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Hermitlux Countertop Dishwasher, 5 Washing Programs Portable Dishwasher With 5-Liter Built-in Water Tank For Glass Door Appliances

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About this item 【PERFECT WASH】No more washing dirty dishes by hand every day. hermitlux Countertop Dishwasher increases the convenience of your life, even if the space is small, it can be placed in your kitchen. 【4 PLACE-SETTING CAPACITY】The 120V Portable Dishwasher measures 16.85×16.73×18.03 inches (W×D×H), which has a 4 Place-Setting Capacity. And fits up to 10.25″ dishes loaded at an angle. 【FIVE WASHING PROGRAMS】Countertop Dishwasher with water tank perfectly provides 5 washing programs: Standard Cleaning, Fast Cleaning, ECO Cleaning, Strong Cleaning and Fruit Cleaning. Dual high water pressure spraying arms give dishes that streak-free deep cleaning. 【HIGH TEMPERATURE】The Dishwashers can clean tableware, fruits and vegetables, and also use the drying function after cleaning to keep tableware dry and tasteless. High Temperature and PTC Hot Wind are suitable for baby products and oily tableware to give glassware a sparkling clean finish. 【NO INSTALLATION NEEDED】The counter top dishwasher supports 2 water supply modes. The water tank mode, a built-in 5L water tank allows instant use when filled. Use the funnel to add water for precise control of the water flow and to prevent overflow. Even when placed under the counter, it can be easily filled. In the faucet mode, simply connect to the machine and faucet. 【UNIQUE GLASS DOOR】You can check the washing status through the glass. Top touch button for easy operation and recognition. The small footprint makes it perfect for small-sized houses, apartments, dorms, boats and RVs. 【EXCELLENT SERVICE】All dishwashers are strictly tested and provided with instructions. It is normal to have a small amount of residual water after testing. Due to the change between old and new batches, you may receive a dishwasher without an adapted funnel. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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Product Description





Wash Cycles

360° clean


touch control

5 Wash Cycles

Hermitlux dishwashers can meet the different needs of the kitchen. Wash tableware, kitchenware, fruits, vegetables, seafood and baby utensils, etc.

360° Strong Cleaning

360° rotating spray arm up and down and high-temperature washing, safe to use.

Simple Installation

Please check whether the supplied inlet hose is suitable for your faucet. If not, please kindly purchase a faucet adapter for connecting.

Clear LED Display

Comfortable touch screen settings. Compared to other dishwasher settings which need you bend over. The touch control panel on the top of the hermitlux dishwasher makes it more convenient to use.


enjoy your time

enjoy your life

enjoy with your family

Installation Type


Operating Frequency

60 Hz


Glass Door



Item Weight

12 Kilograms

Product Dimensions

16.73"D x 16.85"W x 18.03"H

Finish Type



Glass, Plastic

Included Components




Best Sellers Rank

#65 in Appliances (See Top 100 in Appliances) #3 in Countertop Dishwashers

Customer Reviews

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Option Cycles



5 Liters

Water Consumption

5 Liters

Energy Consumption

0.38 Kilowatt Hours

Display Type


Cycle Options



120 Volts

Form Factor



50 dB

Controls Type

full panel

Special Feature


Noise Level

50 dB

60 reviews for Hermitlux Countertop Dishwasher, 5 Washing Programs Portable Dishwasher With 5-Liter Built-in Water Tank For Glass Door Appliances

  1. Zach ChristenberryZach Christenberry

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect for a small family

    I hate doing dishes and don’t have a huge kitchen. We got this for a family of 4 (one baby). We load it at least once a day to keep up.We set it right beside the sink and use the hose attachment to fill it. I don’t hook it up to the sink. It take around 30 seconds to fill.We use liquid detergent instead of pods. It doesn’t take much and leaves residue if you use too much. I also use dapple bottle cleaner on the baby parts with no issues.You can hear it but it isnt super loud. It sounds about like a clothes washers.I’d say it’s best for a family of 3. A family of 4 is pushing it.Pots and pans don’t really fit in it which is okay. My small cutting board is also too big.100% would purchase again!

  2. Paula Reger

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    U need this! I LOVE IT ❤️ 😍 💖 ❣️ 💕 💘 ❤️

    This has been one of the best things I bought for MYSELF! Before I had dishes piling up in sink for days….even longer! Hate doing dishes!! This dish washer has made my kitchen clean again! Get stubborn dried up cat food off the feeding bowls completely! Gets everything spotless. I fill it up with water and it works great! Very quiet, too. And it is powerfull, have it set on most powerfull level. I have been using cascade platinum plus pods.

    One person found this helpful

  3. Abby whitt

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Absolutely love it so far!

    I was worried about how big it would be with my cabinets being so low to the counter but it fits right by my sink where we used to put the drying rack. I wasn’t keen to installing it into my pipes so I just plug it in near my sink and have the hose drain into the sunk and I fill it with the hose from my sink. I like the different accessories it came with. Over 2 months of having it, it has always completely cleaned most of my dishes (as long as you rinse them off beforehand). The only thing I’ve noticed lately is the water spots on the dishes, which I don’t mind but may try a rinse aid. Overall, this is my pride and joy in my house

  4. Shanana

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product

    This works very well! It saves money on water and dry the dishes. I use the water tank and it works effiecently. We rinse everything before placing it in.

  5. Marcela T.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Portable Dishwasher!

    This was a great purchase I have made. I don’t usually write reviews for items on Amazon, but this one was nice. First, it was very easy to set up. It was ready just needed to remove all the tape. Second, it might be a bit small, but it is worth it for a small household apartment. It was very convenient that I was able to add water into the tank and it does the rest! I don’t regret the purchase at all. As a tip, if anyone thinks it is used beforehand, some water will be left inside once you remove it from the packaging. This is because they test out the item beforehand, and a lot of manufacturers do that.

  6. ML

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Easy to use and perfect for me and my two kids in our home…

  7. Brenda M

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Life saver

    Chose this dishwasher due to others reviews. Turns out I made the right choice! If dishes are placed in correctly they get clean, even if it’s dry old food. Top rack holds smaller teacups and regular mugs, not the extra large mugs. Not a big deal as you can just put them in the regular dishes slot. Silverware come out cleaner than my BOSCH dishwasher . A real shocker. Dishes also are cleaner than my old BOSCH ever did. However you will need to go for small plates like say corelle due to the height max. I’ve smashed in some cook pans . But those too you may have to check measurements , including handle length . Love the portability of its own self fill water tank option. It’s what I use . Haven’t tried faucet option yet as these dishes get clean. Takes about 3 1/2 water pitches full and then the machine will recognize proper water lever and start washing. So those with zero patience to read reviews or instructions have said they returned due to ‘not working’ or ‘arrived with water so must be used’ not true! They test every machine before sent out , hence some water may be visible on arrival . Amazon reviewers are great and I already read this in reviews so made ease of using this machine a breeze. Just choose your wash method from the lighter short fruit one to the harder strong wash and tap heat if you want heat or not. Thrn once enough water is in reservoir the machine automatically starts washing dishes . I chose solid door for some savings and I’m still happy with my choice. I don’t need to sit watching it do it’s job. Hoping it lasts many years . It’s a true lifesaver as bending forward really hurts my back and now this machine does that work for me. Great for a casita, dorm, apartments and those with small spaces . Best for 1-2 people not a family. I’ve used 1/2 dishwasher tabs I’ve also used liquid dishwasher detergent . Both work fine but I add extra of liquid . Hard tablets I just break in half . Easy to clean if you have a little buildup issue . Yes, other machines can beat the price on this one but ease of cleaning was one of the positives of this machine . Thank you other Amazon reviewers for helping me make a great purchase .

    16 people found this helpful

  8. Grey

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Does the Job; Could be Better w Design Improvements

    This dishwasher has definitely brought convenience back into my life in terms of having a small set of dishes ready at any given time, but there are several things that I think could be improved on.Starting with the good things:-Good quality travel dishwasher for a pretty decent price.-The cycle runs pretty quiet. It’s almost like soft white noise.-It cleans well. Besides the occasional film on dishes, it does a very thorough job of washing your dishes.-It has a short “eco” cycle that works just as well as the longer cycle but it runs in just an hour.-There are two input options for water: you can screw it onto your faucet, but if you don’t want to do that every time, there’s a built in water intake funnel you can just pour directly into.Now, onto the not-so-positive:-The size of the unit. It’s bigger and taller than I was expecting and hangs a few inches off my countertop since I can’t push it all the way back due to its height. That being said, it’s also simultaneously smaller on the inside than expected and I have a hard time fitting pots or pans into it.-The shape of the intake valve. It’s in a shape that almost wants to resemble a funnel, but it’s not slanted enough and often results in water splashing out of it and onto the electric housing unit while I’m pouring, so I find myself having to constantly clean up the excess water.-The little cup shelf is not really helpful most of the time but it can be versatile on occasion. It’s not tall enough for most cups but I’ve been able to fit and clean a glass bread pan on it. It would be easier if the height were adjustable.-Speaking of adjustable, the silverware basket comes with a clip on it meant for it to be versatile in its placement in your dishwasher, but it really only fits in one or two spots. The cup shelf often gets in the way of the basket too, so I can usually only fit 7 or 8 pieces of silverware in it.Overall useful but I might get something with a better design at some point.

  9. Michigan Lanie

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love it!

    Truly does help a lot I have a nine month old and my husband and I and we run it once a day and truly has helped so much! Comes out clean I recommend running the drying cycle twice but other than that it works great! And for sure sure the liquid detergent the pods are to much soap for it.

    One person found this helpful

  10. Sonia KostovaSonia Kostova

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Make it fit !

    Love this little thing. I went years without a dishwasher but no longer! This thing is powerful and leaves my dishes sparkling. I stuff it with as many dishes as I can and as long as there’s space for the water to splash them they get cleaned. As you can tell in the photo, there’s no way this would’ve fit under my cabinets, so I had to buy a sturdy over sink dish rack and just plop it on top. It works! I don’t even care that I gave up one half of the sink because there’s no more dishes piling up. I listened to someone else’s review and got the Quantum tablets for full size one and have had no problems. I’m in love !!

    2 people found this helpful

  11. Penelope

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Really Good Dishwasher

    I love my dishwasher! It does it’s job well and is quite too, very minimal noise. It fits most tableware in 1 load, a lot bigger in person than online , so it does take up counter space. It works great and no leaks so far. I tested for leaks before adding any dishes by running a quick wash mode for a few minutes then allowed it to drain, and there were no leaks! There are several different modes but using quick wash cleans the dishes to a sparkling finish. I use powder dishwasher detergent and I never had an issue with residue on my dishes or machine. It takes very little product to use this machine, you only need one scoop. It’s worth buying, I saw some negative reviews with the glass door one so I opted out of getting that one and I don’t regret it , my machine works well so I don’t need to watch it work, I know it works well . Buy it, nothing to lose, if somethings wrong with your machine, most likely you could get a replacement or refund but you won’t want one with how well it works.👍🏽

    One person found this helpful

  12. Sienna ScottSienna Scott

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Game changer for those without a dishwasher

    I live in a home that was not designed to accommodate a dishwasher. Hand-washing dishes became the dreaded chore that was put off far too often, resulting in disgusting dishes piling out of the sink and making my kitchen a dreaded space.I bought this even though I didn’t have an ideal permanent location for it in my kitchen, and it has been well worth it. I’ve tried a few setups and what currently works best for me is placing the unit on my stove or pull-out cutting board, filling the water tank manually, and letting the unit drain into the sink as it runs. The drain hose is about 4 feet long and as long as the unit has power and is level, it will do it’s job from just about anywhere.Things I like:It gets my dishes significantly cleaner than hand washing.My kitchen overall is cleaner because most of my dishes now go straight into the dishwasher instead of accumulating in my sink.It also fits everything except my largest pots and frying pans, so the overall amount of hand washing has been significantly reduced and I’m very grateful for that.The unit itself is easy to clean/maintain. The drain catch in the bottom is easy to remove and disassemble for cleaning.Overall, this was well worth the $300 I spent on it.Some tips I’ve found with this dishwasher:-use powdered detergent. Dishwasher pods are just too much soap for this tiny unit… they don’t always dissolve fully (especially on quick wash cycle). Powdered detergent has been more cost effective, as it only uses about 8g per cycle, somewhere around 1 tsp.-the unit will not drain well if the water has to go uphill, so try to position the unit at the same level or above where it will drain.-probably true for most dishwashers, but this doesn’t really handle dried on food. I usually pre-rinse my dishes with my handheld sprayer before putting them in. Soaking your dishes beforehand also helps.-watch it for the first min or so of any cycle to make sure dishes don’t shift and get in the way of the sprayers, especially the bottom one. Your dishes won’t get completely clean if they don’t rotate.-sometimes the top sprayer won’t rotate at first, hit outside of the top a few times and it will.-when manually filling the unit with the provided pitcher, it takes about 2.75 pitchers’ worth of water. If it’s plugged in, it will beep at you when you’ve reached the fill line.

    18 people found this helpful

  13. Denise Decker

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Counter dishwasher

    While it was bigger than my measurement anticipation (my doing not description) this has been an amazing addition to my tiny kitchen. I just fill from the top with the provided container and it goes! As a 1person/1dog household i love being able to more higher temp/sanitize the dogs bowls that i could not achieve with my hands! Works like a normal washer (i do use reg dish pods with no issue). I do suggest leaving the door cracked open to allow ventilation between uses otherwise it does get a little stale smelling inside after a few days.

  14. cw10

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Well made & well thought out

    So far I’ve practiced with fruits, running different settings including dry and did my first load of dishes.The filling capacity is designed for a standard dinner table setting. I don’t eat that way. However, I put in what I use on eco. It worked beautifully and how wonderful to have a dishwasher!I took the top screen off the utensils basket and moved it over one place rather than directly under the top rack. Knives fit now and no more trying to get a utensil into a slot.Oh, I use Dropps pods @5.8g. No more soap is needed for this machine using Dropps. It’s clean and works well as a finishing rinse too.

    One person found this helpful

  15. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works really well! Too well?

    As a student stuck in a dorm I don’t have a dishwasher for some reason nor do I have the time to wash dishes all the time by hand. Enter this fantastic dishwasher. I can throw my metal cookware in there immediately after I’m done with them and just turn the dishwasher on. Sometimes the dishwasher leaves some white residue from washing dishes, but that’s usually fixed by a quick rinse. The drying feature doesn’t work well unfortunately, but I find cracking open the dishwasher fixes that issue.I really want to give this a 4.8/5 if I could divide my rating. Absolutely worth digging deeper into student loans for.

    One person found this helpful

  16. J. D. S.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works Great

    This little dishwasher works great! We are impressed! We usually run 2 loads a day in it. It still uses less water than if we wash dishes by hand. We rely only on rain water in our catchment tank so we are very careful of our water usage. It’s not very noisy, either. We are very pleased with this purchase!

  17. KaeleyKaeley

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works well

    I use 2 one gallon containers. Saves time VS using pitcher. Takes about 1.3 gallons. I pour in one gallon, put the container under the tap to fill. Pour from the 2nd gallon, taps fills first gallon. This sounds like work but it’s actually a easy system.

  18. PR Jackson

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I LOVE this dishwasher

    I’ve wanted a dishwasher for years but now that the kids are grown, and unless we’re all together for holidays, I can’t justify a larger, built in or portable dishwasher. After two years of thinking about and researching counter dishwashers I put this one in my Wish List. During the October Prime days sales it dropped to a price that was too good to pass up ! This thing is AMAZING! It is a powerhouse. I scrape my dishes but don’t always pre-rinse and I’ve never had so much as a drop of dried on food remain after washing. It’s easy to load. Very quiet. I don’t attach it to the faucet but rather just pour the water in the top. The suction cup for the drain hose doesn’t stay put so I just lay the hose in the drain and it’s fine. I’ve had this dishwasher over a month and run it about every other day. I honestly cannot think of anything negative to say about this dishwasher. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone. Just keep in mind it only holds a service for 4.

  19. JanineJanine

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing lil Machine

    This dishwasher is great. Got it yesterday. Set up was a breeze. One glitch however. Filled with recommended amount of water via pitcher provided. Turned it on and nothing happened. So I came to the comment section and many had this issue. Tank needs to be full. So after filling, it started right up. So grateful. Ran one small load and I am blown away at how efficient, quiet, and clean the dishes are!So far it’s for me a game changer. I’ve had to give up some counter space in my 5th Wheel but worth every inch. Can’t beat the price either. On another note. It’s small and you best be good at janga to fit stuff in. But I absolutely appreciate this helper very much!

    7 people found this helpful

  20. kcjonez

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Dear Lord this thing is amazing!I’m disabled with a really bad back, and doing dishes was near impossible for me to do. Having to stand and lean over just that little amount was agonizing! As a result, my sink was always full and I would wash what I needed at the time.I had heard about these countertop dishwashers and thought I’d check them out. This just happened to be the first one that appeared in my search, so I checked out the details and thought I’d give it a try. The price was low enough to cut my losses if it didn’t perform enough to help me out. And honestly, I was expecting that I’d have to almost wash the dishes myself before putting them in, as well as having to clean whatever it didn’t get when they come out. I know; might as well wash them myself! 🙄It arrived, and although a little heavy for me to move around, it wasn’t so heavy that a lidocaine patch couldn’t help my back pain.I was pretty shocked at how easy it was to set up: unpack, attach a hose to the sink for draining, power on, load dishes, pour water in the top using the included pitcher, add detergent (I use the cascade pods), press the desired wash you want, press play (the button is like a cd player’s play/pause button), and away it goes! Sounds like a lot of steps, but it’s really not. That was just the steps from setup to wash. Still very easy!The cycle ran and I barely noticed it running! I live in a small studio apartment, and it sits no more than 20 feet (5.8 meters?) away from where I sit and watch TV. I didn’t even have to turn my TV’s volume up to compensate!I actually forgot about it, and went to grab some tea, when I found that the dishes were done! So, I went to put them away and had a sponge and towel ready to clean up the crap that was on the dishes when I put them in. I was SURE that it wouldn’t get those! Well, I was wrong! Everything that went in came out sparkling clean and dry! Was a VERY nice surprise!!If you’ve read this far, you have read the Pros. Now for the cons:1: It is very compact and has a limited amount of space to hold pots and pans and larger dishes.I don’t use a lot of standard dishes. I mainly use different size bowls for my meals. And as it seems that this dishwasher wasn’t really meant to hold large pots and pans, the pots I DID put in were just as clean as everything else! It just took me a couple washes to get everything I had acquired in my sink over the past month+!2: I can’t even think of a #2! It has, by far, surpassed my expectations and I’m very happy, to the point of being excited with it!This probably sounds like I’m someone from the company boasting about the product to boost sales. But I assure you that I am not. Just a very happy customer that tends to babble! 😂And finally: I just got the dishwasher. So I can’t comment on longevity. We’ll see how long it lasts under fairly heavy use. It looks to be very well built, so I don’t expect to have any issues with it. But you know the saying: **** happens! lol

    66 people found this helpful

  21. Sam BentSam Bent

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works great – definitely worth the money!

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     Installation & Setup:Unpacking and setting up is straightforward and hassle-free. Virtually nothing to assemble, making it ideal for those who value convenience.Capacity & Size:Its compact design belies its generous capacity. For someone in a studio apartment with a modest collection of dishes, it’s more than ample. It handles multiple plates, cups, and even pots with ease.Cleaning Performance:Outstanding. Dishes emerge spotless every time. I typically fill the detergent between half and three-fourths, and the ‘Eco’ mode, which completes in an hour, consistently delivers pristine results.Noise Level:Almost silent. It’s so quiet that it’s become a near-invisible fixture just 5 feet from my work desk. It doesn’t disturb work meetings and lets me sleep undisturbed.Design & Aesthetics:Sleek, modern, and about half the size of my previous countertop model. On a fun note, I cheekily compare its efficiency to that of a MacBook Pro with a sticker I added. It even outperforms larger, more expensive models.Heat & Drying:One of its standout features is the internal heat. Dishes are cleaned thoroughly thanks to the hot water. A tip: You can skip the ‘1-hour dry’ cycle; the residual heat dries the dishes in minutes once you open the door.Consumption:Economical on water, using around 1.2 gallons per cycle. After three months, I’ve noticed a reduction in my water bill, with a negligible rise in electricity. It epitomizes energy efficiency.Value & Recommendation:Although pricier than some other compact models, its performance and efficiency justify the cost. A worthy investment for those who prioritize quality.

    38 people found this helpful

  22. DracAttack

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    A Lifesaver for otherwise awful circumstance!

    Living in an apartment with poor water pressure led to the untimely demise of my main dishwasher’s impeller, a situation my complex manager has unfortunately chosen not to address. Which led me to searching out for another solution that didn’t involve me purchasing and installing another full size dishwasher and letting my rental agency line their pockets. This compact dishwasher has not only solved this issue but also brought a great deal of relief to my family, especially to my wife, who is on dialysis and thus appreciates the reduced physical strain of not having to wash dishes by hand.Here are my thoughts on it so far, after 3 week of use:Installation & Setup:Simple and straightforward, the setup was a breeze. This aspect was crucial for me, considering the need to find an immediate solution to my broken main dishwasher, and as I work 6 days a week as the sole income – didn’t need or have the energy to get into yet another fight with yet another kitchen appliance.Design & Capacity:Despite its modest size, this little powerhouse holds a surprising amount of dishes. It’s stylish too. It fits right beneath our cupboards on the counter. We do need to pull it out to fill it, but that’s a mild inconvenienc.eCleaning Performance:The dishes come out impeccably clean every time, which I was pleasantly surprised by, I was not so keen as to the machine’s effective cleaning capabilities. I usually opt for the ‘Eco’ mode, which is both energy-efficient and thorough. For tougher stuff, I put it on “strong” and toss in an extra pod. I would recommend using pods against powder, despite the manufacture recommendation, as the powders seem to leave a residue. Haven’t tried jet dry or anything yet, but maybe I will in the future if finances make me be a bit less bougie and I have to go back to powder.Noise Level: Its whisper-quiet operation is also impressive. Being almost silent, it doesn’t add any noise stress, which is particularly beneficial in our living situation, as we have a rather finicky two year old.Heat & Drying:The internal heating mechanism not only cleans the dishes effectively (seen it get all the way up to 149 degrees inside; if you open the door during the cycle, it shows the temp inside on the screen, which is a nice safety feature) but also dries them quickly due to the residual heat, bypassing the need for an additional drying cycle, which I thought was pretty neat. It does have some kind of drying cycle, but you don’t need to wait for it. The instructions say something about circulating air through it for 72 hours, but as of yet I haven’t noticed any kind of whirring, maybe that’s select models?Water & Energy Efficiency:Considering the water pressure issues in my apartment, I was again pleasantly surprised at how little water this unit consumes – about 1.2 gallons per cycle – without compromising on performance. I’ve noticed virtually no change to my water bill, despite running it daily.Ease of Use:The user-friendly interface, with its clear LED display, makes operating this dishwasher effortless. This feature has been particularly helpful for my wife, allowing her to manage the dishwashing process without any issues whastoever.Maintenance:Easy-to-clean filters are super easy to snap out, wash and put right back in with minimal trouble.Areas for Improvement:While the dishwasher is nearly perfect for our needs, fitting larger plates can be a bit challenging. Nonetheless, this is a minor inconvenience compared to the overall benefits it provides. I wish it came with a faucet adapter.Conclusion:The Hermitluxe Countertop Dishwasher has been a game-changer in our household. It has effectively addressed the unique challenges we face in our apartment, making life easier for my wife and me. It’s been a significant improvement to our daily lives. I highly recommend it to anyone facing similar challenges or simply looking for a reliable, compact dishwashing solution.

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  23. Jennifer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very easy to use, any cleaning issues may be the detergent not the washer itself

    I waited a bit to review this, since my first impression of the dishwasher wasn’t too good and I thought I might be returning it. However, it turned out to be an issue with the dishwashing detergent I was using and not the dishwasher, which works quite well now, so I am happily keeping this dishwasher.Firstly, set up is ridiculously easy. I bought this for the tank feature specifically, since I did not want to waste my limited apartment countertop space by setting this up next to the sink and hooking it up to the water supply. I instead bought a microwave cart that had sufficient weight capacity for this dishwasher, and use that to wheel the dishwasher next to the sink when I want to use it. Basically, all I had to do was “install” the outlet hose for the water to drain out, which consisted of just attaching the hose to the dishwasher and tightening the connection with a screwdriver. No problem with leaks at all.I did have a slight learning curve with how to load the rack properly, since I’ve always lived in apartments without dishwashers and thus always just hand-washed everything, but google was pretty helpful with that, as well as the picture in the manual. One thing to note is that there is no rinse-aid compartment, so if rinse-aid in necessary then you will have to buy a dishwasher detergent that includes it. There’s also also no real detergent “compartment,” per se, there’s an indented part in the door that you pour the detergent into, but it’s completely open so the moment you close the door it dribbles out and down to the bottom of the dishwasher.As previously stated, I wasn’t too impressed with the dishwasher at first, due to my first load including a sauce pan that had dried red pepper paste sauce on it. I had bought a bottle of Cascade gel dishwashing detergent, as the instructions on the manual had specified the amount of detergent to use (8g for normal, 12g for the strong wash) and I read elsewhere that detergent tabs/pods were too much for a countertop dishwasher like this. Unfortunately, the whole load ended up with red stains everywhere. I will say a lot of it had been cleaned from the sauce pan, but there were small red stains on all the other dishes in the load as well larger stains on the plastic parts of inside the dishwasher. A second wash with the same detergent did not remove any of these stains.At first, I thought it was the dishwasher itself that wasn’t properly washing, but then realized that the dishwashing detergent might be the real issue. I picked up a bag of Finish Quantum pods, with both bleach and rinse aid in the pod, to give the dishwasher another chance. I did take the opportunity to weigh the pod on my food scale, and one pod came out to be 15g. I placed the pod on the bottom of the dishwasher and ran the “strong” cycle to give the pod a better chance to dissolve completely and not leave a residue. Thankfully, this worked – and the red stains were gone, courtesy of the detergent pod!Now that I have a stronger detergent, I’m very pleased with this dishwasher. The running cycle is fairly quiet, and even the water draining from the outlet hose is quiet (a pleasant surprise, since I tried a different countertop dishwasher that BLASTED the dirty water out like a firehose and gave me a heart attack thinking a pipe had burst or something). My dishwasher sits a few inches below the sink, so although the drain hose empties well into the sink for the most part, the incline causes a little well of water remaining in the hose that I use a bucket to catch when I lower the drain hose from the sink to the floor. Overall very happy with the dishwasher, it’s perfect for my needs living alone.Edit: Still working very well. Just wanted to add, for those looking for a cheaper detergent option, I’ve found that the Walmart brand Great Value Automatic Diswasher Pacs work just as well as the Quantum pods, and cost a LOT less.

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  24. D. LloydD. Lloyd

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy hookup, excellent cleaning

    I have the dishwasher set up right outside my back kitchen door in my partially enclosed covered patio, it’s sheltered and dry (I’m in Florida). I use the tank and have it drain to a 5 gal bucket under table. I bought a Porch Shield Patio Ottoman Cover (18″ cube) which fits it perfectly. I have no counter space available in the house. I use Cascade Platinum packets, and since the tap water here is extremely hard I am so far using gallons of drinking water. Not sure my countertop water filtration removes enough of the minerals to prevent eventual damage to the interior mechanism of the machine from hard water deposits. I love having a dishwasher! I can fit a decent amount of dishes etc, and it holds lots of silverware. When loading just keep in mind the water spirals up from the bottom and then rains down so for instance a larger bowl needs to be on the side. Everything comes out amazingly clean and dry, so far I have only used the standard setting. The number shows the cycle time and will count down. When you plug in, turn on and press start the water source indicators will flash red and beep a few times. This threw me off because both connection options light up if your model does hose or tank. Fill the tank, and when full it’ll play tones and the indicator turns white for tank option and the cycle starts. Mine takes just over a gallon. I don’t use the pitcher, it’s too small. It doesn’t matter where your pour in the top intake, the little hole in the center seems irrelevant. Attached a picture of a typical load, taken at night with patio yellow bug light on lol. I got the model with the window so I can see what’s going on inside. Definitely a labor and water saver. Love it! And, it is a large cube but it is really not heavy, I easily carried it outside by myself.

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  25. James S. Morgan

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Well made machine…

    I really like this counter top dishwasher but I wish they would have put the info that it needs 5L of water to get it to run on the info label. That was confusing when I poured 1.8 Ltrs of water into the machine expecting it to run and it wouldn’t start. Eventually looked it up online (found users guide at the bottom of the box hours later) and found that it needs 5 Ltrs of water in the tank. That is 2.5 pours of the fill pitcher that comes with it. Once I figured that out and added the water, the trouble lights went out and it started right up.The shipping carton was good, there was a crush mark on one corner but inside there was plenty of formed packing foam holding and protecting the DW and there was zero damage. Then there was lots of difficult to remove tape used to strap things in place to prevent too much movement during shipping. Took a bit of effort to get all that removed. All the accessory items were inside the DW and are well made. Nothing cheap about this machine that I could see.I forgot to add DW’ing detergent my first wash but the dishes came out nice and clean anyway. Bowls, a cup, and silverware all looked clean. I was surprised as the bowls had 2-3 days of crusted on detritus on them (not really all that bad though, just some old dried milk and bits of cereal). The silverware though, dried cat food mostly, and dried soup. Not super crusty mind you, but silverware you wouldn’t want to eat off of. Even without detergent, the bowls & silverware were spotless.This is a powerful little machine that makes it’s own hot water, does a great job washing, and I thought it was very quiet. I’d only recommend the manufacturer make a point of putting the amount of water needed in the tank for a wash on the instruction label that’s on the top of the machine now. Those that hook it up to a faucet don’t need to worry about that of course. I haven’t tried that yet. And I’d suggest they change the shipping tape to make it easier to remove. I still have pieces that I couldn’t get off of the removable rack.Highly recommended! It’s also the smallest footprint DW I’ve found in the current listings and for an RV’er like I am, that’s important. I’m very happy that the quality is high too. I’ll likely use it every 3 days or so and if it fails early, I’ll come back and edit this review.UPDATE: Now two months later and I would say this is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made for my RV. I really really hate doing dishes and this thing does a much better job then I’ve ever done AND while 1/3rd as much water. If I did more boondocking (dry camping) that would be a very important feature. Does an excellent cleaning job!What I do to use it is remove my screwed on faucet head, pull out its extension hose and since the DW is sitting on a stool next to the sink, I reach the hose over and fill the tank with the DW set on pause. When the tank is full, it turns off the ‘Fill’ light and I shut off the water. Then I have the drain hose snake up from the DW and taped to the counter, then is routed into the sink for drainage. I still plan to plumb the DW into the water supply and the drain, but this setup gives me as much time as I need to do that.BEST PURCHASE EVER.My only complaints, and the only reason I don’t show 5 stars, is the poor design of the dish rack. It’s just not very well done. Hard to set the dishes in a reasonable pattern for cleaning so perhaps there’s fewer dishes per wash then you might get with a better rack design. In addition, the pull out tray doesn’t align the tray wheels with the DW rail very well so I’ve often had to mess with alignment as I try to push the rack back inside after arranging the dishes. But it does such a terrific cleaning job, I consider those complaints minor.

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  26. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Absolute game changer in a small apartment

    Living in very small studio apartments over the years, they rarely come with something like a dishwasher–you’re lucky to even get a stove/stovetops. One apartment didn’t have a kitchen at all (not even a kitchen sink), and getting an instant pot was the best decision I ever made. This little countertop dishwasher is easily the second best decision! Instead of putting off doing dishes because I hate wrangling my tiny sink, I can just give something a quick rinse and throw it in the washer. It’s a little bulky, but as long as it’s close enough to plug in, and level with (or above) a drain, it’s good to go on just about any level surface. I can’t connect it to my water, but that’s ok–I actually prefer to manually fill it from the top when I need to, and having this feature is great. I just lay the drain hose in my sink and it does its thing. Controls are easy, the cycles aren’t too long, and I have yet to have any dishes that come out icky or spotty. As with a regular sized dishwasher, it’s always a good idea to rinse off any food chunks from your dishes before starting, just to prolong the life of any filters, especially since this one is small. When it’s done, everything dries quickly (including the machine interior).I’ve only used detergent pods (the Method mineral-based ones from Target are great), so I can’t speak for using powders or liquid, but I’ve yet to have any detergent residue, so this machine is quite thorough and efficient.Also worth noting is that it’s not super quiet, but not loud by any means. I believe it’s got two rotating arms (top and bottom), but the white noise of the washer isn’t something I’ve had a problem with, and not so noisy that it would hinder a conversation nearby.Speaking of the washer arms, that’s something to watch for. Because of the small interior of the washer, just make sure you’re not putting something in that either falls below the rack, or is too tall that it blocks them. I think the max plate size is 11″ and I have washed my 6qt instant pot (inner pot) AND the lid with no problem. Kinda common sense, but if you’ve started a cycle and water isn’t swooshing against the glass door in an arc, pause and readjust. :)The ONLY thing that I have a problem with (a barely noteworthy problem) is not even with the washer itself–the water pitcher that comes with it (for filling the tank manually) is bizarre. The tank is 5 liters. The pitcher is 1.8? That’s such a weird, arbitrary volume. And it’s not very pour-friendly. Maybe this varies depending on when the machine is manufactured and packed, but it seems like it’s just there as a freebie until you get something else that’s easier to measure and spills less while pouring.

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  27. KaiKai

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I’m pleasantly surprised! **UPDATED**

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     UPDATE over 1 year later** Still going strong! This beasty is one of my most favorite purchases EVER! No joke. We live the minimalist lifestyle and reside in an awesome tiny house. Since space is limited and we have an active family of 5, a dishwasher was a dream come true for this mama. I was skeptical that it would hold up over time, but I’m here to report that it works as well as the first day I purchased it in Oct ’22! I do at least 1-2 loads every day and use the top tank to fill the water since we don’t have running water here. My dishes come out cleaner than our regular sized dishwasher we had at our last home. HIGHLY recommend this purchase! Worth every single penny.ORIGINAL review: I’ve ran 3 loads of dishes thus far and all I could think was, “why did I wait so long to try this beast?!” It’s mind blowing how much you can fit in it too! I shared a picture of my biggest load. The plates and bowls are XL sizes too. I could have fit a lot more silverware in the same load, but this was all I had to wash t the moment. Quiet, convenient, compact and it’s extremely versatile. I use the direct fill with a pitcher and drain the gray water into a 5 gallon bucket since I have no running water here….but the faucet hookup coms with it as well. The fruit washing basket was a nice add-on for this machine! I’ll use that one often. Overall, it’s very well built and I have been recommending it to everyone on my social media page. Only time will tell how it holds up, but if anything does go wrong, I’ll update my review. No updates, means all is still rocking ad rolling smoothly!

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  28. Sara – Old Time KnowledgeSara – Old Time Knowledge

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Works well, but needs some improvements… [updated the next day!]

    UPDATE / after running successful cycles for about a week, I’ve noticed the last two cycles that I’ve run with this (since I left my review yesterday), some of the dishes either have a white film all over them or they just aren’t totally clean. I haven’t been running full loads, I haven’t been using too much detergent, I’m manually adding water, so it’s not hooked up to my waterline and it’s not getting hard water. I may have just gotten a flaky unit but this is just not working for me now so I’m sending it back. The reviews for this are overwhelmingly positive so hopefully if you get one it will work better for you! I have been using it quite a bit since I got it because I wanted to make sure it was going to work for the long term. I didn’t want to be stuck with an appliance like this and then not be able to send it back if it’s not working. I may try a different brand. We’ll have to see.Original review:I have been wanting a countertop dishwasher for a while. When I realized there were some that allowed you to manually add water rather than connecting to faucet or waterline, I was super excited. I studied the available options on Amazon and I chose this one because the size seemed right, it had good reviews, it does offer at least one cycle with a sanitizing temperature, and the price seemed fair.I’ve now been using this dishwasher for about a week and while I’m generally happy with it, if I had a chance to do it over again, I might choose a different brand better unless Hermitlux makes some modifications to their design.THE PROS- Fair price- Dishwasher does a decent job of cleaning- Uses very little dishwasher powder- Easy to set up- No need to connect to water line or faucet and drain hose is plenty long to extend and drain in sink.CONS- Hard to add water because of position of hole- Grill over hole probably should be more of a funnel shape or something similar so water doesn’t splash out when you pour a little too quickly- Utensil basket has a clip on the side as if it’s supposed to attach to main drawer but it doesn’t actually seem to attach to anything- Utensil basket falls over easily when you’re adding things to it. I think the utensil basket should be in the front or on the side rather than in the back. There’s always that one more fork or spoon or knife you need to add and then you have to pull out the drawer and reach over dirty dishes to add it.My biggest complaint is the position of the hole on top for adding water. If it’s pushed back on the counter and well under a cabinet, there is no way to add water. You have to pull it forward at least so that the hole on top is not directly under the cabinet. Even once you’ve done that, though, the design of the hole is just not well thought out. You have to pour very slowly or water bounces out of the grill and makes a mess around the top and behind the dishwasher. This could be remedied by adding a broad funnel design for adding water. Another brand on Amazon does seem to have a feature like that — and it’s something I didn’t realize was important until I actually used this one.Also, I wonder why they didn’t just move the hole a little farther forward. Surely they could’ve molded the plastic inside that carries the water to the reservoir to flow back and down so that the hole doesn’t have to be positioned where it is since a lot of people with small kitchens will have this on a counter under a cabinet.The utensil basket appears to have a clip on the side to attach it to the dish drawer, but the clip doesn’t seem to actually attach to anything. I think the engineering of the whole drawer/basket system could be a little better.CONCLUSIONI’m still glad to have a countertop dishwasher and this one is the right size, but I sure wish there were some improvements.

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  29. Andre Hicks

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Okay. So I intentionally waited a whole year before writing a review on this portable dishwasher. I did this to make sure that I was able to accurately assess durability over time, as well as effectiveness. SPOILER ALERT–it still works just as great now as it did on Day 1. In fact, I’m using it right now, as I write this review….Now I grew up during a time when parents would give their children something called “chores” to do. If you don’t know what “chores” are, you’re very lucky. Somehow, my daily chore was washing dishes. By hand. No dishwasher. I once asked my folks at the dinner table if we could get a dishwasher installed. What did I say that for?!? The reaction to my apparent blasphemy was immediate: My mom stopped, mid-chew, and gave me a look that could have turned Medusa herself into stone. My dad, seeing this, laughed out loud and answered [tongue-in-cheek] “Your mother and I already have 4 dishwashers–and we don’t need to plug y’all in! Now. Go do the dishes. I’m sure your brothers thank you for volunteering, don’t you boys…” That pretty-much settled the matter.Anyway, fast-forward about 30 years and I live in a rental apartment that-most unfortunately-did not come with a built-in dishwasher. To this day, hand-washing dishes is still my most hated house chore. So much so, that I would let dirty dishes sit in the sink for days at a time until there’s no more room in the sink. Then, instead of washing the dishes, I would just stop cooking and get take-out everyday. All, to avoid hand-washing dishes, as though the dirty dishes would suddenly disappear, or get up and wash themselves, or something.And then, one day, my whole life changed! I know that sounds a little hyperbolic, but that’s the only way I can describe what happened….I was browsing on Amazon [having totally abandoned that sink full of dishes, of course] and this wonderous invention appeared in my You-May-Also-Like thread. I was actually browsing for something completely unrelated, by the way. As soon as I saw it, my jaw fell to the floor. Phrases like “Why didn’t I know about this?” and “Where has this been all my life?” came to mind. A portable dishwasher–who knew!!! The company that makes this just got a little bit richer, because that day, I hit Add-To-Cart immediately.But I consider myself a savvy shopper, so I made sure to read the reviews, the good ones and the bad ones, before I took that proverbial leap-of-faith. When it was delivered and I unwrapped it, it had condensation inside. DO NOT PANIC about that; it’s supposed to come that way, as the manufacturer runs each machine through a full cycle for quality assurance just before shipping it out. I make a point to mention this, because some of the negative reviews were complaining about this, as though it were some kind of problem. In fact, the manufacturer has a video of this very process posted right here on Amazon. So, give it a watch.Now you can set it up to operate in one of two configurations. You can connect the dishwasher directly to your kitchen plumbing, or you can simply fill it with water manually by pouring water into it’s top opening. Personally, I do it manually, since I live in a rental and I don’t want to tamper with the plumbing, and I am definitely NOT a plumber, either. It uses only about 1.5 to 2 gallons of water for a complete load wash and rinse, as opposed to the nearly 10 gallons of water needed to hand-wash dishes in the sink. [Yes, I did compare water usage.] The dishwasher has several speed settings as well. I won’t go too deep into that; it’s in the user manual.But I will say this. I can confirm and attest that the dishwasher does also clean small pots and pans and skillets, as well as dishware and utensils. I mention this specifically, because I did not see anything about whether or not pots and pans and skillets could be cleaned. If it will fit inside the machine [even at an angle] the dishwasher will function.Then, I kinda went on a crazy cleaning blitz, and washed all sorts of things in there: All of those reusable plastic take-out containers I had accumulated; I took down the glass enclosure from the ceiling fan lights; the light bulb covers from the kitchen, bathroom, front and back porch; I even disassembled the chandelier and washed the glass pieces in this dishwasher. All came out bright and sparkly like brand new! Even the grease catchers from my electric stove burners came out clean!As for which type of soap to use, DO NOT use regular dish soap for hand-washing dishes, under any circumstances, as the resulting bubble-action will cause a malfunction. I cannot emphasize this more strongly [I learned this the hard way]. You MUST use dishwasher gel designed for use in dishwashers. I know that there are powders and even pods designed for dishwashers, but I have found out [from my year-long experience] that dishwasher gel is the most effective by far. So, think “Cascade” not “Dawn”.When in use, the dishwasher itself is totally silent. All you will hear is the gentle sloshing sound of the water as the dishes are being washed. Personally, the sloshing sound is quite soothing to me; I have actually fallen to sleep listening to it several times. Imagine the sound that water makes when you are slowly rowing a boat on a calm lake.OMG! I didn’t realize that I had written a book here; maybe it was the soothing sounds of my dishes now being washed for me that has allowed the words to come flowing!Well, my dishes are done.Oh, PS and by the way, It dries the dishes spotless, too!Enjoy!

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  30. AnitaAnita

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Your dishes will be spotless and your sanity will be saved.

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     I have been using this for almost two months and have had ZERO issues. I would definitely recommend this countertop dishwasher. (I am VERY frugal/low income and was afraid to spend so much on a tiny machine, but it’s worth it!!!)FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: The brand new machines are testes in the factory so you will most likely receive one that has some water in it. DO NOT WORRY. The paperwork in the box explains that this is normal. Everytime you run the machine there will be a little standing water under the filter. I take out the filter to clean and absorb the excess water with a towel or sponge and it’s fine. (See pics)I absolutely hate doing dishes but it’s almost fun with this little machine. The way I’ve used this by filling the reservoir with water because my faucet doesn’t have the right connector and I want to be able to use the sink while the dishwasher is running. It takes about three pitchers worth of water to fill up. Be careful when pouring or it might splash! Also, the drain spout attaches on the right back of the machine and it is pretty long, about 4 feet, so it can reach the other side of my sink no problem. I do think the suction cup could be stronger but you can easy tuck the hose down the drain or put something against it so it doesn’t budge. ALSO, make sure the hose is not going UP or coiled around so it can drain properly via gravity. Some reviews mentioned putting the hose into a large bucket underneath to drain the machine so that’s a good solution.Dishes come out super clean and I haven’t noticed any soap residue (I’ve used a big name brand one before that always left white film on my glassware and silicone tools with the same soap used). Be mindful when loading though, because the sprayers can only reach so much. I’ve only had trouble when putting utensils on top of other dishes, otherwise everything gets clean when loaded according to the instructions. (See photo)This WILL NOT fit bigger plates, but my appetizer plates fit great. I can fit about as many dushes as my dish drainer rack holds, so it’s a good size for one or two people’s dishes from one day (other than larger bows or pans). It CAN fit the bowl from my standard sized InstantPot with a little room.The filter is easy to remove and clean. The soap goes in a little indent in the door so no worrying about the little trays like a bigger washer. I’ve been using the Finish Gelpacs and have no complaints, but I want to try classic liquid detergent so I can compare (I will update this review if I do).There is an LED screen that shows what temperature the water is and a countdown timer so you know when the load will be done. It also shows if you need to add water or if the sink connection isn’t connected. (Little red symbols in photo)To cycle through the options, you press “selection” instead of the name of the cycle, which was a little confusing at first. I always run it with the heat dry setting on, which you have to click the touch-button that says DRY to do. There is also a pause button and a power button (hold power for two seconds to turn on/off, every other button just needs a quick tap).The vent is on the RIGHT side of the machine, so make sure it’s not blocked so the steam can escape. I always leave the door cracked when it’s empty to make sure it doesn’t get musty, but I’m guessing the vent would be good enough on its own (I’m just extra cautious).I love the glass window so I can make sure everything is getting clean so I definitely recommend spending the extra instead of getting the option with no glass.The only complaints I have are pretty minor:Some of the areas of the rack are strangely laid out so fitting dishes in can be a bit of a magic trick. Once you figure it out, it’s not so bad though.This sits to the right of my sink but the taller part of the rack is on the left, so I have to reach around that to load stuff. (see pics). If your counter is different so you can put the matching to the left of your sink, this should not be an issue.The silverware basket doesn’t have consistently sized holes, so I can only fit small spoons or chopsticks in one of the sections. Also, the back of the machine where the basket sits has a little indent so all knives will have to push forward to fit so you need to load those in the frontal section of the basket. (See photos)This machine is pretty tall but luckily my cabinets are hung high so it fits on my counter. .I’m pretty sure I covered everything. Happy shopping!

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  31. Ron

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Small interior space

    Apartment size dishwasher. Single person use. It’s good for coffee mugs cups small dishes. You cannot fit a 10 inch frying pan inside. You need to use bulk packaged soaps in it. Pods are way too much soap to use recommend powder or gel.

  32. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    It’s a God-send. I never knew I could love a machine this much lol.

    It is amazing. Okay so I have 3 people in my household but 2 of us are primarily the ones eating/cooking at home. I run it on average twice a day and the dishes turn out sparkling clean. I run it on the eco-cycle which is 59 minutes. It can fit small pots and small to medium-sized Tupperware containers. It can fit a lot of utensils. My faucet was not compatible with typical mini dishwashing machines, so I was thrilled to find this one that you can manually fill with water. It takes about 2 minutes to fill and then you click start and it’s good to go. My roommate recently had COVID and I washed some of his cups and utensils, and knowing that the eco cycle heats up to 155 degrees to kill bacteria made me feel a lot better. And trust me that water is HOT, you can feel it just through the tube when it drains out. I told my boyfriend that I didn’t want him to pay for it, because if we ever break up I want to be able to take it with me lol! This is the one thing I would fight over if I had to because it does such a great job and frees up so much time. I even like just watching it wash the dishes sometimes, the noise and the visuals of the water and soap rinsing around is relaxing to me.

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  33. Space-17

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    So far so good

    It does a pretty good job. Nice for a single person. I used more than 3 liters hand washing

  34. CeSa

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Quiet, Powerful, Sturdy, Sleek

    I did quite a bit of research before I purchased a countertop dishwasher. What I liked about this one was that it had two options for water intake and disposal, and most reviews mention that it was quiet.The cabinets next to our sink are very low, so the unit wouldn’t fit by the sink. I really appreciate that it has the option to manually add water, rather than have to constantly hook up to the sink with tubes going everywhere. For water disposal, I taped the tube down along the cabinet it sits on top of and I have the water go into a sturdy 5 gallon tub that I then pour into the sink after two loads. The water disposal tube has a handy suction cup on it that works really well, but for extra security, I took masking tape and taped one of those free fridge magnet chip clips to it so I can then clip it to the side of the bucket. I probably don’t need it, but either way the system works great!This unit is a workhorse! We use it in our every day household, as our current rental unit does not have a dishwasher. We’ve had it for over a year and use this unit 2 to 6 times a day!I read a ton of the reviews and there was much discussion about pods versus liquid detergent. We have used both pods and liquid, both high-end and store brand with no issues. We always wash our dishes on power wash regardless, and they always wind up sparkling clean!It’s honestly so quiet and so efficient. It does not make any more noise than a regular dishwasher and it takes the exact same amount of time from start to finish as our old dishwasher did.Really fantastic and versatile. The design is sleek and unassuming. Can’t recommend enough!

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  35. Donna Potter

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Ordered for my 84 year old momma. She cant stand for long periods to do dishes. This is great. Easy to operate, perfect for just her.

  36. VJVJ

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great time saver

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     Got this instead of other popular alternatives as it is a bit taller and fits my 10.5 inch dinner plates. As you can see in the pictures. Also fits my instapot container.Inner dimensions are 13.5 inch depth and 13.5 inch width (I couldn’t find this info anywhere). This should help you figure out if your pans fit in.My faucet does not support direct connection. Luckily for me the extended hose is near enough for me to fill in the water tank.The 30 minute wash cycle is sufficient for most loads. I use Cascade tablets. The wash cycle is pretty noiseless (gentle sound of water splashing the dishes. Barely audible machine noise).Great for 1-2 person households.

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  37. D. Green

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love this

    What a great invention for those of us that don’t have a lot of space.You can fill the tank (which the first time needs more water than directed – just keep filling till the red light goes out) or you can hook it up to the spout. You can also let it drain into the sink or drill holes to attach to your pipes.It is perfect for a single person, takes auto dish soap, and cleans perfect. There are lots of variations in cycles. It is quite advanced for a ‘portable, counter top’ dishwasher.Very impressed. If you’ve been considering this, this is the one to get. So many features, so easy to use, and it is the #1 pick. Soooo worth the money (prime deals!!!). I wasn’t born to stand at the sink washing dishes. This is one of the best purchases I’ve made

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  38. Victoria Love

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Cool small dishwasher

    The media could not be loaded.

     I like the fact it saves space in my kitchen and I put it away from the sink so u can use a bucket then dump the bucket…It washes pots and dishesI like it so farI’m giving it a 4 due to the size is a wee small than I would liked it and it’s best not to overly stuff the dishes in…

    4 people found this helpful

  39. ME Hawthorne

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    6 months in and still going strong

    I bought a small house with no dishwasher and limited counter space. I have this one top of a free standing 3 door cabinet I bought. I load my dishes (only about 2 meal’s worth, or a week’s worth of water bottles, though it can hold and clean a lot of silverware), put a detergent pack in the bottom, close the front (moving the spatula or long utentil over a little more diagonal if its in the way), select my wash cycle and whether I want heated dry, press start to make sure it doesnt already have enough water (it will overflow if you pour more than it can hold, of course) and then i pour hot tap water in the top with the pitcher til the washer makes its happy ding sound and starts. I watch for a moment to make sure none of my dishes are blocking the top or bottom spinning water jets, and then go on my way. I wash all my silverware and all my plastic dishware this way as this (andthe detergent pack) get them so much more clean than I can in my sink. I do handwash my largest ceramic plates and have them dry in the rack still if thats all I have, but just to save room and water for the other things that need the more heavy duty washing (the ceramic plates also get good and hot from the tap water and dry faster, where as my plastic plates dont seem to!).,

    5 people found this helpful

  40. Margarita

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love it

    Using most of the time standard and eco setting. Get all clean.Love the washing fruit basket and used a lot since I preserve and caning a lot so save me a lot of time! Using beside sink without connecting. Dont mind to fill 3 jars of water when need it.

  41. Sue D.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Second time was the charm!! Very happy.

    Update 12/28: I’ve had my new dishwasher since late October and I’m happy to report that I love it. This unit has cleaned stuck on egg yolk from the day before without a problem . I highly recommend it !!!I had used the unit successfully five times then suddenly it would start randomly dinging and the buttons wouldn’t work. It did this randomly so I was able to use it but only when the machine decided it was okay. Now I can’t turn it on the power button. Just fades in and out. Now it appears I can’t return it because I don’t have the original box that it came in.Edit 10/26I purchased a new dishwasher from Amazon, the same one and I will be returning the defective one in the new ones box…. Fingers crossed!!!

    One person found this helpful

  42. Melissa Daddario

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Greatest purchase ever!

    We could not love this product any more. It has saved us so much time in the kitchen, and water usage as well. It’s quiet and does a great job. It was our early Christmas gift to eachother abd we could not be more happy with the purchase.

  43. MeganMegan

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for 2 people!

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     I absolutely HATE doing dishes and living in a small apartment with me and my husband it seems like the sink is always full of dishes. Since I’ve had this the only thing I have to wash are my skillets and the sink is always dish free. Just rinse the dishes off and pile them in it works AMAZING. I also don’t have it hooked up to the water so I love the water reservoir feature I was slightly confused at first but it takes 3 of the jugs it comes with to fill it up each time you run a cycle. The only negative I have noticed is the hose that drains the water comes with a suction cup on it which doesn’t work I learned the hard way when the hose flew out of the bucket and drained all over the floor 😂 taped it down not it’s not going nowhere. I also LOVE that it has a circulating air option so if you’re dishes are still wet or you don’t want to put them away yet it will circulate the air so it doesn’t leave that weird dishwasher box smell. Highly recommend!

    4 people found this helpful

  44. Anonymous Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Tiny but mighty

    I got this because my new place didn’t come with a dishwasher. This machine is small and didn’t take up much space on my counter. I ran it once to clean it before using it and it worked really well. Even the quick wash seemed pretty thorough. My problem was it just wasn’t big enough for the dishes I have. I decided to return it for this reason. Was annoying to pack up and disassemble as it leaked everywhere. The instructions also weren’t super clear about the amount of water to put in for tank mode. It made it seem like it only needs one pitcher but you need to fill it up until the machine beeps. Standard dishwasher noise level. Good if you have small dishes and don’t accumulate very many of them. I personally use those plastic bowls from target which are a bit big so they took up a lot of space in the dishwasher. I ultimately decided that I’m better off handwashing all my dishes since I could only fit half of them in the machine and had to hand wash the rest of them.

    6 people found this helpful

  45. David Park

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works GREAT for a single or small kitchen

    I waited to do a review until I used this for a few weeks. Results were fantastic! I had none of the problems discussed in the * or ** reviews although I can see where someone that didn’t understand what they were buying would find it less appealing than I did.I use this about every other day. I use the “finish powerball classic” tablets. They don’t fit in the soap depression but fall to the bottom when I close the door. No problem, they work great. I shortener the discharge hose and cut off the end piece and inserted the shortened hose into the open end so the suction cup would fit on the end. I fill the tank with the hand held kitchen faucet and have NO problem filling the tank at full flow. I don’t use the silverware basket but hang my silverware from the drop down shelf on the left side. I could also praise the other features but you get the idea and I have said enough!I am a verified purchaser, rarely write a review and have NO relationship or connection with the manufacturer or sales outs. I just really like this appliance.

    4 people found this helpful

  46. Sherri

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works great!

    Love it! Use it once a day. There is just 2 of us so is perfect. I only wish I had one that I could see into as it’s working, but none of those fit my size dinner plates.

  47. HeatherHeather

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Lightweight and compact

    I received this yesterday and it was easy to install and lightweight enough to maneuver. The standard run is an hour plus an hour to dry so I appreciate being able to fill it from the top so I can still use my sink for other things. I had been hoping to connect it to my pull down faucet but would need an adapter but honestly I think it will actually be more convenient to just fill it since my pull down faucet reaches.Sadly the plastic piece for the cup shelf is broken. I have reached out to the company but haven’t heard a response yet which doesn’t surprise me since it’s the weekend.The suction cup is not fantastic and comes undone but I think it works just fine to have the outlet on the bottom of the sink rather than the side.Overall so far I’m happy for the price and size.

    4 people found this helpful

  48. Peter T.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Does as good a job as a full-sized dishwasher and is quiet and super easy to operate

    This compact dishwasher is amazing. I gave it a baptism of fire using two 2-quart plastic pitchers w/lids in which I had stored motor oil for a long time (don’t ask!). I had initially tried to clean up the pitchers using things like liquid dishwashing soap or foaming bathroom cleaner and a good sponge. But after several tries there was still a thin, oily film inside the pitchers and their lids. So I put them in the dishwasher on the “Strong” setting and they came out squeaky clean!I keep the machine on the top shelf of a two-shelf rolling cart (that I also bought on Amazon) so I can easily store it out of the way and then move it up to the kitchen sink when I want to use it. I let it drain into the kitchen sink.I don’t bother w/a faucet attachment for water input; I just put about five liters of warm water in the top of the machine using the accompanying 1.8 liter pitcher. (The user manual says not to use water warmer than 104 degrees F because the unit automatically heats the input water to the proper temperature based on the washing cycle chosen.) The machine automatically beeps when it’s full enough.I store automatic dishwasher detergent on the bottom shelf of the cart along w/a couple of accessories (the filling pitcher and a special basket for washing fruit).It has several adjustable settings for different washing situations (including an unheated water setting for washing fruit).This dishwasher is perfect for an apartment, and it’s a good value for the money.

    10 people found this helpful

  49. Karie P.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fabulous machine!

    This dishwasher is great! It’s small but mighty, got the dishes and silverware spotless the first time I used it (I rinsed the food off before loading), is quiet with a relaxing steady rhythm, and is the answer to my lengthy search for something that would work in my living circumstances. I had been researching these devices extensively, and nothing felt right until I found this one….the interior design is good (allowing taller plates), and the silverware container holds a lot of pieces if you take off the top screen, which I had to do because the bottoms of my cutlery pieces are too wide to fit into the slots of the cover. The fact that you can add water manually solved the problem in my particular situation, and it appeared to drain just fine. Granted, I’ve only used it once, but I was extremely happy with the results and hope that this lasts for years to come with proper maintenance.TIPS: 1. when installing the drain hose, make sure you turn it to either side rather than toward the back, as this will allow the hose to unwind properly and not make the exit end point upwards. 2. Even though the dryer worked famously, I opened the door a bit overnight to let fresh air in; a trick I’ve learned with other dishwashers. 3. For those of you who can shop at Trader Joe’s, they sell wonderful automatic dishwasher detergent packs (free and clear) that worked beautifully with this machine! 4. There is a small opening for hot steam to exit on the upper right side of the machine, so you’ll want to allow space next to it and to not put your hand up there while the moist heat is escaping. 5. I had to put this in my bathtub room, which works very well if you can put it on something higher than the tub to allow proper drainage.I highly recommend this innovative dishwasher!

    12 people found this helpful

  50. David w. Foster

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    The best😊

    Perfect for one person. Easy to install and to connect. Perfect for above or below the counter.

  51. GreggyGreggy

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    For anyone needing basket dimensions

    Dimensions of actual usable interior basket are 13-1/4″ wide by 13″ deep and the plate I use which is 10.5 inches wide barely fits which is perfect for me.If you don’t or can’t own a dishwasher for whatever reason I highly recommend this unit. Gets the job done and can fit a lot more dishes than you would expect. I’ve been using this for almost a year now and it still works great.The only reason I took a star off is because of a plastic smell when using the heated dry. I use unscented soap and tested heated dry vs just having the fan dry running and noticed a plastic like smell that got on the dishes when using the heated dry. I don’t really need to use it as most of my dishes dry from the heat of the residual heat of the dishwasher anyways so it’s not a big deal for me. If purchasing for the heated dry just be aware.

    16 people found this helpful

  52. Milt

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Worth it.

    Got this for an older apartment and the only regret I have is that we didn’t get a counter top dishwasher sooner. This thing is awesome. We use the top filling option, so no hook up was necessary. Only knock is that is is loud, and the wash cycles take a long time. quickest option is a 26 minute wash and then a regular dry cycle. Still worth it 100%.

  53. Shannon Getz

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works well on standard setting

    I didn’t expect much but the reviews were mostly good on this product so I bought it. I live in an RV and I hate doing dishes. I do them when I have to (when my sink is full) and this dishwasher holds a sinkful of dishes. I have tried 3 wash cycles so far, and I have found that only the standard cycle gets everything clean. If the dishes aren’t rinsed completely before loading, the shorter cycles result in the dishes coming out with the same crumbs they went in with. This is really only an issue with the cats’ dishes, though, since their food sticks. Maybe there are dishwasher detergents better than others, and I will experiment in the future. What I really like about this dishwasher is that I don’t have to hook it up to the plumbing! I fill it at the top, and I have the drain hose going into the sink. Overall, I am happy with my purchase.

    4 people found this helpful

  54. brandon

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    machine automatically detects when there is enough water

    I liked how easy it was to set up and figure out. at first I thought it wasn’t working but I just had to keep adding more water and the machine automatically detects how much water is going to be needed ten out of 10 I have put some rough Stains on pots and pans to the test and they passed. love this

    One person found this helpful

  55. Stephen Schubert

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    More room than I thought

    Easy to set up and use.

  56. DBDB

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome & I can also take to my RV.♥️♥️♥️

    The media could not be loaded.

     After doing dishes by hand for 30 some years, I decided no more! It’s only the two of us my husband and of course are baby girl (King Charles cocker spaniel) I did all my research and this was the one I found that you could actually pour the water in and not have to hook it to your sink or plumbing because we also have an RV that does not have that kind a sink so I’m dying to be able to take it and use it there as well. It is large, so it does take a bit of counter space.. but it’s well worth it because I don’t have to do dishes for us but every two days and it only uses like 3 pictures of water compared to running all that water washing it by hand so it saves you money and time.. in another review they had suggested you can also run the water into a bucket. If necessary you know I might have to do that at my RV because of the way my cabinets are so loud to the countertop but that’s fine with me. I have plenty of space on my table… I definitely recommend it and it’s easily put together. I have my videos on the how to and demonstration of how to put the drain hose into the sink and so forth. I use cascade gel and it’s never been a problem , just a little dab will do ya and my dishes come out sparkling clean. and most important is sanitized😀 I am so pleased. I will definitely keep it updated because I’ve only had it for a few weeks now.

    14 people found this helpful

  57. TheMadChesshurTheMadChesshur

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product with a few flaws

    The media could not be loaded.

     It works great. Only few flaws are if you have square plates they cannot fit straight up they will have to be in an angle. The wheels on the pull out rack pop off easily if they are caught on something but pop back on if they do. Also less than a year and they front panel for some reason bubbled and melted. Otherwise it has been a huge time saver.. and saved less arguments with the boyfriend for not doing dishes. Money saving with the built in water tank that heats the water so your not using your hot water. Zero leakage. Used often as still clean inside. Recommended to other people already since dishwasher are not popular commodity in PNW rentals.

    3 people found this helpful

  58. Lawrell

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Normally a purchase like this I avoid or walk into with great worry. Well.. I can honestly say this countertop dishwasher was worth the purchase! Just make sure you measure carefully and give yourself another inch all around. My dishwasher couldn’t be at the sink, but with a 5 gallon bucket and it’s secondary water fill option, it works like a charm. I use it almost daily. One or two quirks, but it’s a game changer in tue kitchen. Even washes some small to medium pots and pans. Not super noisy either. Love it!

    One person found this helpful

  59. Jessica

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great machine

    Great machine

  60. Steve Brooks

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works as advertised, perfectly!

    I really like the two-option choice to use a faucet connection or manual water fill. I use the latter. Cleans dishes and operates just like an installed, larger dishwasher. I really am glad I purchased this product.

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