticed that my GPU fans do not work.

  27. Sam Meyers

    DOA, returned and replaced

    The card appeared to work ok but Steam big picture and other full screen apps had white bars all over and other artifacts. The mouse and other input stuttered and no released driver version from Nvidia or Asus worked. Asus packages actually said no supported product detected when trying to install. If you try and launch a game, the PC crashes. Back to the old GPU, working fine, and a return on the way.

  28. Ali

    1.0 out of 5 stars



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  29. Megavic

    Excelente tarjeta gráfica

    Excelente tarjeta gráfica, me ha dejado impresionado por su capacidad, llegó muy bien empaquetada y con sus cellos intactos, la recomiendo.

  30. simone robinson

    Noisy but incredible

    As with most other high-end graphics cards, this one whines like a sad dog. Games run great, though.

  31. The Dougler.

    Awesome “mid range” gpu

    Great gpu for a midrange build, hits good frames on every game at 1440p ultra settings, not as much on 4k, have to turn some things down but I can still play pretty decently with a bit of settings tuning. Biggest problem I found is the GPU market is so volatile I kept waiting for the “right time” to order all my parts. Got this card for 829 Canadian and 2 days after delivery (about 5 days after paying cheapest is 890. That said a 4080 is way too rich for my blood, this was a pretty good balance for me. No regrets.

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  32. Jordan Santana

    Beast of a GPU!

    I’m pairing this GPU with a Ryzen 7 7800X3D and it absolutely crushes 1440p gaming on high to max settings. It looks super clean and appealing with a really nice form factor that makes it light and easy to set up with most cases out there. It’s also very efficient in power and has no coil whine whatsoever. Temperature is excellent and is really hard to get the fans to really ramp up due to a good cooling solution especially for its size which is pretty impressive. Overall this is an excellent card and for the price it was worth every penny

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  33. Julián M

    Excelente tarjeta a precio adecuado

    No es una tarjeta barata propiamente pero para los precios de ahora esta muy bien, además no presenta “COIL WHINE” y las temperaturas máximas que he visto rondan los 74 grados en un lugar caliente, la verdad es una excelente tarjeta jugando a 1440p o QHD como le llaman me va entre los 120 y 240 FPS en títulos modernos, mi procesador es algo viejito con uno mas moderno yo creo que jalaría un poco mejor todavía, pero la verdad en calidad precio se las recomiendo si no cuentan con una serie 4000 aun.

  34. KRISS M.

    Buena compra, buen upgrade

    Tenía tiempo queriendo cambiar mi vieja GTX 970 y había considerado comprar una RTX 4070. Afortunadamente anunciaron estas RTX 4070 súper al mismo precio sugerido de salida de las RTX 4070. El salto en performance es realmente notable. la tengo instalada sobre una aorus b550m elite y un Ryzen 5600x. Respecto al tamaño pensé que por ser de dos ventiladores sería algo compacta, pero es casi tan grande como mi anterior gpu de 3 ventiladores. Llegó un día antes de lo esperado, la caja un poco golpeada pero el contenido intacto.

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  35. Uriah

    A ‘Super’ reasonable purchase.

    If you’re looking at these reviews, chances are that you’re uncertain which GPU is best for you. In my case I looked at the 7800xt, 7900xt, 4070, 4070ti, and 4070ti SUPER, but I decided on the 4070 Super. I purchased it for 609.99, and I wouldn’t pay any more for this card.TLDR:There is no perfect option for you if price is a consideration. If money is of little consequence, buy the 7900xtx or 4080 SUPER and move on with your life. If money, or overspending, is an issue, then what GPU you purchase depends on your preference and what gaming experience you’re expecting.Pricing:- The 4070 needs to be at $500, and 4070ti at $650 for those cards to be worth buying. Right now they are not competitively priced compared to the other 4 options.- The 7800xt is priced well at $480-500, has 16GB of VRAM, and performs 5-10% less compared 4070S, Overall it is a good value card if you’re into AMD, and it could suit a lot of mid range builds quite well. Despite those factors, it just wasn’t compelling enough for me to switch to AMD.- I see the 4070ti Super as a gimmick to please the people pleading for 16GB’s VRAM. Nvidia’s plan for the 4070ti/4080 12gb release was botched and it seems like they scrambled to make this card fit in the current market. It’s not really a 4k card, and performs about 15-20% better than the 4070S in 1440p, but that doesn’t doesn’t justify a 33% price increase. I would have bought that card if it was $700. Im glad I didn’t buy it because I would rather wait for Nvidia’s 5000/6000 lineup to see if they come out with actual planned mid range competitive 16-20GB cards.- The 7900xt is a great price around $720, and probably the card you should buy if you are willing to go with AMD and want something in the high end.Preference and Bias:My problem is that I have a bias towards Nvidia. I’ve had three generations of good performance from them, and I bet some of you do as well. With the amount of money Nvidia is investing in AI I believe DLSS and upscaling will be a big part of GPU strategy for the next couple of generations. Obviously time will tell, but if features like that can provide a premium gaming experience that rivals GPU’s 2x the price, it kind of changes the game. Latency is the biggest drawback for frame gen right now, but what if it was reduced to barely noticeable levels? I mean the point of games for most people is to unplug and have fun, and I think DLSS can really help people do that. I used FSR 2.0 on my 1080ti and it really helped me buy time on modern games so I could wait a little longer to get a new GPU. It’s possible that DLSS can push my 4070S performance an extra year and allow my money stretch that much further.My second bias is my perspective of AMD. I think AMD dropped the ball this generation and could have done a better job enticing Nvidia users with their marketing and initial pricing in early 2023. Every company is out to make a profit, sure, but AMD needs to build up their credibility through pricing like we see in the 7800xt, and their initial pricing hurt their credibility. I’m not expecting AMD to be the savior of this industries pricing, but users should be able to look at their GPU’s and believe they are paying for a premium product. I honestly don’t feel that way about AMD GPU’s, but I would love to be wrong.MY EXPERIENCE:I upgraded from a 1080ti. I play 5-10 hours a week on a 1440p 144hz monitor and my 1080ti was way past it’s prime. This 4070 SUPER can achieve 144fps+ on the games I play, without DLSS, on high – ultra settings. I don’t play the most demanding games, and probably won’t. I play things like: Darktide, Halo Infinite, BF2042, Dead space remake, and much older games.****I will say that DLSS really smooths out the frames for me in newer games, and I honestly appreciate turning it on quality in games I get 100+ FPS native. I have more issues with game server lag and my Xfinity internet than I do with DLSS and frame gen latency. But keep in mind that I have a small pool of games.****Anyways, my PC gaming experience over the last 10 years of tells me I have 3-4 years of great gaming FPS ahead on this GPU. I play the same games for 2-3 years anyways, so my hardware needs won’t go up for at least that long. There is also no such thing as future proofing, so I know I’m going to need a new GPU in less than 5 years if I want good performance on 1440p. I just ask myself “why spend more money than I need to, when I can buy something that will be good enough for what I need for the next 3-5 years”.Build Notes:This Asus dual is a compact size, and the cooler is surprisingly efficient. I push 242W on my overclock, and in my toughest stress tests reach 58-62 C. For my current build I paired the 4070S with a 13700KF on 32gb DDR5 and it’s great. I’m sure it could be paired with a 13600K or a 7700x and be just as good. The upgrade from the Pascal generation is very significant, and I’m pleased so far. Honestly ray tracing doesn’t blow me away…it depends on the game, but this card performs very well with RT enabled and DLSS/frame gen on. It OC’s very well and is quieter than my 3 fan EVGA 1080ti. My gaming temps @80% fan speed are around 58 F.If you’re considering buying the 4070 SUPER, I encourage you to be honest with yourself about what you need. Don’t just buy something because you can get up sold, buy it because it does what you need it to do and be content with that. In the words of Qui-Gon Jin “there is always a bigger fish”.Personally, I was torn on spending $800 on the TIE SUPER, but I decided against it because I can pay $600 to enjoy the games I play. I just can’t rationalize the purchase with Nvidia’s pricing this generation. I am married, I spend a lot of time on hobbies outside of my computer, and although $200 extra isn’t breaking the bank, it’s no compelling.My advice:I bought the top of the line card in 2018 for $756, and it was a great card for 4-5 years. Spend what you can comfortably spend, and be content with your purchase. The only person that cares about your PC is you. As PC enthusiasts we need to be comfortable with a 3-5 year GPU shelf life regardless of spending $1000 or $600 on a GPU.Cheers, good luck 👍🏼

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  36. Jean

    order 2 card and they both got issue

    weird black square on some game and flicker in windows but video got both issue

  37. M. Rathor

    Decent card with one concern

    This card performs well once you overclock it. The oc scanner on asus gpu tweak allows it to meet the average performace on passmark for this card. The card temps are good, staying below 75 degrees but the vrm temps do get warm, reaching 86 degrees. It can peak at 92 degrees become dropping again in to the 80’s. The vrm temp is within specs but other cards have lower vrm temps.

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