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MEWTOGO Large Winter Warm Bird Nest House, Comfortable Bird Bed for Cage with Mat, Hanging Hammock Shed Hideaway Hut for Macaws African Grey Amazon Parrots Lovebird Parakeets Buy Online at Best Price in KSA – Souq is now Pet Supplies

(58 customer reviews)

Large Size: The bird nest measures about 9.8 x 9.8 x 11in. It has a well-supported and stable design. Perfect for large birds to keep warm and wind out. Such as Macaw, Amazon, African grey cockatoos, Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus, Ara ararauna, Ara militaris, Ara ambiguus, Ara macao, Ara chloroptera, Ara rubrogenys, Primolius couloni, Diopsittaca nobilis. Stable Support Plate: The bottom of the bird bed for cage is designed with a hard plastic support plate, which has strong load-bearing capacity. It will not collapse when parrot stands inside. The plush fabric is sewed well, soft and will not tangle the legs of the parrot, effectively protecting the safety of the parrot. Warm Material: The bird house for cage is made of carefully selected reliable plush material, which is soft and comfortable, weatherproof and warm. The yellow lining makes the bird’s nest look warmer and can attract birds to enter it voluntarily. Meanwhile, this hut nest is an excellent accessory to decorate your bird cage or house. Easy to Hang: With two black fabric loops at the top, you can hang the bird nest houses anywhere you like with our included two metal mountaineering clasps, such as under the eaves, in a bird cage, indoors, or on a stable surface for the birds to get in or out. Thoughtful Gift: The opening of the bird hammock is secured with wire to maintain its shape. The soft fabric makes the bird snuggle tent even warmer, perfect for family and friends who keep parrots or birds in the cold winter. Their parrots and birds must like it very much. They can have a warm winter.

Product Dimensions

‎25 x 25 x 28 cm; 220 g

Item model number

‎MEWTOGO-Opening Nest




‎10.2×10.6×11.4 Inch (Pack of 1)



batteries required


Batteries Included


Item Weight

‎220 g



Customer Reviews

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3.9 out of 5 stars


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3.9 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#242 in Pet Supplies (See Top 100 in Pet Supplies) #2 in Bird Nests

Date First Available

19 November 2021

58 reviews for MEWTOGO Large Winter Warm Bird Nest House, Comfortable Bird Bed for Cage with Mat, Hanging Hammock Shed Hideaway Hut for Macaws African Grey Amazon Parrots Lovebird Parakeets Buy Online at Best Price in KSA – Souq is now Pet Supplies

  1. Richmond Premier’s 2020

    Design flaw

    The product was unusable. Waste of money.It’s got nothing on the bottom as a base so the bird can’t use it because it’s just like being in a hammock.

  2. R. Al

    Basically just a big fluffy bag

    Came with no wire in the entrance frame or plastic bottom as advertised. Don’t waist your money

  3. Leena patel

    The product received is not appropriate

    Very much disappointed with the product received.As claimed in advert:Stable Support Plate: The bottom of the bird bed for cage is designed with a hard plastic support plate, which has strong load-bearing capacity. It will not collapse when parrot stands inside.— there is no hard plastic support inside and it is all collapse on hanging as can be seen in the pictures.Thoughtful Gift: The opening of the bird hammock is secured with wire to maintain its shape—it is not wired at all and doesn’t maintain its shape as shown in picture.

  4. Jessica

    do not buy it will kill your bird

    Our 4 Year old Hans MaCaw died last night by hanging herself on a string she pulled from the stitches! It is not safe. It is a major hazard. Do yourself a favor before you have the heartache we now need to endure – Our birds are free in an Aviary – that was supposed to be a resting place. Unfortunately, it was her last resting place. DO NOT BUY!

    3 people found this helpful

  5. EKT0R

    Assez grand pour un jaco gris du Gabon.

    Il manque une structure rigide qui lui permettrait de garder sa forme. J’ai dû la fabriquer moi-même avec des baguettes de bois et de la colle.

  6. Farah A.

    Not as discribe

    No as mentioned at all it’t hard to hang in cage and not stabled didn’t like it

    One person found this helpful

  7. Oscar

    Waste of money

    Flimsy Rubbish materialDon’t waste your money

  8. louise

    No plastic at bottom parrot just falls rubbish

    There is no plastic at the bottom for sturdy as it says on advertising its flimsy false advertising

  9. Adeline M.

    Nid oiseaux

    Super mon gris adore se nid douillet 🥰

  10. fabrice roy

    grand nichoir

    super nichoir pour perruche

  11. Jennifer Saucedo

    My bird likes it. Soft and warm material!

    I have a Quaker and it gets a bit chilly sometimes in my room so I wanted something he could go inside of and sleep/get cozy in. He likes sleeping on top of the little house. I guess he thinks it’s more comfortable? Anyways, he sleeps on top of it. Inside he just hides what ever new toys I get him. As long as he likes it I’m happy with it.

  12. France Desnoyers

    tente nid

    cette tente nid est super

  13. maria

    Me encanta

    Se compre para mi Yaco y le encanta

  14. Nayil


    Very own quality

  15. Jai

    Bird bed

    Very good well made bird bed

  16. Zeni

    Compre el nido para mi cotorro y esta muy bien

    El producto está muy bien 👍

  17. Mari Carmen

    No es firme y se hunde

    No hay manera de q la base sea estable y menos para un yaco

  18. Khalifa Abdullah Al Rayes

    المنتج غير مطابق للمواصفات المذكورة،

    لاتوجد قطعة بلاستيكية كما ذكر في التفاصيل،not as described and it doesn’t have plastic support to avoid collapse, not recommended at all

    One person found this helpful

  19. Priscilla

    Creature comforts of home

    I was very surprised it was so big, so am only using one, the other one I will change it over when required, the birds enjoy jumping in/out of it, don’t think they realise you can sleep in it yet, very impressed with the material to very warm and soft

  20. حنان الجهني

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    الخامه حلوه وطلع كبير ينفع للببغاء الكبيره مثل الكاسكو والامازون شكراً لكم

  21. اسيل

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    كبيرة مره على طير الروز

    تنفع اكثر لطيور الكبيرة ولازم يكون الجو بارد عشان تدفي اذا حر ماينفع

  22. ريان بن محمد

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    منتج جميل جداً

    جميل جداً لنوم الطيور . بس عيبه شيء واحد يطيح منه الخيوط ولا يجي معه

    3 people found this helpful

  23. طارق

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    المنتج خدعه وسئ جدا

    لم يكن المنتج حسب الوصف في الموقع لايوجد قاعده بلاستيكيه ولا إطار مقوى

  24. Amazon Customer

    2.0 out of 5 stars

    Not as advertised.

    “Unlike others, we have a plastic support”it has no support at the bottom, its so slobby and won’t hold any parrot.unless you like to put your bird in a giant sock.

  25. M

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not as advertised

    Not stable and very loose.A lot of threads coming out and your bird could eat that and get sick.

    One person found this helpful

  26. عبدالله فيصل

    1.0 out of 5 stars


    مو مطابق للوصف

    One person found this helpful

  27. انا هنا

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    لايستحق الشراء

    غير مفيد ولايستحق الشراء

    3 people found this helpful

  28. Patito López

    Buena Calidad

    El material es de Buena Calidad y esta grande de tamaño!! Caben mis 4 ninfas perfectamente!!!!

    One person found this helpful

  29. Freedom Angel


    Very good quality.

  30. Priscilla

    Creature comforts of home

    I was very surprised it was so big, so am only using one, the other one I will change it over when required, the birds enjoy jumping in/out of it, don’t think they realise you can sleep in it yet, very impressed with the material to very warm and soft

  31. Moïra Tremblay


    This is the 2nd time I buy this tent for my perroquet. This one was 22$ but had to wait 3 weeks to get it! First one was 35$ but next day delivery. So the first time at 35$ they’re was no floor in it !!! Which I didn’t like BUT it had STRUCTURE, lol, the thing would stand up and I made a floor with cardboard and tape it like crazy so my bird wouldn’t get to the cardboard wrap it with material and it worked!!! 🙃 I have to add that I didn’t put this in his cage, I had it on a counter and he LOVED IT❤️❤️ So I was happy about this. I wanted to get another because with time, and my babies help, it needed refreshing let’s say. So I wanted to save and went for the cheaper one at 22$, delivery was long but no rush. OMG! My surprise today when I received the new one😰😱😭!!! This is ridiculous. I rarely write comments but this time I had to warn people TO PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR 22$!!! This is like a wrag! Total GARBAGE, UNLESS you can add a structure and a floor to it. If you put it in the cage thinking that, this will make it stand, well, surprise my friend because this won’t work. It is so poorly made, I added a picture so you would understand! Better off adding a few dollars more, and fix up up a floor with cardboard and wrap it with material…the one at 35$ is nice and big, good for medium to big perroquet!!

    3 people found this helpful

  32. Client d’Amazon

    Lit pour perroquet/perruches

    GénialIls st superbesIdéale pour les BB.N’hésitez pas , je l’ai recommande

  33. Marie drysdale

    Does not have a,solid base

    It’s bright colourful and warm it’s cosy but it lacks a solid base .parrot had no balance in it what so.ever had to make a base for it myself. So it wasn’t very safe at all fir my large bird .

    One person found this helpful

  34. Amazon Customer

    Not as described

    Should have listened to other reviews. There’s no bottom plate or wire supporting the opening. The inside is black and not the same as the photos. In fact it is the same as the other poor comparison products. Size is deceiving and opening is small even for an Eclectus. Would have given zero stars if I could. Hate being deceived and too much hassle to return. Don’t waste your money.

  35. Persephone

    no liner included – not as described

    the bird bed does not come with a liner as described. The bed is soft and nice but useless without the liner…. it just sags and turns into a hanging scoop. The seller did not reply when i complained there was no liner.

  36. David K

    My African Grey hates it!

    I thought this was the greatest gadget for my parrot. For some reason she is very fearful of it. Might be the yellow frame – I just don’t know! I did expect it to have some rigidity, but the base sags. I might staple a thin piece of plywood underneath and give it another go!

  37. Marion

    Waste of money

    This was extremely poor quality, came with dirty marks on it , like someone was eating food when packing, it was floppy and had no support. Went straight in bin . To along time to arrive. Don’t buy it’s not what it’s like on advertisement. Sorry to give bad review , but I would hate other people to buy it and be disappointed .

  38. Balqees



  39. Frankie

    African Gray took to it immediatly

    Quality is good, not great, as my bird has already chewed the plasic base. within the 1st 10 hours, The clips are sturdy, and it is certainly big enough for him. Strange smell which I assume will disapate, but be cautious as your bird may have a reaction.

    2 people found this helpful

  40. Fidenza51974

    Intéressant mais….

    Joli petit nid douillet en polaire le conçois mais n importe qui sachant coudre pourrait en faire autant .Je rejoins le commentaire d une personne car en effet aucune armature pour tenir ce nid, ni de base. J ai dû mettre en carton en attendant de découper une planche mince . Je m attendais à un peu mieux quand on voit les photos… mais le fait est que ce n est pas là realitè. Bon après ce n est pas pour un perroquet que je l ai acheté mais pour un plus petit oiseau , donc pour ma part il fera l affaire !! Mais pour d autres personnes je ne suis pas certaine

    One person found this helpful

  41. deborah lawler

    This item is appalling

    Appalling item description is not accurate. Cheap fabric no stable support plate. No metal mountainering clasps looks like a child has made this item rough inside loose thread foam showing for a parrot to peck eat and choke. Absolutely a disgusted. I can’t even rate this,It is such a disgrace

  42. Dheyab


    Not as same as described lose and as same as pillow soft and parrot couldn’t use it

    One person found this helpful

  43. Deborah Amazon Customer

    Bird is already chewing on the inside

    Cozy. Makes bird happy. I think at first she was terrified of it but when she got used to it she went inside

  44. yamina mous


    Trop simple! La matiere est trop légère! Manque de la rigidité a l’intérieur

  45. Beth

    My birds enjoy it

    My birds enjoy playing in the little house mostly it is my male cockatiel that enjoys it.

  46. لقد تم اخذ مبلغ نقدا قدرة 215 عند التوصل ارجوا التوضيح


    يخالف الصورة والوصف

    One person found this helpful

  47. A Javad

    Utter rubbish

    Absolute load of rubbish. There is no support in the base. It just sags. Also no clips to hang this in cage. Waste of time and money.

  48. Jose

    Horrile, no wire support/plastic for base support

    Is not as per the add! Dont buy it

  49. Christine Dalzell

    Parrot bed

    Didn’t know it was as big as it shows my niece’s dog fitted in it

  50. chris mikulec

    Great for large bird breeds

    I have a kale umbrella cockatoo and he fits in it with room to spare. He enjoys his hideout

  51. Amazon Customer


    Se ve muy confortable y bonito muy suave al tactoAún no lo uso por que fue y a compra temprana ya que mi bello gris africano me lo entregan hasta abril aún no está listo para ir a casa

  52. Luis Garcia

    My AG Love this!!

    This is everything I hoped for my sweet African Grey Parrot. Even at 23 yrs old, after less than 2 days of a little fear of it in her cage, she soon realized she loved having it. I love to find her laying in there and her cute tail feather up because she goes in head first and lays down forward. She is happy with this.

    2 people found this helpful

  53. Cozy well made tent

    Size & warmth for my parraot

    My Eclectus parrot love it, she lays done comfortably in the warm hut during the winter time. Great product, love the size, very well made.

  54. Sheryl Souza

    Large winter Warm Bird Nest House

    Had to return as veterinarian advised against using this. It would activate hormones and parrot would get worked up and want to breed!

  55. Karen Martinez

    She loved it ❤️

    I didn’t know my baby needed this… I’ve purchased a second one just bc she bit through it already but I’m happy she sleeps in it comfortably and it keeps her warm.

    3 people found this helpful

  56. Nicole

    “Good on paper”, but you don’t get what you’re promised

    I’ve purchased this twice for a pair of Green Cheek Conures. It fits them both at once, with plenty of room for them to turn around with their long tail feathers. But that’s about the only positive benefits.Firstly, the inside is black, not a bright fabric like advertised. It’s very difficult to see inside the hut without blasting a flashlight into the opening to inspect it.The first hut I purchased came with ZERO inner structure, so the hole opening hung as the birds were in it, and there was no acrylic base to keep the bottom of the hut flat and sturdy. The second hut I purchased had the wire lining in the opening, but AGAIN, no solid base.The worst part about not having the base is that my birds have chewed through the fleece, created holes, and CRAWLED in-between the inner fleece and the outer fabric, and then getting tangled and trapped. If there was a SOLID HARD BASE AS PROMISED, in either of the two I purchased, my birds would have a more difficult time trapping themselves. I’ve had multiple scares were I think my bird is about to strangle itself as I was desperately trying to snip the fleece to free her.Like a dope, after the first failure of a hut I bought, I had hoped it was just a product that slipped past quality control. But nope, this cheap company knows how to falsely advertise, and boldly keep doing it, and I recieved just as terrible a product the second time around.So if you plan on purchasing this, take this advice. Look at the product, and all of its listed features. Now ignore all of the “features”, and come to the realization you’re just going to get the “shell”.Wish I could ask for a refund for both huts I’ve purchased, because both were basically scams products to “look” like the advertisement, but be nothing of the sort.

    14 people found this helpful

  57. FEC

    Very comfortable for my bird

    Clean and well-designed birds nest. We call it the new condo!!!!

  58. Vicki McAlister-Pearlman

    MEWTOGO Large Winter Warm Bird Nest House

    Larger than I thought it would be but I know Saul will love it. Well made very soft and durable.

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