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COMFEE’ Portable Mini Dishwasher Countertop with 5L Built-in Water Tank for Apartments& RVs, No Hookup Needed, 6 Programs, 360° Dual Spray, 192℉ High-Temp& Air-Dry Function Everything Else

(60 customer reviews)


About this item Please make sure the distance between your countertop and wall cupboard is more than 19.6″ 【No installation needed】: Adding water manually in the 5L built-in water tank, you can put the dishwasher in any suitable place without connecting to tap water. Or it can be hooked to the kitchen faucet directly with the included water hose (Adapter included).Water pressure : 0.04 – 1.0MPa. [ Ultra-compact Design]: The ultra-compact design allows the dishwasher to wash 30+ items(Max to 9.5-inch plates) at a time while occupying a small area, which is ideal for small houses, apartments, dorms, boats, and campers/RVs. [ 6 Program Options ]: NORMAL, RAPID, STEAM, FRUIT, GLASS washing programs, and AIR REFRESH extra drying mode meet all your daily needs. Note: Use the standard dishwasher powders or detergents because regular liquid dish soap will cause dishwasher problems. (No detergent is needed for the FRUIT program, and RAPID just needs half of the standard quantity. ) [ 192 ℉ HIGH-TEMP HYGIENE ]: The HYGIENE wash cycle boosts water temperature to 162 ℉ Rinsing and Max to 192 ℉ which can tackle even the heaviest soiled dishes and is also suitable for cleaning baby bottles and children’s dinner sets. [ Extra Drying & Stay Fresh ]: Circulation of AIR REFRESH removes moisture and odor, keeping your plates and machine dry and fresh for a long time. The function is enabled by default and you can also inactivate the function if unnecessary.
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From the manufacturer

Countertop Dishwasher

countertop dishwasher with water tank

portable dishwasher countertop

portable countertop dishwasher dish washer counter dishwasher rv dishwasher apartment dishwasher

counter top dishwasher countertop dishwasher no hook up countertop dishwasher with tank

countertop dishwasher with built in water tank countertop dishwasher machine

countertop dishwasher with fill tank mini portable countertop dishwasher


Safety and hygiene are particularly important for your dishes. The Hygiene option increases water temperature to 162 ℉ Rinsing and Max to 162 ℉ and thus achieves the highest possible level of hygiene. Wash your baby’s bottles and other feeding equipment safely and effectively.

Rapid Wash

A shorter wash cycle only takes 40 minutes for lightly soiled dishes and a quick wash. The quick wash setting uses less water and electricity.

Complete Glassware Protection

Automatic temperature control for washing temperature-sensitive glass. The dishwasher automatically heats the water to the ideal temperature to wash your glass. This process gives a sparkling, spot-free result.

Fresh Air Circulation

Circulation of FRESH AIR removes moisture and odor, keeping your plates and machine cavity dry and fresh for a long time.

countertop dishwasher

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4.3 out of 5 stars

Item Weight

36.64 Pounds

Product Dimensions

17.13"D x 16.53"W x 17.24"H

Finish Type

stainless steel



Model Number


Model Name


Included Components

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})); Dishwasher, Quick-Connect Inlet Hose(Adapter Included), Fruit Basket, Tableware Basket, Water Pitcher, Drain HoseDishwasher, Quick-Connect Inlet Hose(Adapter Included), Fruit Basket, Tableware Basket, Water Pitcher, Drain Hose See more



Best Sellers Rank

#47 in Appliances (See Top 100 in Appliances) #2 in Countertop Dishwashers




2 Place Settings


Whole Black

Option Cycles


Water Consumption

1.32 Gallons per Hour

Display Type


Cycle Options

Fruit, Delicate, Normal, Rapid, Hygiene


120 Volts

Form Factor



62 dB

Controls Type


Special Feature

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})); Touch Panel, ‎Free Installation, Hi-temp Wash, Quick Wash Cycle, Air Refresh Function, 360° Range Cleaning, See-through Window, Ultra-Compact Design, 1/3 Water Consumption Compared to Handwashing, Adjustable RackTouch Panel, ‎Free Installation, Hi-temp Wash, Quick Wash Cycle, Air Refresh Function, 360° Range Cleaning, See-through Window, Ultra-Compact Design, 1/3 Wat… See more

Noise Level

62 dB

60 reviews for COMFEE’ Portable Mini Dishwasher Countertop with 5L Built-in Water Tank for Apartments& RVs, No Hookup Needed, 6 Programs, 360° Dual Spray, 192℉ High-Temp& Air-Dry Function Everything Else

  1. Yacinyah Cayemitte

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Love it so far!

    I have used this twice so far and I love it. I previously ordered (and returned) the bigger size Comfee portable dryer and it was way to bulky for my counter tops and I didn’t like the idea of having to keep attaching and disconnecting the water connection. In my head, I feel like water is just being wasted. But with this, you can fill up the top and it just does it’s thing. Not loud at all. The pipe to empty out the water comes with a suction cup so it’s not all over the place. It fits everything I need it to fit (Mom, and 2 little children) and makes my life so much easier! The size is perfect too, it is not much smaller than the first one I got, but those few inches difference make a huge difference with how it fits on my counters. Also, takes 2 seconds to set it up. Love it and would recommend!

    One person found this helpful

  2. Kendall

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    great for apartments!

    i have a small kitchen and it takes up little space.

  3. Kimbo

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Incredible Dishwasher

    I am a full time rv’er and almost never eat out. I use this every 3rd day and it’s incredible!!! I hand paint leather chess boards and have even used it to clean my paintbrushes. It’s not intended for that purpose so don’t do what I did but it worked and saved me half an hour.

  4. Michelle Felix-Diaz Osorio

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Worth the money!

    This was by far one of the best investments I’ve made! A little bigger than I thought it would be, but overall a fantastic product!

  5. Mike

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome little tool.

    I don’t have the space for a larger dishwasher or the time to wash dishes all the time, it’s quite small so some larger dishes or pans won’t fit but for my needs it’s perfect!

  6. Samantha

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    The media could not be loaded.

     First of all, add this to your cart before reading this review! You’ll understand when I am finished 😉Here it is…….I live in a small apartment (my son and I) and unfortunately the apartment does not have a dishwasher. Ok, so what’s the problem? Well, very little counter top space! So, needless to say, when I came across this little gem, I was very back and forth with it. Mainly because It’s not cheap! You might be thinking the same thing?I’m a Single mom, I need to make wise investment choices! Not spend hundreds of dollars on a super small thing that probably don’t work that great is what I was thinking at first.I quickly decided F it, order the darn thing! BEST DECISION EVER! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this small piece of heaven!It fits way more than you would think!Cleans surprisingly well! I use hot water every time with a dish packet and do the rapid wash and my stuff is clean EVERY SINGLE TIME!Yes, it is quiet but also loud. It’s more quiet than a typical dishwasher but that being said, it’s just that…a dishwasher. You’re gonna hear it cleaning 🧼 your dishes. But it is nothing that should persuade your decision, I promise. Just note that it is not “silent” 😄Small enough to fit on my very limited counter top while still allowing me to have room on the counter for other things.Absolutely Perfect for 1-2 people. Again, it’s just my 10 year old son and myself. It is literally perfect for our dish loads! And so fun looking my son wants to help unload it! Boom 🤯 it promotes your kiddos to want to help out dishes away. LoL 😆Have I said how much I LOVE this dishwasher?The option to hook up to the water directly or to manually fill every time is super convenient! I just fill mine by hand each time.Initial Hookup and getting started is a piece of cake. Again, I didn’t hook mine up to the water source so I can not speak for the ease of hookup of that.OVERALL:BUY THIS! I AM SO IMPRESSED! YOU WILL LOVE IT!

    35 people found this helpful

  7. nana niya

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    love it

    LOVE IT!!! very easy to use! no issues!!

  8. Sarah

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for baby and pump items!

    I absolutely love this unit! I use it multiple times a day every day for my pumping parts and baby bottles and it does an excellent job of cleaning them all! Three months of using this and I can’t even begin to calculate the time I’ve been able to spend with my son instead of handwashing all the baby items we use in a day! Another reviewer mentioned that the parts or bottles in the corners don’t get washed well, however, I just make sure they’re on an angle inward and I’ve not had any problems so far getting things cleaned. I also use a basket for smaller pump parts and bottle nipples, like a normal dishwasher, you’ll just need to make sure you don’t overfill it and the items will be washed as well (sometimes jostled around a bit and they may flip over, but otherwise they still get clean). I don’t know how I survived without this thing for so long, but I’ll never go back to hand washing again! I even try not to hand wash when we stay over somewhere and bring all my dirty items home to clean in this so I get to spend more time with my family and friends. Worth every penny I spent on it and I would buy it again in a heartbeat! I noticed some slight discoloration when I was experimenting around with the unit trying to get rid of some of my hard water spots, but the items that got a bit discolored are now normal again.

    9 people found this helpful

  9. RachelS

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Space saving and works great

    I live in a condo and counter space is limited. I hate washing dishes and wanted to get a small dishwasher to do at least the utensils, glasses, etc. Plus I wanted one that I don’t have to have tubes running from the sink and such. I got this one specifically because it has a water tank. I have it on an island table in the corner of the kitchen with the drain tube emptying into a small trash can with a lid. This setup works great for me and, when using a good dishwasher gel, it gets the dishes clean. It also holds more than I expected, which is nice. I have some large plates and if I angle them just right they will also fit in there and actually get clean. This has to be one of the best purchases I e ever made.

    4 people found this helpful

  10. Customer in California

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love My Portable Dishwasher – Easy to Use

    I love my new portable dish washer.Pros – So easy to use, cleans dishes really well and its not noisyCons – Only thing I could think of would be the regular cycle is too long it is 2hours and the rapid cycle does not dry the dishes. You have to manually dry them.However, even with the cons, I still feel this portable dishwasher is great. I would definitely recommend and purchase again.

  11. Jillian R.Jillian R.

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I am genuinely obsessed with this dishwasher! My least favorite chore is dishes like honestly there’s something about dirty food water that I have never been able to overcome & my current kitchen is small. So this countertop one fits almost perfectly next to my sink… had to sacrifice the space of my Keurig & toaster but that was more than fine with me.I mainly use the regular C1 option because I like the auto open & UV sanitizing options. To me just over 2 hrs isn’t “too long” like some other reviewers stated. Plus the dishwasher technically opens just before the 30 minute mark so if you’re impatient or think that’s too long you can totally pull the dishes out before the drying cycle is fully done. Depending on the dishes (utensils, plates, etc) they may actually already be dry by the time of the auto open!I also find that this dishwasher cleans all types of dishes including pots & pans wonderfully! I’ve never had any dishes that didn’t end up fully clean 🙂 Although I should note I wipe/rinse them clean before putting them in because while it does have a food trap you can remove & clean again that’s just gross to me. I also should note that I don’t even use normal name brand detergent in this instead opting for a more cost effective, eco (AND WATER/FISH FRIENDLY!!) Ecover automatic dishwashing tablets! I’ve never had any issues with them leaving residue or the tablets not fully dissolving.Even my glassware ran on a normal cycle comes out sparkling.. my rents & bestie with full-size washers are so jealous of this lol they’re always complaining of streaks & such. I’ve even put a 2.5 qt crockpot dish in here that had some caked on brown rice I could not soak or scrub off by hand & it came out looking brand new!I don’t find this dishwasher to be loud and honestly I think it’s quieter than my friends full sized ones. If I’m watching tv it easily fades into the background & if I set it to turn on at night with the timer (also an amazing function) the end cycle 3 beeps have never woken me up & my house isn’t that big you can essentially hear everything from everywhere.The little tray that allows you to pour water in without having to be directly on top of the hole at the top back of the machine is great since it’s under my top cabinets which are quite high in my house but I’ve stuck my hand over the top while it’s running & don’t feel steam coming out so it’s also not going to warp the bottom of the top cabinets. I found the discharge drain pipe to be very long which makes sense if you have to run it into a bucket but since it’s right next to my sink I simply cut the plastic hose to fit. The included suction cup was absolutely worthless but I have a hand drying rack that hangs over half of my sink so I just tucked the hose into that to keep it from moving around. The few steps of installation I also found to be very easy & didn’t really even need to look at the instructions.It also holds A LOT of dishes at a time especially if you’re good at Tetris lol. I’ve posted a photo for reference which has 4 soup bowls, a 1 qt pot, small strainer, 2 large utensils, 7 normal sized utensils & a tablespoon.Overall, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this again it’s become my favorite machine I own in my home. Just go for it!

    89 people found this helpful

  12. Sajay

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for countertop

    Nice size and shape, fits nicely on my countertop. After several runs, dishes didn’t dry as with first run but cleaned nicely. If you hate doing dishes, this will do the job for you.

  13. Charles RunserCharles Runser

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best portable dishwasher ever!!

    I live in a mother in law quarters so it’s a bit tiny but I got tired of hand washing dishes so I bought this thing. Best investment ever. It does a great job! I love this product so much if you are on the edge of buying it just do it saves so much time and it’s worth the money.


    5.0 out of 5 stars

    If you’re still deciding, just get it

    Honestly, I was a little skeptical but I absolutely HATE dishes!! If we’re being totally honest, I work ten hours a day but like to cook at home and I would never have time to do dishes until my next day off! This is a life changer and I no longer have a sink full of dishes..ever!!

  15. Grace Adams

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Not good for baby items

    While the convenience of having a machine do the work can’t be beat, this machine does not work well for baby bottles and pump parts despite having a cycle called “baby care”. The way that the spray arms come from the bottom and the top, if you load bottles on the bottom left, you cannot put bottle nipples or any small pump parts on the utensil shelf or they will not get any water in them plus they will just fall off from the water pressure. I used a dishwasher basket but it’s the same thing – you can’t put nipples on the top if you put anything in the bottom that will block the water from getting in them. I ended up putting bottle nipples on the bottom of the basket (bought separately) so they would get cleaned but they always got jostled around from the water and turned upside down so after the cycle was complete, I’d have to shake out all the excess water and rinse again in the sink just in case the dishwasher detergent was left behind, thus undoing the UV sterilization. Same with small pump parts like duckbill valves – I ended up putting them in upside down in the dishwasher basket just to ensure they would get water inside them but then I would have to flip them back over to get the water out after the end of the cycle and re-rinse them to make sure they didn’t feel greasy inside. Bottles that are put in the corners also don’t get cleaned very well – every single wash, there is always one or two bottles that still have residue inside and I always rinse my bottles before putting them in. Lastly, apparently UV discolors plastic. I did not know this before buying this appliance so my bad, but now my Dr Browns bottles are yellow.This machine is also HUGE. I measured my space to make sure the dimensions online would fit my space before ordering it but even then I was surprised by how big it was. The box says it’s 45 pounds so I couldn’t lift it onto the counter myself being 2 months postpartum. It’s also quite loud if you’re used to having a quiet dishwasher. I couldn’t use the quick connect hose and did the manual water fill option – so while it’s great to have the two different options, filling it up every time was also a pain. It takes 3 and a half pitchers to fill the water tank inside – not a problem for my husband but I am short and the water inlet is at the top of the machine so I had to get on my tip toes and lift a pitcher (with an awkward handle that is not ergonomic) full of water. Again not a problem for taller and stronger people but just FYI for anyone that is short and not very strong (I also have postpartum carpal tunnel).Overall, I am disappointed and I am returning this today – and beware, you can only return it at UPS stores and not the regular Amazon hub counters which I am used to using in my area.I never write these long reviews but I wish I had read this kind of a review before ordering this appliance so I’m leaving this in case it helps any other mama desperate for help with washing baby bottles and pump parts – sorry but this isn’t going to be the best option. I tried using it for a few weeks for my sanity (baby moms will know what I mean), but I just wasn’t confident in safely feeding my baby from bottles and pump parts that were washed in this.

    20 people found this helpful

  16. Lynn VigilanteLynn Vigilante

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best purchase of the year!

    Edit: Using since 11/23, still the best purchase ever!!! Washes and dries everything perfectly! I recently added a silverware basket that I bought on Amazon, and I added a pic to illustrate. If you load properly you can pack a lot in this little dynamo! have been wanting and looking at countertop dishwashers for2 years! I finally bought it after Thanksgiving! I’m so glad I did! Love this machine! Love the ease of installation, use, drying ability. It has made my life much easier. I always hand wash pots so I don’t waste valuable space with pots. My only wish is that this model came with a silverware basket instead of grid where you slip cutlery through or lay on top. Worth the sacrifice for everything else.

    One person found this helpful

  17. HelenHelen

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    This is life changing!

    I bought this because my new apartment has no dishwasher, which I was really concerned about. This is absolutely perfect. Unlike the other models I was looking at, this one is a little shorter, so it actually fits under my counter. I have it on a dish mat which I pull out and then I fill it from the top with water from the sink hose. I liked this model because I didn’t have to screw it into the sink, as my sink doesn’t have the right attachment for that. I live alone, and I can fit at least two days worth of dishes in, normally more.It is so so fun to watch the dishes get washed through the window. This is definitely the best purchase I have made in a long time. If you are debating getting this, just go for it.

  18. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic little dishwasher!

    We are so impressed with this dishwasher. We use it in our RV and also bought my parents one for theirs. They love it! Its small but it does a great job of cleaning dishes.

  19. Janet A.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for 1 person

    It cleans well, but big pots w/not work. I do 1 wash daily. Silverware comes out great, plastic has water spots. This works for me cuz i HATE doing dishes. I wash dishes by hand once a week…mostly pots. I wish I got the washer that pops open to let humidity escape.

  20. HoneyBeeBiaHoneyBeeBia

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Worth it❗️GET IT TUHDAY👇🏿❗️😆

    The media could not be loaded.

     I ABSOLUTELY 💯 LOVE ❤️ 😍 THIS MINI DISHWASHER❗️ Living in NYC with a small apartment u barely have counter space but this lil baby is the perfect size! My niece purchased one for herself and she LOVESSSS IT so she got me one as an early Christmas 🎄 gift 🎁 😀 I haven’t stopped using it since I received it. It fits my 6qt & 8qt Ninja Foodie inner pot, my ninja Airfryer BASKET and the Yedi Af BASKET, my 10inch fryer pan…most of my pots ..lots of 🍴 forks and spoons 🥄 ✨️ u just have to fit them in the right sized square or just lay them on the utensil rack. THIS DISHWASHER IS AMAZING! If u stack it right u really can get a nice amount of dishes in it. This is such a game changer for me bc I’m always cooking 🍳 and I’m left with all the dishes 😩 but not anymore. I literally walk 🚶‍♂️ around my apt looking for dishes to throw in the dishwasher now 😆I mostly use the rapid wash, but for the more greasy and dirtier dishes I’ll use the longer wash cycle. It washes the dishes in really 🔥hot water 💧 162* degrees – hotter than u could wash with your bare hands ✋️ so u know the dishes are gettingclean and sanitized! It dries the dishes on the longer cycle too. The fewer the dishes the drier they are. If u have a lot of dishes it may not completely dry all of them but i honestly dont care about that…as long as they are clean! 👍🏿 I’ve used Cascade gel and the Finish Quantum pods so far. I like the pods over the gel because 1.pods are cute and 2. I feel like they suds up a little better than the gel but both products have cleaned my dishes nicely! Fast delivery and super easy set up. I don’t use the water adapter hose bc it doesn’t fit my sink nozzle but 3 full pitchers usually fill it up and I keep the hose in the sink. The leak guard is great for preventing water from spilling all over the place too. Definitely recommend👍🏿✨️👍🏿 and get it while they offer a discount. 😃

    28 people found this helpful

  21. OtterOtter

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect for Student Housing

    We selected this countertop dishwasher due to our limited counter space. It appears to be the only model that would fit under our cabinets. We are very grateful that we went with this one. We only use two settings: normal (which takes 2 hours and 10 minutes with a heated drying feature) and rapid (40 minutes with no drying). It can fit most of the dishes two adults would use to have lunch and dinner. Our dinner plates are larger than the size mentioned in the description, but we can fit them in at an angle.We wanted to use the hose feature and attach it to our sink. The provided attachment fit perfectly, however, we found out that after the hose fills up the tank in the dishwasher, the leftover water sits in the hose at a high pressure. This made water spray all over whenever we took the hose off of our faucet. We just decided to fill it up with the pitcher after that.If noise is an issue, this isn’t the quietest, but it does not bother us enough to remove a star from the rating.

    One person found this helpful

  22. HMadera

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    It’s been an amazing 8 months! Only a couple drawbacks:

    I always thought countertop dishwashers were out of the question for me in my small apartment since I didn’t have the space near my sink; I’ve been using this regularly for 8 months and it has been a game changer!2 minor drawbacks (really just 1):The one thing I didn’t expect: although it has a reservoir for clean water, the dirty dishwater is like any other portable dishwasher: a hose that drains out, so if you can’t keep it by your sink, make sure you have a bucket!The second one really is exactly what you think so not really worth complaining about: it’s small! I wish it was a bit deeper or wider so I could wash my smaller cookie sheets or plastic cutting boards, but then it wouldn’t fit on my counter. A better model might be able to accommodate that anyway.So beyond my bigger dishes, I often have to rearrange stuff, but as one person, I imagine it’s about the same as for a family of 4. 5 dishes to wash (like my knives and wood cutting boards) is far better than 20!

    2 people found this helpful

  23. Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Totally worth it!

    Great product and really does a great job cleaning dishes. The attachment for the sink didn’t fit but it was close enough to my sink to use my sprayer to fill the tank super easily. I even tested it with dishes that had stuck on food and they came out completely clean. I wouldn’t recommend using detergent capsules unless you are running a full cycle since the rapid wash doesn’t give it enough time to fully break down the capsule. Filter catch at the bottom is really easy to take out a clean to make sure it drains out. Only down side is some large frying pans and pots don’t fit but small frying pans and pots fit great.

  24. James P. Edwards

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Not bad. But TOO small

    I sent it back because it was WAY too small for my dishes if you’re just washing a couple cups, or silverware, then, it’s good to go, etc; baby bottlesI like the fact that I could pour water in without hooking all these hoses up to my sink. But just wasn’t for me. As far as the product, it does what it says. Then again I only used it a handful of times

  25. T-rexT-rex

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    GET IT

    I work long hours (12-14hrs Monday through Friday) and I live in an apartment without a dishwasher. I have very little time to do anything around my apartment except eat, sleep, and shower. The thing about eating is you need dishes! So they pile up and I’m grossed out because they will sit for 48 hours + and I get overwhelmed because I then have to wash them but they never feel clean. (So, I use bleach and rinse and rinse and rinse and then I am paranoid that I am eating bleach!)It’s a vicious cycle… So I found this bad boy. Do I love it? YES!!! This machine means I never have to have a dirty sink ever again. Dishes no longer go into the sink to rot and cause me to cringe during the day at what I will have to go back home to. I. Am. Free.Seriously this thing is amazing!Cutlery, bowls, plates, knives, pots/pans you name it this baby cleans it. ( Fruit/vegetables too lol ) I won’t ever be using the fruit cycle as the thought of having food in my dishwasher that I will be eating after weirds me out.I get extremely tired when I get home so laziness kicks in fast. I have run the dirtiest un-rinsed dishes through this guy and I am impressed every single time! They always come out so clean!I have worked in the food industry and the thought of sticking my knives and pots/pans in this guy did make me wince but the cycle/detergent is so gentle I haven’t noticed any damage to my pots/pans or knives. (I have run them through about 20 times)So in conclusion… GET IT!

    5 people found this helpful

  26. Judi

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Doesn’t fit my pull down faucet

    I already had an ice maker water line hookup under my sink, but before we got a piece to fit on it, we attempted to use the sink faucet. The threads don’t line up properly on the piece the washer came with; so we had to fill it up by hand until we eventually got the piece to directly hook into the water line.It washes fine, it is a little small but it works well.If anyone is wondering we used a 1/4″ OD COMPRESSION X 3/4″ GHT DISHWASHER ELBOW and we didn’t need to use the hose the washer came with, just the direct water line and this fitting.

  27. Alexis

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Thank God for This!

    I live in a guest house with no dish washer. I was hand washing ALL of my dishes every single day and because of my depression, dishes would easily pile up or get washed in a way that wouldnt really clean the dish. With this, all of that is gone! I love it so much

  28. Amy

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    When you measure make sure you factor in an extra couple inches for the hose

    Absolutely love it so far! Disclosure: I rinse all my dishes before I put them in but it does a great job at cleaning them! My only issue is on me because I didn’t factor in a couple inches for the hose so I had to change where I wanted to set it up but that’s kind of on me for not thinking ahead, I also have to do smaller loads- I have plates from Target Room Essentials and they’re a little too tall so I can only fit in a couple because I have to angle them so much but I’ll probably just invest in some smaller plates because overall it’s excellent. My last note is that I wish they’d add a rinse cycle slot because I have extremely hard water in my area

  29. Dr. Suz

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Top quality

    My this fit perfectly very small kitchen. Easy to use and set up. I live that you can pour water in the top. Very sturdy. Unfortunately due to the size it can’t accommodate more than 3 dishes that are stoneware as they are thick. I had to return it because I mostly use stoneware pasta bowls which are large. If you mainly use plates and saucers that are thin it will work well.

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  30. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    When I first decided I wanted one of these countertop dishwashers, I decided on a price point and began researching the ones that met that requirement. I narrowed it down to 3 or 4, and then looked for the features I wanted it to have. I wanted an upper AND lower spray arm, the ability to fill it either by hooking it up to the faucet OR to fill it manually, and then I needed it to have the appropriate measurements so it would be sure to fit where I needed it to. I live in a mobile home, and sometimes things can be a little hard to fit. I also watched quite a few YouTube videos to see what some of the product reviewers had to say. I am SO SO happy that I settled on this dishwasher! I absolutely LOVE IT! When it arrived, upon taking it out of the box, I was shocked at how big it is; I obviously knew the measurements and had seen pictures and videos, but this dishwasher ain’t no flimsy hunk of junk! This is a solid, well built kitchen appliance. I’m 64, and while I’m not exactly Mrs Fit and Trim, it is heavy! I had zero problems getting it set up and hooked up, so don’t worry about that! I didn’t hook it up to my sink, I just manually fill it with water and that works excellent. A pitcher is included and the dishwasher will beep at you when it’s filled to the appropriate level. Just make sure you turn it on before adding water so the dishwasher knows when to beep at you when it’s filled to the correct level. It also comes with a pitcher and a water filling guide to make it easier (and foolproof!) to add the water. Since I didn’t want to use the inlet hose to fill the dishwasher, I just left it sealed up in the bag it came in and put it under my sink. I only had to connect the drain hose and make sure it was attached all the way, and then slide the clamp in place and tightened it so the hose doesn’t come off or leak when the water is draining out into the sink. It could not possibly be easier, trust me! The drain hose has a suction cup attached that you stick to the side of your sink so the hose stays in place while draining. The instruction manual said you can also drain the water into a bucket if you are unable to have your dishwasher by the sink. In short, this dishwasher is a quality appliance and looks like it; this is NOT a flimsy, cheap looking thing that you would be embarrassed to have on your counter. I also want to add that it’s holds a LOT more dishes than you’d think. Once you have it for a bit, you’ll get better at arranging things. I did buy a small silverware basket for less than $10, and it fits perfectly. It’s advertised as being for “chopsticks & straws”, and I think it was around $8. I highly recommend getting one (here on Amazon). The only thing I regret about buying this dishwasher is that I didn’t buy it sooner! I live alone, and this is the perfect size for my needs. I might have to hand wash a pan or something, but that is no big deal. This appliance is the best thing Ive ever bought!! Plus, it was on sale, so that allowed me to afford it as I am on a fixed income, so thank you Comfee! Seriously, if you are thinking of buying a countertop dishwasher, and this one falls into your price range, look no further! You won’t be sorry, I promise you!!

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  31. Rob James

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great purchase

    Is a bit more thirsty for input water after it’s water full chime sounds off. The one quick I had to figure out. On quick mode which is basically rise it’s as strong as a true under counter dishwasher.It literally is a full jet dishwasher, just tiny. Learning how to cram a few plates and mugs in with flatwareIt’s great for a single person or a couple, no pots and pans obviously.No problems with leaks around the seals or anything with the hoses as of yet.Great quality of life purchase overall. Kind of wish it was like 25% bigger

  32. Alyssa Caron

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Game changer

    Absolutely necessity for apartment life. It’s perfect for two people, quiet, and we used a surprisingly less amount of water since buying it.

  33. Erica Andrews

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Cleans well, but leaks

    This works really well, but it leaks a little out of the side. It’s nothing crazy, so I put paper towels/dish towel beside it and it’s fine. I didn’t hook it up to my faucet, I just use the reservoir so I don’t know how well that feature works.

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  34. Ian HartgroveIan Hartgrove

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Absolutely Amazing

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     My wife, daughter, and I live in a tiny home with less than 400 ft² of living space and we don’t have an under counter dishwasher. We’ve been living in this place for a couple years and my wife told me she was tired of having to wash all the dishes by hand, so I did some research into countertop dishwashers and this one was at the top of the list so I got it for her as a Christmas gift. I have to say that we are very pleased with my choice because this thing is AMAZING! It cleans dishes just as well as a standard dishwasher and it’s super quiet so, even in our tiny house, we’re able to start a load of dishes before our daughter goes to bed, or start one after she’s fallen asleep! Because of it’s size it obviously cant load a ton of dishes however as a small family the small capacity isn’t an issue for us. This is absolutely one of my best purchases and I give it a 10/10 recommendation!

  35. jermel purse

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    3.5 stars

    Originally when I first reviewed this product I gave it 1 star. Simply because the drain holes kept coming out of the back of the product. I went online to find a solution contact customer support and want to go to the website for the dishwasher there’s no way for you to honestly reach out to customer support. Furthermore suppose you wish to purchase a spare part for the dishwasher there’s no way for you to reach out to customer support. My problem was I did not secure the drain holes with a very small clamp that screws into place that comes with the dishwasher. Completely my fault once it’s secured in place the dishwasher functions like it should. Know one thing you need to know this dishwasher is small very small smaller than I expected I know it’s a countertop dishwasher but man I wish it just had a little bit more room I’m a single man and if I put the dishes I make in a day in the dishwasher there’s barely enough room in there for them I’m talking to plates A bowl or two a coffee cup and a standard glass it’s a tight fit they make it look possible on the pictures and video but it’s really a tight fit. However if it’s the size you can work with go with it.My issue comes with customer support when you go to the website looking for a spare part good luck you go to the website looking for a contact us page good luck you can reach them on Facebook or Instagram but you can’t email to Company and say hey I need this product. In fact if you go on the website you technically can’t find this dishwasher you could find another countertop model doesn’t look like this at all Now there’s one thing I don’t like about the dishwasher they put a very flimsy suction cup device on the drain holes to hold it in place if it would’ve just been a little bit bigger a little bit more sturdy I could’ve given those four stars but they really went very cheap on this flimsy suction cup you may want to look for an alternative if you plan on buying this device I found one after looking around at a few different hardware stores and if you put a better suction cup on here you don’t have to worry about the holes spraying water all over your countertop. When you talk about the noise level it’s not a quiet system but I turn it on when I go to work and I turn it on before I go to bed so I don’t notice it but it’s not silent by a long shot. Turn the TV on and you’ll never notice it.Like I said this is a 3.5 star item it would’ve gotten four stars if I could’ve got a better suction cup or if I could’ve reached customer service but you can’t. Overall it is a good product it’s worth the money just be warned of the issues and potential faults it could have. Also if you write a review about a product and you notice you made a mistake feel free to update your review like I did.

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  36. Piece of junk!

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Little dishwasher

    I bought this for my business and it’s a cute little thing! It works and is quiet. But it is best to use the pods with the detergent and Finish (or Jet Dry) product in it, so there aren’t any water spots on the glasses. Of course, that may be due to the hard water we have.

  37. Happy Camper

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Bigger than you expect!

    Bought this to aid in dishwashing in our fifthwheel. We are fuil I hate doing dishes! It takes up a lot of space, even though it has a fairly small footprint. It does take a lot of water, 3.5 pitchers full, to run a standard load. But so far have been happy with the results.

  38. Jessica Frederick

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for small kitchens!

    I bought this dishwasher because I live in a trailer and don’t have space for a full size dishwasher.This dishwasher fits perfectly next to my sink, and I can fill it directly with my sink hose. It doesn’t take very much soap.The capacity is perfect. It can hold a full day’s worth of dishes for me.

  39. Samantha

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Small but mighty!!!

    This is a countertop dishwasher, so the space is limited and you cannot put large items in here. Surprisingly fits a lot of items. Works very well and I love how you can pour water into it or hook it up to the sink. Saves on hot water and water I general versus washing dishes by hand. I was tired of not having a dishwasher and this does the trick. Sure, you can’t fit a stock pot but I think for the size, it does the job wonderfully. I bought this in mid 2021 and it’s still going strong with use almost everyday.

  40. tjesteens

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Washed better than any full sized dishwasher I’ve had

  41. JMS66

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Cleans like a little Champ!!

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     Moving into a home with a small kitchen, tiny sink and no dishwasher meant the ridiculously small sink was usually full of dishes neither of us wanted to wash. Besides that, even if I scrubbed and used really hot water, I never felt the dishes or glasses were as clean and shiny as they’d get in the dishwasher I grew up with. And my hands were aging prematurely 🥺Without room in the budget for major kitchen renovation, what could I do? I knew there were portable dishwashers, but they were so big, ugly, and always required some type of water hookup.Then, I found out that mini, self-contained machines were being made that were basically plug and play, compact and CUTE!I found the Comfee mini plus and it checked all the boxes and the price was almost half of others I’d seen.Upon arrival, I set this machine up on my counter, next to my sink, attached the drain hose and plugged it in, and within minutes it was filled with hot tap water (using the included pitcher and filling guard) and soaping up the dishes!!It’s been life changing, and I’m not exaggerating much. Facing Monday morning without a sink full of dirty dishes has been positively freeing!I have now done well over 100 loads and it’s as effective, quiet and wonderful as it was for that first load! I had planned to hook up the hose to fill from the faucet, but I still haven’t done that because it’s so easy to just use the pitcher. Four pitcher fills and the beep tells me it’s ready to go.I’ve used various detergent pods but I do find that the recommended Finish Quantum pods do the best job.I’ve never had any residue problems at all. There appear to be two rinse cycles on the normal cycle, and everything is sparkling!I have used Finish machine cleaning pods and they have kept the interior itself clean and buildup free.It’s also very easy to remove and clean the catch filter, which I do periodically.This is a sturdy, heavy machine and I think it will continue to hold up well.I also feel good about the fact that I’m using far less water.Does it dry the dishes bone-dry? Not completely, but they’re dry enough. I’d rather it not waste additional energy when I can use a dab of a towel to soak up any remaining drops.The only cycle I haven’t yet tried is the fruit wash. The rapid cycle does an amazing job on lightly soiled items you need in a hurry (my coffee cups!)As another reviewer said, I’m obsessed! This was money so well spent, I wish I’d bought this years ago!It’s entertaining, too—I can’t walk past it, while it’s operating, without touching the control panel to turn the light on, just to see the spray scrubbing up my dishes and glasses!! It’s almost meditative! 😂My only wish is that it would be available in different colors! I think retro colors would be really popular for this cute appliance, and I’d like red to match many of my other kitchen appliances.

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  42. SarahSarah

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect for Single Person/Apartment!

    This thing is not only preposterously effective at cleaning dishes and silverware, it’s also beautifully made—mechanically and esthetically. It isn’t too heavy, and fits perfectly on the counter and under the cabinets. About the same size as a microwave, but a cube. The apartments I live in were built in the 70s (yes, my stove is green lol) so there’s no dishwasher and I hate doing dishes. First time I ran it through, my dad was over and we were like transfixed…with the lights on it’s like seeing into a tiny car wash. Just so cool… Plus there are only two or three steps to set it up and you’re ready to go! Powder or Liquid work equally well. Super quiet, too. Personally, I really struggle to do the dishes due to my mental health (or lack there of lol). For all the neurodivergent folks out there—or anyone who struggles—this a great way to make keeping up with your dishes almost kinda fun. Like you’re playing Barbie, not doing chores haha But seriously, I just throw dishes in there as I use them and when it’s full (2-4 days for me) I run it through. Super easy to fill the water up as well. I also use paper plates and bowls, which helps tremendously, mainly if I’m in an episode. Oh! And it maybe bumped my electric 4-5 bucks…and uses about a liter-liter and 1/2 every full wash. Which is soooo much less than an actual dishwasher. It’s really a good buy. 👍🏼

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  43. Migraine ManMigraine Man

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for our space

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     ** I bought this for use in Perú. Our space is very limited. **Update: been using it for 2 months now. Wirks perfectly. I use it 5 times a week.The dishwasher comes very well packaged. It includes all the items necessary to use it out of the box, even pods! Unboxing was easy and quick. I read the instruction manual a few times and was ready to go! It is well written and easy to follow.Initial setup took about 10 minutes. I set it up to drain into a bucket for now. I will make a more permanent solution soon. I am in Perú. We have 220v electricity here and this is 120v. I have an industrial power converter that can handle the load (1500w) It is on a dedicated 10 amp circuit breaker.First useI powered it on and was greeted with a beep and it lit up inside. The control on the front is easy to view but very basic. It has 5 cycles.Water filling optionsYou have two options. The first is a connected water source. The second and easiest is to fill it manually with 6 liters of water. The included filling container holds 1.8L. You need to add 3 full pitchers and 600ml of a fourth. The machine will beep for 3 seconds when it is sufficiently filled. All cycles use the same amount of water.CyclesThere are 5 cycles. 4 for washing dishes and a 5th for cleaning fruits and vegetables.C1 – 130 minutes. Pods work great with this cycle. Dishes are as clean as any dishwasher I have used in the US.C2 – 120 minutes for sanitizing baby bottles. Not tested.C3 – 115 minute cycle for glassware. It works very well.C4 – the 40 minute rapid cycle. You can not use pods with this cycle. Liquid is a must. Works well. You need to hand dry the dishes.C5 – Fruits and veggies cycle! It rocks. 20 minutes to cleanse your produce.Safety featuresIt has a child lock so kids can not easily activate it. It disables all buttons but the power button.Water level warning. Lets you know if you have sufficient water to run the cycle.LoadingLoading is pretty standard and logical. There is no need to rinse the dishes before loading. It’s only necessary to scrape off food bits.The manual has several great visual guides to proper loading. You can Jenga it to get more than they advise and still get perfectly clean dishes. The manual makes it very clear what can’t be washed. The rack folds up and down to allow differs loading puzzles to be solved. Standard stuff.DetergentI use pods that came with the unit. Finish pods are highly rated and work well. They can only be used with the long cycles. The 40 minute cycle needs liquid to work correctly. Either way pop into the door slot.Selecting your cycleTurn on power.The control panel is a bit small but still easy to view. Choose your cycle.Filling with waterAdd 6 liters of cold water. After 3 full pitchers, fill with a fourth until the until beeps loudly for 3 seconds. The water faucet light will also turn off when filled sufficiently. Alternatively, you can use the included hose to supply water directly from the tap.Starting the loadOnce you’ve loaded the dishes and detergent and selected your cycle, choose START or DELAY. You can delay the start by up to 24 hours. One press per hour.RunningIt’s very quiet. It runs at a max of 50dB according to my Apple Watch Noise Meter. The manual says 58dB. On C1 door auto opens with 15 minutes remaining. This is a cool down period. It’s recommended to let your dishes cool before unloading.UnloadingAfter the dishes have cooled, unload them.MaintenanceYou need to check the filters and clean them as needed. If you run a short cycle it’s best to wipe the inside of the machine after use.TroubleshootingThe machine has a few error codes to help in case of issues. I’ve not had to use it yet.

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  44. I actually PAY for my purchases

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works well, but average fit and finish causes annoying buzz.

    It works well and has adequate space for my (single person) needs. The normal wash cycle is a bit on the long side, but if you start it before bed, the dishes will be done in the morning. Note that it comes with a starter portion of Jet Dry, but there’s no reservoir for it, and the manual says not to use it. Dishes come out clean, regardless. I’m using the Finish Ultimate with Powerball, as supplied with, and recommended, for the unit. The only issue I have with the unit is that the right exterior body panel (with the fan vent) buzzes from vibration while the unit is running. Simply placing my hand on the panel causes the buzz to cease, but that’s not really a practical solution. Perhaps adding additional fasteners, tape, or vibration dampening materials inside would resolve this. Ultimately, I don’t want to return a well functioning unit for an admittedly minor issue, but I may eventually pull the cover and see what I can do to resolve the issue.

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  45. JayeJaye

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    It’s an actual appliance, not a cheap novelty! Very cool.

    I’ve been on the fence about buying one of these for a while, so now that I’ve pulled the trigger here are my observations.My first note is not about the product, but about delivery times. My package sat in the warehouse for three days after placing my order and arrived 2 days late.However, it did arrive in great shape. The box was constructed from thick and sturdy cardboard, which was well sealed and strapped. The product was secure inside a nest of dense styrofoam.Upon removing the washer from its box, I was immediately impressed with the build quality. Images I saw this thing online made it look like a toy. But in person, it’s plainly evident that this is a serious appliance.Setup was a breeze. After removing a few bits of foam used to stabilize the rack during shipping, it was only a matter of attaching a hose and plugging it inMeasure your space carefully. I was initially going to purchase a more well-known brand, but it was just a tiny bit too big.This unit was the perfect fit.I’m not planning on plumbing this dishwasher, so I have to note that the supplied pitcher is much smaller than the reservoir tank, so it took 4 of them to fill the unit. Use the supplied plastic fill funnel – it lets you empty a whole pitcher at once, which is MUCH faster than carefully pouring water from the pitcher to the fill hole!There is one design flaw for anyone placing this under a counter like me. The dishwasher will need to be pulled forward to access the fill-hole, but the unit’s rubber feet make that very difficult. I replaced them with a set of glides, making the task pretty effortless.I found the unit to be deceptively spacious inside. I just happened to have a mess of dishes in my sink when this was delivered, unrinsed and at least a day old. The whole lot of them fit in the washer easily, with room to spare.The dishwasher springs to life with the push of a button. I think the “Normal” cycle runs a bit long, at 2 hours and 10 minutes. There are quicker settings, so I’ll try those next time.The clear door is a nice feature, and seeing it work made me more confident in the washer’s performance. This thing runs like a champ, just like a full-size dishwasher. Only smaller.Once the cycle was complete the dishes were spotless.I couldn’t ask for more.

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  46. JJohn

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good alternative to a broken Dishwasher

    I read some of the reviews and the expectations were strange. This is a small portable dishwasher, there will be limitations.Full wash cycle is a little over 2 hours.Rapid Wash is about 40 minutes.Has Sanitize feature @ 162°F for babies or hygiene reasons.Drying is OK but it is a small unit. Most of my stuff is ceramic or stainless, I don’t have issues with clear glass.Washes surprisingly well for its size. I always do a slight rinse before but even stubborn dried items like sauce and rice are cleaned right off.Built in Water Tank. Will need to refill everytime before use. Turn on machine and if the faucet symbol is there, it means tank needs filling. Will beep if full but only seems to beep if machine is on. Excess water off the tank will simply drain off drain hose.Drain Hose easy to use. Attach and hand screw hose clamp. Suction cup available to secure unto sink.Available hose hookup but I don’t use that.Can’t take large items. Dishes over 9.5″ are a no-go. Don’t be surprised if a stockpot can’t fit in there. Most chopping boards won’t fit either.Good unit, portable. Easy to use. Be aware of the limitations because of the size. Each load runs around 150 Watt-Hours. It’ll take around less than 10 washes to cost a quarter here. Efficient.This is a great solution for apartments without dishwashers.

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  47. Negadelphia

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    This Really Works!!!

    It is awesome. The perfect size for a family of three with a cat too. It is small, lightweight, and easy to use. It cleans great. It is also so very quiet which was totally unexpected. Highly recommended!

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  48. Amanda schival

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Love it

    We live in an older home where there’s no dishwasher and we rent. We both work pretty long days and dishes are always on the back burner. Bought this and it’s been good. You can fit a decent amount of dishes in here. Some plates won’t fit but that’s expected since it’s a small dishwasher. But it doesn’t do the best drying. Which is totally fine, it washes them great!

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  49. Rusty Wissman

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Before You Buy Review… What to Know!

    TLDR; IF using the water intake hose, you need to Power on, turn on faucet while connected, and then press Start to begin the cycle. It will not fill with just the power on like stated in the instructions.So usually I do not write reviews, however I found that this would be extremely helpful for other people buying this dishwasher as it would have saved me several hours of my day doing the setup.Unboxing this unit is nothing too shocking, there is the dishwasher, a manual, two hoses (intake and drain), pitcher, pour pan, and the dishrack. I read through the manual, which was a bit scattered.The manual will walk the user through the installation of the intake hose but does not tell the user how to fill the tank via the intake hose. Which to my surprise, I would not think they would need to. I powered the unit up, see the faucet light (low water indicator) alongside the time of the cycle. I turn the faucet on to begin filling the unit, 5 minutes pass and still nothing. The hose had been tested prior to connecting to the unit, there was no leaks or anything, but for 5L the tank should have definitely been filled. I take the hose off of the faucet after turning it off to be met with the pressurized water trapped in the hose. I think to myself that potentially it was screwed on wrong to the unit, take another look, and still nothing. My second and third attempts meet to no success. I proceed to read through the manual once again, and no mention of why the water would not intake.I think gosh time to call their Customer Support and try to troubleshoot, maybe the unit is defective. Customer Support answered within a minute, but that was about the end of the great experience. The agent only read through the exact same manual I had, which I can understand wanting to ensure all the proper steps are taken, but that was where the help ended. It quickly transitioned to my options being try to use the dishwasher elsewhere to be able to use the pitcher to fill the top of the machine, or to return the product, which due to the weight, we could incur the shipping cost. The agent opened a ticket which she gave me the number and support email was sent to me asking for my order confirmation.Me being me, decided to try one last troubleshoot, what if we turn it on the dishwasher and hose once more. But this time what if we start the cycle, worse case scenario there is no water in it anyways. Low and behold this resolved the issue.I have since been able to run it multiple times and this unit is quiet for a dishwasher. I was shocked at the first batch of dishes to come out of the unit and how clean this little machine actually made them. I have had no issues since then with leaks, or cleanliness of the dishes.I would definitely recommend this product to anyone in need of a small form dishwasher, and the only reason it is not a 5/5 is due to the customer support team and manual not knowing how the machine should actually use the hose to intake water and suggest using the pitcher to manually fill it or return it.

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  50. Roger Alford

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    A New Way To Wash Dishes

    This little dishwasher is really something. I was skeptical about it at first, thinking there was no way something so small have not only the power to wash but dry and sanitize.So here’s my rundown:The Pros:1. It’s small. It’s less than the width of a microwave, but slightly taller, just about as deep. It will fit almost anywhere. Just less than 18 inches high, I found it could fit on a side counter between the fridge and sink itself, or under cabinets next to the sink.2. Dual filling means that you can either add hot water to the machine yourself or if your sink has a removable aerator, you can use the included faucet hose to connect (make sure you REALLY snap the hose to adapter well) your existing hot water to the machine and never worry about filling again.3. Has a removable silverwear tray, removable dish rack with fold down dish holding arms, and a removable metal mesh and fine particle filter for easy inside cleaning of the machine (yes, its plastic inside so that means grease and oils that dish soap hasn’t fully broken down may stick to the plastic) can be removed and manually cleaned daily or weekly depending how often you do dishes.4. It is INEXPENSIVE. At about $300 the machine more than pays for itself in that it can be used even in the smallest of New York apartments, college dorms or shared housing, apartments and homes in urban areas that were built before dishwashers, or simply you just want a machine that can give your dishes a heat cycle to sanitize them, this really is a steal of a deal.5. It really cleans! Yep, it has two spinning water arms, one on the top and one on the bottom and the water is pressurized so it comes out as a spray. Not as strong as large dishwashers, so you don’t have to worry about dishes flying out of the rack or anything like that, but the water spray will totally remove food from dishes. There either is a water heater or it is very efficient with its use of water and hot drying element because it also has a sanitization cycle that washes baby bottles. And it does dry VERY well.The Cons:1. It wont clean extremely caked on food or dishes that have any mold. As in it will wash them like a dishwasher, but it does not have the same temperature settings over 200F nor the extra pressure like a full size dishwasher has. When I say it cleans, I mean, you put your dishes in it the same day and wash them. Overnight will be fine, but it won’t get days old dishes clean as well. You may have to pre-wash or double wash.2. Its all plastic. It might claim to be 40-50lbs but it certainly feels more like 25-30lbs. It doesn’t feel “cheap” but it also doesn’t feel like it would last more than a few moves. It might last a few years even if used daily but not moved around too much. The plastic inside also means at some point you WILL have to use a degreaser soap (Dawn, Sunlight, etc) to manually clean the inside of any caked on grease or food. It’s not that big of a deal, but if it was metal it would be slightly less slick and greasy.3. LONG dishwashing cycle for the C1 Hygiene, Regular, Glasses type cycles. We are talking over 2 hours each. The difference is 10-20 minutes and the temperature of the drying cycle. There is a rapid cycle that is 40 minutes but lacks any drying cycle so your dishes will still be wet. So this really is one of those machines you gotta maximize your loads and time, overnight loads are great with a heat cycle.4. Large items WILL NOT FIT. Full size plates are hit or miss. You might fit them in but the upper spin arm may not spin even if they do fit. The medium size plates and bowls and regular size glasses all fit fine. Not really tall containers or water bottles. No pots and pans or lids either. This is okay though because these items really should be washed by hand anyway.I have so far done about 6 washes over 2 days with the machine and I will say that I’m quite impressed with it. Would definitely recommend to those who are in the market for something small and basic but has features and options and can fit in their homespace or lifestyle. I will also say, make sure you use dishwasher soap that is either powder or tablet as these seem to dissolve slower than liquid so it stays sudsy and has the gritty particles in the water that help scrub plates better than the liquid versions or the included liquid version of Finish. Get the small 96 count Finish tablets, those fit perfect, not too much soap not too little. Make sure to use the hottest water you can either filling manually or by hose. If by hose, run the water to hot prior to reconnecting the hose. Make sure your drain hose is DOWN and has no upward slopes. The pressure to drain is good, but no one likes a backup.Enjoy your life changing mini dishwasher!

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  51. Emstar33

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love this dishwasher

    Love this dishwasher. Fits in our small amount of space and does an amazing job getting the dishes clean. Well worth it for the price.

  52. Brittani Turner

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing dishwasher

    I have had this dishwasher for about a month now and it’s awesome. It can be hooked to your sink but also has a water tank. I use the tank. It cleans the dishes so well comes out crystal clean. Only done fall is it doesn’t really dry the dishes. However it had an airfares button that if you push that along with your cycle choice before starting and once it’s done leave for a few hours it will get them mostly dry. I like to do my dishes right before bed so the air refresh does it’s thing over night and there is little to no water left. I commonly use the quick wash as it’s only 40 minutes over the 2 hours for the normal and it does just as good. If you’re looking for a compact countertop dishwasher this one is great! But be warned it is small and can not hold larger then standard plates or large items like pots and pans.

  53. Luke

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice little dishwasher.

    I rarely write reviews, but for this device I felt I should write something up. I live in an old house where I have yet to update the kitchen. Dishes kept piling up, so did the arguments over who was going to do them. Finally bought this thing (with a bit of skepticism/hesitation). So far its done a great job of getting the dishes clean, and it’s just the right amount of space for 1 days worth of dishes from 2 people. For larger plates you kind of have to angle them in, and with a bit of finess you can get pretty much anything reasonably sized in there and cleaned. Only thing is you can’t put larger pots and pans in the machine. Those have to be hand-washed. Regardless, this is a nice little machine to take the monotony of daily dish handwashing.

    One person found this helpful

  54. Hodir Cisneros

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best purchase of 2023

    I love it, I know I shouldn’t but I put quite a bit of dishes in and all of them were spotless 👍

  55. Joanna Paetz

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    An amazing product!

    I don’t think I can describe how much I love this dishwasher. We had an emergency septic repair issue and could not use the kitchen sink/drain. This portable dishwasher has a built in water reservoir (and sink attachment) and can easily drain right into a bucket if needed. Obviously the capacity is what you’d expect but it truly does wash many smaller items. It does a tremendous job at washing the dishes, has multiple settings & I love the UV drying option. Truly worth every penny!

  56. carminacarmina

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    small but great

    I love this little thing! It’s compact but perfect for pone person. all my dishes fit, takes a little maneuvering to get everything in sometimes, but everything, so far, has come out clean. I have notice that my tall glass (26oz) tumblers don’t come out as clean as I would like, if placed on the rim of the dish rack, placing in the middle of the rack so the water came get in there is best, so I have started to wash glasses and plates etc separately. otherwise I have no complaints. It is noisier than I would like but not super loud. I stopped running at night because the noise would travel up the stairs, just turn the volume of the tv up one or two to block out. I don’t have it hooked up to my sink, I cannot comment on that.I use hot water to start. Also the pods (Finish , Cascade) produce a lot of soap, was worried that the rinse cycle doesn’t get soap residue off completely. I have found that liquid detergent works best.

    2 people found this helpful

  57. Tom Thompson.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    So far so good!

    Bought this for a relative who doesn’t have a dishwasher and standing for long periods to hand wash dishes is a struggle. Super easy to hook up and being able to just pour a few pitchers of water in the top is super efficient!I bought the warranty but so far, so good!

  58. Lhauk

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Appliance I have ever bought

    So far no dislikes. Of course it is small but the dishes come out clean and my coffee cup looked like new which I did not think could ever happen. It works fantastic and glad I have it.

  59. Christopher Padulo Jr

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Stop thinking about it…

    Add to cart, proceed to checkout, checkout. That’s all you need to know. I went from an online countertop, to this type where you load the water first to free the main sink line. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but this thing crushes my old countertop dishwasher by a large margin. Buy it!

  60. Shanese L Maxey

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Stop overthinking…This is the one!

    Our family of 5 has been staying in an older house that doesn’t provide a lot of room in the kitchen so we had been searching for something that would be a space saver yet efficient for our family size. We opened it and immediately set it up within 5 minutes. We completely ignored the specs prior to ordering so we were shocked at the size, butt is there was just enough counter space next to the sink for it. We’ve opted to use the “fill the tank” option which was also super quick and easy. The beeping when the tank is full is such a convenient feature! So far we’ve tried the normal and rush cycle. Both did an amazing job cleaning, like much better than the normal size dishwasher we had in our previous house. There was no residue or food left on anything. I love the auto door and UV features as part of the cycles. I wish that you could select to add them to specific cycles when you want to though. I would absolutely recommend this product.

    3 people found this helpful

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