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Amazon | フードボウル 猫 犬 食器 台 餌入れ 皿 水飲み 【最新改良・ボウル3個付き・猫用/子犬用・木製】ボウル 取り外し可能 食器 給餌 水やり 滑り止め 転倒防止 | SCHITEC | 食器・ボウル 通販

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About this item [Reduces strain on the neck and waist when eating for pets; Suitable for kittens, large cats, and small dogs] This plate is at a height that makes it easy for pets to eat, preventing cats from vomiting and reducing strain on the neck and waist of your precious pet. Your beloved cat will enjoy maximum convenience when eating and drinking water. The food bowls are at different heights, so they can accommodate cats of all ages and stages of growth. Also suitable for small dogs and puppies. [Comes with 3 high-quality food bowls that can be removed and washed] The plates are made of polymer material, which is hard to break, scratch, and prevent the growth of bacteria, making them hygienic and clean. The inner diameter is about 15 cm, the minimum diameter is 7.5 cm, the depth is 5 cm, and the capacity is 400 ml. The bowl body can be washed, making daily maintenance very easy, and it can also be used in the dishwasher and microwave. [Excellent stability and food and water are less likely to spill] This cat feeder adopts a design that moves the center of gravity downward, greatly increasing the contact area between the bottom and the floor. It ensures stability while your dog is eating, prevents food and water from spilling onto the floor, ensures food hygiene, and keeps the floor clean. It also effectively prevents shaking when eating, noise and scratches when moving. [Can be used for food and water, also suitable for multiple cats] This cat food stand has multiple bowls of different heights, and water, treats, and food can be placed in three bowls each, making it suitable for multiple dogs at the same time. It achieves both beautiful design and convenient functionality at the same time. [Safe wood, washable, sturdy, insect-proof, and mold-proof] The main ingredient is natural paint derived from plants, so it is safe even if your pet licks it. It has a natural water-repellent effect, so if it gets dirty, you can wipe it with a wet sheet or wash it with water to clean it. [Easy assembly and quality assurance] This food bowl stand optimizes the assembly method of the dish stand, adopts the simplest assembly work, and comes with a detailed instruction manual in Japanese to minimize customer troubles caused by troublesome assembly. We offer a 18-month long warranty because we are absolutely confident in our products. In the unlikely event that you experience any problems with the product you are using within 18 months of purchase, please feel free to contact us.
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猫 犬 食器 台

猫 犬 皿 餌入れ

猫 犬 ごはん皿 水飲み

猫 食器

子猫 大型猫 小型犬 食器台

木 食器 台  猫 犬

猫 犬 フードボウル スタンド










その他 機能

‎耐久性がある, お手入れ簡単, 高さ調整可


‎重量, 食物アレルギー, 関節








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60 reviews for Amazon | フードボウル 猫 犬 食器 台 餌入れ 皿 水飲み 【最新改良・ボウル3個付き・猫用/子犬用・木製】ボウル 取り外し可能 食器 給餌 水やり 滑り止め 転倒防止 | SCHITEC | 食器・ボウル 通販

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  2. Taku





  3. パピコ




  4. Denise Horsborough


    These bowls in the stand are just the job for our cat especially as we have to keep lifting them u or the dog would clear the lot, ideal to have food water and treats all in one stand and looks very smart too

  5. HindolpHindolp

    Good Quality

    I noticed upon taking out the product from the box it was a good quality. It is solid wood and was very easy to assemble. It came with instructions, 2 stainless bowls, a cleaning rag and vinyl bumpers to keep the stand in place on the floor. (You peel them off and apply them yourself) The stand is adjustable with 3 different heights. This is a good stand for cats, and small to medium dogs. I would not recommend it for a big dog like a Lab, the bowl is not big enough. It is easy to take apart to adjust the height of the bowls.

  6. Laura

    Un po delusa dalle ciottole

    Sono rimasto un po’ deluso perché le ciotole sono di plastica ma l’intero assemblaggio è in legno. In questo modo ha perso un po’ di qualità

  7. Andie

    Love it!

    My cat loves his new feeding bowl. The elevation is just right for his height. Noticed he was eating more since he started using this bowl.

  8. Bab

    moyennement satisfaite

    Pas très adapté pour 3 gamelles boule déco du dessus ne tient pas et une pièce en trop

  9. Kathy R.

    My cats aren’t hurting there necks anymore.

    Love the big bowls too!!

  10. Randi Lynn

    Very attractive


    Really nice looking, easy to assemble and very stable. My tiny dog loves it.

  11. Lindylu

    Lovely 3-bowl Feeder for Pets – Cats and Small Dogs!

    I love the looks of this feeder! It’s unique and the wood looks great. The bowls sit in the wood cutouts and can be adjusted. This is such an attractive feeder! The bowls are melamine so won’t (or probably won’t) break if dropped. They’re not meant for high heat though (no microwaving), so one needs to be careful.The set was very simple to put together. At first I had the base upside down, so when I put the screw in, I couldn’t fit the last wooden ball on top. I finally figured out that there was an indentation for the screw on the very bottom, so it wouldn’t stick out onto the table. Then it all fit into place immediately. One can also get bowls in glass or porcelain of the same size to replace the melamine ones if wanted. There is varnish on the wood to give it a finished look. It also makes it waterproof and easy to clean. I’m VERY pleased with this set!!!!

  12. gary

    Very attractive, but my cat didn’t care about that 😉

    This is a very nice solution to small space feeding stations. Having three separate bowls for dry, wet and water is genius. The wood is typical pressed board with vinyl stickers acting as wood laminate but for a pet feeding station its fine. The bowls are on the small side and made of light plastic, however they are easy to clean and replace. I do advise placing the water dish in empty and filling it from a cup as you do need to tilt it to put the lower two back into the holders. Food stays just fine but water tends to spill at shallow angles. it was easy to assemble with no tools and looks great, I am happy with this selection.

  13. TheDaimyo

    Easy Assembly, Sturdy Construction

    I have three cats so I got the three-bowl version of this elevated cat bowl feeder. I use it for treat time, and it cuts down on competition over who gets what treats. The bowls each sit at different elevations and my cats seem to have each picked out which one should be theirs by height. My little girl always goes for the lowest one, and my two boys each go for the higher ones. The set comes with easy to follow assembly instructions and the wood is nicely finished and all hardware and an allen wrench is included. It only took me a few minutes to put it together. The melamine bowls are sturdy and next to unbreakable, but beware of using them in the microwave, since melamine gets very hot when microwaved. Once assembled, nothing is tippy in my experience, although a heavy, playful cat could possibly knock things over if he or she was really trying. This is a well-made feeder that your cats will enjoy.

  14. P.SindP.Sind

    Elevated large cat bowls.

    I was looking to replace my cat’s multiple bowls, and this was a perfect replacement. I received this product well-packed and delivered. I would like to highlight a few points about this product.•It took less than 10 mins to assemble this product.•My cat was initially not eating from it as it was a change she had to adjust to.•It helps me divide her dry food, treats and wet food.•It is very sturdy. I like the wooden base with three tiers which can be adjusted.•The bowls are easy to clean and maintain.I would recommend this product for cat parents for its efficiency.


    Updated Review



  16. M

    The Bowls are Melamine not Ceramic

    I love the wooden feeder and it was easy to assemble! I thought the bowls were going to be ceramic, but I might have read the initial description incorrectly. It could be used with the bowl of your choice, though, as it will fit most common pet food dishes. I think I can use this for years to come. Very attractive and practical.

  17. E. Guzman

    Nice height

    I have small chihuahuas and the bowl comes right up to their chest. They are older and this makes it easier fpr them to eat. The wood is nice and looks better in my living room than just the bowls by themselves. It was missing one of the wooden pieces that keep the sides in place but I was able to fit another little piece of wood in the slot so it wasn’t too much of a hassle.

  18. GizzyGizzy

    Good for little dogs too.

    I like the way it looks and raises their food bowl for my little ones. I would say it is too small for water unless you have a 2lbs dog. Nicely made. Quite easy to put together and the Allen wrench is packaged with it. Superfast delivery.


  19. Joni Holt

    Perfect for our cat

    This feeding station is perfect for our cat. We don’t use any for water but we do fill 2dishes with dry food and the other for her soft food. Very easy to assemble and the dishes were included. Thumbs up👍

  20. Andy

    Love the 3 bowls so kitty can all eat together.

    I love this set of 3 tiered bowls for the kitties to eat out of all at once. I like that they are off the ground for easier feeding and less throwing up. The design is really cute and it went together very easily for me. I could not be happier with this cute feeding station.

  21. KatyKaty


    It’s so hard to find anything with three bowls that comes in a set. This is perfecttt! My cats have their elevated bowls and I have my aesthetics in place 👍🏻

  22. ERock

    Great bowls!

    Great bowls! Easy to setup took less than 2 minutes and my cat can now eat and drink without bending over which is healthier. Great quality.

  23. Genevie A. Flournoy

    a bit unstable

    It was pretty easy to put together. It seemed sturdy when I was putting it together but when I sat it down and had my dog eat out of it, it would wiggle a little and it made me think that the bowls would fall out. Luckly, it doesn’t move too much.

  24. Anna B

    Love it once it’s put together

    I really love this for my little dogs. I love that it has options to adjust. However, something was slightly off when it was made and it was very difficult to get the side pin in. I had to force it in and then it was good. Overall, I still recommend even with it being a little off.

  25. Amazon Customer

    Help the old one

    We have an old dog that has really bad arthritis so this will be perfect for the big ol’ guy. Well made. The bowls are small

  26. CMCM

    Works well I’m flat position


    I was under the impression that the bowls could tilt for easier feeding, but when I tried this option, the water just spilled out. I wouldn’t want to keep the water level at half so I am going to keep it flat. It is a nice off the floor option for the pups. I am happy that I am able to clean easily underneath her dog bowls now. Not for a large breed. We are happy with this! Hope this helps.

  27. kepkep


    I was excited to receive this and wanted to start using it right away. I really wanted to utilize the tilt position of this elevated dog stand. However, the wooden pegs would not fit into to the slots because the boards did not align correctly. There was no way I could get the pegs in. Even with a hammer. It was way out of alignment. But I was able to get the pegs in with the feeding board in the straight position and the very top level. The height was just right for my Shih Tzu but he keep knocking the whole this over. The only way was to sit the elevated dog stand against a wall. But then water and food would get onto the wall and make more of mess to clean up. I decided to discontinue using it.

  28. NOLAJane

    My cat uses it!

    I use to just have a plate for my cat to eat out of which caused a bit of a mess this was simple and easy to assemble and no more dry cat food on my desk anymore!

  29. Eric The RedEric The Red

    Very nice

    I love this feeder. It just looks so cool and doesnt move around. Super easy to put together and the quality is great. The bowls are pretty solid. No complaints.

  30. Anna B


    One of my cats had been getting sick a lot and I was told to try a raised bowl with lower sides so that his whiskers don’t hit the bowl. This design is very unique and I really like it so far.

  31. Helena Anderson

    Great product!

    These bowls are so cute and was an instant hit with my cats. The bowls can rotate to fit your needs and eliminate multiple bowls around the house.

  32. Shann


    The idea of this is amazing; however, the one I received was a little wobbly on the right side and my little Pup was nervous to use it. Otherwise, it would have been perfect. Shipping was on time as well! I do recommend this, if your Pup isn’t nervous like mine. 😅

  33. Zero Cool

    Melamine Bowls, NOT Ceramic.

    I just put that because I failed to realize that’s the kind of bowls I would be getting. I had assumed they were going to be ceramic for some reason. The listing clearly says that they are melamine though. So that’s on me.Regardless, I don’t have any complaints about this elevated cat bowl set whatsoever! My cats are like my children, so all that mostly matters to me is that they like it. And the particular cat I got this for DOES like it. He’s always been a messy eater too. There would always be dry food all around his bowl before, that I would pick up multiple times a day. He’s still messy of course, but a good portion of what he drops lands on the rim area around the bowl. And with this particular cat bowl set, there’s a little notch around the rim area for each bowl, so that the bowls are completely even with the flat area, so all I have to do is push it all back into his bowl. He still drops a bit on the floor, but it’s not near as much at before. Other than that, this cat bowl set is plenty sturdy. I could definitely recommend it to anyone considering getting this.

  34. Melanie R.Melanie R.

    Would have been good if I could have gotten one that went together properly

    so I ordered this and it goes together by sliding a wooden tab to ‘lock’ two pieces together. The first package I got had a bit thicker piece of wood, so the wooden tab would not fit because there was and extra lip of wood that blocked it from going all the way in properly. I contacted the seller and asked for a replacement and they immediately sent me a replacement which arrived before I could even return the first one. Unfortunately the second one had the SAME issue, so I tried to see if I could somehow piece one together using pieces from both boxes…but was unsuccessful. I have a feeling that this very responsive company would have kept taking returns and sending me replacements until it was right, but I just didn’t want to go through the hassle, so I chose to return both boxes.With that being said, I’m sad because I really wanted this to work. It’s a really nice concept and the bowl stand would have been perfect, and so nice that you could tilt the bowls if you wanted to . came with bowls and what I assume was a cleaning cloth and little pads to put on the bottom so it doesn’t slide or scratch your flooring. Would have loved for this to work out. I just didn’t have the energy to do that back and forth thing until they got it right. But I appreciate the quick response, fast delivery and generally great customer service provided. It’s not often that it’s like that.

  35. AllyAlly


    The screw is very short, and couldn’t even fit the small wooden bowl holder. The nut on the top is poor quality, it got separated from the screw. Very disappoint.

  36. Harlan Puckett


    This works nicely for my multiple cat home. Baisyl and Biscuit love it. They each have a side for their wet food and the third bowl is great for their dry food. I would work well for water if needed. I love that they do not have to put so much strain on their necks to eat. I highly recommend

  37. MSL

    Look cute but not realistic.

    These look cute but they just are not for my rambunctious cats. Lots of spillin’ went on.

  38. Meryl

    Loved it while it lasted.

    I have 5 cats that are always trying to stick their heads into a single big bowl together, so I thought this would be a welcome change for them. And it was, for awhile. But we’ll get to that later.First of all, like some other people mentioned, there are assembly issues. I’m specifically reviewing the 3 bowls model, so these issues are for that one. There is a wooden ball at the top that needs to be screwed on to keep the whole thing together. Unfortunately, the post wase too thick, so the ball couldn’t be screwed on. No ball=no bowls. My husband had to take a hand saw and trim the post a little bit so the ball could fit on it, and we were good to go. Yes, we were able to get it to work, no, you shouldn’t need a saw to do so.Secondly, this is not a sturdy item. Full disclosure: we had to keep ours on a counter because we have dogs that would get into the food. As cats tend to do, one of mine decided to knock this whole unit to the floor, where it broke into many pieces. It was not fixable.While we had the bowl, we loved it. We filled all 3 bowls with food, and all of the cats shared nicely. I liked that the bowls simply lifted out of the feeder so they could be washed. No installation or anything, they just sit right inside of the holes. I only wish it was more sturdy. Yeah, it’s my fault for having it on a counter, but I feel like something made out of wood should be able to withstand a single drop.I would recommend buying a bowl with less assembly problems, since this one seems to have quite a few, all different, too. The bowls are a good idea, but it needs better manufacturing.

  39. Lynette


    This was the most easiest thing I’ve put up in a while. Very sturdy.

  40. C Kay

    Pamper your pet at feeding time!

    We have senior cats and at this point in their lives, any way we can make them more comfortable is important. A raised food/water bowl just enhances their quality of life. Less strain to eat & drink can make their feeding time beneficial. Construction was super easy and it’s pretty stable. The sections articulate independently of each other so they can be as close or far apart as you’d like. Great for multiple cat household if things get crazy at feeding time. This piece is also attractive, the color of the wood will go with any decor and the melamine bowls are easy to clean. This set gets two paws up!

  41. Josh Rocha

    Ok product

    It’s a great idea but it came broken. Not very strong

  42. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Versatile. Just the Right Size.

    The three stacking tiers can be adjusted, if needed, by rotating them. Assembly is super simple and the base is wide enough to prevent any wobbling. I like the basic wooden look and it only takes up about 1 square foot of space on the counter (or floor for normal people).The included white bowls give nice contrast to the wooden frame and they’re easy to remove for washing. My one complaint is the bowls are so light-weight, they tend to rattle a bit within the frame as our cats eat. I think if the bowls were a heavier ceramic instead of plastic, this would resolve the problem. I’d be willing to pay a bit more for the upgrade.Overall, this is an awesome bowl set if you have multiple cats/dogs that enjoy eating together. If your pets fight over their food, this may be a nightmare for you – ha.


  43. GPK


    These bowls are the perfect height for my cats. It was so easy to put together, and the bowls are easy to remove and clean. They’re also a pretty standard size, so we’re able to use our other cat dishes in the stand with no problem which makes cycling them out for cleaning super easy.

  44. KY866

    Beautiful Bamboo Wood//Durable, Sturdy//Aesthetically Appealing as much as a Dog Bowl can be//

    This is a nice, strong bamboo dog bowl. It is easily assembled as a whole, however the plugs, or corks as the listing calls them, are very tight and a bit difficult to push in to secure each side of the platform frame. This tightness is good in that once inserted, the frame is very solid and sturdy. However, it might be beneficial if the manufacturer allowed for just a bit more space to push plugs through. Moreover, the frame setup allows for a number of different heights, and even angles, at which the platform can be situated according to the size of your dog. The current price point is perfect in view of the quality of the product. I highly recommend this product for purchase.

  45. Kelly G.

    Missing a piece


    My boys like it the bowls are easy to clean but it arrived missing the fancy nut that goes on top. Thankfully I found something to replace it with here at home so it wouldn’t fall apart every time my boys leaned on it or bumped it. So I like it but 3 stars for being incomplete especially since it was a pretty important piece.

  46. Tyler LewisTyler Lewis

    Looks only

    This is a nice looking feeder, I love the three bowls, easy to clean a height, works for older cats. It’s hard to keep the water bowl clean because the food drops in it.

  47. ShawnShawn

    Versatile and attractive feeder

    I do like this wooden feeder station. It’s a very simplistic design but looks good and is made with quality materials. It has several height adjustments as well as the ability to put the feeding platform on a tilt. The height adjustments make it easy for you to raise the platform as your puppy grows, or maybe lower it as you dog gets a little older and doesn’t stand up as straight. The bamboo wood is finished or stained with a waxy coating, that will probably offer some level of water resistance. It comes with a cleaning cloth and 8 anti slip adhesive silicone dots. The instructions say to add the included little silicone “dots” to the inside rim of the cutout holes where the bowls go (which I thought strange) to eliminate clattering of the stainless steel bowls. I found this actually made the bowls not sit flush and increased the possibility of clattering so I opted to forgo these dots. The small mushroom shaped pegs that insert on the sides to hold the feeder together where pretty tight and it took some persuading to get them in. I think the jig cuts were a little off, and I thought I might have to break out the electric sander. I couldn’t get the pegs to fit in all the height and tilt options, but settled on one I was happy with. Better too tight than too loose, which might have been the manufacturers thinking. This is a good looking and versatile feeder that my elderly poodle has already taken to and given her tail wagging seal of approval, and that is ultimately what matters to me. She’s happy with it, therefore I’m happy!


  48. EK

    Good idea in theory

    This 3 tier elevated cat food bowl stand is a good idea in theory. It keeps the food bowls off the ground. I didn’t realize when I ordered that the bowls aren’t ceramic, they are melamine, which is no fault of the product, I’d just prefer ceramic. I set the stand up in 2 minutes. It’s easy to assemble. The thing is, my cat was not into it. She’s 12. She’s always eaten out of ceramic bowls on a mat in the floor. She seemed mad that I changed up her feeding routine. I’ll try again.. otherwise I’ll give this set to a family member’s pet. The quality of the food stand seems fine and decently made.

  49. Michael Santos

    Looks amazing but the three tier feeder should have been designed slightly different

    This tiered bowl looks amazing but the three tier feeder should have been designed slightly different to allow easier access to the food when placed against the wall or near corners. The ceramic bowls are easy to clean and the base is sturdy enough to not tumble over easily. This tiered bowl set gets a 4.5 star rating.

  50. Special K

    Nice pet dish platform

    Overall this is a very well-designed pet dish platform. It is very simple with only a few pieces to assemble.Pro-tip: If you’re having trouble putting the pegs in on the left and right that hold the sides on, flip the side around 180 degrees and slide it back on the center piece. With the sides one way the pegs go on like butter, the other they seem impossible to insert fully.Instructions were Asian-centric, with the fold on the right side of the pamphlet instead of the left. Seems like they would adapt these so they meet the conventions of their target market, but nope. Instructions were in English and Chinese.The rubber dots are nice so the platform doesn’t slip around, but you really need 4 more dots to do the inside of each bowl receptacle so the bowl doesn’t clatter as the dog uses it. After you do the base, you’re only left with enough to do two dots per bowl and it’s not really enough.The bowls are relatively small, but deep. I would say this is definitely appropriate for mostly small to maybe some smaller medium sized dogs.Overall, nice product.

  51. Rand NewmanRand Newman

    Works flawlessly and sharp looking. Not a single complaint from my dog! Lol

    Hi! This dog bowl stand works perfect. My tea cup bull dog loves it!They provide little rubber anti skid to keep it from sliding.I did notice that when I was assembling, that I had to reverse around the end pieces til I found an easy match for the locking pins to slide down into. No big deal at all. Took 10 seconds to reverse them.The bamboo look finish is very attractive and the stainless bowls are great.I like that I can raise or lower so easily.Another huge bonus that I’m sure I’m not the only one to be struggling with, is the ants. By me elevating the bowls off the floor, I can treat the spots for bugs below without worrying about my dog. Obviously I’m using pet friendly products, but this adds another layer of protection.Overall, this far exceeded what I was expecting and it’s really sharp looking. Five stars from me and my dog 🐶

  52. Frank

    Cheap Finish

    This seems like a great product, but it has a cheap finish I much rather prefer this came unfinish since I will have to sand and stain it again, also it arrived broken and it will need to be glued. If it wasnt for all the extra work I have to put now I would have rated this a 5 star

  53. Donna VasquezDonna Vasquez

    Great set of 3 raised bowls!

    This product arrived very quickly. It was packaged great with absolutely no damage to it at all. It had very simple easy to read instructions. It had everything included that you need to assemble. It took me approximately two minutes to assemble. It consist of three bowls that are melamine. It also is made up of a type of wood. It is very sturdy. It is very easy to clean up. It saves a lot of space for me since I have multiple cats. I love the fact that it is small and compact and very easy to wipe off and keep clean. The only drawback with this product that I know of is cats should not eat out of melamine bowls. So I actually sit there stainless steel bowls in the melamine bowls. I do believe the company should sell this with a stainless steel or ceramic bowl. It would make much more sense for it to have ceramic or stainless steel bowls. I do know that a lot of people do use this type of plastic bowl for their pets to eat from. But I am a very picky, pet parent. And I know it is bad for animals to eat from melamine bowls. It does cause them to have a type of acne on their chins when they do eat out of anything other than ceramic, stainless steel or glass. But for me, this feeder does work out great because I can sit my cats food bowls, right in the melamine bowls and just use them as a holder. It is very nice looking and it is very compact and easy to clean. I also did add four small rubber feet to the bottom of the wood, this helps it not slide and also helps if there were water on the floor that it is not sitting in any type of liquid so I would recommend you add some type of nonslip rubber feet to the bottom of this, but it is a very nice feeder that is raised so it works for me and my cats so I would recommend it. You can also easily get stainless steel bowls that will fit in these slots where the melamine bowls sit now. And small rubber nonslip feet are very cheap. So even though I did have to alter it a bit by adding the rubber nonslip feet, that will assure that it will not slide or get wet on the bottom of the wood, and that the bowls that are sold with it are not appropriate for cats to eat from. I still think the product is very good and that it is worth the cost. I have multiple cats but even if you had one cat, this gives you a spot to place their water, dry food and wet food which is what cats need so I do think that this product should get five stars. And I do hope that the company that makes this product in the future for thinks about if their product is completely appropriate for the pet they are selling it for, and maybe they will include stainless steel bowls, and some rubber footing in the near future.

  54. Terrell L

    Works Fine

    Works fine

  55. cjrsl

    nice solid feeder stand

    I’m using this for my cats. I place plates in the stand so that their necks don’t have to strain when attempting to eat. Instructions were provided and set up was relatively easy. I needed my husband for the final tightening of it – but it was fairly easy to follow the directions to set it up. The stand is solid and made of wood. I am not using the bowls as they are plastic/acrylic which is not good for pets. This is a good way to elevate your pet’s food so they don’t struggle when eating.

  56. L. Barber

    Pretty and good for your pet

    This raised dish was extremely easy to assemble and seems well-made. The two heights on the dishes are nice for shorter pets but probably too tall for kittens. My two adult cats used this easily for their dry food.This unit is a nice change from the traditional metal or porcelain pet bowls and really adds a stylish touch to our kitchen.

  57. JDPJDP

    Food for small dogs only

    This bowl stand is pretty easy to put together but the pegs that hold the shelf in place did not slide in as easily as I thought they should. It is nice that the shelf tilts but when used in this configuration the water bowl doesn’t hold much water. My dog is a picky eater and I thought this stand might freak her out but it didn’t seem to bother her. I like that it keeps the food off the floor. My sister has two large dogs and this stand would not work for them as the bowls are too small. Will work for small dogs and cats.

  58. Magnet Hoarder

    No more fighting over the food bowl

    This review is for the following item: Elevated Cat Bowls, Raised Pet Feeder with 3 Bowls & Wood Stand for Cats Puppy, Small Dog Dishes Set Feeding Station for Food and WaterI have 2 cats that get along great, but 1 is blind and the other one is a tripod. They love each other most of the time, except at mealtimes, then each one wants to be the king/queen of the food bowl. This solved that problem.The wooden stand is very sturdy and the bowls fit nicely in the stand. The bowls are melamine and can be put in the dishwasher. They are shallow and wide, eliminating whisker fatigue. Also the raised levels of the bowls makes it easier for them to eat as it keeps they heads and necks at the proper level.One of my cats suffers from chronic sinus issues, so it is hard for him to eat when the bowl is sitting on the floor. I tried putting a bowl on a box, but it would get knocked off. This stand solved the problem and now the bowls are raised and no worries that the bowls will fall off.Both cats eat at the same time, no fighting at all. They are as happy as I am with their new bowls. And they look nice too.

  59. AN

    Unique elevated feeder

    Unique elevated feeder – Easy to assemble and allows for three different heights. I found the lower two ‘shelves’ a little too low to work as an elevated feeder but nice to have options for multiple cats. Easy to clean also. Some people have complained about the melamine bowls. I have no issues with them. They are nice and wide to prevent whisker fatigue and also deep enough to allow you to mix wet food with water or dehydrated raw with water, etc. I am looking for additional bowls to use in this feeder. The opening for the bowls is exactly 5.5″ with the lip cut-out at 6″. Nice even numbers. I’m surprised how difficult it is to find bowls that fit perfectly with many slightly too small or too big. Would be nice to be able to also purchase 1) stainless steel bowls for this feeder and 2) additional set of bowls for the feeder. Also would be nice if the wood came in different colors.

  60. Cindi Bockstadter

    Adorable and functional

    This is a great dish for multiple cats. I have two very large cats and because the dishes are staggered they can eat comfortably without getting in each others way.

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