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Seachem 116030601 Neutral Regulator 250 g .au Pet Supplies

(60 customer reviews)

About this item Adjusts pH to neutral (pH 7.0) from either a low or high pH Softens water by precipitating calcium and magnesium Removes chlorine, chloramine or ammonia Enhance and stabilize the freshwater aquarium environment

Product dimensions

‎12.45 x 6.1 x 5.84 cm; 294.84 Grams

Item Weight

‎295 g



Is discontinued by manufacturer


Date First Available

‎7 August 2012

Best Sellers Rank

1,072 in Pet Supplies (See Top 100 in Pet Supplies) 18 in Aquarium Water Treatments

60 reviews for Seachem 116030601 Neutral Regulator 250 g .au Pet Supplies

  1. TheaC

    Seachem, I love you BUT-

    It works.It will give you a neutral pH 7.0 as described but you will have an overload of phosphates initially when you add it to your tank and I suggest that you have a phosphate test kit to monitor the phosphate levels. Also, if you have plants in your tank, over time they will eat up the phosphates in the tank if you dose it once and leave it alone for a long time – so you will have to keep dosing more than usual to keep the pH at 7.0. And then you’ll have the initial over load of phosphates again if you dose to keep your pH at 7.0 which may or may not lead to an algae problem. In my case I had the beginnings of an algae bloom trying to keep my pH at 7.0. I use other Seachem products but this is definitely one that I wouldn’t use in a planted tank.

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  2. S. Hardwick

    Hmm not to sure about this

    Putting it in a 55 gal fish tank with two huge Oscars been 10 hrs no change only added a half ounce as 1 ounce does a ton of gallons will try more in 24 hrs maybe something will clear up fish are fine water still fair.

  3. Amazon Customer

    This stuff is great.

    I have been using this stuff for about 6 months now. Only down side find is it works best of you mix it in a bucket a few days before a water change..

  4. Marcus

    Strongly recomend

    Brought this to reduce nitrates, after 8wks, nitrates down from 80ppm to 5ppm, I now only use seachem products.

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  5. Thiago Nascimento

    Reduziu, mas não como prometido, nem estabilizou

    Após o uso com a quantidade recomendada houve uma redução de ph de 8,5 para 7,7. Entretanto após alguns dias, o ph voltou a subir ficando próximo de 8,1. Não tenho elementos alcalinizante na água. Talvez alguma característica da água que uso impeça que o ph mantenha-se em 7 😔. Enfim, melhorou mas não resolveu.

  6. manon

    Je ne l’utilise plus.

    Apparition d’une poudre blanche sur les feuilles des plantes.

  7. C. Wilson

    If your tap water is a very high PH, you may want to concider another product

    First of all, the product does seem to work by some degree, but the rock water of LA county seems to give it a real run around and does some other odd things. This review touches two different topics.If you are at all serous about keeping fish, to hear my tapwater is naturally PH of 8.2 will make you cringe. It also has a KH of 5 and a GH of 7 by the API test I have. I keep a 10 gallon tank that is lightly planted with a dirt and aquasoil substrate. The directions for the product say to use 1tsp for a 10-20 gal tank to maintain a PH of 7, “or more as necessary,” of which I mix into my changing water. Here’s the kicker though: I use 1/2 tsp per GALLON to achieve only a PH of 7.6. That is what? 500% the recommended dose? And that is just the straight tapwater in a gallon jug I use during water changes, not actual tank PH (which has never been below a 7.6 save for about a 6 week period when I added Fluval Stratum, to which now has burnt out and stopped buffering.) And although it doesn’t seem to change my GH, it sure does change the KH of the water, going up to a 13.5, which in some ways makes sense, but still! Further more, in my test so far, it seems doubling the dose to 1 tsp for a gallon of water and letting it sit gets me a reading of maybe 7.4PH, and the KH doubled yet again. Seems like a lot of product to achieve minimal returns in my circumstance. In the future I may try getting Seachem’s Acid Regulator to more aggressively attack my PH issues. By this point, my 1 yearold fish are acclimated to the elevated PH and do well enough, and sometimes show breeding behavior, but should I really want to take my hobby to the next level, I will either need to figure out how to lower the PH more, or give up on tropical fish and go saltwater…That all said, I will continue to use the product for now as it works better than the Petco brand PH reducer I had given up on, and has had a sudden, unexpected change upon my tank I want to explore more. If you have a planted tank, this may be of interest to you:When I first got the product, I read the label and directions, but some how failed to see that it also removed chlorine and chloramine from tapwater, and continued to use the dechlorinator (Seachem Prime) I already had along with it for the first few months. Then just a few weeks ago I read the bottle of Regulator again and realized I was double treating, so decided to use Regulator only for a waterchange of my semi-regular 30%. To my surprise, the following week there was a huge change in plant growth, up to a whole inch of new, large and healthy growth. My stem plants look like palmtrees now, cause they were nothing but sticks with a few scraggly leaflets that were all to short lived, and now suddenly are branching out in full size! For a whole year I had been struggling to keep my plants alive and growing, I gave some liquid fertilizers a try, I tried doing more regular waterchanges, I tried doing less waterchanges, added to the tank new aqua soil. Nothing. Plants that once did fantastic were just dying off without answer, including the damn duckweed! You know something is wrong when duckweed is struggling! But the week I used only Regulator, sudden improvement to my remaining stem plants. It may be a fluke, but I am chasing this idea and logging it, and will update my review over the coming months should it be false or true.

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  8. Borrecus


    Te sube los fosfatos hasta el infinito y mas… algas algas por todos los lados

  9. Davide Bovolenta

    E’ quello che deve essere e fa quello che deve fare.

    E’ quello che deve essere e fa quello che deve fare.

  10. Mar

    Muy insatisfechos

    Estamos muy decepcionados con el producto , lo hemos utilizado 2 veces, y cada vez se nos han muerto peces.

  11. Emma

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Great ty

  12. Gina Pou

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Thank you so much for the delivery

  13. Steven J. Dunks

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Aquarium must.

    This is the perfect tool for your fish tank. Thi all in one powder is the only stuff I use when adding water. PH balance is perfect & removes chlorine with out issue as best I can tell. Fish are doing well and have had no issues while using this stuff

  14. Penny

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great at keeping pH at 7.0 but not so great at getting there

    In my main tank (240L, freshwater, planted, fish), with a KH of 4, I’ve had wild pH swings continually for the past 40 days. I kept dosing with Acid Buffer which brought it down to 6.8 but every 2-3 days it would be over 7.6 again. I found Neutral Regulator here and thought it couldn’t hurt to give it a go. I dosed it once, and since then (5 days), it has been 7.0 steadily since then. I am very happy.As a bonus, although the manufacturer advises caution with using this in planted tanks, a bunch of my plants have been continually pearling since I dosed this – a sign of happy plants.However, in my quarantine tank (40L, freshwater, empty), the pH was at about 7.8. As I plan to throw the water away once I finish the cycle, it was safe to experiment in. I tried to bring the pH down solely using Neutral Regulator. I started slowly, and then worked up to massively dosing it with 12 teaspoons over several days. It had zero visible effect on the pH at all. I had to use Acid Buffer to bring it to 7.0 and then Neutral Regulator has kept it there consistently.So from my minimal experimentation – I won’t use this again to change the pH, but will continue to use it to keep it at 7.0 once reached.

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  15. Lan Chan

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    excellent product

    excellent product

  16. Rodrigo Vasconcelos

    Produto muito bom!

    Produto com uma boa eficiência.


    Phosphate !

    Le produit fait énormément grimper le taux de phosphate ! Ce qui peut clairement amener beaucoup d’algue ! Attention!

  18. Chegou certinho ☺️ adorei Chegou certinho ☺️ adorei


    Chegou certinho e bem rapidinho.Gostei 😃

  19. Fauad A.Fauad A.

    Got what expected.

    It’s a new packing. Wil see if it works as described. Going to use it with Discuss buffer to maintain PH level.

  20. Tommy

    Not work for me.

    just waste money. Cussed algae in bloom. Phosphate is first reason for algae and this product is full of it.

  21. Ian

    Really good

    I tried this and it really did work, i found it difficult to lower the ph as the water is hard tap water. tried different products. the ph dropped and the water became soft…. i do recommend this, just follow the instructions and be patient ill say again it works lol.

  22. Gustavo S.

    Good product

    A good product for those who know how to use it. Delivers what it promises

  23. Andre S

    Cannot recommend

    Had a PH spike in my aquarium and used this to try to bring the PH down to 7. I’ve never been able to get the PH down to 7 no matter how much of this product I would you put in. Over the course of the week the best I could do was 7.7.The description says that it softens the water which was a plus as well…. Not really, I have 70-80ppm of hardness as I use RO water (from the tap I get 460ppm) and my tank was always stable with the hardness of the water. Once I used this product the hardness in my aquarium went to 200 ppm… Cannot recommend as it was a wast of money…

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  24. KingDom

    Quick PH level

    It’s good product and pretty quick PH level

  25. Sigourney Welborn Underwood

    Good reliable product

    I’ve used this product for decades. It works great and is used by many pet shops. And available on Amazon at a great price

  26. Cinghiale


    Miglior bio condizionatore

  27. Valentina


    Ottimo prodotto! Fa il suo dovere in brevissimo tempo.

  28. Jean-Fulcrand Frederic

    Produit efficace

    Produit efficace sur le temps, le Ph reste vraiment stable.Qualité prix très intéressant.

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  29. Amazonian

    An essential necessity for your weekly water changes.

    You need to 100% use this to keep the PH level at a perfect 7. Works every time. I don’t use ‘tap safe’ anymore, instead go for this and it makes your tap water safe for the fish. However I recommend mixing it in a bucket before pouring it into your tank. Because it will go misty for the first day and a few days later everything will turn white.

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  30. Bella

    Waste of time and money

    Added the measured dose to cycling tank. Within 2 minutes water had completely clouded up. The water itself cleared but my filter was full of white almost gelatinous stuff and my glass is covered in white deposit. Lowered ph for about 10 minutes then pinged back up again. Do not recommend, completely messed up my otherwise pristine tank.

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  31. LHenry


    I use this with every water addition. Our city water is high in chlorine and pH. This is the perfect solution.

  32. diodo

    Parece que funciona

    Es difícil saber la efectividad real del producto pero parece que funciona. Los tests los pasa bien aunque en mi caso no llega a bajar hasta los 7.

  33. Ritesh Gill

    Two Stars

    only 4 non planting aqarium ……. dont use drifwood with this product….. its burn with black lg

  34. Ruben Huerta Martinez

    Es útil.

    El producto es bastante bueno, ha bajado mi PH a 6.5, sube mucho los nitratos y produce mucha proliferación de algas, pero vale para su función.

  35. RennedyRennedy

    Excelente. Rende muito.

    O resultado é muito rápido e pouquíssima quantidade trata uma quantidade grande de agua. Muito pratico.

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  36. Fabiana Marques


    ótimo produto. Estabiliza o aquário perfeitamente!

  37. Claudia Chouinard

    Rien de spécial


  38. Mesa Mike

    worked on my tank

    I had a longtime problem with low pH (6.5) due to living in a mountain area and after using this product for a couple months, it finally brought the pH up into the neutral range (7.2). But I have to say that I don’t know enough about the science of it all and that around the same time I had begun use of aquarium salt and Biotene (establishes beneficial colonies of bacteria, also available through Amazon). But whatever: Neutral Regulator was involved in solving my tank’s chronic low pH.

  39. Ronald B.

    Maintain the PH in my aquarium.

    Easy to use, I add some once a month to keep my PH at approximately mid 6’s.

  40. Antonio

    Regula el ph

    Sirve para eliminar el cloro y la cloramida regulando el ph.

  41. Heatherly S.

    Seachem Neutral Regulator works to raise PH to 7.0

    Works well to raise PH in fish tank.

  42. Glenn Walsh

    Expensive for what it is !!

    Good product, but expensive…

  43. orlando



  44. Shawn c.

    Works well

    Does exactly what it says

  45. J.C.Salmerón

    Carísimo, inutil

    Yo lo he probado cuatro veces, de ahí que no he devuelto los l producto. Es poco menos que un timo, si señor una estada, un producto carísimo sin efecto alguno.Lo he probado con agua de ósmosis solo, con agua del grifo dejando evaporar el cloro 72hcon la mezcla de ambas apromanfo el PH a 7 y nada de nada. Como digo una estada.espero que si alguien de seachen lee este comentario me envíe algún otro de sus productos que si funcionan en compensación de este desastre.

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  46. M.E

    Neutral regulator

    Seems to work best when added to new water before put into a tank but it does work. And you dont have to use much to get the results you want either so good purchase.

  47. Raimundo Francisco de Souza

    Água limpa e saudável

    The media could not be loaded.

    Excelente produto, mantém o equilíbrio d’água, estabilizando o ph, diminuiu 80% o trabalho de manutenção do aquário e a saúde dos peixes.Recomendo 100%

  48. Howard Mauran

    Does great just take out your carbon filter and test your water,

    Great product make sure to take out your carbon filter or it just gets sucked in and ph remains high or low whatever your problem is. I use it only when I do water changes and I clean out the filter and let it filter run for at least 24 hours till I but carbon filter back in! Only chemical that you add to your water that carbon filter does not affect is Aquarium Salt! Test your water before adding this but make sure to clean your gravel first and let it settle and add your new water before you test. Test water 12 hours after adding this and adjust accordingly and test again at 24 hours and make sure you got PH where you want it before you put your carbon filter back in!

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  49. Peter Merriott


    product as described

  50. David SPessoa

    Ótimo produto

    Utilizei para baixar e tamponar o pH do meu aquário. Inicialmente tive que utilizar com um Acid (Labcon), mas agora só mantenho, colocando-o na água tratada antes de inserir no aqua. Meu pH era 7,5~7,6 e hoje tamponei em 7,2 com a ajuda do NR.

  51. El Curioso

    Como siempre lo mejor.

    Que se puede decir de los productos de Seachem que no sea que son los mejores, también suelen ser mas caros todo sea dicho.En este caso el neutral regulator regula el ph de tu acuario estableciendo un tampón en 7.0.También ablanda el agua al contener calcio y magnesio y además elimina clo, cloramina y amoníaco.Si se quiere subir de 7.0 hay que usarlo conjuntamente con el alkaline buffer (también de seachem)Y si se quiere bajar de 7.0 se puede usar acid buffer o discus buffer (obviamente también de seachem)Yo lo disuelvo en una garrafa (no es recomendable echarlo directamente sin disolver) y así en esa garrafa ya no tengo que usar otro acondicionador (como el prime de seachem que es el que uso) porque con este neutral regulator ya elimina cloro y cloraminas.Si se le puede poner una pega es que usa tamponadores de fosfato, lo cual con luz puede dar lugar a una explosión de algas. Es recomendable usarlo sin luz y limpiar luego el acuario.

    7 people found this helpful

  52. Javier

    Cumple su cometido a la perfección

    Funciona perfectamente, necesitaba un producto que me fijara el Gh y Ph porque por error mío introduje un sustrato que baja dichos parámetros haciendo que estuvieran por debajo de lo que necesita mi betta. Antes y después de añadirlo al acuario he hecho una medición de parámetros y el Ph subió de 6.5 a 6.83 por lo que sí cumple su función.Eso sí, el nivel de fosfatos se dispara con este producto y sumado a la subida de Ph puede producirse una explosión de algas si no tienes plantas en el acuario.

    One person found this helpful

  53. Amazon Customer

    Takes some time but works 🙂

    Seachem is my favourite aquarium company so that’s why I trusted this to be a good product – and it is! However I was a little confused by it and I’m not sure if this is legit but this is my experience:So I’ve been setting up a new aquarium. I know that a slower and gradual pH change is what you have to do for you fish so they don’t get a shock to the system however I am busy cycling a brand new tank and for some reason I thought this product would work instantly but it does take a little time to bring the pH down. It never seemed to bring the pH down even after a double dose. I tested the water from my aquarium about a week later and it HAD actually lowered. I live in mountains where our water is very hard so It’s understandable that it would take a bit to work however I just thought it would be quicker so maybe don’t always expect that! No other issues, Seachem is still my go to company 🙂

    2 people found this helpful

  54. Victor Rodrigues

    Qualidade caiu

    Sempre usei o Purigem!! Desde de 2014!! Então resolvi trocar/renovar!! Porém, o novo satura rapidamente!! Com menos de 5 dias, já está quase todo marrom e água não mais fica tão cristalina quanto ficava!! Estou precisando usar carvão ativado associado

  55. Cliente AmazonCliente Amazon

    Ottimo prodotto

    Semplicissimo da usare

  56. Amazon Customer

    Works in aquarium and outside pond.

    Good product. Easy to use.

  57. Samuel W

    Five Stars

    Works just like it should

  58. adreiu


    Prodotto di qualità, utile per stabilizzare i valori dell’acquario

  59. Sarah W

    My go to aquarium brand

    Love this product as helpful in quickly changing pH to suitable level for my fish and shrimp. Also helps dechlorinate water was well. I prefer this as found some hight street pet store brand left like a slick across tank after water change which I didn’t like as almost looked like oil ! But this gives me no such issues , sometimes it doesn’t fully dissolve but don’t have to worry about over dosing really other than the cost factor 😉

  60. navy57navy57

    Fait ce qu’on lui demande.

    A utiliser en combinaison avec Acid regulator et vous ajustez le PH entre 5.8 et 6.8 comme vous désirez.Les valeurs sont données pour une eau osmosée.

    One person found this helpful

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