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Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Spring Hybrid Mattress – Medium Firm Feel – Bed in a Box – Quality Comfort and Adaptive Support – Breathable – Cooling – Guest and Kids Bedroom – Twin Size Home & Kitchen

(60 customer reviews)


About this item SIMPLE SETUP AND QUICK EXPANSION: Mattress is compressed, rolled, and sent in a box, open your mattress promptly upon receiving it and allow 24 to 72 hours for full expansion; memory foam mattress may expand more quickly in a warm room RESPONSIVE HYBRID DESIGN: Get the best of both worlds, just like Hannah Montana, when the contouring comfort of memory foam and the durable support of springs combine in our most popular mattress ever UNBEATABLE VALUE: Comfort meets value when it comes to this affordable memory foam hybrid mattress, it’s available in three different profiles and feels to accommodate sleepers of all styles and all sizes MEDIUM FIRM FEEL:This mattress combines multiple support and comfort layers to bring you responsive comfort and a medium-firm feel great for back, and stomach sleepers and is ideal for kids rooms, a guest bed, bunk beds, trundle beds, or as an RV mattress WORRY-FREE WARRANTY: Linenspa mattresses include a limited 10-year warranty, this innerspring and memory foam hybrid mattress is so much more than just a bed in box — it’s the complete package
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  3. Extreme Comfort at an Extremely Good Value
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  6. With every Linenspa purchase you make, we contribute toward charitable endeavors around the globe.
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  1. Nowadays, you don’t have to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a quality option. We’ve got the product to prove it.

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Item Weight

‎36 pounds



Product Benefits

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})); Get the best of both worlds with our affordable hybrid mattress. The contouring comfort of memory foam and the durable bouncy feel of steel springs provide unbeatable value and medium-firm support. Perfect for any room or age.Get the best of both worlds with our affordable hybrid mattress. The contouring comfort of memory foam and the durable bouncy feel of steel springs provide unbeatable… See more

Model Name

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})); LINENSPA 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress – Twin Mattress – Bed in a Box – Medium Firm MattressLINENSPA 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress – Twin Mattress – Bed in a Box – Medium Firm Mattress See more

Coil Type

Continuous Coil


Mattress Only



Fill Material

Bonnell Coil, Comfort Foam, Memory Foam

Special Feature

Pressure Relief, Low Motion Transfer, Breathable

Date First Available

July 20, 2016

Product Dimensions

74"L x 39"W x 8"Th

Best Sellers Rank

#1,272 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen) #10 in Mattresses

Customer Reviews

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136,686 ratings

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4.5 out of 5 stars




‎20.41 Kilograms

Assembled Height

‎20 centimeters

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Item model number


Country of Origin


Product Care Instructions

Hand Wash Only

60 reviews for Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Spring Hybrid Mattress – Medium Firm Feel – Bed in a Box – Quality Comfort and Adaptive Support – Breathable – Cooling – Guest and Kids Bedroom – Twin Size Home & Kitchen

  1. James

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Overall an amazing mattress

    I was skeptical at first buying a mattress online but after hearing my friends and family praise the durability and the price I did some shopping around on here and loved these specifications and especially the price. You cannot beat this pricewise. It is a affordable and comfortable mattress

  2. Claire

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    The mattress is too soft

    The mattress is too soft

  3. Amazonisgoingdownhillwithservices

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    This was wrapped in sealed plastic. It had no mold or mildew smell, which is extremely important. It is comfortable and has enough support. If you are a heavier set person, it may not be as comfortable. Quality product for the price.

  4. Todd Anderson

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Arrived well packaged and promptly.

    First time buyer of a mattress of this type. I am most pleased and satisfied with the quality of this mattress.

  5. Derek S.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    100% better then factory

    Just cut plastic and let it go. Put sheets on and enjoy a better sleep.

  6. Henry

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works great, clean, expanded fast

    Came as described. Expanded to 11.5 inches (for the 12 inch version) within hours. Sits nicely on the Amazon Basics fold up metal frame. It’s the second one I have bought.

  7. J Coleman

    4.0 out of 5 stars


    You get what you pay for. its not the best but it works for the time.

  8. Corisa Toomey

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect for my grand daughters bed

    Purchased for my grand daughter to fit her bed frame. It’s pretty comfortable. No complaints so far.

  9. Melissa

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    buy it now!

    the best most comfiest!

  10. wanker

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good value

    Comfy, although I wish it were thicker since I bottom out a little, but I’m heavy (285lbs).Yes, there were a few tiny dead bugs. No, they aren’t bedbugs.Overall great for the price.

  11. Wolfshanze

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I loved it so much, I bought a 2nd one (I think you have to pay xtra for bugs)

    I now have two of these in my home for my two children… I bought my first in September of 2018 to replace an old mattress for my daughter… it was great, and my daughter loved the mattress… no issues at all with the mattress… my son needed a new mattress too, so I was about to order a 2nd one in February 2019 when I noticed numerous reviews (many recent) citing reports of bedbugs.Now let me clarify my experience here… I work in the hospitality business and maintain dormitories for military training students that are on a constant rotation, much like a hotel. We are all trained to spot, look for and deal with bed bugs should ever the problem arise… bed bugs have nothing to do with personal hygene or cleanliness, they can infest anything from the sleaziest no-tell motel to the fanciest 5-star Hyatt Regency. Also, bed bugs don’t limit themselves to beds, they will travel and hide on/in anything… clothes, shoes, carpets, suitcases, curtains, laptops, alarm clocks, a book… bed bugs aren’t picky. For those reviewers that say they got bedbugs… if you think it came from the mattress and you just tossed it out, problem solved… YOU STILL HAVE BEDBUGS because your house is now infested (or previously was and you just now noticed).Now back to these Linenspa mattresses… I LOVE THESE THINGS… they’re very comfortable and affordable… both my kids love them. I had already purchased one back in 2018 and never had any issues, and as someone who can spot those little devils, our house is free of them. When I ordered my 2nd mattress (after reading the negative bug reviews) I went ahead and took the added precaution… and you should too… if you’re ever worried about something like this…INSPECT AND OPEN THE MATTRESS OUTSIDE YOUR HOUSE!I just laid a bedsheet in the driveway, opened the box, inspected the vacuum-sealed wrap… saw nothing… opened it up on the sheet on my driveway (to keep it clean of course) and fully inspected this sucker everywhere… nope… no bugs, no smells… just a nice clean beautiful mattress. Carried it inside, no issues, son happy… If you actually do have one that is infested like some people claim, and you opened it inside and slept on it… ya… your whole house is now infested (and possibly was before you bought a new mattress).I just want to make it clear that as someone who works in the hospitality business and is trained in spotting and dealing with those little devils long before it becomes a problem… I’ve bought two of these mattresses from this company and never had an issue with bugs or smells… and if I need a third or fourth mattress, i would buy another… but if you ever suspect or worry about something like this from this company, or ANY company… just open it outside on a clean sheet and inspect thoroughly before you bring it in…. that way if there is a problem, you don’t risk letting them into your home.

    6,903 people found this helpful

  12. Charlotte Martina

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great value for the price and has lasted a long time and still comfortable

    We purchased this mattress for my daughter when we upgraded her bed frame. Financially speaking, it’s a smart investment. The quality and durability of this mattress at such an accessible price point truly impressed us. It’s reassuring to know we’ve provided our child with a high-quality sleep solution without breaking the bank, which is a big consideration for our large family. Comfort and support were non-negotiable. This mattress delivers on both fronts remarkably well and has lasted 3 years without any wearing down. The memory foam adapts to our daughter’s body while the spring base provides the necessary support, ensuring a good night’s sleep without compromising on comfort. The mattress is lightweight and was easy for me to move and open on my own. After seeing the quality and durability with our own eyes, we purchased another one for one of our other daughters. Overall we are very pleased with our purchase and would recommend this mattress to fellow parents without hesitation.

    5 people found this helpful

  13. Hannah

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice bed in box

    Easy setup, delivered right to my door. Got it in myself with a little shimmying. Took about a day to inflate- and is pretty comfy. I would say medium-firm, since I prefer a more plush bed I’m probably going to get a mattress topper. Overall great for the price.

    8 people found this helpful

  14. Maurice Garlet

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    No bed bugs (darnet), but is a nice mattress

    Mine didn’t come with any bedbugs, so naturally, I complained and I learned that these people are getting smart. What they did was very simple yet efficient. At night when no one was around, they quietly replaced the sign ‘Mattress Factory’ in front of the building with one that reads ‘Rug Factory”. At first, the bed bugs were perplexed, they like to be snug but they are bed bugs, not rug bugs, so after much discussion, they decided to move on and infest the factory down the street. That said if you want your mattress with bed bugs you have to order them separately, they do not come with the mattress anymore.Now if you really believed that a brand new mattress could come with bed bugs, I guess you also believed my story, so be at peace no bed bugs.On the serious side of things, the mattress is to my taste medium-soft more than medium-firm. Of course, that will vary a lot depending on whom you ask. I am male, 5’9 and 175lbs and I guess your weight also has a lot to do with if it feels firm or soft. The mattress is very flexible (it comes in a box) so what you have under the mattress may also affect how it feels.I only had this mattress for a little over a week now and so far I am very pleased. It looks nice, yet it doesn’t look like a $1,000 mattress which is normal and I really don’t see the point in buying a very fancy mattress that no one will ever see except you when you change the sheets. That said I haven’t encountered any major defects on the seems or anything of the sort. I found one tiny imperfection in one seem, yet it doesn’t look like it may rip apart, just not super nice. So far no noise from the springs nor any other problems.I did a lot of research before buying this mattress, I was one click away from buying another one for around $600. Reading all the reviews I realized that people complain of mattresses losing the form or having other kinds of defects after a relatively short time despite being much more expensive $600-$1,000).I also realize that no matter what; there are only two basic kinds of mattresses. The memory foam ones, which I don’t trust because like people they lose the memory with age. Let say that some of them may even suffer from Alzheimer’s. The other ones are the Hybrids which are basically spring structures covered with a layer of memory foam. In this case, even if the memory foam goes South, you still have the springs, so it seems like they must last longer.Of course, they all claim to have a proprietary and unique technology that will allow you to sleep like a baby. Nevertheless, they will still be in one of the two mentioned categories, the rest could be true, or just sales speech.Long story short, if this one goes bad after a year or two, I wasted $120. If I buy one of those $1,000 ones and they go bad after a year or two I will be extremely disappointed, angry, and sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. I don’t know you but it doesn’t sound to me like a good sleeping formula.Of course, I could go with one of those $7,000 ones they tried to sell me at the Home & Garden show (yes I am still laughing at the salesman). I guess they are really comfortable, but then the credit card payment will take away my sleep so no thank you.The pain relief low rate is because it didn’t help with my lower back pain, but I don’t think it is the mattress’s fault, apparently, I need a firm mattress for that and that may not be the solution for everyone’s pain.

    108 people found this helpful

  15. Kelly

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Surprisingly good quality for a low price. So helpful on our rollaway bed frame. Nice not to feel springs! No more blowing up a mattress to lay on the floor!

    One person found this helpful

  16. Kendall

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice mattress

    Low price, nice mattress, and comfortable

  17. John AngJohn Ang

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Disappointing mattress. Definitely low cost material

    The media could not be loaded.

     Update: I’m updating my review due to having too high of expectations. If you expect the mattress at this low cost to be acceptable then it should suffice. Just please make sure you know what you’re getting when you purchase.We had come from an 8″ Zinus Memory foam green tea mattress which lasted us a good 10 years and my wife wanted a little more support and we decided on another 8″ mattress but using springs instead.We received the mattress and I immediately looked at it and it looked small and dinky. We were using the same bed frame and the mattress itself was smaller in every dimension, length, width and height. The bed sheets we had used wouldn’t even fit! Also every time we tried to lay down, the springs would make a popping noise and you would sink deep into the mattress as if the springs were too “weak”. Perhaps it’s because they are bonnel springs which is decades old in terms of design or that the springs they use are flimsy? I think they are 6.5″ springs, maybe they should redesign and use better gauge wires? The fabric of the mattress is pretty low quality as well.We slept on the mattress for two nights and both my wife and I had terrible sleep. We both didn’t want to move because the bed is so loud!I ended up calling Amazon and got a refund and went with a Zinus 10″ pocket coil hybrid and while it ended up being $100 more it is 100% better. The dimensions were correct, the springs would actually hold you up so you’re not sinking in, and it’s simply made of better quality parts.I convinced myself to try the linenspa brand but I personally wouldn’t purchase from them again even if I were to purchase a pocket coil version of the mattress. If you are going to buy a LinenSpa mattress, I’d stay away from the 8″ and hope the 10″ or 12″ hybrid is better (however I wouldn’t be surprised if they use the same springs)

    142 people found this helpful

  18. JeD216

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I thought this would be better than memory foam. It was NOT for me. Yes Ill give it 5 stars though.

    yes I gave this 5 stars. While I had to return it, The whole return process experience was very satisfactory. I am going to find one locally and try soemthing different. None of the reviews said this problem so I am going to mention it. For ME. My mattress expanded no problem in under a day it was the full 10 inches. It was also very even. However for me. having slept on it for two days. the center feels higher than my head or my feet. A big selling point of Linenspa was I saw nowhere that there was fiberglass inside of it. The one I bought that did not have springs inside had fiberglass in it. I swear I felt it too. I have had that mattress for 2-3 years and I love it. I figured this would be an upgrade. So this was a high quality well made mattress it just didnt fit me ergonomically. So if you REALLY like 100% memory foam mattresses just stick with that.Couple Pros1. It was a what KZ should have included in my brand new sportsman. not that 4 inch tall rag. This was better than that by a mile. Felt like a real bed.2. 100% Memory foam I think isnt good for romantic time. This has some bounce like a real bed. That is a huge plus. Not trying to be crass but seriously I was shocked how much a 100% memory foam didnt move AT all. This bounces JUST like a traditional bed.3. The bed to me is what Id call a medium firm.4. When you look at the pictures I thought “Is that layer of foam big enough to cover the springs? Will I feel the springs?” That was not a concern. The bed felt super smooth.5. yes it was in a box and was compressed. It filled to an even 10 inches across the whole mattress in under 8 hours.Con.1. BE REALLY careful pulling off that tag. I didnt even pull on it I was trying to cut it off with scissors and the seam came apart which released the tag but now there is a hole.2. for me it didnt work. The midsection of my body was higher than my head or my feet. Not by much but by enough where I woke up with a burning throat and acid reflux. (This never happens to me)Good mattress company. Amazon took care of the problem. Just know what happened to me in case you think this might be an upgrade and you already LOVE your 100% memory foam mattress.

    37 people found this helpful

  19. S. Johnson

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Nope, no bedbugs (and here’s why there wouldn’t be)

    If you’ve been reading reviews of this mattress, no doubt you’ve seen all the reviews claiming that someone found bedbugs in their mattress, and no doubt you’re starting to wonder whether buying this mattress is worth the risk. However, unlike many of the previous reviewers, I actually have firsthand experience with bedbugs. Thanks to the people who once lived in the apartment below mine, I know far more about bedbugs than I ever wanted to know. So, to set your mind at ease, here are a few important facts about bedbugs and why you’re highly unlikely to find them in a brand-new factory-sealed mattress.1. Contrary to popular belief, bedbugs are not tiny little unidentifiable specks. An adult bedbug is reddish brown, about the size and shape of an apple seed, and easily identifiable as a bug. Bedbug eggs and nymphs (babies) are tiny little specks, but they’re whitish or yellowish. So if you see tiny dark spots on your new mattress, they are NOT bedbugs or bedbug eggs. Even if they appear to be moving, it’s probably due to static electricity or air currents, not because they’re alive. Any tiny specks on a new mattress are probably exactly what the manufacturer says they are, which is flecks of burned plastic left over from the packaging process.2. Bedbugs won’t crawl into a mattress just because it’s a mattress. Bedbugs don’t know what mattresses are. Bedbugs are small, slow-moving critters that can’t jump or fly, so their preferred prey is something that’s lying still and oblivious to its surroundings, i.e., sleeping humans. They’re attracted to sleeping humans by the carbon dioxide that humans exhale, and then they hide in or near the bed because they’ve found a food source in the bed, not because they’re somehow intelligent enough to recognize a mattress and seek out mattresses that aren’t currently occupied by humans.3. Bedbugs would have trouble getting established in a factory. Certainly they could hitchhike into a factory on a worker’s clothes or belongings, but once there, they wouldn’t thrive. They prefer to hide during the day and feed at night. They don’t like bright lights or prey that’s awake, moving around, and alert enough to smack any bugs they feel crawling on them. Any bedbug that made its way into a mattress factory would probably just get stepped on, not start a colony in the equipment and infest all the mattresses. (See above: no way is a bedbug intelligent enough to think to itself, “Hey, that thing over there is a mattress. If I hide in it, I’ll eventually get delivered somewhere that I can find a sleeping person to bite.”)4. Bedbugs aren’t indestructible. It’s true that they’re highly resistant to pesticides, and according to some sources, they can live a year without food and 18 months without oxygen. But one thing that does reliably kill bedbugs is heat, and furthermore, bedbugs can be squashed. In the unlikely event that a bedbug crawled onto a mattress in a factory, it probably wouldn’t survive as the mattress is compressed with giant rollers, wrapped in multiple layers of shrink wrap (which requires heat to shrink the shrink wrap), stored in a non-climate-controlled warehouse, shipped in the non-climate-controlled hold of a cargo ship, etc.5. Bedbug nymphs require a blood meal to progress from one stage of development to the next. Even if a bedbug got onto a mattress in the factory (unlikely, because they don’t know what a mattress is), survived the packaging process (unlikely), and laid eggs inside the packaging (only possible if this specific bedbug is a pregnant female), you wouldn’t end up with a mattress crawling with bedbugs. Without anything to eat, the nymphs would not develop. (And no, these hypothetical bedbugs inside the packaging couldn’t survive by eating each other. The only thing bedbugs eat is mammalian blood.)6. A bug on your bed isn’t automatically a bedbug. Bedbugs are a specific species of insect. Walking across a bed doesn’t make any other kind of bug a bedbug, any more than walking across a cow pasture would make you a cow. (I bring this point up because I’ve looked at a number of photos of supposed bedbugs posted by other reviewers. Only one photo clearly showed a bug, and that bug was the wrong shape to be a bedbug.) It’s possible for a bug to get into a warehouse or delivery truck and hide in a crevice of your package. It’s also possible for a bug to get in through your open door while you’re bringing your package inside, or for a bug that was already in your house to come out while you’re unpackaging your mattress, and end up on your new mattress just because it’s there. But none of these scenarios necessarily means that you have bedbugs. Granted, you probably don’t want any bug of any species in your bed. However, bedbugs are particularly bad news because they will bite you and they’re very hard to get rid of. But odds are that any other bug on your bed is something harmless that you can just vacuum up and forget about.7. If you buy a new factory-sealed mattress and later notice bedbugs in your home, that doesn’t prove that the bedbugs came from the mattress. Bedbugs can get into a home in any number of ways. Live in an apartment building? The bedbugs may have crawled through the walls from a neighboring apartment. Slept in a hotel or at someone else’s house lately? You may have brought bedbugs home from there. Had overnight guests? They may have brought the bedbugs with them. Bought any used furniture, even if it wasn’t bedroom furniture? It may have had bedbugs hiding in the cracks. Used public transportation? You may have picked up a bedbug that was hiding in the seat upholstery. And so on. Furthermore, a bedbug infestation in a home can start with just one pregnant female bedbug, but bedbugs reproduce slowly by insect standards, so it could take weeks or months for the infestation to get big enough to notice. So by the time you realize you have bedbugs, they’ve probably been there for quite a while and it’s likely impossible to trace where they came from. But a brand-new sealed mattress is about the least likely source. (And by the way, bedbugs don’t come from bad hygiene or unsanitary living conditions. Bedbugs aren’t attracted by dirt or garbage or smells; they’re attracted by people who breathe, which is, last time I checked, everybody. So the cleanest person in the most spotlessly neat home can get bedbugs just as fast as the smelliest slob who never washes his sheets, because both the clean person and the smelly slob breathe.)8. If, in spite of everything I just said, you’re still feeling paranoid about bedbugs, there’s a simple precaution you can take. Buy a zippered mattress cover that’s labeled “dust mite proof,” and as soon as you’ve unpackaged the mattress, zip it up in the cover and just keep it in the cover. (Bedbugs are bigger than dust mites, so anything that’s impervious to dust mites is also impervious to bedbugs. And no, bedbugs can’t chew through a mattress cover. Their mouth parts are designed only for sucking blood, not chewing.) Also, if you have enough floor space, you can quarantine your new mattress for a few days. Lay it out on the floor where it’s not touching any walls or furniture and stick strips of double-sided tape to the floor all the way around it. In the almost impossible event that a bedbug comes crawling out of the mattress, it will get stuck in the tape and eventually die.In short, if you buy this mattress, you’re not going to get any unwanted guests with it. (Well, let me rephrase that statement: you won’t get any unwanted guests in the form of bedbugs. I can’t make any guarantees about annoying relatives who invite themselves over.) So let’s move on to a review of the mattress itself. Short version: It’s okay, but I’m not hugely impressed. Longer version:COMFORT/SUPPORT: I don’t find this mattress supportive enough. Especially if I sleep on my stomach, I can feel my hips sagging into the mattress, which leads to a backache. Admittedly, I’m a full-size adult who weighs, well, let’s just say more than 150 pounds, so I may just be too heavy for an eight-inch twin mattress. (Still, the equally thin, cheapo inner-spring mattress I had before this one worked fine for years, so I suspect the problem is this mattress, not me.) If you’re a heavier adult and/or prone to backaches, this may not be the mattress for you, especially not the eight-inch version. Also, the sides of the mattress are not reinforced, so if you sit on the edge of the bed, you’ll sink down all the way to the box springs. You essentially have to hoist yourself out of a hole to get out of bed, so if you have difficulty standing up from a sitting position, this is not the ideal mattress for you.APPEARANCE: My mattress never fully expanded after it was unpackaged. The center reached a full eight inches, but the corners did not. The smashed-down corners don’t really affect the usability of the mattress, but they do make it look oddly saggy and lumpy.SMELL: I didn’t notice any bothersome smell. I could detect a faint scent when the mattress was brand new and I laid face-down on it without a sheet, but once I put sheets on, I no longer noticed it.NOISE: The springs squawk loudly when I’m getting into or out of bed. However, they’re loudest when my weight is concentrated in one spot. When I’m lying down with my weight more widely distributed, the springs make very little noise when I roll over.DURABILITY: I’ve only had this mattress a few months, so I don’t know about long-term durability. However, the fabric top of the mattress is already starting to pill. As already noted, the sides of the mattress aren’t reinforced. Also, the top is a cotton-like fabric that’s not waterproof or water-resistant, which means that it will stain. If your child spills a juice box on the bed (to say nothing of more gross scenarios), you may be able to wipe away some of the stain with a wet washcloth, but the ghost of the stain will be there approximately forever. I don’t think this mattress will hold up to long-term use.So, should you buy this mattress? If you need a cheap mattress delivered to your door in a small box in a hurry, then this is probably an acceptable option. And no, you’re not going to get any bedbugs as a free bonus. But don’t expect top-quality comfort or durability, because you’re likely not going to get them either.

    6,775 people found this helpful

  20. Susan Cole

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Comfortable mattress

    Got rid of hard RV mattress, this one is much softer and fits better than the original one that came with our RV. We did let it sit and expand for about 3 weeks prior to use, we are now living in our RV full time in our back yard, while we renovate our house, so it’s had alot of use and is very comfortable.

  21. Tracey E Dawson

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Mattresses

    I’ve had this mattress for 6 years now and love it. It’s in just as good condition today as the day it arrived. I’ve just bought two more for each of my adult sons as their mattresses need replacing.

  22. Kathy-FL

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Second of Two Queen Linenspa 10 Inch Hybrid Mattresses

    We had a somewhat unusual experience with this mattress. We originally bought this mattress for our RV which was on a plywood base and we loved it so much that we bought the identical mattress for our home and our bed. We left both to expand for 48 hours before even sitting on or sleeping on them. This newer mattress did not feel the same as the RV until we placed plywood on top of our box spring. So even though Linenspa says the mattress works with all types of bases, this was not our experience and feel there must be something in the construction that enables the support to be the best on solid plywood. Hope this might help other people if they think the mattress is not good.

    One person found this helpful

  23. Erin Slattery

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great basic mattress for twin beds

    I purchased two of these mattresses for our bunk beds. The mattresses arrived quickly and were well packaged. They “fluffed up” and laid flat very quickly. For bunk beds, they are the perfect solution.

  24. Carter B.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works well on guest bed

    Used on a guest trundle bed, and my senior mother likes it just fine

  25. Just shopping now

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love this mattress

    I did not know what to expect, but I am so happy with this mattress. I went ahead and let it fill out completely, but did not yet have the bed frame. Tried it while it was on the floor. I could have fallen asleep right there. Amazingly firm,, yet very soft and supportive.

  26. Kyleen Aiello

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for kids – does not fill a twin size frame

    My boys sleep well on these mattresses and they’re pretty comfortable. My biggest complaint is they are not the correct size. They do not fill the kids bed frame and there are gaps on both sides and top and bottom from not being the correct size for their bed frame.Bed frame a twin – you would expect a twin mattress to fit. No a twin XL would not work as it would then be too long. It’s just enough of a gap to be bothersome but not enough to justify the next size up.

    7 people found this helpful

  27. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Relief, “Not a Disappointment

    After a very bad experience with another online popular store, and being without a bed for 1 full month due to their HORRIBLE RETURN POLICY, this bed was a relief. This bed was light and frankly unbelievable. Due to weight and size freight determinations, it came by United States Postal Services, By looking at it, there was no way to get a bed with springs and gel in there and it be decently comfortable. It was assumed it would be another return. That was a wrong assumption!! After setting up the frame (that we also bought) which happens to support 600lbs and looks very sturdy, the bed was unrolled. As soon as cut a slit in plastic it started to come to life. It was rising quicker than I could take plastic wrap off. Once wrap off, it quickly came to life at almost 5 1/2″ (it was an 8″ mattress)/ Within about 8-10 minutes after opening, the gel started to rise and begin to take shape. After another 10 minutes the corners began to take shape also. It took almost an hour for mattress to come to almost 7″ including corners. It did take about another 8 hours for the last 1″ to come to life–but the description says 72 hours to fully rise. The softness was immediately noticed, but by reading other reviews we knew not to lay on it before fully done rising. After 12 hours, my family member made it up and went to bed. The next morning, he told me ” I slept the whole night and did not move, I have not done that in longer than I can remember.” It has now been 10 days and he is still excited about sleeping on it. He has a very bad shoulder that is quite painful and takes meds to relieve pain-but often the pain gets so bad at night- he awakes from it. The memory foam cradles his bad shoulder relieving pressure points on the shoulder. He claims not to toss and turn near what he normally would do. Also having Scoliosis, his back pain can often prevent him form falling asleep or staying asleep He also claims that most nights he does not lay there trying to fall asleep. With this mattress, this was not an issue! He notably, does not feel the springs and the mattress is definitely medium firmness. He is a rather heavy person at 320lbs and is very happy with this product. This description of the item on the website is very accurate, it could not come more HIGHLY recommended!! In the description and specifications it says it can accommodate heavy weight comfortably, great for kids and guest rooms. SO I was slightly worried about it not being great for every night for an adult. But this person loves this bed and now looks forward to sleeping when bedtime. Very Happy. Great product!!

    11 people found this helpful

  28. Flonkette

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Woke up refreshed and not in pain for the first time in 10 years

    I had a memory foam mattress previously and the edges sagged and I’d feel like I was gonna roll off bed. Even laying across it the compression still happened. I thought I could solve this with a latex topper, that while it seemed more comfy it still didn’t help edges , well maybe a little . But after waking recently to a severe back ache I welcomed prime day and decided that is it I’m done with memory foam.So I took a chance on LinenSpa 12” Queen hybrid. Well I am quite amazed at how much better I’m sleeping. I am so bought a new bed frame that has metal supports , maybe this too helps. But my mattress had no smell, it opened and inflated it self to the full 12 by the next 18 hours. I did sleep on it sooner than 72 hours. My place is small so if I wanted to set up new bed the old one had to go. I couldn’t be happier. Though it’s still new. The edges aren’t as firm as just inside from the edge but when I sit on it, my bottom is on springs. I am a bit overweight and I’ve probably had 7 mattresses in my life, and thus far this mattress is a lot cooler. I decided to try it without the usual thick mattress cover, as that itself added heat. I personally like to keep mattresses covered, so I’m gonna see about a thinner cooling cover.I recommend this mattress . At least for me it is perfect. No smell, no bed bugs , no problems . Try it, you will be happy you did.

    26 people found this helpful

  29. John Slaucitajs

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great nights sleep

    Honestly the best mattress I’ve ever slept on. Bought it for my Jayco TT. Love love love it. Picked this one on reviews, they were right.

  30. Layla Baker

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    The size is off… like alot

    UPDATE: OMG! Maybe it’s just me, but I have to say after sleeping on this mattress for a while now I am in lovecwith how comfortable it is! Wow, I can’t even begin to explain how deeply I sleep every single night and it literally pains me to wake up every morning! I just want to stay sleeping in it forever, I love it!** I do have to say one thing, it never expanded to the 8inches advertised like I mentioned before. Also, the sounds of the springs is alot. HOWEVER, you just have to figure out how to lay on the bed. Like stabbing your elbow in the bed makes that horrible sound, but like lying down on with your butt or shoulder doesn’t make that sound and it’s actually so fun cuz it’s bouncy and comfortable so that never happens to me now! All in all, its just the size that bummed me out but other than that for the price I paid I love it!I bought this mattress recently and left it the recommended time to grow or whatever, but it never did. It only reached 7 inches. Comfort-wise, from just laying in it, it’s very comfortable. I haven’t slept on it yet, so I’ll have to update or sth later. It was just a bummer that it isn’t the same size as my bed because I really wanted it to fit my expensive bed frame. The width of it is perfect it’s just the length that leaves a good 4 inches if I push it all the way back. Just advertise it as 7 inches wtf difference does it make? The price of it isn’t that expensive anyway it just would have helped to know before I spend money I could’ve added another 100 for a REAL 8 inch!

    One person found this helpful

  31. Emily Frias L

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Super confort

    I love it! I bought for my dad ! And he loved it thank you

  32. Obie1danob

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Would have been FIVE STARS . . . . . Unfortunately . . . !

    . . . I did not know that an adjustable bed does not adapt to a “hybrid (innersprings) mattress”!Other than that, an excellent mattress all around!Just a suggestion for anyone who buys an adjustable bed, especially one where both head and feet raise, do NOT purchase a HYBRID mattress, full memory foam is the way to go.

  33. Sinsihikaru

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very comfortable for the price.

    I feel it could be a wee bit less firm. But, Overall. it is quite comfortable for the price. Was easy to open up and no real packaging mess. So I mean hey, Got what I paid for an enjoyed probably the best night sleep I’ve had in three years. Do with that info what you will.

  34. Lee

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good value

    I purchased the 8” for my 4 year old toddlers twin bed and it’s a good value. I was worried due to the reviews but I had previously ordered the 10” for our guest bedroom in a king size and had no issues with the mattress. The king size 10” I’ve had for over a year and it doesn’t get a ton of use but it’s held up perfectly. We have had family over and one of them actually complimented the 10” king as being very comfortable. I would say the 10” is more of a medium feel as far as firmness. The 8” twin is definitely less padded, but fine for my toddler. She says it’s comfortable. I’ve laid in the twin with her plenty of times putting her to sleep and I could sleep on it without an issue. I am a 5’4” woman and I fit fine on the twin. The 8” is more medium/firm-firm with a little give on the top due to the little bit of memory foam. The 8” feels more “springy” VS on the 10” you can’t really feel the springs when moving around as much. If you like firm beds, just need a cheap bed, need a bed for a guest/extra bedroom or kids bedroom I think the 8” is a fine choice. The 8” is just short of actually being 8” like other reviewers mentioned. Not really a huge deal to me because it’s not a big difference. The 10” has way better edge stability than the 8.” The 10” is definitely more plush and comfortable it’s a decent difference in my opinion. Both my mattresses from this brand came clean and new with no bugs or grossness. Overall it is a good value and my daughter is happy with the mattress. I probably would’ve liked the 10” better for her. However, I needed the lower 8” profile due to her bed frame. Her bed has side rails. 8” would be good for kids bunks too. Judging from the 10” I believe the 12” is probably pretty well padded and I’m sure something I would pick for a master bedroom. I plan to buy bunks beds in the future when my youngest is old enough for a kids bed and will probably purchase one more 8” because if you know about bunk beds you typically need a lower profile. Well for little kids bunk beds at least. Overall these mattresses hold up well and are a good value if you aren’t looking to spend a lot but still want a solid mattress. They are pretty basic, but that’s fine for our needs for kids and guest bedrooms. If I ever need a new mattress I will consider the 12” in a king size.

    16 people found this helpful

  35. Ariel

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    For an extra bed… this works

    It is comfy, use a box spring even better. Can add memory foam topper if you want but can’t beat the price for a mattress.

  36. Good

    4.0 out of 5 stars



  37. majestica

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very soft and worth every penny

    Great quality mattress and very comfortable.

    One person found this helpful

  38. sheilasheila

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Took a couple of days for it to expand

    I got this for spare room for grandkids. It’s great for kids wouldn’t recommend for adults. It took it 2 days to expand pictures are one when first opened and one after two days. It’s going to work well for the purpose this is the 8in.

    4 people found this helpful

  39. Elizabeth Gillbobo

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    It’s Made Drastic Changes

    After countless nights of pain and no sleep over the past three years, I finally broke down and purchased one of these beds in hope it would make a difference… All I can say is WOW, WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Semi-firm mattress and a queen size frame was the perfect choice for me…IT WAS A BEAST TO PUT TOGETHER BY MYSELF AND MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER.It wasn’t difficult to put together piece by piece but – it is definitely heavy so; I would recommend getting some strong guys to help get it unpacked and put together.The biggest challenge was trying to figure out initially why it wasn’t working — But we did figure out that the connectors under the bed to the foot and head of the bed need to be pushed completely into the plug ins and the little arm on the plugs needs to be pushed down completely or it does not connect.I am very pleased with this product and am so glad I broke down and purchased it as I have had the best sleep-in-years on the mattress and the reclined bed.

    3 people found this helpful

  40. ThaBlessOne

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Perfect for kids or gues room

  41. Deloris B

    4.0 out of 5 stars


    I ordered these beds without seeing any review about a bed bug. I was confident and happy that I bought them. Then later on I saw a bunch of reviews saying there were bugs and I started to panic. I have had bed bugs before, and it is something I never want to experience again. So I was very upset that something I ordered would come with them. Linenspa said it’s impossible for this to happen as the mattresses are pressed and rolled as soon as they’re made. I’m not sure who first said there were bugs, but there are not. There ARE specs of dirt and dust or wood, but any specs you see are embedded in the plastic. I didn’t take any pics, but I did take a screw driver and dig a hole where the supposed “bugs” were and none of the flakes ever touched the bed. Anything that was there was embedded in the multiple layers of plastic they have. None of them even resembled bugs. The only complaint I can have is that these specs are there in the first place. In a perfect world they wouldn’t be, but we dont live in a perfect world.Edit: I purchased a 3rd bed from this company and the bed unfortunately didn’t inflate all the way. It was supposed to be 8 inches and only expanded to 7 and the corners were saggy. Of course we have to keep it because there’s no way to send it back but disappointed with the 3rd purchase after my first 2 were so great.

    7,189 people found this helpful

  42. Maria

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good product, bummed about discount

    I ordered this mattress for my stepson a couple years ago and he has really liked it and sometimes my husband sleeps on this mattress and always comments on how comfortable it is. I ordered another one for my other son who has now outgrown his toddler bed. I ordered it a week ago and there was a coupon option making it $106. There was damage to the [product during shipping so it was returned to sender before it ever showed up at my house and the refund was submitted automatically and very quickly. That was very efficient, but when I had to reorder, the same coupon was not available, and I had to spend $125 on the second order. I know it’s not much more, but I do wish I could pay the original price especial since it has been delayed and it was clearly an option before. I just can’t find a “contact seller” option to inquire. Other than the pricing change, I would highly recommend this product and it is very affordable in comparison to other mattresses I have seen and purchased. It fluffs up to usable size in a reasonable amount of time as well once it has been unpackaged. I should’ve ordered these when we replaced our king with two twins earlier this year, but it never crossed my mind. Maybe next time.

    3 people found this helpful

  43. mavray

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I got the short queen for my RV and I am really happy with the comfort. It is more like my mattress at home with lots of support. Even though it is listed as medium firm, I think it is more then medium firm and I like that. The mattress needs plenty of time to expand and it was 2 weeks before we used the RV once I put the mattress in place.

  44. Charles W. Stewart

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    night vs day

    My new Camper came with a flimsy 2″ soft foam “mattress” that felt like sleeping on plywood… I bought this to supplement it, but it replaced the worthless original. This is my third camper, and I have never slept as well as I have with this wonderful mattress. Firm enough for good support, soft enough for quality sleep. If I ever need another RV mattress, this is the one I’ll buy!

  45. Carol Deacon-Hake

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Check other sellers, too

    We ordered 2 of these mattresses for a trundle bed; one was defective ( incomplete foam on one edge.) I reported the problem to Linenspa, who instructed me to contact Amazon. Amazon refunded my money promptly. A few days later, to replace the defective mattress, I checked prices on the same mattress, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond had it for more than $100 less, with free shipping. When that mattress arrived, it was obviously of better quality of even the non- defective mattress from Amazon ( more generous foam, upgraded fabric, stronger frame for the inner springs.) So is Linenspa selling their seconds through Amazon? I’m debating requesting a refund from Amazon for the other mattress I originally ordered.Does Amazon read these reviews? If so, it would be good business for them to proactively contact and refund me for the other mattress. I’ll see what happens.The mattresses are comfortable when lying on them and have been highly rated by several review websites.

    4 people found this helpful

  46. SA

    4.0 out of 5 stars


    At first we used it as a bed to sleep in temporarily. It was comfortable and did not cause any back pain. Then we moved it into the game room and now it’s used to chill and sit while reading or playing a game. Very comfortable and will be used when guests come over.

    One person found this helpful

  47. Heidi L.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good in a pinch but never fully expanded

    Found on a 2023 mattress in a box review site listed as best bargain memory foam mattress. It never fully expanded at the head or foot of the mattress in 48 hours but we needed it for a medical emergency and had to use it “as is.” Time will tell if it gains/maintains its full shape.

    One person found this helpful

  48. H Butler

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I’m impressed with how comfortable this mattress is for the price! I bought it for my 6’2″ son and he thinks it is great. The twin XL is great for tall people.

  49. SaritaL

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for kids full size sleigh bed

    Purchased the 10” for a full size sleigh bed frame about a year ago. So far it is still holding up well. mattress fit bed frame perfectly. The firmness still feels great. It is a comfortable mattress no need to overspend.

  50. Liz S

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    3.5 it’s not very sturdy

    Cool how this comes compressed and as you let air into the bag the whole mattress comes to life. It’s not as thick or comfy as I thought it would be, but for a little boy it would be fine. Not sure how long it will last, but for the price it’s fine.

  51. twopair8386

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Not much comfort or support

    It’s a twin size. No support.

  52. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    very convenient

    Very convenient to have these mattresses shipped to my door. I have bought several of them for my guest room and for my grandchildren’s room, and everyone says how comfortable they are. We have family members who when visiting, go into the guest room to nap, and they look forward to laying down on that mattress.

  53. Phillip Warren

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    All my kids have these

    Good quality at decent price. All our kids have these and no complaints.

  54. H Rosemont

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    a bit bouncy but comfortable

    We will have to see, it feels pretty comfortable just lying on it although bouncy from the springs, might not make any difference when we are sleeping. Feels like it might have that old roll toward your mate effect, again we will have to take a trip to find out.

    One person found this helpful

  55. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love this mattress

    This is the second linen spa I have owned and going forward this is the only mattress I will buy. They are extremely comfortable and for someone who deals with back pain this is the only mattress I have slept on which supports my back and I wake up pain free. I would pay double the price of this mattress for that luxury. Highly recommend.

    One person found this helpful

  56. Peggy Welch

    5.0 out of 5 stars



  57. Marissa J. Renteria

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Exactly what I needed for it’s price

    We got a Twin XL to fit next to our Queen mattress for our toddler. After opening (no smell) and placing it on bed frame, we let it sit for 2 days and it was super firm for me. My 3 year old and fiancé love it though, which is all that really matters! Dad is a 180 lb side sleeper.We did get a topper, which I’ve been debating taking off to break in the mattress a little more lol. The only reason my son gets up at night is to lay with us, which is when dad moves over to the Twin XL lol. Maybe if we got a Queen and tried to lay on it before the 48 hours it would’ve gotten lumpy.. but I think the Twin XL is firm enough to lay on after a day or less. I honestly have even been letting my son jump on it to break it in more.Originally I was going to spend $1800- $2000 on a Bob-o-pedic or a Beauty Rest Harmony Lux (my dream beds after mattress shopping 😭), but considering we should be throwing mattresses away every 12-15 years I didn’t see the point in getting a small expensive mattress when I’m going to need a good quality Queen for my teenager in that time anyway. For mom and dad, we currently have a Queen – Serta which is great but I don’t think I’ll be “upgrading” to this for us when it is time to buy a new mattress.If it is your first time getting a mattress, and you need a Queen or a King I’d suggest saving your money for a bigger, more comfy pillow top mattress. But if you’re like us, just needing something for a young one or a guest bed this is perfect !Just a heads up the frame it comes with does not match with the (I thought) standard headboard hardware’s holes. So if you want a set you’ll have to research a matching headboard as well ! It ended up working out for us because we butted it up against the wall. I got the metal bed frame because my kid occasionally jumps on his bed, and I didn’t want an Ashley furniture bed frame with cheap wood to break so easily. The metal frame is sturdy, not loud, rounded, and sits under the mattress so no accidents, which is fantastic.Overall, though a little firm for me personally, we love it for the quality and price. Definitely recommend for parents or people looking for a guest bed!

    29 people found this helpful

  58. SaharSahar

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Story for people with kids….

    Oldest toddler would not get out of our bed. It took almost 3 years and 4 different “highly rated” beds to finally end up with this mattress from linenspa….We took a trip to a hotel once and our toddler slept on the extra full size bed. That’s when I realized he wants to be grown up. He wants to sleep on our bed all the time because toddler beds are not as comfortable as grownup beds. So I scoured the net for a good quality mattress for our son. We looked online, and in stores and let him try them all out. None. We looked and looked and looked. Until finally I got so sick of looking and just bought this one because, it’s cheap and it’s prime. If he doesn’t like it, I won’t shudder at the thought of money chucked in the trash or wasted efforts and the hassle of return shipping.Well,He sleeps in it. He actually preferred it to his Thomas bed and to his other regular cribs and baby mattresses – those things should be for kids who are at risk for SIDS. Not toddlers who want to experience good sleepThe best part is not that he’s out of our bed….that is the best part, but even better is that he sleeps through the whole night on this mattress. He never slept the whole night on our mattress, even when he was the only one on it. I tried it out one night for an hour just one hour just to see whats so comfortable about it, and I woke up the next morning still on itI try to secretly sleep on it sometimes lolBut he always kicks me out of it and I end up in our bed that isn’t even leveled anymore. It’s slumped on the side my husband sleeps. We spent close to 1000 for that bed and it’s damaged after 3 years. But the linenspa mattress has lasted over a year in perfect condition. It was so cheap.We ordered another one a few months ago as well which we use in our bedroom since he doesn’t share it with anyoneI dont know what other words in the English vocabulary to use to explain how thrilled I was when he slept by himself through the night but if you have kids, you know. And if you don’t yet, you will soon understand why this may be the greatest milestone for a parentGreatest.sleep.ever. since we found this bed

    1,412 people found this helpful

  59. NM

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Kids bed

    Great for a small kid

  60. the brat

    5.0 out of 5 stars



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