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COMMERCIAL CHEF 0.6 Cubic Foot Microwave with 6 Power Levels, Small Microwave with Grip Handle, 600W Countertop Microwave with 30 Minute Timer and Mechanical Dial Controls, Black Everything Else

(60 customer reviews)


About this item Powerful: When it comes to microwave ovens, our COMMERCIAL CHEF 600 watt microwave (23.1 lbs.) is your solution to fast & delicious food. Microwave bacon, microwave pasta, & other delicious favorites! 6 Power Levels: Our compact microwave (17.75″ x 12.5″ x 10.25″) has 6 outstanding heating settings, including Low, Defrost, Medium Low, Medium, Medium-High & High. Mechanical Control: Heat up food from 30 seconds to 30 minutes with an easy-to-operate mechanical control timer on this countertop microwave with an accurate timer signal when complete. Impressive Features: When it comes to countertop microwave ovens, our black microwave cooker is superior with 600 watts of power, a convenient grip handle, turntable, & 0.6 cu. ft. capacity. Grab and Go: This small microwave allows you to heat meals, snacks, and drinks so fast to accommodate your busy life. Our microwave oven helps you can enjoy delicious food without wasting time.
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This COMMERCIAL CHEF 0.6 cu. ft. microwave oven has 600W of power, capable of heating and re-heating foods and beverages from 30 seconds to 30 full minutes. Enjoy hot coffee in the morning and a pre-made frozen meal in the evening.

breville microwave freidora de aire microondas para cocina en oferta white microwave dorm microwave<img alt=”breville microwave freidora de aire microondas para cocina en oferta white microwave dorm microwave” src=”,0,4067,1667_PT0_SX1464_V1___.jpg”/>

Our countertop microwave has an easy turntable dial to select a cooking power level. Choose from 6 power levels total: Low, Defrost, Medium Low, Medium, Medium-High & High.

breville microwave freidora de aire microondas para cocina en oferta white microwave dorm microwave<img alt=”breville microwave freidora de aire microondas para cocina en oferta white microwave dorm microwave” src=”,0,4067,1667_PT0_SX1464_V1___.jpg”/>

This microwave comes with a glass tray, turntable roller, shaft, and wave guide. A door lock safety system ensures your microwave door remains safely shut while heating and reheating meals, dishes and beverages.

panasonic microwave microonda para cocina neveras pequenas para cuarto lg microwave black microwave<img alt=”panasonic microwave microonda para cocina neveras pequenas para cuarto lg microwave black microwave” src=”,0,4067,1667_PT0_SX1464_V1___.jpg”/>

Your new COMMERCIAL CHEF 0.6 cu. ft. compact microwave will look beautiful in your kitchen thanks to its timeless and stylish black coloring. Store your white microwave conveniently in kitchens to heat up delicious foods.

breville microwave freidora de aire microondas para cocina en oferta white microwave dorm microwave<img alt=”breville microwave freidora de aire microondas para cocina en oferta white microwave dorm microwave” src=”,0,1805,972_PT0_SX650_V1___.jpg”/>

Product Specifications

  • Interior oven capacity of 0.6 cubic feet
  • 600W | 120V/60Hz
  • Unit dimensions of 17.75″ x 12.5″ x 10.25″ | Unit weight of 23.1 lbs.
  • 6 Cooking power levels

breville microwave freidora de aire microondas para cocina en oferta white microwave dorm microwave<img alt=”breville microwave freidora de aire microondas para cocina en oferta white microwave dorm microwave” src=”,0,1805,972_PT0_SX650_V1___.jpg”/>

Quickly Heat up Meals & Drinks

  • Coffee, tea, hot cocoa
  • Breakfast oatmeal, eggs & bacon
  • Pre-made meals
  • Fully cook regular & sweet potatoes
  • Chicken, fish, pasta dishes and more!

Is this microwave portable and cordless?

Our COMMERCIAL CHEF 0.6 cu. ft. microwave is not cordless and is equipped with a 3-wire cord and 3-prong grounding plug. You may use your new microwave in a variety of indoor settings, but only on flat stable surfaces.

How many power levels does the microwave include?

A: Our countertop microwave has an easy turntable dial to select an optimal cooking power level. Choose from 6 power levels total: Low, Defrost, Medium Low, Medium, Medium-High & High.

How does the defrost function work?

Defrost thaws frozen foods. Microwave energy heats up outside surface of the food and this heat moves slowly into center to thaw food evenly. In addition to defrosting, this setting can be used for soups, stews or sauces.


0.6 Cubic Feet

Number of Programs




Item Weight

23.1 Pounds

Product Dimensions

12.5"D x 17.75"W x 10.25"H

Model Number


Model Name

COMMERCIAL CHEF 0.6 Cubic Foot Microwave with 6 Power Levels

Import Designation


Included Components

Small Microwave Oven, Turntable


Commercial CHEF

Best Sellers Rank

#2,738 in Kitchen & Dining (See Top 100 in Kitchen & Dining) #9 in Countertop Microwave Ovens

Customer Reviews

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4.4 out of 5 stars

Defrost System


Energy Consumption

600 Watts

Special Feature

Timer, Defrost

Timer Function

Timer Function Available

Number of Power Levels


Lock Type

Child Lock Available


50 Hz

Human Interface Input



120 Volts

Power Consumption

600 Watts

Controller Type

Mechanical Knob

Ventilation Type



600 watts

Installation Type



Stainless Steel

60 reviews for COMMERCIAL CHEF 0.6 Cubic Foot Microwave with 6 Power Levels, Small Microwave with Grip Handle, 600W Countertop Microwave with 30 Minute Timer and Mechanical Dial Controls, Black Everything Else

  1. C. Weaver

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Glad I Got This……

    I wasn’t intending to get a new microwave at this time until I happened upon this one as I was looking for something else. What grabbed my interest is the price and the way it looked. I had looked at it before but just hadn’t got to the point of buying it,. (I still have an older one that still works but has seen better days.) After reading thru the reviews and looking over the specs I decided to get it. When I got it in the first I noted was this item was more compact than my older one. It also didn’t have a “push-to-open” bar on the door and you pull this one’s open with a handle. I also noted that the light wasn’t quite as bright in this microwave as in my old one. This oven has two controls and my older one had one and that took a big getting used to at first. At the present, I have set the power to Med. and have had good luck adjusting the timer knob to get the amount of time I need and this is working pretty good for me. I also noted this oven “sounds” different than my old one. My old one sounded like an airplane engine when it cooked but not too loud. This one is a lot quieter than my old one. The new one fits better on my counter top than the old one did so I saved some counter top space with this one. I miss the “push-to-open” door latch but it’s been easy to adjust to the “pull open” door. The interior on this microwave is not quite as big as my old one but it still will hold the plate I do all my cooking on without a problem. I didn’t run into any problems with the door being opened causing the oven to tip forward or slide a bit, but this might be because my counter top where the microwave sits has a rougher surface than some tops I’ve seen and so the legs “grip” a bit better. It is heavy enough to stay still when the door is opened. It will take me awhile to get used to having a power settings knob but my first impression based on the instruction sheet that came with it, led me to think it will come in handy over time. So far I’m very happy with this microwave. It is just what I needed for my needs…

  2. CJ

    3.0 out of 5 stars


    I don’t know if others have commented about reading instructions of the manual. I don’t quite get how to choose a time of how long to cook and then the commands afterwards for heating up food therefore I choosing options like pizza, potato and beverage to reheat my food. Just which I understood the manual better. If it’s a malfunction I will have to live with it. I have no way to take it to be repaired or don’t want to pay shipping to have it looked at. It’s beautiful, just wish I could use it for what the manual says it can do.

  3. Al

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    powerful & efficient

    This was one of the only white models that fit the available space on our countertop. It has worked well thus far but is not as easy to operate as our previous microwave because one must enter the entire time: minutes and seconds before hitting start. Our old unit only required one touch to set a time. This unit has multiple options for one-touch cooking of potatoes, popcorn, etc. but we don’t trust any of these and the unit produces such intense heat so quickly, we don’t want to experiment and burn things.

    2 people found this helpful

  4. Jill A. Jackson

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love this little microwave!

    I was looking for a replacement for my old GoldStar microwave (lasted for over 20 years!), and this Commercial Chef is nearly identical. Fits perfectly in my very small apartment kitchen that has limited counter space. Easy to use dials instead of computer touch buttons. And, amazingly, heats up the food quickly and at higher power than I was expecting. I seldom write reviews, and normally things I buy are adequate, but nothing to rave about online. This microwave was a winner! I use it for steaming vegetables, baking potatoes, and warming up leftovers. I use it daily. So far, so good!

    11 people found this helpful

  5. C J. Ray

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    good for a small space

    I only received this microwave today so I cannot yet comment on it’s function. The very first thing I noticed was how dark the function panel was. It is very difficult to see in kitchen light. Put light behind the panel or change the color . Something that simple would warrant 5 stars for sure.

    4 people found this helpful

  6. Tinalinga

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works Really Well

    So after many many years I felt it was time to replace my old microwave. There was nothing wrong with it other than it was quite old. I had hesitation because I’d had my old one and was concerned about all the newfangled options on the newer types and I’d read about how this breaks down in under a year. Both this & my old one are 700W. So I got this, it arrived in good shape, and set it up. Two differences between this and my old one besides the press key options, are this has a pull door, not a pop door like when you push a button, and the power cord is exceptionally short. My old cord went halfway across the kitchen. So because of the shorter cord I had to do some re-arranging in my kitchen. Still, I think I got one of the better products because this works just fine. I’ve re-heated items, melted butter, cooked frozen stuff. The price was great. I think I’ll be having this microwave for a long time. Well I hope so.

    8 people found this helpful

  7. WizardEmeritus

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    600w microwave but requires 950w input

    This is a perfectly nice simple to use little 600w microwave. However I need one that can work with a 600w power source. I could not find the “input” requirements anywhere. Those numbers seem to exist only on the unit’s backplate. True, the output is 600w but the input rating is 950w. So unfortunately it cannot be used with the little emergency 600w solar generator I wanted to pair it with. It is a shame because I had hoped to use this along side the small coffee pot and hot plate that work so well during power outages.

    20 people found this helpful

  8. Lala

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Inexpensive gets the job done

    There are a few design flaws with this microwave but it gets the job done. Some things you have to cook longer. It’s easy to keep clean, that’s a plus. For the money it’s ok. It’s small so perfect for limited space like if you live in an apt or guest house.

    One person found this helpful

  9. KY Quilter

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    No programming

    My sister has early dementia. Her day care taker prepares extra food when she is away for the evening. It is simple to operate.

    3 people found this helpful

  10. Richard295

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Extra 420W (35A) needed in first 100 milliseconds for inrush current

    I bought is unit to be powered by a smal and light 100AH LiFePO4 battery and 1000W inverter when camping. The LiFePO4 battery would shut down when while attempting to startup this microwave. The inverter is designed to allow 2000W for the first 100 milliseconds and do it wasn’t a limiting factor. This microwave would startup and run using a 100AH AGM battery but not a basic 100AH LiFePO4 battery. This occurred because the specification for this microwave doesn’t include the 35A inrush current (I measured this surge using an inrush clamp meter) which only occurs during the first 100 milliseconds of operation. The specifications states 600W of output power provided by “ Power Consumption: 120V~60Hz, 850W”. 850W + 450W = 1,300W. Most basic LiFePO4 batteries have a BMS to protect the battery and the over current shutdown is set to 100A * 12V = 1200W. I had to change the 100AH LiFePO4 battery for a Smart BMS version. It allowed me to set the over current protection >100A to account for the very brief inrush current.This microwave is small, simple, and lightweight which make it ideal for camping. You just need to be aware of the undocumented inrush current when selecting a battery to use with it.If the documentation was correct, I would rate this microwave 5 stars.

    2 people found this helpful

  11. WestPGal

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Wish the button panel lit up

    I’m generally happy with this purchase, but I hate that the button panel doesn’t light up.

    One person found this helpful

  12. Leslie A

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Perfect fit. Excellent product.

  13. 3 J’s

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy to use

    I have this in a camper van and it works great being lower wattage, with a 3000 watt pure sine inverter. Shows about 1300 watts being used when running. Heats fast and easy to use

    One person found this helpful

  14. KRF

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Low power draw

    Used this in a camper and it was easier going on my electrical system than other units.

    One person found this helpful

  15. JoshJosh

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Simple Microwave

    I don’t mind the lower wattage and waiting 30 more seconds for something to finish. The function is simple which is exactly what I wanted…turn the dial and that’s it!As much as I like it, two things bother me about it. 1) the light is only on when the microwave is actively cooking – not when the door is open. I never realized the importance of this small convenience when you don’t want to turn on the kitchen light. 2) Due to my momentary mistake of not covering asparagus, one tiny splatter before I realized it, went thru the metal screen to the inside of window. There is no way to clean it. If the screen were removable this would have been a perfect purchase. Just turn the dial. No clock, no stupid multiple buttons to press.A similar problem is you have to leave the door open for the machine to dry. If anything steams, (which is everything a microwave cooks as microwaves excite water molecules), there is moisture on the window…behind the screen that you can’t remove to wipe clean… making everything worse from previous cooking. So, I leave the door open for it to dry.Actually it’s a mess since you can’t clean the door. And the door catches the steam. In fact, I’m purchasing something else.

    26 people found this helpful

  16. Scott B

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Delightfully simple

    No BS no bells, no whistles nothing annoying about it. It cooks the food.

  17. GardenCat

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    SIMPLE to use, SIMPLE to clean, takes up less counterspace

    I selected this model because about all we use a microwave for is popcorn and occasionally melting butter or warming up leftovers. This model is smaller so by buying it, I was able to regain some counter space. As I am facing it, it vents on my LEFT. The door and dials are to my right.The dials are extremely easy to use- there’s absolutely NO learning curve. Even though we’re a fairly high tech household, you just can’t beat simple when simple will do. Also, when it goes off, it just dings like a timer, instead of dinging all night long, like the old one would. I wouldn’t mind so much, but often I’d get up to turn off the dinging and couldn’t figure out what if it was the dishwasher, a coffee pot, a microwave- gosh everything in my kitchen DINGS the same. Also, if someone uses it at night, there isn’t a lot of dinging as various buttons get pushed.Also, there’s nothing fancy inside, like a broiler element – my last one had ALL that, and that was a mistake to buy, I think, since it was so hard to clean. This one is just like a smooth box inside, with a roller and about 10″ plate on the bottom. I can just put some lemon juice and water in this one, on high, and then wipe it down. The plate fits in the dishwasher.It is also small and light enough to pack to travel with. It will fit in a large duffel bag.Downside- It is very light. So light that you can about jerk it off the counter when you open the door. I put a big bowl of potatoes on top of mine and it solved that problem.7/24/2017 2 years + and still going strong!

    55 people found this helpful

  18. Pisi

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Too expensive for the basics

    Slides all over the counter, no antislip pads under, very basic, too expensive for something worth $50 at most.

  19. John E. Reinhart

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Off Grid Solar Microwave Oven

    My purpose for buying this microwave oven is probably quite different than most of the people that have posted a review here. I wanted a microwave that I could use with my off grid solar system. At this time my solar system consists of 4 100 watt solar panels, a 40 amp mppt charge control, 4 105 amp hr deep cycle batteries wired in series and a 48 volt 1500 watt pure sine wave inverter. The inverter powers my 4.4 cubic ft compact refrigerator, 32 inch flat screen TV and laptop quite nicely. However an older digital 1100 watt microwave that I tried maxed out the inverter and batteries! Plus my inverter is designed to power down between loads which saves on precious energy. Using a microwave with digital controls would tend to keep the inverter powered up all the time unless it was unplugged after each use.As a Prime member I ordered on a Thursday afternoon and received the microwave on Saturday morning. It arrived double boxed without any damage. Curious as to how it would work I heated room temperature water for a cup of coffee in about 2 minutes. Having read that this size microwave 600 watt won’t pop popcorn. I found an “old” microwave bag that I had and set the microwave for 6 minutes. To my surprise the popcorn finished popping in about 4 minutes. I have had better (more tender) popcorn but most all of the kernels popped to good size. I plan to buy a fresh box of a better brand to see if I like that any better. For lunch I decided to microwave a frozen personal pizza that I had purchased when checking out the 1100 watt microwave. I stopped the microwave after about 4 minutes as the cheese seemed to be well melted. To my satisfaction the pizza was quite hot all the way though.I don’t have a digital AC watt meter at this time but the LED’s on the inverter display around 900 watts when the microwave is in use. The load on my batteries seems quite acceptable and on a sunny day the batteries should soon be fully recharged. With the basic 2 knob controls I don’t have to worry about unplugging this microwave between uses. Considering the very limited amount of time I have had to use this microwave. I feel it should be a nice addition to my off grid solar system!Update: I have since checked the wattage while the Westinghouse WCM660W 600 watt microwave oven was in use using an inexpensive AC watt meter. The wattage ranged between 940 and 980 watts in several tests. There doesn’t appear to be any surge on start as you would experience with a refrigerator.

    415 people found this helpful

  20. Caswell Harris

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    just the right size and power for my use.

    like the size and power for me,no dislikes yet.

  21. C. JamesonC. Jameson

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for RV/Camping Using Inverter

    At 600 watts, this is one of the lowest-powered microwaves you’ll find, which makes it a great choice to RV’ing or camping when using an inverter.Additionally, it doesn’t consume any power when it’s not off. Another big plus when running it from battery power via an inverter, as it won’t place additional drain on your battery until you use it. This means, however, that it doesn’t have a clock and the controls are manual. If you want precision cooking, you’ll need to time it yourself.As if it weren’t already convincing enough as suitable for RV’ing/Camping, it runs off of my modified sine wave inverter without any protest or nasty buzzing. There’s no guarantee it will work with every modified sine wave inverter, but it’s a promising sign.When running from household AC, it draws just under 1000 watts to achieve its rated 600 watts cooking power.When running from my modified sine wave inverter, it draws about 900 watts from the battery, of which about 730 watts is fed through the inverter to the microwave, which should translate into about 500 watts of cooking power. Theoretically, this could possibly run off of some 1000 watt inverters, but I’d recommend at least a 1200 watt rating.Keep in mind that at 500-600 watts cooking power, you’re going to have to liberally adjust cooking times. This will be a matter of trial and error, but it doesn’t take long to get used to it for items you frequently cook.One additional nice aspect is the physical size. It’s small enough to fit into an 18″ wide rectangular milk crate, which makes it easy to tote and easy to “strap in” to your vehicle. I’ve included a picture as an example.The only problem I encountered is unique to the package I received. No manual was included in the box, which made me examine the box more closely. It appears that it’s been taped shut twice, suggesting that I received a previously opened unit. As I ordered it “new”, this was annoying. It came from the “Commercial Chef” store, so there would be no excuse for that.Overall, I would highly recommend this unit for RVs, truckers, campers and off-grid. I purchased this for $60, but I see the price is now up to $87. That’s much too high for this model, so I’m knocking off 1-star. If the price is lower than $70 when you read this review, then please assume this review is 5-stars.

    22 people found this helpful

  22. Brooklyn Chris

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect for an 85-year-old Grandpa who can’t press buttons.

    Good product for the elderly or college stoners.

  23. Seaberry11

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Smaller Footprint

    My 1200 watt monster died, and I needed a smaller one to fit in the new smaller apartment.I miss the power of the old one and it takes several minutes longer to heat a meal in this 700 watterBut it works fine, still holds a full sized plate, and better fits the available space.It is adequate for the purpose and I am satisfied.

    2 people found this helpful

  24. Gregg McwilliamsGregg Mcwilliams

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Not really 600W

    I bought to use in my RV, hoping that it would work with my 600W inverter. Even though it is rated for 600w it actually draws around 1000W in high power mode.

  25. Karen G.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy Usage

    This is the perfect microwave for an elderly person whose not text savvy. Great price easy to use and cleans easy as well.

  26. J Smithson

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great footprint; Solid performance for 600 Watts.

    Using with inverter on a Truck.Simple operation; Two nobs, one for power, time. Excellent inside vertical height, horizontal width.Saved $23 very good, like new.

    2 people found this helpful

  27. Jaime Dee

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice microwave for small spaces

    This microwave is good if you dont have a lot of room. It is quieter than my previous microwave. It is good for warming things up. I dont use it to cook for long times so I cant comment on that.

    4 people found this helpful

  28. That ACPress Guy

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    A True Glowing Review With Surprizes!

    After our somewhat pricey, name brand, stainless steel, sensors and digital everything, 1200 watt, large microwave stopped heating things after only a couple of years we reviewed our needs.We reversed course. We found a much smaller one, less powerful, and with NOTHING digital. It has two knobs: one selects the power level and the other a timer from 1-30 minutes. It was well under $100.Its 400 watts is 1/3 the power of the big dead unit. My wife would heat a mug of cold water in 90 seconds with 1200 watts. With 400, it take 120 seconds. 30 seconds difference, same result, less power used.I often cooked one large roundish sweet potato in about 12 minutes at 1200 watts. At 400, it takes 15.Even my funky red plastic microwave pressure cooker fits inside, barely. I am amazed.Also, when the timer runs out, it just shuts off, no chimes, no repeated digital tune to annoy you. Even the light is only on while it operates.Are your needs modest? Never use pre-programmed settings? Like knobs? Buy one.

    24 people found this helpful

  29. SClady

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Mild defects, works well.

    .6 microwave is crooked as one of the front metal bases is shorter than the other. It does bother me to look at it. Otherwise, it works well. I threw out the packaging or I would exchange it.

    4 people found this helpful

  30. M. White

    4.0 out of 5 stars


    Returned item. Too small for me.It was a nice product though.

  31. LAB

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect size

    Microwave is perfect size for my garage.

  32. Melinda S Moreno

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Buzzing after 5 months

    This unit seemed perfect for the space and application but after five months, it started to buzz during use. I can’t be sure, but I think it might be the diode. I contacted customer service and they were happy to replace it as long as I:1. Cut the power cord from the unit.2. Photographed and emailed the result.3. A new unit would arrive after 2-3 weeks.It didn’t make sense to destroy this, send it to the landfill only to get another unit that is evidently made just as poorly as this one. Still have it and when it dies, I’ll go get something else.

    3 people found this helpful

  33. Another Floyd

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Old school! DING

    This microwave works as expected. I have no complaints, but, much appreciation… because it may be the perfect microwave oven for use in a camper or other RV. First, it’s small — appropriate to the small spaces of many RVs. Second, it’s about as un-powerful as you can get in a microwave, which means it uses relatively less power than other microwaves. This is important if you’re powering the oven from a generator or large battery bank and inverter. Third, it has no digital display. This is helpful because an LED can really light up your sleeping space, in a small RV. Also, every time you disconnect power on an oven with LED, it comes back on again with the wrong time showing, which you would not be inclined to correct. Another nice touch is that the interior light only comes on when cooking; the light is NOT on when the door is left open to dissipate condensation.I like that the oven has a turntable, though some may see it as a disadvantage in an RV… when traveling, the platter will clatter around in the oven; you have to have a plan for that. I put my platter into a used bubble-padded mailing envelope… fold it over, and let it ride in the oven.With a low-power microwave, you need to get used to how long to heat things, compared, say, to your bigger, home microwave. I compared heating my usual coffee mug with 10 oz. of water, with both my 1000 watt home unit, and the Westinghouse 600 watt oven, both on the high power setting. With the home oven, I heat for 2 minutes, and the water is hot, but sip-able. With the Westinghouse, I get the same hot water after about 2 minutes and 40 seconds of heating — as close as I can tell on the simple timer dial.— UPDATE —I have taken off a star due to an annoying vibration. It’s not related to the turntable… more of a sheet metal vibration somewhere in the cabinet, which only occurs when driving. Because of this, I will only keep the unit in the van when I’m expecting to be camping on shore power.

    35 people found this helpful

  34. Sam C.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    A “cute” device that starts at a turn and stops at a “ding!”

    This compact microwave is a classic design with a pull-to-open door and turn dials for power and timer. The interior measures 11 in. width x 10 in. depth x 7.25 in. height, with a 9.5 in. turntable, and the power cord is 39 in. (or 41 in. with plug). Intake vent is in the rear right and exhaust ports on the left panel. Per our ladies in the household, the microwave is also “small and cute.” The white color and mellow curved edges lets it blend in with light colored kitchen walls. Functionally, the device has contrast dark grey text on white labeled turn dials easy to read; and 1 min. increment timer settings to 5 min. at 1/4 turn and to 10 min. slightly past 1/2 turn easy to remember; and emits a loud “ding!” when done. There’s no dozen buttons to mispress/overpress or to cause confusion. A dial timer protects a user who wants to cook a 5 min. TV dinner from accidently pressing-in an extra zero that initiates a 50 min. countdown to burn down the house. This dial timer stops at 30 min. max. at 3/4 turn. A spring latch secures the easy to open door that opens with a light tug. One drawback to this design is the microwave is also light weight, so pulling the door one handed can cause it to shift forward. My maneuvers to counter are 1. use the other hand to brace the side or 2. cup the fingers in the door handle and put the thumb between the dials, then push with the thumb to open. Another slight drawback is cooking vegetables (high water content) for long periods leaves a small water puddle–perhaps the fan is not powerful enough to evacuate lots of moisture. In all, the drawbacks and that my microwave has a unique flaw I deduct one star. My glass (or Westinghouse logo) is installed backwards which makes it scratchable and it lets one wonder if other non-visible item is awry. Despite that the microwave’s worked well.

    16 people found this helpful

  35. W. Dobni

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    good for coffee

    i like it so far….i like the rotary dials and the unit heats up coffee splendidly which is why i bought it …. i noticed that it has no interior convenience light when you open the door…and compared to my previous machines it makes a disconcerting loud clunking noise with a noticeable voltage drop when cycling up/down where my other machines were nearly silent when cycling (up/down on/off when set to less than 100%)….but it works so far

  36. Andrea

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for dementia patients

    My dad was getting confused by digital microwaves and ended up setting a frozen dinner on fire. This is so much better for him. I covered over the numbers and power on the dials that I didn’t want him using and it’s working.

    12 people found this helpful

  37. mazda

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Upgrade simple efficient use

    I like this as simple controls and I don’t cook in it elaborately. Cooks popcorn perfect. Easy to clean. The only thing is, I changed colors in my kitchen and should have got black

  38. William F.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good for the price

    As far as functionality, it’s works good.

  39. jt

    2.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice but Unbelievably Aggravating Buzzer!!

    Well, I used this microwave today for the first time as I had already eaten whence it arrived yesterday. Whence I unpacked it yesterday, I was disappointed that it had a push button to open the door—I knew this in advance of purchase of course, but I dislike the push button style. I prefer a handle like my old Kenmore had on it. I did not like the look of this one as much as my old Kenmore, but after living it with it last night and today, I like it better. It just takes getting used to the new look I suppose. It actually looks good with the other appliances. My dishwasher, stove top, and oven are all black, but my refrigerator is white.Perhaps my old Kenmore was either a 700 watt after all (I cannot remember what it was supposed to be) or just not as well made because this 900 watt Westinghouse out performs my old Kenmore. I made two scrambled eggs in it set at 6 minutes. It always took the Kenmore 6 minutes to cook the eggs. This Westinghouse way over cooked them at 6 minutes. I think it will only require 4 minutes or maybe 4.5 minutes now for the eggs in future. I nuked a small potato for 4.5 minutes, and it came out fully cooked. The Kenmore needed at least 6 minutes. So, I am pleased with the performance thus far.The one thing I absolutely HATE about this Westinghouse is the buzzer. The Kenmore would buzz three times as something finished cooking–two short buzzes followed by a longer one. I hated that, too. One very short buzz is sufficient. However, this Westinghouse buzzes FOUR times, and if you do not open the door, it keeps buzzing three more times every 30 seconds! It will buzz indefinitely until you open the door. Why do manufacturers think we need this? I have the same issue with my clothes dryer. It gives two short and one long, very loud buzz once the dryer cycle is completed. Drives me doolally!!! Therefore, this Westinghouse looses a star for the incredibly annoying buzzer.Overall, thus far, it seems like a pretty good microwave. I wish it had a door handle instead of a push button, and I wish the inside of it was a tougher, smoother surface because I think it will be difficult to keep clean. I also wish the plug that goes into the back of the microwave were smaller and did not stick out so much–another aesthetic issue mainly. I will update this review if I encounter any other problems with this microwave. As it stands right now, I can live with it.One last thing I will add is that microwave prices are really outrageous especially given the number of reviews that say they break down sometimes within days or a year of purchase, and this is true of all the brands I looked at here and on other websites.ETA: 23 March 17Well, I have been using this microwave oven for a few days now, and I have two more comments on it. Firstly, whence push in the button to open the door, the microwave slides all over the counter. My old microwave never did this. Secondly, the interior seems to collect a lot of moisture whence something is cooked/reheated. I admit my old microwave did this as well, but this Westinghouse seems to do it more than my old microwave. I find both of these things rather annoying. Accordingly, I have knocked down my rating from four stars to three. The movement of the microwave can be remedied by placing a towel or something beneath it, but I really am not keen to do this if only for aesthetic reasons. Nothing can be done about the condensation problem, though.ETA: 01 October 17: Within a month of using this unit, the plastic sealing over the key pad began to come off.

    16 people found this helpful

  40. SkullRider

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    It’s a microwave

    This microwave works very well heats up quicker than my old one with the same wattage, easy to read controls

    One person found this helpful

  41. NoeyGNoeyG

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Microwave that will likely last for years! Good value for price.

    The media could not be loaded.

     Love this microwave! I had one similar that I bought in 2010 for $50 bucks in a store and it lasted me over 10 years. It’s a nice design smaller but not too compact, large enough to hold big plates and containers and other packaged meals. Easy to clean especially the outside where it’s black but nice front design with the stainless steel accents; clear number pad (remove the protective film on the pad or it will start to bubble and you will think that it’s part of appliance) easy to use with some quick features for the price point. This is a deal compared to the other ones out there that are almost $200. Even though the one I had was a different brand name, I can tell it’s still similar manufacturing design. To compare it was just a number pad slightly different design as you can see in my previous photos of my older brand Oster from 2010. This is why I chose this model Commercial CHEF because of my experience of it lasting until just recently which I think was my fault because of a spill which likely malfunctioned the number pad area. I’ve also bought other products from Commercial CHEF as well with good experience to receive something that was not damaged and working as advertised. Nice size, looks modern and under $100 this is an amazing price for something that will last for a long time if you take care of it. I prefer to not have the pull handle because people always touch it with food on hands and gets dirty easily. This is very quick to open, which is a small push and to clean it right after a quick wipe without having to wipe a whole handle regularly. It’s sturdy too, even though people can slam the door you don’t need to do that, but if you do, it has held up to that type of use in the past on my older one, and I believe this is gonna have the same type of endurance. You do have to set the clock after you plug it in and then it’s good to go. Others said they received the unit damaged, I did not. There was zero damage, and it came in the manufacturers box well packed with foam blocks when it was delivered, but it was not within an outer bigger box; maybe for other people it would arrive like that or maybe in the past they realized when they put in a big box it got banged around and would damage if the driver also couldn’t see that it was something such as a microwave that needed to have some proper handling and care upon delivery. I just got it today but I’ll update if there’s any issues but I’m hoping it will last a long time like my previous similar microwave, the fact that they were nearly exact design, the older one fit in the box like a glove to be able to get rid of which was ideal making an easy replacement. It’s a timeless clean modern design that would go well in any kitchen!

    56 people found this helpful

  42. Walter A. Hutchens

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great little microwave and a lot of generic small u-wave thoughts

    This is going to be more than most people want to know — but I’ve been using microwaves in this size/price/power class for 20 years and might be able to help a few people who are newer.1. This ‘Westinghouse’ is a good example and works very well. Amazon price and delivery are first rate.2. NO microwave in this ~$100 price class is made by the company that has its name on the front. Essentially 100% are either made in one Chinese factory or by Samsung in South Korea. The labeled manufacturer tells the real maker what specs (power, controls, etc.) he wants and they make it, package it to say ‘Westinghouse’ or whatever, and ship it to the USA. There is a ‘Rival’ model that is identical to this one except for details of the controls and the Westinghouse comes in white which the Rival didn’t. That’s why I bought this one — wanted an exact replacement but in white.The ‘works’ within a power range and maker may be identical — my two are. Fit, finish, screws, paint type, turntable — it’s ALL the same. The actual POWER may vary somewhat. The Rival was closer to 1100W while this one is a real 900W — needs a bit more cooking time than given for 1100W machines.3. Since the price/power range pretty well sets the construction, you should look for features you want and the control panel details show the biggest variation: Size of numbers, number of specific food buttons, does it have a +30 second full power button (Rival did, WH does not), color of numbers, etc. Latest models all have a child safety lock — if set requires specific keystrokes to make the thing go at the start. Color choices also vary. One label may have what you want in — say — red, while another will only offer black. Etc.4. Weaknesses/things to be aware of are similarly alike. In this price range they’re all baked enamel (‘good paint’) inside, which means that if you aren’t very careful about cleaning/keeping it dry the life will be about 3 years before it rusts badly under the turntable. For long life use a plastic cover over an open plate, open the door promptly when done and LEAVE it open until next use, remove the turntable and dry underneath each night. Damp paper towel if necessary to remove any spilled food as food acids will take paint off pretty quickly. A nailpolish mark on one of the dents in the turntable underside makes it a cinch to put it back each time.So far as I know, porcelain enamel (melted on glass) finishes are only on high end (and much larger) microwaves. They’ll take a lot more moisture. If you leave the door open, the lightbulb will burn out in a couple-three years but it helps keep the insides dry.Other than that READ THE DIRECTIONS. There are any number of long-life cautions there that aren’t labeled as such. The Westinghouse manual is excellent and only in English.6. EVERYTHING that fails on these machines is pretty easy to fix and all the parts are out there if you are cheap like me and want to keep a good machine in service as long as possible rather than just throwing it away every three years. The window over the microwave passage (silver-grey thing upper right inside of oven looking at front) is available — if it catches fire, replace it, cut to size (boxcutter knife) from a kit. The light bulb can be replaced but requires removing the cover over the high voltage internals: Don’t do that if you aren’t familiar with LETHAL voltage precautions. The turntable motor can be replaced rather easily — never had one go. The magnetron lasts for years: I have replaced one and it failed because of a factory defect. Ditto the fan. Maggy and fan are also in the killer HV area.It’s good to remove and wipe down the magnetron window every few months. Use a paper towel dampened with water and wipe firmly to remove food vapor deposits as they’re what catches fire but when that fire burns out it will likely have ruined the window. After wiping, LET DRY for several hours before using.You can even repaint the insides. Search ‘microwave cavity paint’ and read/follow the directions carefully. DO NOT use that paint indoors — it’s highly flammable and nasty to breath. Remove the microwave window and plug the hole with crumpled paper towel, just lift out the drive hub for the turntable. Let it dry a couple of days before bringing in/using.7. It’s possible to hang these under a cabinet and there used to be many models with the kit of parts to do it. Now, NONE. I think the lawyers killed that setup because IF YOU ARE STUPID and start a serious fire in the oven and it’s right against wood you may have a kitchen fire. So if you’re given to pouring your McD’s coffee on your … you know … or washing your gloves in gasoline and trying to dry them in the microwave, DO NOT EVEN TRY a hung installation. Otherwise cut bars (aluminum bar stock is good) to go inside the cabinet top and distribute the 30# load over the whole front-to-back distance, drill/tap holes for about 12-32 machine screws AND HANG WITH SPACERS AT LEAST !” long using a scheme that allows free air circulation over the top of the machine. Ideal spacing for the bars is about 15-1/2″ L to R and centered; that’s what the original kits did and the insides of this model are identical. CHECK CLEARANCES INSIDE to wiring and terminals.NEVER use a microwave for anything that might have a flammable solvent in it. Food or water washed items ONLY.NO MICROWAVE should be ‘turn on and leave the house for a few hours.’ In 20 years we’ve never even had a scary event but I don’t trust heating appliances at this power level with so many variables and while the machine IS well protected internally — there’s an over-temp shutoff, the top and upper surfaces are two layers all metal, etc. — extra safety precautions are still appropriate.

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  43. K.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy 2 Use/Quiet

    One Beep Only, upon your programmed, timed cycle completion. I didn’t want a microwave with a lot of annoying beeps. In addition, I opted for one knob to program, rather than tapping in a bunch of noisy #’s into the microwave as well. Keeping in mind, while the product is in use the humming is quite low. Other’s reviews reported that it was a tad slower to heat.It is slower to heat a little perhaps. I heat my coffee water in it in the a.m. in less than one minute. So that’s not really slow, I don’t think. This is not an exacting microwave, by any means, seconds wisefor those seeking that 10 second setting, its on a knob. Otherwise, it gives an overall, complete reheating effect instead of the traditional zap, electrify, turn to yuck. I’m a fan of this slower approach to reheating for that reason, less leathery foods. It seems ho hum and this microwave has grown on me and I adore it. My grandmother would have loved it. So do I.In closing, I chose White, for my microwave. If you want higher performance go for a microwave with more juice pull. I chose this microwave for lower energy consumption among all the reasons listed above. I’ve enjoyed this unit 6 months. All is well. I’m pretty happy with this purchase.

    14 people found this helpful

  44. sonat

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Product

    I have a small space in my cabinet that this microwave fits like a glove. I couldn’t believe it did. the price is right and it last a long time as well. I keep a spare one on hand just in case I need quickly. if they ever stop making this microwave I’m in trouble.

    3 people found this helpful

  45. Jan789

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Solid little oven – happy with it

    So far (3 months), I think this oven is great. Expected it to be a bit flimsy because of the price, but it’s not at all. And it’s really quiet. I got it just to make oatmeal and microwave dinners and it does the job just fine. Only limitation I’ve found: One frozen dinner -a single block of lasagna- said to use a 1200 watt oven. (This one, maybe because of the size, is only 600 w). The higher wattage specification made complete sense to get it hot/safe enough towards the middle. I cooked it until it was defrosted enough to cut into pieces. Cut and turned the pieces, then cooked until it was hot enough per my cooking thermometer. If you don’t have a thermometer, choose another oven since it’s way too risky. That limitation aside, it’s a terrific little oven and I’m very happy with it. Highly recommend.

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  46. Paula M

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Made a good replacement for my very old compact Carousel

    I am very happy with this microwave with knobs instead of a beeping touch pad with options I don’t need. It is a bit smaller (smaller is better for my kitchen) and 100 watts less powerful than the microwave I replaced but it is still roomy and I can fit casserole dishes in it and I just have to add a bit more time to the timer to get the same level of heat. Of course it doesn’t feel as sturdy as my 20+ year old Carousel but no appliance seems to feel as sturdy as the previous generation.Very easy to get started with. Install the turntable, pull off the protective film, plug in and go.I definitely recommend this microwave.

    9 people found this helpful

  47. G

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Works well. But…

    It works as it should, but I’m was disappointed in the timing features. My previous 3 ovens had several auto times ways ie… I could add 30 seconds to anything cooking by touching a button. The same button was used to just do 30,60,or 90 seconds. I didn’t have to even hit the start button, it would just start to cook. Same with using 1-6 button, that was for as many minutes. One hit, it was on and cooking. It must be a brand issue. This was my first ” Comercial Chef” product. My eyes aren’t that great so this change is surprising and disappointing, that now I need to learn and find different features.But it functions well.

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  48. Cat

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Perfect size and perfect price.

  49. SayWhat!

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love This Microwave

    My name brand microwave stopped working at one year. It turned out okay because I wanted a smaller, easier to use one. Not making huge meals anymore and wanted more counter space. So easy to use. Dials are simple and easy to read! So much better than push pads and having to use fingers to press door to open. Really makes a difference if you have painful finger joints. It doesn’t fit a huge plate, but lifting large hot dishes is also something I don’t want to do anymore. The wattage is lower, but this is only noticeable when heating multiple items at a time. Just add a little more time! Barely noticeable on single items. I like the tinkly bell sound it makes when done, and that it doesn’t keep beeping. One thing I’m learning is to turn power dial off if I don’t use all the time, as microwave will go back on when you close the door. SO glad I found this – LOVE it! I don’t know about longevity, only been using a month, but hoping it will last.

  50. Cathi W.

    4.0 out of 5 stars


    I am pleased with this microwave except for two things. The control panel is VERY difficult to see, read & use – especially for low-visioned persons such as myself. The control panel background is black with gray numerals. Who thinks of such a stupid combo?? I wonder if manufacturers ever consider consulting with a low-vision specialist when they design things? I ordered the Stainless Steel “color”. Well, it’s not. So if you really want a stainless exterior, this is not it. It’s black. The only stainless color is that horizontal strip across the lower front. Period. If I had known that this was going to be mostly black, I’d have ordered black. In the pictures, it appears that the control panel would be easier to see, read & use. Overall, the item works well, fits in my space, & was easy to set up. But the control panel is a serious design flaw & it’s NOT stainless steel!!!

    One person found this helpful

  51. lena mac

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    a cool lil microwave

    This simple tool for heating your food was needed for an older. its simple features proved will fit in to the new habits of its older user.

  52. Athena Roberts

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    easy to use microwave for visitors to the community center

    Works great for heating up frozen burritos that we keep at the community center.

  53. Chrisstine

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Better looking than expected, heats well, love the ding tone

    I’m pleased with my new Commercial Chef .6 microwave, with the analog dials/knobs and ring tone (a little loud, but so much nicer than beeps!). I bought the white oven, and like that the dial markings are dark grey and not black as they appeared in the photos, more attractive than I anticipated. The noise as it bakes is a low-tone hum, not annoying, and not overly loud, given it is a very small oven and you give up some sound-insulating to get the small size. It heats liquids quickly, but can also gently warm solids. I really like the shape of the door pull, it is slightly contoured and comfortable to pull open with one hand.

    One person found this helpful

  54. AMYK

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    The plastic casing surprised us….

    but other than that we are satisfied with this microwave. It is only day 2 – will it last longer than the barely two years it predecessor lasted? We shall see…it seems NOTHING is made to last anymore!

  55. Regina Durby

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Works great

  56. Elter

    5.0 out of 5 stars



  57. Melanie

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works great in my truck

    I got this for my truck, I use it everyday and it’s still doing good with these ruff roads

    2 people found this helpful

  58. Kathleen M. Basiewicz

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Micro wave

    I thought that is was in inch smaller than my old on, but it is an inch larger. My fault for not readying it better. So far no problems with this.

  59. Kitty07

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect little microwave!

    This little microwave is super cute! I didn’t need another microwave but I’m in between moving and mine are packed. I wanted something small and affordable that I could keep as a back up, however, I may put my $400 microwave aside and use this one full time. I didn’t think I would like a non digital panel, but it’s nice not to see fingerprints all over. It does lack the clock feature, but it works great! It’s lightweight and easy to clean. I’m very happy with my purchase.

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  60. PickyVicky

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    But for husband, who has Alzheimer’s?

    He kept setting our other one on fire and he couldn’t figure out how to put the numbers incorrectly. This is just a turn dial easy to use. The only thing I don’t like about it is that once you take stuff out and close the door, it still keeps going if there’s still time left. I do like the feature, but if the doors open and the light is off, so you can leave the door open without burning the lightbulb out. But it was nice to have a light when you open to take things out on my other one. Not sure if I would recommend it For someone with Alzheimer’s.

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