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Catit Senses 2.0 Self Groomer Cat Brush, Interactive Cat Toy .au Pet Supplies

(60 customer reviews)


About this item Cat self grooming wall brush that helps remove and collect loose cat hair This can be used as a cat self groomer wall corner; easy to mount on either a flat wall or corner surfaces, with strips (included) or screws (optional, not included) Easy to disassemble the cat brush and clean by handwashing Made of BPA-free materials Catit Senses 2.0 is a product line developed to activate your cat’s senses; the cat toys encourage your cat to use sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing to stimulate their natural instincts indoors

Product dimensions

‎13.21 x 9.65 x 5.84 cm; 80 Grams

Item Weight

‎80 g



Is discontinued by manufacturer


Date First Available

‎21 September 2018

Best Sellers Rank

2,155 in Pet Supplies (See Top 100 in Pet Supplies) 13 in Grooming Brushes for Cats

60 reviews for Catit Senses 2.0 Self Groomer Cat Brush, Interactive Cat Toy .au Pet Supplies

  1. noemi munoz

    Cattit self grooming

    My cat’s were grooming themselves but the only problem I have with it, is that it doesn’t stick to were you put it .It does come unstuck unless you put something else to stick it with.

  2. Klaus Riedel

    …etwas zu hart…

    …ich finde es zu hart

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  3. Rupesh A Pednekar

    My cats loves it.

    I did order this quite a long ago. Catnip works magnificently however this sticking part of this product sucks, it just fails to be sticked on surface you are sticking it on. I tried on shiny metal and wooden surface as it really won’t be sticking any wall. Only sticking area should get improved. Othereise it is really good product for your cats.

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  4. Amazon Customer


    The product are lovely but sadly and weirdly my cats aren’t interested in it at all.

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    Muy bien

    Perfecto a mi gato le encanta el hecho de que lleve hierba gatuna dentro incita a un más a que se rasque la utiliza bastante y no hace falta hacer agujeros con los dos adhesivos que lleva incluso en mi pared que es de Gotelé se ha quedado bastante fijado

  6. Piyali Sen

    Two Stars

    Broke in a week

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  7. Omarcillo

    Adhesivo y catnip regulares, cepillo rígido

    Lo coloqué en una pared y el adhesivo solamente duró 2 semanas, tras lo cual usé otra tirita del adhesivo incluido pero sólo duró unos días antes de volver a caerse, por lo que opté por usar de otra marca que tenía en casa y ya tiene más de 1 mes bien agarrado.El catnip que viene incluido con este producto no les llamó la atención a mis gatos, traté de frotarlo para liberar la esencia pero no tuve éxito. El catnip se sale fácilmente por los orificios, esto lo noté por las caídas que tuvo el cepillo al despegarse de la pared.En realidad adquirí este cepillo para uno de mis dos gatos ya que le gusta mucho frotar sus mejillas por todas partes cuando se emociona. Al principio no le interesaba mucho el cepillo pero ahora es más constante con el uso. El plástico de las cerdas es rígido, pero para los pocos segundos que mi gatita se frota parece estar bien y no se ha lastimado.

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  8. EKCR


    Meu gato amou! Todo dia vejo ele lá se esfregando.

  9. Shirley

    So good!

    The media could not be loaded.

    This was money well spent. Bought it over 3 years ago and it’s holding up well.My cat absolutely loves this thing and makes use of it several times a day!

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  10. spongusspongus

    Witzig, nicht durchdacht- funktioniert aber!

    Die Verarbeitung ist ungenau- die Einzelzeile klaffen, rasten nicht ineinander. Ohne eine improvisierte Verbindung durch Kabelbinder nicht sicher zusammenzuhalten und nicht zu fixieren. Habe auf mitgelieferte Katzenminze verzichtet- die Katze hätte sonst den Couchtisch zerlegt. Und das Beste: soll ich ernsthaft vier Schrauben in das Holzbein meiner Möbel jagen?! Da gibt es bessere Möglichkeiten! Konstruktionsbedingt kommt ein Klebe-Pad leider nicht in Frage. Kurzum: gute Idee, nicht zu Ende gedacht, nicht benutzerfreundlich, mit entsprechenden Einsatz doch zu befestigen und die Katze hat es unerwarteterweise verstanden und nutzt es sogar! Würde ich aber sicher nicht wieder kaufen!

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  11. Arlo’s mum

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    It’s a hit

    The media could not be loaded.

    Great product

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  12. Athena Nikolaou

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    cat loves it

    easy to set up and boy do my cats love it

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  13. Michelle Headlam

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good cat groomer

    My 😻cat enjoys using it immensely, only drawback is that it should be screwed onto the wall as I don’t think the stickers😺last long (screws aren’t provided) comes with a bag of catnip. The front part clips off easily for cleaning. 😻I believe you can buy the Catit catnip separately but not sure if it’s available to buy in Australia yet! Highly recommended.*Tip: Rather than screwing it into wall (which is tricky) get some Scotch heavy duty Velcro tape, I got some of this and it’s very suitable, the groomer is now fixed very securely to the wall & won’t fall off. Hope that helps.

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  14. Tyler

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Cat likes it, but it’s very cheaply made

    My cat loves this thing, it keeps her busy, especially having put it in a spot she frequently visits or sits, however, the spikes are quite firm and have almost zero flexibility, the sticky pads are terrible, but otherwise, it’s half decent, I’ll need to screw it into some furniture for her.

  15. Tegan

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Cat loves this.

    Such a good brush, easy to clean and my cat loves it.

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  16. Nicole

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not what I expected

    Bristles are hard and brittle, they fell off the holder after a while. Cats never used it. I’m better off using an old hairbrush.

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  17. jaemare

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Anyone with a cat should buy one

    Cats love them

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  18. TC / Tree

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    I’m sure it’s a great product…

    But my kitty ignores it completely. 🙁

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  19. Irene Reddecliffe

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    One of our best cat purchases

    Our cat uses this all the time, absolutely loves it!

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  20. sandra

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    does what it promises

    does what it promises, my cat loved !

  21. Honey&Me

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    Bristles way too hard

    The bristles are totally rigid and very hard. Way too hard for my cat to enjoy like she does with a normal brushing. Shame.

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  22. Maria Gonzalez F

    Mis gatos son felices

    Las consumidoras del producto lo han agradecido mucho. Recomiendo fijarlo a la pared con clavos pequeños. El adhesivo que viene incluido no es muy resistente. Excelente calidad. Llegó muy rápido. Fácil de instalar. Buena relación calidad/precio.

  23. Debbie Dallison

    Popular with cat. Now have 3 of these.

    Popular with my cat to the extent, I now have 3 of them.Put 2 in doorways. She rubs along them to get a good scratch and to scent. The third is a new one at the top of my stairs. She’s used it a little, but only been 3 days since it was put on the corner of the stairs. And it keeps falling off.I’ve put them where I noticed she rubs her face on corners/door frames. Something a little special for her in that she gets a groom on her face/flank.Downside. The sticky fixers are totally rubbish. Had to use velcro tabs otherwise they drop off the wall within a day.My cat loves rubbing her face/flank against things. If you have a cat who is like this. Then, chances are it will be used.

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  24. KevinRedkey


    I’ve had a similar one for many years, but it keeps falling out. I guess it ‘wore out’ after so many scratches. This one works as expected and stays put. No complaints.

  25. Amazon Customer


    Die Katze ist sehr zufrieden und schubbert daran regelmäßig. Sitzt fest an der Ecke und fällt kaum auf.

  26. seleneselene

    Gratta gatti carino da vedere, resistente e comodo

    Ho acquistato questo prodotto il 18 gennaio e dopo quasi 3 mesi di utilizzo posso affermare che è un ottimo articolo.In famiglia abbiamo due gatti che si potrebbero sostituire a dei demonietti, lo usano molto per grattarsi il musetto e il corpo e fino ad ora il biadesivo (fornito con lo stesso) ha retto benissimo il colpo, non si è mai staccato.C’è anche la possibilità di avvitarlo con delle viti direttamente al muro, cosa che non ho fatto subito perché non sapevo se l’avrebbero utilizzato (magari quando si staccherà potrei pensarci).All’interno è molto semplice inserire l’erba gatta (una bustina in dotazione) e poi richiudere, se si mette bene non c’è fuoriuscita di materiale.Comoda anche da pulireConsiglio questo prodotto

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  27. Pradnya ShenoyPradnya Shenoy

    who has just loved the self groomer

    The five stars are on behalf of my cat, who has just loved the self groomer. But to begin with she is enjoying the catnip smelling box which contained the groomer. She has crushed, licked, battered the box already in a half day’s time and loves to cuddle it and go into trance. May be she shall turn her attention to the groomer, once she is done with the box.

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  28. Metusala Felice Lemos Teles

    Escova de gato

    Foi um pouco complicado de colocar, mas eu colei com fita dupla face no canto da parede e tá grudado lá já faz mais de 6 meses. Meu gato amou e por isso a gnt tem q ficar limpando a cada 2 semanas.

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  29. Morgane

    Brosse pour chat très efficace et ayant un bon rapport qualité-prix

    La brosse est peu chère pour son efficacité. Elle est arrivée rapidement, bien emballée et avec de l’herbe à chats. Elle se fixe avec de la colle ou des vis et elle plaît beaucoup à mon chat qui adore s’y frotter ! Pour le moment, la colle tient parfaitement.

  30. hedonista

    Bezsensowny zakup

    Kot totalnie nie jest zainteresowany produktem

  31. Troy

    Must Have for Cat People

    I saw this product a few years ago on a UTube video and have been looking for it ever since. Within a few minutes of installing it, my two girls were vigorously rubbing their cheeks against it.Two small complaints: the adhesive pads that come with the product are useless. They failed after just a few minutes of use. Related to that, the product does NOT come with screws. The pre-drilled holes are tiny. Take the toy with you to the hardware store to get the right size. Don’t guess! if you try to use screws that are too big, the plastic will break. I used #8 x 1 in. Stainless Steel Phillips Pan Head Sheet Metal Screws. The flat underside of the screw head will prevent damage to the plastic. It took me hours to find the right screw and size. It would have been hugely helpful if they had been included.

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  32. Pedro J.Pedro J.

    Mi gata está encantada!

    Mi gata siempre va rascándose la barbilla por todas las esquinas de la casa y me las pone perdidas. Le he pegado el cepillo en una de ellas y está encantada! Ya solo va a la esquina del cepillo y no sólo se rasca la barbilla, si no que se restriega entera. Y ya de paso le quita los pelos sueltos.Es muy fácil de pegar porque viene con 4 trocitos de cinta de doble cara que agarra un montón. Yo lo he puesto en una esquina de la pared de la galería (adjunto fotos) y ella de vez en cuando va y se rasca. Ah, y no he necesitado ponerle las hierbas que incluye para atraerla.Mi gata es un poco especial y a las cosas específicas de gatos no les suele hacer ningún caso, pero con esto lo hemos bordado!! Y además queda muy discreto

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  33. Chris L.

    Inte så mysig

    Jag gillade idén, den är bra kvalitet och antagligen väldigt lätt att rengöra. Den kom med 2st klisterlappar som jag inte trodde skulle hålla men den sitter fast fortfarande på väggen och ganska hårt med.Vi satte den i höjd med min katt men.. min katt avskydde den. Vet inte om det är taggarna eller själva ljudet men hon går dessvärre inte nära denna atrapp. Kan tillägga hon är korthårig så de kanske inte är så bekväma taggar för henne.

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  34. Thaís

    Bom produto

    Uma das gatas adora se esfregar, mas as cerdas são mais duras que as de outras marcas.

  35. Marina

    Puede que le guste al gato o puede que no.

    No sé por qué, pero a mi gata el catnip…. Plin. Es decir, no le llama nada. Le ofrecí la bolsa que incluye con la hierba y cero interés. Y no sé si es porque el catnip que viene con los juguetes gatunos son de mala calidad o qué.Y bueno, respecto al producto, es lo que suele pasar: lo coloqué con toda la ilusión y…. Ni caso. Sólo le gusta cuando desencajo del soporte la parte gris con púas y la cepillo yo directamente. Entonces ya eso sí que es una fiesta porque le da el ataque de ronroneo…… Gatos.

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  36. Sans problème 👍🏻

    Accepté par mon chat

    Mon chat l’aime bien, elle sait qu’elle peut venir s’y gratter! Il y a un petit compartiment à l’arrière pour y mettre de l’herbe à chat (fournis dans le paquet) S’adapte treès bien sur les angles des murs ou sur les pieds d’une table.Le seul bémole c’est qu’il ne tiens pas très bien avec les scotchs fournis, je recommande du double face et c’est parfait!

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  37. MiMi

    Relax felino

    Articolo ben fatto e subito apprezzato dal gatto, grazie anche al catnip da inserire ai lati della spazzola. Gli adesivi hanno un’ottima tenuta sul legno; le setole risultano un po’ rigide e difficili da pulire.Buon rapporto qualità/prezzo, peccato però doverne comprare per forza almeno due…X questo le 4 stelle.

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  38. God’s Child ;)

    Well needed in any cat household!

    I purchased this item when it was being sold for $4.72. That’s been a few years ago lol. My cats still use this. I will suggest once you get the product to NOT use the sticky pads they suggest to use. What I did was to exchange those for the ones you can get with the command picture hangers.

  39. Gloria

    Lo amo mi gatito

    A mi gatito le encanto y el sobre de catnip es de muy buena calidad y cantidad.En cuanto a la adherencia, mi gatito no lo tiro de la pared pero mis hijos si, es más recomendable atornillarlo.

  40. Courtney

    My cat approves!

    I was looking for a self-groomer for one of my cats because she loves brushes and being brushed, and needless to say, this purchase was a hit with her! Despite quite a few other reviews saying the adhesive strips don’t work well, I didn’t have that problem with mine, although I set mine up on a flat piece of wall, not a corner. Installation was simple as well.A few cons of this product is that it didn’t come with screws, and the plastic is very cheap. The catnip it came with is also poor quality (some tough, long stems that could be risky if they fell out). But for the price, I’m not really complaining, and I used my own sifted ‘nip.Overall, I’m glad I bought this, and I’d recommend it to any cat parent whose kitto loves brushes.

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  41. Jennifer D G

    Good brush

    Good brush. The curvature doesn’t quite work on the corner of my desk where I wanted to mount it. Won’t stay stuck

  42. Spriggan

    Au cas par cas

    Aucun succès chez moi… Ma minette a aimé être “brossée” avec, mais une fois sur le mur elle ne s’y intéresse absolument pas.L’herbe à chats fournie devait dater un peu car même avec ça elle ne s’en approche pas…Je pense que c’est un produit sympa, mais tout dépend des chats ! 🙂

  43. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer


    When I saw this I was worried that my cat wouldn’t be interested, especially now that he has very little sight now how wrong I was not only does he love it he also shoved his head into the empty box didn’t need any coaxing with catnip to use it. Best money I’ve spent. He loves it.

  44. Joeyto77Joeyto77

    Con la mia gatta non funziona, kit incompleto.

    Nel corso degli anni ho acquistato parecchi prodotti della Catit, idealmente adoro questo brand perchè realizza prodotti di buona qualità per gatti, in pratica invece di tutti i prodotti acquistati non ce nè mai stato uno che con la mia gatta funzionasse, o lei è strana o loro realizzano prodotti in base a quello che agli umani piacerebbe che i gatti facessero che però poi non coincide con “la logica del gatto”.Ho ricevuto l’oggetto abbastanza velocemente all’interno di una bella confezione in stile Catit con scritte in lingua inglese, istruzioni ed illustrazioni, le loro confezioni sono sempre graziose perchè possono essere riutilizzate come giochi, questa ad esempio opportunamente ritagliata lungo le linee tratteggiate può diventare una sorta di scatola di sardine, una casetta per piccoli roditori. All’interno ho trovato anche una scheda per registrare il prodotto ed una bustina di erba gatta secca sminuzzata, non ho trovato ne viti ne nastro biadesivo quindi mi sono dovuto arrangiare con ciò che avevo in casa.La spazzola è realizzata con plastica di buona qualità e misura circa 12,7 X 8,5 cm, con viti e tasselli può essere montata sia in un angolo che su una parete liscia, con il biadesivo trovo più indicata l’installazione in un angolo, io personalmente l’ho fissata ad una gamba del tavolo in un punto dove so che la mia gatta frequenta sovente. La parte con le setole rigide che sono lunghe circa 1 cm, con una semplice pressione può essere rimossa dal supporto da muro per essere lavata o per riempire i due vani laterali di erba gatta, essendo questi due vani molto stretti infilarci l’erba è un lavoro che inevitabilmente sporcherà il piano di lavoro, quindi meglio farlo su un tavolo privo di tovaglia. Questi due vani hanno dei forellini che permettono al gatto di sentirne l’odore dell’erba contenuta, con i movimenti ogni tanto un pò di erba esce e cade a terra.In conclusione costa davvero poco ed è ben realizzato, io comunque all’interno della confezione non ho trovato il materiale necessario per montarlo ma quello che conta veramente è che con la mia gatta non funziona, non ci si struscia contro neanche a pagarla e le ho provate davvero tutte, pazienza ci abbiamo provato… mi auguro che la mia esperienza possa tornarvi utile.

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  45. Gunnar Myrland

    Som på bilden

    Ger den bara en trea sedan katten inte bryr sig om den

  46. lydia

    Brosse chat

    Mon chat aime bien se frotter dessus. Mais le seul problème c’est le scotch qui ne fait pas le job, la brosse est censé se coller à pied de table ou mur mais il se décolle très souvent dès que le chat vient s’y frotter.

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  47. Rafael

    No le hace ningún caso

    El cepillo esta bien pero mi gata no lo usa en absoluto, a lo máximo que llega es a olerlo in poco y luego pasa de él

  48. Tobu

    Top !

    Mein Kater hat es sofort angenommen. Habe es an der stelle installiert, wo er sich sonst auch immer “geschubbert” hat. denke er mag es 😉Installation mit kleinen Schrauben oder auch Klebestreifen hält gut.

  49. Mariangela


    É um produto muito bom, tamanho adequado. Gostei muito da cor, combinou com as cores de casa. É fácil de colocar a catnip e vem com o adesivo para colar. Muito prático

  50. Sonia C.

    Una goduria!

    The media could not be loaded.

    Sono anni che ho acquistato questo prodotto, e i miei gatti lo adorano!

  51. Vilma

    No adhiere

    Me gusto a pesar de que no pego ni en azulejoPero lo fijaremos de manera permanente con herramienta

  52. She Who Shall Remain Nameless


    I like the idea of this and the product seems fine and was easy to install. The problem is that I haven’t seen any of my four cats use it in the two weeks since I put it out.

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  53. Amazon Customer

    Nice, but impossible get get cat nip in

    It’s fine for what it is. They send you some super old cat nip to put in it but the holes are so small you might as well forget about it.Cat didn’t even used it, preferred the wall, lol.

  54. Jacque Morrison

    cat says no

    My cat didn’t like it and it’s a lot to drill your sofa to usein the corner of the room not really good for my cat

  55. Poovanna K N

    One Star

    Bad purchase

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  56. Ileana

    5/7 Gatos aprueban este producto.

    Tengo 7 gatos de casa y había notado el comportamiento de frotarse con las esquinas de las paredes, sobre todo los que están más gordos, así que compré este producto.En el momento que lo instalé en la esquina de una mesa, la curiosidad acercó a 2 gatos, después les puse catnip y llegaron otros 2, no me convenció el lugar donde lo había puesto, así que lo cambié a la esquina de una pared (compré 2). Con el transcurso de los días he visto el uso frecuente de 5 de mis 7 gatos, solo una de pelo largo y una gordita no les llama la atención o no han descubierto como usarlos. Cabe mencionar que el catnip se acabó hace tiempo y aún así siguen usándolo, además todos mis gatos son adultos mayores de 2 años.

  57. Jordi

    Lo usan

    Los gatos lo usan con mucha frecuencia incluso cuando no tiene el catnip dentro, recomendable

  58. Saika

    Täglich in Gebrauch

    Meine Katze liebt dieses Teil!Habe es an meiner Bettkante befestigt und es wird jeden Tag benutzt. Musste allerdings ein anderes doppelseitiges Klebeband verwendet, da ich den Groomer einmal umpositionieren musste

  59. João Carlos Ferreira Junior

    Super recomendo

    Muito bom.As gatas gostaram.Tem uma textura agradável e muito confortável.

  60. Marianna Trombetta


    Totalmente inutile non aderisce e non serve a niente

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