Car Intieror CIeaner Foam CIeaner Spray for Car MuIti Purpose DetaiIing CeiIing CIeaner Car Interior Roof CIeaner No Washing No Marks No Damage to The Material

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Car Interior Cleaner*1


Product details of Car Intieror CIeaner Foam CIeaner Spray for Car MuIti Purpose DetaiIing CeiIing CIeaner Car Interior Roof CIeaner No Washing No Marks No Damage to The Material

  • HOW TO USE:1.SPRAY:shake the product up before use.then,spray the product directly onto the surface.2.SEEP:wait for 1 minute after spraying,wait for it to penetrate.3.WIPE:to clean stains,srub the stain with a nano sponge di-rectly.4.DAY:finally dry with a towel.1.MULTI-FUNCTIONAL ALL PURPOSE CLEANERThis Waterless Cleansing foam cleaner can be used on any surfaces Sofa/Floor mats / carpet / vinyl / Car (interior and exterior) / Shoes / Gym bags / Painted walls / Helmet / Metal / Clothing2.QUICK FOAMING CLEANINGQuick foaming and fast-acting, did not leave behind a greasy or filmy residue like any other cleaners or soaps.3.NATURALLY BASED LIQUID This naturally based liquid uses enzymes to break down tough stains and odors. scented that leaves you a long lasting freshness.POWERFUL CLEANER AROUND THE HOUSEEffective cleaning for bathroom fixtures, ceramic tile painted walls, screens, wood, metal, and more! Heavy-duty foaming action lifts stains.4.POWERFUL CLEANER FOR YOUR CAREffective for cleaning automotive surfaces like fabric and vinyl upholstery, floor mats, and carpets. Lifts dirt and helps restore true color and appearanc

We can bring you:

1.Deep Cleaning: Car Intieror CIeaner can deeply clean the details of your car interior, such as seats, carpets, ceiling, and door panels. It effectively removes stains and odors, making the inside of your car cleaner and more comfortable.

2.Safe Materials: Your Foam CIeaner Spray agent is made of safe materials and can be used on various interior materials, such as leather, fabric, and plastic. It does not damage the interior materials and is also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

3.Multi-Purpose: interior detailing cleaner agent can be used as a multi-purpose cleaner. Besides cleaning car interiors, it can also be used to clean home, furniture, and other household details to keep them clean and comfortable.

4.Easy to Use: Your car ceiling detailing cleaner agent is easy to use. Simply spray it onto the surface you want to clean and gently wipe it with a clean towel or brush. It is very user-friendly and provides fast and effective cleaning.

5.Cost-effective: Your car cleaning products agent is cost-effective. Compared to other similar cleaning agents in the market, it is relatively cheap but still delivers excellent results. It is a practical cleaner that meets your needs and also saves your expenses.


Our newly formulated multi surface cleaner is made wi the newest advancements nano-technology to effec- tively lift away dirt and grim at the molecular level.

one multipurpose product. FantasticXml Super Clean- er, will clean upholster fabric canvas,leather,plastic, rubber and so on



Releases active molecules and penetrates inside the

object to lock in dirt


The active molecule reacts with the dirt, thereby decom- posing and being carried away

3.break down

Restore the original appearance of the obiect







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