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FrgKbTm Bird Swing Toys with Wood Perch, Seagrass Woven Parrot Platform Bird Climbing Hanging Hammock Bird Perch Stand Chewing Toy for Parakeets,Budgie, Conure, Cockatiel,Lovebird .au Pet Supplies

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About this item Natural Material: The bird swing toy is hand-woven from natural chewable seagrass, the top bird perch is made of willow wood bar, hang by colored plastic chains, and decorated with rattan balls and bells, safe for your bird to chew or peck at. Pefect for parrots to play and rest. Bird Swing Toy: Parrot bird swing stand has a hook that is easy to hang. Bells and rattan balls are hung on the plastic chain of the bird stand platform, and the bird makes a wonderful sound when swinging on it. Colored chewing toys were hung to encourage them to climb and nibble, and bird beaks were trimmed. Relieve Boredom: Seagrass and willow wood give off natural fragrance and colorful bird toys can easily attract parrots’ attention in a short time. Your birds will play on these bird chewing toys for a long time daily, keeping their busy, alleviating their loneliness, and enjoying more fun 2-in-1 design: The bird seagrass hammock toy with bird perches can meet all the daily needs of birds for chewing, resting, and climbing. Your parrot can not only rest on it, but also promote exercise through the swing platform, helps develop coordination and balance skills Size and Application: The seagrass net is 7.5 “* 11.5″, the length of the chain is 18.9”. The seagrass bird platform swing toy is perfect for parrots, parakeets, lovebirds, conures, cockatiels, caiques, budgie and other small and medium-sized birds

Product dimensions

‎29.97 x 19.81 x 2.54 cm; 331 Grams

Item Weight

‎331 g



Date First Available

‎28 July 2023

Best Sellers Rank

21,012 in Pet Supplies (See Top 100 in Pet Supplies) 32 in Birdcage Swings

33 reviews for FrgKbTm Bird Swing Toys with Wood Perch, Seagrass Woven Parrot Platform Bird Climbing Hanging Hammock Bird Perch Stand Chewing Toy for Parakeets,Budgie, Conure, Cockatiel,Lovebird .au Pet Supplies

  1. LidiaLidia

    It’s really pretty and it’s BIG!

    I’ve been thinking about getting one of these swings for my birds for quite some time so when I got the chance I did! I definitely was surprised when I received bird swing because I thought it was going to be small but it’s HUGE! I believe it’s big enough that I my four cockatiel’s would actually fit on swing, two underneath and two on top, how cute! It’s like it’s two swings in one, I feel like these swing is perfect for smaller birds like parakeet’s, finches, canary, conure or lovebirds. My bird cage is big but this swing definitely made it look small! Lol The swing is made of really good material and it has many toys for bird to be entertained. I love every detail of the swing! I love how vibrant and colorful it is! I have four birds so I feel like three of my birds were scared of it because only one stayed when I put her on it. I definitely recommend for smaller birds or maybe if you only have one or two cockatiels!

  2. Kathy Carrington

    Good size, sturdy

    Our little GCC seems to like this perch and swing set. The bottom perch is quite large, with plenty of room for him to walk around. It seems well made, hopefully it will last quite a while.

  3. ScarVen

    good for enrichment

    this was good enrichment for our parrot but he destroyed it within a day. he is young and likes to fight with his toys.

  4. Rachel Wilson

    Perfect for rats

    My rats love it. The swing was so easy to put together and hang up it’s bright colored and has bells they love messing with the most.

  5. JennW33

    colorful two-part perch for birds

    This swing has a two-part perching area. My birds spend more time on the wooden perch than on the seagrass hammock, but I do see them using that as well, especially to access the willow ball toys. I did notice a spicy, food-like smell when I opened the package. The smell became less noticeable the more it aired out. The perch and swing came fully assembled.

  6. My Fun Product Reviews

    Plenty for the birds to play with

    There’s a lot on here to keep a bird engaged. It seems very well built but I know it won’t stay that long forever. Our birds like the chew things up but they seem to appreciate when they have some fun stuff to play with.

  7. Tidy House

    Cockatiel loves the swing

    My daughter’s cockatiel is always flying around her room. He flies from the tree she has to his cage. He is always looking for places to land. This swing is the perfect addition to her room. We attached it to her tree and her bird loves to land and sit on it. It has multiple wooden balls and plastic rocking horses to peck at and chew on. It does have bells, but my daughter removed those as she said that those could be bad for her bird because his beak could get caught in them. Overall it is a very quality bird product and would be suitable for a medium sized bird.

  8. Staida

    The cockatiels love it

    I have 2 cockatiels and they love hanging out on these swinging basket type perches – and they love eating them and tearing them apart almost immediately so I have a lot of experience with them as I keep having to buy them on repeat.This one held up ok – about average really as it’s on week 2 and it almost has a whole side falling through (they both chew it relentlessly) but they love it and they constantly play with the little attached toys and it keeps them entertained throughout the day.Very nice, will get a few more of them.

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  9. M

    Bird Nephews Love It

    Got it for my feathered nephews – two conures that my sister has who lives with me. She slowly introduced it to them before she fully set it up, and she says they have been using it. Felt the two tiers was good for there being multiple birds in one large cage.

  10. GingerGinger

    My bird LOVES this swing!

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    I had not realized how large this was until I got it, and I mean that in a good way. I have been building an outside cage space for my green cheek conure and it only took a few minutes after me putting it up that he was all over this thing. He loves the bells, and he especially loves the bottom portion where he likes to walk about and greet me. I am a little concerned about cleanup with this. So far my bird hasn’t made a mess of it, but if he does, I am not sure how easy the bottom part will be to clean. I am hoping just a bit of water will clean it up, but I will just have to wait and see. Because my bird is not super keen on objects that move too much, I did use a few clips and secured to to the cage since I hung it up from the ceiling. He was much happier with that than when it free swung. Just a tip. But I think this is a great addition to his cage! The only thing I wish was different was the perch, I might change it out with a more natural wood which is better for his feet…but that’s really it. He loves it, and I love it, so win win.

  11. Michelle Brinkmann

    Well made and a fun swing

    My bird loves hammocks like this and the fact that this one has a perch on it too makes it even better. Lots of jingle bells for him to play with and those wicker balls to chew on. It’s a great swing.

  12. Shali

    my conure loves this

    i have a sun conure who loves to play on this <3 wonderful toy

  13. deb4nowdeb4now


    Cant wait to put this in the birds cage tomorrow. I know she will love it! It seems super well made and she loves her bells and it has plenty!

  14. Angel B.


    Hangs in your cage good and swings back and forth. My bird loves it. Good style and quality. Works

  15. beach bum

    Nice quality homemade

    This seems like a nice quality homemade product. I got it for my sugarglider who has sensitive ears so I easily removed the bells which I intended on doing, but it was great because the bells are attached with clips so I can later easily re-attach if he wants a change. I really like this swing/platform toy in the cage. It is well made.

  16. Isaiah


    This is easy to hang and very sturdy. My baby squirrel likes sleeping on it!

  17. Kimberly B.

    Birds love it

    NIce quality and very big. Took a few hours for the birds to try it, but once they did, they love it.

  18. dotland101

    So cute! Gotta have it!

    We bought hammocks for us, humans. Then we saw this little hammock for the birdies…. gotta have it! Sooooo Cute! Love that it’s made of natural material, with woven sea grass, with touch and feel more comfortable than plastic. The parakeets seem to think so too, they seem to like it as well. Also lightweight, easy enough to the little keets to make it “swing.”

  19. DanaDana

    Well constructed

    I have a medium sized Lesser Sulfur Crested Cockatoo who loves toys and she was drawn to this one. She loves the plastic pieces and the metal bells and played with this toy for a while! She loved breaking the plastic pieces up and playing with the seagrass part. Very sturdy and durable toy. The seagrass portion has held up very well as she is continuing to play with it. Great for medium or small birds!

  20. Amazon_Fan

    Awesome Aviary Fun!

    This product is to be used for the family’s finches. I know, finches are little birds, but they need stimulation, fun, variety, love and attention too! This is so adorable and it is so fun to watch the little guys fly around to explore to check the interesting swing out. This is an excellent product for our birds and rates well for quality and the interest factor.

  21. A.W.A.W.

    My Cockatiel Loves This Hammock!

    This hammock is really nice quality and a good size for cockatiels and other small birds. My bird has a couple different seagrass hammocks, but this one is hands down his favorite!

  22. DSJov

    Good perch.

    We got this for our african grey. She’s too big for the bottom part, but we really only wanted it so we can hang it outside of her cage and she would have a perch somewhere else in the house.This covers that need.

  23. coptermediccoptermedic

    A new langout

    This is a clever combination of a perch, a platform and engagement activities. I ordered this with the knowledge that my mother’s conure, for whom it is destined, likes to both perch on a dowel and scamper about on a woven platform. The colorful toys on the support “ropes” are also a favorite. This is a great mix, something for every bird and every mood.

  24. Lindsay

    Lovebird loves the little accessory toys!

    My lovebird absolutely loves the bells, toys and rattan balls. I already had to buy more rattan balls because he just loves playing with all of the accessories on it. The rattan bottom part and plastic chain supports are high quality, as well as the wood perch. I would totally buy again!! 🦜

  25. Stacy

    My birds love it

    I had this in the cage with my cockatiels. They absolutely love it. I’ve had to order 2 more because they keep chewing them up

  26. JBeanJBean

    My Sun Conure Loves This Swing

    Soon after installing the FrgKbTm Bird Swing Toy in my bird’s cage he was already enjoying it. He usually takes a long time to start interacting with new items in his cage but he took to this swing much faster than usual. He has even taken to sleeping on it at night. Being a chewer, sea grass items don’t tend to last too long with my bird, but so far he has only chewed up a small section in one corner. Maybe he is being less destructive this time since he has other things to keep him busy while playing on it. He loves the balls attached to the chain and has a great time shaking them and making the bells ring. The plastic chain was an initial concern as it looked like it could be easily chewed through, but it is holding up well. It could be a weak spot for larger birds who chew. The wooden perch has been completely ignored by my bird, but I feel it does help give the entire swing more structure, so it has a purpose beyond a place to sit. My bird loves this swing. I should note that when removing this toy from the packaging it had a strong odor. I rinsed it and let it sit for a couple weeks to air out and lose it’s smell before placing it in my bird’s cage.

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  27. at home a lot

    Perfect size for a green cheek conure; including the mat, there is a lot for them to chew

    This woven platform swing was an instant hit with my conure. I ordered it in September, and it took until the beginning of January for my bird to chew through the woven mat (those are one of her favorites). She also really enjoys chewing the woven balls, and clinking around the other plastic charms that came attached to the colorful plastic chains. Over the course of having it, I washed the entire swing a few times with enzyme bird poop cleaner and warm water in the shower. Some of the color came off the dyed wooden parts, but nothing too major. After the mat had been chewed thoroughly, I disassembled the rest of the swing and my bird still enjoys the toys and plastic chains. She doesn’t like swings, so she didn’t really use the perch part, otherwise I’d have left it up in her cage. But I am pretty pleased that I was able to use the remaining parts after she chewed up the mat. As far as the size, I was pleasantly surprised; it definitely looks like the mat could hold two conures or lovebirds. It was very easy to install, with two closing hooks. And the perch is also a decent size, which could accommodate two birds as well. Unfortunately, I lost the pictures I took before I was able to post a review, but this item arrived as pictured and just as colorful. I recommend this bird swing/mat at this price point ($17.89, free shipping), as it provided lots of hours of fun for my little parrot.

  28. Sam

    Keeps Our Feathered Friends Happy

    As a husband and father of three energetic kids, finding the right toys to keep everyone entertained can be quite a task. But when it comes to our feathered family members, our two cockatiels, this Bird Swing Toy with Wood Perch has truly been a game-changer.First off, I love the fact that this toy is made from all-natural materials. It’s hand-woven from seagrass, and the top perch is crafted from willow wood, making it a safe and chewable haven for our feathered friends. The colorful plastic chains are not only sturdy but add a vibrant touch to our bird’s environment. It also comes adorned with rattan balls and bells, creating an enticing playground for our birds.Setting it up was a breeze, thanks to the easy-to-use hook. Once it was in place, our cockatiels couldn’t wait to explore it. And let me tell you, the sound of the bells and rattan balls as they swing is music to our ears. It’s like a mini carnival right in our living room!But what truly stands out about this swing is how it keeps our birds engaged and happy. The seagrass and willow wood release a natural fragrance that instantly captures our birds’ attention. They spend hours swinging, climbing, and nibbling on the colorful chewing toys. It’s more than just entertainment; it’s exercise for them too. Our cockatiels have definitely become more agile since we introduced this swing into their lives.The 2-in-1 design is brilliant. Not only can they rest comfortably on the perch, but they also get to exercise and improve their coordination on the swing platform. It’s like a birdie gym that they adore.The size is just right for our cockatiels, and I’m sure it’s perfect for small to medium-sized birds. The seagrass net is 7.5″ x 11.5″, and the chain is a generous 18.9″ long.In summary, this Bird Swing Toy with Wood Perch has been a fantastic addition to our bird family’s life. It keeps our cockatiels busy, alleviates their loneliness, and adds a whole lot of fun to their daily routine. My wife and I can’t help but give it a well-deserved 5-star rating. Our kids love watching the birds play on it, and it’s a joy to see our feathered friends so happy and content. If you have birds at home, this swing is an absolute must-have!

  29. Jesse Reed Patton

    Short lifespan for the price

    Lasted about a week and a half before my cockatiel had chewed the lower section off. Really disappointing for the price.

  30. Itzamia

    Has become the highlight of the Play Pen!

    My husband pointed out that it would be hard to give too much praise to this bird toy. It has plenty of features that keep our baby birds happy.They sit, rest, sleep, groom one another on the hammock, climb the “ropes” playing with all the toys, and perch on the cross bar. They have decided the hammock and cross bar are as good a place to spend the night as in their cage.Rocky, a new baby, played with the little red rocking horse on his first day out of the nest. He continues to go to the hammock before any other resting place. He loves it and I do too. : o )

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  31. Gadget GirlGadget Girl

    Looks like the photo in the listing

    This is a nice addition to our conure Orbit’s cage. The cage is longer vertically than horizontally and the lower part is mostly wasted space unless we give Orbit reason to go down there. He climbs down to greet the dogs and now to go on the swing to get treats. It takes him a long time to get used to new items so making them enticing is always helpful. The swing is long and takes up a lot of room. It could certainly be hung up higher to the top if you want by overlapping some of the loops. It is sturdy enough though it’s also delicate enough that a determined bird could destroy it easily, but that is part of why I buy things for the cage anyway. Orbit seems to like the perch as well. Overall, this is a fun upgrade to Orbit’s cage and not too expensive.

  32. Amazon Customer

    So disappointing! Birds tore it up day one

    I loved the swing. But, the bottom rope part was torn up day one. I thought it would be more sturdy! The birds tore it up immediately! I was so disappointed!

  33. LilyLily

    Looks good

    This parrot toy swing is very well made and sturdy. There is a solid wood perch and a seagrass-woven platform, with many toys hanging on both sides. The materials used are of good quality. One minor issue I have noticed is that when my birds stand on the perch above, they sometimes drop poop to the netting below, which requires constant cleaning. This toy is a bit too big for my birdcage, but my birds love it.

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