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Ivory Aloe 10-Count Bath Size Bars 4 Oz Beauty & Personal Care

(60 customer reviews)


About this item Offers a simple, effective clean for the entire family. 4 out of 5 moms recommend it. 99.44% Pure (it floats!) Free of dyes & heavy perfumes For beautiful-looking skin Proudly made in the USA

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P & G



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Unit count

10 count

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Material feature

No dyes


Aloe Vera

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Cincinnati, OH 45202, US

Customer Reviews:

462 ratings

Date First Available ‏ : ‎

Aug. 10 2012

Is discontinued by manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Best Sellers Rank:

#307 in Solid Soap Bars

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5.1 x 15.5 x 19.4 cm; 1.18 Kilograms

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60 reviews for Ivory Aloe 10-Count Bath Size Bars 4 Oz Beauty & Personal Care

  1. esands

    clean simple pure soap

    no fragrances or harsh chemicals… the aloe makes it less drying. I recommend this and have and will continue to use the product.

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  2. FRANK


    Hands and body cleaning !

  3. Customer


    Nice smell and great product.

  4. William Berryman

    Nice soaps

    these are nice, but are very large bars of soap. I need them a little smaller next time. Nice soaps

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  5. smallbusiness2009

    great soap

    I loved this is an improvement on the basic ivory soap that I knew as a child. I smells great and does not leave a film on your skin. Would highly recommend.

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  6. Joe77

    Four Stars

    Decent bargain soap just hate the fact that it breaks into pieces when you get 60% thru the bar

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  7. Amazon Customer

    Great soap

    This soap smells great! It lasts quite a while, much longer than Caress or the like yet not as long as regular Ivory.

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  8. lullabel

    Bath Soap

    I have always loved Ivory for its purity and cleanliness. Never a soapy feeling on your body after a shower.

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  9. sor

    Good product but cheaper at supermarket

    After I got these I saw the same but for less at my local supermarket. Will stick to buying locally in the future.

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  10. Alan Burkholder

    Four Stars

    As expected

  11. bonnie pifferetti

    Couldn’t get the paper off the soap and returning

    There’s something wrong with the soap I couldn’t get the paper off and it’s real soft I am sending it back

  12. A. Lewis

    Do you really want the aloe scent?

    I didn’t realize it’s the “aloe” scent version. Because I didn’t know there was a scented version. If you want plain soap, get the original ivory, not the aloe scent. My bad.Having said that, it’s a very mild scent as soaps go.Package looks like the picture – I would say mine seem slightly mussed from handling – like maybe they’d been in storage for a while…but hey, it’s a bar of soap, it doesn’t expire like milk.

  13. Kim

    Perfect for a work traveler

    perfect for my man who works out of town alot. No more refilling the travel containers so it makes it easy on him. Scent is the same as the liquid bodywash and is great.

  14. Booked29

    Long lasting bars

    Great soap. I can only use this soap and Dove, or I have serious allergy issues and my skin breaks out. It lasts a family of 4 a long time and my husband loves it, he works in construction and thinks it does a good job as a face and body soap. Only con is it doesn’t work as a hand soap for scrubbing something like paint off hands – for that, invest in a Lava bar. As an everyday bath/shower soap, this is a great product.

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  15. Peggy D.


    I purchased this because of the price AND because I am always dropping my soap in my walk-in tub and can never retreive it! It had been years since I used Ivory! It is different from what I remember, it was so silky and felt moisturized to me, my face was so clean feeling and smoothe. I even asked my daughter to feel my face and she agreed it felt really smoothe. I plan to continue to purchase Ivory. You get 10 bars!!

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  16. Steven G.

    Great product hard to find

    I’ve used this product for years. The addition of aloe makes it more pleasant, but it retains the purity and general hypo=allergenic qualities of regular ivory. It tends to be hard to find at Brick and mortar retailers.

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  17. NMarieNealkindle Customer

    Can’t beat Ivory Soap!

    My husband and I both love Ivory soap but we both agree (for a change) that we like the original scent Ivory better than the Aloe Ivory. We’re clean though………….thanks Ivory Soap. By the way, I did order a huge 16 pack of original Ivory for a very, very low price on Amazon also. Check it out!!

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  18. C. Gonzalez

    Very happy to find this product available on Amazon

    Very happy to find this product available on Amazon. These are larger bars that I had gotten before. I find this a good product for skin care. I am sensitive to harsh and strong odors, and these have a mild, pleasant odor. I will be buying this again, and I highly recommend it.

  19. Necoya59

    Very good

    Works like a charm

  20. Ella Belle

    Mild & Great scent!

    We use the Ivory Aloe as our basic everyday soap, at all our sinks instead of liquid soaps. Best to use a good draining soap dish or the little pronged thingies that keep the soap above the dish & out of the water. This is a mild soap but still cleans hands well. We like it a lot. I will continue buying this Ivory soap for everyday practical use.

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  21. hjdgjfds jkdxhgidfhg

    Very little perfume smell, and only for short time.

    The first low-to-no perfume stink good quality body/hands/face soap I was able to find in 26 years in this country! Everything is perfumed beyond any reason, intolerable and totally nauseating, as if the manufacturer’s goal is to make people sick. Not this soap. Light smell disappears after a few uses, then no smell of any kind. Great! Also, doesn’t leave any film on the skin, but doesn’t leave it too dry either.

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  22. B

    Great soap but dissolves very fast

    It is a very good product, comparing to the original ivory, this one is better. The smell is very good. i have used original and this one and both are great.I am the only one who uses this soap at home and this soap finishes very fast.

  23. Michael

    Aloe works!

    scrub a dub dub my skin is soft in the tub.

  24. Mr. B

    NO ODER and will last a while, but its little expensive

    Bought these for my dad. He doesn’t like sent of soap, so these are the ones he can work with. He love this brand and it lasted him a while. Only issue is the price triple as soon as I bought him second set of 10. Over all the product is excellent and will recommend it to anyone who not used to soap Oder.

  25. Ariel Reguero

    Not bad

    Love this scent in the body wash form with the soap bars it smells a little different

  26. TK

    I like this soap a lot

    I like this soap a lot. I generally use Dove soap but decided to give this a shot because it was at a good price and had great reviews. I have found that it leaves my skin less itchy than dove. The only thing is it lathers differently than most soaps. It is almost like a milky lather rather than foamy.

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  27. Bri0n

    Good soap

    I like this soap, it doesn’t dry out my skin like Dial does. It also doesn’t have an overwhelming scent, it just smells like soap. The bars do seem to go quickly, kind of like Irish Spring. Or maybe I use a lot of soap.

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  28. Really Kim

    favorite soap~!

    good soap. happy!

  29. Lynchphile

    Smaller than Bath Size

    We used Ivory when I was growing up.It floated.Thought I’d try it again.These are advertised as “bath” sized.They are definitely 4 oz bars but 4 oz translates into more of a hand soap size, not a big bath size.ProsIt’s Ivory.FloatsJust basic soapConsSmaller than you think it will be

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  30. Chad

    Great soap at a great price

    I like Ivory soap. It does the job well. It’s notorious for breaking up into dozens of small pieces at the end of it’s life cycle however, but that doesn’t bother me because by then 🙂

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  31. Don Evancio

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    Wrong oz bars

    I received the wrong oz bars and sent them back.

  32. Lori J.

    Best for Less

    I have happily been using Ivory soap bars for 45 years. About 15 or so years ago I switched to the new Aloe scented bars and was impressed with the delightful smell. It is still the same mild and gentle soap I always loved, but even better. Lately, I’ve not been able to find it in any store – but thankfully Amazon came through. Truly, this is the best-for-less soap on the market!

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  33. Patrick Evans


    I used this soap for two weeks and the aloe scent isn’t making me itch like the Lever does. The soap doesn’t interfer with my body ph. I don’t feel itchy after using it or greasy. I feel clean and the aloe scent doesn’t stay on my skin after drying off. I let the bar dry out so it won’t melt faster but so far I have more than half the bar to use up. I use it in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

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  34. Alex K

    simple soap with no harmful ingredients (as far as I know)

    The main feature of this soap for me is that it is a soap with no unnecessary harmful ingredients added. It is white, yet without adding titanium dioxide, a carcinogenic pigment that makes other soaps whiter. There is no antibacterial agents that aren’t needed most of the time and can have side-effects. Just soap, that is what I need most of the time unless I have a particular concern and a reason to want something extra.

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  35. Rebel

    Excellent for skin sensitivity.

    I’m a contact wearer that strictly uses this soap before handling contacts because it does not contain extra moisturizer and other scents so that my hands are clean of anything leaving a residue. Hands are clean when you feel that “squeaky” clean after rinsing hands. Leaves nothing on hand to transfer to my contacts as far as residue.

  36. Kwee

    Good soap bar

    Good scent, smell good. It clean the dirt thoroughly. Price is reasonable.

  37. Lay Lay

    Aloe Scent

    The scent isn’t as Aloe strong. I used to buy this soap when stores like Safeway/Walmart carried it. The Aloe scent was strong while bathing, now I barely smell it. It almost smell like unscented Ivory Bar Soap. I wasn’t to pleased with that. Although I like this product. Why did stores discontinue selling it & you have to order online.

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  38. M. Malin

    Scentsational soap

    I have sensitive skin that dries out quickly. I also wash my hands often after being outdoors in the garden and playing with pets. This soft, lightly scented soap does not irritate my skin. In fact my skin feels softer and moisturized by this aloe blend. This is a great sopa at an exceptionally reasonable price.

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  39. Pri

    Good Buy

    10 pack. Exactly what I expected. Scent is not strong its soft and subtle. I love it. Overall good buy. Will Definitely buy again.

  40. Lynn

    Highly Recommended

    My husband uses this soap after a hard work day. He likes the scent and how it doesn’t dry out his skin. Hey, men like to have moisturized skin and smell nice, but not perfume-y!

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  41. NC Buyer

    I really like Ivory soap

    I really like Ivory soap, and didn’t know it was available in Aloe. Nice clean scent. One bar seemed to last forever!!

  42. don’t have a witty username

    Best Ivory Product

    What can I say? I was tired of the way regular Ivory smells. This product has a much milder fragrance/odor/smell and is difficult for me to find locally.

  43. shiver

    I Just Like These

    I tried a variety of different soaps and once I tried these I stopped buying anything else.

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  44. MediaChick

    Ivory is a great soap and I recommend it for those who don’t …

    Ivory is a great soap and I recommend it for those who don’t like harsh perfumes and scents. I’m no longer able to use it, however, due to the increased sensitivity of my skin. However, it’s still an excellent product.

  45. Danay

    Un servicio rapido


  46. AM

    otherwise you’re just washing the lotion down the drain if it’s ‘in the soap’ like other brands

    cheap and practical. doesn’t have loads of extra stuff in the soap so it’s cheap, but buy lotion for after shower, otherwise you’re just washing the lotion down the drain if it’s ‘in the soap’ like other brands.

  47. Rell

    It floats! Hubby is a big fan of Ivory …

    It floats! Hubby is a big fan of Ivory (though I am allergic). I prefer this scent to the original, though he prefers the original. I guess it is opinion, but this one ships with subscribe and save.

  48. Nick Dalton

    Good Alternative For Those With Dryer Skin

    I’ve always been a fan of Ivory for how gentle it is, but this aloe version is an improvement on the original. While it doesn’t smell quite as good (though still smells pleasant), it is somewhat less drying.

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  49. Tom Francuz

    What a great buy. I’ve always used the basic Ivory and …

    What a great buy. I’ve always used the basic Ivory and have have tried the Ivory with Aloe, But this is a great add-on to get over the free shipping price point and as mentioned above, a great buy.

    One person found this helpful

  50. Cheryl Mankin

    Great Soap

    Love the aloe scent. Great soap.

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  51. Angelica Jordon

    Got my soap

    This is a hard scent to get in my area, glad to have found this.

  52. bronx girl

    No aveeno needed

    I bought this because of the price, but i found it to be very good i have been using aveeno face wash for years and decided to use this soap for my face i can feel the difference it makes my face smooth and soft. So no more expensive aveeno for me.

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  53. Coco

    I did not expect this soap to be this good, it works well and is gentle on my …

    I did not expect this soap to be this good, it works well and is gentle on my skin. Finally found another soap I can use on my skin. I have sensitive skin and only use pear soap which is expensive. Glad I got a cheaper option

  54. Alicia Haak

    Aloe Ivory

    I love this soap. Ivory has always been one of my favorites but, with the aloe added its great. In my opinion, this is more moisturizing than the regular Ivory and has a soft, clean scent. Give it a try I think you will be really please with the results.

    12 people found this helpful

  55. special aces

    its soap

    We can’t the aloe around here everytime we run out so being able to order this is great. It arrived in really good shape and the right size just what I expected and not out of sight on price that is why I got this coming everything two months.

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  56. Northwest Dad

    Great value on a quality product

    Remember the Ivory soap of years ago, a staple in your house? This is the real deal, updated with Aloe. I appreciate the bundle for the household and the value is excellent. No wonder 4 out of 5 moms recommend it. A great value on Amazon.

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  57. PennySaver

    Budget soap with quality, no dry skin

    Pros : Didn’t dry up skin Good quantity n quality for Price. Good latherCons: Smell would have been better.

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  58. JF White

    A great product at a great low price.

    I’m very pleased with the Ivory Aloe bath soap and will keep reordering it as needed. I highly recommend i as a great product well worth the price.

  59. mary costello

    i love ivory and they now have it with aloe love …

    i love ivory and they now have it with aloe love this i was so glad i found it with aloewill keep buy this one for sure

  60. Dee DeWire


    My husband has sensitive skin and only uses Ivory with Aloe.

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