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SUPERBIRD Mini Flying Trapeze Swing, Original Version, 22x17cm .au Pet Supplies

(60 customer reviews)

About this item Product Type: Pet Supplies Package Quantity: 1 ENRICHMENT BENEFITS – the Mini Flying Trapeze meets numerous enrichment needs. The easy to replace seagrass mat is a favorite of many birds to chew. The swinging platform promotes exercise, helps to develop coordination and balance skills and also provides a comfortable alternative rest area. RELIEVES BOREDOM – Properly designed bird toys are more than “just toys”. Super Bird Creations parrot toys are “Playthings with a Purpose” that help to ward off boredom, depression, aggression and destructive behaviors in parrots by stimulating physical activity, curiosity and mental engagement.

Product dimensions

‎15.24 x 17.78 x 22.86 cm; 90.72 Grams

Item Weight

‎90.7 g



Is discontinued by manufacturer


Date First Available

‎7 November 2014

Best Sellers Rank

4,903 in Pet Supplies (See Top 100 in Pet Supplies) 22 in Toys for Birds

60 reviews for SUPERBIRD Mini Flying Trapeze Swing, Original Version, 22x17cm .au Pet Supplies

  1. MerandaMeranda

    Nice toy

    Decent product but some of the little toys on it came undone easy fit it’s made to do that so not an issue. I had bought it for my new budgie but she doesn’t seem to have any interest in it but no issue with the product it feels like it has some good strength to it and would last a while for a budgieUpdate: she just started climing the top thjng

  2. Sarafina

    Flying Trapeze Toy

    My parakeets enjoy this, love the “chewing factor”….This is 2nd one I have ordered. Each bird takes turns sitting in it and “shredding” the fibers. Great toy for my 2 parakeets.

  3. KC

    My birds absolutely love this, this is my second one

    The birds absolutely love this. This is suited for small parrots and use this for my conure and cockatiels.Some advice about introducing this toy:Unless your birds are fearless (which goes against their nature), they WILL get scared of it.From a distance, introduce the toy by first “playing” with it.Has your bird ever wanted to eat whatever you were having?:Look at it, make noises they recognize (like saying MMMM) and pretending to bite it or play with it. They will WANT what you are having.Put it on top of the cage or hang it outside so they can interact with it.Once they are adjusted to it, if you are able to handle your birds, set them on it and scratch their heads if they let you. Teach them that the toy = good/fun.Hope this helps, they absolutely shredded the other one!

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  4. SogeKingSogeKing

    Budgies love this a little too much

    We bird lovers love nothing more than seeing our feathered friends content and happy, lounging about on the Super Bird Creations Mini Flying Trapeze Toy, playing with the rubber fixtures, nibbling at the straw bedding, and in general just having a ball. Attaching treats to the chains such as veggies or millet makes it even better. If I would have written this review 6 months ago I surely would have awarded it 5 stars and called it “the bomb.” I bought this thing 3 times and my 2 budgies flat out love this thing. But the third time around definitely was NOT the charm – they loved it a little too much. They pretty much destroyed almost half of it in less than 1 week! So I longer feel I got a good return for my $5.59 since they treated it more like a chew toy than a perching surface. The previous 2 trapezes lasted a lot longer than just 1 week, but at this point my birds are just conditioned to seek and destroy the oh-so-chewable trapeze mat, once I put it in the cage they immediately get to work pecking and pecking and just dismantling the thing. As a result, I think I might stop buying this unless the price were to go even lower than $5.59, and get other more durable, less expensive chew toys instead.

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  5. Bonnie C

    Good toy

    My bird loved it right away but it didn’t take him long to eat it right through on one side so it is hanging in there but he still likes to play with toys on the top.

  6. NimbNimb

    My bird loves to swing and destroy 🤣

    My Bird loves this thing; being that he is a green check conure he also loves to destroy it too. So to make him happy😆 I have to learn that it is okay that he will both use and destroy it.The up side is that the end chain with the different color part on allows you to move the chain somewhere else on the Matt for when he destroys the part where it was. This allows you to make his swinging chew toy last longer. Which make his mom, me happier 😂.Also some times you can find replacement matts, so just buy those since you still have the chains.For those of you that don’t have chewers your birds will love swinging and just resting on it.

  7. KPMT

    My parrotlet loves to jump and swing on this trapeze!

    My parrotlet absolutely loves this trapeze. He loves to jump and swing around on it, and occasionally will interact with the little “toys” on it, but mostly enjoys chewing at the grass/vine part of it. That’s the only thing that could be improved with this…perhaps the bottom-most rings could have a partial opening so when your bird eventually chews the vine apart that the rings are attached to, you can reattach the ring to another piece of the vine so it doesn’t set the whole thing askew. In the meantime, I’ll find some other bird-safe method to attach the rings to the mat, since he truly does adore his trapeze…even when it’s kinda broken!

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  8. Texasgirl

    So cute!

    Perfect for our active canary winged parakeet. She sits on it to chew, but she also jumps on it and uses it like a swinging bridge to get from one perch to another. Definitely a favorite!

  9. K. Fischer


    My green cheek is a huge fan of this trapeze! We thought she hated swings until we got this. Now we love watching her play!

  10. Amazon Customer

    Black Capped Conure Loves It

    I have had this in my Black Capped Conure’s cage for about 15 minutes and he is already in love with it. When we got him, he had no tail and he can’t fly, so any platforms and fun things like this are what I love to get him. I added an extra plastic link (since I have a ton) on each side to give him more space to move around on the platform because it seemed a little cramped and he wasn’t interested at first, and once I did, he was in heaven. This might be his second favorite toy now (nothing will ever beat the bell we brought him home with, but this may come close!).EDIT:A year later and we still love these so much for our little guy! We buy them a few at a time because loves chewing them up while he’s playing and I want to always make sure he has one in his cage. Absolutely the best thing I have bought for him, plus every time we get a new one he gets extra charms! He loves chewing on the pacifiers. 12/10, would absolutely recommend if you have an active conure!

  11. Nicole

    Surprisingly loved by my cockatiel

    I think I’ve tried every toy that’s marketed to any bird sized from Finch to Amazon and my cockatiel has snubbed all but one type. I didn’t have high hopes for this, especially since she has snubbed the vertical version of this toy that is stuffed with paper. When it came in it hung a bit crooked. There was no way to get it to hang flat, plus the mat area wasn’t a square it was more of a triangle, hence the deducted star.After the initial distrust of a new toy, she decided she loves this thing. It only took 2 days for the little “koosh” balls to be eaten off and another day for the initial loops to be chewed off where the mat hooks up to the plastic chains. Fortunately the bottom plastic loops can be opened and hooked around another loop in the grass mat. It’s uneven when there’s no weight on it but once she stands on it, it just sinks in the middle and all evens out. For the first two weeks I don’t think she used a single other perching surface in her cage. Now she’s back to moving around but this mat is definitely her favorite thing to sit on.As a toy I’d probably only rate this a 2 or 3 since the toy parts were chewed off right away. As a perching surface this is apparently a 5 for her. I like that the grass is soft on her toes as well so she won’t get bumble foot. All together it rates a 4. Once she eats through it I’ll definitely get her another.

  12. Amanda

    For smaller birds

    Bought this for my cockatiel, unfortunately it’s not suitable for him, better for a smaller bird due to the way the plastic chains attach together at the top, making it smaller to enter the base. Would suit more birds if it had a 2 chain attachment on each side instead of one for all four.

  13. The Average Normal Customer

    A favorite!

    Perfect for lovebirds. They are a little scared of the toy at first . Once they trust it, they would go in the middle of it and cuddle or sleep like a baby which is very cute to watch. They love the toys that come with the swing. You can add more if you want to. They especially love the porcupine balls hanged on it but I am a little concerned about the safety of soft plastics with birds and accidental ingestions. Many articles i have read claim that only hard plastic such as acrylic is safe. Soft plastics may contain heavy metals and other toxins. So far my birds have survived but in my future purchases, i will manually remove the porcupine balls. Better safe than sorry.I think this product is fun, beautifully creative, and birds Love it!!! I still feel it is a little overpriced.Oh and.. The birds like to shred the seagrass part.

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  14. Bram Prokopetz

    Five Stars

    My Bird absolutely loves this hammock, he spends quite a bit of time in it.

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  15. Nina

    This toy is the best.

    My parakeets love love to chew this toy, so they’re occupied for hours each day with this toy!

  16. Nicole MellingNicole Melling

    Wellies love it

    Really good quality the birds love it. Hours of fun to be had. This our third and definitely not the last

  17. M

    Not For Chewers

    Bought this for my lovebirds and it was great for about an hour. I tried to keep moving the plastic rings into the least destroyed areas to try to get more use but it really only lasted about half a day. Way too expensive for the amount of enjoyment/time they got out of this 🙁

  18. Temminck’s LarkTemminck’s Lark

    Cockatiel loves it

    He loves it. He immediately ripped off the rubber balls and happily sits on it and swings. I was worried he wouldn’t fit on it, but he can walk all the way through with no problems. Such a great purchase.

  19. Claire 🐾

    Great for budgies

    My 2 budgies love this, they chew it so it ends up getting smaller and smaller and I have to buy another one! It keeps them happy though.

  20. David Leaser

    Good for conure size parrot

    We have a regent parrot and he loves this — uses it as a next at night. He immediately gets to work dismantling the toys and then settles in every night. He also likes to chew it up, so we need to replace every few months. Perfect toy and sleeping hammock for a conure sized parrot or parakeet.

  21. A senior

    Lovebirds Lullaby

    One month ago I adopted two very young male lovebirds. They absolutely love swinging on this. It is where they sleep and spend some of their day. They have not worked at damaging it as they have a couple of toys. A very practical and cost effective addition to a birdcage.

  22. WhyNotMinot1181

    Our Bird’s Favorite Toy!

    Our green cheek conure is on her 2nd one of these… she liked to climb and chew it up (because that’s what birds do)… it’s her favorite toy in the cage!

  23. Amazon Customer

    Birds attack!

    So our parakeets avoided this toy like the plague for the first weeks we had it. Then…they decided to destroy it. It’s currently hanging by a tiny fiber thread that as soon as they bite through it, it’ll unfortunately go in the trash. They never really played with it other than to rip it apart. :/

  24. Mirela J

    Good purchase, but had to readjust chain

    The chain is a bit too short in my opinion, my parakeets wouldn’t stay on it until I separated the chain and attached it in vertical position at all four corners. They definitely liked more space on the platform and sleep there now occasionally. Easy adjustment that wasn’t bothersome, so still 5 stars. It was also purchased at a better price than my local pet store.

  25. Crissy37

    Basically just cute

    The media could not be loaded.

    This basically is just cute, when the bird stands it goes to one side. I probably could hang it at all four points to support the weight. Instead I’ll probably just turn it into a foraging mat by adding other toys to the mat. Overall it was ok.

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  26. Mechelle MarieMechelle Marie

    One of the new favorite toys.

    I can not say enough good things about this. My Cockatiel gets bored easily. I have to change out the toys weekly when I clean her cage. I recieved this on cleaning day and put it first thing. After about 5 minutes of examination from every point of the cage she could view it from without going near it she made her way over and tested every bit of edge for stability taking another 5 minutes to do so. Then it as game on. She hopped up on that platform and went to town. She has put her beak and tongue on every square millimeter of the toy to test it out. She spent almost an hour on it. She is happily now taking a nap after her big morning of exploration. This will be a keeper. I suppose I will need to get some natural fibers such as raffia to mend it as she nibbles away at the platform but being worn to pieces is a sign of favorite toys. I will suggest this to friends and I will be purchasing the large one for my Quaker Parrot, however the cost of that one will make it a once or twice a year purchase where the cost of this one I would purchase ever few months without thinking twice.

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  27. Margaret D. Batey

    Budgie likes it

    My budgie enjoys this toy a lot, especially when I put millet through the holes!

  28. pamela keefer

    Love it

    My green cheek conure loves it!!! She swings and swings!! Will buy again

  29. LtLt

    My Parakeets loves it!

    My birdies love this toy! At first, they didn’t pay it any attention but now it is their favorite toy. Give your parakeets some time and they’ll love it once they get on it to try it. My parakeets love to get on the swing together during the day. At night they would cuddle or take turns sleeping on it. It help gives their feet a rest. If you feel the little dangling toys isn’t safe for your parakeets then you can take them off. My parakeets like to play with them but I watch them closely to make sure they don’t bite into it or eat it. I’m planning on getting them another one! 🙂

  30. LaVon LeGrand

    Bird adores these!

    My lovebird loves it! Destroys it, too, but it takes her months to do so.

  31. BC

    Plastic mould ends are careful

    Plastic bits at the end of link chains are sharp. Circular ring holding the pieces together is rusty. Took it apart for individual toy parts so it is safe for my parakeet

  32. Jess.H

    My green cheek conure loves this trapeze, he is …

    My green cheek conure loves this trapeze, he is always on it and even sleeps on it sometimes. He likes to chew on the spiky balls.

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  33. Amazon Customer

    My baby budgies won’t get off of it lol.

    I have two baby budgies, and I’ve bought them lots of toys and swings and perches, etc. You name it–they have it. But they’re still babies, and pretty timid, and unless they are eating and drinking, they are on this trapeze. They LOVE it. They seem to feel so safe on it; it’s big enough for them to snuggle together, and rather than perching on it, they almost lie down on it and seem very relaxed. Also, it doesn’t swing wildly back and forth; rather, it’s quite stable. They haven’t shown any interest in the toys yet, but I’m hoping they will once they feel a little more secure. For now, thank you for this (on my behalf and theirs!).

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  34. jessi & skyjessi & sky

    Good size for a Green Cheek Conure!

    I was worried that this toy would end up being a little small, and was planning on getting the larger size. I’m glad I went with this, as my conure fits perfectly on the seagrass mat. It’s a little light, though, and rocks way too much for my birds liking, but that was remedied by attaching a heavy toy to the bottom of it and weighing it down. It did take a while for my bird to warm up to it, but now she plays on it, sleeps on it, and will use it to get around her cage. She loves acrylic toys, and the little trinkets attached are a big hit. When she’s chewed through the mat we’ll still have those toys left over. My two cockatiels also enjoy chewing on the mat, and now I’m considering buying them their own. Overall I’m very happy with this purchase.(Edit) I reordered this a couple of times in the past year. My conure chews right where the mat attaches to the chains, so I have to adjust it to hang differently a couple times until she shreds most of it to pieces. She has a lot of little acrylic toys left over from these and she loves them so much. She can carry them now that they aren’t attached to the chain, and she spends a lot of time chewing on them! I used to be worried about her choking, or getting stuck, but this toy is perfectly safe and her favorite toy she’s ever had. My cockatiels will not stand on it, but will spend hours chewing on it if I detach two chains, so it hangs more like a flag than a swing. Once the mat is gone, the cockatiels do enjoy lightly chewing on/batting at the free-hanging chains. I feel like birds around sun/jenday conures and smaller will love this toy in their own way, if not the toy can be converted in many ways to suit what your bird likes.

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  35. marlene

    Five Stars

    My green cheek conure loves it!

  36. Right by you ltd

    A good product but….

    Got this for my cockatiels. They chewed through it within 24 hours. Product depends on how mischievous your birds are. I just have a feeling the boy did it out of revenge because the girl gets too much attention or he just likes sharing his one with her but who knows? One of life’s mysteries I guess. A good product though because the other one is still is solid condition after months of use.

  37. V. Palladine

    Great for small birds!

    I like the look and design of this, however my Linnie is scared of new things. She has not gone near it since putting it in her cage.I am hopeful that she will test it out because it is a good birdy swing/toy all in one. IMO it is good for budgies, parrotlets or linnies and too small for GCC or other parrots that size.

  38. Amazon Customer

    Great Item

    Lovely swing/bed very colourful, larger than expected, unfortunately my budgie won’t part with his other swing lol

  39. Dinah

    Great for getting keets to exercise & eat their veggies!

    My keets really enjoy their trapeze, and I love putting chopped pea shoots and shredded carrots (organic of course) on the trapeze. The the keets love nibbling on their veggies this way, and definitely eat more of them than if I place the veggies in a dish.UPDATE: Sometime after writing my initial review of the trapeze, mykeets did start chewing on the seagrass. My solution: I was able tp purchase inexpensive replacement mats! The best price I found was at I purchssed a 12-pack the mats and I believe the per mat price cames to about $2. :DI also have a keet who loves sleeping on the comfy trapeze rather than a perch.*Please note: some reviewers have commented that their birds made fast work of demolishing the trapeze. I also had this experience: the first trapeze i placed in the cage was destroyed in just a day or two. But I decided to try again, and the second one lasted a few days. The 3rd lasted maybe a week. But after that, the chewing stopped almost completely, and I have had this 4th one for a few months. So I encourage you to not be discouraged if your birds have a chew – fest on the first few: after the novelty wears off, the chewing will become less and less, and they will enjoy their trapeze for eating, sleeping and/or just hanging out.***UPDATE & SUGGESTION: I have to admit that the destructive chewing did ultimately become an issue for me! But there’s a great somution: just stock up on replacement seagrass mats! I found a store online that specializes in “safebird” products and they sell “mini” seagrass mats! If you buy them by the dozen, the price is very reasonable. So now I am so happy I can continue to provide my keets with the toy they love at a very reasonable price!!!

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  40. Jeff Poole

    crazy mess that parrots love

    Very good but your parrot will love to rip it apart slowly, at least our parrot likes the mess better than the toys. Plays with the toys but loves to try and rip the mess away like it’s building a nest.

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  41. Roxanne BichardRoxanne Bichard

    Great purchase

    My budgie’s favourite toy. She was afraid of it at the beginning, but once she started getting curious about it, she ended up loving it (you might have to put some millet on it to get them on it at the beginning). She plays with the baubles and chews the base, until it eventually falls to the bottom of the cage. I’ve replaced it 3 times since I first bought it about a year ago. But it’s worth it for the stimulation it provides her when I’m not around!

  42. Véronique

    Four Stars

    Les chaines et la boule sont vraiment gros.

  43. Lasse

    Super Bird Creations SB747 Mini Flying Trapeze Bird Toy, Small Bird Size, 6” x 7” x 9”

    the things you hung with were sharp for the birds

  44. book worm

    Waiting on the birds

    I the size of it it fits in the cage and the multi colours will surely piqued the birds curiosity when they finally trust it. They are currently huddle in their cage far from it so I cannot share whether or not they are enjoying it. Hopefully they will love it once they have gotten use to mit being there.

  45. Mack.RB



  46. Paige CuccaroPaige Cuccaro

    My cockatiels LOVE IT!

    My birds figured out how to make it swing. They LOVE hanging upside down, stretching their wings. One loves to gnaw around the metal rings holding it up, and will not stop until he’s broken 3 out of four supports. At which time I buy them a new one. It makes them happy. What more could you want?

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  47. Michele N.Michele N.

    Love it!

    My parakeets love this! They immediately hopped on it as soon as I put it in their cage. I removed the small rubber balls as a safety precaution, so they won’t eat it.

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  48. Hannah

    Cockatiel Loves it!!!

    This is my fourth one I’ve ordered. My 2 year old cockatiel loves this swing. He will swing on it for a week then chew it up. Good entertainment and safe for him!

  49. dancing1821

    New bird loves it

    We found a young lovebird in our yard right before Hurricane Ian and have been unsuccessful in finding her owner thus far. We bought her a nice cage, rope, and toys to help make her comfy while we continue to look for her family but she has no interest in the toys and only uses the rope or perch that is highest. I bought this item in a whim and I’m so glad I did. Within 24 hours of adding it to her cage she is obsessed. She stands on it, lays on it, and sleeps on it. She prefers this item to any other thing in her cage (except her millet). This sweet bird is still very timid so we are excited to see her trying something new. I cannot recommend this item enough.

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  50. Stephanie wise

    Not for Chewers

    Just as pictured. Do not get if your bird is a chewer! Mine destroy it within 2 days!

  51. Janette Stevens

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Beautiful for my budgie

    My budgie loves it needs alot of room for the swinging part so please dont just measure for the width and length of the product add like 6 cm squared because it sure does like to swing by budgie loves sitting and sleeping and playing with the toys and absolutely loved hanging from the chains 10/10

  52. Cherry JoCherry Jo


    Hooks are rusty, everything else is fine

  53. Rosa Angelica Garcia Rosa Angelica Garcia

    El favorito aquí en la casa.

    Mis ninfas adoran estar aquí… Hasta duermen en el!! Tengo dos jaulas y pienso.comprar el segundo porque es el juguete qué más les gusta!!! Gracias

  54. Jarek J.

    Birds love this mat

    My English Budgies love this mat. Instead of hanging it in their cage, I lay it flat on top of their cage. They play with it when they come out for free flying time.

  55. Charlie

    Absolutely perfect!!!

    absolutely perfect and 5* service! My birds love them 😊I will be returning in the future, thank you!

  56. Jess

    Great but easy to destroy and expensive to replace

    My 2 parrotlets love to shred this particular seagrass mat (they ignore other ones for some reason), and they get through it pretty fast. I wish they weren’t 18$ each, but realistically you could keep the hangers and replace just the seagrass bit if there’s a cheaper one out there.My GCC uses this as a hammock for sleeping and plays on it like a swing. She’s 3 months old and wasn’t sleeping well on perches so I tried one of these and she loves to swing on this and then sleep on it at night. It’s better than a hut and hopefully wont trigger any hormonal behaviour because it isnt enclosed.

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  57. Madison

    Parakeets LOVE!

    My parakeets LOVEEEEE this toy! They always start flying and land on it so they swing around 🤣 they also love the little toys connected to it! It’s perfect size for their cage (about 4ft tall and 2 ft wide and 1.5 ft deep)

  58. Deborah Lowe

    Great fun and value for money

    Even my less playful linnies clamber all over it and chew the links and balls. So cute when they snuggle and snooze

  59. Cheyenne J.

    Best thing ever

    Bird loves this. It lasted a long time even as he chewed on it. It finally fell apart after 6 months and I bought a new one. Right when it came out of the package, my conure started bobbing his head really hard at it (when he gets excited about something) and jumped right on when I dangled it from my fingers. He recognized it. Normally, he’s afraid of new colorful toys, but he took to this right away the first time.

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  60. KC ♡

    Birds loved it. It was a joy to watch them destroy it.

    With any toys meant for birds, it’s bound to get destroyed in a matter of time. They weren’t the most interactive with the hanging toys but they still loved to interact with it on a daily basis and gradually chew through it. I look forward to buying this again !

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