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Bird Penn-Plax Calcium s Perch, Purple .au Pet Supplies

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About this item Fortified with added calcium Naturally trims bird’s beaks and nails Easily attaches to virtually all bird cages Variable perch diameter reduces foot stress and fatigue Perfect size for medium parrots and other large bird species

From the manufacturer

Easily installs to any bird cage in seconds with one wing nut (included)

Penn-Plax, manufacturer & distributor of top Pet Supplies
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Penn-Plax Calcium Perch

An ideal perch for your fine feathered friend

Calcium Perch from Bird Life by Penn-Plax provides birds with a non-skid textured perch that also trims their nails and beak naturally.

  • Fortified with added calcium
  • Naturally trims bird’s beaks and nails
  • Easily attaches to virtually all bird cages
  • Variable perch diameter reduces foot stress and fatigue
  • Color May Vary
  • Perfect size for medium parrots and other large bird species

Top Features of the BA098 – Bird Life Calcium Perch

Easy to Use

This calcium perch attaches to virtually any model of bird cage in a matter of seconds with it’s standard washer and wingnut.

Safe For All Birds

The brightly colored calcium perch is textured to provide a non-skid surface and is color safe as well.

Fortified With Calcium

This perch is fortified with added calcium which promotes bird health while it’s rough textured surface naturally trims beak and nails.

Reduces Foot Stress & Fatigue

The variable diameter perch reduces foot stress and fatigue and provides your bird with an extremely comfortable perch.

The Bird Life Calcium Perch by Penn-Plax

This 12” Calcium Perch from Bird Life by Penn-Plax is an ideal perch for small and medium parrots and other large species of bird. Each perch is brightly colored and attaches to your bird’s habitat with the included wingnut and washer.

The perch is fortified with calcium and features a heavily textured non-slip surface to keep your bird safe and on sure footing while also providing them with the surface they need to naturally trim their beak and claws. The variable diameter of the perch ensures that your bird will be able to stand comfortably without putting too much stress on the foot muscles.

Simply attach the perch to your cage using the attached washer and wingnut.

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Customer Reviews 4.0 out of 5 stars


4.0 out of 5 stars


4.0 out of 5 stars


Price — $48.02

$48.02 — Model Number BA096 BA097 BA098 Length 8” 10” 12” Diameter 1.5” 2.0” 2.0” Best For Medium sized birds Large Birds / Small Parrots Parrots Color various various various

Product dimensions

‎30.48 x 5.08 x 5.08 cm; 453.59 Grams

Item Weight

‎454 g



Is discontinued by manufacturer


Date First Available

‎21 September 2018

Best Sellers Rank

10,802 in Pet Supplies (See Top 100 in Pet Supplies) 64 in Birdcage Perches

59 reviews for Bird Penn-Plax Calcium s Perch, Purple .au Pet Supplies

  1. ELmmrt

    Definitely for a large bird

    I needed to add a metal ring/plate in order to keep it strong between my bars. Seems to be holding fine now.

    One person found this helpful

  2. Scott

    Perch works but wish it was heavier material

    Good perch; my blue & gold macaw uses it but the plate and screw to hold onto cage could be bigger and sturdier to be able to use with bigger cages. Maybe they could give two options for the connections. The perch itself is very lightweight, I thought it would be a bit stronger but it works for now.

  3. ManonManon


    La teinture sur cet item est incroyable. Même après l’avoir passé à l’eau chaude pendant 5 minutes, elle est toujours aussi épaisse. Jamais je ne donnerai ce produit à mes oiseaux

  4. Momma B

    Good quality perch

    My bird was scared of the perch at firstIt took him a while to want to step up on it*I have a rose breasted cockatoo (Gala)He loves it now.It does stain his feet pink though. I like it that it has good grip and it seems like it helps keep his nails trim and he can file his beak. It’s also good quality and sturdy not cheap at all

    One person found this helpful

  5. Samantha Lewis

    Better for large birds

    I thought it was a great deal but my bird doesn’t seem to like it. Maybe after some time she’ll use it.

  6. Anthony Horabin

    Grey loved it

    I have to buy this about once a month. My Grey loves it and goes through it quickly

    One person found this helpful

  7. mohammed

    not happy

    the picture shows the calcium perch in white colour and that was the main reason i purchased from this seller but the calcium perch i received was a purple. i ve been traying diffrent coloured calcium perch which i noticed the parrots get scared from them and they do not like to step on them. the seller should either show the colour of the calcium perch hes selling or if he have diffrent coloures availabe he should ask you to choose which coloure you prefer.i purchased seven of them and i think they are useless to my parrot.eitherwise shipping was quick and everything was fine.

    8 people found this helpful

  8. veda white

    Good product

    The length is good for my Amazon. He now uses it as his favorite perch. The reason for the 4 stars is that the coloring on the perch transfers to everything.

    One person found this helpful

  9. Kelly W


    I got the XL and This thing is heavy!! Don’t use it if you have a flight cage with thin bars. It will sag. Otherwise it works great!

  10. Tiamia


    THE DYE is HORRIBLE! Comes off in your hands all over the place. I had to run the perch under hot water and scrub it off before I would DARE use it for my birds, not sure if it is toxic or not, but horrible just the same.

  11. Jose Torres

    My bird loved it

    My bird who is very picky actually loved using it right away. The calcium comes off very well from the perch and it has been good for my bird.

  12. Stoney


    > MY PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE WITH “CEMENT” PERCHES – Both of my birds (an Amazon and a Senegal) refused to perch on other brands of “cement” perches that I’ve bought in the past, which were composed of hard granules. But, they would file their beaks on the perches.> SURPRISE – Both of my birds voluntarily perch on their Penn Plax Calcium Perches. Feeling the surface, I understand why – it is smooth and “soft” – and obviously comfortable to bare birdy feet. Maybe even pleasantly cool on hot summer days.> In addition to being smooth, grooves in the surface provide secure grips, even for relatively small birds (such as my Senegal).> The large size is 12″ long (plus about 1″ for the stud). It is oval in cross section, about 1½” by 2″. Hypothetically, that is way too large for either of my birds. (Note that perches the optimal diameters for my birds would be too short for them to turn around). But both birds like the big perches, and they do have wooden perches in various smaller sizes they can choose, if they get tired of the large perches.CONS> I can’t imagine an uglier bird perch (the 12″ is violet)–but at the price I paid ($4 each, {2 for $8}) it is also very inexpensive.> I haven’t noticed my birds filing their beaks on the perches (although they may), and even after a year their toenails are still sharp.> Being such an intense and unnatural color, the purple perch is sure to terrify any bird. The secret to introducing such a perch (or most toys for that matter) is to introduce it slowly. First set it on a table nearby for a day or two, then move it closer for a day or so, Then move it inside the cage but as far from your bird as possible (or attached it to the outside of the cage). Then you can move it where you want it.> The wingnut and stud are very small for a perch this large, which means it is difficult to torque it down tight enough.> On my cages, the 12″ perch is so long and heavy that it sways and wobbles like crazy at the slightest touch, even with the wing nut as tight as I can get it. I can only stabilize the perch by setting the end on a cross perch that goes from wall to wall.How about those perches which look like cactus branches? They are prettier, and may hypothetically provide a wider range of foot “grips”, but they are composed of large sharp sand particles which must be heck on birdy feet. One was a good “chew toy” for my Amazon. It took him a year to discover that it was chewable, and about a week to destroy after he made the discovery. As far as I can tell, my Senegal never went near his.> Click on “Stoney” just below the product title to see my other reviews, or leave a comment to ask a question.

    18 people found this helpful

  13. Dave Seddon

    Good Quality Product

    Well made good quality product.

  14. Judith

    Coating flakes off

    Purchased for African Greys. Too thick and coating comes off.

  15. Dana

    I would not recommend

    Im not sure this perch is even safe for a bird! From just taking the perch out of the packaging my hands are covered in pink dye.Even if it is safe, my parrots feet and beak will be stained pink! Do not buy!

  16. Alexis

    Cockatoo approved!

    Hi! I got the 12 inch and it is amazing for large birds like cockatoos, african greys, and macaws. We have a cockatoo and he loves this perch – it is much bigger than his other perches and well worth the money. It did have some loose colored powder on it when it arrived but was fixed by rinsing it in water. After we wrapped some vet wrap on it to make it softer and it is perfect. Currently buying 2 more!

    One person found this helpful

  17. Dee D.


    Worth the money so far.

    One person found this helpful

  18. SueSue

    Large , strong , heavy… but a lot of extra work!

    These perches are huge! And very heavy. No doubt a great perch for large parrots. I’m sure my cockatiels will enjoy them more as a shelf them a perch. And that’s fine. But they have their many down falls as well!Down fall is the crazy amount of pink powder and residue that comes off them. I should have read the reviews…. I’d never have bought them.Just rinsing will NOT HELP!I spent over an hour scrubbing with a harsh brush to get as much paint off as I could. Now I have a second perch to clean! Yeah me!SEE LIGHTER COLOURED PERCHED. Scrubbed clean.SEE JUST OUT OF THE PACKAGE PERCH…. powder falls off as soon as you open it. And continues to cover anything it touches!ALSO …. the perches are definitely too large and heavy for the washer they sent!This perch droops under its own wait!I added a larger washer to my 1 st perch and will get much bigger washers to keep it from falling off snd killing my birds!I would have returned them but thought a quick rinse would fix the issue! Too late ! So I’ll do the work and fix the issues myself…. but I won’t buy more .

    One person found this helpful

  19. Melany

    Product will stain your bird

    I loved the stability and long term durability of the product. Downside is that the pink color comes off and stains your bird. I had to wash and scrub the perch for a while to get the majority of the color off so that it would quit coming off on my white cockatoo.

  20. Jon Ferrante

    Bird likes it.

    Took a while for my bird to use it (that is usual with new things in his cage) but now he is on it a lot. believe it helps with his claws and his beak

  21. B. Harris

    Color Rubs Off On EVERYTHING Including The Bird

    This Is The First Time I’ve Experienced This!Color Rubs Off On EVERYTHING Including The Bird.I’m Very Concerned For My Pet On What Added Chemicals and Dyes Ate In This And If This Can Affect Her Health!!!!!!Would Like A Refund!!!!

    2 people found this helpful

  22. A. Dorso


    Way to much dye on these!!

  23. A. Holcomb

    Nail smoothing perch for our conure

    Just the right length and diameter

  24. Amazon Customer


    Only one problem- the washers are too small my cage- I had to buy bigger washers.

    One person found this helpful

  25. Carmen Marie

    My Macaw Turned Purple!

    It seems to be pet-safe colouring, but I wasn’t expecting at first just how purple my bird would be! She likes to stand on the perch and touch her face, so that’s been fun to watch, but it has kept her beak trimmed and she loves biting the calcium off.

  26. Amazon Customer

    Washers are to small for a larger bird cage

    They are very sturdy after I changed the washers . If you use the ones supplied for a larger cage it slip right through.

  27. Lizmarie Torres-Irizarry

    Basically works as a normal perch for me.

    I used to buy my red-bellied parrot calcium perches from the pet store all the time and we both liked them a lot. But the ones I used to buy him would eventually be gone down to the metal because he used them so much. I saw this as a good sign and was looking for another one like those on Amazon. I hoped this was be like it. While it wasn’t, it was still a decent perch. It was a little big for my small-medium sized parrot and a lot harder. He likes it fine but doesn’t really scrape his beak on it like he did with the others. Maybe if it was softer he would like it better.

    3 people found this helpful

  28. Malka Kassel

    Not cracked up

    My bird’s perch

  29. Callisto Cartwright

    Don’t buy!

    First and foremost….it stains not only your hands but the bird using it as well. Tried rinsing the perch only to make it worse. Also stains everything that it touches. I do not recommend buying this for any bird. You would be better off saving your money and buying manzanite instead.

  30. real st-pierre

    pour les gros perroquets, la rondelle crochie et le perchoir tombe dans le fond de la cage

    J’ai 2 de ces perchoirs et malheureusement après une seule journée les rondelles étaient crochies et les perchoirs étaient tombés dans le fond de la cage, pas bon pour des aras.

    One person found this helpful

  31. Riddell’d with love

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    These are fantastic, but cockys break the fast. These are a regular buy as I run a small animal rescue. Feel free to donate some of this to the animals. They love it.

  32. kelly

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Awesome product thanks so much

  33. Jenita Kaddatz

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Perfect, my bird LOVES it!

  34. SandeepSandeep

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not gud

    It’s leaving colour my birds gone pink in few hours I am scared if something happen to my birds

  35. valdreams

    perchoir idéal

    Perchoir parfait pour mon cacatoès il se régale dessus, ça lui lime les griffes et le bec donc parfaite utilisation.

  36. micah brown

    Umbrella Cockatoo loves it!

    I purchased this for my rescue Cockatoo. She has longer nails and I wanted something to help wear them down in addition to nail trims. This perch is very heavy and sturdy. I got her the large size and it is bigger than expected. Seems very well made and will hopefully last awhile. The only complain I have is that I received a pink one and the color comes off on her feet. Not a big deal, but annoying to have pink getting on everything.

    2 people found this helpful

  37. Enrique I

    Buen Artículo

    Muy útil para nuestra ave

  38. Bruvier

    Correspond à la description

    Mon perroquet en a peur, dommage

  39. Brigitte


    Bough this for maintenance of my cockatiel beak and nails plus calcium is good for their health. He liked it straight away. I put a toy next to it to encourage using it. It has an oval shape, so you can decide on smaller or bigger perching area. I use the wider side, almost like a platform for my tiel. It’s pretty heavy tough, sturdy but less stable unless you have thick bars on your cage. You can also use it as a vertical nibbling/climbing bar, I’ll switch it every 2 weeks to keep it interesting for my cockatiel.The only problem is the coloring, it stains the bird feather, hence why I did not give 5 stars. Would have prefered it colorless.

    One person found this helpful

  40. AMcG

    These are huge!

    We’ve had pink and yellow ones for years before they were reduced to bolts; they are tiny by comparison to these purple monsters. It will take my cockatiels and linnies years to get through theses ones and they started on that within 30 minutes.

    One person found this helpful

  41. Dan DiMarco

    The perch is for a large parrot

    It’s ok the dye does come off on your hands when touching

  42. Ashley SalasAshley Salas

    Read the description. Lol.

    I should’ve definitely read the size description lol. It’s a lot bigger than I anticipated. My birds are kinda of sky & curious at the moment but I think they will warm up to it. Personally I don’t like how they dyed it. It got on my hands.

    2 people found this helpful

  43. Tricia Kanters

    On a XXL cage the washers aren’t large enough to hold it in the bars.

    The pink coating comes off on their feet. My macaws broke it in half in 2 weeks. That’s to be expected they shred everything. But I don’t like the pink coating that’s on it. It’s not necessary.

  44. susanmccsusanmcc

    I don’t really care for the “food coloring” … my fingers are pink … I have a white Cockatoo

    I’m replacing a perch that trims nails. I’m thinking that one was concrete. This one says it’s calcium. The other was blue and its blue coloring didn’t come off. This one is pink, and I guess it’s food coloring because it comes off fairly easily. My fingers are pink. And so … what does that mean for a white cockatoo? Maybe it will be okay, but I’d rather it didn’t have coloring that comes off so easily.

    3 people found this helpful

  45. Ginny Oakwood

    It turned our cockatoo pimk….

    It turned Gabby, our cockatoo pink…all over…. but Gabby looks pretty in pink, just want you to be aware..

    One person found this helpful

  46. JonJon

    Nice wide perch, beware will dye your bird pink

    As mentioned above it’s a nice wide perch for larger birds, but it dyed my cockatoos feathers pink.

  47. VanessaVanessa

    The colour gets everywhere..

    First of all I was impressed by how huge this thing is. The washers could be a little bigger though to make it sturdier.At first my birds were very afraid of it. But apparently not anymore as they have clearly been using it. I came home to find pink stains EVERYWHERE in the cage (on perches, toys, happy hut), and all over my birds.Their feet, beaks, and bellies have a pink hue to them now and one of them has pink streaks on her head lol.So just be aware that the colour does get everywhere..other than that it’s a good product and my birds seem to enjoy it.

    One person found this helpful

  48. LutetiaLutetia

    For small/medium birds?!

    The fact that there’s a budgie on the packaging makes this hysterical. I think a budgie has as much body width as this perch has.Well, breeding season is here. My lil fluffers prefer calcium perches over cuttlebone. I’m sure they’ll eventually chew this up. I’m so glad I didn’t get a colored perch though. I was all set to wash the dye off if I did though.

    2 people found this helpful

  49. Dawn HafermannDawn Hafermann


    I’ve had it in my birds cage for a few weeks. She hasn’t shown interest in it yet. It is strong! I wish the washer was larger so it would fit better on my cage!!

    One person found this helpful

  50. Kena troupe

    It’s ok

    The smallest size is very big and extremely heavy ! It definitely bends the bars in my cage but my cockatiel likes it

    One person found this helpful

  51. Judy

    Pink chalk

    The media could not be loaded.

    I couldn’t believe how big it was. I couldn’t believe how chalky my hands got touching it and not good got my Indian ring necks

  52. B. SerranoB. Serrano

    Not for everyone

    This perch seems super sturdy but too big for my cage. Every time she got on it, it kinda sways back and forth for a min. Also it’s stained my birds feet, beak and body so I wouldn’t recommend it for light colored birds. I had to take it out after a day.

    One person found this helpful

  53. Hope

    Haven’t even put it in the cage.

    Washers do not fit on the cage. Not sure why this seems to be a common issue with parrot toys, but it makes a difference on how sturdy things are.

  54. James L.

    What a Fuchsia Mess……

    I’d give this 5 stars, but the dye from this gets EVERYWHERE. My bird’s feet are purple along with his water, his cage, and the floor outside the cage. Does not wash off easily either…Great product, just PLEASE, forget the dye and leave them white.

    6 people found this helpful

  55. Lauren W.

    Stained my bird blue

    Good, sturdy perch. Haven’t had time to test how well it works on nails yet.The bad: whatever they used to color the perch has stained my bird completely blue. Beak, feet, feathers.. anything that comes in contact with the perch. He looks funny, and I’m hoping it’s not a dangerous substance.

    One person found this helpful

  56. Miles Bedinger

    First impressions: Bad washers, dealbreaking dye

    Used this for my african grey. The dye is such a dumb addition. I noticed pink footsteps all over my furniture. Took me an hour of standing at the sink scrubbing with soap and water to get most of the dye off the perch, and now I just have to hope that (1) the dye isn’t bad to ingest, and (2) that I got enough off that I don’t need to keep washing my upholstery covers. DO NOT BUY the colored ones. Or just don’t buy this.On an additional note, I bought 4 different perches, and this was both the heaviest perch, and the one with the smallest washers. I had to swap the washers with a lighter hardwood perch I had bought, just because it kept sliding free under its own weight no matter how tight I screwed it down.Definitely will not be buying this again.

    2 people found this helpful

  57. Kyle Kyle

    Nice perch

    Decent perch. I have it in my second bird cage for when I travel. 🙂

  58. KarenKaren

    The birds feet are now PINK!

    The hand was easier to take a picture of then the birds feet. When you install it you will need to get bigger Washers because the ones that come with this are too small. My African Gray is almost 25 years old so I’m experienced in bird perches ect. I have not seen one leave his feet this colored before. The perch itself seems sturdy.

    3 people found this helpful

  59. Jamie A.

    Return POSTAGE required

    This perch is huge and heavy. It’s way too big for anything except an Amazon or Macaw parrot-description needs to specify that!!. I have African Grey and way too big. There’s RETURN POSTAGE unless UPS STORE! There’s not many of them AND the seller needs to INCLUDE THAT INFO IN ITEM DESCRIPTION!!! I believe it’s intentional to not specify the size of bird it fits and then charge return postage!!! So I’m stuck with a huge perch that I can’t use or drive 150 miles to return and I’m FURIOUS they fail to mention that.

    One person found this helpful

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