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Greenworks 48V (2x24V) 20″ Cordless Battery Mower, 10″ String Trimmer, & 320 CFM Blower Combo Kit w/ (2) 4.0Ah Batteries, (1) 2.0Ah Battery & Chargers Patio, Lawn & Garden

(60 customer reviews)


About this item 2x24V 20″ Mower Kit 24V 10″ String Trimmer 24V 320 CFM Leaf Blower What’s Included: (2) 4.0Ah USB Batteries, (1) 2.0Ah Battery and (2) Chargers 24V Greenworks battery powers 125+ Greenworks 24V products

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Power Source








Item Weight

48 Pounds

Cutting Width

20 Inches

Product Dimensions

56"D x 21"W x 45"H





Item model number



2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

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4.4 out of 5 stars

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#29,755 in Patio, Lawn & Garden (See Top 100 in Patio, Lawn & Garden) #17 in Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers

60 reviews for Greenworks 48V (2x24V) 20″ Cordless Battery Mower, 10″ String Trimmer, & 320 CFM Blower Combo Kit w/ (2) 4.0Ah Batteries, (1) 2.0Ah Battery & Chargers Patio, Lawn & Garden

  1. Alex CK

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Updated review, 2 years after I bought it, also extension cord gauge that you need, and tips.

    Updated Review May 15, 2016 (2 years since I bought it)It has been two years to the date that I bought this law mower, I could not be any happier, besides the fact that in those 2 years, I do not know what is to deal with carrying fuel cans in my car, fixing clogged carburetors, changing spark plugs, oil, and air filters.The only thing that I have done to this machine, is the occasional cleaning of the machine and keeping the blade sharp.I gave it a five starts when I bought it and used the first day, I keep giving it the five stars.Fist review 2014Nice machine, light weight, easy to handle, a lot of power but it is not a self propel mower. Excellent if you want to keep yourself fit. Recommended if your lot is 25 ft in the front and 25-50 ft in the back. If you have 100 Ft lot get ready to drag a lot of cable.The motor is a brush motor which means that is a high speed with a lot of torque.Noise level is much lower than a gas engine mower, no fumes, no gas, no oil changes and no tune-ups. No need to store fuel in your garage or shed.This mower is high adjustable and can be operated as a side discharge, allowing to cut a lawn that is too high.Before you decide to buy a wired electrical lawn mower, you have to understand the issues related to the wire gauge of your extension cord.Most of the failures associated with electrical lawn mowers, are due because the owner does not use the appropriate extension cord for the job.First you must understand wire gauge AWG, the lower the number the thicker is the wire, so a 12 AWG cable is actually thicker than a 18 AWG cable, and a 12 AWG cable can deliver à higher current carrying capacity than a 18 AWG cable.Below are the voltage drops for different AWG cables based on a length of 100 FT, but remember to take in consideration that the power outlets in your home are fed with 14 AWG cables, so in the sample below if you use a 18 AWG cable 100 FT, and the power outlet in your back yard is about 50 Ft away from the circuit breaker panel in your home, your total voltage drop will be 17 +3.5 Volts= 20.5 Volts that means that your lawn mower motor will be getting 99.5 volts, well below the rated 110-120 Volts it requires to do the job.Furthermore, when the voltage drops it will increase the load / amps on the motor, which will overheat and stop or fail.Cutting a lawn that has grown too high or is wet will increase the chances of failure if you are using the wrong AWG extension cord, the extra effort required to do the job will increase the amps on the motor and will overheat.Using an old power outlet that is not weather protected in the outside of your home, could also give you problems. There is the possibility that the wires, and the power outlet may be corroded not been able to provide the extension cord with a good contact.Do not connect / turn on other electrical appliances / high power demand devices in the same circuit you are using to power the lawn mower, it may trigger off the breaker in the electrical panel ( I said circuit, not power outlet, you may have several power outlets in the same circuit).If the electrical panel circuit breaker is triggered off, that is a sign that you are doing something wrong. Unfortunately some times that protection may be too late, and the motor may have already burned out, the circuit breaker in the electrical panel is there to protect your home and you, but not the lawn mower.Motors have thermal protections some reset after cooling off, some get damage and do not reset. Do not abuse the thermal protection of the motor, is not intended as an on and off switch, constant abuse will end in permanent failure.If your lawn mower stops by the thermal protection, disconnect it and place it in the shade, let it cool off.If the thermal protection worked, it should be able to start again, it may take up to an hour to cool off in hot weather, grab a beer and check the extension cord and outlet. Disconnect the extension cord and quickly check the temperature of the extension cord, if the cable is too hot, you are doing something wrong.If the lawn is too high, place the wheels of the mower in the highest setting; use the side discharge feature of your mower if available. Read the owner’s manual to check if you can remove the grass catch bag and operate the mower. Doing this will reduce the effort that the motor does to cut a tall grass.Make sure the blades are sharpened and not bended, walk slow and give time to the mower to do the job. Learn to listen to the mower motor noise, so you know what kind of effort is doing. ALWAYS READ THE MANUAL.The manufacturer recommends 16 AWG extension cords; I highly suggest that you use a 14 AWG if you are going to run over 100 FT extension cords. Avoid 12 AWG extension cords in 100 FT lengths; it is expensive, heavy and difficult to handle it for storageThe extension cord should have the AWG stamped on the outside insulation jacket.Extension Cord Gauge AWG 12, 120 Volt, 13 Amps, 100 Ft, voltage drop 4.25 Volts, Electric motors receives 115.75 VoltsExtension Cord Gauge AWG 14, 120 Volt, 13 Amps, 100 Ft, voltage drop 6.75 Volts, Electric motors receives 113.25 VoltsExtension Cord Gauge AWG 16, 120 Volt, 13 Amps, 100 Ft, voltage drop 11.25 Volts, Electric motors receives 109 VoltsExtension Cord Gauge AWG 18, 120 Volt, 13 Amps, 100 Ft, voltage drop 17 Volts, Electric motors receives 102 VoltsAdditional circuit inside home electrical outlet to breaker boxHome electrical circuit AWG 14, 120 Volt, 13 Amps, 50 Ft, voltage drop 3.5 Volts, deduct 3.5 from the above applicable values.These values are for you to get an idea of the issues with long extension cords 100 ft +, you may only need a 50 ft extension cord, and the circuit for the power outlet in your home may be only 25 ft, so a 16 AWG extension cord as recommended by the manufacturer will be enough.Watch You Tube video named: (sorry link can not be posted, it does not show in this review).” Greenworks 21″ Corded Electric Lawn Mower Review and Tips ”

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  2. Eliza D.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Endless Power!!

    I have a big yard with big trees that drop big leaves and debris.This thing mows over twigs, sticks, rocks, thick grass, piles of leaves, and just keeps going. It has never cut out, broken, or failed on me.Black and decker lasted less than 4 hard mows, replaced with this greenworks and it has lasted over a year so far. Very impressed with the power and speed, but it is quite heavy. I do find myself tripping over the cord frequently because I am looking at what I am mowing, not down in front of my feet.DO NOT RECOMMEND for elderly or those who cannot push/ lift it past inclines or ruts. Could be a big risk!

  3. Abbadon

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Lightweight, great for a smaller yard.

    I bought this after having my gas powered mower die on me. I wanted to try the electric option as a greener option and my yard is not really that big. Front and back together is maybe the size of a kitchen and dining room together. While the cord can be a little annoying at first, you get used to moving it out of the way like when you vacuum. Although the mower is a little more difficult to maneuver than a vacuum. lol. Putting it together was rather easy, but an extra set of hands make it easier. Over all I am happy with my new mower.

  4. Arc212

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    An engineer’s review

    Edit 8/15/2017 – I’m updating this to 5 stars because even given the issues below, I would buy this product again over any competitors I could find in this product category. I’ve used this for 4 years now and it still works the same as it did new. I remarked below on poor cut quality in some scenarios where blade speed can fall too low which is still a problem, but this really only occurs when mulching. Cutting thick or tall grass with the discharge open improves the pace and cut quality in this scenario but there are limitations, mowing fields is still going to produce a crappy cut no matter what you use.Let’s get a few things out of the way, these do not impact the product score, as they are common to all products in this category:1. This is a corded mower. Dealing with the cord is sometimes a pain. If you have a lot of trees or obstacles you may want to consider something else.2. Maximum power is limited to a 120V outlet and what can safely make it out an extension cord (about 1650W, for reference 1HP is ~745W).3. With no batteries to wear out or engines to refuel/re oil, this is very cheap to operate. Running this mower at peak output generally costs 8-25c/hour. You also hit an advantage in purchase price as gas or cordless units with the same features generally cost 50-100% more.4. Short of hitting something, bogging down an electric motor generally allows it to produce more power and speed back up again (unlike a gasoline engine).So, what’s good about this? Well:1. 21″ Steel deck. The actual blade is 19.5″ leaving you a little less than an inch on either side of the deck that won’t be cut. You can get a much closer cut with this than the B&D plastic models that have a very thick plastic housing. It’s also going to survive rocks/sticks much better than the plastic ones. Both the discharge cover and bag seem to attach easily and solidly. It also makes it look more like a lawn mower and less like a big kid’s toy.2. Light (<55lbs). Since you're not carrying your power source onboard it will be lighter than any other mower in this size class (compare to 75-90lb for gas or battery electric). Larger rear wheels give easy maneuverability. Single lever height adjust works well and is spring loaded so you can raise or lower it with one hand.3. 3 in one operation - A lot of electric mowers whether they're cordless or corded are limited on power, most get around this by using more efficient blade designs that generate less lift but mulching can be slower. With a reasonably well manicured lawn it doesn't matter much, but cut quality and performance drop off a lot if mulching tall or really thick grass. Since this model has a side discharge that remains an option for thick grass and improves cut speed significantly without wasting your clippings, quite a few electrics don't have a discharge option.The bad?1. Wheels/axles could be shielded a little bit so the cord doesn't tend to wrap around it and go under.2. Mulching anything thick is slow, mowing through thick grass can take quite a bit of time (and tends to clump the output.) I think this is more related to the blade design, when you move fast through thick patches it will cut but leave a few standing, if it had more lift I think it would draw these up (and also help propel the discharge better). Unfortunately the blade seems to have proprietary mounting holes so that's hard to do.Now, into the nitty-gritty:This mower is powered by a brushed DC electric motor (Globe 7080). Brushed DC motors are lighter and cheaper than AC synchronous motors or induction motors. However they're generally less durable or efficient.The Globe 7080 has a peak efficiency (their spec) of 68%. Peak efficiency at 3500RPM (590W output at 7.3A), Peak power at 2245RPM (860W output at 13A). Here's why that's a problem:Mowers are generally limited (by agreement) to a maximum blade tip speed of 19000 feet per minute (for safety of items that may be thrown from the mower). Higher blade speeds give more lift helping the grass get lifted into the cutting path and making cleaner cuts. At max efficiency RPM the blade is moving about 17,800FPM on this mower. If you start cutting too fast you'll bog it down. Because it's electric it picks up torque so it will keep spinning but you don't hit peak power until about 11,600FPM. This is far too slow and you'll start seeing missed cuts and ragged lines (I noticed this in actual usage).So since you can't really cut that slow, maximum usable power is closer to 600-650W, or less than 1HP. By comparison, a Honda GCV160 engine at 3600RPM (a common governer setting for push mowers) outputs about 3425W, falling to around 2800W at 3000RPM.Obviously there are electrical supply limitations to a mower like this. It's perfectly serviceable but nothing amazing, if they ran a brushless motor in here it would undoubtedly cost more but the efficiency could be much higher (>85%) and could be designed for peak power much closer to the ideal blade speed.Here’s the specs on the motor, some were given others were hand calculated.Globe 7080 series (120VDC)Voltage 120VDCNo-Load RPM 4490 RPMNo-Load Current 2.0A (provided) 1.16A (measured)Stall Torque 7.316nmStall Current 26.0ATorque Const 0.305nm/ASpeed Const 37.4 RPM/VoltMax Efficiency 68%Torque 1.61 nmSpeed 3500 RPMCurrent 7.3 APower Output 590 WBlade Tip Speed 17868 FPMMaximum Power (assume 50% full stall torque)Torque 3.658 nmSpeed 2245 RPMCurrent 11.99 A (+2A no load) – 14APower In 1680 WPower Out 860 WCalc Eff 51.2%Blade Tip Speed 11460 FPM

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  5. OneCoffeePlease

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent performance – Keep in mind a few things, as listed below…

    Let me start by saying a few things:(1) I have been using a corded electric mower for about 15 years. I have a very large lawn, both front and back. I’ve made it a point to use a 13-amp mower because it is powerful enough to cut through thick grass and weeds. I prefer electric because there is zero maintenance. I prefer corded because there are no issues with battery charges or battery longevity.(2) It is imperative that you use a thick gauge power cord to prevent the motor from burning out. The longer the cord, the thicker you need. This is because the electric current diminishes the farther it needs to travel from the outlet to the mower. A thicker gauge will ensure the electricity current’s integrity. I need 125 feet, so I use a 10 gauge (which costs just as much or more than the mower). It can get tricky to become accustomed to using a cord this long, but once I got the hang of it, it was pretty easy. Just be careful… Over the years I’ve mowed through two cords… given their expense, that was very sad indeed. — If you are mowing a smaller area, you probably won’t need to purchases a 10 gauge, but it wouldn’t hurt.(3) Once an electric mower dies, it’s dead. There is no repairing the motor. I highly recommend buying an extended warranty if you are planning to use the mower often and for large areas.(4) When mowing tall grass/weeds, do not try to bulldoze through. You could burn out the motor. Tilt the mower up and VERY gradually settle it over the tall grass/weeds. The rotor will do its job without the risk of it getting tangled and overtaxing the motor. Unfortunately, I forgot to do that with my last mower when going over a trouble spot… and I was wearing headphones and I didn’t hear the motor’s distress. I burned out the motor. I had to buy this product to replace it. (You can just imagine how mad I was at myself!)Properly used, an electric mower will typically give many years of service. My previous two mowers were Kobalt brand. Together, they both lasted over 10 years (with heavy usage). I bought this Greenworks mower because it was convenient to buy from Amazon and the specs are equivalent to a Kobalt. What’s more, it was less expensive. So far, the performance has been excellent. Since I am unfamiliar with this mower’s longevity, I purchased and extended warranty.Overall, I am very happy with Greenworks. If you keep in mind the foregoing tips, I think you will be happy with it too.

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  6. Christian C. Kunig

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I’ve Had This Thing Long Enough, Now

    I live right on a highway (US 13), so I have a thin strip that adjoins the neighbor’s easement or whatever, for their driveway. On the other side, those neighbors have a fence and there’s a real steep strip that’s very hard to mow. Then, in the front there’s the public property that the Gov never mows because people go EEK! and mow it themselves long before they get around to it. So I don’t have much, but it’s a challenge in places.I got this thing almost exactly a year ago. I thought I’d give it some time before I wrote a ridiculous review. I was a little hesitant. What encouraged me was all the reviews stating how powerful it is and how it can make it through thick, tall grass. Sure enough! It takes a lot of grass to stall it out! It IS better than many, if not most regular mowers. The only thing I’ve ever had that beats it, I still have. It’s a 36 inch Gravely riding mower with a 16 hp engine! That’s a big engine for a 36 inch mower! It’s a beast. This mower coming in second to it is not a dis; it’s more like a silver medal! Anyway, I have now set that aside and use this mower. I haven’t purchased any gas in well over a year. (Hybrid car, All electric car, electric weed eater and a bunch of solar.) I think it actually takes me less time to mow more of it than with the riding mower mowing less of it!!It pretty much rocks! It’s a little narrow; it would be better if it were, say, a 28 or 30 inch mower, but then you’d need a much bigger motor and bigger batteries to provide the extra torque that would require. As it is, the 4 amp hour batteries (they’re in series when it’s mowing; in parallel when charging) just barely make it. So I bought a pair of 5 amp hour batteries. I mow both strips with the neighbors and some small grass areas with the original 4 amp hour batteries and then mow the front (the rest) with the new 5 amp hour batteries. Perfect! All the batteries end up with either one or two bars (out of three) left. I’m very sure this is much kinder to the batteries. They’re good batteries, by the way. The both always have the same number of bars left after mowing and at any time during charging. The charger, by the way, is a work of art! Really nice charger! It can charge two batteries at the same time and has separate circuits for each battery. It has a temperature controlled cooling fan in it. The mower has a fuse | disconnect thing between the batteries that can be removed, say, for servicing or whatever. I DO NOT leave the batteries in it! I bring them in to protect them from temperatures they wouldn’t like. This thing has been absolutely ZERO maintenance so far! I haven’t even cleaned it! I’m VERY happy! I have a 3000 square foot building and a huge driveway that wraps around it or I’d have a quarter acre.Lithium batteries are just EXPENSIVE. Get used to it! Given that, it’s not really at all expensive!

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  7. Iris74

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Makes yard work SO much more pleasant.

    I was a bit hesitant about ordering this mower since it had only one review at the time but I am so very glad that I took the plunge and did so.I have used it 4 times now to mow about 1/4 of an acre of St Augustine grass and it has performed consistently every time – even when the grass was pretty long the first time I used it. I’ve used it with the bag (which attaches very easily) with the mulching plug and, for a few minutes, with the side chute. All work well. I use the mulching plug attachment most since I believe in returning the clippings to the lawn.Here’s what I loved about this mower:Weight: Our last mower was a gas, self-propelled Honda and even without the bag attachment it was getting to be a chore to use. This mower is not self-propelled but it is unbelievably light to move around. I usually carry the extension cables in one hand and push the mower in the other when moving from back yard to front and it is not a major effort at all. Our front yard has a slight slope to it and the self-propelled used to struggle with this, as did I, but this one is light enough to make that part so much easier.Deck : The Greenworks line at this time has all metal decks. I was a bit concerned about grass clippings clinging to the underneath and resulting in rust and the manual does say that you need to wipe off the underneath after use to prevent rust. I have only used this when the grass is dry (easy in Texas) and every time that I checked the clippings had not clung to the underneath of the deck.Exhaust: There is none!! I am sure our last mower was belching enough CO into the air to put me into a regular funk after lawn work. This one, obviously, has no exhaust and, I have to admit, there I get a kick out of the fact that I have stopped pouring fumes into the air every week!Wheel Height: Adjustable one handed and glides smoothly. I love it after struggling with each wheel on our old Honda.Start up: I must be getting old but yanking on the cord multiple times to get the gas mower going was becoming something I dreaded. This one starts quickly at the press of a button, is super quiet and I don’t feel bad mowing at 8 AM if that is what I need to do.And here’s what I don’t like:Plastic screws: The screws that allow you to fold down the handle on the mower is connected using a plastic screw and lever system. I have my doubts that this will last very long since I fold it down after every use. However, I have little doubt that if and when it breaks I can come up with another system to keep the handlebar in place.Deck size: While certainly large enough to not be a big pain, the fact that it is a few inches narrower than our Honda requires a lot more walking. BUT it is walking without fumes in your face and with a lighter machine so it does balance out.Cables: This is a corded machine. I have read that using a certain grade of extension cord is important and the user’s manual states this as well. I have one extension cord at the right grade and one that is a bit lower. The mower does fine when I have to double up the cords and use the ‘inferior’ one but if you want to follow the instructions to the letter you need to double check that. Also the cables are a pain the first few times you mow. I learned eventually to start close to where the cord was plugged in and always turn the machine in the direction away from the cord when turning around. Otherwise having to reorganize the cord was an absolute nuisance. Trees are a bit tricky but by the third time I had the method down and it was frustration free.All in all, this is an excellent corded mower and I cannot recommend it highly enough!Edit in August 2012: Still a great mower but the plastic screw in the handle fold down mechanism came loose and fell off while mowing. I’ve replaced it with a basic, but probably more sturdy, metal nut.If mowing at the highest height possible (3.5 inches) it cuts St Augustine visibly unevenly. I keep it at 3 inches and all is good.The cords are still fairly maddening. So if you don’t handle frustration well you may want to look at a battery powered rechargeable version instead. I prefer not to have to eventually add a big battery to a landfill so I am still happy with my mower! 🙂

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  8. Mandryke

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    One day, someone will make a good electric lawn mower. That day is not today.

    One of these days, perhaps someone will make a good, fully-functional lawn mower that does not require setting fire to small amounts of dinosaur remains over and over, very quickly, and only *rarely* suffering major injuries when a few too many dinosaur remains burn a touch too quickly in a space that’s just a shade too small.However, that glorious day when dinosaurs no longer help crop our lawns to length remains far in the future, I suspect–and I question whether GreenWorks will be around to join in the celebrations.In fairness, the mower is not completely lacking in merit. For instance, it is a very lovely shade of green. The monotone dark grey offsets the green very nicely, and the overall effect is that of a small race car. Well, a race car with a gigantic handle. And I suppose the wheels and the bag would look very out of place on a–All right, it may not have much in common with a race car.However, for all its green-and-greyness, there is a darker side to the GreenWorks 25112 13-amp mower. For instance, it is insanely underpowered. I’m not sure just how much torque 13 amps normally gets you, but the torque the 25112 develops is perhaps best measured in the number of voles you could tip over with it. Put in those terms, I would say the 25112 measures approximately oh-point-four-three voles.(If the voles resisted, the number would be much lower. For the purposes of this metaphor, assume that the voles are heavily drugged.)If you’ve read this far out of amusement or perhaps boredom, you probably find yourself asking “The voles are all well and good, but how much actual /grass/ can it cut, and how fast can it cut it?” Fair enough. Given a slovenly-enough walking pace, the 25112 can cut approximately no grass at all per second unless you’re quite patient indeed.Once maneuvered onto a patch of un-mowed grass of a height ranging from four inches to as little as un-sprouted grass seed, this Greenworks product requires approximately five to ten seconds to reduce blade speed from… well, whatever its maximum rotational speed is… to almost failing to turn at all. Given another ten seconds or so, the flywheel–given the mower’s impressive weight, I assume it contains a flywheel–will finish dragging the blade along via sheer momentum for a few full turns, severing just enough grass to allow the blade to begin to build speed again.As the blade begins to pick up speed, it will helpfully fling largely intact grass out the side of the mower, where it will block sunlight, kill the surviving grass–no more mowing!–and eventually turn into thatch requiring specialized tools or sheer bloody-mindedness and hysterical strength to remove from the lawn. The default configuration should be enough for most folks, but If you feel that the mower is not generating enough sunlight-blocking, turf-choking pre-thatch for you, you can remove a couple of plugs to take it out of “mulching mode”.Now, I think we all agree that frequently it’s the small details that really make the difference, and this mower is no exception. For instance, most potential buyers are unlikely to think too much about the cleverly-designed cord retention clip that helps keep the mandatory extension cord (some assembly required, batteries not included) from being yanked out of the mower every time the cord catches on some darn thing. This is a tiny thing that doesn’t deserve any real consideration, you may feel.You would be right, and clearly GreenWorks agree with you; no thought at all was given to the retention clip or the notion that it should be designed to retain a quite heavy and thick cord indeed. I have my doubts, but it’s frequently claimed that 100ft extension cords for devices needing 13 amps really are best rated for a minimum of 13 amps–perhaps as much as 15 amps, to be certain! It’s a sad truth that one is not allowed to claim that an extension cord is rated to convey 13 (or, again, 15) amps without using enormous masses of heavy, joy-killing copper–quite a lot of PVC, too, and perhaps even other completely unnecessary materials.I, for one, refuse to believe that so much copper (also PVC!) is really necessary simply to carry a little harmless electricity and perhaps prevent it from coming into contact with the grass, the body of the mower, your body, etc. You know who doesn’t get invited to parties? Underwriters Laboratories, that’s who. Fortunately for us, GreenWorks is a “fun company”, and they have anticipated your desire for a cord retention clip designed for those of us who eschew clunky, unnecessary copper wiring in favor of second-hand, aluminum-substitute speaker wire; coat hangers twisted together; or even Laffy Taffy.Unfortunately, it’s Underwriters Laboratories that lawmakers and rulemakers are inclined to kowtow to, and if you’re caught using Laffy Taffy to power your GreenWorks mower (pineapple works best, I find), you may be required to use a real extension cord, Should that happen, you will be happy to know that I performed extensive research before purchasing my GreenWorks 25112, as well as acceptance testing, and I can confirm that it’s compatible with virtually every major brand of cable tie and twist-tie on the market today.Before wrapping up my review, I’d like to assure potential purchasers of this product that, if they–like I–opted for an electric rather than dinosaur-fueled mower only because they felt that they could no longer deal with the fumes and nausea of the more common models, the GreenWorks mower delivers virtually every other feature you’re accustomed to–and then some. Not only is the manual replete with must-have advice, such as not mowing the extension cord; but the wheels are suspiciously flimsy and are frozen completely perpendicular to the axle, by longstanding tradition. When you’re making the big jump to electric, let’s face it: the last thing you need is a mower that’s confusingly maneuverable.Finally, if you were worried that an electric mower might produce too little noise, failing to irritate neighbors should you choose to mow bizarrely early in the morning, GreenWorks has you covered. Every aspect of the motor and drive system have been carefully designed and tuned by their engineers to make very nearly as much noise as non-electric motors of the same or sometimes even larger sizes!You won’t miss a thing!

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  9. Emeraldisle

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    You can’t go wrong with this

    I bought this to replace another electric lawnmower that only had a 15 inch cutting path. I used this and my cutting time cut in half. It works so good I went and bought a second one to keep for the backyard (I have a 5 step stairs to go into the back so lugging one back and forth was a pain). I have a very bad back, hips, and shoulders and this was light enough where it didn’t cause me issues. It maneuvers well and does a great job of cutting/mulching grass and leaves. I would recommend it for anyone to use

  10. CT Steve

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very early 5 stars, subject to revision with experience. Revised 9/2018, still 5 stars, excellent customer service.

    First day reviews are always risky, but this product looks pretty good. First, the product was delivered a day early and all in one shipment although Amazon had split the order with the mower scheduled to arrive a day later than the accessories. But, that’s Amazon, they do what they can, when they can. I got the order confirmation at 5:30 p.m. on Monday and everything was here via UPS at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, less than 48 hours. But, that’s customer service.On to the product. First, no assembly required. Remove the cardboard spacers, lift the unit out of the box, decide how you want the discharge to work, everything snaps in or out, set up the handle, pretty intuitive, adjust the cutting height, one lever, plug it in and you’re in business.September 2018: The mower has performed well for three seasons, 2 years on the warrantee. During the last mowing the machine would not restart after a shutdown, reason unknown. Called customer service and they are sending a replacement unit, although that that will take about 3 weeks. I had specifically bought a 100′ 12-gauge cord, which I believe is what the manufacturer specified at the time, but am now informed that that is oversize and t should be 14 or 16 gauge. So, wire size is critical.I ordered the package with the 100′ 12/3 cord and the cord reel. The cord seems fine, pliable and easy to handle and lighted at the ends so that you know that you’re getting power. The reel was a little disappointing, but at the price it’s hard to complain. The main thing is to accept that its purpose is to store the cord, not to help you manage it in use. It barely stores the 100′ #12 cord to say nothing of anything more and only if carefully wound. I think that probably the catch that holds the end of the cord to the reel will fail fairly quickly, but hopefully that will not be a major issue. So, you’re probably going to strip the cord off the reel and go to work. It is worthwhile to spend a few minutes winding the cord carefully back onto the reel and then be able to carry it easily and store it compactly as opposed to a loosely coiled cord. Given the mower shape and the cord reel I can store both in the space formerly occupied by just by my old electric mower.I have been familiar with electric lawnmowers since the 1950s; my parents never owned a gas mower. Corded electric mowers are hard to beat for an area that can be reached with a 100′ cord from well-spaced outlets. No gas and oil, no exhaust, no tune-ups or mechanical maintenance, less noise, etc. Using this machine today was an interesting experience. My old machine was about 7-8 years old and on its last legs. Clearly not just an electric motor on a platform with a spinning blade as the brand name that it replaces seems to have been, this unit is lighter in weight than my old machine and appears to be engineered to do this specific job. I have a fairly rough semi-natural lot, perhaps semi-neglected would be more accurate. Yard work is the bane of my life; the stuff always grows back. I routinely cut grass, or whatever it may be, that should have been cut weeks ago, do light semi-brush cutting, deep leaf mulching, including those left over from last fall and maybe before, etc., whenever I get to it. I did all of those things today, faster than before with better results, with rpm drops by the motor of seemingly not more than about 10%, and with no feeling that I was abusing the mower.We’ll see how it goes in the longer run. I will change the review and the rating if all does not go as I hope over time.September 2018: This mower has operated well and as expected for three seasons, 2 warrantee years, with the advantages and some of the noted disadvantages of an electric vs. gas machine. Working yesterday, the machine would not restart after a shutdown. Called customer service and they are shipping a no charge replacement unit, which will arrive in about three weeks. I was instructed to dispose of the the failed unit responsibly, OK. Interestingly, I was informed that the 100′ 12-gauge cable, which I believe was their spec of the time, and which I ordered bundled with the mower from AZ is oversized. Don’t know enough about electronics to completely understand that, but I’ll replace it with 14-16 gauge, which is what they now specify.

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  11. Cindi StLouis

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love this

    Got this for my parents. They love it being battery powered. My only wish is that I got the self propelled. Both parents are in their 80’s. But they still love it

  12. Me4H2O

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    powerful corded mower

    Bought this after reading some other reviews. Thought would give it a try. Glad I did. The instructions were not quite as clear as needed as some of the parts were on backwards – or at least backwards from the instructions – but got it figured out and put together. Easy starting via the button and I use a 50′ extension cord, sometimes joined to another 50′ but not very often (I have a larger back yard). Very hilly yard so not very easily maneuverable along the hilly part, and do have to stop and move the cord to ensure not to run over it, a little noisier than thought but much quieter than the neighbors with their gas mowers or the yard maintenance folks and their jumbo machines. I like this and would buy another. Make sure to buy an extra blade though (I need to get another one already) as it doesn’t take much (even light sticks) to ding up the blade. Am pleased and recommend if interested in a quieter machine and one you don’t have to pull to start, or bother with gas and oil.

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  13. gio

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice mower- made shabbily

    Handle fell like a cheap suit because a bolt had fallen out, so I had it repaired already first month. Bought this one practically double the price of the last one because I was very satisfied with the last one. This one is built where whenever you push it through a pile of dirt, the dirt sticks to the inside of the mower and won’t barely come out, which can end up a problem plus with the bolt falling off it is clear to me that the quality is off- especially at the higher price.

  14. PaulinePauline

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Absolutely love this brand!

    My first experience with Greenworks was when I bought a lawn mower, a weed eater, and a leaf blower. I thought I was moving to a place where I would not need these things and ended up selling them off. When I didn’t move, I was very upset because I needed lawn equipment. I hired a man who charged very little and did an excellent job so I didn’t need another lawn mower. Unfortunately, he passed away so when I went looking for a lawn mower, I instantly looked at Greenworks. Their products are extremely easy to use and offer a reasonable price for a quality product. I will eventually get another weed eater and leaf blower, both from Greenworks. This particular lawn mower offers more with the 21 inch and 13 amps for $218 which was lower than the price for the 20-in and 12 amp lawn mower at $224. As with all Greenworks products, this was super easy to assemble and the top part can be loosened by opening the clamps at both sides to be folded down and stored away. As you can see from the photo, it does an excellent job. The only problem with corded electric lawn products is being able to maneuver the cord to where you don’t have to continue to move it out of your way. I put the cord in my right hand while holding the top so that I can maneuver the rest of the cord to the right. This allows me to continue to mow the lawn without having to stop every few seconds just to move the cord. It’s a lot like using a corded vacuum cleaner. I know that any lawn equipment I need in the future will definitely always come from Greenworks. High quality, low prices, how much better can it get?

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  15. John Gilliom

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Push Mower I have owned

    UPDATE 9/25/2017After 4 years of dependable service, the mower stopped running last week. It turned out that one of the wires connecting the rectifier to the motor had vibrated loose. The fix took about 10 seconds. However, removing the motor cover to get at the problem was another story. There are six metric self-locking screws that screw into threaded inserts staked into the deck. Two of the screws self-locked into the inserts so well that the inserts broke loose from the deck and spun with the screws, making it impossible to unscrew them. I pried the cover off, which did surprisingly little damage. After sawing off the frozen screws and drilling out the inserts, I replaced the OEM hardware with stainless steel 10-24 pan head screws, nylon-insert lock nuts, and washers from Lowes. I wish I could take off half a star for sub-par maintainability.UPDATE 6/8/2019The motor failed in the strangest way–the bottom of the pressed steel motor shell has 4 pie shaped cutouts for ventilation, leaving 4 support legs about 3/4 inch wide. All 4 legs broke off due to metal fatigue, presumably from vibration. The armature, bearings and blade are completely loose and held in place by the field magnets. At $59 with tax and shipping from Greenworks, the replacement motor is a better deal than a new mower. However, the replacement motor does not appear to include the bridge rectifier or dynamic braking resister. I will also need a new rectifier.The space under the motor cover was filled with dry grass and dust, which apparently gets sucked in with cooling air.BTW, the 21 inch dimension is the width of the deck. The blade actually measures 19-1/2 in. across.PRO:* 21 inch blade is as wide as most similarly priced gas mowers – saves time vs. other electrics.* Lighter and more maneuverable than gas or cordless mowers.* Does not bog down cutting thick grass or mulching wet leaves.* No periodic maintenance except cleaning under the deck regularly and sharpening the blade about once a season.* Operating cost about 1/5 of gas mower. I save about $20 a season ($0.11/kWh vs. $3.38/gal today where I live).* Smaller carbon footprint than gas or cordless mowers.* Steel deck is more durable than B&D electrics.* Replacement parts (like new blades) available on line from GreenWorks and third party sellers.CON: NothingMy first rotary push mower was a Craftsman private label Lawn Boy my father bought in 1952. This is my third electric mower and the best of the lot. The first was a 17 inch Lowes Task Force mower — the cheapest one I could find — that turned into a maintenance project after a few months. The second was a 19 inch Black & Decker MM875 that I reviewed elsewhere on this site. We used it for two years and loved it until my wife discovered that dropping the blade on a concrete downspout splash block could deflect the blade enough to destroy the plastic deck.The 21 inch blade on this mower cuts the time it takes to mow our lawn significantly vs. the B&D. The blade is ground with a smaller acute angle than the B&D (about 30 degrees) and stays sharp longer. The locking levers for the folding handle and the sliding cord attach point are clever design features. We use the mower with the rear bag installed to clear the fallen leaves from our lawn, and the 13 Amp. motor is powerful enough to chop a pile of wet leaves without stalling. The mower picks up our leaves quickly, and chopping them reduces the number of bags we use by about 1/3.I considered buying the cordless version. But our lot is small enough that we can reach the far corners with a 100 ft. cord, and we have learned to wrangle it efficiently. So the extra cost and weight of the batteries did not seem worth while.

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  16. DenM

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Better than I expected.

    Updated 12/27/2023I have now owned and used this mower for a full season in the mid Florida area. It is still working great and has managed my St Augustine lawn with no issues although I have used Turbo mode a few times when I miss my weekly summer mowing schedule and my grass is longer. So far the batteries and mower still perform like new. Overall I am still very happy with this purchase.OriginalI purchased mine on Black Friday 2022 so I was tempted by a very good price. I live in Florida and have St Augustine grass so I was skeptical this mower would have the power I needed but so far I have been quite impressed. My home sits on 1/4 acre with grass front and back and I mow in mulching mode without the included grass box. So far a single charge on the supplied rapid charger just about makes it through the whole lawn. As a backup I got a spare set of batteries from Amazon but so far they have not been used. My previous mower was a self propelled 22″ gas powered Toro which is showing its age but still works after 12 years. This Greenworks mower does not have the same power as the Toro but is much lighter and requires less effort despite being push only. It is also much quieter than a gas mower and there is far less vibration when in use. I have not hit the main growing season in Florida yet but so far I am happy. I will update when I see how it handles longer grass in summer.

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  17. Regular Amazon Customer

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    safety switch stuck to “on” – mows even when you don’t want it to

    Has been a great mower, but now, the safety handle never releases. The mower mows even when let go. This is pretty ugly, since grass plugs it up & it needs to be unplugged regularly, but it’s very dangerous to unplug the grass when the mower just keeps mowing, blade keeps cutting, never stick fingers in to unstick the plugged up grass because those blades never stop !!!

  18. Tw

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Lightweight mower.

    We love it, works perfect for our small yard. Easy to use.

  19. zoldar

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    A Good Mower

    The mower runs like a top and cuts the lawn well. It is versatile and easy to switch between rear bag, side discharge, and mulching modes. It has large wheels and is well balanced for excellent maneuverability.

  20. Cadman

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great, but NOT for every yard.

    The product was well designed but honestly it just won’t work for my lawn. I have thick St. Augustine grass that grows quickly here in SW Florida. The 4Ahr batteries that ship with this lawnmower bundle did not last long at all. I was not cutting the grass super short, but the mower struggled with the thickness and height of the grass (admittedly taller than should have been). My yard is not big at all and I made it halfway through the front yard on full charge. Then, because the batteries were so warm I had to wait almost an hour to put them on the charger because it shows an error and makes you let them cool before connecting them. So after that hour it took almost 3 more hours to charge them fully. So it was the next evening before I could continue mowing. I still did not quite finish the front yard and had to charge them again. All total I spent five straight evenings cutting my small yard and still didn’t finish. I simply could not spend every single evening all summer long cutting grass for 20-30 min each night because by the time I finish, it is time to start again. If you have a small yard that does not have thick grass, this likely will work great for you. Unfortunately it did not work for me.

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  21. Patricia Scott

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I kept buying gas powered mowers that would last about a year. Finally, found this electric mower that is dependable and mowed like a dream! Worth every penny!

  22. J. A. Jenkins

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Cuts well but the battery really sucks

    I have to cut the front, charge again, and then the back to finish my yard. It’s only 1400 sq ft of grass total. Also, the little tiny bag for clippings means I have to empty it 4 times to get through the job. That’s unacceptable. Did I get a lemon? These reviews are amazing. I feel duped.

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  23. Michele C.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Super easy to use and does a great job!

    I bought this mower and a 100 ft. extension cord to take care of my parents’ 1/2 – 3/4 acre yard. Works like a charm, even in heavy grass, although I have to go slightly slower than I would with a gas-powered mower. Cuts evenly and well, lightweight, mower blades get close enough to bushes, walls, etc. that I have to do very little trimming afterwards. Assembly a breeze–pretty much ready to go out of the box except for adding the second section of the handle. Starts very easily, which is important for me. I can’t bend down and pull on a mower cord like I used to so the easy-start button and mower handle are a must for me. Haven’t tried it with the bag yet, but it looks easy to install and remove.

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  24. Karen L. Duvall

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    This is a great mower

    I have a Green Works corded mower that I’ve used for 7 years with no problems. It still works great and I’m keeping it as a back up.This new one is so nice! It rolled right out of the box and only had minimal assembly. The only reason I replaced the corded one is that I am 73 and the cords were a bit much for me to use.I also have a Green Works snow blower that is corded, so I am looking at a battery one too.

  25. IMGBAT

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Once you understand it, a good product

    Started off frustrated by the mower. Tried to use it for my first mow of the season and it took THREE CHARGES to mow my 1/4 —1/3 acre lawn. But my grass was a foot high AND it was moist in places. The mover is not super efficient for those types of jobs. It can cut it, but your battery won’t last long.After that with a normal height lawn, the mower did everything in 1 1/4 charges. That was cutting 2-3 inches off.MY TIPS TO MAXIMIZE BATTERY CHARGE:1. Empty the bag often if using it. Clogged blade eats battery. Especially important if the grass is wet. Don’t let bag get packed down.2. Don’t try to cut more than 3 inches at a time. If the grass is 100 percent dry you may get away with it, but I live in the Midwest and there is nearly always morning dew.3. Buy two more batteries! Worth it in the long run.4. Get a hose and spray your mower after each use. I fold it, stand it up and spray the blade side to get any grass, mud or gunk out of it.Very happy with the product now that I understand it. 4 stars because it’s completely manual push. I don’t mind it because I use it as a mini workout. It’s light weight.

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  26. Tamye McMinn

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I like it!

    Mower was quick assembly, no tools needed. I had a smaller mower same brand that I liked but it quit working. This new mower is larger and 5” wider cutting path, made quick work out of large lawn. I like the electric corded mower a lot, just clean the mower after each use and there has been no other upkeep or maintenance. Don’t worry about gas or oil or plugs, just plug it in and go!! You must always be aware of the cord but other than that it’s a simple tool and easier task. The mower doesn’t vibrate as much while in use as the gas mowers I have used in the past and it seems quieter also.

  27. Earl Ellisor

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Two seasons and still humming along

    This was my first electric mower and it has not disappointed.Pros of electric mower:. No gas and oil to mess with, to purchase and to store. No need for small engine maintenance and repair, no motor maintenance at all.. Light and easy to handle, no need for a drive train. No exhaust smoke. Easy quick start every timeOf course the big “Con” is the extension cord. But you learn how to handle this, establish a pattern for your lawn and it really becomes a minor bother. This mower is powerful for my lawn even when it’s quite high and thick.For newbies to electric mowers, some tips:. Always, always know where your cord is. Keep it in sight, avoid backing up so that you never have your eyes off the mower.. Mow back and forth in rows beginning nearest your power source so the cord is always laying on already mown grass. Go around trees and other obstacles in the same direction (left or right) during each pass until you have cleared it. Establish a successful pattern for the various obstacles in your yard and use it each mowing.. At the end of a row turn the mower into the un-mown grass so that the cord passes behind you and you’re ready to proceed down the next row.. Carry the cord in your hand that is on same side as the power source to facilitate laying the cord down on mown grass. This means switching hands as you make the turn at the end of a row but you’ll learn to do this pretty automatically.Pros and tips for this mower:. The rear bag is all I use and it’s very ergonomic. You just have to focus on hooking it on the bars which is straightforward. And when you are putting the bag on you should lift up slightly on the mower just enough to get a grip to raise the back flap.. Raising and lowering the mowing level uses one lever and is a cinch.. Use a leaf blower to clean debris from the housing.. Scrap grass from the undercarriage, don’t spray it with water.. Sharpen the blade each season.. Use a 12 gauge extension cord to get the best power from the electric motor. It’s a little heavier to deal with but really needed for good performance.. Install a garden hose rack to store the extension cord. I have two cords and two racks, one for the front and one for the back so I don’t have to lug them around.

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  28. SWC

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    No issues.

    No issues. Used it to mow a small area around my flower beds. I knew It was corded, but it is still a pain dealing with that but the area is so small to mow.

  29. james anthony

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    perfect for small yards

    this mower is prefect for me . small yard so a hundred foot extension cord lets me mow hole yard.

  30. D. Mccall

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Nearly Perfect

    I’ve been able to use this mower about 4 or 5 times now, so I thought I’d share my experiences:The mower was incredibly easy to unpack, without a single tool being needed to start using right away. This mower is about 50lbs, which is perfect for me to carry up and down the steps of our multi-level yard.It’s incredibly quiet compared to gas mowers and it was even quieter than our electric weed whacker. Not smelling obnoxious gas fumes after mowing is great as well. There’s plenty of power to get through the various types of grass and weeds around our house, and the mulching has worked fantastically – no clumps of grass scattered about! If our grass ever gets a little too high, I don’t anticipate feeling bothered at all to simply raise the deck up and mow the yard in a couple passes because of how quick and easy everything is.Because of the lightness and quietness of the mower, I find myself more inclined to mow parts of the yard more frequently rather than pushing it all off until a weekend (or two).Despite the quality of construction apparent all over this mower, the rubber grip that saves your hands seems rather cheap. Mine was, in fact, torn already when I opened the box. This is really the only reason I’m taking a star away, because I don’t see this grip lasting beyond even a single season of use.Pros:- Noticeably more lightweight than our 6.5hp gas mower.- Metal mowing deck- Single-lever adjustable height.- Appears very clean and well put together.- No odors or fumes while or after mowing.- Very quiet.- Very easy and convenient to stop the mower and start back up when needed.- Great at mulching the grass, seems to have plenty of mowing power.- Collapsing the handle is rather convenient with the quick-release levers located midway down.- I don’t have to worry if I filled up the gas can or checked the oil level/spark plug/ etc.Cons:- Rubber grip handle tears easily, seems cheap.- Yes, having a power cord is kind of a pain, but it’s a minor complaint compared to the advantages.I’m absolutely happy with replacing my gas mower with this, so I definitely recommend it based on my experiences thus far.

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  31. Dale

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good Price. Decent Quality. Time will tell

    Good price point. 3 year warranty.Initial observations (1 month): Decent quality. Reasonable power. Battery lasts long enought to mow front and back yards. Recharging takes approximately 20-25 minutes.Time will tell if the initial value proposition is achievable/realistic.

  32. Robert Blackard

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Powerful and NEVER stops until you do.

    Great mower… Never used this brand Greenworks, but let me tell you, they make a solid product.The price was very good for the power and features you get. 13 amp motor cuts thru thick grass easily.The 21 inch cutting width make the job quick and easy. You have a bagger to collect the clippings or you can mulch or let the clipping fly. Corded or Plugged in mowers never run out of gas or need recharging.Now the motors are stronger than ever. I bought it for my birthday….best gift I got…lol.

  33. April

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    No fumes. Maneuverable.

    Battery life about 45 mins. Recharged within a couple hrs. Easy enough to back up or turn. Not excessively heavy. Very pleased. I am an out of shape elderly woman and I can use it.

  34. J. Castle

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Quiet and light!

    This mower is revolutionary! I literally smilied the first time I used it. The batteries last for at least two mows of a 1/5 acre yard. The mower is so quiet you can talk while its running. The batteries charge in about an hour or so. The mower even has an LED headlight! I actually enjoy mowing the grass again!

  35. Sharon C.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works great

    I like that most of the parts are not plastic. It’s a good size and easy to use. The blade is good, it has cut my yard nicely and sharp. The height adjustment is easy to do. The set up for the mower was very easy and simple.I do recommend this lawn mower. I had bought one that had batteries to use instead of the cord. It didn’t have the power that the corded one does.I actually enjoyed cutting my yard with this mower. I’ve learned how to maneuver around with the cord.

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  36. T. CallahanT. Callahan

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Most effortless and efficient

    Packaged marvelously this is our first electric mower and we couldn’t be more surprised/pleased. For worn out 65+ year old bodies, this was our huge blessing. Much easier to mow because it is lighter, moves well through all heights of normal growth grass, less effort for these old bodies, and fighting the extension cord was surprisingly non existent after we got the hang of it. Our mowers were stolen as we visited his mother in the hospital, just a day or two before her body gave out completely. Finally our loss is now our reward!

  37. baseballfan11556

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    the best

    i got this a month ahead of time, that’s great and it’s so much more quieter and it is also so much more lighter and it is more movable then the gas one, i like it so much more so much easier to put together took about 15 minutes , i used it the first day i got it and it cuts so much better, the BEST

  38. Charles B

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works fine, so far.

    Have used it for one summer and it mows fine. It is light and easy to push. It is not as noisy as expected.The last one, lasted three summers then just died. Hope this one is better.

  39. Nitesh Patel

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    This is my first Lawn Mower! and i love it and brang off to my friends.

    My first Lawn Mower, and I would recommend this to anyone as it’s easy to use, easy to clean, and as long as you treat it right, it will treat you right. I only gave it 4 stars as when I got it and got it out of the box, I moved the level from the highest position to the lowest. I noticed that when it was in the lowest, the front right wheel was up against the body of the mower so that wheel was (and still is unavailable to move in the lowest and second lowest setting) I called the day I got it and they told me to take it to a local authorized dealer. That dealer was well out of my way and I live in Jacksonville, FL! to get to the authorized dealer was 45 mins from me. I’m not in the biggest city, but I’m in no boon docks for that. I did bend the frame a bit to get the same wheel moving from the 3ed lowest setting up. (first 2 still don’t work) I have used this with 3 extension cords (over 250ft total) and still works powerful as though I would have one cord. I have cut only one cord in over 14 cuttings. I have a yard that is about 2750-3000 sq ft, and that’s a big yard for this machine, but I wanted to see what it was like before I go gas or cordless. But it’s DOOABLE! Price is great! Also if your worried that it would bring up your electricity bill, it didn’t raise mine and I used it over summer and I live in Floida and my bill is less than last year! It obiously uses energy, but not enough to warrant a huge spike In wattage usage. I also use a black and decker electric trimmer. and that I had for 2-3 months and that didn’t raise the bill. If you have a smaller yard than mine, then I would recommend this to anyone.

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  40. Paul

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Greenworks says it is not to be repaired

    I used it for a few years and it works fine and we do not need to breathe the bad air from a gas engine. One design flaw I found is that under the plastic cover, a lot of grass clippings cumulated there, where the brushed motor resides. I found this because the motor suddenly became weak and spew fire/smell, and I took the lid off and it is full of grass clippings. I believe the fire is due to the partially broken brush. But I could not find the carbon brush part (3110638B). When I called Greenworks and waited about 50 minutes, I was told the corded mowers are not supposed to be repaired. If it is under warranty, Greenworks would replace the mower, but since it is off warranty, the advise is to trash it and buy a new one. The company does not sell the replacement brushes. I don’t think this is a “Green” attitude.

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  41. LYNNE

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy to put together

    Easy to put together and start using right away

  42. Paul Simpson

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Decent Mower

    Fairly easy to assemble, easy to maneuver, went through thick damp grass about 6″ high without a problem. Wish the batteries lasted a little longer. Had to recharge them halfway through my approx 1/5 acre of grass

  43. Michelle Rice

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy to use

    I specifically bought this set to take to the cemetery so I could mow and trim easily. The mower folds down to fit in my suv and store upright when not in use. The leaf blower and weed eater are both adequate. I’m yet to use the chainsaw but I do have a few projects planned.

  44. Cindy McGrath

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works great. No gas fumes or hassles.

    Got this mower on a special deal here on Amazon. $279! Great deal. Mower works good. I have a smaller grass area but not tiny and I can mow 4 times between charges of the batteries. The electric eliminates the gas fumes and hassle but of course is not pollution free as the electricity used to charge the batteries must be produced using products that do cause pollution. But, it is a step in the right direction. Mower cuts the lawn well, is quiet and has turbo mode for denser lawn or weed areas. I definitely recommend.

  45. HoosierDaddy

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Satisfied with performance.

    I ordered this mower Monday morning and with Prime, 1 day shipping was just $3.99. Mower arrived Tuesday Morning and I just finished mowing with it for the first time. What a difference! I’ve used gas mowers all my life and was recently very impressed with an electric line trimmer from B&D (GrassHog), so I thought I’d give this electric mower a shot. First of all, the noise. While this mower is far from silent, it is significantly quieter than gas alternatives, even the small 4 hp model this is replacing. Next, starting this mower is the easiest thing in the world. No filling with gas, no priming, no pulling repeatedly on a long cord. Just hold the button, and squeeze the bail. Thats it. The electric mower spins up and purrs like a kitten in seconds. The next thing you’ll notice is the smell. There is none. With gas mowers you smell gasoline, oil and exhaust. But with the Greenworks mower, all you smell is fresh cut grass. Before, I would be light headed and dizzy from the fumes by the time I was done with the yard, but not with an electric mower.I bagged the cut grass today, so I can’t yet speak about the mulching or side discharge, but the bagging worked really nicely. I feel like this mower outperformed gas powered baggers I’ve used in the past. Seems like it sucks the grass up like a vacuum. Very impressed. Had to empty the bag fairly often, but the grass and leaves inside are great for composting or using as mulch in beds.Ok. The real difference you’ll experience mowing with this electric mower and your old gas mower is the cord. While the cord holder on the cross bar does help significantly, I did find myself tripping and tangled over the cord once or twice. You really do have to plan how you mow a little more than with a gas or battery powered model. However, once I got the hang of it, it really was no problem. It helps to divide your yard into smaller sections in your head, and mow one section at a time. Also, start near your outlet, and work away from it, so you never mow over your cord. I used a 100 ft cord and could reach all sections of my 1/4 acre yard.As for performance, this thing is great. Grass was cut very cleanly and consistent. Mower only became bogged down when the bag was full. After I was finished mowing, I did flip the mower over and clean a very small amount of wet grass that had stuck to the underside of the mower in a few places. Probably wouldn’t be an issue in the summer with hotter weather and dryer grass, but today it was.Overall, I’m overwhelmingly pleased with this purchase. Amazon is great! Greenworks mower is great. If you’re considering buying this, and have a reasonably sized yard, buy it. You won’t be disappointed.One final thought, the battery operated model would be fun to try, but I’ve read too many poor reviews of the batteries themselves.

    One person found this helpful

  46. Cathy

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very happy

    I really wanted to replace my gas mower with another gas mower, but because I live in CA, found out that once again only CA has gone way overboard – this time on gas mower emissions, and the cost to purchase a CA-compliant gas mower is way too much (and in MHO is so totally stupid). So, I had to look at alternatives. While not wanting to be burdened with the long cord, I read other electric mower reviews to understand the “trick” to not run over the cord. Easy enough, easily figured it out, and mowing with this mower is great.My previous mower did not have a grass-catcher, so I absolutely love this feature. No more raking grass clippings and sweeping the sidewalk and curb. My lawn is about average size, so the size of the grass-catcher is perfect; I don’t have to empty it during mowing.Only thing a little hard for me is the over-all length of the mower plus grass-catcher makes it very long for me – I am 5’3″, 61 yr. old female, so it may be just me. When I get to the end of the first pass, it is a little difficult to manipulate and turn the mower around to go the opposite direction because I am close to the house and flowerbeds. So I have to take a few passes to cut the grass in the corner. This is not a deal-breaker, however.The other great feature I love about this mower is the easy way to adjust the blade height. I have mowed my lawn three times since the mower arrived, and while I started at the highest level, I have lowered it one notch each time.It was so so easy to set up, too. All I had to do was unfold the handle, lock the clamps that hold the handle in place, and plug it in! No installation at all!This mower is easy to push, so easy to start, easy to clean. I like the 21″ size so it takes fewer passes to mow my lawn (I considered Greenworks’ 16″ version but my previous gas mower was 20″ so didn’t want to go smaller), and the power is more than enough to do the job.I was a little disappointed in the shipping. This mower qualified for free shipping, I ordered it July 6, and started tracking it. But instead of shipping it right away, it apparently was being held back since it wasn’t even delivered to the shipper until several days later. So I took this to mean that they were going to make me wait the full committed days for free-delivery shipping since I didn’t pay extra for expedited service.This mower has reduced the time to mow my lawn in half! (Mostly because of the grass-catcher). I am very happy with the Greenworks product. It does everything they say it will do. I would purchase their product again.

    7 people found this helpful

  47. Jay Cavallaro

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works great, battery life could be better

    Overall, this mower works great. It cuts well, and it’s easy to bag and empty to grass cuttings. It’s nice not to have to worry about putting gas in it as well. However, I feel the battery life is too short and I had to purchase another battery so that I could finish mowing my whole lawn, which is under 1/5 of an acre. Lastly, it would be nice if this had assisted propulsion or whatever it’s called.

    One person found this helpful

  48. Barnabas

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    What a great mower. Better than the old Black and Decker …

    I had the Black and Decker electric mower for 5 years before it died. Then I bought this Greenworks mower. I have used it for a year now and it works great. I have rental property, so I have to load it up in my car to take across town. The handle folds and unfolds quickly and easily. I’ve been mowing lawns for 40 years, and this is the best mower ever. Even an old man an lift it in and out of a car. My wife can do it easily as well.It easily mows through waist-high weeds. I have to go a little slower than usual, but it chugs right through. For regular thick grass, there is no problem. If the grass is wet, the underside of the mower will clog up a little, but it is easy to scrape out the clippings. Be sure to wear gloves when you are doing this because the blade is sharp. Ask me how I know this.I use two 100-foot 12-guage cables to reach the back of the property. I have no problems toting 200 feet of cable. Most of the time I hold the cable in one hand and push the mower with the other. The mower is that lightweight and easy to push.The mower comes with a little cable clip that hangs too low. I do an overhand knot with the cable around the center of the handle to keep it up high. After a while you figure out how to dance with the cable to keep it out of the way. Be sure to get a bright colored cable so you can keep an eye on it in the grass. I got orange, but yellow would be better.The height adjuster could not be easier.It is also easy to remove the blade and get it sharpened. I mow about six hours a week during the summer, so I sharpen it about once a month.The only thing would change would be to make the main deck out of plastic. The old Black and Decker mower was plastic, and I assume plastic would make the mower even lighter (not that it is heavy!). A little of the paint has worn off the underside, so I am concerned about rust. I guess a quick coat of spray paint at the end of the summer will be in order.Overall I like my Greenworks mower better than the Black and Decker. The B&D mower control switch wore down due to poor plastic parts, and you had to hold it with the right hand, unlike the Greenworks that works with either hand.. I finally replaced the B&D control switch with a simple ON-OFF switch, which defeated the safety features. I have had no problems with the Greenworks switch, and based on the design, I do not expect any problems.I recommend this Greenworks mower to all my friends who are still running those heavy gas mowers.

    5 people found this helpful

  49. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent mower – do we ever need a gas mower again?

    – A quick summary: Purchased this last year and nearly one year of operation, and I can tell you that I am a “very” happy customer.- I used to have mowing service, but price has gone up crazy and I was not happy with the service/price. So, I decided to go back to mow myself.- I researched quite a bit when purchasing a mower. I wanted to try an electric mower, as I was not very happy with gas mower which needs maintenance.- I did not want to go with battery powered mower, because I believe those batteries will die sooner than expected, and the cost of the replacement batteries will likely just about the cost of the mower.- So, I finally decided to go with a wired electric mower. I again researched quite a bit about the spec of the mower, watching YouTube videos for testimonials of the mower, etc. I was finally convinced that the wired electric mower may be good enough and purchased.- Assembly was very straightforward. The mower is light. I am surprised about the power of the mower. I can attest that I do not see any difference between this electric mower and the gas mower I used for decades. It is just as good as any gas mower.- In the first couple of times, the long electric wire from the outlet to the mower bothered me a bit as I navigated through my lawn. However, after a couple of mowing, I get used to it and feel nothing uncomfortable handling the wires.- Everybody’s need is different, but I can tell you that this product is very good, works great, and it is definitely an excellent replacement of old-school gas mowers.

    7 people found this helpful

  50. Jen

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for Use on flat ground W/O obstacles and 12-14 guage 100 ft outdoor locking cord

    Make sure you buy the 12 or 14 gauge 100 ft outdoor locking cord to use with this. The typical 16 gauge will kill the engine. Having the locking cord is good to keep it from accidentally getting pulled out as you go. I bought this to mow my Grandma’s lawn. Her house is 1 1/2 hrs away and I’m there all the time fixing her house up so I might as well mow it myself rather than pay to have it done. Eventually the house will be sold so I didn’t feel the need for anything fancy. I decided to get the corded version because reviews stated the Cordless ones didn’t hold power for long enough and they took a couple hours to recharge. That would mean buying extra battery packs and eventually they would go bad anyway. All rechargeable batteries do. This wouldn’t be a problem with the corded version. Electric mowers are also lighter so easier to push without self propel and I didn’t have to worry about buying gas and trying to make sure it all got used up. It performed well with what should be the last mow of the year. Lots of leaves on the grass to mulch up and I mowed over some finished flower items without problem as well. It worked best on the portion of lawn that is flat and wide open as it was easier to keep the cord from getting in the way. The edges of the property have trees and bushes, which made it a little more cumbersome with the cord, but for safety I just stopped it. moved the cord, an re-started it after it was completely out of the way. Since it’s electric it’s super easy to start. The only area that was a little more worrisome was where there were tons of leaves and it was harder to see the cord. I got a red one so that made it easier and I just made sure to loop up the excess on each pass and let it go as needed. If you have a property that would need greater than a 100 ft cord from the nearest outlet, has lots of obstructions/landscaping in the yard, or has a lot of hills I wouldn’t recommend this. For my purposes it worked pretty well even though there are trees and bushes to go around on the edges of the property. I would not recommend this for children to use or my husband, who admits he would likely run over the cord as he is not patient and doesn’t pay much attention. He has run over enough of my flowers as it is (They were in his way).

    5 people found this helpful

  51. William L. Schart

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great mower but customer support sucks

    I got this mower this summer, mainly to get into corners and the like where my riding mower won’t go. For a variety of reasons, didn’t use it for a couple of weeks. Then I had to use it to mow the whole lawn, as the rider was in for repair. It had been a while and the grass was pretty long and thick, but this cut right through it. Unlike a gas mower, an electric won’t stall out. There was some issues of managing the power cord, but I soon figured out how to manage that. With an hundred foot cord, I can get my front yard totally from the front porch socket, and then the back yard from the deck socketThat’s the good, but for the bad. When I first used it, partway into mowing I noticed one of the front wheels was broken. I suspect, but can’t prove, it was cracked in shipment, as the little hubcap was loose in the package. Whenever it happened, I certainly hadn’t done anything that would have broken it. Amazon says to contact the company for support, so I submitted a request for replacement through the company website. I got an automated reply that it had been received, but since then (and it’s been a month or so) I have heard nothing. I finally went out to Ace Hardware and bought a replacement, but this company rates quite low for me on customer support.

    2 people found this helpful

  52. John Harper

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    The Green-Mow-Chine

    I’m a power tool kind of guy. Typically gas power is the way to go for most of my needs, but this thing kicked my gas mowers tail and yet was easy enough for an 85 year old woman to use since its so light. I ordered a new mower because my wife likes to run over rocks and metal ground rods with every mower I buy… like a magnet or a moth to a flame. Bottom line is that while my 3rd mower *sigh* was down for the count the grass grew 6 inches tall while I waited for this one to arrive (lots O’ rain). When the green-mow-chine arrived I decided to put the mulcher to the test and lowered the deck to my normal height. I had to go a bit slower than normal, but it cut the grass like a samurai at a hibachi grill cook off. Before the rains and before my wife ran over concrete my gas mower, the muchler left grass all over the yard… the green-mow-chine however did not. A+++Pros:- Light weight- Electric (No need for gas, spark plugs, air filters, winterizing)- More quite than gas mower- Super easy single handle deck height adjustment lever- Superior mulching (with bag or side eject attachments if you’d rather not mulch)- It’s green? ;-)Cons:- I dislike dragging the cord around as much as I thought I would. My rating is not based on this con because I knew I was getting a corded mower instead of the battery version. I took my chances because I don’t like the idea of buying new batteries for $99/each.- No power cord included- Amazon recommends that you buy a 100 foot 12 AWG cord, but the manual says: 50′ = 16 AWG, 100′ = 14 AWG, 150′ = 12 AWG- The plastic clips on mower used to hold the power cord are cheap and I already know they will break soon- Cord clips are not sized to hold a 12 AWG outdoor rated cable – seriously??? What’s with that?! (probably why mine will break soon)- I hear an odd vibration sound when I lift the mower for another passSummary:I like it. Happy with this purchase. Hopefully my wife will not destroy this one. haha 😉

    7 people found this helpful

  53. James

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Mower

    If you have a decent-sized yard, I recommend an extra battery set, and I know they take about 3-4 hrs to recharge, but I can get my decent-sized yard done. I also don’t have to worry about winterizing or getting gas its nice.

    One person found this helpful

  54. Amazon Customer

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Pretty satisfactory

    Bought this mower to replace a 10-year old Sears Craftsan (Black & Decker) corded electric mower that gave up the ghost. We have a small yard so a corded mower works just fine. Read lots of reviews and this mower seemed to have the most positive ones overall, plus the 4-year warranty was attractive (although there’s not a lot that can go bad on an electric mower). Compared to the older Sears Craftsman I had:Pros:Seems to cut the grass very well, so far I am getting a smooth even cut.Not very loud; Not silent, but about as loud as a box fan on high. Very similar to my old Craftsman mower.Lightweight – It feels noticeably lighter and easier to push than my old Craftsman.Bagging function seems to work well. Haven’t tried the mulching function yet and I don’t plan on using the side discharge.Cutting height adjusts easily.Cons:Does not feel as solidly built as the Craftsman. Made in China; the Craftsman was made in the USA. However, to be fair I don’t think any manufacturer is making electric mowers in the USA any more (that I could find).Double-action trigger is harder to use than the Craftsman/B&D style. You have to hold down a button then pull the wire bail handle. I’m sure I’ll get used to it but it just doesn’t seem to work as easily as the Craftsman.Mover deck ‘leaks’ particles of grass and leaves as you mow. Hard to describe but after you mow there are clumps of clippings that accumulate on top of the mower deck that come through various cracks and crevices. Not really a problem, but you’ll want to blow off the debris after every mowing.The electrical cord connector hangs lower off the push bar than on my old Craftsman. This might be personal preference but I liked it higher. You can’t tie the cord off on the top push bar because it would interfere with the bail, so I hold it in one hand while pushing.That looks like a lot of ‘cons’, but I still give this mower a cautious recommendation; Its primary function is to mow and it does that fine. Time will tell if the other minor annoyances are significant or not.

  55. Willow

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Off to a good start

    Bought as a black Friday deal at a very good price and so far so good. Took about 5 minutes to assemble as it’s just a handle and side chute to install. Once batteries charged up I tested it out on lawn that hadn’t been mowed in a month or two and hadn’t been given a final cut for the season before Thanksgiving like it should have here in the Midwest. Very easy to start with just a push of a button and mowed through all levels of varied heightened grass. I used the mulching setup as yard was full of leaves as well. Did a great job. Had to raise the height of mower a few times when hit some rather tall areas of grass but this thing has one of the easiest height adjustment levels I’ve ever seen. Don’t have a huge yard by any means but a normal small suburban yard setup and batteries lasted the entire mow and that included me going over the backyard twice since the grass was so tall. This is first electric mower I’ve ever bought and used, but was very impressed. Only used one time so far but looking forward to using it in spring on a weekly basis. Also bought a greenworks trimmer and blower to go along with this mower and both performed just as great.

    3 people found this helpful

  56. Jon Helberg

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    No muss, no fuss. Just mow.

    Assembly couldn’t have been easier, and you’ll be up and running within minutes.No need to store gas, change plugs, or mess with changing oil, etc., just plug and run. Not the best solution if you have lots of trees to mow around, but excellent otherwise. We are using in Houston, TX, and it handles St. Augustine just fine. If you let your lawn get too long either raise the deck or mow in narrower swaths. We handle a nice sized city lot with a single 100’ 14 ga. cord.Mower height is very easy to adjust, and the mower itself isn’t so heavy that it can’t be pushed by a woman or teenager. When mowing just work back and forth away from the cord, and with a little planning and practice you’ll be loving this mower. Also, instead of using the attached cord keeper, we zip tie a 3” aluminum carabiner near the handle to hang the cord from while mowing. Works great.We mulch most of the time, but use the bagger during the fall when we’re picking up lots of leaves. We have never used the optional side discharge chute although it fits well & can only imagine that it would work just fine.Prior to this mower we have owned two other corded lawn mowers; one Black & Decker, and the other a Sears model which is almost an exact replica of this model only in red. It lasted 7 years before the motor began cutting out sporadically, but by then screws anchoring the motor cover had become frozen, so we couldn’t open it to investigate without ruining it, so we ordered this one to replace it.Highly recommended.

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  57. Mark Bilyeu

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good little mower.

    I like the concept of a electric mower. It mows very well. The Cord can be a little aggravating because you need to keep moving it around. For the price a great mower. Battery powered may be a better option if you can afford it.

  58. Adam C.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great compact mower with excellent battery life.

    Easy to assemble out of the box. The trick to maximum battery life is to charge the two 24volt batteries until the green lights stop flashing, unplug the charger and take the batteries off the unit. If you leave the batteries on the charging unit their power will diminish. Also, after you use the batteries let them cool off before charging, if you don’t the charger lights will shine red. I’m getting about 40 minutes of cutting time from fully charged batteries. The unit is lightweight and easy to handle. I cut about an acre on 2 charges. The higher the grass the more energy the batteries will use. I’ve had the same nit for about a month and I am very satisfied. A couple more tips: clean out the under side of the mower after each use. If grass is moist it will stick to the undercarriage and cause the mower to feel heavy and grass to get stuck in the exit blower. Maximum battery life is achieved when you use the mower nonstop, stopping and starting over and over will decrease battery life significantly. The shorter you cut your grass the harder it is on the mower. If you have long grass, leave the mower higher up and cut twice instead of cutting low initially. This preserves battery life and stops mower from clogging up with cut grass clipping.

    13 people found this helpful

  59. Lauren P

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    I ended up choosing this mower because the reviews were good, the price was right

    My hand-me-down 20-year old electric Craftsman mower had just gone out, and I knew I wanted an electric mower with the option for mulching. I ended up choosing this mower because the reviews were good, the price was right, and it fit my two criteria.Things I like about this mower:Easy to assemble out of the box; Easy to remove bag and install the mulching plugMetal frame that feels super sturdy and that is incredibly easy to clean out (after mowing wet grass, you can tip this thing over and clean out the gunk like it’s a non-stick pan)Doesn’t get too bogged down by tall grassEasy to adjust the height (not a feature I use, but I don’t know if it was even an option on my last mower)Wider than my last mower, which I hadn’t considered, but does let me get done with the lawn with one or to fewer passes.Things I don’t like about this mower:Much heavier than my last mower. Makes it hard to go up the incline of the driveway, especially in thick springtime grass. Leaves large circles of brown grass when I hit divits in my lawn (my fault for not having a great flat lawn, and having the height set too low probably, but just not an issue with my last mower since it was lighter and didn’t have the same bounce)Made for someone taller than myself (I’m 5’4″). Even with the handle at the shortest position, I find myself really having to push hard to get it moving (would be easier to get leverage if the handle wasn’t up so high on my torso), and when I turn around near a fence, it sticks out so far, it is hard to mow the entire fence edge (I end up doing more of a back and forth vaccuming move)Annoying safety start – having to push a button and pull down the handle in the right order, and hold the handle tightly to keep it going.Overall, it was a fine purchase for the price, and it does the job! But now I know more about what I want in a mower, and will look more closely at size/weight next time I’m in the market.

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  60. Craig Froehle

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Would give it 4.5 stars if I could

    This does all the things a wired electric mower should really well. The only complaint I have is that there’s a gap between the body of the mower and the rear discharge bag such that clippings pile up on the rear deck, requiring a cleaning of the mower after every session. I mean, you should do that anyway, but you end up with a lot of grass on the mower because of this gap.

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