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Hollyland LARK M2 Wireless Lavalier Microphone (2TX+3RX) Compatible with Camera, iPhone, Android, 1000ft LOS Range, Hi-Fi Audio, Noise Cancellation, 40H Duration, for Vlogging Sporting Goods

(60 customer reviews)


About this item Incredibly Small: Weighing just 9g, LARK M2 wireless lavalier microphone is the lightest mini microphone on the market. With its lossless sound reproduction and top-of-the-line recording capabilities, it brings you unmatched recording performance. The wireless audio transmission can reach up to 1000ft line-of-sight range. Perfect for filmmakers, vloggers, and podcasters. Hi-Fi Studio-Grade Sound Quality: Designed for the Pro, LARK M2 wireless microphone features a 48kHz/24-bit audio format, capturing every sound with accuracy. With a 70dB signal-to-noise ratio, it ensures excellent audio signals with minimal background noise. Moreover, it can handle a Maximum 115dB Sound Pressure Level, perfect for recording in environments with high-pitched sounds. Extended 40-Hour Battery Life: With optimized power efficiency, the LARK M2 wireless microphone can work for up to 10 hours (with ENC off). The compact charging case can fully charge the entire set twice, and each charge takes less than 2 hours. With the charging case, the camera version has a battery life of 40 hours. No more worrying about low battery situation. Smart Control of Noise Cancellation: LARK M2 supports one-click on the yellow button to turn on/off the noise cancellation on the transmitter. On the receiver of the camera version, the indicator lights at the top of the RX will stay green when noise cancellation is on. Enhanced firmware and audio algorithms ensure crystal-clear, rich, and undistorted human voices, even in noisy environments. Instant Pairing Upon Unboxing: LARK M2 microphone system is pre-paired at the factory, so you won’t have to deal with any complex setup procedures. The TX and RX will automatically pair with each other, allowing you to start recording right away. You can easily adjust volume levels on the RX using the intuitive knob. Three LEDs clearly display volume levels, showing the current status.

Product description

All in One Button

All one in button<img alt=”All one in button” src=”,0,1464,600_PT0_SX1464_V1___.png”/>

Lark M2

Lark M2<img alt=”Lark M2″ src=”,0,1464,600_PT0_SX1464_V1___.png”/>

LARK M2 is a lightweight wireless microphone weighing only 9 grams. It is perfect for vloggers, podcasters, filmmakers, and others who want to effortlessly record professional audio for their videos.

Studio Sound Quality<img alt=”Studio Sound Quality” src=”,0,600,450_PT0_SX300_V1___.png”/>

Studio-Grade Sound Quality

48 kHz/24-bit High Fidelity Audio.

Smart Noise Cancellation<img alt=”Smart Noise Cancellation” src=”,0,600,450_PT0_SX300_V1___.png”/>

Smart Noise Cancellation

LARK M2 uses Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology to minimize noise across frequencies, preserving original voices.

300m Stable Transmission<img alt=”300m Stable Transmission” src=”,0,600,450_PT0_SX300_V1___.png”/>

300m Stable Transmission

LARK M2 is equipped with an high-gain Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) antenna for stable audio transmission, free from human body interference.

Small Size<img alt=”Small Size” src=”,0,600,450_PT0_SX300_V1___.png”/>

Incredibly Small

Lark M2 is only 9g, Its button-size design is practical, convenient and doesn’t compromise audio quality.

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  1. Battery Life-Camera

Unleash Your Creativity Create More

  1. Record for up to 10 hours on a single TX charge. The portable case efficiently charges the whole set in less than 1.5 hours, delivering an impressive total battery life of approximately 40 hours.
  2. Battery Life-Phone

Unleash Your Creativity Create More

  1. Record for up to 10 hours on a single TX charge. The portable case efficiently charges the whole set in less than 1.5 hours, delivering an impressive total battery life of approximately 30 hours.
  2. APPLarkSound App

LarkSound App

  1. Effortlessly update firmware, adjust volume and noise cancellation settings, and check real-time audio status—all with a simple tap.
  2. Flexible Wearing Options

Flexible Wearing Options

  1. Wearing LARK M2 is super easy! You can attach it with a magnet, clip it on, or try the cool new necklace.

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  1. Universal Compatibility

Easily Work with All Your Devices

  1. Apple Device

Easily Work with All Your Devices

  1. USB-C Device

Easily Work with All Your Devices

  1. UAC Function

Easily Work with All Your Devices

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LARK M2 is compatible with a wide range of devices. The Lightning plug has an MFi-certified Apple chip, and the USB-C plug connects with Android phones, Apple 15, action cameras, and computers. The 3.5mm TRS to TRS cable connects LARK M2 with DSLRs or mirrorless cameras.

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  1. Combo Version

Combo Version

  1. Camera Version

Camera Version

  1. USB-C

Mobile Version

  1. APPLE

Mobile Version

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Batteries ‏ : ‎

4 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎

13.49 x 10.21 x 8.51 cm; 431 g

Date First Available ‏ : ‎

30 November 2023

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


ASIN ‏ : ‎


Item model number ‏ : ‎


Best Sellers Rank:

#6 in External Camcorder Microphones

Customer reviews:

293 ratings

60 reviews for Hollyland LARK M2 Wireless Lavalier Microphone (2TX+3RX) Compatible with Camera, iPhone, Android, 1000ft LOS Range, Hi-Fi Audio, Noise Cancellation, 40H Duration, for Vlogging Sporting Goods

  1. Kmsemfim


    Superou minhas expectativas! Produto de excelente acabamento e qualidade de áudio impecável, sem falar que é muito discreto.. vale super a pena!

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  2. Amazon Customer

    Echt een geweldige aankoop

    Usb c versie werkt perfect met een iphone 15 pro max. Het geluid is erg goed. Zeer gevoelige microfoons, erg klein. Mooi setje met accessoires bijgevoegd. Je video’s hebben vaak al een mooie beeldkwaliteit met deze microfoons krijg je ook nog eens een mooie geluidskwaliteit. Helaas geen stereo geluid (dwz 2 sporen) beide microfoons worden samengevoegd in een spoor. Niettemin ben ik zeer tevreden voor wat je ervoor betaald.

  3. PJM

    Amazing set of mics!

    I’ve been doing Audio Visual Production for a living for nearly two decades, and these little mics blew me away. I don’t use them professionally, but for an easy to use mic for conference calls while I’m traveling. They sound EXTREMELY good for being such a small unit, and the range and clarity is excellent. Not to mention great battery life for something so small, to boot. Plugged the dongle into my laptop and it’s picked up instantly as a mic.And the accessories and mounting options included are borderline genius. You can just use the attached magnetic puck, they have a magnetic lavaliere clip if the person is wearing thicket clothes like a jacket, and also the around-neck lanyard will work in nearly any situation.The ONLY con to these is the dongle can be inconvenient. Since the USB C plug is in the middle and the body is flush and perpendicular to the plug, it blocks the 2nd USB C port on my laptop, so I have to use it with a USB C hub or a regular USB A adapter (neither are included) to be able to use another USB C device on my laptop. It would be nicer if the plug was offset to one side like how most wireless earbud low-latency dongles are designed. But in my opinion with how solid these are and at this price point, that’s not even worth taking off half a star.The value for this system is insane. They sound nearly as good as the top-end mobile lav mic systems, and have a much better form factor and well thought out accessories. Having worked with professional multi-thousand-dollar wireless mics for years, I’m incredibly impressed with the Lark M2’s. I wouldn’t put them on someone going up on stage in front of thousands of people, but for their intended use as a personal set, podcasts, or on-the-spot mobile interviews, these are just a no-brainer compared to systems that are 3x-4x the price. Highly recommended.

    5 people found this helpful

  4. Scottyblue77

    Professionelles Mikrofon Set für Handy und Digitalkamera

    Ein wirklich perfektes Set, magnetische kleine Mikrofone die inkl Windschutz Puschel und mit verschiedenen Zubehör Halterungen (Magnetplättchen / Halsband / clips) kommen. Schnell startklar und unkompliziert. Genau so muss es sein, die app ist einfach und bietet zwei noise cancelling stärken plus 3 Pegel level. Finde es klasse das NC einfach über einmal drücken aktiv ist und sichtbar per grüner led und off bei blauer led gekennzeichnet ist. Ladecase und usb Kabel inkl. Mikrofon Qualität ist wirklich gleich wenn nicht noch besser als DJI mic 1. Natürlich subjektiv.

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  5. Scott

    Awesome package for the price!

    Works great so far! Everything paired easily and the product is easy to use. Very nice packaged. My review is based on the full kit.

  6. Pradeep

    Best wireless mic if you don’t need internal recording and live monitoring

    My review after using the mic for 2 weeksFirst of all, I wanted a mic for my YouTube and my boya by m1 wired Mic is tough to handle. Need to spend lot of time just untangling the cables. So planned to go with wireless!I happened to check mics like Grenaro, lavrider, digitek , boya and even Ulanzi. There are lot of good reviews about them in YouTube but these YouTubers forgot to mention that it’s paid and obviously biased. I went to dig up further and got contacts of people using it in real time and observed the below :All these brands ( Grenaro, lavrider, digitek , boya, Ulanzi, etc. ) are the same wireless hardware inside and just the case and branding has been changedThey DON’T PROVIDE HIGH FIDELITY audioNoice cancellation is TRASH – just cutting down Gain and calling it NOICE CANCELLATIONIt’s clarity is LESS compared to even the cheapest BOYA WIRED Lot of people have faced the issue that it stopped working after few months of usingService Center numbers are MYTH! They don’t even pick upFinally I decided NOT TO GO FOR CHEAP MICS and my options just boiled down to DJI and RODE as they are the market leaders..One thing I wanted is that the mic should not brand us and use us for marketing!I don’t like wearing a shiny RODE or DJI in my collar publishing its brand and also it’s heavy enough to pull my shirt low in case I attach in my collar!And then in looked into HOLLYLAND LARK M1… it’s similar to RODE and DJI but it’s again large and there is no internal recording everythough it’s same size as of RODE & DJIWhile doing all these stuff, I saw a new mic called HOLLYLAND LARK M2 has been launched and it fulfilled all the challenges which I have been looking at!- It was small enough not to pull out shirt down- Branding is there but there are stickers provided to hide the brand! Nice move- High fidelity audio!- Battery life- Sheer quality of the case and the mic- may be a small feature but a life saver for me – receiver can be connected with PHONE CASE on- video will play WITH AUDIO even though the receiver is connected to phone ( RODE and DJI doesn’t do this )Additional features which I didn’t expect- double tap the button in the mic to start or stop recording- range is around half km and I checked it for 200m myself!Check my YouTube channel and Instagram handle ‘pradeepspointofview’ for sample videos recorded with this micClick helpful if you like my review

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  7. Mirko Di Franco

    Un gioiello

    Il microfono più versatile e comodo che io mai trovato in commercio.Gli speaker in dotazione sono piccoli quanti un bottone, ma hanno una qualità super e si possono applicare tramite magnete o pinza magnetica. Risultano quasi invisibili durante la registrazione.Nel kit sono inclusi n. 3 ricevitori e n. 2 trasmittenti.Un ricevitore ha anche la porta Lightning in caso si voglia utilizzare su un iPhone di vecchia generazione.Consigliato L’acquisto.

  8. Amazon Kunde

    RICHTIG GUT! Besser als alles, was ich bisher hatte.

    Sehr guter Sound. Einfache Bedienung. Leichter Sender! Gute Befestigungsmöglichkeiten mit Magneten! Rundum gut. Ich empfehle uneingeschränkt.

  9. Benjamin kowalewski

    Impressive performance and sound quality.

    I wanted a lavalier mic option for my somewhat frenetic lifestyle/ fashion social media videos and off the cuff on -location musings that met several criteria and worked well with my MFT cameras.1. very good sound quality2. ease of use.3. small portable package.4.discreteThe lark M2 delivers on all fronts.Sound is very good especially considering price point and size. Relatively neutral/ flat frequency response … with an expected bass drop off and perhaps a hump in the mid mids. As nice as my shotgun mic on camera ? No. But the omni lavalier format affords me to move around with consistent audio regardless of position and takes the room acoustics out of the equation. It’s a better all around solution for anything other than static “talking head” videos.Super easy to use. The carrying case/ charginging box is genius. Several weeks in and i still have not needed an AC charge. On board controls are simple but everything you need. Pairing is flawless. Noise reduction works well…limited single mode option but good for general purposes. Only caveat would be..due to the miniscule size..button on the receiver can be difficult to discern..but that is the nature of something with these dimensions.They include just about everything you would need. Keep in mind i have the CAMERA kit..the combo kit was not available at time of purchase. Analog to android cable, analog to apple, camera mic in cable. charging cable. The only cable not included would be analog to ANOLOG in for android, and a usb A/C plug…you likely already have one that will suffice. Several ways wo mount the mics, including clips, lanyards, or magnetic button. Two windscreens, stickers to cover the logo ( if so desired.) and a little pouch to put everything in. A very well thought out and thorough package that fits in the palm of my hand. Toss it in my bag everyday. Smaller than my little makeup pouch.The mics are literally button sized and conceal well. Use included stickers for more discretion. You are not wearing a giant brand advertisement or struggling to find a suitable mounting point on ones person. They go with the flow. I’m going to rig up a wand with a magnetic end and use one mic as a handheld interview mic. Sooooo versatile.If you need backup recording tracks or are dealing with high demand client work, absolutely must use a seperate lav and transmitter..perhaps consider a higher level platform. For vloggers, demos, youtubers, tiktokers, basic interviews, etc OR as a backup for your “pro” kit…i can’t see a reason to get anything else. Just considering the thought that went into this package…I’ll definitely be looking at Hollyland for future needs as well. Its made a huge impression on me. They seem to have real respect for the end user. Its a lovely little system.

    8 people found this helpful

  10. Louis Pardes

    Parfait !

    Micros d’excellente qualité pour le prix, le son est bon, rien à redire !Seul point à améliorer : possibilité de spliter le son des micros

  11. fahad siddiqui

    Works like a Charm on iPhone

    After trying various micsThis is the perfect one for pro level recordingRecommended

  12. Groni

    Einfach nur mega gut

    Hatte lange überlegt, ob ich mir Rode oder DJI Wireless Mics zulegen.Hatte lange ein Sennheiser Wireless System in Benutzung, natürlich sind die Teile nicht gerade klein.Bin dann eher zufällig über dieses Set hier gestoßen und bei den positiven Reviews auch auf YouTube hab ich gedacht warum nicht.Für den Preis einfach wirklich unschlagbar Plug and Play, super Klang vollkommen ausreichend für semiprofessional. Egal ob an der DSLR, oder der Actioncam.Natürlich wird aufgrund der nicht wechselbaren Akkus nach ein paar Jahren das End of Life erreicht sein.Aber das ist bei den erstgenannten Mikrofon ja leider genauso. Und natürlich irgendwo der Größe geschuldet.

  13. Victor Neyra Fernandez

    Simplemente increibles!

    Me encantan, tanto la calidad de sonido, como lo pequeño que son, y encima lo practico y facil que es esconderlo, en mi caso, lo uso con el colgante, aunque prefiero el negro al otro de color blanco y negro, pero me encantan, hacia tiempo que no comentaba alguna reseña, pero este producto lo ha merecido 100%, asi que efectivamente los recomiendo!

    2 people found this helpful

  14. ILP

    Miglior microfono in assoluto!

    Non potevo comprare microfono migliore,Piccolo,molto versatile. Il suono e molto pulito! Consigliato!!!

  15. Nicola T.

    Una soluzione completa per fotocamera, cellulare e tablet

    Dovendo sostituire i miei precedenti microfoni Lark m1 venduti insieme alla precedente fotocamera di cui ero rimasto pienamente soddisfatto per la comodità’ e rapidità’ d’uso. Ho scelto di prendere la nuova versione spinto anche dalla possibilità’ di avere con il kit combo anche i ricevitori per cellulare e tablet sia apple che Android.Dopo circa una settimana di uso posso dire di sentirmi pienamente soddisfatto dall’acquisto, i microfoni sono molto piccoli e comodi da installare sia con la clip che con il magnete, la qualità audio e’ eccellente e non mi fa rimpiangere microfoni broadcast più blasonati e costosi, poi il sistema di riduzione del rumore integrato mi permette di portare a casa un audio di buona qualità anche in situazioni di rumore esterno senza necessita di post processing audio. Sarebbe stato comodo un piccolo display sul ricevitore per visualizzare i livelli audio, le impostazioni di volume e la modalità’, ma viste le piccole dimensioni del ricevitore penso non ci sarebbe stato lo spazio necessario. Comodo il sacchetto per il trasporto, anche se preferivo l’ astuccio rigido del modello precedente. Consigliato per troupe ENG veloci, Webinar, e interviste con cellulare o fotocamera. Buona la durata della Batteria

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  16. Jason Jolivet

    Je recommande et j’explique pourquoi !

    Je ne commente pas d’habitude mais la qualité du produit est exceptionnelle !J’utilise les micros pour de l’événementiel mais également pour mes films car les micros sont vendu avec des stickers qui cache le logo et peuvent être utiliser comme collier franchement j’adore !La qualité sonore très proche du studio est tellement utile en post production c’est incroyable pour le prix je recommande fortement !!

  17. Amazon カスタマー



  18. Jesse A Campbell

    I’m in love with these mics!!!

    I recently purchased Hollyland’s wireless microphones for use with my cell phone, and I must say, they have completely transformed my audio recording experience. The set includes a receiver that conveniently plugs into my phone via USB-C (with a lightning connection option available too), making it incredibly versatile.What stands out about this product are the two transmitters or microphones included in the package. This allows two people to be miked up simultaneously, which is a game-changer for interviews or dual-hosted podcasts. Additionally, the external battery charger case is a thoughtful inclusion, providing a convenient way to charge and store the microphones.But the real stars of the show are the magnetic lanyards. These clever designs allow you to easily attach the microphones to your shirt. Just wear the lanyard underneath, and the magnet does the rest, securely holding the microphone in place. This innovative feature eliminates the need for the old, sometimes awkward clip styles, though clips are still included for those who prefer them.The package also comes with multiple lanyards and various magnetic clip connections, adding to its flexibility. Another noteworthy addition is the ‘dead cat’ wind-resistant filters, enhancing audio quality in challenging environments.The build quality of the case is impressive – sleek, durable, and well-crafted. It’s evident that Hollyland prioritizes both functionality and aesthetics.As someone who has spent considerable time searching for affordable, quality microphones compatible with cell phones, I can confidently say that Hollyland’s product is a cut above the rest. The ease of use, innovative features, and quality construction make it the best product I’ve come across in this category. If you’re in the market for a wireless microphone system for your phone, Hollyland’s offering should definitely be at the top of your list.

    23 people found this helpful

  19. Koki

    Top Microphone

    Anschließen und los legen, klappt super für das IPhone 15pro Max.Die Klangqualitöt ist super und es bricht nicht ab auch wenn man 2 Zimmer weiter ist mit geschlossenen Türen.Empfehlung geht raus und finde es preisleistung für 135Euro mega

  20. Vineet Pal

    I just bought it. I really like how it’s packaged.

    I just bought it. Let’s see what I think of this product. I’m excited to try it out soon in real situations. The first impression of its appearance and feel is really good.

  21. Adora A

    The only wireless mic you need

    This mic is a game changer and I have had many that cost more. The sound is so crisp even with background noise and I love how it easily clips on everything with magnets. I don’t even have to make an effort to hide it. I was doing an interview with a normal mic that couldn’t plug into my phone so i attached the little mic in the set to the outer magnetic part and got audio to my phone as if i was talking into the bigger mic. Words can’t describe how good and convenient it is. The only thing I wish is that it could record into more than one device at the same time. I switch between an iphone 14, 15pro and my Nikon DSL so all of the converters are amazing but you can only use one at a time. My goal was to record the same audio into all three devices from the one mic but it only sends to one transmitter at a time. It is still way better than all the other mics including my Rode mics.

    One person found this helpful

  22. Gérard Manvu

    Rapport qualité-prix imbattable

    Ce produit est d’un rapport qualité/prix particulièrement compétitif.Ne sachant si la version caméra pourrait fonctionner avec un smartphone, je me suis laissé aller à l’achat de la version Combo.J’ai donc évidemment tout de suite testé les micros avec le module de réception lightning et j’ai pu vérifier que cela ne réclame aucun paramétrage préalable, le module étant appairé de fait. On se retrouve ainsi avec une solution ultra light qui se met en place en un clin d’œil. Les micro-pastilles sont incroyables et le son est parfait pour ce que j’ai pu en tester en milieu intérieur, dans des conditions idéales.Je me suis interrrogé sur l’absence du 32 bits, mais franchement, pour la plus grande majorité des situations, le 32 bits est un luxe dont on peut faire l’économie. Je testerai prochainement en “milieu hostile” 😉 et reviendrai corriger ou réaffirmer ces premières (très) bonnes impressions.Ce premier test passé avec succès, il était temps de tester le module récepteur dédié aux appareils classiques (hybrides ou autres). Ma surprise est totale : il est tout à fait opérationnel sur un smartphone (tout du moins mon iPhone 14 Pro) en reliant le récepteur avec un câble au smartphone. Il faut évidemment un câble TRRS avec un adaptateur lightning ou un câble jack d’un côté, lightning de l’autre tel que celui-ci > qui veut dire plusieurs choses :• les packs dits camera (DSLR et autres), lightning pour Apple (jusqu’au 14), usb-c pour Android et iPhone 15, et combo sont le fruit du pur marketing. D’ailleurs, comme par hasard, le seul câble qui manque est un jack avec une entrée TRRS (indispensable pour smartphone). Pour être clair, le pack caméra SUFFIT POUR TOUT (avec le câble qui va bien) ce qui permet en plus de bénéficier du réglage de niveau avec la molette du récepteur.• le Lark M2 est annoncé en mode mono uniquement lorsqu’il est utilisé avec un smartphone et son récepteur dédié. Il me reste à vérifier qu’en utilisant le récepteur camera + câble, on a tout de même de la stéréo avec un smartphone. Correction : après essai, je confirme que le récepteur camera branché à un smartphone via le câble cité permet l’enregistrement en canal stéréo !Pour ce qui est de l’ensemble du produit, je dois dire que c’est top. Le boitier chargeur est très compact et semble de bonne facture. Comme on ne peut pas tout avoir, je ne déplore pas qu’il faille une petite sacoche (livrée avec) pour y glisser le boitier, les deadcats et les câbles. J’ai trouvé amusante et même “smart” la présence d’une planche d’autocollants qui peuvent servir à masquer le logo des micro-pastilles en les rendant plus discrets, voire même les rendre encore plus flashy avec plusieurs autocollants smilies.Bref. Un produit vraiment étonnant qui, vu son prix, ne vous fera prendre aucun risque.AJOUT :Un intervenant nous dit que lors de l’utilisation des 2 micros ensemble (interview par exemple), les deux se retrouvent sur la même piste et ne sont pas “splitables”. C’est une erreur. Les deux canaux sont bien dans le même fichier, mais il faut savoir les dissocier. C’est juste un fichier multipiste.Lorsque on importe le fichier vidéo dans un logiciel de montage il est parfaitement possible de séparer chaque piste et donc d’intervenir sur chaque forme son indépendamment. Plutôt qu’une longue explication, j’invite à rechercher : “Comment séparer les pistes son au montage ?”.

    8 people found this helpful

  23. Sean Gadd

    Really consider whether you should go with the combo pack

    I bought the usb type C pack.The pack comes with the windcover, necklace, clips, stickers etc.The Larksound mobile application still says it is for Lark C, but it has been updated in app for M2.I got it so that I could get good quality recording outside of the house when my family are sleeping so that I don’t disturb them.Aside from not liking my voice, It seems to do a very good job at recording my voice clearly, the noice cancellation honestly works well without distorting my voice.I also tested it at work by recording my script whilst giving a noisy demonstration which worked really well, enabling a clear video and clear audio from the opposite side of the demonstation which I am usually shouting over.I planned to use it with my phone but within a week I have considered buying a camera and using it for work which ofcourse we use ipads. Now regret not getting the combo pack.I’m also thinking that, from a video perspective, it could actually look better holding the mic like you can do with the m1 or max for example. Especially if you are taking a video from a distance and are angled, you may want to hold the mic away from your body to avoid interference, but I’m sure any small piece of metal can be used for that…

  24. Kaffeetasse

    Plug & Play! Eine Meisterstück der Effizienz

    Für Informationsvideos perfekt. Super einfach, nur einstecken und loslegen. Außer dem NC gibt es nichts zum einstellen.Wenn es um Effizienz geht das beste auf dem Markt.Bisher nutze ich das Rode VideoMic NTG an meinem PC und wollte etwas mobiles, einfaches (Rode Wireless Go 2 sind zu umständlich, hab ich getestet). Die bessere Klangqualität des NTG hat in Informationsvideos keinen Vorteil, man hört es kaum. Der reduzierte Aufwand ermöglicht es hingegen innerhalb von 30sec aufnahmebereit zu sein. Da Quantität Qualität in diesem Bereich schlägt, kann ich diese hierfür nur wärmstens empfehlen.Zu dem noise cancelling muss ich anmerken, dass ich absolut überrascht und überzeugt von dem System bin. Eigentlich hätte ich nicht gedacht dass das nützlich sein könnte, wurde jedoch eines besseren belehrt.Hollyland hat hier perfektioniert, was Rode bei seinem Rode Wireless ME versucht hat, nämlich professionelle Funkmikrofone so einfach bedienbar wie Funkkopfhörer zu machen.

  25. iVadim

    This one is a keeper

    This tiny wireless microphone is amazing. I’ve already used it to film two of my projects. Sounds great out of the box. Noise cancelling works well. It is small and light enough to attach to any piece of clothing. For me, the game changer is the magnet mounting system – versatile and comfortable. I have nothing bad to say about the product. It is everything I’ve ever wanted out of a wireless microphone.

    One person found this helpful

  26. RobinKi

    Un’azienda di cui fidarsi, prodotto eccellente.

    Vado oltre alla grande qualità dell’audio perché di quella parleranno in molti, voglio invece mettere in evidenza una cosa: a Hollyland interessa DAVVERO il bene del cliente. Perché lo dico?I piccoli microfoni da appendere alla maglietta hanno il loro vistoso logo, che su una maglietta nera sarebbe troppo evidente. Io stavo già pensando di metterci un adesivo nero, apro la scatola e cosa trovo: l’adesivo nero ce l’hanno messo loro!Non hanno messo il logo in evidenza per fare i fighi, l’hanno messo e si sono chiesti “può dare fastidio?” – “nessun problema gli mettiamo un adesivo per coprirlo, fa niente se il logo non so vedrà più, la prima cosa sono gli interessi del cliente”Cose banali? No, beh… Azienda rara.

  27. Photomad

    Excellent Mics

    I do real estate interview-style videos and these are brilliant. Small, subtle with great connection and very high sound quality. Puts higher prices mics to shame!

  28. yuuk


    iPhone15ProMaxで屋外でビデオ撮影する時に風切音が気になり、モフモフ付きのワイヤレスマイクが欲しく購入しました。あと会社のWindows10のPCでのzoomやteamsのリモート会議時に有線イヤホンマイクを使っていたのですが、コードに繋がれているのが嫌で、この製品でワイヤレスマイクとしても使えればと思って購入しました。その際にメーカーサポートにどのモデルを購入すればPCでのリモート会議のマイクとして利用できるか確認したところ以下回答でした。————————-カメラバージョンとコンボバージョンの中に、UAC対応できる受信機があります。USB-Cポートより音声をパソコンなどのオンラインデバイスに出力できます。————————-ということで全部入りのコンボバージョンを購入し、無事快適にリモート会議ができています。マイクがとてもコンパクトでワイヤレスになって買ってよかったです。音質にも不満ありません。サイズの参考までにマウスと一緒に撮影した写真をアップいたします。(もしかしたらType-Cの小さな受信機でもPCに接続しても使えるのか今度試して結果を記録しておきます)追記:USB Type-Cの小さな受信機でもPCで音声を認識出来ました。

  29. Mohsin Raza Khan

    A product you can believe

    One week ago i purched combo pack now fully satisfied with.

  30. Francisco Ruiz


    Creo que son de los mejores micrófonos inalámbricos que he probado, una calidad de audio muy buena además de su rango. Ya que puedes estar a 300m del receptor y no cortarse el audio.

  31. unknown

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    افضل ميكروفون خفيف وواضح استعملته للايفون حتى الان ،

    خفيف الوزن .. صوت نقي .. سعر مناسب ، رسيفر صغير + به منفذ لشحن الهاتف اثناء استخدامه / لا تحتاج الى نزع الرسيفر بعد تسجيل مقاطع الفيديو لسماع سبيكر الهاتف ، رهيب ١٠/١٠

  32. mahroof

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    amazing product

    It’s an exceptional product; the quality is great, and it’s easy to use.

  33. Edwin Abacan Jr.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Exactly with what I was looking for.

    I like the size of it. It’s small and easy to move around. With the combo set, you have everything you need to use for recording audio, be it your phone, computer, or laptop, just make sure you check the specifications of which device is applicable when it comes to the Type-C connector.The noise cancellation is a nice feature to have.


    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Compact and great quality

    Great quality

  35. Shafeeq Shukri

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    A must-have for content creators!

    I love how small and unassuming it is, makes me more confident creating content in public. Not only that, the battery lasts very long and having the case to recharge is super convenient. Comes with very useful accessories too so id totally recommend!

  36. rashad alami

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing Impact

    Amazing Impact

  37. Horvath I.

    2.0 out of 5 stars

    No chance for ….smooth setup.

    Unfortunately…after 2 days of trying still no luck to have a decent recording with this device.Situation: wedding, 200guests,lots of tech with bluetooth and 2.4GHz,and this lovely little gadget. Small and neat,and works great from 5m-10m..Still picking up noise,and very difficult to clear the audio when it is peeking under a speaker.However the device is futuristic, and small..But nothing close to pro audio or clear easy operation.

  38. adel hamid

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    What a disappointment

    I was very disappointed. The iPhone RX does not work at all and never charges. Likewise, the Android RX does not work on my Motorola Edge 40 and does not work on two other Samsung devices that I tried on it. I believe that the version you sent me has an obvious manufacturing defect, so I was disappointed in the product, although the camera’s RX worked well and without problems. I asked to return the item and get my money back, unfortunately.

    One person found this helpful

  39. gary

    Useless aftersale service.

    Am trying to get an invoice, but Hollyland isn’t replying at all, and amazon isn’t helping. pathetic after sales service

  40. raphael pereira

    Crystal clear audio

    Amazing quality, easy to setup, many accessories. Totally recommended!

  41. Jörg

    Klein und fein

    Die Tonqualität ist über jeden Zweifel erhaben und die Mikrophone sind unglaublich klein. Die Miniaturisierung ist einerseits eine gute Sache, weil die Tontechnik für die Ohren und nicht für die Augen erdacht wurde und deshalb weitgehend unsichtbar bleiben sollte. Andererseits können Grobmotoriker wie ich dadurch zur Verzweiflung getrieben werden: die mitgelieferten Fellpuschel über die winzigen Mikrophone zu stülpen, hat mich komplett überfordert. Man muss Feinmechaniker oder Chirurg sein, um diese Aufgabe zu meistern. Davon abgesehen bin ich aber begeistert von der Qualität dieses Produkts.

  42. mark papers



  43. Dezz

    Great except…

    The charging case doesn’t have a spot for the Lightning and USB C RX. Only the Camera RX fits.Very annoying because I primarily use the Lightning RX.How am I meant to safely carry the Lightning RX without risk of damaging it??

    One person found this helpful

  44. Fabricio Cesar

    Este microfone é perfeito.!!!!

    Adoramos o produto,é muito bom e com muita qualidade

    One person found this helpful

  45. Siya Wu

    Very good quality and convenient to use

    Very nice package with very good quality products 😊 I am very glad that I find this product!!! It’s very convenient to use especially when you are traveling !

  46. Jose


    Buena calidad, voz rica y detallada. Pequeño, cómodo, práctico. Posiblemente puedes obtener una voz mas rica con un micro profesional. Pero para todo lo demas… cumple con las necesidades de la creación de contenido rapida y con buena calidad.

    One person found this helpful

  47. nitin naresh

    Flawless Wireless Streaming with the Hollyland Lark M2

    I’m absolutely thrilled with my purchase of the Hollyland Lark M2 wireless video transmitter! As a content creator, I’ve been searching for a reliable solution to stream high-quality video wirelessly, and the Lark M2 exceeded all my expectations.First and foremost, setup was a breeze. Within minutes of unboxing, I had the transmitter connected to my camera and the receiver linked to my monitor. The plug-and-play simplicity saved me valuable time, allowing me to focus on capturing stunning footage.The real standout feature of the Lark M2 is its impeccable video quality. I was amazed by the crystal-clear transmission, with no noticeable lag or interference. Whether I’m shooting indoors or outdoors, the signal remains strong and consistent, providing me with uninterrupted viewing.Another aspect I appreciate is the compact and lightweight design of both the transmitter and receiver. Compared to its predecessor, the Lark M1, the M2 is even more portable, making it ideal for on-the-go shooting without sacrificing performance.Furthermore, the Lark M2 boasts impressive technical specifications. It operates on the 5.1 to 5.9 GHz frequency band, ensuring reliable transmission without interference from other wireless devices. With a maximum transmission range of up to 300 feet (91 meters), I have the freedom to roam and explore different shooting angles without worrying about losing signal.The low latency of less than 0.07 seconds ensures seamless real-time monitoring, crucial for capturing fast-paced action or conducting live broadcasts.One feature that sets the Lark M2 apart is its 24-bit audio capability. This ensures that audio signals maintain their fidelity during transmission, preventing clipping and preserving the nuances of sound. As an editor, this feature is invaluable, as it saves time in post-production and ensures that my voiceovers and audio tracks are crisp and clear.The system also features adaptive signal strength technology, automatically adjusting transmission power to maintain a stable connection in challenging environments. This adaptive nature enhances reliability, even in crowded wireless environments or areas with obstacles.Overall, I can’t recommend the Hollyland Lark M2 enough to fellow videographers and content creators. It’s a game-changer when it comes to wireless streaming, offering unparalleled performance, reliability, and convenience, backed by impressive technical specifications and advanced audio features. If you’re in the market for a top-tier wireless video transmitter, look no further than the Lark M2. It’s truly a must-have tool for anyone serious about their craft.

    4 people found this helpful

  48. Ali Raza LLC


    Very Good mic but my mobile not sport

  49. Zäckey



    One person found this helpful

  50. Adrian Capitan

    Small but mighty

    I am using the Lark M2 to our church live streaming. So far audio is good but I wish these features are available:1. I wish there is a control from sound engineer to turn off the tx. Only the subjects has the control for this. My issue is that I have 2 subjects that need to speak in turns but I don’t have control over it. It can easily be done by software.2. I wish there is a software for PC/Mac to have the full control.3. The sounds is peaking sometimes. My gain on camera is only 7 and medium on Rx. I have watched the official tutorial and I can hear it is peaking as well. I own sony and rode wireless mics with same setting but never experience this. But I lower the gain to 3 and it sounds perfect. 4. The charging case can get more finger smudges but this is minimal.5. The magnet is super strong and sticks very well.6. I love the practicality, the small size is so perfect , the price is fair enough and justifiable with this.7. This is perfect for run and gun, so easy to use.If you are an operator of live streaming and would like to have more control on the transmitter, like muting the transmitters, The Hollyland Lark Max is the one to buy.But if you are vlogging, shooting videos on the go, like street videography and would like the simplest set up, this is the perfect mics to buy.I am happy with my purchase and the Lark M2 is highly recommended.

    3 people found this helpful

  51. simon

    Awesome product

    Main advantage is the charging dock which gives a-lot of advantage for charging and hassle free usage. Sound quality is too good.

  52. Paul Whittle

    Fantastic little wireless microphone

    I’ve been looking for an affordable wireless microphone solution to use with my iPhone 15 Pro Max and this is a truly knockout little package and works seamlessly with the iPhone 15’s with a USB C charging port, just charge, plug and play. Also you can make some limited adjustments to the volume and noise reduction using the ‘Larksound’ app.As you can see from the picture it comes in it’s own charging case along with 2 magnetic button like attachments, 2 magnetic lapel spring clip attachments, 2 necklace type magnetic attachments and 2 wind muff thingys as well, and a useful drawstring bag to keep it all in, it also comes packaged with a USB A to C charging cable too (Not pictured here)For clarity this is the Hollyland Lark M2 version that works with the iPhone 15’s (USB C). Initially I did try the Hollyland Lark C1 with USB C thinking that it would work with the iPhone (It does with Android phones however) but the C1 did not work with the iPhone 15’s so just make sure you order the correct one for iPhones the Hollyland Lark M2.I returned my original purchase (Lark C1) and the return and refund was handled brilliantly by Hollyland so absolutely no complaints there, they kept me updated throughout the process too.So all in all a fantastic little affordable wireless microphone solution to work with the iPhone 15’s with USB C just make sure you order the correct one.I would recommend this product, smashing little thing.

    One person found this helpful

  53. きゅうぞう



    One person found this helpful

  54. Alexandre Izidoro

    Melhor microfone lapela

    Recebi muito antes da previsão de entrega e já testei o aparelho. É realmente incrível o que ele é capaz de fazer. Seu cancelamento de ruído é muito bom! Testei por baixo da camiseta e não dá pra notar qualquer diferença, em todos os testes o som saiu limpo. Além do produto ser compacto ele tem um acabamento premium, estou impressionado!Parabéns Hollyland!

    11 people found this helpful

  55. JenC

    Very clear sound, small, nice noise cancellation

    very good product, I now carry them around for vlogging. nuce noise cancelling even in a crowded restaurant.

  56. Hotzenplotz_1337

    Geniales Teil!

    Ich habe das Hollyland Lark M2 Wireless Mikrofon zur Nutzung an meiner Kamera gekauft, um noch flexibler Audio aufnehmen machen zu können. Ich möchte mit euch meinen Gedanken nach einer Woche Nutzung in ein paar Abschnitten teilen.Fangen wir mit der Verarbeitung an, die ist finde ich wirklich auf einem sehr hohen Niveau, sogar besser als bei so manchem namhaften Hersteller. Keine unsauberen Kanten, alles wirkt Premium.Der Umfang des Kamera Pakets muss sich keineswegs verstecken, es beinhaltet die zwei Mikrofone, einen Wireless Empfänger der vorzugsweise für die Kamera gedacht ist (und in einem Blitz-Schuh Platz findet) aber auch via Kabel am Smartphone verwendet werden kann, 2 Windscreens, Ladeschale mit Ladekabel (aber ohne Netzteil, finde ich ok da man dieses meistens besitzt, sollte einem aber bewusst sein), Verbindungskabel zur Kamera sowie Tasche zur Aufbewahrung und etlicher verschiedener, magnetischer Halterungen. Witzige Spielerei sind die beigelegten Emoji Sticker um das Mikrofon zu personalisieren, persönlich gefallen mir da die schwarzen Sticker am Besten, da diese das Logo verstecken können, wodurch man das Mikrofon nahezu komplett kaschieren kann, sofern es an schwarzen Stellen befestigt wird.Das Mikrofon ist sehr klein und leicht, so dass es kaum auffällt, wenn ich es an meiner Kleidung befestige. Die Möglichkeiten wie ich das Mikrofon anbringe sind sehr vielseitig (per Magnet direkt, magnetischem Clip z.B auch an einer Kappe oder an Gegenständen oder um den Hals an einem Band).Die Verbindung zum Empfänger ist bisher sehr stabil und störungsfrei, auch wenn ich mich in einer etwas größeren Entfernung befinde. Exakte Angaben zu einer maximalen Reichweite kann ich bis dato nicht machen. Die Geräuschunterdrückung funktioniert sehr gut und filtert unerwünschte Hintergrundgeräusche gerade in lauten Umgebungen brauchbar raus (auch besser als z.B. ein Kopfhörer mit Mikrofon und Unterdrückung, generell ist da die Audio Qualität der Aufnahme deutlich besser). Das Audioformat ist 48-kHz-/24-Bit, was eine hohe Klangtreue gewährleistet. Außerdem kann die Lautstärke/Empfindlichkeit am Empfänger mittels Drehknopf eingestellt und die Videoaufnahme auf meinem Handy mit einem Doppelklick auf den Sender gestartet gestoppt werden. Das Ladecase ist sehr kompakt und sorgt für eine Akkulaufzeit von bis zu 40 Stunden (laut Hersteller).Ich bin im Allgemeinen sehr zufrieden mit dem Mikrofon und kann es jedem empfehlen, der professionelle Audioaufnahmen für seine Videos machen möchte und dabei Wert auf hohen Komfort und ein kleines portables Mikrofon legt. Wer es am Smartphone nutzen möchte, sollte sich vorab überlegen, ob er den kleineren Wireless Empfänger für das Smartphone haben möchte, da diese bisher nicht nachträglich erworben werden kann, was mein einziger, wenn auch kleiner, Kritikpunkt ist.

    4 people found this helpful

  57. Amazon Customer

    Surprisingly great setup

    Great mics!

  58. Jonatan

    Muy buen sonido

    Suenan un poco mejor que los Fulaim X5 pero lo que mas me gusta es que lo puedes conectar al movil y con la app LarkSound puedes actualizar el firmware y modificar las preferencias. Un acierto!

    2 people found this helpful

  59. Alexou

    Super qualité

    Je recommande de très bonne qualité

  60. Annette

    Der Hammer !!!!

    Die Dinger sind der Hammer, Sprachqualität sowie Reichweite sind top. War am Anfang etwas skeptisch ob die halten was sie versprechen, aber ich muss sagen sie halten es. Sie sind klein und praktisch, können sogar unter der Kleidung (T-Shirt) getragen werden und die Aufnahme ist immer noch top. Praktisches Befestigungszubehör ist auch dabei. Ich nutze sie an meinem Iphone 15 pro über den USB-C Port. Ganz klare Kaufempfehlung.

    One person found this helpful

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