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Amazon | Nugget Fountain Filters, Fits Both Nugget and Nugget Lite Cat and Dog Water Drinking Fountains (12-Pack) | TUG | 自動給水器 通販

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12-pack of replacement filters for the Nugget and Nugget Lite water drinking fountains Microporous non-woven fabric filters large particles Ion-exchange resin removes heavy metal ions and softens water quality Coconut shell activated charcoal removes impurities through absorption
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Weight, Indoor, Stomach, Urinary Tract Management, Urine

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Apr 14, 2023

60 reviews for Amazon | Nugget Fountain Filters, Fits Both Nugget and Nugget Lite Cat and Dog Water Drinking Fountains (12-Pack) | TUG | 自動給水器 通販

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  7. Georgina Street

    Looks great- stopped working

    The water fountain looks great and is very quiet. It stopped working and the company contacted me and sent me a video on how to take the water pump apart to see if that would resolve the issue. It’s all up and running again which my cats are pretty pleased with. Very good customer service.


  8. Dennis Bean

    Nice water fountain with one potential flaw

    I’ve had this fountain for a little more than 3 weeks and I like it, for the most part. My cat also likes it, which is more important.Overall, it is a pretty simple pet water fountain. It holds close to 3 liters of water, which is enough for around 5 days. Filling it up is as simple as unplugging the USB cable, lifting the top off and filling the bowl. The filters sit underneath the little water dish/tray and that just snaps simply into place. Removing the tray is very easy.My one gripe with this product is that I feel like the pump may have issues down the road. Just yesterday I noticed hardly any water coming out of the slit in the top part of the dish. I remove the pump from the top part of the dish and inspect the slit to see if it was clogged, which it was not. I then tested the pump in the water alone and it did seem to be pumping very little. I had to disassemble the pump and clean it out (wasn’t really any dirt that I could see) to get it working again. This is after a mere 3 weeks of use.Hopefully the pump will last but this is not a great first impression.Other than that, I like it and the cat likes it too. She is definitely drinking more water than when it was just her water dish. The flowing water really does intrigue her.Edit: So it has been about 3/4 of a year and the pump is working fine. In the actual review, I had mentioned pump flow issues but was able to solve them. The pump housing itself has a foam filter on one side of it. I simply removed the foam filter and let the pump run without it. The water has flowed at its full force ever since and I have had no flow issues. IF you are having issues with water flow, remove that foam pump filter and it should solve them.


  9. Jim

    My cat loves using her new fountain

    It took a few days for my cat to use the fountain as she was used to a water bowl. As she didn’t seem keen, I turned it off and left it beside her water dish for a couple days, then took her water dish away. She then drank from the still water. Once she had done this a few times I switched it on, and she used it happily. Very pleased.

  10. Amazon Customer

    It’s very nice

    My cat likes the fountain and drinks more water because of it. It’s pretty much silent and the light shows the water level. It’s probably the nicest thing in my house.

  11. Lavendyr

    So far, excellent

    I like my cats to have a source of fresh running water. After my last fountain’s pump broke for the fourth time in quick succession I looked around and decided to give this one a go. It has a sleek, elegant design and is super easy to assemble. I really like that the wire is not attached to the pump so you can just unplug it fully. The bowl is sizeable and so easy to clean and refill as it doesn’t have any of the gadgetry attached – that’s all the top bit (I do wish the max level line was easier to see!).The top piece holds the pump and various carbon and sponge filters. I’ve cleaned it a few times now and replaced the main filter – the sponges seem to need the odd rinse and squeeze to remove any debris – and it is really noticeable that the water that progresses through the filters is cleaner and less full of debris (hair, small bird feathers etc) than any other fountain I’ve used. It’s also really easy to take apart and clean each part individually.Best of all, the cats love it! As soon as I filled it and turned it on they came straight to drink from the dish at the top. It is completely silent too, again unlike any other fountain I’ve tried. They definitely drink more from this fountain than they have from others.The only concern I have is the same as with every water fountain, and that is the pump. This is the first fountain I have purchased where you cannot buy replacement water pumps, so I will be interested to see how long it lasts, when properly maintained, and whether it manages to be value for money.


  12. For shoes

    Nugget cat filters

    These filters are very easy to use and excellent to ensure healthy water for your cats.

  13. M

    Großer Tank

    Der Kater geht nur noch an den Brunnen!Gekauft weil er nicht an die Wasserschale und stattdessen an das Aquarium gegangen ist, was jetzt nicht mehr der Fall ist !Super !

  14. Mackenzie

    Best fountain I’ve ever tried – and I’ve tried a lot

    This is the best pet fountain I’ve ever used bar none. I’ve had many pet children and gone through plastic, metal, ceramic, big name expensive brands and the cheapest I could find on Amazon.I splurged a little with this one, because I usually buy the cheapest one I can find that’s still good quality, expecting it to be thrown out for a new one within 3 months. I’ve always washed my fountains every week and could tell from the first wash that this one was awesome.I started with the Catit flower fountain, then a stainless steel, then ceramic, with different filters, pumps, and systems, and all of them had gross slimy water and sometimes even mold on the inside of the fountain by the end of a week. Sometimes my cat would even tell me before the week had passed by getting sick from the gross water 🙁 And inevitably after a few weeks of use, the pump would be loud or clogged or stop working all together.When I cleaned this one for the first time, precisely at the one week mark for fear of leaving it any longer, it looked new. Clean clear water, no floating particles, no sliminess, and no buildup. The only areas I noticed ANYTHING on were the black sponges that had actually caught all the debris. The second time, I let it go for a week and a half with only water changes – no deep cleaning (which it says you can do). My cat was still thriving and drinking from it all the time after the nearly two week wait so I washed it, fully convinced it couldn’t still be clean, but got the same results as the first time! Crystal clear water with no slime, but more buildup on the black sponges – as there should be! They’re doing their job.It’s super easy to clean – takes me all of 10 minutes to completely disassemble and do a deep clean weekly even though they say you only have to once a month. I keep it on the intermittent mode to save some power and increase its lifecycle and my cat loves trying to figure out when it will turn back on.The cord completely disconnects from the unit and every part of the fountain, even the port, is water proof so it can be fully submerged when cleaned. It’s easy to clean without a brush, though you may need one to get into the fountain tube piece, and it’s super easy to put back together when you’re finished.It’s completely silent on all settings. I can never hear the pump or water trickling and only hear the intermittent flow kick back on when the water level gets lower.The only downside (if it can even be considered one) is that it does NOT come with the 5V USB wall plug that it specifies needing for the fountain to work. I got lucky and found one laying around that I’d gotten with something else and it works perfectly. Make sure you actually find a 5V box and not something lower (not enough power to work) or higher (too much power, gets hot, fry the fountain and kill it). I’ve never had the plug get hot and have it on an extension cord with some other things and have never had an issue.Long story short, this is excellent in all the ways a pet fountain can be, and 100% worth the money and care routine, which comes with any pet fountain. Get it!!


  15. Clc1298

    UPDATE: NOT GREAT! / It’s Great!

    Update to my earlier review: We have had this fountain less than 3 months and it has stopped working. It has been doing EVERYTHING as stated in all of the 1 star reviews…too many to list! I ordered new filters in hopes that the filters that came with it were just worn out, but no, and now I am stuck with $32 worth of filters I can’t use! This fountain watering bowl is perfect for my senior cat. I had a different brand previously that only lasted 6 months. I am hopeful if the quality is as it appears, we will have this one much longer. Aesthetically, it is very nice.

  16. Arden S.

    Updated review – Great customer service!

    ORIGINAL Review: I was so excited when this arrived and my cat loved it. But in less than a year the pump stopped working despite regular cleaning and maintenance.UPDATE:They saw the above review and reached out seeking to make it right. After a short conversation, they sent a shipping confirmation and I fully expected to just receive a new pump which I would have been happy with. Much to my surprise they sent an entirely new fountain. And its even in the color I originally ordered. I had already thrown away the old pump but I am pretty sure the new one looks different/ better. And it came with a cleaning tool. My cat and I are very happy. Great customer service. Thank you!

  17. Kitty

    Love this thing

    It’s quite big and quiet. I use it in S mode which has a bonus perk of attracting my cat’s attention with the water sound when it starts up. He’d go investigate and end up drinking a bit more.I love that you can take it apart completely to clean. It’s very well made and feels sturdy. I’ve had it for a few months, it’s working great. I’ve tried a few other cat fountains but the pump always fails after several months so I’m hoping this Nugget holds out longer.


  18. Amazon Customer

    Fait du bruit après 4 mois d’utilisation

    J’étais satisfaite du produit au départ, très silencieux.Même avec entretient régulier et changement des filtres, la machine a commencé à faire beaucoup de bruit… Très décevant après seulement 4 mois d’utilisation

  19. David MendozaDavid Mendoza

    Muy bonita, no ruidosa

    Es muy bonita , pude tener hasta dos litros y medio , no es ruidosa la verdad, es muy fácil de instalar , mis perritos la aman , y te avisa con una pequeña luz que se esta acabando el agua , lo único es que si no te gusta dormir con nadaaa de luz, como a mi , no vas a poder tenerla en tu habitación ya que la luz que tiene si alumbra mucho.

  20. Janet Henderson

    Spares for the future use

    I purchased spare filters for the dog fountain which is a good idea so I will never run out. The filters in the unit are effective so I assume these spares are just the same as I already clean them daily to ensure fresh drinking water for my fur babies.

  21. Grace hicks

    Stops working after 2 months

    I actually love this water fountain for my cat and initially they work great but after two months or so, the pump just doesn’t push out enough water to keep water in the bowl. My 2nd one just stopped working yesterday, I purchased it in December. Sucks because I have almost a year’s worth of filters that I can’t return because the return window has closed.

  22. Ryan

    Cat loves it

    My cat prefers drinking from a running water source and this is perfect for him. The fact it filter the water and has a big tank is handy too!Had no issues with motor noise, the only thing I can hear from it is the occasional trickle of the water.

  23. LH1356

    Didn’t work well

    This water fountain was easy to set up and at first I thought it was amazing and my pets seemed to love it. However after a couple of days of use, the spout started only trickling out a small amount of water which was not enough to reach the dish. I assumed it just needed cleaned as I do have two dogs and two cats, however couldn’t see anything that would be causing the water to only trickle out. I couldn’t get it working again so emptied, cleaned and dried it and left it for a few days. When I tried it again it miraculously started working as it did initially, however again after a day or two of use had the same issue. I’ve persevered with this for two months but this product is just not worth the hassle. Considering the price point, I’m very disappointed and can’t recommend this product. Don’t waste your money!


  24. Chantal Laverdiere

    Très silencieuse

    Fontaine très jolie et complètement silencieuse

  25. Stacey Young

    Purrfect for us.


    I was a bit hesitant to order this fountain because of some of the reviews but it has been wonderful for us. No issues. It is VERY quiet, easy to clean, and the replacement filters are affordable. I love the look and the light works like a calming glow night light. It took a week or so for my kitty to use it but now it is her go to for water. Purr worthy!

  26. Code00347Code00347

    Beware of rust!


    Pros: aesthetic, quiet (at first), comes with a year supply of filters.Cons: the only con is the poor pump design. As you can hear in the video, the pump has rusted causing a very loud noise and the water doesn’t make it into the bowl anymore. On top of it being noisy and not function, I dont want to use it at all anymore because it’s putting rust on the water. I have a saltwater fish tank so maybe they can use one of those pumps because they don’t rust!Also attached are pictures of the qtips used to clean and the rust covered filter next to a new one. This filter was only 1 week old. I finally figured out this problem now that I have had it for 4 months. I have a lot of extra filters if anyone needs them.


  27. Amazon Customer

    Cheaper than the genuine filters but do the same job!

    Decent quality and price replacement filters


  28. Elizabeth B.Elizabeth B.

    Awesome water bowl

    I bought this for my 8 pound MinPin . He does not like anything floating in his water. If you own a MinPin you understand . This nugget 2.6L pet Drinking Fountain was the ticket. He drinks a lot more water now . The water is always clean.It is very quiet to my surprise. I was thinking he would be afraid of it making noise with the little pump but no not a sound .I absolutely love the design as well so clean and aesthetically pleasing. I also like the height of it . My dog has long legs so now he doesn’t have to been over.The price was very reasonable as well . So if you want you pup are cat to enjoy fresh, clean water every day get one . You will be happy you did .Oh it is a good size as well . Their is still a little under a half bowl of water when I changed it after a week so I could probably wait a little longer to change it but I will remember better if I just do it on the same day every week .


  29. Patricia A Riley


    They are very good filters and fit my Nugget perfectly.

  30. Darren Miner

    Great unit, quiet, no splashing sounds, prompt customer service.

    We’ve had 2 of these products for the last 6 months and have been happy with them. The cats, and small dog, are happy using them, they make a cute sound and flash the lights when the tub need refilling, and the water lasts a good while. We can get through over a week before needing to refill, between 2 cats and a dog, using the “Smart” function, which shuts off the pump and only switches it on when then drinking basin needs refilling. Also a shout out to customer service, especially Doreen, who were prompt in their response to my issue of a noisy impeller. I emailed support, and got a quick response, despite it being Saturday morning (probably Friday afternoon in their part of the US), with video instructions on how to clean the impeller. Following those instructions fixed the issue.


  31. EmMon

    Pump needs replacing every 3-6 months

    I like this product, it’s easy to use, looks nice and my 2 cats love it. However, even following the cleaning advice and clearing out all the build up in the pump its performance degrades over time. It appears to me the impeller in the pump has issues It gets louder and eventually the flow turns to a trickle. With nothing to loose I added some lubricant around the impeller and it worked almost good as new for 6 hours before turning into a noise machine again. I bought the unit in Aug 23, had to replace the pump in Nov 23 and now in Feb 24 I have to do it again. The pump is only $10 which isn’t bad and easy to switch out. If your cool with that then get this product but I’m going to look around for something else.


  32. Pepe

    Poorly designed. Cat flicks water everywhere when drinking.

    This looks lovely and is almost silent.However the design has a major flaw. The spout where the water comes out is at the back of the dish on the top. So the cat leans over the fountain and licks where the water comes out, effectively flicking it over the back of the machine and over the floor. We have had to mop around the fountain once a day to keep this under control.Maybe some kind of back plate would have been a good idea to catch the splashing.

  33. Amazon Customer

    Easy to set up and quiet

    My little kitten loves drinking from this fountain. It blends in with the house decor and quiet so not noticeable.


  34. paigecm

    Great but pump stops working

    My cats love this fountain. It’s silent and easy to clean / refill. Unfortunately only after a few months the pump has stopped working and is incredibly loud 🙁


  35. Sherie Makiri

    Best by far!

    My little Maltese has had many water fountains and this one is the best by far. Easy to clean and super quiet and the filters are cheaper to buy than her previous one.I would highly recommend this fountain.


  36. Olivia0306

    Increase significantly the water Intake of my cat

    We hesitated with this and the Lite version of this brand (which is cheaper).We opted for the premium because of its smart mode (saves energy) and low water alert mainly.My cat was not much of a drinker. We tried every type of shape for bowls and material.We decided to give this a try and it was an instant success. He is now drinking a lot more and doesn’t even play with it (we were concerned he would play with it rather than drink from it).It’s easy to assemble and to clean. Big water reservoir so no worry about having to refill often. It’s also extremely quietIt does say on the smart function to change the filter every month or so. Not expensive but good to know


  37. Diana Lawson

    USB power cord

    The fountain works great for both my puppy and cat, and love the light in the bottom of it. I’ve had it about a week and it’s started getting noisier, although I think it recommended cleaning it out, but didnt think it would need it so soon. I’ll try seeing if cleaning it helps. The only downside is that it always has to be plugged into USB port or it won’t work. There are others where the USB charges it, and doesn’t have to be plugged in all the time

  38. Kelsey Johnson

    So frustrating

    I always use a water fountain for my cat, but this one frustrated me to no end. Either it was overflowing because the filter was dirty (which I changed often) and the water return to the reservoir was too slow (poor design) or it was dying. This didn’t last a year until the motor died. It is quiet and holds a lot of water, so I have it 2 stars. But I wasted my money on this.

  39. Emily Easom


    Great for the nugget water fountain, i like the quantity for the price

  40. Aaron B

    Good while it lasted

    It’s a good product, it’s aesthetically pleasing and quiet. Shame it only lasted 6/7 before the filter gave up and the water barely comes out now to fill the dish.


  41. Sland

    Loud and unusable


    This product worked perfectly for a couple of months and then became insanely loud and is now unusable. This brand (for some reason) has 10x the parts of a typical water fountain, making cleaning take much longer. Regardless of this, I was content with the tedious cleaning when it worked because the price and good reviews convinced me this would work. I was wrong.The water pump is permanently attached to the lid of the fountain, making cleaning around it a burden, as well as various small parts that must be carefully taken apart and out back together when cleaning.Regardless of this all, I was content with the product until a couple of months in when it started making an unbearable rattling noise.I attempted to take apart the pump and clean it to no avail, and now recently the pump has almost completely stopped working.I have tried to put it back together in every type of way to avoid this, but am unable to do anything, ir get another pump, because it is attached to the lid for some reason. Overall I’m pretty sad with the product.


  42. Jan M.Jan M.

    Exactly what I wanted

    UPDATE: I thought the pump had quit working, because I clean it every week but the water flow had almost stopped. Realized you have to completely take the pump apart to clean out the propeller shaft! I think I might stop using the filters though, they cause a stinky yellow buildup on the pump assembly. Not feeling comfortable with my kitty ingesting that.I love the simplicity of this fountain, not to mention how pretty it is! The best part though is it is completely silent! I had another they was complicated to clean and had too many parts, plus the water trickling sound was a bit annoying. Our kitty started using this one right away.

  43. MR2

    Cat loves it and I love it

    Provides a nice nightlight in the bathroom along with functionality of providing filtered drinking water. The noise was non-existent for the first month. When I replaced the filters the first time, the noise slightly increased. Not sure why. Due for a filter change soon, so we’ll see what happens. But it is easy to clean, refresh water, lets you know when water level is low, changing filters is simple. So I’m happy and kitty is happy.

  44. Lucy

    Keeping my kitty’s water nice and fresh 🙂

    These filters are easy to pop in when cleaning the water fountain. As you get a box full they last ages. Value for money.

  45. Rel

    Uni voting for my cat

    The products looks good, is quiet and does what it says. BUT my cat won’t go near’s as if he can’t see it or hear any water noise. So it’s back to a dish which I change every day. So disappointed. 😩

  46. Amazon Customer

    Nice but very complicated set up

    If you don’t like having to go through the complicated set up dismantling and putting it all back together then don’t but this. It looks great and is quiet but whenever you need to clean the water fountain it’s like building a mini science school project. I wish I didn’t buy this. Also the replacement filters and sponges are costly.

  47. V. Green

    Excellent but….

    My 2 cats have taken a while to get used to it but largely they are happy with it.From my view point:This water fountain is very quiet, I also like that the filter is recycleable without much fuss (e.g. having to break it open to put bits in different places).The reason it lost stars are:1. You can’t see how much water is in the fountain without taking it apart or waiting for it to alarm.2. It is quite fiddly putting the pump back together post cleaning and then putting the pump housing back together so it all fits and works.If you are quite dextrous then go for it as it works well. However if you have arthritis in you hands (like I do) then maybe give this one a miss!.


  48. Mr James R W Lawrence

    Great water fountain


    My cats used to drink from the tap so I decided to buy a water fountain. It took 4-5 days before they even went near it. One eventually started to drink while the other was just looking at it from a distance. I turned it off and she went over to have a look and when I turned it on again she started drinking. Both drinking a lot more water now.The only trouble I have with the fountain is that one of my cats thinks it’s a paddling pool 😀


  49. Kellie deRuyter

    Adore this product, cats love it, but stopped working after 8.5 months

    I saw this at a friend’s house and immediately bought one for my 2 cats about 8.5 months ago on Amazon. I’d shopped for fountains before but they were always too ugly, complicated, and/or noisy! I even bought a different one and gave it away it was so loud. This fountain is super quiet (both the motor and the falling water are quiet. I don’t need the sound of a waterfall in my house), attractive so it fits in with my living room decor without standing out, holds a lot of water, and allows me to give my cats premium bottled water without waste. Sadly, I’m leaving for an extended trip and desperately need it to work right now for the caretaker, but no matter how much I clean or replace the filter, the water doesn’t have enough pressure any longer to go into the drinking tray. It just falls back down into the unit. I actually bought another one just now to come tomorrow since I’m leaving the following day and don’t have time to shop/fix/call customer service, but I sure hope I don’t have a similar experience with this new one. They are a bit pricey to be replacing every 9 months!


  50. Stacy Byers

    My Kitties Love It!

    My 2 kitties were in need of a new water bowl. Our one cat, Samantha aka Sami, drinks a lot of water throughout the day. We had the standard silver bowl that’s really small. We would constantly have to fill up the water bowl so there would be water for her to drink. Sami’s son, Ozzy, occasionally drinks water, but not as much as his mom does. Which brings me to my review. After looking for what seemed like hours, I found the Nugget Lite. Not only did it get amazing reviews from fellow pet parents, but when I saw it in the search results, I thought it was both super cute and very creatively designed to look like decorative furniture. Shipping was fast, it was incredibly easy to assemble, and my cats, especially Sami love it.I love the fountain feature. It has a really modern and sleek design. It’s also very quiet. I can’t even hear it. The continuous flow of purified water really takes the hassle of having to constantly remember to refill the water dish every day. I would highly recommend this little fountain to any pet parent! The Nugget Lite is purrfect!


  51. Pen Name

    Really good Lite Model

    Received this fountain 30 minutes ago and just set it up. Within 5 minutes my cat sat at it drinking and for quite some time, I’m actually concerned the litter tray might overflow with urine when he uses it! He more naturally Ti drink from it compared to the bowl on the floor. There is no noise at all and it looks nice. I’ve returned to the product page on Amazon to order replacement filters and discovered there is a premium and lite model, I have the lite. Anything to encourage cats to drink more is good and this kit has really worked!


  52. Amazon Customer

    Quiet, easy to clean, but pump didn’t last past 6 months

    I really liked how quiet this was, the little light it provided to light his water area at night and avoid stepping on the fountain but the pump stopped working after about 6 months. My cat was drinking from the toilet for his need of running water and I was so excited about this while it lasted. It is very easy to clean and was cleaned regularly, except for cleaning the inside little hole space within the pump.. I managed to clean that area thoroughly enough once to bring the pump back to life but that only lasted for a day. It was heart breaking to come home after a long day and see he had no water left because of the broken pump, despite having the little water dish 🙁

  53. JP M

    truly silent, very well designed

    Completely silent, except for the barely audible burbling of waterfall into the dish. The motor intake is properly protected by a foam filter, and the channel by which it flows to the fountain is properly designed. The waterfall itself is a two-inch line, rather than either a submerged bare outlet or a non-submerged narrow stream, which makes a difference in terms of the acoustics of the water itself. The dish, fountain and motor are all supported by an internal bracket that is more substantial than any other model I looked at . None of this suction-cup nonsense! This bracket serves to both keep everything properly aligned and connected, and also makes refilling and maintenance a snap. Overall, a lot of care clearly went into designing this unit.All in sharp contrast to its predecessor, a Catit “flower fountain”, which disappointed from day one: Chiefly, the incessant high-pitched rattling of its motor, which both I and the cat hated. Followed by its motor’s lack of any foam shrouding and low-water automatic shutoff, both of which will drastically shorten the lifespan of the motor.My only design nit regards its one button, which toggles between smart/normal mode (quick double-press) as well as manual flush (two-second long-press). With that button being top-mounted as it is, my eager kitten kept putting his paw on it during post-introduction exploration, which led to a lot of unwanted toggling. Covering the button with a couple pieces of masking tape mitigated sufficiently. Mounting that button on the side of the lip would have avoided that gotcha altogether. Once the initial thrill wore off after a couple days, this ceased to be an issue, hence not docking a star from my rating.Similarly, I was very concerned during this brief explorative phase, that the cat was putting too much weight on that same part of the lip, and would result in the whole unit tipping over. Mitigated by wrapping a bath towel around the base. Even then, I was just about ready to cobble together a stiff base collar (from some wood scraps), when the explorative phase passed. Granted, this is an inherent risk for pretty much any cat fountain; but that “step” on top increases the likelihood of a mishap. Again, this danger passed relatively fast, so no impact on rating.FWIW, Nugget is based in North Carolina, rather than somewhere Asia, so I’m more confident they be usefully responsive, should an issue arise.


  54. Chimeracat

    Essential to keep the water fountain running well

    I bought the replacement filters at the same time as the water fountain. I wish someone would standardise the shape/size of these across water fountains

  55. Siobhan Fitzmaurice

    Still going strong…

    Purchased in June last year and still going strong. Both my cats love it. It does get a little noisy when it needs refilling or changing the filters. Still works for me so I would recommend

  56. Amelie Fillion

    Elle ne fonctionne déjà plus après 3 mois

    J’étais très conquise au début, très silencieuse et facile à laver mais voilà à peine 3 mois que la fontaine est branchée qu’elle ne fonctionne déjà plus, l’eau ne coule plus malheureusement.

  57. Jenn

    The pump stopped working

    The water pump stop working within one month. Great design with no sound at all, but please improve the quality.


  58. Susan

    Very Quiet and Astetically Pleasing Works Well Cats LOVE it

    It is so quiet and lovely. Really it is beautiful. I love the green, but then that is my favorite color. It is in my bedroom. The soft glow is much like a night light. If it wasn’t so pretty, I would forget it was there. I enjoy it and my cats love it. It took no time for the cats to drink from it. It is tall enough that they are comfortable drinking from it. It holds plenty of water and I add to it every few days. I have a LOT of indoor cats. If you have only one or two this would well last a week for that few number of cats. It is easy to assemble and clean. It is simple to add water. I find it to be an asset to the decor of my home and for my cats’ kidney health as they enjoy drinking from it. My cats get into everything yet have not disturbed the top which sits seamlessly on its bottom. I just raise the cord to raise the lid to add water. It is easy and works well for me. I highly recommend this fountain. It is a nice, quiet fountain.


  59. Rosie

    A top notch product!

    I love this water fountain. I’ve had two other designs, one of which was a piece of rubbish. This one has by far the best design and efficient operation. My two senior cats took to it no problem. The water is cleaned nicely with the filters. It runs quiet, doesn’t need to be filled as often as the others as it has a large capacity, it looks modern and is easy to fill it up. Money well spent on this. Should win a design award.


  60. Nik

    Works well

    Great water bowl for my indoor animals. Does what it is supposed to do. My only complaint are the filters. They do not fit flush with the area they go in, so water mostly flows around it. Other than that, I cannot complain. Worth the price

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