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3-Pack Waterproof Baby Bibs for Eating – Lightweight Baby Bib with Food Catcher, Mess Proof Toddler Bibs, Waterproof Bibs for Baby Boys, Baby Girls, Feeding Bibs, Drool Bibs, Baby Food Bibs (Basics) Baby

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Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

37.5 x 24 x 0.1 cm; 110 Grams

Date First Available ‏ : ‎

April 26 2022

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Best Sellers Rank:

#19 in Baby Feeding Bibs

Customer Reviews:

147 ratings

55 reviews for 3-Pack Waterproof Baby Bibs for Eating – Lightweight Baby Bib with Food Catcher, Mess Proof Toddler Bibs, Waterproof Bibs for Baby Boys, Baby Girls, Feeding Bibs, Drool Bibs, Baby Food Bibs (Basics) Baby

  1. JazzJazz

    Easy to clean and reuse

    The material is lightweight and smooth. It’s very spacious and easy to clean. For a set of waterproof food catcher bibs, it’s a great value. Highly recommend.

  2. Stina

    Light weight perfect for the lil ones

    Very very easy to clean and catches majority if not all the crumbs! Waterproof too what mom doesn’t love that! These are a MUST to have recommended! These are the best!!

  3. JenniferJennifer

    Love these!

    These are super cute, soft, and easy to wipe. clean! I like these much better than cloth ones. Would recommend!

  4. Whitney Claire WilsonWhitney Claire Wilson

    Love these so much!!

    I absolutely LOVE how lightweight these are! They take up very little space and aren’t heavy like the thick, silicone ones. They’re nice and comfortable and super easy to wash! Highly recommend!!

  5. Delilah

    Thin but great

    These bibs are thin but still get the job done.They feel silky and lightweight and come in some cute colors.I love the little pockets in the front, it does a good job catching any food or crumbs that fall.

  6. 4649miranda4649miranda

    Perfectly Sized For Diaper Bag!

    These bibs are pretty neat. They are compact and travel well. The material is definitely waterproof. I like the pocket concept but it doesn’t always stay ‘open’ to catch misses/spills.

  7. *AmazonAddict**AmazonAddict*

    Cute bibs!

    Good size, and they come with a little pocket for any food that might not make it into their mouths! Nice colors!

  8. 654321654321


    In a good way! A lot of the waterproof silicon bins are so bulky. These are waterproof and thin so great for carrying on the go. The colors are matte and they have functional pockets in the front.

  9. Frank A

    makes feeding easier to clean up

    My wife used these bibs with our granddaughter. They are fabulous. My wife stated that the pockets at the bottom of the bib did catch quite a bit of dropped food from our young eater. My wife simply washes the bibs in the kitchen sink by first, rinsing it off. the next step is to simply wipe down the bib to be clean and ready to use again. The bibs are light weight yet the material is thick enough to protect what is being covered.

  10. Lovely lady

    3 pack waterproof bib

    Love the waterproof bib makes it easy to use and clean up very affordable love it

  11. Gilles G.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Tel que décrit

    Doit attendre l’utilisation pour évaluer d’avantage. Le shower est juste en avril donc pas plus de commentaire

  12. Amanda

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Such amazing bibs. I had only one bib with a pocket and I needed more. Theses are easy to wash and so far no cracks or anything. I love how durable the velcro is. My toddler can’t really pull it off easy which is good. I’ve had some in the past but the velcro didn’t really hold up like these ones are. I’d definitely recommend these. Best as baby gifts too.

  13. Rajko Avlijas

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for messy toddlers

    I needed bibs to take on vacation that were light and easily collapsable. These have been great for us. Good array of colours and easy to clean. Would definitely recommend

  14. Kevin

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I really liked these. You can’t really tell from the pictures, but unlike other PUL bibs, the waterproof layer is on the outside and the underside is porous, which makes them easy to wipe clean. The overall size and design really seem to work well for my 1 year old, and the velcro has held up without any issues for several months. I would definitely repurchase.

  15. JB

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy to work with

    its easy to put onto my hyperactive kid. Easy to wash too

  16. Susan

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    They so much better than the silicone ones . They catch food and don’t get stuck on the tray of the high chair love them

  17. Taylor1400

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Our favorite bibs!

    I love these! The silicone ones are just too clunky, these ones fit nicely on baby but still catch food dropping

    One person found this helpful

  18. M.BuckleyM.Buckley

    2.0 out of 5 stars

    Immediately stains

    I like the functionality of the bib, but food stains it right away and it looks messy.

  19. Cory


    We really like these. They are well made and easy to wash. No stains or rips.

  20. Gale Gabriel

    Easy to wipe clean

    Strong material but soft. Easy to wipe clean. Does take a while to dry if washed in dishpan

    One person found this helpful

  21. Julianna AddeoJulianna Addeo

    Great bibs for a messy toddler

    These bibs make my life so much easier! The pocket actually catches all her food that inevitably goes down. Less cleanup for mama! Also , these bibs are soft for baby and easy to clean. I just wash it off with some warm water & clean it with a sponge! Good as new and dries in an hour

  22. Casey

    Love that these are easy to wash and fold up

    Washable, and easy to store in diaper bag when on the go. The velcro could be stronger and I wish they tightened more. They tend to leave space around baby’s neck.

    2 people found this helpful

  23. Gillian W

    Well constructed

    Looking forward to using these on my grandson

  24. naduahcg

    Perfect toddler bibs!

    The bibs are very soft and comfortable for little one’s.

  25. Gina Lopez

    Nice but not really waterproof

    Love the texture and colors and my baby likes the comfortabilty but not really waterproof.

    One person found this helpful

  26. Chad Warner

    Best bibs ever

    Bought these for work and out of every bib I’ve tried these are fabulous.They feel amazing. Catch food before the floor. I can wipe them clean for a 2nd use if needed.

    One person found this helpful

  27. Debbie

    Perfect bibs! Strong velcro closure

    These bibs are exactly as described and have strong Velcro closures even after several washes. I would purchase again.

  28. Amazon Customer

    Effective Bib

    Perfectly sized and quality material and easy clean up.

  29. Kyra

    Comfortable & easy to wash

    I hand wash them until I’m ready to wash a load of my baby’s clothes. They’ve held up really well over the past couple months and no signs of breaking. My baby finds them more comfortable than the thick silicone bibs.

  30. KGM

    Baby bibs

    I am blown away on how they improved the new material and how easy it’s to clean it. Outstanding quality!

  31. Kate & TomKate & Tom

    Not silicone

    These are not the heavy silicone bibs. They are slightly thicker than the Bumkin brand and almost have a pleather soft velvety feel to them. They repel water and are easy to clean and dry. Highly recommend!

    One person found this helpful

  32. k

    Read the description

    My fault I did not read the entire description, I went by the picture that these were the rubber/silicon ones that I have. They are NOT.These are fabric with a waterproof layer on bottom. This was supposed to be a gift for someone else, if they were for myself I would send them back because I have the rubber ones and they are the easiest to clean. Not sure what I will do yet.

  33. Kathleen San MartinoKathleen San Martino

    Thin bibs that feel like they are made of rain jacket material; Velcro closure

    There are three basic bibs in this package in three colors (orange, green, and light blue). These are soft and pliable and feel like they are made of rain jacket material and liquid does not seep through them. They secure easily via Velcro and are somewhat easy to fasten and remove. For the most part the bib bottom stays open during use. At the current price of $11.96 it comes to $3.99 per bib which is competitively priced.

    One person found this helpful

  34. Hailey

    Pouch doesnt stay open

    These bibs are easy to clean & are nice for travel as they are compact, however this style isn’t great for catching food that baby drops as the pouch doesn’t stay open. The quality for what they are seems nice & the fabric is thick. Decent bibs just don’t expect them to catch spills.

  35. AmazonianAmazonian


    The media could not be loaded.

     Order these bibs with the hopes that they would offer a similar function to that of the tommee tippee bibs (sturdy silicone). These are flimsy fabric that are about as thin and sturdy as a table napkin. The lip part that is supposed to “catch” food is a joke (because it’s sooooo flimsy), it doesn’t even stay open. The only good thing about these bibs is they are waterproof. I ended up tossing them in a bag with my other undesirable bib orders that I’ll never use. I was super disappointed with these overall.

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  36. Brittany Paulson

    Good for messy foods.

    These bibs are perfect for babies who are learning to love food. I love that they are silicone, as that makes them twice as easy to clean up. I also like that they are waterproof as well. The lip on the bib is perfect for catching all kinds of crumbs and liquids. Would recommend.

  37. S

    Lightweight baby bibs

    I was a little confused when I received this product. From the product image, it looks like these are your standard silicone bibs, but in person they are much more lightweight and flexible. It’s a nice material, but if you’re looking for the ones that will really catch food, this may not be your best bet.I like that these are large and still decently easy to clean. It’s a good price for a pack of three bibs.

  38. T. Bell

    Love these!

    I don’t remember having bibs like these when my kids were little! I got these for my grandson and I love them! They are so much better than a cloth bib, for when the baby/toddler starts eating baby food or regular food (I still like cloth bibs with a bottle though). No worrying about the food leaking through the bib to the baby’s clothes. It is also so helpful that the bib has a little area that catches a lot of the spilled food too. The silicone material makes it really easy to clean up afterward. This comes in a little box that contains 3 bibs in different colors, so it would make a nice gift too.

    One person found this helpful

  39. Kayla Rodriguez

    This will definitely help. However it is very stiff.

    This item Is great at catch liquids as well as foods. However you need to “bream it in” the material is stiff!

  40. Clin

    Silky smooth, non abrasive velcro attachment.

    The bibs are light, thin, and waterproof. There is not any cotton in these to soak up water. Instead, the material is silky and smooth.They attach around the neck using velcro, but it’s not scratchy. That will help with preventing brush burns on your child’s skin.The bottoms have a catch for food. These basins save from the mess of food rolling down clothing as gravity takes hold. Highly recommended; these are a nice change from heavier silicone bibs.

  41. Luiza

    Good but not my favorite

    This bibs so the job. Hold the food and let my baby stay clean but you can only use once a day since you have to wash and air dry what takes a while. Otherwise great colors and perfect for food time.

  42. JeffreyJeffrey

    Another Great KeaBabies Product!

    We love KeaBabies! These bibs are pretty great. They’re waterproof and the basket attached is great for catching food our baby drops. The item also comes with a great warranty and customer support. They are also easy to care for because they are machine washable. And then you just hang them to dry. We had no issues with these bibs! Highly recommend!

  43. LCLC

    Water Proof Cloth Bibs

    These 3 Light weight cloth bibs would be great to tuck into your diaper bag for travel. They are a little longer than the silicon bibs I use for everyday use for mealtime for my grand babies. The fabric is lined so you can’t just wash them and pat them dry and immediately reuse, you need more drying time. These bibs have a feel of the water proof bloomers we used on babies in the 1950’s but without the smell.

    One person found this helpful

  44. Lorena G

    Easy to clean

    Very easy to clean/wash. I like these better than the cloth bibs!

  45. bandbgirl

    Super practical!

    There’s nothing fancy about these bibs, but they are super practical, perfect while traveling, and a great price. The bibs are lightweight and can fold up very small, are secured with a decent sized velcro closure, and can be quickly cleaned in the sink. The bibs are also soft and quite comfy, to the point my little one forgets it’s there! And, a good size for catching drips and spills. Very happy with these!

  46. J D

    Love these

    Great quality and very light weight.

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  47. Greg Taylor

    Covered in mold within two months

    I loved these and my baby does too. They seem like the perfect product. But using the three pack for three meals a day, cleaning and hanging them to dry each time, and within two months all three bibs are covered in mold spots. They’re cheap enough that maybe I’ll buy one more time, but hoping for something simlar that doesn’t breed mold so quickly.

    One person found this helpful

  48. Jeremy Hughey

    Must have for baby!

    These bibs have been very good for my little man. Helps to keep him clean during meal time. They are super easy to clean. Very happy with the quality.

  49. Flore Adeline Noumssi

    Easy to clean

    We love it

    One person found this helpful

  50. nadir

    I love them

    They are great

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  51. Hassimiou Diallo




    They catch quite a bit of food

    These are super awesome bibs…my little baby is a messy eater, and he drops food All the time these bibs were great with catching the food that he drops and protecting his little clothes

  53. Jenna H

    Longer for older toddlers

    I love that these are longer and work for older toddlers. My daughter has always been bigger for her age group, and we outgrew most bibs way too quickly. Like most, she is messy and we needed bibs for a while. I wish they had put a button instead of Velcro on these as she tears them off too easily and ends up making messes because of this.

    One person found this helpful

  54. SASA

    flexible option

    These bibs are very lightweight and thin. They are similar to a windbreaker material, which makes them very flexible. The pockets don’t stay open on their own. The bibs are easy to adjust around the neck, and velcro is strong enough.

    3 people found this helpful

  55. Crafty nurse

    Cleans easily but takes a while to dry

    This 3-pack of waterproof baby bibs is lightweight and easy to put on with a velcro closure. It has a pocket catcher which is helpful to catch food, but it doesn’t stay open on its own like a silicone bib does. This cleans up easily and can be washed without a problem. However, it does take a while to dry.

    One person found this helpful

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