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Weewooday 3 Pieces Axolotl Tank Accessories, Extra Long Tweezers for Aquarium, Coral Feeder Long Syringe, Fish Feeding Tongs Tweezers for Reef Roids Aquatic Plant Spider Snake Lizard Pet Supplies

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About this item Aquarium feeding set: the package includes 1 piece coral feeder tube and 2 pieces straight and curved tweezers, nice combination for feeding your little pets in the water; The stainless steel straight and curved tweezers can both feed and clean up the mess inside the fish tank Reliable material: the coral spot feeder is made of quality acrylic and rubber material, which is safe for fish and corals, simple to clean and not easy to crack; the aquarium feeding tongs are made of stainless steel with black coating, durable and not easy to be rusted under water, with the help of serrated tips, the tweezers can grip stuff securely without slipping off Appropriate size: the size of coral feeder is approx. 13.77 inch/ 35 cm, long tube help you arrive at deep and hard-to-reach area, and the tweezers are approx. 10.62 inch/ 27 cm in length, they are great and practical tools for aquarium plants or reptiles Wide applications: you can feed liquid phytoplankton to corals or other aquatic animals by using coral feeder and tweezers, which is easy to control and prevents your hands from getting wet, these feeding tools can be applied in marine reef tank to feed coral, reef, anemones, lionfish, brine shrimp, watchman goby and so on Warm tips: pleas ensure that the coral feeder tube is washed and cleaned before use; Turn off your circulation pumps when feeding your coral or fish; When applied it in hot water, the temperature of the liquid should not exceed 176 degrees Fahrenheit; After using tweezer, please remember to rinse it with water and dry

Product Dimensions

‎3.38 x 3.38 x 34.98 cm; 160 g

Breed Recommendation

‎Small Breeds





Care instructions

‎Hand Wash Only

Special Features


batteries required


Batteries Included


Item Weight

‎160 g



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4.6 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#13,889 in Pet Supplies (See Top 100 in Pet Supplies) #7 in Aquarium Starter Kits

Date First Available

17 November 2020

60 reviews for Weewooday 3 Pieces Axolotl Tank Accessories, Extra Long Tweezers for Aquarium, Coral Feeder Long Syringe, Fish Feeding Tongs Tweezers for Reef Roids Aquatic Plant Spider Snake Lizard Pet Supplies

  1. Tasha

    Great for axolotl feeding

    Great price for my axolotl tank. It makes picking up bloodworma from the bottom easy and the suction is great for sucking up brine shrimp on the top. The tube is smaller than I expected so getting a lot off the bottom isn’t easy with this narrow suckered. Should be great to suck up poop though!

    6 people found this helpful

  2. andrew doolittle

    High quality reefing tools

    Great kit for reef keeping. I use the target feeder to spot feed my acan colonies and they work great. The tongs have a nice coating and have some weight to them, defiantly do not feel cheap.

  3. Laura


    Works great, and I use them almost daily in my aquariums for cleanup, feeding, etc. I don’t think I could manage this hobby without them!

  4. Neat and Tidy

    One of the tongs broke

    Well…one of the tweezers broke after only a couple months of use. Seems like the welding wasn’t done well, and it snapped apart (see picture). Oh well, guess I have to find new tweezers.

    One person found this helpful

  5. Noreen Fore


    Received quickly but all items were damaged-cracked, broken and bent. Useless.

  6. Kwasi Williams

    Love it

    Only issue I had is that moss would sometimes stick to the grips on the edge of the tweezers.

  7. Christopher Toon

    Genuine product as described.

    Product as described. I have had no issues with the pipette or the forceps. They work as intended and will have a long service life if stored properly. Always clean and dry after each use.

  8. El Guapo

    Tank accessories for feeding marine fish

    Easy to use. Good reach in 2 ft high tanks

  9. M Kennedy

    Perfect for what intended

    Hardy material. Perfect for feeding and placing delicate plants in aquarium.

  10. mcpt777

    very useful

    i use this a lot for feeding and spot suctioning of waste in the tank. could be longer so hand doesn’t get wet when suctioning the bottom of a tall tank.

  11. Tresha

    A must have

    This is definitely needed for feeding my axolotl.

  12. Ellen

    Decent quality

    I like that the tongs are long but quality is lacking for the tongs. It’s hard to pick up worms because there is no grip on the bottom, there is a gap unless I literally use both hands to clamp down, and when you grip the top of the tongs, it’s near impossible to keep something clamped on the end.

  13. Troy Huckendubler

    Perfect starter set for a small tank

    For the money, you cant do any do any better

  14. PJ

    Was not as easy to use as I thought

    I knew the tongs/tweezers would be metal, but they are pretty hard to operate for aquariums. I got them to avoid sticking my whole arm in a tank to get something off of the bottom, and to feed my African Dwarf Frogs things like bloodworms. Comfortably using these requires me to hold them around the middle, otherwise my hands shake and I don’t feel safe using them around my creatures. That means my hand just has to go into the water. The suction tube doesn’t take in as much or put out as much as I thought it would, but it does an okay amount if you suck up water with whatever you are trying to feed your aquatic animals. I imagine if reaching too far into your animal’s tank is a problem, get even longer feeding tongs/tweezers that are easier to close. Although I said all this, these are still good and I do use them.

  15. Jeremy

    As described

    It does the job

  16. John Miller

    Is what it is…

    Not bad quality figured was going to be larger. If you keep clowns in your reef tank you understand why something other than your hand is needed to place new things.

  17. Amazon Customer

    Received a broken piece

    The suction tool did arrive broken and therefore unusable, but the tweezers are great.

  18. beckystucki21

    Feeding tube with generous length to reach aquatic animals in larger aquarium.

    This aquarium accessory is excellent for feeding bottom feeders, shrimp or baby fish in gravel. I like the length of this tube feeder, as well as long handed feeding prongs. Both accessories get the food to the area of the aquarium where it’s needed. I was happy to eject the right amount of food to area in the aquarium where the fish are staying. This feeding method is better than letting the food float from the top of the aquarium down throughout the aquarium where some food could end up being waste in the bottom of the aquarium. Good for Feeding brine shrimp, or blood worms to aid sick fish too.

  19. Robert

    Easy to use

    I use this product to feed my fish and it works perfectly fine!

    One person found this helpful

  20. Elodia P.

    Amazing tools

    I have a taller aquarium that has a Nerite snail that just loves to uproot my plants. This set makes tending to the plants soooo much easier.

    One person found this helpful

  21. Daniella B.

    my most used aquarium tools

    I LOVE these tools. They are high-quality and heavy like the Fluval tool set, but not as expensive. I use the bent tweezers to gently handle plants and the straight tweezers to firmly grip slippery food items, like bloodworms. The pipette is great for feeding brine shrimp and other small foods. I also use the pipette to spot-clean the sand. Overall, very happy!

    One person found this helpful

  22. Jully

    Suction is 7/10

    Eeeh it’s alright. Just the price you pay for. The suction isn’t the greatest but it does it’s job as long as u can squeeze the lil pump and hold it

  23. Jillian

    So much easier to feed African dwarf frogs

    African dwarf frogs are major derps and seem pretty much blind. I always struggled feeding mine until I got the long suction feeder in this pack. I can slowly push one bloodworm out right in front of their face and sit there waiting for them to finish eating so I can push out another bloodworm. There’s no waste or random bits of food hanging at the bottom of the tank anymore. Plus I’ve used the suction tool to clean up bits of debris/old flake fish food that has accumulated at the bottom. Definitely worth the price.

    7 people found this helpful

  24. Johannah Keeley

    Helpful, but need a larger remover

    The tongs work good, except I keep crushing the pellets before they can be dropped in front of the axolotls. The poop remover is too small to be useful. I will probably just buy a turkey baister as I will be more effective for spot cleaning the bottom of the aquarium. Product arrived on time.

  25. Ellie Perez

    not as long as i thought itd be but it works for what i need it to

    not as long as i thought itd be but it works for what i need it to

    One person found this helpful

  26. M Phelps

    Perfect for my needs.

    I use the feeder 3x a week. It length is perfect for my needs. I also used the angled tongs to place a frag in a spot to tight, in my pico, to get at with my hand.

  27. Travis licona

    They are good. Solidly built

    They are very solid. A little to solid when it comes to pinching them closed. Also just way to short unfortunately for my fish tanks, I gotta put my hand in the water with the tweezers. But that’s not the products fault I could have just bought longer ones. The products are great. They are what they are and built to last and great quality.

  28. Vanessacc

    Tweezers are great

    Love using these tweezers to feed my frog.

  29. BB Waltz

    No protection if feeding reptiles

    very hard to squeeze for what a pair of feeding tongs should be & if your little baby misses the food it could injure the animal

  30. Gina sulik

    Was amazing.

    Perfect for my tank. Works amazingly!! Ty

  31. Shebleedsgreen

    Not bad!

    This is an excellent little kit for the price that it is the only thing I have to say about it is the tongs do not have a very tight grip so it can’t be as controlled or precise if that’s what you’re looking for other than that they’re a fantastic for what they are

  32. S. lee

    Packing issues..

    This is actually a replacement. The first one was TOTALLY broken.. the replacement was also chipped but still useable. The purchase and item itself is great. I have a complaint about the packaging. It came in the blue n white prime bag . Mind you the tube is plastic but very breakable. Other than that Amazon is great!

    2 people found this helpful

  33. fany

    Good quality

    Everything works great

  34. Jay Allyn Henon

    Nice quality!

    The tweezers are great, long enough to keep my hands dry in a smaller aquarium. The pipette removes old food and poo clean off the bottom without bothering my shrimp.

  35. Frederick McKim

    Bulb works well

    Tweezers are difficult to squeeze because of where you need to hold them aren’t long enough.

  36. Matt A

    Works great!

    Works great. Suction is fantastic and is the perfect length!

    One person found this helpful

  37. Melissa

    Feeds the spider.

    Easy to use to feed our pet spider crickets.

    One person found this helpful

  38. JB

    Super sturdy

    Tools are very sturdy. I can fill suction ball with water and walk to the other room and it doesn’t drip out. I use these for tarantula feeding/watering/grabbing crickets etc.

  39. Chas

    Impressed but needs work…

    The tweezers made of great metal, but DIFFICULT to squeeze hard enough to pull algae without having to go far enough down and defeat the purpose of keeping your hands out of the water. I’d work on that.

  40. Kaiya Maple

    Overall good quality

    Used to help feed my axolotl. Shipping was good, was worried about the acrylic but arrived just fine.

  41. leigh

    3.0 out of 5 stars


    This was a good product but the tweezers didn’t last more than a few weeks before they fell apart

  42. Gordon


    Excellent what I was looking for perfect

  43. Anonymous

    Great quality product

    Very high quality stuff. Highly recommend. Solid metal and silicon.

  44. Rodolfo Granados Gutiérrez



  45. Amanda Lynn Sadianna

    Fast shipping and great price

    These make feeding a snake easy

  46. Ian G.

    So far, so good

    I bought these tools on sale and was worried about the quality. After a few weeks of use, I can say they are doing just fine. The metal tongs are solid and feel durable while using. These are perfect for shorter tanks since you can reach the bottom without getting your hand wet. With a taller tank (29g and up), you may want something longer unless you don’t mind getting your hands wet. The turkey baster works great for feeding and removing uneaten food from the tank. It’ll be interesting to see how these hold up over time.

  47. MJBrown


    Good quality as far as I know! I think they’re sturdy and easy to use. Very satisfied

  48. Vanessa Costin


    Love these to feed the animals or fix the tank

  49. Amey A.

    Great tools

    These are great for feeding your aquarium friends. I have a 55 gallon tank and it doesn’t quite reach the bottom without my hand getting in the tank but it is pretty close. Before I was up to my elbow in the tank at each feeding so this really helps!

    One person found this helpful

  50. christopher luke

    Perfect for feeding fish

    Has the perfect length for feeding my reef tank, has nice suction for the bigger pieces

  51. Roman Tena

    Really good

    Love these tools, use them every day!

  52. Raymond Brevik

    Great feeding set

    Great set forfeiting corrals and other marine life. Price makes it appealing as my local pet stores are expensive.

  53. Sal


    I thought these would have been longer than the feeding tongs I’ve been using so I bought them… think they had to be longer as they are for an aquarium. You will be getting you hand wet… these aren’t long enough unless you have a smaller tank.

  54. AkrBn

    Well made.

    I use the suction thing daily to clean the bottom of a fry tank and spot feed food. Durable.

  55. Kristopher Holguin

    Broken on arrival

    Would have probably loved it, but it arrived broken and pieces of the glass all on the bottom of the bag

  56. Cassy McQuivey


    They’re good, they’re just not as long as I thought they would be

  57. Gertrude

    What a rip off.

    Tongs aren’t straight enough at the end and the water baster end thing comes off and it doesn’t fill with water good at all.

  58. Vin

    Useful for aquarium

    I use the tube to remove the fish waste from 5gal aquarium tank, sucks the waste.

    One person found this helpful

  59. Miss Nadia Noir

    Great tools for any reef tank

    Comes in handy when feeding fish and coral and when I need to move something in the tank

  60. Riss

    Suction arrives broken due to poor packaging

    Absolutely terrible packaging, my first suction tube arrived shattered. Sent for a replacement that arrived broken as well. The long tweezers are great but the tube is absolutely useless.

    One person found this helpful

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