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Wintact Light Meter Handheld, Digital Illuminance Meter Range up to 200,000 Lux for Garden Indoor Plants LED Grow Light, Photography Lumen Lux Light Intensity Test Electronics

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Easy to Use: You can easily switch between 4 different measurement ranges (0-200/2000/20000/200000 Lux), so you always have the right level of detail for the job. Accurate Readings: The digital illuminance meter provides accurate readings with ±3% accuracy for readings under 10,000 lux, and ±4% accuracy for readings over 10,000 lux. Temperature readings are also highly accurate, with a range of -50℉ to 122℉ (-10℃ to 50℃) and ±1% accuracy. Versatile Design: The digital illuminance meter is equipped with maximum, minimum, and difference reading settings, as well as a data recording feature that can store up to 67 sets of data. Additionally, it features a backlit LCD screen and a low battery indicator to ensure you always have the information you need. Stable and Secure: With a screw base, this light meter can be mounted on a tripod for stability, while its tethered, detachable sensor cap helps prevent scratches and other damage. Broad Application: Whether you’re measuring light intensity for indoor or outdoor use, or for photography, videography, or scientific purposes, this light meter is a versatile tool that is perfect for a wide range of applications.

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  2. Wintact was established in 2010 in response to an urgent worldwide need for industry, security and protection, automotive repairing and agriculture, and daily life in the field of Temperature Measurement, etc
  3. We are dedicated to offering customers a choice where the combination of quality, performance, creates exceptional value.
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Batteries ‏ : ‎

3 AAA batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

5.59 x 3.61 x 19.43 cm; 200 g

Date First Available ‏ : ‎

21 January 2021

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Best Sellers Rank:

#4 in Photographic Light Meters

Customer reviews:

73 ratings

23 reviews for Wintact Light Meter Handheld, Digital Illuminance Meter Range up to 200,000 Lux for Garden Indoor Plants LED Grow Light, Photography Lumen Lux Light Intensity Test Electronics

  1. Lynn Loyd

    Works great and priced fairly!

    It does just what it says it does and half the price of the others that are similar. Has a backlight that can be turned on & off and a cover.

  2. ASH

    Does the job very good; place for improvement. See the video

    Good accuracy. Came super fast (that is why I love Amazon which makes it different from other sites) . Manufacturer respecting the buyer by adding the batteries in the package.Improvement: I hope the designer would get rid of these x10 x100 x1000 format and leave the whole number in (it could go smaller in higher numbers). Also, adding a carrying pouch, would be a good idea.

  3. genki23939



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  4. とっち


    観葉植物の育成環境を改善したく購入しました。植物の数が多いので置き場所ごとの光量を測り、育成ライトが必要かどうか、などの判断に…。3000円前後で出来るだけ性能の良いものをと、皆さんの評価を参考にこれを選びました。【決定した理由】1. 同じ価格帯で、よく売れているAS803と比べて誤差範囲が若干小さかったから。2. 中国製だが、メーカーのwintactは様々な測定器を使っているメーカーだったから。3. バックライトがホワイトだったから。4. オートオフ機能があるから。5. 趣味のコストに見合っているから。6. 黒のボディに赤の差し色が気に入ったから。【使用後の満足点】1. 少しの角度、距離の違いで表示変化の反応が早い。2. 日本語のみの詳しい説明書が同梱されているが、きちんとした日本語の文章になっている。3. 直射日光と比較して、窓ガラス越し、網戸越し、レースカーテン越し、育成ライト、など適切な置き場所の設定が数値で確認できる。4. 照度の精度は確認できないが、温度計は水銀温度計と比べてもほぼ誤差はない。5. 裏面に6㎜ネジ穴があるので、三脚等に設置可能。【不満点】1. センサー部分の向きが変えられない(回転しない)ので、光源の向きに合わせて液晶を確認しにくい。hold機能を使って確認するしかない。以上。総じて、趣味用としてはコスパが良い商品だと思います。

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  5. Gomez96

    Great delivery!

    The item is great and it’s something I could only find on Amazon! The light feature to it makes it so much better! Seems to be accurate in all the reading. Self explained. Buttons make it easy to use a simple design with so much purpose.

  6. Sos

    Great device

    Light meter is very handy tool and accurate

  7. Jason

    Great value for money. Sturdy, and accurate.

    It might be a bargain price but the product is great. I have used it multiple times and it’s very accurate and well constructed. I just wish it came with a case

  8. スーパー最悪人



  9. lemlem


    Once you learn how to read the results it’s great! I had been guessing on light levels for my orchids. I was mostly wrong. After moving one of them it sent out a bloom spike in 3 days! It’s happy now! Others are sending out new leaves with the proper color! Very nice!

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  10. 🤗Ovrjoyd🤗

    A must have for indoor and outdoor gardens

    Ii have wanted a light meter for the longest time because I grow exotic plants using natural and artificial lighting. My greenhouse is only so big and and the youngest plants can still benefit from the LED lighting inside the tent, but the bigger ones have outgrown that space and I have to count on natural sunlight. This meter halos my locate the best area with the strongest rays. I know I need at least 150 FC for my flowering perennials and now I finally know the exact measurement of light intensity without having to guess at it using the eyeball method.

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  11. Brittany

    Great price!!!

    I really like this product because it works exactly how it is supposed to. It was also a really great price.

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  12. Christina Paul

    Still getting used to it

    i am wanting to like the Wintact WT81 Digital light meter, but I have to say after using an older Sekonic light meter that I inherited from my father. Even after a few tries, the bitI find myself running back to the older model. I do very much like the back lighting so I can see the numbers more easily. For the price, of under $30, it will do for me until I get the hang of it. The instructions for this meter are printed very small and it comes with three AAA batteries.

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  13. Phil


    Functions as expected, useful.

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  14. Huang YJ

    Accurate and good battery management

    Shows 0 lume when the cap is closed which is not a standard for devices in this price range + I have put its displayed values against a SLR measurement on a grey card and both come out in the same range -of course the translation lumen to photo EV at ISO100 isn’t not 100% tight but it’s good enough to say that I can rely on the shown value of this device

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  15. 八重桜



  16. Amazon Customer

    Good and reliable

    Good product. Reliable readings. Handy, with useful options, comes with 3 AAA batteries. Recomended.

  17. John

    Good product

    Does the job I need it to do

  18. dran

    très utile pour un novice en culture du bonsaï

    pour entretien des bonsaï

  19. Kindle Customer


    Used it to measure overly bright street lights

  20. Let Me Say This:

    Qualité acceptable.

    Qualité acceptable.Bien qu’il n’y ait pas de nom de marque sur l’emballage, le produit est tout à fait acceptable ou, disons, digne de trois étoiles et demie.Je l’utilise depuis la fin de juin et après cinq mois, il est encore en bon état et fonctionne.Toutes les pièces restent bien ajustées.Rien ne s’est fissuré, n’a cassé et n’a cessé de faire un travail adéquat.Franchement, la niche abordable de l’article ne laisse pas grand-chose à désirer en termes de qualité durable.Sans aucun doute, ne considérez pas cet achat comme à la fois économique et à l’épreuve du temps.

  21. Karl Taylor


    very good love it

  22. Justin

    Find where the hot spots are in your grow tent, Hack for preventing plant burns

    This is a pretty good quality light meter, but it the main flaw is that it fluctuates so much and never really stabilizes unless its low light (maybe its just cause I have fluorescent/LED lights??). It does however calculate the difference which helps. The backlight is helpful for low light and it also takes ambient temperature. As for the purpose of my use, it serves me well.Using a light meter to figure out where the light is the strongest has proved to be invaluable. I noticedsome of my plants wilting because the light was too strong and by using a light meter, I was able to identify why. The center of my tent was 20,000 more lux than my outside. Even though it makes my plants grow quicker in the center, when they get too close to the light, they burn. Now I swap short plants out with the tall plants and I use the light meter every week.

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  23. sorelax



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