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Greenworks PRO 80V 42” Electric Zero Turn Lawn Mower, Includes (6) 5.0Ah Batteries and (3) Dual Port Turbo Chargers Everything Else

(60 customer reviews)


About this item 80V TRUBRUSHLESS Motor – 2 x more torque, more power, longer runtimes, quiet operation, and extended motor life Up To 2 Acre – mow up to 2 acres with the included (6) 80V 5.0Ah high-capacity batteries 42” Deck Size – reinforced 12-gauge steel cutting deck Up To 8 MPH Cutting Speed – handles hills up to 15° Slope High Intensity LED Headlights – for enhanced visibility mowing at dawn or dusk Premium High-Back Padded Seat – with back-support and foldable arm rests Integrated Cargo Bed – haul up to 200 lbs. of mulch, soil, and more Smart G Connect App and 4G/GPS – Check the status and location of your unit in real time Battery Powers 75+ 80V Products – one battery to mow, blow, cut, trim, cultivate, and more!

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From the manufacturer

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  2. HAULS UP TO 200 LBS

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Power Source

Battery Powered


Alloy Steel





Item Weight

606.3 Pounds

Cutting Width

42 Inches

Operation Mode


Product Dimensions

82.68 x 49.61 x 33.46 inches





Country of Origin


Item model number



6 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Customer Reviews

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4,284 ratings

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4.6 out of 5 stars

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#29,782 in Patio, Lawn & Garden (See Top 100 in Patio, Lawn & Garden) #94 in Riding Lawn Mowers & Tractors

60 reviews for Greenworks PRO 80V 42” Electric Zero Turn Lawn Mower, Includes (6) 5.0Ah Batteries and (3) Dual Port Turbo Chargers Everything Else

  1. Eric Lundberg

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy to use and keep clean

    Used this mower for most of a summer now. It cuts fairly well, not as good as a gas mower but I got no real complaint. The battery last a good long while and only had to charge about every fourth mowing. My yard is not that big. I would highly recommend to any looking for a good electric mower.

  2. C. Grove

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    This was a GREAT choice after my gas mower died a slow death…

    Don’t get me wrong, I like working on small engines. But at some point they give up the ghost and you have to think about buying something new. I hate going out to buy a gallon of gas on a Saturday morning and I also hate changing the oil only to have to drive several miles to wait in line and pay to have a quart of dirty oil recycled. Then there are environmental considerations. So, I decided on Cordless Electric.Let me digress. The benefit to the environment IS THERE. Yeah I know that electricity is still produced by burning fossil fuels but “Efficiency of Scale” means that a large power plant is MUCH more efficient at producing power than a small, gasoline engine is. On top of that, small engines, because they don’t have catalytic converters and because they are not built to as high of tolerances as vehicles, pollute almost as much as a small car.Once I decided on a Cordless Electric I did my homework. I didn’t want to make more passes of the lawnmower to cut my lawn so I knew I wanted the same 21inch blade. I also wanted a metal deck. Now, I know that you can transform the voltage of a smaller volt, power-tool battery but the best approach is a larger volt battery and so I liked the idea of an 80volt battery.I looked at both, Self-Propelled and Push and decided that I did not wish to pay the premium for a Self-Propelled. (I also figured that that was more to go wrong and need repairs in the future.)That left reputation. Greenworks has been building a good reputation and so I settled on this Greenworks Pro 80volt that came with TWO batteries.So far I LOVE this lawnmower. It can mow during the “quiet hours” when a gas mower would wake the neighbours. THIS MOWER IS QUIET!! We have a small ranch house with an average suburban lot size and it cuts both the front and the back with ONE battery and power to spare.This was an EXCELLENT choice!!!

    3 people found this helpful

  3. sunshine919

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    My husband loves it

    My husband loves it cause he doesn’t have to buy fuel. But it’s got no guts. It’s only good for very short grass

  4. Elizabeth A Birckhead

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy to Start

    This is my second one. One for my primary house and the other one for my second location.Price is a little high but if you can get it on any sale its so worth it.

  5. Customer 2023

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good mower, but uses 19″ or 20″ blade, not true 21″ as advertised

    I’ll start with the fact I am pretty happy with this purchase and the life of Greenworks Pro products. I own a few of the 80v Pro items: Mower, Snow Blower, String Trimmer, Hedger, and Blower. All work better than expected – and that comes from a guy that also owns a bunch of gas powered Stihl gear.That said, seems mowers these days are sold by deck size, not blade size. So a 21″ mower might only be 19″ cut size. Yeah – I have received “official” Greenworks blades for my 21″ mower that were only 19 inches long.Misrepresentation in marketing at its best. So ask questions before buying.I’ve had my 21″ 80v mower for five years, or five seasons on a 1500sqft lawn. It has worked flawlessly using the same single 80v 4.0AH battery. A charge lasts several mowings. I also use that battery in my 80v pro snow blower, again, battery lasts shoveling the drive and walk a couple times.But the battery was starting to show signs of shorter life last season so I purchased a two battery Greenworks 80v Pro 4.0AH set for about the price of a single battery – I needed to shop around.Since it’s been 5 years, I decided to get a new blade along with trying to sharpen the old one (I expect the old one to require a lot of metal removal – it doesn’t). I just returned a Greenworks blade I purchased that was supposed to fit based on manual part numbers, it didn’t, and was a full inch shorter than the OEM blade. I had to do a bit of research to find a “correct” blade (my mower uses the one with two arrows for registration), one that is actually 20″ for my 21″ mower, sigh. Look at the advertising photos – not all Greenworks 21″ 80v Pro Mower blades are the same, they change year to year or month to month. What you get ordering this mower may not be what I got ordering this mower.I’m convinced even Greenworks can’t identify which blade you need.

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  6. Jeffrey S. Schweitzer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Exceeds expectations

    I bought this mower to help with not just grass, but with the autumn leaves on our approximately 0.25 acre, mainly flat lawn areas. I am very impressed. The battery lasts over an hour and I can just finish the entire lawn on a single charge, and it recharges quickly. The bag and mulch functions work great, and it’s cool to see and hear it adapt to the workload by increasing and decreasing power. So glad I bought this!

  7. Marcus O. White

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Pleasantly surprised by the performance

    I was quite surprised as to the performance of this lawnmower. Assembly was painless. You basically take the lawnmower from the box, extend the arm, lock it in place, attach the upper portion and insert the battery. This was the first cut this season. So the grass was of various heights. The first area tackled was relatively flat. I set the blade height to 4″ and attached the grass catcher. The lawnmower had plenty of power, grass was maybe 6″ thick, but it was painless to push over the area. Three bagfuls later I was finished, with some battery power remaining. I went ahead to tackle the next area, the grass was taller, 6-8 inches and thicker. Again, the mower and plenty of power to handle it, but it required a recharge after finishing about 1/3 of the area and three bagfuls of grass. After an hour to recharge I finished the remaining portion. The handling was great and easy to push back and forth over rolling slope. The remaining portion required 6 bagfuls, but had some battery power remaining. The next day I finished the backyard on a single charge. The grass was not as tall nor as thick. A single charge was all that was required. I live on approximately on 13,000 square-feet lot. Overall, the task required three charges, which includes the initial charge to completely finish the job. The lawn looked great and evenly cut.Clean up took a bit more effort compared to my gas-powered mower. Normally, I’d used the water hose to cleanup and remove the mulched up grass from the underside, but because this is electric I used my air-compressor instead. The moisture content of the grass does clog grass chute on occasion, but then again it did the same to my gas-powered mower. This mower was almost as easy to push as my self-propelled gas mower over the same terrain. Hands down it extremely easier to start vs the gas mower. If I had a second battery, which probably will purchase, I could have finished the entire lawn on the same day.

    4 people found this helpful

  8. bblack

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good purchase

    I am very satisfied with this lawnmower. I know, “satisfied” is not very high praise. That said, I do feel that in the long run it will serve me very well. I’ve cut my lawn with the new Greenworks lawnmower three times so far and it has done a wonderful job. The wheels role smoothly and the lawnmower is easy to maneuver. The cut is very even. The last time I cut the grass I used the bag to collect clippings for my compost bin. The lawnmower picked up the clippings quite well but not as well as my old gas lawnmower. The real test will come this fall when I use the lawnmower to mulch leaves.Tome giving five stars means the product is pretty perfect. In this case, assuming they call back and replace the part that fell off, a 4 star, very good, seems to be the right grade.My only complaint so far is with warranty service. One of the bolts that holds the handle to the lawnmower fell out during my third time cutting the grass. I’m sure it is in the lawn somewhere but I’m just as sure I’ll never find it. I tried to connect with the Chat on the Greeenworks website but got no response. I had the website up for over a half hour without anyone joining me to chat. I called the phone number and the first two times the automated answering system got in a loop and never got past asking me if I was from the USA or Canada. The third time I got further and was placed on hold for “the next available agent”. After waiting on hold for a bit I accepted the offer of a call back. So far no call back.

    12 people found this helpful

  9. Providential

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works great

    Update after 3 months: Lost it. Absolutely zero problems with this mower. The only minor issue so far is that the “skirt” that smooths the grass after driving over it is long enough that I think the mower took a chunk out of it. This is purely cosmetic, and didn’t damage the mower whatsoever. Other than that, I never want to go back to combustion. This mower is quiet, powerful, and full-featured.Pros:Quiet. You only hear the whir of the blade, and it also sounds like the bag portion rattles a bit when you go over bumps. The fact that I can even hear that rattle shows how quiet this thing is.Powerful. I have some super dense grass thanks to a flow from the sump pump. The 80v version went through this at least as well as my gas mower, if not better.All the modes. Bag, mulch, or side ejection. All included.Solid battery life. I have a very hilly 1/4 acre, and I took extra time due to still learning my yard. The battery showed 2 out of 3 lights still green, which means at least 50% battery remaining.The battery charger has a fan in case the battery gets hot, which is great. So far I’ve had zero problems charging my battery.One handle to raise or lower the mower. This is so incredibly convenient.Folds vertically. The mower isn’t light by any means, but compared to a gas mower, it’s positively agile and stores so nicely. Very happy with this.Cons:The Folding function on the handle isn’t perfect. You have to lower the mower to the lowest position (super easy thanks to the handle!) before you can fold the handle. Even then, the handle has 2 small plastic tabs on either side which must be pulled at the same time to raise or lower the handle. When the handle is down, this also means the weight of the handle is pushing on the tabs, making them harder to pull. Someone with limited mobility may need assistance folding the handle.Worth noting:I saw several people complaining they couldn’t figure out how to start the mower. There’s a sticker with pictures right beside the button. Press the “on” button, then hold down the safety bar to engage the blade. Maybe this is different on different mowers, but for this unit, you just need to look at the sticker.On battery life. I think many people could be confused by the “low power” mode, and think this means the battery is bad. The mower intelligently senses when you need full power, and goes into a low-energy mode for longer runtime. I think a lot of people are hearing the mower go to low power, and assume it’s defective. The energy saving mode is intended! The mower should throttle up and down as needed.Store your battery indoors for longer life. A large battery like this shouldn’t be left outdoors over the winter. Although a rechargeable battery like this won’t totally freeze even in sub-zero temperatures, they work better when kept at room temperature. I keep my charger base indoors, and I leave my battery on the base when not in use.Overall:I’m never going back to gas if this mower keeps performing. It’s lightweight, it folds easily, and it’s not damaging me with fumes or noise. I love it.

    615 people found this helpful

  10. Eric T

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best E Mower Yet

    A bit of background about me, I love electric vehicles for their low maintenance and quiet operation, so I have been changing over to electric for most of my devices.I am “upgrading” from the TwinForce mower from Greenworks, only since I gave that mower away so I could have all the same batteries. The main improvement to this mower over the TwinForce is build quality. It has nice steel deck, better plastics, and sturdier axles/wheels, and overall heavier duty.Warning: Be careful which version you buy, one doesn’t have any batteries or charger with it. This is perfect if you already have those from some other device. For a standard 0.2 acre lot, you will want 2 of the 80 V 2 Ah batteries or 1 of the 4 AH batteries. I recommend 2 of the 2 Ah batteries since you can charge one in the rapid charger in the time it takes to burn through the other, so you can be constantly mowing and charging if you need more than 2 full charges.Setup: This mower was a breeze to setup, basically attach the handle. I am not using the bag or side discharge, the mower does an excellent job mulching.Use: The mower is 1 inch wider than my TwinForce, which might not seem like a lot, but if you consider the practical mowing distance is less than the 21″ blade, the 1 inch makes a big difference. I would say I make 10% fewer passes. The weight is heavier, about the same as a gasoline push mower, but not bad. I do notice it is a bit more exercise to mow. In the summer I have to mow at the highest cut setting, which is barely high enough.Performance: The mower has excellent power, feels more power than my gas mower, and it does a great job mulching. Better than either the TwinForce or the gas mower I had. I accidentally chopped cleanly through a large 1″ stick laying in the yard that I missed, although that triggered the motor to stop, it didn’t do any damage and restarted fine after I checked the blade.The big drawbacks vs the TwinForce are that it only uses a single battery, meaning I have to swap batteries midway through my mow, and that it weighs a lot more. Also, the height doesn’t seem to adjust up quite as high.Batteries: The 80 V 2 Ah batteries are rated at 146 Wh, and last about the same as the old 40 V 4 Ah batteries (also rated same amount of power), but I think the mower is more powerful and more efficient. The best part is the rapid charger, which takes only 20 minutes to charge a battery most of the way, meaning you can mow pretty much non-stop if you have two batteries and swap them. It also has a cooling fan on it to keep the batteries from getting too hot. A point with Li-ion batteries, is they prefer to be stored at cool temperatures and at a low state of charge. Despite what the directions might say, you are better off to store the batteries nearly dead after mowing and charge before you mow the next time. Read up on Li-Ion storage at Battery University. This is where the quick charger is a huge benefit, just go pop the battery in the charger 30 minutes before you want to mow.Basically, this mower replaces a premium gas push mower (not self propelled). It is a bit expensive, and for a better deal get one of the older TwinForce or other 40 V models, but this unit is also well worth the cost and feels a little less disposable than the other units. I wouldn’t have upgraded if I wasn’t trying to make all my devices use the same battery, but this mower is great if you are just looking at testing the electric mower waters. If so, be sure to buy one with a battery.

    25 people found this helpful

  11. Nancy A. BedardNancy A. Bedard

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Customer service

    The product itself I Like. But customer service & parts need to be beefed up. I broke 1 of the tabs on the battery cover & lost a bolt . Called customer service to see if I could get these parts & I think the guy I talked to didn’t even know what I was talking about.Told me both pieces are not sold.So if you have a mower & you need a part I guess you SOL Also when I try to talk to an agent on line all I get an agent is on the way

  12. Niegl Q.

    3.0 out of 5 stars


    Mows like a dream. I had a lawn which high, and the mower cut and mulched it surprisingly well. Never had one that mowed so smoothly and without stalling. But there is major problem with the two 80v lithium batteries. Charging them 12 hrs keep them charged for 10-12 minutes, well short of the 40. Constantly had to recharge them.

  13. laverne king

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good Mower

    I’m pleased with the fact that I don’t need gasoline however this mower is heavy and not elderly friendly even though reviews didn’t point in this direction. if you’re looking for a mower look for something light weight.

    One person found this helpful

  14. KKJ

    4.0 out of 5 stars


    This is pretty decent for a lawnmower, mows well. The only issue is my yard size the reviews had me thinking the battery would last without recharging to mow my lawn, however I did have to stop and start a couple times and not sure if that played a part but I had to charge the batteries twice each to finish mowing my lawn. I am going to try again and not stop as much as I did the first use and see how that goes. But it runs well, and loved the quietness of it. It was easy to put together and easy to clean after mowing. I do recommend as others have said also to store batteries in neutral temp room till next use to make battery life extended.. this is from sources who mentioned also after my purchase.

    3 people found this helpful

  15. D. Knopp

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Mows mu whole large lawn with one light out of three still on

    My wife was complaining about the gas smell from our gas mower, and she has a hard time with the pull cord. She and I cut the grass about 50/50, so when she mow’s I come down from my office and pull the cord for her. So we ordered this mower.It came in well packaged up and took just a couple of minutes to put together. Our yard is relatively large for an in-town yard. It is composed of two town lots with one never being built on so it is all grass and beds. It normally takes a full take of gas to mow.We had to charge the battery first, this mower did not come with the battery. The battery and charger was ordered separately. These new chargers are nice they come with a cooling fan that runs while they charge.So the next day ( it got delivered at night ) we took it out for a mow. Just pop the battery in the top push a button and grab the safety release and it kicks on – very quiet, noisy enough from the spinning blade, but WAY less then gas and of course you do not have to deal with a cord, I was never going to buy a corded mower. Lighter weight then the gas mower, so my wife can walk a bit faster, it usually took her twice as long as it does me because of the weight of the gas mower.The battery has three lights on it and they blink out one by one as you use up the battery. There are two speeds, when you hit high grass or leaves or whatever, it kicks in to a higher speed – saves battery power.So, I mowed up the whole yard at 2inches ( the raising and lowering of the mower bed is SO much easier then all my prior mowers ) and when I was finished it still had one light left so I could have mowed another third of a yard. In fact I have never used up the battery.Another great thing is when I move from on side of the yard to another over patios and walkways and through gates I just stop the mower and just press the button again. Did not do that with the gas mower, too much trouble to pull the cord.This is a mulching mower with a bag attachment. On the gas mower we would mow up the leaves in the yard ( a number of big trees ) and dump the bag in the mulch bin. I was worried that this mower may not work well at this, but it does, pretty much like the gas mower. It kicks in at the higher speed when you hit a batch of leaves – my wife will rake out leaves from the beds and I suck them up with the mower, emptying the bag in the bin. All in all we are very pleased with the mower – had it for 8 months now with no probs, of course a number of those months were winter, this will be the first full summer.

    514 people found this helpful

  16. S. H. WellsS. H. Wells

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Powerful Mower!

    My new mower arrived from Amazon, and I’ve already put it to the test on my nearly 1/3 acre lot. I am overall very happy with this mower: it cuts well, and it is comfortable to use.The UPS guy brought the mower to my door (this item does ship with its retail packaging visible). There is very limited assembly required. The only thing I had to do out of the box is place a couple bolts to hold the handle. Select the cutting height as well as handle bar angle that is most comfortable, and this mower is ready to work.I invested in the 

    GreenWorks GBA80400 80V 4.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery

     , and it was worth every penny for a large yard. A fully charged battery worked for just under an hour in thick grass. I also picked up the 

    GreenWorks GST80320 80V 16-Inch String Trimmer

     and another battery, so I was able to work continuously all day in my yard. The battery happens to charge is just about an hour: while I mowed, the other battery charged. When I trimmed, I charged the first battery. By the time I was ready for the backyard, so was my first battery. Obviously these batteries aren’t cheap, but I found the investment in Greenworks 80v system to be worth it. The mower cuts as well as a gas mower with no fumes, no oil or gas stored in the house, and a similar level of noise as my vacuum cleaner.The 80v battery provided enough juice to power through the wet/clumpy grass in my front lawn. The mower engine revs up and slows down automatically based on how much work the motor has to do. In thick grass the mower engine powers through with an audible volume increase. Shady parts of the yard with low and thin grass does not tax the motor as much, and this mower has the brains to conserve the battery over these spots. Between the smart motor and large cutting area, I was very happy with how well this mower cuts.The mower is also comfortable to use. The handle can be adjusted to the best angle for the user. Adjusting cutting height is also as simple as moving a lever forward or backward. But the nicest comfort feature is the push button starter: hold down the ignition button and pull the throttle to the handle and the mower starts right up. No choke, no string to pull! Since this mower uses no oil or gas, I can store it my garage which also doubles as my gym without introducing noxious fumes. Finally, the quiet motor means that I can start mowing early in order to beat the summer heat without waking the neighbors.This mower is quiet, clean, and powerful. It is comfortable and easy to use. The powerful 80v battery handled everything my yard could throw at it. If you invest in a second 80v tool with another battery, you’ll be able to work continuously. Otherwise the 4ah battery would work for yards that can be mowed in 45 minutes to an hour.

    24 people found this helpful

  17. Hope

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Go Electric

    I wasn’t sure about this mower since it is NOT self propelled. I am a 5ft woman and do not like to mow the yard. This mower is lightweight enough to push without being self propelled. My son was concerned that it would take too much work to mow so he tried it. He was very surprised at how easy it was to push around the yard. The battery life is amazing. I have about a 1200 sq foot area that gets mowed 2-4 times a month. So far, we have mowed the yard 5 times on the first battery charge. It did not seem to fade so am expecting the battery to last tomorrow when we mow again. Much easier that gas mower and trying to start it, add gas and oil, etc.

  18. J Clark

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works Very Well and Easy To Use – Light Weight and Good Battery Life

    5/26/2016 Update: I have been using the mower for almost a month and am still very happy with my purchase. I was able to mow my yard 5 times before charging the 4AH battery for the first time and it was fully charged in less than 60 minutes. The lawn looks great and the mower does a great job even as the lawn gets thicker after going through the spring fertilization. The motor will rev up in higher grass but I have had no issues cutting through the taller grass. It is nice to not have to deal with gas or oil and just push the button and pull the handle back to start. I continue to be happy with my purchase and strongly recommend this model if you want a quiet and light weight electric mower.Original Review: I am very happy with this purchase so far and I have used it to mow the lawn twice now and it worked very well. I have a very small yard so I have been able to mow the yard twice and the battery is now down to two status lights versus three so I should easily be able to get 4 uses before recharging. I was lucky to make this purchase as well as the chainsaw and charger/4ah battery during a deal of the day special so I am very happy with my purchase.It does a great job cutting the grass and the mower is very light and stores easily. I am in the process of cleaning and setting up new storage options in the garage and am looking at options to hang this on the wall for the winter. It is nice to not have to deal with gas/oil or challenges starting for the first mowing of the Spring. You can just push the start button and pull back the handle and it is off and running. I do like the one handle height adjustment and it works very well for quick adjustments versus my old mower where each wheel had to be adjusted independently.I was worried at first about the incline in my front yard and not having a self propelled option but it is so light and easy to use that you really don’t need a self propelled option. I am not sure how well it will work in the Fall when I have leaves to deal with but so far it has cut through the grass without any issues and the motor does rev up in higher grass but still cuts right through it. I do think if the grass is exceptionally high after a good rain or if I miss cutting it for a few days longer than normal that I might have to adjust the deck up and do two passes but given the limited grass that I have to mow I don’t think that will be an issue. So far I am very happy with the purchase and I will update the review later in the season after more use.

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  19. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Really like this mower so far

    I had to replace my 8-10 year old Earthwise mower and read reviews on Consumer Reports and Amazon reviews and struggled with finding the “best” option. I chose this in part because it claimed a 90 minute run time when most are 45-60 minutes. I have a large yard and use a push mower only to trim around trees and areas where my rider won’t fit so there is a lot of starting and stopping when I use, but I think the 90 minutes isn’t unreasonable. When I first started this, I was a little worried as it starts up with a pretty wimpy sound, but the engine kind of winds up. My grass was tall with the first use since my other mower had died and this easily cut through everything. I cannot get over how lightweight this is compared to my old mower – it is so easy to push and move around. I like that the handle has 3 adjustable height options as I’m pretty tall and sometimes the handle is too low on push mowers for me. Nice padding on the handle. My old battery took 12-24 hours to charge so I always had range anxiety because if the battery died I’d have to wait till the next day to use it again. With this one, I mowed, plugged the battery in and by the time I was done with my rider the battery was fully charged. The only thing I haven’t liked is that the height adjustment is just random 1-6 numbers that don’t tell you high you have set it – I wished it was marked in inches. I can’t say if this was in fact the best option but I have been extremely happy with this after 4 uses.

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  20. Burton

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Never will go Back to Gas!

    I have had my greenworks mower since may of 2022, and I must say, that it’s one of the best investments I have made in my life. It’s very sturdy, and cuts pretty good. No more gas! No more toxic fumes, no more running out of gas, just get 2 batteries, with a fast charger, have them both charged up. Once one runs out, put the other in, and put the dead one back on the charger just in case you need it to finish the job. I have a greenworks blower and an edger. All battery powered! Loving it!

  21. The Sols

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Watch for a sale, empty the bag often and get the self propelled if you have much lawn

    I’m pleased with the results with this mower and it’s very easy to use. I’ve used an electric for years but love not having to maneuver with a cord! It’s now available for $70 less on sale which doesn’t make me happy. My negatives are the weight and pushing it on a few areas that are not flat and even (mole holes). The larger rear wheels definitely help and it has the power I need for damper weather in my area when I can’t mow as frequently as I desire. It hasn’t stalled with damp grass and I would definitely recommend the 80v for the power. I also wanted the brushless motor for longevity. I really like the bag and it fills nicely. I just find it much easier to empty if I don’t let it fill to the brim because it’s large and can get heavy. I also like that I don’t have to stop to go backwards. I have a small, town lot so I can manage but at 70plus I’d have returned it for a self propelled if I could have managed the hassle of a return.

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  22. Joseph Smith

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great mower

    No more gas

  23. John RJohn R

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very light, easy to use, compact storage

    [4/13/2016 update]Mower was light enough to lug it down alone to the basement for Winter, and back up for Spring. Absolutely no preparation needed (no gas burn off, stabilizer, spark plugs, filters, etc.), aside from blowing off old grass clippings and covering for dust (cover interchanged with snow blower).The 2 Ah battery just barely lasts my 1/4 acre mowing, so I’d recommend purchasing a second 2 Ah or 4 Ah battery to swap between. I now use the 4 Ah (bought a week after the mower) in the mower, leaf blower, & snow blower (bought this past winter and also works great), and the lighter 2 Ah battery for the string trimmer & hedge trimmer. I now have the entire GreenWorks 80V line, except the chain saw. My corded Toro leaf blower stays in my basement, and I sold off my gas 2-stage snow blower in December.—[5/18/2015 original review]I’ve been holding off on purchasing this until the 4Ah battery bundle became available, but the monkeys swinging across my lawn jungle forced my hand. I decided to just use the 2Ah battery that I already had for my GreenWorks 80V leaf blower.The shipping weight is 72 pounds (mower-only package), but the box was light enough to carry by myself. Packaging is minimal, yet sturdy, with cardboard spacers. The box contained the mower, handle bar extension, manual booklet, and quick-start sheet.The only assembly required were 1) attaching the handle bar extension using 2 bolt/knob combos and 2) snapping on the right-side mulch discharge chute. Alternatively, you can leave off the side chute, pull off the rear mulching block, and attach the clippings collection fabric bag. The entire handle assembly is adjustable to 3 heights using the pair of built-in 90-degree twist knobs. There’s also a lever to adjust to 7 different cutting heights.To prepare to mow, simply lift the battery cover flap on raised protrusion on the center-top of the mower, push in the battery until it clicks into place (release button is used when removing the battery), then lower the flap.No messy, smelly gas or oil needed. No nauseating exhaust! The electric motor is far quieter than a gas engine; my toddlers fell asleep fine during my mowing. There’s none of the headaches of maintaining a gasoline engine: buy/store/pour jugs of gasoline, buy and keep engine oil topped off, buy fuel stabilizers, deal with spills, clean/replace spark plugs, burn off excess gasoline for off-season storage, etc.To turn on, you push and hold the green button on the upper-right of the handle, then grasp the green lever arm together with the handle bar, then let go of the button. When you release lever, the mower turns off completely; there is no idle. To restart, you’ll need to repeat the hold-button and grasp-lever routine. There is no cord-yanking involved.The mower is very easy to push (note it’s not self-powered), so I speed-walked most of the time. It’s easy to turn 180-degrees for parallel mowing. The blades cut very near to the outer edge of the wheels (see attached picture), so there’s minimal need for overlap. There’s a rubber rear skirt to protect you from any rock or debris projectiles, which is a godsend for my yard, full of landscape stones and sweet gum tree spike-balls.The 2.0Ah battery from my leaf blower had plenty of power to mow the ¼ acre of greatly-overgrown grass and weeds (yesterday 5/17 was my first mow of the season), then power the blower to clean the mower. It’ll probably still have enough power for the string trimmer (on backorder), but I plan on buying either the 4.0Ah battery once it’s available or another 2.0Ah.For storage, the handle bars easily fold over at the base for fast, compact storage. I actually have my mower resting vertically in the garage for maximum space savings (see my first picture). I feel it’s also light enough for most people to carry it to the basement for winter storage.I’m very happy with the 80V mower and leaf blower so far. This Fall, I plan on selling my 24” gas snow thrower to replace with a GreenWorks 80V model as well.

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  24. Brian Konopa

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Is yard work fun now?

    I purchased the combination of this mower without a battery and a 4.0 AH battery. The combination was less expensive than buying the two items combined as a single product. My savings was around seventy dollars. It is important to point out that I already had a charger after buying a snow blower last year that was also the same brand and had an 80 volt 2.0 AH battery included. So I now have two batteries which will allow one to charge while the other is in use.Assembly: At first I was wondering why assembly instructions were not included. Then after putting the few pieces in place, I realized the paperwork was inside the battery compartment. Assembly was pretty much just putting the handle in place. One nice feature is the handle retention pins. These are spring assisted to seat the pins in place, but the piece can be pulled and rotated if a person wants to store the mower with the handle folded. It’s clever because no parts are actually detached which could lead to getting lost.The performance of the mower is great. It senses when there is increased resistance (from taller grass) and will apply extra torque to power through. There is one lever that controls the height of all four wheels. Beware that from the factory, it most likely will be set to the lowest deck height so you could scalp your lawn if not careful. The mulching feature works just as expected. When using the rear bagger, a plastic piece needs to be pulled out that otherwise blocks the opening. This piece is designed well and has a post which serves as a convenient handle for ease of removal and insertion. The bag has metal hooks that go over a metal bar which should mean there won’t be any failure in that area. The bottom of the bag has a plastic floor. The nice thing about that is it keeps the bag rigid and makes it difficult to run over the bag when backing up. (only made that mistake once with a previous mower) There is also a strap on the back of the bag which makes dumping and shaking the bag an easy process. I haven’t tried the side discharge attachment feature, but have no reason to suspect it wouldn’t work.The machine is much lighter than the gas mower that was used previously. It is easy to push around, so a self-propelled unit would be overkill for most people. Pushing it up inclines is not a challenge. The mower almost fells too light at times, but the metal that the deck is made from doesn’t appear to be too thin.If you are ready to replace gas with uncorded electricity, this is the way to go.When comparing different mowers be sure to pay attention to the voltage of the mowers (40 V or 80 V) and the Ampere Hours of the batteries (2.0, 4.0, or 6.0).

  25. Mad-GunnerMad-Gunner

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Greenworks provides great value for good products!

    Greenworks 80V mower with 21″ steel deck is a good buy! Comparable to competitive options from other brands, and with the vast majority of customers provide good to great reviews. I’ve got the 80V pole saw and blower, both of which are great equipment, so I expected the same from the mower. Greenworks for the win!No complaints. Quiet. Reasonably powerful. No hassling with gas or oil. 4AH 80V battery provides sufficient runtime to handle most small to medium yards.In 2023, I started looking in the big box stores and online for a reputable gas mower, but nothing in the below-$500 range was showing the best value when compared to the latest battery-powered mowers. Honda and other well-trusted brands are all shifting out of the consumer-grade gas mower market, as battery tech has reached mainstream. If you’re a professional and mowing many yards per day, there are still great gas mowers out there, but they’re in the $1000+ range and commercial-grade. Most homeowners today are better off with a battery-powered mower if you’re in the walk-behind-mower market.Most of the complaints online are from consumers that would have the same complaints about other brand mowers and gas mowers. Sometimes shipping results in rough handling. A few lemons out of thousands or tens of thousands sold is expected. Steel decks eventually rust if you don’t clean off the grass, especially wet grass. If you’re rough on the equipment, it’ll need maintenance. If you expect disposable-grade consumer goods to last more than a couple years, you’re going to be disappointed. Exceptionally high quality durable goods are a thing of the past! “Good” products provide a fair value and last just-long-enough compared to the invested cost. Nothing is overbuilt. There is no free lunch.

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  26. Fred Porter

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works fine

    Better than expected battery life.

  27. Greg Goodman

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Has never ran out of gas…..

    Just curious what the price of the mower was now, compared to when I bought it 4.5 years ago as a neighbor had asked how I liked it. Well after the pandemic/supply chain issues one would think it naturally be more expensive, but in fact it’s $75 less. After four and a half years of use, would I buy it again? Absolutely. It’s not perfect but the pluses outweigh the negatives by far in my opinion. First of all it’s one of few E mowers with a metal deck & feels well built ( there are some concerns I have with the battery compartment plastic. It’s thinner and the lid you have to be gentle with. For my small/ medium size yard battery life is not an issue. I only charge the battery 3-4 time during the mowing season in the PNW. Power wise, it’s got some snoose and with the smart battery, it kicks up a notch if you run into taller wetter grass. I manage that by mowing regularly. It might struggle if you try to mow 6″ wet grass, so don’t. I tend to use the mulcher plug & chute in the spring and it works fantastic, and no bagging. Some people have issues with the one lever height adjustment ( vs. each wheel levers ) this is one of the features that sold me. I love it that I change heights in 5 seconds. One of the very few issues that I have is I wish it lowered one more level, maybe a half an inch or so, but that’s it for the negatives. I only have the one 80v battery, so I just mow until it poops out, put it on the charger for a few hours, grab some lunch and a cold one, and I may or may not go back out and finish. There’s always tomorrow. I really really like this mower.

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  28. Annria

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Quiet and light

    Easy to assemble. Battery charges quickly. Love how quiet this mower mows. Sorry I waited so long to get rid of my gas mower.

  29. Frank Smith

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love this thing.

    Last as long as it says. I cut some high grass, np. Then I used it to multch leaves with rear bag, it does fill quick but easy to manage into bag and back on.

  30. Bum Man

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    This is an update on my Greenworks mower.I still love the lawnmower, but the Greenworks customer service on warranty is horrible. Last year I purchased an extra battery for the lawnmower, weed eater, edger, and other Greenworks products. I then started having problems with the mower. I had all Greenworks items registered, so I filled out a tech support ticket. Never heard a thing, NO response. So I logged in and my ticket was “Closed” with no response.By then, I figured out the problem was the battery because the new battery works perfectly. I’ve been trying get the expensive battery replaced under warranty. After calling and remaining on “hold” for 40 minutes, I spoke to a nice lady. Even though everything was on file, I had to send them copies of my receipts, serial numbers, etc. She said that I’d receive a replacement within 2-3 weeks. Well, it’s now 5 weeks and I’m currently “on hold” again. So far, it’s been 29 minutes and haven’t spoken to anyone.Their products are great, but are no good if you need warranty replacements. It’s not worth it, move on and purchase from someone else. I am very disappointed.—- Older Review Below —-My old lawn mower bit the dust a few weeks ago and my lawn was growing like crazy. I wanted to try an battery powered mower so a lot of research was done until I decided on this one. I was only hoping I’d get this before a neighbor reported me to the city for my nasty overgrown yard.The lawn mower was super easy to put together. There were only a few parts and instructions aren’t needed. I didn’t want a self propelled mower as they are too slow for me. I like to get the job done and be finished. My yard is about 1/4 acre and heavily overgrown, so I was concerned about the mower doing it’s job. All I can say is, “No problem!”.The mower has 2 speeds. It normally operates off the slower speed, but if it hits super think, tall grass/weeds it automatically speeds up to the high. Not once did it bog down during a heavy load like my past gas mowers have. I was really impressed and pleasantly surprised.The nice thing is that I was able to mow my entire yard and the battery was only showing it was down by 1/3. Wow! I had enough juice to mow another yard!I hope his mower is as good as the warranty suggests. The best part? No nasty exhaust fumes, no gas, no oil, no filters and MINIMAL maintenance! I’m never going back to gas mowers.

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  31. Goof Ball

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good mower. Minor things I dislike.

    *** Now that it is 2021, it still works. I’ve changed blades a couple times for rocks, sticks, etc. that it hit over the years since 2017. Just pull it out of the shed, put in battery, go. It just works. Runs about an hour, charge battery, use 2nd battery, go pretty much endlessly. Cut tall stuff, sure, lose some time on the battery.For me, forget gas powered. Stinky, loud, heavy, hot, and pulling that annoying cord!! Oh, and spilling gas, gas fumes, the oil, disposing of both … no, no, no.For battery mowers, I like this one with two batteries – a lot.For a trimmer, I actually went with the EGO carbon fiber straight shaft. Pricey thing, that. No guide wire to really let me do precision around delicate stuff (still use a B&D for that work), but it does alright. Never used a gas weed trimmer so nothing to compare it to besides the B&D cordless models, which in no way compare to the EGO’s ability to shred tall clover and similar thick stemmed plants. B&D vibrates so much, my hand tingles after an hour or so. Can go a lot longer with the EGO, but it’s heavier, for sure. *************Earlier review…Overall, good mower. Easy to move around. Cuts well. Fairly quiet. If your hearing is really good, you might want ear plugs. Mine’s less than good and I barely notice the low speed. On high speed, that is noticeable. Almost no odor out of the box. Battery charger stinks first few times when charging batteries. Go into room and think ‘what is that smell? yuck.’ After charging a few times, odor just keeps going down. Barely noticeable now.Cuts grass as tall as the motor housing. Be prepared to go slow though. When I did manage to kill it in thick grass nearly as tall as the motor (well above the front wheels), it likes to wait a few seconds before starting again. Starts right up (until the battery is out of juice).Batteries last about as long as advertised. Didn’t put a clock to mine. By the time one is used up, the other is charged on the charging device. I tend to stop and pull weeds or other stuff (like pine cones).I can pull this out of the shed, fold the handle into place, put on the bagger and just go. It’s easy, it works, and handles what my gas mowers can handle. Anything the mower leaves little bits of uncut stuff … the grass was thick, damp, and resistant to cutting well … even with the gas mowers, I’d have to do that area twice. The dry grass, even thick dry grass, it just cut it all. Just slow down a little if you find pieces of uncut stuff and it will get that too.I like the bagger attachment. No more raking. My shoes are not covered in grass clippings. Picks up nearly all of what it cuts. I can’t see anything down there but maybe it left something someone with better eyesight could detect. When the bag gets full, the weight shifts to the rear. Front wheels come off ground easily. You’ll notice it’s heavier in the rear, takes more effort to move, and if you keep going … stuff will be left behind (cause the bag is full and it can’t go in there). Empty the bag and you’re all set.Overall, I am very satisfied with this mower. No gas fumes. Unit itself doesn’t stink. Battery charger odor diminishes with use (the more batteries I charge, the less it smells). I don’t have to rake with the bag attachment. The two batteries allow me to keep going until … well, my body won’t “go” anymore. Use one battery, charge the other. Seemingly endless run time with just the two batteries. Of course, you might have to wait in between the batteries if you run one out faster than the other (like with really tall grass).Mower cycles itself high and low depending on what is being cut. Does this automatically. I find that when it revs higher, it can leave some stuff behind. So, I just pause while it revs up, back the mower up a couple inches, and then go forward. Seems to leave nothing behind that way. The mower will cycle down to the lower speed on its own. I have cut grass higher than the front wheels and the mower stayed on the low setting. And I have cut grass shorter than the front wheels and had the mower go to high. Depends on the grass characteristics. Also, if using the bag, depends on how full the bag is. If the bag is full, you will be on high almost constantly. Change the bag and it will go back to low, unless … of course … you are in tough grass and it needs high.The things I dislike are minor.#1, the knobs on the handle.These things spin on easily … and off equally easily. I would prefer a design like at the bottom of the handle. Twist the handle to move the pin in and out. No screw, no knob to fall off. Something like that would have been better than the knobs that can (and do) spin right off when trying to fold and unfold the handle.#2, the wire gets caught on the rear panelWhen changing the bag, you lift up the rear panel. To get the bag’s hooks onto the mower, you will likely need the rear panel almost vertical. This puts the panel above the wire that connects the mower to the safety button for starting the mower. Even though there is a sheath around that wire, the wire moves away from the metal handle and can get caught by the rear panel. So when you lower the panel, give an eye to the wire. Make sure it’s clear or it will catch. It won’t get sliced in two, but I doubt the wire sheath wants to be clamped down by the rear panel’s retaining springs on a frequent basis.#3, the bag is hard to emptyOkay, if you have a wide mouth can, you can just lift up the bag and shake it to your heart’s content to get the stuff out. Got just a bag on the ground? Put the bag over the bagger with the grass, flip upside down, shake. And then you start to wonder why you are lifting the entire weight of what you mowed and shaking it to get the grass out. You can hold the bagger piece upside down and the grass won’t fall out much. Getting the grass in is a breeze. Getting grass out … is a delaying annoyance. I just scoop the grass out one gloved hand at a time into a trash bag, because I am not a body builder who wants to shake a full grass bag into a bag … and the bag keeps shifting … it goes everywhere on me or I’m tired or both. Still enjoy no raking, so a few minutes of rest while scooping grass doesn’t bother me. The grass should come out easier.Have not used the side discharge or the mulch. I’m so happy with the bag, that I’m going to keep using that. Cuts like my gas mower. Quieter. No fumes. Revs up when it needs to.The EgoPower mowers are nice looking alternatives. Most of the decks are plastic. The voltage is 56V for their stuff instead of the 80V with the Green works mower. The Ego handle looks nicer (no knobs to fall off). The Ego can fold up into what looks like a smaller space and be stored on its side. That’s neat. The LED lights on the Ego made little sense to me until I mowed tonight at dusk. Saves me from covering up with suncreen to go mow for a few hours … I used the neighbor’s yard light (ha ha) to see the grass. He didn’t seem to mind. I wanted the metal deck so I got the Greenworks mower. I have a corded greenworks mower and that worked alright for me. I got tired of the cord for all the trees and obstacles around here. The battery mower is a dream. No cord to mess with. Mow when I want, where I want. Easy. No long wait times on battery charges either. About 30 mins and it’s charged. I haven’t made it back to the station with am empty battery before the one charging was already full.The Ego mower with the metal deck was over $700 at Home Depot. The Greenworks mower was a more tolerable price point. The foam on the corded mower goes all the way around the corners of the handle. The foam on the battery mower stops at the corners. I thought it would bother me at first, but it doesn’t. I don’t seem to grab the handle at the side corners so it’s no issue for me.Greenworks could’ve used a non-sticky adhesive for the sticker on the safety bar. Sticky gunk. I wear gloves anyway so it doesn’t bother me. I keep saying to myself, someday I’m going to get out the olive oil and rub that gunk off. The sticker on the motor housing has a wrinkle in it. Oh well, but it’s their brand, the sticker ought to be better.Oh, when folding the handle … the metal rubs on itself and wears the paint off. So right where the knobs are, be prepared for scratches unless you want to treat it like a fragile egg when unfolding. When folding, it doesn’t seem to rub as snugly.So, yes, minor stuff I don’t like. Very minor. It’s a mower. Who cares about stickers? It does the job. I’m happy with it.PS: Both Ego & Greenworks have metal blades mounted onto plastic parts. I was worried the blades might just shear off. I checked my corded Greenworks mower and it is the same deal, metal to plastic. No blades flying off. Whatever plastic they’re using, it seems to hold up just fine to the stress of a whirling blade. If the Ego wasn’t several hundred more than this mower for a metal deck, I might have given it a try. But their batteries are expensive if I wanted an extra one (ditto for Greenworks). The Greenworks mower already has two batteries and that’s enough for me.Yes, this is long winded. I was out mowing long enough to drain 2 batteries today, weed eat, and pull weeds. Multiple hours outside. Very happy with the mower overall.

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  32. PrimingFXPrimingFX

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Absolutely amazing lawn mower!

    Ah, the great outdoors, where grass grows as enthusiastically as a teenager during a growth spurt. But fear not, for the Greenworks 80V Cordless Lawn Mower is here – the Gandalf of lawn mowers, wise, powerful, and ready to turn your yard into a masterpiece worthy of a gardening magazine cover!Assembling this lawn-taming beast was easier than teaching a cat to fetch. Click, snap, and voila! I was armed with what appeared to be a magic wand (okay, it was the handle of the mower), ready to sculpt my lawn into a work of art.Firstly, power – and boy, does this mower have it! With the 80V battery, it’s like the lawnmower version of a sports car – zero to mowing speed in the blink of an eye! I revved it up, and the grass trembled like it was in a hurricane evacuation.The 21-inch cutting deck is like a grass guillotine (but less gruesome, of course). It glided through the unruly blades with the precision of a surgeon, leaving a trail of neatly trimmed grass in its wake. I almost heard a choir singing “Hallelujah” as I mowed.But wait, there’s more! The adjustable cutting height is like a grass stylist’s dream come true. It’s a ‘salon’ for your lawn – whether you prefer a buzz cut or a more laid-back trim, this mower’s got you covered!Now, let’s talk about the brushless motor. Not only is it powerful, but it’s also quieter than a snoring hedgehog. I could almost hear the grass whispering, “Thanks for the trim, mate!”However, every hero has its Achilles’ heel. This mower, though a grass-grooming superhero, might struggle a tad with overly long and damp grass, making it a bit grumpy, much like waking up on a Monday morning.Maneuverability? Smoother than a well-kept lawn! The ergonomic handle and effortless push made me feel like a lawn whisperer. Plus, it’s cordless, so no tangling with pesky cords while dancing through the daisies!In conclusion, the Greenworks 80V Cordless Lawn Mower is a game-changer in the world of yard maintenance. It’s a lawn-transforming machine that turns mowing into a delightful chore. So, grab this mower, embrace your inner lawn artist, and sculpt that grass canvas like a boss!

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  33. Travis Greene

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great mower

    I’ve never been a fan of electric yard tools but this mower gets the job done. Not as powerful as gas powered of course but no issues with it cutting grass 1 ft high. Very light weight and easy to push around. Highly recommend this mower. The other battery is charged up by the time the other one dies if not just a few min after.

  34. BuyerOfThings

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Some comparisons to the 40v model, grievances

    This is kinda a comparison of the 40v 21″ push mower and the 80v 21″ push mower.First, neither of these voltage ratings are correct. The “40v” model is 36v (10x 3.6v cells, or 20, half being in parallel with the other half in series) and the “80v” model is 72v. The marketers are able to lie about the voltage by using the word MAX, which looks cool since it has the letter X in it. Yes, it really is that stupid. 80 volts maximum is what the battery will read fully charged under no load, it is 72 volts since it’s 20x 3.6v 18650 cells (or 40, since the two series sets are in parallel). On the sticker on the back of the battery it even says 288Wh (watt hours). Divide the watts (288) by the amps (4) and you get the actual volts (72).OK, so how does this 72 volt mower compare to the 36 volt mower? Favorably! Previously I had the “40v” model since It was available for a good deal and it seemed like the appropriate size/power rating for my small yard. That mower came with a 6.0 ah battery(!!) which means they packed in 3,000 mAh cells. I have only seen them use 2,500 mAh cells and 2,000 mAh cells so far in the “80v” batteries. Must be a cost thing. It is a lot of cells, we’re talking about FORTY 18650s packed into the battery pack for this product. It’s very unlikely that they’re all tested and matched cells, so I am anticipating a battery failure in the near future. I have not had the pack apart but unlike Makita batteries, these have only four contacts, so it’s unlikely that the charger has the brains or control to level out each of the cells… maybe the battery itself has some brains to perform this, but I’m not betting on it.OK so back to the mower. The “40v” would kinda bog down on wet or negligently tall grass. They both prefer to run at the slower speed and kick into “fast” when they encounter extra load on the motor. This is a handy power saving feature, but it would be great if it could be defeated so it runs at full speed all the time, it might help to reduce grass clumping due to slower blade speed.The “40v” mower had TWO safety features; there was an interlock key in the battery compartment that could be removed to make the mower not function, and there is a switch near one of the handle hinges so that when it’s being stored upright, or with the handle folded, the mower cannot function. The “Pro” “80v” model does not have either safeguard. My guess is since it has “pro” in the name they’re exempt from providing safety features. The $0.80 – 3.00 switch and wiring that prevents the mower from engaging while being transported with the battery seems like a cheapskate omission, especially since the “80v” model DOES NOT have a “dummy slot” to carry a battery that is inactive; this whole thing seems odd. If you’ve got numbskulls or children around, the “40v” model is intrinsically less prone to a lethal or nearly lethal accident. This 72v model could be potentially disastrous if transported with the battery installed.The “40v” batteries were equipped with a USB slot to act as a JUMBO power bank, and for some reason also had bluetooth. I never used that feature but I understand it’s to let you see the power level from your phone… Thankfully the “80v” batteries do not have these questionably useful features. What I’m getting at is Greenworks has loaded in MORE functionality to their lower priced system. Hopefully the cost savings of not having these nonsense gimmicks has lended to them putting better quality cells in the batteries, but again I’m not about to bet on it.OK so back to the mower again. They (the 36v and 72v model) both use the exact same bagger, chute, mulch plug, blade. They have, like most other cordless mowers, the same stamped steel chassis with the easy to use height adjuster. I’d like it if they’d reduced the range of the height and instead provided greater granularity within a smaller range… I’ll have to get out the file and make my own notches to have that. I don’t know who would ever use the very lowest setting or the two (or even three) highest settings.Why do I have the “40v” and “80v” mower? I don’t. I had the 36v mower but it was stolen, unfortunately. I decided to upgrade while re-buying my stolen equipment, and consolidate everything to a single battery system in the process. I think the ~ $100 premium for the 72v model is worth the price if for no other reason than it includes 50% more runtime on a single battery of the highest available capacity, saving us the cost of needing to purchase a second battery. Also the 2x voltage provides the mower with the torque necessary to not bog down. There were instances with the “40v” model where it would simply stall on very tall grass, even with a mostly charged battery. The “80v” has the extra bit of torque to behave like a real lawn mower in just about every realistic situation I’ve encountered so far.An annoyance: The thing is rickety. Between the lugs that hold the handle into one of three positions on the hinge, the control arm that bind the front and rear wheels for height adjustment, and the bearings in the wheels, this thing handles like a lumber wagon over all but the most perfectly smooth lawns. Old mowers from days gone by, with their independently adjusted and much more stout wheel height positioning mechanism and fixed-in-position handles, feel solid and are a much greater joy to use. For what it lacks in motor noise of a gas mower, it makes up for it in clanky boingity noises as it’s moved across the lawn. Just grasping the handle and moving it slightly in each axis you will feel this this does not have a positive, solid feel, and I think that sucks. I was able to take some wiggle out of the hips by overdrilling the hole in a 1″ fender washer so that it would fit onto the wheel axle, slightly pressing each of the rear wheels more inward so that the wave washer behind the wheel is actually engaged. The bearings in the wheels are very wobbly. People who are particular about things feeling sturdy might be turned off by this mower. In fact while I was at it I noticed that there was not a single screw/bolt on the mower that didn’t benefit from at least a good 1/4 turn. Frustrating, especially for a “professional” lawn mower. The name really means absolutely nothing.And it’s worth mentioning again that I would really prefer to have it run at full speed the whole time, or at least give me the option to chose the blade speed. This mower does NOT cut the lawn as nicely as even the cheapest, most basic fixed-height $150 lawn mower since it’s not got the air movement necessary to lift and snip ALL the blades of grass in one go, even with a very finely sharpened blade.

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  35. A. Deal Finder

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    4th year and going strong

    My 19-year-old John Deere mower was getting hard to start. I ran across a fantastic deal on the Greenworks Pro 80V 21-inch mower with two 2Ah batteries and charger in the fall of 2017. It cost only $40 more than the lowest price I could find for two batteries, so I figured let’s try this mower out. I was excited to try a battery operated mower for instant start (pulling a tight string multiple times to start was getting to be a chore); plus no oil changes, no air filter or spark plug to change, no having to run the gas out at the end of the season and store for winter. I was losing self-propulsion, but I have a flat yard and the Greenworks mower is much, much lighter, so this was of no consequence for me. In fact, I prefer to push the Greenworks mower as I can go at my own speed instead of walking at the slow or even slower speed of the self-propelled mower.The mower has worked great, and I’m into my fourth season mowing with it. In fact, I liked it so much I also bought a Greenworks 80V trimmer, blower, hedge trimmer, and snowblower and interchange the batteries for all of them. I sold my gas trimmer and blower, and my snowblower had died, so that need replacing anyway. I’ve had no problems with the tools. One of the battery chargers died a few months into ownership, and Greenworks replaced it under warranty at no cost to me.This year I could start to see some blades of grass remaining standing after mowing, so I decided it was time to get a new blade (the old blade has a number of nicks from rocks and such). I ordered a replacement blade direct from GreenWorks during a Memorial Day sale, and they shipped next day. The blade was a very simple replacement — just use a wrench to remove the large bolt, then remove and replace the blade in the same orientation and twist the bolt back on. I didn’t need directions nor had to watch YouTube videos, even though this was the first time I ever replaced a blade myself (with my old mower I always just paid someone to sharpen it, the new Greenworks blade cost the same as two sharpenings, so I just decided to get a new blade.) Now my grass is cutting perfectly again. Also, I noticed one reviewer thought the mower was difficult to put together. That person must be mechanically deficient, as attaching the handle isn’t difficult at all.All my neighbors have asked about my mower, because it operates at a much lower decibel level than gas mowers. When I bought the blade I also purchased a 4Ah battery, and now I can mow my yard in one charge (with the two 2Ah batteries I had to switch out the batteries mid way). It takes about 50 minutes to mow my yard.This being my 4th year of ownership, and using the batteries year round for yard and snow removal, I am seeing shorter battery life with my four 2Ah batteries. Maybe about 20 minutes of runtime vs. the 30 I used to get. Which is why I invested in the 4Ah battery, which is perfect for my mower. I’m using the 2Ah batteries in my other hand-held yard tools as it is better to have the smaller, lighter battery for those. The 4Ah is a little large in the blower but still works OK, but I don’t need to run the blower for maybe 15 minutes tops, so I use the 2Ah so I don’t have to deal with the weight. I wouldn’t want to try the 4Ah battery in the trimmer or hedge trimmer either as the weight would make it more difficult to use those tools.I highly recommend going with Greenworks 80v battery equipment. I absolutely love the Greenworks tools I am using. I find them to be equally as effective as gas tools, just without the noise and gas fumes. (You don’t smell like gas and oil after using your trimmer/blower.) You don’t have the maintenance on Greenworks either like you do on gas-powered equipment. If you make a list of pros and cons, the pro list will most certainly outweigh the cons by a large margin.

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  36. Allen

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Powerful, longer pasting battery.

    I needed a mower right away becausr my older (3 years old) greenworks electric lawn mower was being fixed (ended up being a minor inexpensive repair). The battery on this mower lasts quite a bit longer than the batteries on the older one, even when it was new. The mower seems to cut better as well as fills the bag more efficiently. I am sort of glad the old mower needed to be repaired as this mower is more like a a gas power mower.

  37. Anonymous

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love this machine – FL

    Like many of you, I spent a lot of time researching these mowers. I’ve had the unit since June and can safely say it’s a phenomenal product. In southern Florida, I mow my grass every 4-5 days during the all but the winter months. I have a pretty flat lot but it’s about 1/2 acre. Purchased the unit that does NOT self-propel and it’s been great. Two batteries have typically been plenty to complete my yard, and I bag my clippings. Depending on how many “mowing sins” you’re committing at once (e.g., moist/wet grass…it’s always moist in FL, long grass, bagging), the battery may not last quite as long…but if you’re charging one and mowing with another you shouldn’t have a problem. I simply LOVE the fact that on a drop of a dime, I can fire this unit up and go mow something. No hassles with yanking a cord, buying fuel, or anything. Quiet as well. I’ve used a file to sharpen the blades once – but not really sure it was necessary. Only trying to make sure it’s maintained. Completely satisfied and happy with this purchase!

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  38. Charlie

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    No more gas mowers

    This review is for the greenworks 21″ 80V mower which is replacing a gas mower that I’ve had for about 6 months. This mower arrived in good condition and on time. Only setup involved attaching the handles and that took less than 5 minutes. Battery was semi charged and I went ahead and fully charged it. On a full charge it will mow my front and back and I can’t really tell you the size of my yard but let’s say they’re not huge but neither are they small. The mower starts right up and there is one lever to set the mowing height. I almost bought the same mower but with self propelled ability but I can self propel it myself and save the hundred bucks extra. Comes with a grass catcher and a mulch plug which I prefer. What it doesn’t come with is gas and oil. Yay! It is brushless which means it will last longer than non brushless and it isn’t that hard to push, so go ahead and cut the oil/gas line and see for yourselves. I would have included a picture but since there’s already a picture showing the mower it would have been redundant. Battery and charger is included and hopefully it will last because the battery by itself ain’t cheap.

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  39. Atypical User

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Recommended, with caveats

    Note: At the moment Amazon is not currently directly selling the model (Greenworks Pro 80V 21 inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower, 2 2Ah Batteries and Charger, GLM801601) I’m reviewing.At the time of this review we’ve mowed our yard ten times since receiving one of these electric mowers. I like this lawnmower system enough to recommend it, despite some caveats.It does what the advertising says. The batteries last, as long as you don’t mow a lot of thick grass quickly. I can mow my whole yard on one battery charge, rendering moot the ability to continue mowing with a second battery while the depleted first battery is recharging.What the advertising doesn’t say is that, while it is as powerful as a 160-cc gas mower, that only applies when the electric mower is running at full power. My 149-cc gas mower can easily vacuum up leaves from the lawn at the normal height setting, but that only happens with this mower if the engine revs up, and that is not a manual setting. The motor will automatically speed up in dense grass, a nice feature, but it would also be nice to choose that higher speed to use it to pick up leaves as we did with the gas mower in the fall. I would willingly sacrifice battery life for this ability.Otherwise it cuts grass reasonably well, as well or better than the gas mower.One really nice feature is the large-capacity rear grass-catcher bag. It holds about twice as much as the gas mower’s bag, and it is better designed to keep the clippings inside the bag; the gas mower’s bag is tilted toward the front which causes the clippings to slide forward and block the opening as one mows. This bag has a horizontal bottom that helps retain the clippings and the opening won’t be blocked until the bag is truly full. And you can lift the lid at the front of the bag to examine how much is in the bag without having to remove the bag from the mower. (On the gas mower, checking the bag by lifting the lid would allow clippings to fall out, defeating the purpose of checking. It was possible to lift the front end of the mower to prevent the loss of clippings when lifting the lid, but — trust me — this is awkward.)Because of the larger practical bag capacity, I no longer have to stop a couple of times to empty the bag while mowing the front yard and then repeat that in the back yard, as I did with the gas mower. This also means I don’t have to drag the 40-gallon trash can for the clippings to the front yard and then back to the back yard. I’ve gone from emptying the bag six times to two when mowing the whole yard.It’s not all positives here, though. The low position of the bag means that the rear end drags on the ground when you lift the front end to rotate the mower to reposition it for mowing another row. This quickly wears the fabric on the lower back seam. I’ve put duct tape there for now, but a good hard-plastic sealant strip along that seam would go a long way to extending the life of the bag.And the bag capacity can mean more effort needed to empty a full bag. If you have trouble with this, you might want to consider checking the contents of the bag (the lid makes this easy) as you go, and empty it sooner.And finally, I have to check to make sure the bag lid has fully seated before resuming mowing. One of the lid’s two plastic notches has a tendency to just catch the bag frame’s metal rod on one edge, so it needs a little tug to the left to fully seat properly.I didn’t test the mulching capability, but I did like the large plastic plug that fills the opening at the mower back, very likely making the mulching feature much more efficient. Nor did I use the side discharge chute. The side door does trap clippings when closed, though; it does not quite fit flush with the chassis side opening.It’s much quieter than the gas mower in operation. Even the wheels are quieter, perhaps because they have bearings.A very good feature is the all-wheel height adjustment lever, which can be moved on the fly. This feature does extend the front of the mower a bit, so it’s harder to mow close to a wall in front of you because the blade won’t reach as far. That just means a little more edge-trimming.The charger is very fast! And it has a loud fan. Also, the charger didn’t have any noticeable odor; it might have been burned in longer than those used by other reviewers. Since we are keeping the batteries indoors to help extend their lifespans, we’re trying to figure out a place to put the charger that won’t disturb those in the house. But it does indeed charge the 2Ah batteries in less than half an hour.The mower is easily maneuvered but it is not light. I wasn’t using the self-propelled feature of my gas mower, but it turns out that my wife did, and now, knowing what I know, I would have gone with the slower-charging single-battery self-propelled mower version over this one. I might still do that, after some time has passed. Edit: If there is one; the model is not listed at the moment…As mentioned, I recommend this electric mower. It doesn’t smell of gasoline, there is no gas ($) to put into it, no oil to change ($), and no trips to the gas station to fill a gas canister ($) and then pour in a fuel additive ($) to compensate for the ethanol in the gas. When this is combined with the higher-capacity bag, I’m now finished mowing in half the time.Maybe Greenworks will see this review and make some changes, so that the next model will get five stars. But this unit is still very good at what it does.

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  40. Steve D

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy to Operate / Does the Job

    This is my third greenworks 80v product. I bought this to mow my front yard when the ground is waterlogged and my commercial grade walk behind mower leaves big indents in the yard. also helpful that my wife and childeren can use it if I’m gone on a trip and they need to front yard is about 2500 square feet and this mowed it using only 1 of 3 bars of battery life. So battery life seems very good. The power and quality of the cut is not as good as a gas powered mower but likely only I would notice that.This mower is nice in that I can fold it up and get it out of the way in a crowded garage.If the grass was overly tall and wet as is the case in the spring, I likely would need to raise this mower up to cut the grass. doing so is easy. Again, just not as powerful feeling as a gas unit but I did not expect it.When I lived in Denver metro area, my entire yard was smaller then my front yard of today. This would be the perfect mower for doing my yard in Denver.

  41. victor

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy to assemble, works well, good lawn mower and good price.

    I didn’t dislike anything about the lawnmower.

  42. Sandra D.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy to use and set up

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     I love the fact that I’m done with gas mower. Yes you do lose some of the functions of a gas power mower but for me is so worth it. I definitely would recommend that you have two batteries one in the charger as you using the other one takes about less than 30 minutes to charge. To do my whole property definitely needed the two batteries.The only thing kind of negative is that it doesn’t give you that perfect close to the ground mowing. That’s okay with me since my properties on the mountain don’t need manicure lawn.Definitely recommend this to anyone that has problems pulling a cord to start a mower.

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  43. April Wade

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Greenworks Pro 80V 21″ Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower

    Love, love, love this mower. It is easy to operate just a push of the button and it takes right off. It runs very quiet and my dog even lays in the yard when I’m mowing because it’s so quiet. The grass bag is easy to remove and reattach. It’s extremely easy to push an maneuver around my trees and flower beds. The battery life is much longer than I expected and the charger is a speed charger. It was easy to assemble too.

  44. Vince Flynn

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Wait for a sale

    I recently switched to electric lawn care items. Not to make a statement about the environment, but I like how efficient, quiet and easy they’ve become.I had purchased a Greenworks combo pack which came with a smaller mower quite some time before finally upgrading.This is not the forward push assist model, but I don’t need much help for my relatively flat 1/4 of an acre. This mower came with two batteries, which is nice because I still need just a little bit more juice after going through an entire battery.The 80v compared to my previous 40v is a huge difference. This thing runs down tall grass, weeds and small sticks with no issues. The smaller one would seize up, which just meant the whole process took longer.Greenworks seems to have their best sales right before Earth Day and I scored this mower for $350, which is why I’m giving it 5 stars. I’d be reluctant to purchase the non-forward assist model for more than that.

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  45. Samantha Williams

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    So far in love with this mower!!!

    Love this mower!!! Easy to use and the batteries last our yard with plenty left on the second one!!! We have about a 7,000 ft lot for reference with a huge hill in the back takes about 45 minutes to mow. Easy to push and definitely easy to start and does a better mulching job then our old mower

  46. Whimmey

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great mower

    I got tired of hauling gas cans and decided to try electric. So far the best decision I could have made. Love this mower.

  47. Robert F. Essmann

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Surprisingly Great Mower

    I’ve owned big Toro power mowers for over 40 years. They work great and last a long time. But they are also loud, emit lots of exhaust and use gasoline that always seems to run out at the most inopportune times. I hadn’t thought much about electric lawn mowers in the past because battery technology hadn’t yet evolved to provide the needed power, and cords were out of the question. But last year I got a new neighbor, with a bright green electric mower that was quiet and large and seemed to do a great job mowing the lawn. So, when my 6.5 HP 22 inch Toro needed another coil, and I assessed the rusted out deck, I decided I needed a replacement and I took the risk that an electric mower would do the job.I am so happy with my Greenworks PRO 80V 21 inch mower that I feel compelled to tell about it. It is an amazing machine. Much lighter, and easier to maneuver than a gas mower but with plenty of power to cut tall, fast-growing fescue in the Spring. The mower is sturdy and strong, with a nice wide cutting area and a rear loading bag that is generously large. There are few moving parts, so it is simple to use. And I am surprised at the length of time that the mower will run on a charge. I chose to get two 2.0 AH batteries vice one 4.0 AH battery because I figured that I could keep one on charge while I used the other. But I’ve found that I can mow my entire 1/3 acre lawn with just one battery in about 50 minutes. The mower senses the needed torque to cut the grass and automatically shifts into “high gear” when necessary, which will cut down on battery time if the lawn is especially high or you cut the grass very short. But for normal, weekly cutting, the low speed seems to do the trick nearly all the time.If I ever need to cut the brush behind my fence, I’ll probably miss my massive, gas-guzzling Toro. But for my weekly tending of the yard, this mower is my choice, hands down. Not only does it do a great job cutting grass, I can also feel good about my small contribution to limiting emissions. I’ve now got a battery powered blower, edger and mower. They all work as well as their gas-engine counterparts and I’m not bothering my neighbors with all the noise pollution. I wish they’d switch, too!

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  48. Steven George

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works well

    Lot less noise and vibration than gas unit.

  49. Art Dad

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Prior to this I was using a self-propelled gas mower and that did a great job, except the self-propelled part was intermittent

    So we got it as a package deal last year with 2 80v 2.0A batteries and charger… Prior to this I was using a self-propelled gas mower and that did a great job, except the self-propelled part was intermittent, it’s heavy and loud as heck. The smell of gas was also bothering me and the cord pulling to start the engine, maintenance, winter storage, etc… ehh. I then bought a Lowe’s corded electric mower and it was fine(not as strong as the gas mower) but the 50 ft heavy duty cord gets in the way and trying to plug – mow – unplug – move cord – plug – mow… it takes longer than with a gas mower – I was so happy when it died (Okay I was disappointed that it lasted less than a year, but then again, I wasn’t)Keeping that in mind I was hoping going cordless will be it.Pros – it is lighter, QUIET (enough not to need ear plugs and annoy the crap out of your neighbor lounging in his yard) push button start, it cuts grass very well – as well as the gas mower, and it cuts as fast as you can push it. One battery last about 30 minutes, long enough to finish my entire hilly, lumpy backyard (50′ x 30′), just in time to get a drink of water. I switch batteries and get the front yard and side walk done – total time for the entire mow job: around 40-45 minutes, depending on how fast I feel like walking that day. (both gas and corded mower took over an hour to an hour and a half) It is easy, to store anywhere and virtually no maintenance since there’s no gasoline to deal with. Cons: It can be a bit pricey and it’s not self-propelled which can be beneficial for hilly lawns, but I can overlook that due to time saved.A few mowing tips: (and this can apply for gas or corded as well) 1. Don’t wait til the grass gets up to your knees before cutting your grass – it means more work for you and your mower. 2. Check the weather – try to cut your grass when it’s dry – wet grass is heavy and means more work for you and your mower. I try to cut before it rains, or a few dry days after the rain. 3. Before cutting, do a quick walk-through of your yard and remove plastics, string, rope etc… I ran over a plastic strapping material and it coiled around the shaft – that was a pain to remove!This 80v Greenworks cordless mower is definitely worth the buy, and as long as you keep in mind a few things it should last for a long time. Cheers!

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  50. Shivors

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    First mow was excellent

    Decided to replace my old trusted gas burner that was getting old. This mower arrived and I was able to assemble in 5 minutes. The build construction is solid with some plastic bits here and there. It started easily and cut very well.The motor would sense when I hit thick grass and increase power. That is a great feature and it powered through areas that would bog down my gas mower.The battery lasted well but my first mow was about 40% wet tall grass so I expect better performance in regular mowing.Overall I am impressed.

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  51. Russe9

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    great machine

    had it for 6 months now, very nice mower

  52. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    The most powerfull mower with a GREAT price!

    I have cut lawns for over 50 years and have used every type of mower (push, electric, gas), over the years, as well. Now, battery powered ? I just did not think one would do the same job, as a gasoline power mower. Man…was I ever wrong about that. By far, this is the BEST mower I have ever used ! And the price is mid range, compared to comparable mowers. I don’t think you can find a better deal or more powerful machine. My lot is just under 1/4 acre. The back yard is about 4,000 sq ft. With all the rain we got in NORCAL this year, I had weeds as high as 3 feet covering the yard.. This machine, effortlessly chewed right thru them, in one pass. When the weeds get thicker, the speed/power of the motor ,automatically increases, till weeds are chopped. It comes with one, 80 Volt battery and fast charging device.It lasted almost 55 minutes before I had to charge it, which was excellent, considering the amount of weeds it cut thru. I doubt I will ever have that much foliage to cut, again.

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  53. Tali

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Battery life

    Battery life is far from advertised. Getting 20-25 minutes between charges.Works good other than that.

  54. BF

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works great

    I really wanted to give this mower 5 stars, but I find that the battery life isn’t quite what I expected. The first time I used it they lasted around 45 mins. The second and 3rd time it was down to 20-25 mins tops. I don’t have particularly tall grass and I know its my first mower but I thought it would be able to give me longer power than it does.

  55. Charles Edmondson

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Minor maintenance tip to avoid a repair headache

    I have had this mower for six years and I am completely satisfied. No issues with the battery so far. However, a couple of weeks ago while I was using it, the little wire from the handle bail to the switch box broke, which caused the mower to shut off. The wire had rusted through over the years.To save yourself the aggravation of trying to fix this, simply spray the wire with WD-40 (or oil it) every couple of weeks or after each use. If you open the switch box there are a bunch of spring loaded parts which will fly all over the place, so best to just use this simple preventative step.

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  56. Jason

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    A good electric mower with great customer support.

    I had an issue with the battery that came with my mower, it stopped charging.I contacted customer support and they were wonderful.They replaced the battery, told me it would take 7-10 days to get it to me and I had it in 2.I bought this mower as a replacement for a much smaller Ryobi mower as I have some grass that can be rather wet at times and hard to mow.This mower has little issues now and then when the grass is high but just pulling it back and letting the blades spin for a second or two usually clears it out.The runtime of this battery is highly dependent on how much work it has to do to cut the grass.I have a 1/4 acre, as long as I mow weekly I can mow the whole yard.If we have a lot of rain and I miss a week, it can usually do the front yard and then I have to charge it midway through the back.If you have a somewhat well kept lawn it does the job great.Just don’t let the lawn get really high or mow when it’s wet.It’s not a 1:1 replacement for a gas mower, but I think it’s pretty decent.I do not miss having to pull start a gas mower.

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  57. Russ MartinRuss Martin

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Absolutley Satisfied with the Purchase — 0 Pollution !!

    The media could not be loaded.

     I purchased the mower with the 4ah 80v battery. This is the best lawn mower I have had. We live in Costa Rica and mow the lawn year round, our property is about 1/4 acre and has a steep hill. The battery lasts as long or as longer as a tank of gas on the mower it replaces, that was a Poulan Pro 6.25 hp with California compliant emissions.The GreenWorks is superior quality in every respect, I don’t even know where to begin. The single lever height adjustment is something I didn’t consider that important when comparing alternatives, but something you really appreciate once you have it. The variable speed on the mower is really an awesome feature. When going through light grass you save energy, and when going through heavy grass it makes the mower not stall. The gasoline powered mower would stall almost every lap on the lower part of our property, where the grass seems to grow thicker. The electric mower has not stalled even once, ever. By the same token, starting the mower with a button instead of pulling the cord is a dream too.The battery lasts for 1 hour on the upper part of our property, with the mower set to a height of 3. On the lower part it lasts less, sometimes 30 and sometimes 45 minutes. I am going to purchase the Greenworks trimmer and get an additional battery when possible, in the meantime I do other chores or grab water and a snack while it recharges. It actually recharges in about 45 minutes.The overall all quality of the wheels, the deck and the handle are very high, again superior to the Poulan Pro. The height adjustment on the handle is very convenient, on the hilly parts I can make it lower to improve the angle, and on the level parts changing to a higher position makes it much better for a person my height (6 feet).Being able to store the mower in an upright position is another feature that one doesn’t necessarily consider important when comparing machines, but is also very convenient on space. I also believe it will help keep the deck from rusting in our humid tropical climate.The steel deck seems very durable and high quality. This makes the mower heavier than I might expect, given that electric motors are lighter weight than gasoline, however the durability will pay off in the long run in my opinion, I wasn;’t sure how a plastic housing would hold up over time with the blades launching projectiles every so often.Costa Rica has the goal of being carbon neutral in 2021. Yard machines are a major source of CO2 emissions, so I am happy to stop polluting and contribute to our country’s objective. I would also say that the quiet operation is another benefit that is a big deal once you experience it.I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone a cordless electric mower, and the Greenworks Pro 80v is an excellent choice.Check out the video of my daughter starting both mowers !

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  58. Marc M

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Impressed with this easy to handle, high quality mower

    Bought this for my son who has a small yard. I was undecided initially on whether to get the 40V with self propelled capability or the 80V for more and longer lasting power. Went for the 80V and it works great. These mowers are so light I don’t thing self propelled is even needed. This mower can easily be pushed through the thick Florida Saint Augustine grass very easily. Why waste battery power on self propelled? Very satisfied purchase and recommend for those with smaller sized lawns.

  59. JB_SWT

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Three Star Review could easily be avoided

    I am pleased with this mower in nearly every way. NEARLY. For starters, there was an issue starting the mower which required a somewhat tricky repair, but otherwise this has been a work horse, helping to transform my lawn into one of the best in the neighborhood. Pros – Good to adequate battery life with fast charging. Light, with easy maneuverability. Very low maintenance, a hallmark with many electric mowers. HERE IS MY BEEF: The 21″ mower blade replacement a standard design, not available here, and not available in most outlets. There is an identical one made by Kobalt, but good luck finding this at your area Lowes. And will they ship it? No luck. Consequently, if you want to purchase this on the Greenworks site, be prepared to pay nearly TWICE as much as normal blade, PLUS shipping. Verdict: I believe this is done on purpose, to artificially keep the price high and to drive traffic to their site. (Sure, good business strategy in the short-term, but for this reason alone, I would encourage other consumers to find mower that uses a more accessible mower blade. (To the Greenworks rep going through reviews: Get this essential part in stock at a reasonable price and I will change this to a 5-star review. Capiche?)

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  60. K. Gill

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent Mower.

    This is my second summer with this mower. I couldn’t be happier with it. I am a complainer. My wife says that I am very negative. I love this mower. I am the type of a person that most of my life I would not have wanted a battery-operated mower. I always thought that would have been stupid. I love this mower. My other mower is a Husqvarna push mower, self-propelled $650.00. I bought this Green Works mower for my wife to use if she had to on my workdays. I now use this mower all of the time. I have had no problems with this mower whatsoever. I love not having to fight with gas, oil, or pull starting it. No lack in power with this mower. I have no complaints about the battery life. I have a small yard. I could get by with one battery. I have 2 batteries. I never need 2. This mower is light weight and easy to handle. My wife can mower with it easily. I absolutely love the push button start. I surprise myself at how happy that I am with this mower.

    12 people found this helpful

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