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Holistic Select Dry Dog Food .au Pet Supplies

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About this item Optimal levels of calcium & phosphorus maintain bone strength Glucosamine hydrochloride & chondroitin sulfate support healthy hips & joints Potato-free recipe uses highly digestive carb sources for sustained energy

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‎77.39 x 38.1 x 15.24 cm; 13.61 Kilograms

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‎13.6 kg





Is discontinued by manufacturer


Date First Available

‎7 August 2012

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60 reviews for Holistic Select Dry Dog Food .au Pet Supplies

  1. Local 808

    Great Product!

    My 5-month old Doberman (male) had ongoing issues with his digestion and watery stools since we adopted him at 8 weeks old. Our vet prescribed him Hill’s Prescription I/D and two occasions and it hardened his stools for about a week. After switching him back to Science Diet Large Breed Puppy food, his stools became soft and watery again. About a month ago, I came across great reviews about Holistic dog food and ordered it through Amazon. Within 3 days of mixing the Holistic food with the Science Diet Large Breed Puppy food, my male began to have good solid stools. This was 3 weeks ago and so far, so good. I know it’s different for every dog, however I would encourage you to try Holistic dog food.UPDATE March 25, 2019It’s nearly 5 months since our Doberman was switched to Holistic. It’s doing very well for his stools and his coat is great! This may not work for all dogs but this certainly works well for our Doberman.

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  2. Athena Larsen

    For picky eaters

    My GSD is super picky! But she likes this one without any toppings! Which is such a relief when I don’t feel like getting out extra for her meal time 😂

  3. cb

    Great dog food that I have used for years with …

    Great dog food that I have used for years with 2 separate dogs. It’s pricey, but I consider my dogs part of the family and would not allow them to eat poorly. They depend on me for their food and want to give them the best I know how. Their coats are much more shiny & soft and there is no hesitation with them eating it. Another thing that I was told (& noticed) is that when dogs eat a high quality food they go #2 less. This is because their bodies are absorbing the nutrients instead of just passing them quickly as with low quality foods. Lower quality foods do not contain much that their systems need so it goes through them quicker/ more frequently. Hope that is helpful!

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  4. RobynD

    Delivered where??? Lol Great dog food!

    The delivery comment said the package was left inside resident’s mail box. LOL! A30 lb. bag of dog food left in our mail box! I want to see that!Great food for my English Mastiff. Nikki digressive problems or health issues at all and she maintains a good weight. I can even leave food out for her and she will eat only as she is hungry. She won’t overly indulge like she will on other foods that have also given her bigger and looser stools. I highly recommend.

  5. KL

    Great dog food with great health benefits!

    We’ve had our Labradane on the Wholistic Large Breed dog food for several months and it has made a noticeable difference in her gut health. Prior foods would leave her stomach in knots- you could hear her stomach turning. Wholistic has completely remedied these issues! She’s not particularly keen on the taste but she eats it. And I like that the company applies ethical practices toward the delivery of their products. Definitely a great value!

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  6. Jon L

    Good food, bad new packaging.

    I’ve been ordering this for a couple of years, the food itself is bad, but recently the packaging changed, including the color of the package (which is misleading when you associate that color with what the old packaging used it for, which was the fish variant), as well as the construction of the packaging.The new packaging likely preserves freshness better and is tougher, but now there’s apparently no way to open the bag without having to cut it open? The old bag I could at least tear open, and not worry about locating a sharp instrument to help, especially when my dogs are crowding around the bag (I especially don’t want to be using scissors in that situation).Horrible decision to not at least make the top easy-to-open in some way…

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  7. sweet jayzuz

    well worth the $

    I started my English Lab puppy on the Holistic Select Puppy chow for large and giant breed dogs per the advice of the breeder, and now that she turned 1 we are on the Holistic Select Adult chow. She loves it, I feed her 2.5 cups twice a day, and she eats it like a starving child. Her coat is soft and shiny, and her teeth are white. Not to mention her breath is free of odor. Her stool is consistent, and her muscles are defined. Very very happy with this product, and I will continue to use it for her and any future dogs that I might get. I used to get this at Petco, but found it on Amazon.. Free delivery + no tax, noooooo duuuuuuh!!

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  8. Ashhole

    Highly recommend

    I really like the quality of the food I use their puppy food as well unfortunately my Dean is allergic to chicken so I am no longer going to use this but the puppy stuff which was lame bees awesome we went through eight different foods before we got rid of explosive diarrhea the staff was a miracle he has a really temperamental digestive system

  9. Gen217

    Highly recommended

    This is a great dog food. My lab was on this when she came from the breeder and she had the most beautiful coat and barely shed. I transitioned her to another food because I couldn’t find this in any stores around and a month into the new food her coat had lost its luster and she was shedding so much more. I haven’t been able to find this food anywhere else so I cannot comment on the price here but it seems reasonable because all other holistic dog foods seem to cost more and give you less food per bag. I will probably use the auto delivery feature with this product since it knocks a couple dollars off each time.

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  10. George W. CONTRIBUTOR

    Both my Rottweilers have great coats you are what you eat

    My Rottweiler‘s coats are exceptional The veterinarians repeatedly asks us what they eat as they are impressed with how they look and their general health. You are what you eat My dogs up gobble it up. It is recommended by our breeder and seems to be the perfect balance of healthy and relatively affordable. To our knowledge there have never been any problems with recalls or problems with the ingredients.

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  11. mlp


    My year old Airedale has moved on from her Holistic Select Large Breed Puppy food to this adult food. She loves the food, and it has provided her with the proper nutrition and seems to be easily digestable for her. This brand was recommended by our vet, who explained the ingredient list, and what we did and did not want to see. Our girl has a lot of energy, is happy, has a beautiful coat, and has blossomed from the 9 week old puppy we brought home into a beautiful one year old. Purchasing from Amazon is so easy… for the same price I have the food delivered right to my door…. how convenient!

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  12. KS

    Love this product please re-stock

    This has been a great balance of nutrients for my great dane.

  13. ThenTheresThat

    I Switched and Wow What a Change

    I have a weimaraner and she has a very sensitive system which means I have had her on Holistic food her whole life. I was using Blue Buffalo Adult Large Breed and she was constantly battling diarrhea. I have slowly switched her over to Holistic Select to see if the change in food would make a difference. And with a food that specifically focuses on the digestive system what did I have to lose? Absolutely nothing was lost except the diarrhea and now she has not had the problem once on this food. Definitely a fan of Holistic Select and definitely recommend!

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  14. Janice Carter

    My dog loves it

    Same price as the store. No hassle getting to the store. And just have to transport the bag from the door to the dog bowl. Less heavy lifting (granted the postman hates having to haul it to my door!)

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  15. Rosalyn Anderson

    Love this food

    My large nipol English mastive has gain weight and his coat is shiny he much more healthier and his legs no longer hurt from lack of vitamins needed in his daily meals and stomach is in balance no more upset tummy.

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  16. Avid Reader

    Giant breed dog with pancreatic issues

    great product. Have tried so many foods while my Mastiff was a puppy. Glad I stumbled upon this food when he was 3 months old and we tried to switch to a cheaper product but issues with runny stools returned. My dog has since had no more issues. Will be buying for life. He’s happy, great tone and coat. Love this food it’s worth the price vs constant vet vi

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  17. Jean

    my Great Dane likes it!

    My very picky Great Dane actually eats this food! Amazing because I have only found 2 dry kibble brands that he will eat. He mostly eats raw, but there are times that isn’t possible (when he goes to camp bow wow) so we need an alternative food that won’t upset his stomach. The other goods are prescription, and over $100 a bag, so I am so grateful to have found this food!

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  18. DSh

    It’s not our first purchase, decided to subscribe for regular delivery.

    Our dog likes it, so we finally subscribed after purchasing 2 packages.

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  19. Word B. Read

    but that’s never a bad sign. Both my Mastiffs have been eating this …

    No more messy poops! I’moving not a vet or biologist, but that’s never a bad sign.Both my Mastiffs have been eating this since they were pups, and indeed it was the brand I switched to that finally gave our older one good solid, regular stools. No more mixing cans of pumpkin.check the ingredients for yourself, and give it a try. We will never switch back.

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  20. Salem

    I have a dog with a sensitive tummy

    My pitbull x lab mix has a sensitive tummy and delicate to everything skin. all the foods I tried gave her horrible run-you-out-of-the-room gas unless I added lots of plain yogurt to it and left her itchy and annoyed. I tried this dog food and her digestive issues have been resolved, Her coat looks great, and she itches and fusses less. It’s quite reasonably priced for high end dog food too.

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  21. Stefaniannmarie

    Great Dog Food

    We love this dog food for our Bernese Mountain Dog and Great Pyrenees mix. They seem to enjoy and have not any issues with digestion. Would definitely recommend!

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  22. Bran H

    Good deal!

    We switched to Holistic dog food after our local store had a big price jump in the dog food we used to buy. Switching our great dane to Holistic was a breeze and she seems to really tolerate the food well and goobles it up!

  23. Joe K

    Big guy loves it

    Great food for my Dane! Loves it

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  24. Yogesh Ruwali


    I have a great dane, i switched to this from Blue Buffalo and immediately feel the difference. His urine is much clearer, Stomach is stable and he loves it. Seems I have found something i will stick to. I sincerely hope the quality stays the same.

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  25. Dragonfly365

    Great for Danes

    This is a great dog food for an extra large breed. Full of proteins and low carbs and fat important for larger breeds. Digests easy, didn’t cause any initial BM problems. My dog eats it up! Highly recommend. Best food for extra large dogs!

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  26. Eena

    Good natural food

    Good food. Dog is healthy. Wish he wasn’t so picky and would eat it happily instead of just settling for it.

  27. Blake McClendon

    … have tried several brands of dog food for our Great Dane before we found Holistic his stomach is finally …

    We have tried several brands of dog food for our Great Dane before we found Holistic his stomach is finally settled and his coat is shining more than it ever has. We will continue to purchase this

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  28. J G

    Good food

    My dogs love this food, although they do not like the chicken and oatmeal they love all the others. We mix it with another brand of food. They love the salmon. they have nice coats and it cleared up their skin issues.

  29. 1919k7a

    Great dog food

    Both my Great Dane, and my pointer/pitbull mix dog do very well on this dog food. They had stomach issues & loose stools on other dog foods. The problems went away when I switched to this food.

  30. Lawrence Mitchell

    Four Stars

    Very healthy food for your dogs…however, it is pricey!

  31. Chelsey

    Well Designed Bag With Less Food

    Holistic Select did a very nice job on redesigning the dry dog food bag. The colors, design, and the picture of the great dane on the front are all very nicely done. Unfortunately, they redesigned the size of the bag as well. The prior bag weighed be 30.0 lbs., but the newly designed bags are 29.2 lbs., and the price remains the same.Even though our mastiff likes the food, it may be time to look for a different brand.

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  32. Brittany Skinner

    Our Great Dane Loves It!

    We’ve had our great dane on holistic select since we got him at 8 weeks old. He loves the food and we just started him on the adult mix. He had no issues with going from the giant puppy mix to the adult mix. Its definitely worth the money spent on the brand.

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  33. sharifa edwards


    Dogs love this stuff. We cannot find this in our area anymore, convenient from amazon.

  34. Rescue Dog Mom

    Best Giant Breed Food I Could Find!

    This is the only food I will feed my great dane. He has a super sensitive tummy and has had no problems since I switched him to this food. I feed with a few tablespoons of grain free wet food and warm water and he loves it.

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  35. Albert


    My dog was delighted to get this food ! The first time he had it he looked up at me with wide eyes , as if to say “THIS FOOD is GREAT ! ”

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  36. Jennifer Kelley

    Great food for sensitive GI tracks

    This is a great dog food. One of the only foods keeps my dog from having loose stool and bad gas. I wouldn’t buy anything else. I tried others in the past but this one is best for sensitive GI tracks

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  37. MAT, Austin Texas

    Dog loves it but his stomach is not

    He is loving it but eating more than the previous dry foodHis stool us softWill not order agai

  38. Jeremy

    The vet recommend this food

    Our Boerboel had stomach issues with a lot of different quality foods growing up. The vet recommend this food, as she feeds it to her mastiff. We’ve had no problems since switching our dog to this food.

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  39. J.C.

    Great natural product!

    My Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, both had very sensitive stomaches, and I could not find any food that would give them solid bowel m ovements, until I tried Holistic Select. This dog food was a “miracle” cure for my dogs. Highly reccomend

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  40. Cott – TX

    Its Dog food

    What do you expect…its dog food. Great price, best around, have been using this product for years to ensure my dogs are getting the best food possible without all the added garbage they don’t need. Many different choices out there but would recommend Holistic.

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  41. “steve3930″”steve3930”

    Product is good, delivery problems

    We have been feeding our dog this brand for many years. It was recommended by our vet and our dog really likes it. This was our first time ordering the food from Amazon. As you can see in the photo the food arrived in bad condition. I believe it was likely crushed in the warehouse or during transportation. This is not the bottom of the bag. It is like this all the way through. The bag and box appeared to be fine but the food inside was badly crushed.

  42. Pam G.

    My golden retriever was having a lot of issues with …

    My golden retriever was having a lot of issues with runny stools and losing weight. We tried many different brands until I read a review on this one. Absolutely none of those issues have occurred since starting him on this food and he’s been on it close to a year. I won’t feed him anything else!

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  43. P. Young

    My Dogs love it

    My dog’s love this food. I switch out between this brand and another. The dog’s finish their bowl’s without leaving uneaten kibbles. They have been eating it for over a year, and never seem to tire of it. I think that Amazon provides the best pricing and value in dogfood. My UPS man seems to agree, he says he delivers a lot.

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  44. Valerie

    Great product

    Our 3 big dogs have been on this food for 2 years. They’re 60-110lbs and eat 3.5-4 cups of food/each per day. Prior to this food 2 of the dogs had extreme horrible gas problems. The gas is gone, their coats are shiny, and most importantly they happily and instantly eat their food at dinnertime.

  45. Marie Lockhart

    My dogs do not like this food.

    Although I can’t say what the flavor is of this good, neither of my dogs like it. Once they were fully transitioned to it, they refused to eat it. However my puppy who is on puppy food and also will eat poop, will eat it. I don’t know if that’s saying much but it’s not puppy food. Unfortunately I bought two bags to stock up due to the high reviews and thinking they would eat it when I still had them half in their old food, 1/2 on this transitioning. and now they won’t eat it That it’s just this food. and I can’t get a refund for one of the bags. Oh well. Save your money.

  46. jeff and karen newton

    very tiny kibble that grows 4x with water!

    If you know about bloat (sadly we lost a lab to it), you know to be careful about the quality of the kibble and if it expands with water! I research dog foods for days and loved what I read about this so I had our 18 year old and our 3 year old rescue dogs try it. Not only does it expand with water, it also makes them EXTREMELY thirsty! So I withhold water for a while after feeding this to them or I could soak it first. Neither of these two options makes me very comfortable when it comes to thinking about dog care! Please consider these things when deciding on dog food!

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  47. larissa

    No weight gain

    Fed this to our Dane when she turned 2 but she did not seem to gain weight on it so we switched to Royal Canian Great Dane

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  48. Taryn Striegel

    Best Large Breed Adult Dog Food

    We have been using this Dog food for our dog’s entire life. Started him on the puppy bag then went up to this for the Large Breed Adult dogs and his coat is amazing. He hasn’t had any skin issues and he is very healthy. The price on Amazon is unbeatable!!!

  49. Grayson Stream

    Bad batch?

    We have been using holistic for 5+ years. Our younger Bernese suddenly started having bad diarrhea. We had her tested and her labs came back fine, but the diarrhea persisted. We switched her to our older Bernese’s food and she returned to all her normal habits.

  50. K. Wirtanen

    I like that it has the Glucosomine it it too

    200lb English Mastiff-happy with this food. Sometimes I get the wet food too and he likes that a lot. His coat his shiny and soft. I like that it has the Glucosomine it it too.

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  51. SashaSasha

    Great food

    My two dobies have been eating this food for about 8+ years. The dog in the front of the pic is 10 yrs old. The one behind her is 8 yrs old. They gobble it down and have never rejected this food. They each weigh between 65-70 lbs and eat about 3.5-4 cups a day depending on how much running they do. They have been doing very well on this food and look fantastic for their ages. I highly recommend it for Dobermans.

  52. wirenutmark

    Good dog food

    I don’t write reviews much the dog food is fine but the no box just dog food bag shipped as is ???Welcome to how stuff works these days!

  53. Jennifer Haney

    Excellent food at a decent price. HEALTHY NUTRITION FOR YOUR DOG

    One of the only QUALITY dog foods I will buy for my 3 great danes. Most foods have too much “filler ingredients ” this food has multiple names meat proteins and NO artifical ingredients, preservatives and NO corn, wheat. soy, or gluten. What you feed your dog matters so read the ingredients list. Dog food is not regulated like human food is….and it’s a shame what some companies straight out LIE to the consumers about the health of their fur babies and the dog food they buy…This dog food however is good quality and decently priced also. Do your research people, your pets health maybe on the line.

    4 people found this helpful

  54. Deb

    Five Stars

    Our dog loves this food

  55. Carolina Blessed

    This dogfood is great!

    I have an English Mastiff (actually adopted as a six week old puppy from a shelter, long story with a happy ending!). I started her on Holistic Select’s Large Breed Puppy food when I first got her, because a number of breeders recommended it. She is the healthiest dog you have ever met!! She is now two and a half years old and we have had no health issues at all. The other wonderful thing about her is, although mastiff’s have a reputation for being couch potatoes, she is a running fool!! I believe the Holistic Select food got her off to a good start and has continued to provide her with the excellent nutrition she needs to keep that very big body moving. We do add a dollop of no fat plain yogurt to her food to help with gas (mastiffs tend to have problems with that!) Other than that, the only other thing she gets to eat are Milk Bones for treats to reward good behavior. I really do believe that, although the food is a bit expensive, it has saved us in veterinarian bills. Buying it on Amazon makes it a little less expensive and much more convenient since we live in a rural county.

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  56. Rita M. Pacheco

    Something is different!

    When we first started buying this food for our dog, he gobbled it down; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This latest bag has a very chemical-like odor, and he will not eat it until he is VERY hungry….definitely not like the past. He has also had cases of vomiting, but I cannot confirm if it is because of the food.

  57. Vermonter

    We love Holistic Select

    Our dog used to have frequent diarrhea. We tried many different dog foods before choosing Holistic Select Large Breed dog food. That was over 5 years ago. We have been using only this dog food since then. The dog don’t suffer from diarrhea any more. Besides it tastes good and the dog loves it. If your dog has issues with digestive system, I highly recommend giving this brand a try. It may solve your problem, too.

  58. Millennial Mum

    Glad we found this!

    Our Dane loves this food!We have a 3 year old Great Dane. She isn’t food driven, so getting her to eat the necessary amount of vitamins daily has been a challenge, additionally she’s allergic to sweet potato (vomiting/diarrhea) and regular potato (skin rash), which is literally in almost every single dog food or treat. She was also starting to shows signs of joint discomfort. Did some research and decided to give this a try. We also incorporated Next level, vitamin c powder, and a scoop of Whole Foods 2 ingredient Beef, Lentil wet. Thankfully we have found the winning combination!! She always finishes her bowl and is back to a healthy weight, joint stiffness is gone, and we’ve had no gi or skin disruptions since the switch. Highly recommend for big sensitive dogs!

    3 people found this helpful

  59. S. Riedel

    The Great Dane Standard

    We have fed Holistic Select for 5yrs now – from the time our Great Danes were puppies. Most Great Danes I see are either a little thin or a little heavy. Ours are just right – filled out in the right places with a terrific waistline.We feed our Danes from 5-7 cups of food each per day, combined with a 1/2 can each of Holistic Select canned food. This combination adds moisture content to their meals which reduces the amount of water they need to consume with their meals and helps to keep away the dreaded bloat.Holistic Select helps promote joint health with Glucosamine and Chondrotin, as well as keep their coats shiny. If you check the Whole Dog Journal (the discerning dog owners resource for dog food ratings, Holistic Select makes their list). I would recommend this food to any dog owner – which version you use depends on your dog. If you have a Great Dane or Large Breed dog, I would recommend no other food. If you are going to switch your dog’s food, do it gradually over a couple of weeks and try using Holistic Select Transition powder which will help your dog maintain a balanced intestinal tract during the food transition.

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  60. Ariel Bolinger

    Wanted to love it!

    I had been searching for the perfect dog food for my Danes this food met all my needs and dietary issues. However despite mostly excellent reviews, this food was far from what I expected. The food has an odd chemical or sour smell and my dogs have been chewing at their paws since switching over to this. I don’t know if we got a bad batch but I tried two bags. Unfortunately I can’t keep my Danes on this food.

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