Oneplus 7 Pro Screen Protector Mocolo 7T Pro Full Liquid Glued Curved UV Tempered Glass for OnePlus 8 9 Pro Screen Protector



UV Glass is the special design for the curved edge phone. For Better Sticking the UV Glass, Please follow the steps. #1 You must cover the speakers by the stickers (Already at the package you bought). #2 Carefully looking the video of this product (Check the video on the main picture or the product descriptions). #3 Please feel free to contact us if you need any help. #4 This Product is at Good Quality, It will be Very Good Feelings if You Stick it Right. #5 PLEASE LIGHT THE SCREEN PROTECTOR WITH THE UV LIGHT AS LEAST 5 MINUTES AFTER YOU PUT THE GLUE AND STICK THE SCREEN PROTECTOR. PLEASE REMEMBER LIGHT IT AT LEAST 5 MINUTES, it’s very important.


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